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Jeff Mans -- Fantasy Alarm and SiriusXM Fantasy Sports Radio

Dec 5, 2013|

Jeff joins Travis and Josh for his weekly Fantasy Football hit.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Our thoughts and fantasies -- both -- man's fancy alarm dot com series sex and fancy Sports Radio you can tweet us your questions of Texas your questions rather at 55305. -- like a -- item to be a good yes entertaining the fans. At Jeff underscore man's Jeff good afternoon how are you. We are doing well guys are you. We're doing well -- than not we don't know anymore on nine Aaron Rodgers in his situation now Mike McCarthy said today it is no more clarity on that his collarbone. What does that mean for his receivers. Our school. It would be okay except they're all excellent that it got old man. That one of course in the on the L ball. I don't know why teams keep getting that -- needs time major surgery on his elbow and yet. Still it's sad state of back. Quarterback that keeps getting it works so he's gonna start Rodgers -- missed this week shore. We get them back for weeks it or not they get much out there. Each has been ruled out of the urgently. He came back to practice that has but he has been ruled out carbon and it. Another start there SOA. That more clear Packers were right now that we writers are complete this week I think -- might be part of the -- and two weeks. But entry tonight -- -- in Jacksonville game not for football but for Tennessee players so which which guy do you think fancy wise is gonna have the biggest game impact. And this game tonight. Up you don't read eight assists when god is the one that. Two weeks ago at seven carries for one yards and now make them that it went back retreat touchdowns. In -- hundred yards against hatred last week -- now. He used don't know really what to expect that they keep the wanna locked and the children are contemplating what to do you know -- and it is Jack though that one dark. But I think that it's gonna get arm and it you'd never underestimated Garnett went for a contract then. That one carry one -- performs two weeks ago. Heard him significantly utility needs a strong interest in the seat and he knows it back to back -- it. You're trying to land starting gig somewhere else I think he goes the option that's great great. It -- -- the Julius Thomas now upgraded to full today's practice looks like he is going to play but how healthy is -- -- was an impact you think he has. Other could be some in all of that you beat back to. He could've played people I was Clark it's ludicrous played last week they try to help -- Given that lasts. You know our another week just took -- precaution. I didn't -- force an intuitive and it's such and such big game and -- that have gone fifty. 67% whatever I think he'll be fine I think he's going to be all of state party offered. And it apparently you know everyone's rushing out the starter -- come up -- -- -- -- They can't do it comes back hurts everybody who bet -- -- not let all the other receiving option out of the backfield took her arm. Right now are receiving options so it's sort of extreme waste without -- social or wait let. And I think Tom's good stoke up twelve started a country short but the good deep creases the afternoon for some of the receiver especially -- Mike Wallace -- it's his old team. In Pittsburgh this weekend he's also the only it's Ike Taylor -- given up about 850 yards two receivers this year. That's going to be big time play for a lot of people that are expected a big year out of Mike Wallace. You guys there read my stuff talked cents of army command of the right I I think like all you to play today. It's the old team they're you know guys come back bit low stick penalty especially. When that game to do their former city struggles and -- all wanna gonna wanna get after big time. To deny an error this week in Taylor -- struggled mightily Polamalu. And get beat deep. You know these steps first second third -- its former -- -- You know Mike also liquor shops -- -- -- and they'll note that. That all but now that are hectic Michael makes several Great Britain as it -- acute here -- the. Jeff -- is our guest fantasy alarmed -- series six and fancy Sports Radio. What's the deal with Adrian Peterson. What -- Texas now. I -- He came out of it get a bit let our or -- truck plant republic which as we -- You're just not track say it's sort of veteran they are not a big deal. I'm not worried about it it's great matchup or against Baltimore QB is going to be just fine. They at this stage of the game that -- and push it any harder than need be on that one problem Pedersen a competitive standpoint to play out there that. We seen it when the vikings are way behind in games. They have taken and not favor Toby Gerhart but it's considered you'd never really. AP Kitna stardom that would be just a terrible idea but it's something you have to worry about organ player. Interesting Mac matchup for running back -- wells LeSean McCoy verses that Detroit Lions defense. He at short -- in terms of special reports that a lot better this year. The park for pat I totally McCoy can get. Get it Colin will be etched in the -- bush and according Netscape how they're gonna matter counteract all secondary to the weakest part of of the defense so whether they're gonna attack by an error that it lots and -- communal. Court and bush gonna have to get the ball and I didn't put another good week at sixteen Arnold the -- immediately and instantly. He wanted to under the radar superstars that he would have been a really strong as the late post -- text come down quite a bit but. Still -- picnic Puget. Got a question for Maria specifically for my own what a fight at Buffalo's defense is San France buffalo vs Tampa San Fran at Seattle which once in a play. Is that it and that's not the net that questioner the -- to legitimate. Legitimate debate. -- he couldn't put so much better than people think when -- -- off -- -- -- shredded they're gonna advocate of oh product sacks they give them what effect and the -- of the big plays second half of the -- that. Honestly guys I have this debate in a leak and I have reported Saturday our bench comparable or bill down. But stellar start off or even Obama wrote speeches don't policy at all as separate that -- number they knew what the heck out of my apartment -- I don't really want adding -- examples -- us into -- better -- fine. But that there is that that personal thing that Seattle will run up the score their captain they wanted to said the statement. I'm not I'm just a little nervous about that toward -- he certainly possible -- look better at it like this week. Our rapid virus and questions for listeners need two out of three of these guys Dwayne -- to see -- Mike Wallace and not Anquan Boldin. I just wanna -- Michael Wallace. To a depleted to Argo. The ball. -- -- -- boat and city's defense as distraught and terribly epic that means that put more pressure on top and special that happened and make plays now. That means more opportunity. We're going to -- on Jackson girls and just. What a great. What do grade optional add a grown DeSean Jackson street in Detroit partner nick old complaint. Absolute -- out our depends also on jeopardy at the monster game yet last week but which object to I don't -- And two out of these three running backs Spiller Donald Brown Rees Jones-Drew. Other Jones-Drew and Spiller Alex what's pillars do and I let it come. Coming up the bye week last week -- a program that Stiller as a great plays on the knees ardently backed helping his ankles feel better. And when he's he's found -- -- it's got a small sport Ryan Beck and all ball goes Stiller and Michael and it heated nine at six you'll be solid not the -- -- before lets you Eli Manning Alex Smith. Well I'm so sick Eli. Here we hit the actions are all -- -- are always good bit everywhere get anybody -- batter batter batter. Egypt I have to ability to light yet. Beat Alex and let you know what you're gonna get he's very simple very solid. Whatever light is it too many weapons and loose ball in San Diego all the heat are configured to be shootout. Warm weather situation as well I'm gonna go he -- and -- -- Just Mendes is our guest serious attempt fantasy Sports Radio fantasy alarm dot com on Twitter he can find him at Jeff underscore man's. Jeff so it's great to talk to you leave me next week thanks so much. --