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Kerry Eggers on Inside OSU - Husky/Beavers Preview Edition 11/22/13

Nov 22, 2013|

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Welcome to inside -- issue here on CS and and W dot com and 1080 the fan dot com -- -- spray and spray of course I also was buffalo allowing game night. Monday through Friday seven to 10 PM on 1080 that they -- Taylor Danforth. And in the -- Johnson but organ state taking on Washington this week in a huge game for both programs it feels like it's. It's probably their biggest game of the year right now you -- -- at where these two teams are. And a preview intended discuss you know Alicia you in and how they've played last couple games in and talk about the Washington Huskies a little bit. Is Portland Tribune columnist reporter mr. everything. -- acres Karrie thanks for joining today. Hey Brad as a pleasure let's say it's great to see it doing well on the business as commemorated at Oregon State what you're working towards that -- you. You've reached a dream -- he would do that. Hide it's it's it's a grind man I mean you've been in this industry for so long you understand is starting out point I think is that is the toughest is when she established everything seemed to kind of just flow for yet. I don't know but that judge do you -- when you first started. You know you're kind of fighting your way that you guys are doing good job it was news show you do well. Well elect Kerry I love reading your stuff. I loved this I'll love having conversations with you -- more games or practice is he your very opinion in highlight that I want people. Don't hold back in their honest with themselves this team loses the -- Washington they win six straight then they lose three in a row. What the hell is a steam. Well -- you know I I wrote. When there were six and one that you know there's a very real possibility because -- six said schedule evened out I mean they have very soft schedule. I think most of us and yourself included probably figured by 76 and one before the season that they'd lose one or two of those -- course not eastern Washington. But you know so after they -- then you look at these ticket which of these other teams and maybe they could have won any of those gains at the plate. Much better game that they didn't deserve the windows and now there's fitness sex and -- Iraq itself pivotal game for both the Huskies and the beavers and in other Balkans similar situations that they're looking at a ball game but probably -- for certain lesser bowl if they lose and so -- big games Saturday night. What's the most maddening thing that you seen with this team in this three game losing streak. Well boy. You know I don't think there's anything maddening. Which on -- -- taken a lot of heat but. I and I wrote a column last Sunday I think it was you know kind of have been an advocate that he says that terrific here. I mean he was uncanny with his precision through most of those first seventeen cents. And he's split he led some these. He draws some more. Ill advised passes and some of those that got picked office is -- touchdowns. Two. Interceptions ratio has gone gone like it was last year you know I think it's seven of the last three games so. I guess that's disappointing back. You know the key issue I think he's really held up well he's done a good job I guess they've they've recurring theme -- -- -- in what's most maddening. It is that lack of Iraq and team and I it before buckling because like. You know that are important to -- ward before this he's in front two in the article the book game that thousand yard -- like in the both combine. That. That's how about getting a game where what are you guys it's a hundred yards and the crazy thing about this stat that Kerry is -- Mike Parker was on it was on the radio show last night. And we are -- another run game he said this can be the first season. That the beavers go without a thousand yard rusher. Worth a yes I think it was a thousand yard are thousand yards total and rushing since like 1990. Yeah that's that's political policy out of in the last year Greg there that would make sense. Yeah I had and you know they hit -- -- -- one year where they have an -- I don't know what that storm you know last year 8900. Yeah I think he came close but he didn't quite get there about 89. It was one year -- light right I think it was 20045 maybe the uses Stephen Jackson -- but other than -- Dennison and Mike get that thousand yard pressures every year there for about a decade. How much when you're watching storm woods played I've had this discussion -- other people. In the media and even even fans on -- machines and Twitter and elect kind of stuff. When you watch storm do you feel like maybe Toronto is the better overall back or do you just feel this is as just an offensive line problem. And that stormy is could be that program back but he just has no blocking. Those those are good questions I'm it's also subjective and there are times that brand and more right do you think Iran has better it seems like he hit the hole quicker. He's had. Probably more productive on buyout -- -- -- probably -- get more productive runs and as strong I think storm is really really good on -- -- past. Recent. He desecrate shop with that. But he has not had much success right on the ball this year. Bush -- -- something when you're looking at 8 AMD think Mike Riley served you know Danny just do any -- Stewart have and maybe failed to address I needed it to me it feels like being in that USC game being at Stanford game. There were there were times were Toronto was hitting the hole and he's able to break tackles and when you're talking about -- State's rushing attack in their history. You're talking about Stephen Jackson he Vincent Bernard is to quiz Rodgers guys who could break tackles take tackles and still get a couple. It seems just as soon