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One on One with Danny Langsdorf

Oct 24, 2013|

The Oregon State offensive coordinator explains what the Beavs are going to have to do to better the Cardinal, how to open things up for Storm Woods, without running the ball, and what the secret is behind Riley's success in night games at Reser.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- Britain's break here on 1080. Duff fans speaking with -- state opted to coordinator Danny links -- But daddy -- kind of start things off I know you give a lot of cliche -- chances I understand why you have to do at apple when I think of organ state in Stamford 730 tick ESPN game. I just get really pumped up I wanna see who you guys are against a really good opponent currency would Stanford's gonna do on the road. Can you take a most and you take coach speak away from it in this kind. -- -- people out there Howell mostly fired up these kind of games -- you. Well you know it is that it's a big game it's a great game and and it's got to be. It's got to beat her -- for our players. The most important in this week's end and so for batteries. It's a huge gains. And we should say that we -- we can we do need to prepare in the same way. And you know it got to the kids if they prepare. Exactly the same. You know each weekend and this game does have to you have anymore. Emotions are. We don't have to feel like anybody should be out of the ordinary to win again we're gonna do exactly the same thing we've done any -- so when -- You know I think there's. I think for everybody out there this monster game and huge matchup and -- -- -- those -- all true but I think our approach. You know we're doing right by the players are saying it and so we don't have to be over emotional and it should be the same this week and for the civil war and war. If you and you know it. It is just like last week since talent they -- we treated that way that we do much better job not being too I would I do -- the votes from week to week. I'd imagine -- -- looks at game film which obviously they have when you watch you guys on tape. It's clear that running is the number one thing so if -- Stanford. And I'm sure you guys are preparing for this and they're probably gonna try to throw the kitchen scene did you either -- I wouldn't be surprised they blitzed every other play put some pressure on John. And try to prevent him in brand -- richer or whoever else that kind of connection through the -- because you guys have been so successful. Are you guys looking at that and may be making any kind of pass protection changes because for the most part. You've been very successful in protecting -- you did have that. San Diego State game we're kind of felt like he got hit a lot. But when you look at it stamper are there things you're gonna change past scheme wise past -- wants. You know we have to always be great for pressure and them we can't be surprised by that we -- -- government attending -- state being. In other than a huge pressure change in their history but. We have certainly prepare for that and I don't want about it they're so good up front the the battle feel we need it on the battlefield that perhaps the pressure because they're getting enough pressure on the quarterback with. With the format rush to beat that aren't so. You know they might feel they need a little extra pressure on the quarterback now by doing so they're gonna give themselves. A little weaker -- -- -- -- -- -- coverage because -- -- so you know -- I and -- It was that we can handle some of the pressure I'm hopeful that but they get better matchup stuff -- -- For the most part they show -- covered a lot of coverage -- stand makes it hard sometimes aren't all on the field when their only rush country. So you know what what were more prepared for both we've got to do a good job of protecting the quarterback and that those on the line. I'm in the side and in the back secluded lot stood. But did you -- -- -- -- so while we are -- prepared for a lot of pressure and in that state. As they play at some coverage vote in will be able to protect those guys did -- -- them all out to. You're talking with you the last couple weeks that I've been down there you've alluded to the fact that in you guys haven't stuck with the run game it just hasn't been their mean it's very evident put. You know I read a piece this morning on the -- -- gazette times down there and they were talking about how you guys. Are starting to find interval little ways. Tick kind of still have -- run -- run -- use a storm like you did last weekend against -- and and keep a Toronto he's in there. Active and keep you know try to get those kind of guys the ball -- the fly sweeps or whatnot. Do you guys think of a do you think this is a big week in two obviously you wanna continue with with Branyan in the success there but is this another weekend where. May be -- -- -- delay running back screens where you -- have storm fake Nikes -- pass crowing in a company and opera is that something. That could you know help you guys beat Stanford other than just going to traditional air route which you guys have done. You know I think that certainly without giving away all lower guidance. We you know I think we. To create shouldn't get the way you're our backs the ball. We have on the ball great and that's been evident but we don't break in the -- so stuck where. And up. And so that change add up to enable. It's about the ball out of the backfield and in all honesty and so I'm an hour we're continuing to try to. He ball and find it away the ball. Spread out to different people besides bread and you know it's it's not wrapped up front I think we're doing better -- -- -- it's not there. And hopefully we get the deal. Takes you up without it. Didn't I was looking back at your guys this schedules. As you don't have a ton of these kind of seven. 