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Gamenight Hour 2 10-22-13

Oct 22, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Okay. Thank my -- man win Wimbledon. All you really runs. This is Buffalo Wild Wings game I want winners out with -- -- at the winner. Want him to be -- I am OK from overhead poorly. -- Iron. All right let's break it what we'll have a -- -- why -- pretty. Golf that field the retailer -- -- -- doesn't crash took her shirt when you don't have a surprise. In fact what you think the last. The last of diving game. -- And eat -- Johnson beat can't talk about her. Do you think you'll you'll -- Don't think you should be but then what I'm talking to my team. -- license we'll take supposed to back me up and go get me jukebox like -- field -- you -- you've got all your talk it through the authorities do fox got. Crazy I'm not crazy pontiff's first I don't know. Now why are what happened at 8 o'clock and Brendan -- Folks don't know this is all in due time -- team tonight however I want all of you know. Don't drive I've already made the decision that we will eat beyond sound all right we're not -- -- but he does look delicious -- do -- right we -- beat someone. Millions bigger sports. What else do you need to find out. Let's all day at the. I'll let the wolf. Real shot up. This is Buffalo Wild Wings game night on ESPN's sports -- a 1080 fans. Classic earlier talking about mean drops in mind is Jacoby Els aryan Mark Zuckerberg people everyone hasn't over texting and some of theirs. 55305. One GW -- Grant Hill. Great that's a good name drop right there a better -- what his connection to Grant Hill is. Posted on the final release being. I kinda given this vortex of it blows my mind when people do this six degrees of separation type scenarios really go my uncle's best friend no Michael Jordan's. -- you go too far to the tree I understand it does in the lower my mom's best friend that I knew since I was two. -- kind of cool front of the program -- me the -- famous stripper that we interviewed she said -- theirs is seven degree separation of people that she's had sex with -- Portland. That's is can a lot I'm disgusting people there. Connected somehow we one of those people. One of us is hoping to -- -- under. Get tortured sprayed by the hours brackets -- fifteen minutes now pretty hear from the David shot. And Jim Mora the opponents of the organ ducks and Oregon State Beavers there on the coaches called today's we'll get their thoughts on what they see on film and what they're expecting this weekend. Against the ducks in the beavers would you rather have football or as -- -- that baseball or hockey in the morning. If he had one of those what would you rather. Ticket prices for hockey games are getting really expensive. So just for this year financial fact in let's face it right now we have to be looking at that fact picks because. We don't make a lot of money if I look at it from that aspect I go baseball because of -- get to the ten dollar ticket days. What if -- if prices and a big deal I would rather have hockey because I may be -- I enjoy our Summers say we are really get a having fun with our shows in the summer times but I also enjoy going to the beach. Going on high -- going to them. All after your family and your family man and outdoorsman. That I like dosage is the man in the world. That a complete let alone lives on the -- he's listening to music making -- in my life that I've -- -- and -- My damn I did -- ending your ridiculed the idea of the war I ran out foxes OK is -- NASCAR god is. That you brought up an interesting point that we are talking about this before the show it to an area and because I would tend to agree that hot yet it would be a better rocky year. Just more people I think would go with an indoor sport you know it gives you something else to do during a -- especially the blazers are playing that well. But when you look at baseball -- got a baseball team near you would have sports -- the year round because you would have Major League Baseball season. It starts in April and goes all the way through the end of September. And that you have Morgan -- -- state and got blazers picking up to that -- -- drop baseball would be that you would have year round sports in this market which is sending I think we've really wanted. For a long time as a city but attempt to be I would still setting in NHL team would drop better. Just because of the sheer fact of how many gains there are for baseball team to play tight in my 81 home games. Potentially in -- idea that it's not that nice around here it would be difficult to fill that stadium night in night out. -- group that includes Arctic Barry Smith in a German name only in last -- the banner of sports management worldwide. They're working with the city of Portland in mayor in the representatives. Trying to get a baseball team