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Connor Letourneau on Inside OSU - Hoops Edition

Nov 22, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's time for inside OS and insiders podcast rural Oregon State athletics coverage with the fans beavers insider Brandon spray inside OSU. Welcome back inside -- -- here on CS and in W dot com in -- the fan -- -- host Branden sprayed of course I'll solos Buffalo Wild Wings game night. How weeknight seven to 10 PM how we Taylor Danforth in in the dirt in Johnson on -- do you stand but today we're gonna talk a little hoops once again. Morgan invite back our guest or go when he beat writer he covers organ state hoops. -- turn O'Connor thanks for joining me man and I got to ask you on a scale of one to ten how surprised to where you after the Maryland game. Hello I would that was me. He got that China yeah. Quit we -- We knew when you what did you were you able to watch the game as a site you'd you'd tweeting that you're traveling in and I didn't know if you got to catch any of it. Yeah I I was watching it on. I watched you at the end he would arm on the plane back for Phoenix. Which was cutting -- notebook salute you do on the radio. And following players so I got a pretty good idea and I -- and I tracked down the installment bit so easy -- -- -- We knew it's easier we talked about the top and state game you know seizing couldn't have started any worse for this program a lot of people. So many question marks around Craig Robinson all around this program in terms of taking the next step in. You know becoming maybe in 92 in ninety team or any NCAA tournament team. That is is obviously two goals that this program once they wanna so they wanna show that they made progress. And a top in state game was such a failure but when you're watching that -- in game. How surprised were you that Davone collier really made that much of a difference and I know you're new to this. You know to this program but here he watching them practice he -- a good player but did you imagine he would make that much of a difference for them. No I mean that. That it. That the wrong call earlier was I mean that performance what is. Pretty spectacular he was completely dominate you just had it way down low against it's a pretty good. -- big men you know guys who came in that -- pretty highly touted in. You know our big bodies and he was just happens to way itself. Very impressive performance you know you look at. ER is his career Dorgan state you are than Barack. Per putting out great performance -- they can't now on the east character you know whenever -- you go -- he gets it is and doesn't bank. We had there they're also. They're also undefeated under Barack Obama whoever that guy shows up they seem to play really well Tom -- got to see -- out for his. Sister and his brother allow a little bit but you know going back to that game and just talking about what they were able to do. It lets you you didn't have a lot of hope for this team after the cop and state game obviously there's always going to be. A little overreaction on our hands and we both were kind of harsh on the team and and that performance that they put out played. If you can kind of get -- consistency with collier and and revert toenails in. It is your opinion of this team changed very much as we talked about their prove their nonconference schedule. I and then to what they were -- doing conferencing you didn't have a lot of hope firm more than two or three wins going in. -- into conference play but when you're looking at that performance how different is it free for -- for how you view him now. Here we're talking about now in terms of you know predictions uh oh packed full Landon what they're going to be able accomplished Miami. Expectations that it -- don't change of time I mean it was. A big win for them because they're really well played game by Adam. Mean and it but at the same time. I think that they're gonna have trouble one day's -- farther and they're -- conference scheduled circuit includes a trip tactical play because. You look at that box organs -- on when you had you know two guys. To basically put the teen -- -- back in our burnout and long -- -- -- sixty points easy and you know right now there is -- a lot of true that you have there the team that can help them win games obviously Andy's -- didn't really do much against. Maryland and he's a guy -- that other -- solid contributor but I. Put that question it kind of OK well now that. I think a lot of teams are out on notice OK we know what we're gonna get -- -- stepping either gonna. -- -- and planning a little bit better than maybe Maryland and I am because Maryland looked completely -- defensively. Against. Begin sort -- there and -- Mark Turgeon said they had preparing her colleague here and now and let. I think it's been looked completely -- put defensively it and we'll continue it better what they're up against setup I think that it's going to be interesting to see. You know how all org -- just one. You know you have seen as strong healthy double teams that you know encounter he had other -- help them when game. Well when you're talking about you know mark surgeons are really good coach a lot of people nearly like what he's what he's doing there. He's bringing in really good talent in UCC -- -- ESPN's Andy Katz tweeting out after that game. You know tough day for Merrill and I still think they're gonna be okay this is going to be decent season for them. If he's coming out and saying you know week geared up really to stop just in those two players. In collier and her bird though. I mean look we can we could talk about you some of the better coaches in the nation I know Sean Miller's one of home. Dana Altman's earning a ton of respect right now which is rightfully deserved but when you're talking about. You know a good coach in the ACC. -- target you know saying admitting we teared up for those two players and those two players still came out and scored sixty. Is that may be a sign that hey look maybe this these two guys haven't proved more than people expected. You know I think that it's definitely a positive -- obviously paper board and data mean. No matter what way you cut it. That was impressive