736. You haven't had a ton of them in in your guy is history but. Looking back in the past. -- -- all the way to 2005. To get the last loss under the current regime. And a night game a 6 PM or later kick off on her organs say Mike Riley since 2005 has been six in no. What do you think his kind of be in this seek rates. To winning some of these nineteenth is it is it the atmosphere with the fans and being fired up to have a -- opportunity is it. The players in feeling like okay were in the prime time we're showing everybody. Because you guys do have some impressive wins over some good opponents in the past. You have to -- questioned. I don't think in the Arctic patrol that we had. Not -- under the lights you know like that but. Not that we get extra shifts a little bit more -- in the morning and we get a chance to -- -- shouldn't do some walks -- -- sure all right play. I think that the street here and I gave him. It's -- -- electric. That standard that tailgating all day. It's usually pretty rowdy and I almost think he make a great amateur for guys like that I think we respond. You guys did a really good job last week in making up for not having Connor and obviously -- not the opponent at Stanford going to be. Is this another weekend where you kind of get a little concern and say. You know Caleb is doing dwelling Helen's been playing OK. But this is a week and we think we might really miss Conner Hamlet. Why not take any time you are missing a player does Albert you always have that about it but. We also you'll where we -- -- about you know now so we ask you. Trapped when a train the next guy out there and we've got some production house as they they -- -- -- -- play or not it will have to continue to expect that problem you know and a the reality of course permits and you know but -- -- still pretty often and the guys behind it government jobs stepped in and get a lot catches lot of eastern right through this year now and then not just talk not distraught and so. I think being able to strip the ball around those guys don't want has also help the other receivers especially Brandon. Defensively. We will we all kind of know their front seven is is really their bread and butter. But any might they might very well be for you though is there a play here or another position. That when you break down their defense really has stood out -- might not be getting the attention. That -- that person might might deserve. You know I think there aren't backing. You are potentially yeah -- very solid I think. Both 93 and nine -- -- because then stand up linebackers are very good. 45 they're they're they're starting corner release solid player I think that the group that its you know obvious he's Smart in that Stanford but. -- -- physical they play fast and they did a lot of different looks and they really change coverages longer. You know I think top to bottom. All are the best we seen as a whole. Says who we pencil you guys in for five or ten point victory Danny. I'm not -- it is -- -- Well score one more point than them so whether it's. Three and Butler or 49848. Armed. On you don't mattered in the. Oregon State -- it's -- or Danny laying Stewart. Joining me here and -- not willing to go out and say you know guarantee of victory but this is a big -- big weakened for organ state. A chance for them to proved everybody six and one is no fluke they can play with the big boys in this conference -- -- forgive me the time really appreciate it. And that was op as a coordinator Danny -- or joining me here on 1080 the fan. Dot com giving us a lot of insight on the Stanford defense and what organ state might have to do offensively. To kind of try to throw them off balance keep them on their toes in and maybe try to -- -- upset here this is a really big game. For -- in stayed in and had a good opportunity for them to show not only is the cooks Armenian things for real because a lot of people kind of downplayed that. Because of the opponents that they faced but to show the rest of the conferencing kind three. That organ state. Is trying to be a power this season despite an eastern Washington loss despite everybody willing to fire mark banker. This team has rallied for six straight wins this week in could really separating put them in a category of people saying. Wide eligible easy stern but holy crap you guys are at the top. Of the conference I'll be back tomorrow for inside always you I'll be talking with the gazette times writer Steve grass. He is one of their main beat writers for the team down there he's he's at almost every other -- every practice. He has a lot of -- should be a fun conversations -- so check back tomorrow. Year on 1080 -- -- dot count.