back to the city of Portland. You remember back in 20042005. Iraq for the Expos who eventually -- DCD in the nationals. But they're talking about putting it at memorial coliseum right down by the rose quarter. And the motive sinners they want you Chris -- present the blazers talked going to build that area up because it's on the other side of the city. Is really hard area to train get some. To get people to -- tried to developing haven't been able to do it they're talking about Terry got memorial coliseum. This to me is -- I love Portland loved being here born and raised Oregonian. The memorial coliseum got to go half and got to no one's holding it is it just a bunch always hear Democrats yes. I mean it gives about exactly but yet you look at it -- the winter hawks have played and it's basically the only thing -- used for -- lot of concerts. Dance -- states step that -- they still use it for a lot of things but you -- you -- absolutely fit the schedule and again -- if you had a based are let's say hypothetically -- -- a baseball team. You would have to have a retractable roof -- stadium because it rains too -- much so when you're looking at that aspect of having concerts you can stuff concert a baseball stadium Jay-Z does concerts all the time at the Yankee Stadium. If you have a retractable roof. You can still have not dismissing nighttime if they're on the road for two weeks. It's a beautiful venue that would be perfect you're right on the water your next in the -- as senator that would be absolutely perfect but when you're looking at this. I just I wonder at what point is it going to be a right now -- -- -- -- bend don't break mentality people are willing to listen to these talks but they're not gonna break away from memorial coliseum. Out what point we blow up the glass house and say look it's not release serving us a purpose because. There's other pro sports teams -- like -- a great -- -- the clippers lakers in the kings they all share Staples Center. I know it's inconvenient but there are ways to sit down with the winner hawks and the blazers and say look we're sharing a venue for shirt and. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- When you can still use it obvious having -- more useful -- you don't put their obvious dad I think it'll get torn down but. This to me it's just at least encouraging and I know if you read the article Major League Baseball it sounds like. They're not really taking Portland that seriously the rays in the -- are two teams that have been mentioned. To potentially be moving to me it's just encouraging at least that we have people in this city. That are striving for this 'cause I know Seattle is going to the same thing with Hanson you know that whole group up there. Trying to get the Sonics back it's cool to have somebody in the city did that kind of takes control the rains. It says let's get more sports teams you because we talk about. You know that the inferiority complex Abbas as I think Portland has that is well. Basically only being a one -- -- you got the ducks and beavers down south but that's college athletics. Only having one major professional sports team you got the -- but the analysts as one of the top three. If you can get Major League Baseball -- need to imagine should've happened a long time ago the law went -- second biggest media market in the country but it's at least and purging that we have minds -- thinking about it striding towards making it happen. The MLB cities -- Kansas City and Pittsburgh are out. Millions -- right. Yet he said at -- Portland is the largest media market that doesn't have Major League Baseball. As yet Casey in Pittsburgh are are smaller than us and they have obviously the royals and the pirates of the top candidates right now -- looking at the Oakland Athletics in the Tampa Bay Rays. They haven't designed they have and how they wanna go about doing the funding. They're just trying to get the city on board -- it's going to be a challenge because as we solitaire policy in the timbers. Portland does not get on board very easily lead for good reason -- because they shouldn't have any public. Financing that goes into this the biggest -- at Portland will never allow that to happen. They have to go the route the Sonics for the gonna say we're gonna get mostly private financing here desperately millionaires to correct if you're able to do that and you're able to secure that. And this is where having -- -- -- coming in. And saying all put up a couple hundred million dollars let's get a professional sports -- here. I would love for him to do that for the city of David you can't put the square onus on no you can't put and it's had a nice yeah eight info -- it would absolutely denies that he did a couple more things sports wise but we understand why he doesn't and that's. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And even offensive to the timbers but I'd much rather have a baseball teams in -- soccer team a -- that's more of a universal sport of everybody getting behind. I understand it tempers are exciting they're in the playoffs while -- the first place right now but. And they have their niche crowd at a baseball would collectively bring everybody to a ballpark say -- hockey too because hockey. When you get in hockey you kind of turning to a different kind of sports -- those are kind of crazy people. I just I'm a little upset that this hasn't happened. 2030 years ago because when you really look at some of the other cities Kansas City Pittsburgh just -- example -- a -- good example to Dallas to Tampa -- -- Tampa -- as a baseball -- a -- Portland Portland is not these small -- little hidden city they -- a top 25 -- it it feels that way though sometimes it's -- it does because we have one pro sports team and -- and -- locations kinda weird because of the rivers but people don't know -- replace things. It's just it's something that we dropped the ball on about thirty years ago that really upsets me and I wish it would -- on again so there is a committee that has been put together a plan in place to get baseball team Portland. A lot that has to take place from now to them but at least they're trying got to give him credit. For that much anything else he do in the summer you left off that list. Violent like Google kayaking team you hate water so I don't believe that occasionally. I like to throw a fishing hole into the water and leave it on my -- stick you hate -- I don't buy that either. I can -- like to go to the Japanese flower garden that I will buy a connect. You like he's getting mansion. That's a good sometimes sit up there and -- life. My goal in the right way as ponder. Has pondered stare into the abyss you hyped up there no I dragged on. -- can monetize therefore there is break the worst actors of all timer having you bracket data before you in fifteen minutes coming up next. David shot in Jim Mora talked about the opponents the ducks in the beavers respectively while there audio and what they said in the coaches' call that something. On ESPN's sports hernia or 1080 I'll slam. You're on the gulf of good coaches are ready to -- really cool under. And they'll laugh that got. -- and our hosts a but he did tell you what they really movies and bad quarterbacks. Yeah. Well. OK that I -- How does this is dialed in with the pac twelve. Part of Buffalo Wild Wings getting guys on ESPN's Sports Radio detonated his girlfriend. -- -- -- -- -- -- International. Crew and her give yourself Kim Kardashian today. That picture man that's that one piece that she just did yap about it. Foleo ten minutes from now or get a lot of feedback on this already the worst actor of all time ten minutes from now have a right now it is time for our dab into the back segment. In here from the David shot in Jim Mora. Certainly David she guys these different Arnold take on or again state. In what he thinks of the beavers sixth. And they're really active. They know their defense inside now the guys are in great position. We gave up some big plays early in the year and you just see that anymore please -- that this secondary keeping the ball in front of him to crichton in the guys up front getting off blocks. That is they're playing really really Smart really sound and they're playing really hard. I see the beavers defense sets of nicely against Stanford because -- can stop the run. Rush shot rounds to match against time and gummery on the outside. I speak to beavers -- stop -- I expected decently low scoring game in this one yes -- offense hasn't been very impressive at all this season Kevin Hogan knew it to me in my case when the most over rated quarterback in the country tech running game manager he's -- they completely relies on having talent around him. Having a running game around it and I think that's been exposed at times this year the fact. They don't have the running game if they did last year to help him out so. Or -- defense sets up perfectly because we talk about what what that their biggest struggle to stop as a mobile quarterback about -- Rogaine can move a little bit. Edie doesn't have a burning forty dummies not hit escape and are gonna run a whole lot of options with him. So he's a very one dimensional got -- -- -- or -- as as a good chance accurate attempted to shut him down. My question is can they stop that running into the -- -- that front for you offensive line is how good their running game is that's my question can they slow that down. That would be my main focus I would say let's put eight guys in the box and stop their run game you have them. The GO second guess in their play calling the first 23 possessions where their putting making any -- on the ground. In -- daring Kevin Hogan to beat you look I understand -- shot Reynolds is