as storm gets it he's done -- he's not gonna go on past that so. I just get a sense that maybe Toronto is better at doing that giving that -- -- and me any of punishing the defense. Yes you may have a point and I agree there have been runs by both of those guys this year. Where I thought number one haven't hit the what they'd hit the whole list -- Bridget Quinn says he'd seen another little -- he hit the other scene and those guys haven't just -- well -- Yeah I absolutely do. And then and then other times when. Yeah they get wrapped up and yes I would say storm more than that draw even they get wrapped up and they just go down and has been disappointing. We're looking at what's John -- done you know you you wrote about his numbers you've talked about the season that he's had it is been phenomenal. But the last three games is what everybody's focusing on because you know the expectations for this team and it's probably pretty unfair. But for fans it changed tremendously once they went six and one because you think it all we have five game less were already bowl eligible. You know how many can we -- here can we flirt with gaining ten. I that's schedules has been brutal for them but. Looking X John Kerry when you don't have a running game your offensive line has been banged up most a year and even when they're in it's it's kind of a makeshift one -- guys aren't. You know they don't have the experience of a full season under their belts. It GT fans have been a little too critical Sean mania and in this stretch. I think so yeah I'll stand up further the offensive line in one regard -- and I do think they've got a good job and pass protection that's why. It's so maddening that they. They can't get any kind of holes or at least a lot of holes in the game in the run game because I think they have protected him pretty well and you're absolutely right I wrote about this do that. You know when you -- -- every -- that the defense knows what's common and they don't have to respect the run game and and I think it's result in the NB usually in most of the games more pressure more it's. The defense coordinators have chosen to blitz which I guess is that mixed bag if you can beat -- and Mike's done a great job a call the screen passes could be that split a lot of ties but. -- the bad back your original question I think there has probably been a little too much criticism on shock. There were times in the USC game and he finished with the US he finished with nine hurries and two sex on me it was a decent night. But -- selling a lot of that pressure came early in the game and then you know as the game progressed or -- -- did a decent job keeping the US the front seven away from him. But is there a party that watches -- mania in and you could say -- -- done well considering. But maybe he's forcing throws in rushing throws because his mental clock is ticking faster than it did all season because he hadn't -- face that kind of pressure. Most of the season until he started facing these really good defenses. I think that's fair and I I think Serbia the few times where. He's. Thrown the ball. Any he didn't have to he had -- more time you know. There wasn't anybody as you know -- wasn't like there was a guy right in his face most of it is interceptions. I don't think -- and the situations where. There's a guy tackle and he's going down -- -- kind of thrown -- desperately most of -- taken some time. I I think about the -- the last one in the Arizona State game. Where was just a simple out pattern he just threw the ball boom Nelson goes for 23 yards and -- -- sick. There is a state game. You know for me it was actually not bad considering how bad they were playing an office how good -- she was playing in the first half on defense being down just twenty to three. But when you're look when you're looking at data game -- -- -- -- you know the -- six at the end. I never seen you've probably heard this from a couple of other people but I really I haven't seen Mike Riley that upset that short with with you guys in a post game press conference may be ever. I was that is -- -- seen Mike Bradley. Yes and I I didn't write that my game's story actually have I've never seen. In thirteen years might be so despondent. You know and and that's gonna about it day later it was mostly you know I just we got opportunities I was so disappointed or. A program for the -- because I was thinking we go to one. You know but I guess you -- have felt the same way in the two previous games for salaries -- really -- -- after that game. It is it's three in a row I mean I've got to ask him about that says why was it just that game I mean I I'm trying to I I try to put together in my head. He can talk about difference in areas where they've missed out on wins but. The thing it's the third game now when did you see him that defeated I mean that's just not something you see from him. Thought I had -- that he was probably that way in the locker -- some people wondered what was is going to be the -- cast a Pall on the program I don't think so on. And I don't know if you've been down this week but I was there on Tuesday. His old self when you know it seems like the balls roll I think they have some good feeling about how they're gonna place Saturday night and I kind of get the impression that don't have a pretty good game -- husky. You know I I have that same in pressing carry me everything film for me it's kind of stacking up in their favor your facing -- our keys in the a Washington husky team that just frankly they really struggling big games on the road. They might not have Keith price of that that looks like it might actually he might be coming back. Because you start to throw the ball or been practices. But we need time of the opposite side of the ball for instinct is that's been the most puzzling for most Bieber fans. Now where the -- Richard -- eBay and I mean there are pieces