performance of I go to to -- at the backboard and stay in the whole you know I -- you joined her. So I I definitely think I think call you're gonna probably be more damage this season people maybe even anticipated. Rematch so. If he if he can pull it. Together performances even close solar heated. It's Merrill and -- initiative that established himself or that our big men in the -- -- I mean. Is there you don't feel like pac twelve doing things like he did against balance. You know it's definitely -- out of time for them on -- the same time I did you think frantic parents emperor. Their expertise and a little bit because even though. Even know Marilyn you know -- the game plan for Nelson and collier and stated. Practice time turn that to stop. You know I cover that team last year and there are still very young team -- clipboard this sophomore. And that I have a target this sense that. They just didn't take Oregon State -- seriously. I don't think a tough call here now and as seriously as they should have an -- collection on turgeon. That's just you know a lot time that happened to the younger players. And so. I think that -- performances and I can't pull it. PG -- little bit more on that it's okay. They did that against Maryland they didn't do that can happen they. India against Portland that is that against the legitimate NC -- -- term -- Opel. Easy from the HTC. You know I think that that's going to be kind of the difference in terms of the defense that it has done I'm going forward. We touched on something that guy and really intrigued me as I was and able to catch and he comment sections -- you know message boards of some of -- like to go check that stuffing. This can see -- fans feel it's kind of funny to read but. Are you getting a sense RD do you have a sense now that MA fans are. Feel a little more hopeful alien I know which is a week and a half ago cop and stayed happen but. It -- social media blew up denied the data Ireland I mean it everybody that was trash in this program was out all go b.s this is awesome I love this -- -- -- afraid. Are you getting that says that everybody's kind of turned it over just from this one game. Yeah it's I mean you see that every year you know what all sports scene now. Especially early in the season you knew you -- people are well we don't cover trees since you -- what that she's going to be and global one winner of one -- just totally dictate. Their perception of the team and I mean honestly how lapin has stopped. The stuff on Twitter and online and then actually talking through. -- robinsons of the players about it about it yesterday. And they are laughing about it too because agreement then to today. There's three games into the season there are really back games that are really get me that's really. And now we can sit here and possibly speculate that much people who want black then to today. We don't really know this team -- yeah yeah over regain intimacy didn't. Yet and that that's funny too to me has been around -- program and I know this happens at so many other schools but. -- Oregon State is such a unique program in. You know football they want their team to do really well they've been -- with a BCS game before. And they wanna go back -- dislike organ is doing right now in in groups you know they have such a storied history. And a legacy in people were yelled -- it was very frustrating the last 25 years in thirty years you look at this program they haven't gotten that level again. And so people are really clamoring for that once again the it's always two extremes it's either. Fire everybody this team's socks there's no hope for us and then if they win a big game it's okay we're back baby looks like Purdue in the right staying maybe were anti Indian NCAA -- it's. Is it did a pretty funny thing to it's it's it's a watch on social media sites but. You know -- -- -- -- game -- or Nelson I mean I am I'm actually really amazed by him down. You know he is somebody when you physically look at him he's a good height for two guard in college. He's built decently I mean he's a little bigger than most kids are. But he's not quick his ball handling isn't the best. He he doesn't have the -- is moves in the world. I'm always in -- when I watch him go off and score 31 points -- game it kind of amazes me that people have so much trouble with him defensively. He's just early crafty player you know you know you know clearly you know basketball is not a recap -- You know he's not in this respect and an Ethiopian NATO is not that LeBron James leak it out but. He -- really knows how to get its spot -- -- -- out of -- land out -- can make the most of what we do work quite. And that and you've seen it you've seen -- -- out. Throughout its current -- about every year he's made state corrections it under. Your prototypical whole. You know college. Program player in some way -- -- you just guys kind of -- in the current and then. It kind of marriage as a state you're here really stepping into that role has that routine guy and you know I I think I think he's really -- be there emerges on the top players now only the pac twelve let you can be one of the top scorer in the country this year -- Yes I mean he's definitely setting that up that way in. You know I should I should probably say it is -- and look allow me to do is throw quick -- I have to set -- -- show because I tweeted the night of that game after they won. I says he is probably the greatest student athlete in organ -- history. Some people connect I think they took that the wrong way way what I meant by tweeting that was he's not the greatest at. Athlete or -- -- obviously not even the greatest basketball player nor is -- history. But what I mean by that is student athlete you combine those two. I think you'd you'd be really hard pressed to find anybody else that is is supportive of every program my CNET kidded volleyball games softball games baseball. He goes to everything he's friends with everybody in athletics -- he does golf. With some of the golfers I would be surprised if he's been to a couple rowing events. -- as some crew you know some crew matchups. So that that's kind of what I'm saying is for somebody who -- you know contribute so much to his team. And and