a great debt cornerback I'm not so sure that he could completely shut down time and -- -- -- has -- No -- physical -- yankees. Mark baker was talking about in this week and he said Ty Montgomery is raining cooks on stare he's the only game changer that they have this guy is big if he can go out have a big game in that run games not gonna be as important. Shocking -- nude on. Basically praising mania and connects. The course of action a great job -- in the pocket and -- and some time until that he'd been put to just run by everybody the key for us to have courses can keep the front of us as best we can't. Militant -- front of us try to gain tackle fairly typically do and hopefully we'll get more pressure on -- we can't hold the ball both of those -- -- -- an extremely high level. It's great leading to chances are they slowed down. And limit Sean meaning cuts as we -- I don't think you can limit -- cuts I really believe he's one of those rare talent he's app. Absolutely going to be in the NFL soon -- it's this year or next year. -- but the one thing that I look about look at when I see Stanford and what they need to do they are going to throw the kitchen scene at this guy this week and if they're not blitzing every other play. I will be stunned there's no way you have a form and fried even if that happens of wind is in very good there's no way you to a form in front. Against them because summing you'll be in shotgun you give him 23 seconds -- messages to look across is options he's going to be Choo every time you have. Have to blitz him make him feel comfortable. Do a lot of what the colts did against Peyton Manning he's -- all data throw the and that's one of the biggest thing is people talk about lack of the run game they have had great pass protection. Yet they after the haven't -- -- to his credit is getting the ball getting rid of the ball very quickly on the a couple of seconds say you know on his release that's the key -- If you could put pressure on him and make him feel little queasy back there in the pocket. Your he has a problem throwing off his back foot if you add pressure to that makes. That's when you start to get the turnovers that's when he starts to make mistakes and it's not just against John Manning you can say that the same thing about any quarterback at any level when you get pressure on them. And make them worry make them look behind their shoulder to see the defense -- is chasing them down. They're not going to be as effective as they could be you cannot let him sit back there. And throw the football and there's no reason why you should -- the boxers they're -- one imagery of the branding coach that you can single coverage of the guys that they have the horses to do that -- single coverage get a guys double team coaching in you blitz I'd -- 67 guys every single play make them comfortable shot -- that exact same thing. They are frustrated anyway we will know more quarterbacks sitting back there comfortable in the -- to go to the ball down field -- same time though so did you -- charge should keep the -- probably don't with the ball over its. Please keep is that these pistons played -- -- with hope and hopefully we can sort of. That game is going to be obviously this Saturday in Corvallis further down south edu gene for a 4 o'clock. Keeps the UCLA Bruins -- he'll be down there head coach Jim Mora on preparing and watching cornerback Marcus Mario. Truth something that you -- play there you go young freshman here in solitary warlord whose. About -- and -- big enough about the Saint Louis pitched to a let let let markets group that put him back there and and can't -- kind of do things that -- whose specialties group underwater if you really difficult. Therefore. Who is. But he is a better quarterback currently under forty as Mario Chinese Mario and -- we -- really disappointed me and Brett Conley that was his chance to really cannot have a have a big game against a marquee team. A good defense in Stamford and he really fell flat now I rival credit to some of that hinges and a terrible game plan. And that executions he was put in bad spots a whole game for you know a lot of holding penalties are just stupid mistakes. By the UCLA team that Mario did to me what I've seen from emitted in and more talked about it there. It's so hard to game plan for because you know about his arm but when you really do see his speed on the field. It's unbelievable how fast -- -- think of them as a legit runner but when he gets out in the open field he's as fast as anybody on the field. Most people want when they see Marcus Mario and obviously it's part of its 'cause the skin color and kind of build wanna -- calling cap predict. I'm gonna see some that's kind of controversial in terms of the could really backfire my face but watching -- last week he -- reminded of Monday Night Football and Josh Freeman he has