on this team that stepped up early in you said okay. -- could have a cooks like season in terms of giving forty to 55 catches. You know in his first real season of playing time and it feels like he's his -- off the map drastically. Yeah I don't know what I agree with that brandy got 46 catches. You know Andy he certainly has many games like. Get Merrill which came -- it was a. Did you talk to him where he kind of exploded yeah. Yeah and I I think. A lot of that has to do with spacing better the chances he's not the quickest guy maybe have a little more trouble getting open shots go and other receivers -- I don't know that for a fact but -- think you can take his season and in that. You know -- he's he's got a heck of a job is an excellent possession receiver he has some. Brought to do as far as you know just the overall game I'm sure he's gonna work a lot on his body during the off season to me that's the -- Richard -- most. Yet as he has arguably the best hands on the team by everybody on that team target about what he can do. On the field -- we -- you saying you disagree with me with Richard millenium I got no problems with that but doesn't act tennis speak to maybe the rest of the weapons because I'm starting to have. Wonder okay where is Richard -- with -- nine to ten catch game which is kind of unfair because he is so young in this is really his first year playing time but. -- where's -- every doesn't encourage Hamlet finally emerged I mean I finally but he emerged against a issue coming back from the injury couple weeks back. Obviously killed Smith is still -- -- -- has been really -- on by a lot of d.s. Our -- and are they may be just a couple pieces short of doing what they did earlier in the season. I don't know but. You know you -- car Amylin these and other guys it's. Viable target that they've got a lot to. You know I'm not looking at the stats says storm with just 36 receptions that's a lot for running back not magical is -- a lot but a lot for most teams. So you know -- that I think helped a lot so. Of Kevin Cummings at least you're thinking maybe they'll go to Richard Moore that was to meet the first stop -- As you know as I'm thinking here as we're talking -- and I haven't seen. Richard dropped a lot of passes so that must mean. That they've not gone to him as much as they did you know maybe early and and I don't know what the reason is for that. Yeah it is kind of head scratching because we saw early on you know when Shawn was giving him chances more likely than not he's coming download the ball whether -- be. The single cover -- are double coverage but. You know just kind of I hate looking -- looking this way but I'm starting to think about this because there's two games left. Branding -- is had. Easily the most successful season you possibly could want from a college wide receiver. They're gonna go to another bowl game this year. -- if he's gonna finish his career you know and Al amongst some of the greats in organs these street in terms of wide outs and what he's done these past two seasons. Ice shooting up NFL draft boards how much of what's happening now -- ringing. The -- the losing streak in these last five games do you think you determine his overall choice of coming back or wanting to go to the NFL test. No I don't know that I think it'll probably my guess is that. That he will weigh his options and if he's going to be as. Top to round pick he should go out he should definitely go out because. He won't be any -- you're right he can't have a better year this year if he doesn't get the bullet the apple cup trophy there ought to be an investigation. Ahead of everybody else and and it's not like he's playing -- a lousy top currencies poignant. Arguably the best conference and and definitely one of the top two in the country so. This kid is is legit and he should win that now Willie got the NFL I don't know I talked about it a couple of weeks ago you was very. You know noncommittal about it and I don't think we'll find out until well after the season what his plans are. You you've like you've been around this program a very long time EU you've kind of you know this is this is a school that you really like to see succeed as -- to a lot of media members I mean. It's very easy to root for -- data and see them do well. Kabul when you're looking at the current state of the program. It feels like for whatever reason. More and more negativity keeps getting piled on to them and look he can talk about losing three games in a row against three good teams but. If you're really gonna be honest about it. USC Stanford Arizona State those -- three schools that most people would assume should recruit a little better talent. Not to make -- -- excuse but when you're looking at the way fans are reacting to these losses in and people are talking about change needs to made her. He -- this is this is absolutely egregious. Where do you come in on and that kind of point of view. I think people need to get a better perspective on I mean. You know. The expectations. Are high and they should be and I think expectations within the program -- to today. They expected beatable -- they don't expect to win the Rose Bowl they expect to get there are some time. And they came awfully close in 2008 -- nine. I believe there's a third winningest. Program in the pac twelve behind Oregon and USC in the last decade 2000 so. This is not like they've been an embarrassment. Certainly there are. Ways that they can improve and and and be more competitive in situations on the -- the best teams that like to do that. I think they've got some good young players brand and I tactic is that if cooks and canyon. And Scott -- come back next year. I think they got a chance to have a special season now the opposite block and again will be the big question mark but they'll have some guys have been in the program another year and and I have a little bit and