then that program. He as a whole for the university. Is probably the greatest student athlete that I've ever -- I've talked to so many people that have been -- for 20/20 five years. And you always find out you add the guy was a great player but he really wasn't involved or he didn't do this. Roberta Nelson in the kid always finds a way to get involved. Help the community helped the university. He's always hyping up people on his Twitter account hey let's go to the softball game what's the men's soccer. You just don't see that from everybody. Very different now I mean I'm a lakers' -- Herbert and first got you just don't know that I'm what I'm -- -- -- stop everyone around Obama as somebody had a diet. -- that that's where. This is the -- guys are going to be averaging probably over twenty points again and act well Syria its key key. He doesn't there's not mean. There's no ego at all he almost genuine down there -- he doesn't think it any better than anyone else. Is equality equality person in villages. Which is you know it's great to cover guys like that meant scraper -- that they have -- that never. Yet united makes everything it makes everything worth being around you know even if it's a wins or losses it can be tough and our position because. You know -- they -- on earth you know they are fifteen game losing streak it's gonna be really hard to tell me what they go read my game story during the practice reports. But being around you know a team with a guy like that it makes it a little easier and you can get through your dale little easier but. You know Lincoln had that game going back to the Maryland wind you know Angus Brandt is another question mark for this -- is coming but are coming off the you know at the ACL injury. He got the medical hardship he finished -- just two points and they still found a way to win by seven. I got to ask you -- turn now. You say it is still a lot of question marks on this team and rightfully so we don't know an identity yet. Like you'd have to imagine at some pointing his brain is gonna finally get his legs under and he's going to be a little more and shape and have a game experience. -- productions only to make a lot. Read you know put our apartment that -- miracle bird grabber program -- if you look. You look good in the second arrogant to update you looked really solid against Portland. And then I think it's what happened with. With the Merrill game is better without trouble and many are out of Israel -- -- -- the guy you're either really Smart intellectual. These guys it's really invaded Iran has sometimes -- the county and kind of you know more than -- and and I think that's how what happened and that Maryland game he -- he got out of rhythm was literally about the war when he -- being -- Look a little confused. And out of sorts and it was really himself but -- Well I think I think we've already have seen him and show flashes it'll play could be this year now like he said once he -- a 100%. Conditioning unit and is now operating apple and its peak physical performance fees. He can be really are really huge factor that in. What was it like zinni went to practice this week what was it like being around them they just came back on moving East Coast trip you know they they get to go visit the White House which is a great screens for a lot of the young guys. Other veterans and you know they've been there for. You know they've been their four times now it's probably nothing new to them. But what was attitude like coming going from losing to top -- state. You know Craig walking into the post game press conference you said a little later than usual I'm sure guys were down below was like to be around him after that game. Well I stopped on Tuesday. So of their first practice and it stopped by at the end the practice after football. It's because gathered down and I was writing and that damages -- because it's a little Britain. You know coach was downright giddy now he he he couldn't stop smiling and it was. You know he was beloved in the fact that you have oral orders there are you today well in -- happened loud. The battle payments. You're dispute certain that these they're really enjoyed it man. In that the player that I stop where merger occur around him that he seems out to be really good spirits which is totally understandable. And then then the next day went on back -- Wednesday. Me you don't think it'll be more focused you know they were. They know we're kind of moving past the the macaroni and start your paper edwards' ability. You know petty gave himself the couple days to enjoy that round -- but it seemed like I think they're really. You know. Kind of movement after which I think is understandable that there. It and I an important thing to notice in that that Maryland game was that Jamal Reid. You know not mean year's favorite player on this team -- -- got ten minutes you know Craig really limited him in in terms of playing time now. How does that change a little bit when your facing a team like Maryland you wanna be a little bigger so brand in collier some of those guys tend to get more minutes and in that takes away but. Is this a sign or have you brought it up with Craig that. It may be he's finally maybe he's seeing Campbell we've seen in -- all that you -- is careers not over but. -- firfer is much as he plays he doesn't produce enough. You know we didn't pocket. Specifically about Jamal look that we did he did tell me that. That he he he's seeing more anti Israel in even more than you a couple weeks ago that. That this team is gonna really wouldn't doubt about it. And I do you think there's he's seen them haven't they line up a lot of its time and cannot be used in their right to their advantage. So I think it just took a couple games for them to really. Can't figure out there and activity and I think that's the direction they're going and I beat states. That -- properly you mean reduced minutes or term all I didn't I didn't. Add I think that that Merrill and it was probably a sign of things become and -- it -- arm. They have by they have Edwards still in about five days. What what are you expecting there I mean I can't imagine they going to one of these games again where they. He -- overlook the opponent in sale it's Edwards though it's no big deal and they get kind of been a close game like they did against Portland a little bit in the obviously -- indians' top and stay when they lost. Did that Merrill Lynn gained that changed the mentality at all I mean it sounds funny and fans is a what the hell lighted it takes that to change our mentality but. At the end of the day do you think there's there's a sense in that locker room with this team that. You know winning that game changes how they approach teams like Edwards -- -- from a mental standpoint or psychological perspective I think that this is the first three games win. The Kurt that what would have crippled in a perfect way activist and he just because we get a cup and -- They now realize. And we can -- happens -- And it paid -- if we prayer -- that game. We can we use it happens -- and so they're you know whereas her if there and squeak out a -- in stopping state maybe it would reward about it too much data editor. Edwards will game thinking hey where you're Korean power hey you know we're working -- that. Can easily be a mid major. Reno will even -- back game but it. You know that they can't do that now that -- cabinet statement with the Merrill when they're also on top of that feeling pretty confident. Kind of feel like they have their balance or going on right now they're competent. They're also aware of their shortcomings usually give place to be here. Can you talk about your opinion of this program in -- to say it's still early to tell who they really are. But as they -- some house win all these games going into conference they finish I think the -- to be nine in one. If they can do that before they face Colorado on January 2. How does your opinion change at all with this team are you really need to see just their conference play -- kind of already looking past these. These non conference games and say OK what can you show me -- conference. Well I think it's not just winning but I think I think they need to. To show that they can. Blow out you know some major programs if you haven't seen that much from here in years past. You know they'll beat -- not they'll meet the women are covered scandal beat struggled in the majors. What attempt point gamers you know undisputed team who struggled against two -- and I -- teams and there are exhibitions so I think. It's gotten so much. Well or not they win but also just how much they went -- I think that Tenet dictate how how ready I think they're going to be for. For that -- pac twelve work. One less staying before we got to wrap this thing up because they -- a lot of non conference games not against some powerful teams but. You know some games they can help them build their confidence but deserted you take away from the Maryland game. That you say OK they want it they got production from Nelson in collier but. I didn't like the way they did did -- they did -- do -- is. And you think that'll be important come conference play. There's dissent -- rebounding what integrated. Bill you know Maryland got a bunker up and import get a -- 62 chance points. So that's certainly a place that. Then they need she grew up improve. Defensively. They weren't you know just some general defensively they weren't stellar EU. You have been -- -- He worked to a certain degree. And I definitely major strides we've made better. Who -- But offensively. And opt into it because how are you talked about I think. You know it's great that you have pavlik. Now -- collier who can put together as performances it's important that C. What other guys and could really help carry that let it it's going to be big -- Brand development going forward and -- bounced back member Allen gamble may be a big big game against -- -- though it. And I got out like Robin you know that attack duke can chip there in the indicate -- when he went back -- they might need that picture. -- really good to talk to somebody that's a die hard hoops fan like yourself -- there's not a ton of people in this state debt that our hats and about college hoops. I loved Wayne -- and as soon as inherently in Gloucester organ state. I got a tweet from you right away we do a podcast when we do and a podcast let's talk about this a little bit and I got. Throughout that game for her for awhile. It was a it was a fun game to watch -- I think you just surprising -- that all of us I mean I was expecting kind of a close game but I didn't expect him to win. Yeah I mean it is consist it's been such a crazy. -- we could you know -- you look back on everything apple that -- -- opera that -- Static you per -- national signing day work -- paper second and in all that stuff community band. And then seeing weaker arm. I and it's going to be you know the next couple weeks are going to be big for big for them to they need to come out here they need to show people that they're for real and they can take care of their nonconference schedule before heading to. Colorado and Utah to open conference play but let's do this let's take like adults who week hiatus from each other on the podcast. Will come back after you know they played two or three games will will regroup will say okay what's different for organs say what are they doing better. But I enjoy talking email and I really -- -- she give me -- time in Dow hopping on here Tom and talking hoops CU RU one in my therapy when it's dark -- in the media. Well I appreciate any comment. All right there's -- would turn -- he's the beat writer for the Oregonian you can follow him on Twitter -- con CO NN. Or -- when he and he gives you all breaking news updates lineup stuff roster moves head coaching quotes. Everything from Morgan State he's doing football he's doing basketball and he will. Be doing baseball gives him a follow he is a great follow for Bieber fans check back next week for another. -- addition but inside -- issue hoops podcast I'm gonna try to get. Maybe revert on Nelson -- may be a Craig Robinson elect talked to one of them in that kind of pick their brains a little bit. Go and inside the locker room -- check back here at CES and and W dot com and 1080 the standout coming don't forget to check about check out Buffalo Wild Wings. Game night week night seven to 10 PM on ten yeah. Okay.