new blood and I'm anxious to see what they're young offensive linemen and desire. You know. The long answer to your question that I think the program is in good hands it's. The -- now where a lot of people wanted to be but I think they suffer a little bit because of that program down the road in the successive. Yeah which is unfortunate but I wanna play a little doubles advocate with you carrier a quick. Hearing that answer Reich and I completely agree with that. But if I'm a come back to you I could say well. Dennis had this team NF Fiesta Bowl and he went out any one of Fiesta Bowl. And he brought in incredible NFL talent as we've seen throughout their careers of some of those players. Like him might dip there. Yeah I love Dennis Erickson in I thought he was agreed. Fire at -- time and he used a lot of my players to win that that Fiesta Bowl game and and you're right he did retrieve a lot of you know that Chad Johnson and punishment yeah that's as Stephen Jackson's and and Derek Anderson's he had some great players he brought amber I think if you look at Mike's career he's had some pretty darn good players to. He. You know I acted mentioned a lot of them you know you quit isn't -- some Bernard and some of the quarterbacks cities brought in and and receivers and defensive players -- -- -- office 2019. We had twelve players and made the NFL wants some of those guys are still and there are so. He but it's hard for me to compare you know he compares thousand. And Dennis was one of the -- and I think Mike is is right up there within two. This you know one thing their fans saying you know this is the rational fans but people talk about -- Mike Riley wasn't head coach of Morgan State. -- that there's nobody I think I'd rather asking venue just because of your experience with this university with this program. You're tied to so many people inside and out of it. If Oregon State didn't have Mike Riley which direction does this program go and. Well I don't I I don't know there's not anybody else can they could do it and and frankly. Notable disclosure Mike and I grew up together and you know so. You know it's hard for me to be totally. You know and not not biased in the in answering the question but -- there -- other let coaches -- You know do well in Oregon State infrastructure is there now thanks in part to Mike and and Dennis and even Jerry had a ball and built to -- the guy's got the valley Senegal on and so that their facilities are much better but that Brandon. They are still at a total disadvantage against almost every team that their. -- against every program that only -- I would say Washington State not. Possibly not Utah every other program in the pac twelve has a distinct advantage recruiting where they're going as opposed to Corvallis Oregon. Was that the only things for you that needs a change for this program because I'll let I gotta give a lot of kudos to. You know the dvd. Are crying -- and guys behind the scenes and Mike Riley and always coaching staff. Because they have found new innovative fun ways to recruiting get attention on themselves. But ultimately does it really does need to be simple as. They need they need a little better facilities they need to add on they need to. To make it look a little more flash years that the only thing to use that needs to change this program to may be reach a point that fans. Eat cheese eggs they -- right 89 wins here we go 910 wins a year ago. Have -- I don't know the answer that you think what you're referring to as a social media stuff which I think they've really tried to stay ahead of the game that's a good thing guy and he does a great job and banner -- you mention him -- respectful of those guys. And and they are sort of at the cutting edge of all that stuff that's a good thing. You know even if you have the best facilities and you're not probably what you do with -- again because they're always gonna. Put a little more money into the but yet it's it's certainly it's an arms race and they need to keep pace. And if they do with them again have a chance to continue to be competitive I don't know that they'll ever get in the situation. Where they can expected to compete for the Rose Bowl every year but they'd like to be able at least do it some years. Should we guys should fans and and some media should we should we be writing mark banker an apology letter because right now he has this defense. I think arguably playing top five in the conference these guys have been added the last couple weeks you talk about the level competition being -- Stanford SE Arizona State. He has done considering what he's been given offensively I think he has done a remarkable job of keeping his teams and it's. They've shut down Taylor Kelly in my opinion and they held them to pretty much 23 points because of disarming and pick ups in -- -- -- the thirty but. -- mark baker is he unfairly criticized. You know I I look at the stats this week and I noticed that out of the last seven opponents six government been held under 400 yards total offense in the standing aged. You're under forty yards total offense are generally gonna lose. They've held up -- part of the bargain and and more as you point out and and I think mark -- is an excellent coach I like him personally. I think -- there's a stubborn side two overtimes. No I was a little slow to get on to bring in the name calling and and when he did and then that guy and they've been very effective in the eyes I'd like to see him go to three -- brand and I really what I I think it's. -- to get -- quickly linebackers after the outside. And I also think it's harder Oregon State if you if you think about it they haven't had a lot of great defensive tackles and had defensive -- that. Not as many in the inside so to me and makes sense that the state baker knows a lot more global all the ideas and he has some pretty good success with towards the end of this season. Yeah he absolutely does in like everybody that's not coaching we ought to admit like these guys I've seen -- claim more than we do. But being around them talking to me say stubborn I absolutely agree with that he's a great got to talk to. When you can get a hold of them but. Is there any chance in your mind he changes his defense and says you know let may may be I do need to do is the way everybody's going to -- spread offenses. Every year that Mike has a couple times and I I don't know biomass as banks said that. You know every year's day in the offseason they discuss switching usually gonna make and so I think it's always a possibility but. I kind of think if they haven't done by now maybe they just stay with a four Korean. In -- they're comfortable with that it. You know I I think I think they've struggled a little bit in recent years define middle linebackers and have been effective form is in need speed of today's game and it's hard by the guys 240 pounds and runs as well you need to do. Especially begin to Corvallis -- those guys out those guys easily headed to Tuscaloosa are off in taxes. Kerry Washington right now anybody seat hotter than -- -- -- in the country. Although I don't nobody's seen it busy on the hot seat. Our I don't think it's that bad you know just -- it. I'd I'd I'd I'd be surprised if he gets fired. I think he could. I know it is you know last year was contractors. He has two more years left. Yeah. Laterally thought about it that much. You know that only a couple weeks ago they were talking about him being the successor USC so. You know yet they've go a little bit of a downturn. The Arizona State score was one really shocked -- and I think they've got a good defense. Did he gets is that top pass defense in the in the league. It's not like they've been an embarrassment either. If if Keith price plays a mean does that. I am a few actors I am done very much to hazel -- in terms of checking out articles and stuff but. This is if Keith price doesn't or does not play does that affect your prediction for this game. -- that it didn't. You know I think economic crisis can be old. SPD regardless of -- I I think he's gonna play -- get that impression I think -- the kind of guys a little bit. Slippery there and you know he's gonna. Play it down -- the end but I have a feeling that price will at least try to go but I I think the beavers will be able. Mean it's senior day -- you know that there's some desperation there Libya all of my. I think to -- get get through whatever thing watching it puts into parliament and win. Any chance that you join Bobby careless and the rest of the pac twelve A -- this offseason and protest the seventh their tactics. You know -- I have written. To call so. You -- It's absolutely ridiculous for the fans and and I've had several people tell me. I've got season tickets now I'm never really reconsider in the off season because I don't want have to go to all these games it's. Get home -- 1 o'clock in the morning. It's fun is it funny though how things change your fans it's like. I know I know obviously want that in between a 3030 Jake is is always really good for arguably and 5 o'clock is okay. But I'm Erica we years ago he -- their 39 season you had all these -- and takes in -- class too early it's too early and now it's too late it's too late. I just think it's tough to find that middle ground but now I'm I'm really open personally that they do find some kind of resolution to this in terms of -- splitting it up equally 'cause that feels like every time I have dried corn rows for game. I'm leaving at like 5 o'clock ignited this it's it's it's it's it's outrageous to me. Yup it is it and solve because the TV and now I understand everybody understands that TV money's important but. They have to they day they -- have earlier slot they don't have to have seven and 730 slot right now -- out of the twelve teams each week you're playing night games and that's not right. Yeah no it's not at all. Real quick -- get shouting you're -- Oregon State finished the season now. I think they win this game I think they lose story again and that'll depend on the bowl opponent but they got a chance straight wins and maybe it's not the season that they had dreamed up by that's still not bad. What did you have been pre season. You had him gone 75. How was there any particular reason because a lot of people -- -- -- number -- Kuwait. And I decided -- -- they had a lot of question -- defensively up at their offense is gonna be really good but I just side. In the you know they will be just had a lot of holes but that they've really missed the key defensive tackles which I think they have and mass so you know that's kind of what I was thinking. -- all right well will catch up down there in Corvallis tomorrow and I appreciate you giving me the time in -- combined talking for a couple. Any time they spread policy tomorrow. Thanks Kerry carry a ears the up Portland Tribune you can follow him on Twitter at -- acres. You can also check out all of his articles he's a really fantastic writer he's been in this market for very long time. He understands all things organs say he's very well connected as well. Like he said him and Mike Riley are friends so he. And check back next week hopefully I got -- say winning this weekend I think they're gonna do it. Not serve it's going to be a blowout but does senior nights the last home game of the year three games did eighteen that's pissed off Mike -- frustrated. I know Washington's kind of similar slump but some that about organ state being at home in. Kind of feel like they wanna write that ship Disney good feeling so we'll see if organs they can take care Washington. And get their seventh victory of the year check back next week here on CS and NW dot com. And 1080 the fan Beckham and don't forget to -- buffalo wild game night -- seven to 10 PM on 1080 they'll fan.