the exact same kind of build. He's quaking out a pocket run a little bit but overall he's not gonna be out -- be out running a lot of secondary guys even some linebackers. If he does in progress and show that he can hit guys in the field putting tight spots. He's somebody I really worry about if -- an NFL GM. Moore also another -- about incoming freshman use their ability to play right away. -- it was these troops come under that aren't doing a little bit more critical because they really weren't passionate. Crucial are those solutions they're doing more and some months where -- -- look -- the dust -- you -- give the best chance to win. So UCLA does have a relatively young team when you look at it. And I just expect him going in and adding it's going to be a blowout I think that Doug's role -- -- -- for you these -- closer -- I don't know why I am -- organ to win this game I'm nodding and a second guess that but it just there's no way I can see you -- playing as. Badly as they did a lot of last week in his what I realized was. The offensive play calling I just not a lot of those play calls put their teams and bad positions they're -- weird pitches screens is nothing that was. Going away from what Stamford wanting them to do. I would expect kind of a different type of playbook this weakening Eugene I think it's going to be close for at least three and a half quarters I think the ducks a poll lately I. I expect Dorgan to completely shut UCLA down in this game by their defense that day there were some holes -- -- you look at Allen hold their defense -- performance this season as been off a charging you look throughout the history of -- teams in the -- -- fences. They do pretty damn well against the spread IBC see it all off season they play against an all week when they're going against scout team they're playing against Mario and a but they struggle with those ground and pound teams the teams with the big courts is up front. The guys and it's you know 350000 -- down your throat that's what's hard for them to stop. It's not hard for them to stop the spread they know exactly what's going on they have the same exact speed in the secondary the linebackers are a little bit undersized a lot more faster. Why I expect the defense to perform very well and emeritus Bob last we didn't play all that well. You know against the Washington State and let me throw all over and so this is your chance got out of bounce back week this week. Desert island with. The -- segment we do it every Tuesday. At 815 did for dirty and spray the gloves are coming up ladies and gentlemen. We're gonna get into this is getting heated. -- is a show afterwards the worst actor. Of all time and it better not be Adam Sandler that is next right now a sports and listening to Buffalo Wild Wings game night on ESPN's sports audio to an eighty Fran. -- vibrant sports fans won't bet on anyway -- -- -- -- -- -- He must work out here on Buffalo Wild Wings game night so -- -- did -- your brackets doing all time low 500 dollars. You know knowing that -- feet. Here's my. Give me the money we're gonna then we'll go out and how -- feel. Now here's your -- and selection committee. Taylor then forward. Brandon spray. And Randy Johnson on ESPN's Sports Radio Jay -- But it may have stumbled on to something with our new bracket but first we need to declare the winner. Our scariest movie of all time he has get a drum rolls. And the winner is the scariest movie of all time team who. Should I need to -- world. They we are two out valiantly who won the signing now. -- champion at at that as Shani won our scariest movie of all time Iraq and moving on. Bigger better things at the Lyonnais 132 boys -- -- -- 32 -- going. -- worst actor of all time actresses to. Yeah well actor is a term that covers that the plural of -- that's exactly and very sexist like guys term. It is of those guys very very yet. Those people as -- people you don't need those people what a guy who's seen those people too -- that the the feminist to get upset about that stuff the words out there man come on you -- -- -- limits in his last out. These other people people believe all that's right your professor -- you. Forgot about that surprises me yeah we hit on the same girls in my -- Where you're innocent girls lesbian. And lighting up that there are attracted you to convert them. Now they're always around -- clearance. Yet they had access the equipment when he -- Elaine how does this in 1997. Who John Q sacks and one BSE and I have a problem that Jason here's here's what are having a hard time determining. How we come up with criteria for this because you guys said before the shot I take exception -- this. You said Adam Sandler should be in this bracket these terrible act igniting an act as movies are good but he's about some of the -- he's you know he's one of the highest grossing actors of all time -- as a -- -- can how can you beat here -- and make money in movies I'm John no -- -- I don't -- this morning and Sandler he knows the reason. That he made money is because that's icing Justin Bieber sold more as the most made the most money to music industries and he's the best musician of all time is kind of a -- He is pretty music he's not the best of all time he belongs in the -- yes. You can't ask somebody. That is winning Super Bowls and called the worst quarterback of all time you can't appease Trent Dilfer more -- -- -- his side -- -- -- he would've been -- that gas panties and he's on the top. -- of all time grossing in saying as -- can yeah you absolutely can because. Adam Sandler disagree with you we are gonna have to agree -- but Adam Sandler is riding the success of his first two early movie. And having his production company. The attacks to some -- classics like grandma's boy. So when you see how -- -- terrible movie of course grandma was not was an off summer that's one of the most under rated comedies of all time grandma's boy his whole area it's a great movie but when your tires out when -- where he's filming a porno. Now one. Was that. And zawahiri making important. There's another on. Grandma's voiced by the video game guys get hot and he -- -- ram in. -- -- tonight my point is his means attacks that but then he goes and makes Jack and Jill. Which gets no money from people. And suddenly we're all he's cracked 151000001 let's not act like he's acting performances. And you know Billy Madison Happy Gilmore -- the most dramatic movies that is -- talking going glamorous. Ever if Purdue and 32 he belongs and is he he -- and 32 he's forced. Sure he's. It he's not a good actor you say -- good -- giving him financial reasons why can't be an additional financial key -- Campion and neither can Nicolas -- off please Nicolas Cage is number one CN at Nicolas -- is probably worth 400 million dollars yeah would be -- go -- but his movies and established network should -- I so we're not taking financial success in this at all no not at all completely he's just I can't save argue deleted music as you guys posted dismal so it's a sold more records as a does that mean he's a better these initiatives mean more people bodies and you can't afford. But these pretzels. Are making -- Studio but you're not get a but it I've did you buy that now I didn't buy into what if what I do what it -- what if I got ten dollars for that performance wouldn't matter would matter when it yes. And he kept -- as it is now president at all. Solar were putting Adam Sandler in this bracket yes I'm glad I'm voting list actors I'm winning yes you have to -- Jim Carrey did. Jim I refused I want to I'm not gonna put Jim Carrey and why. You student manager and that ball at any Merkel and Eddie Murphy in there no because any of comedy do dramatic movies can't as white guys -- that's my thing with Jim -- he went a dramatic route and was terrible in that role he can act but he was a better community actor Dan and I comedic genius that we're talking about. -- to meet -- -- seriously that's affecting comedic -- -- is out of it was bad at all this movie he plays the same character well -- movie ever -- still they're good comedic actors that should be in -- news stories that Will Ferrell is an OK -- what they -- across -- -- carries and 45 dramatic -- a crossover but here's the thing that music is serious actor and put a minute -- -- -- -- -- and comedy to that as funny if he. Two years and -- rationale way the piano and loose up off the -- that's going to be funny in a movie. -- paradise area. Areas and that people government that -- yeah that's actually -- -- -- from what people yet what is most known for -- Russell Brand get a lot of Russell Brand and also bring to get wearable actor. OK fine so we are we gonna put you -- we're gonna plan Sandler we have to think about Jim Carrey because. Jim -- and more dramatic movies and Adam Sandler and he's been terrible and I I vote no on Jim Carrey I think evidence -- Hello you're on the fan. And he would snap QB -- -- thick black and white purse period after it better in comedy. I got up on an airplane. He owns some bad. -- I think at that very accurate but how many in the first place but it just. Yeah I think that's a rare exception date for the guards Jessie Daniels in dumb -- a great exam yet it does a great job a non comedy roles as well yeah that that's so rare like I think is very rare it's very are those are some of the best -- -- -- count -- one. Connie and I eating got a lot of words as well I think the point your that he's making is that you can take serious actors and make him make a funny comedic movie. But it's very hard to take comedic actors and you have 'cause make a serious movie and has their bad actors because -- acting on a dramatic and grammatical scale and -- being talented that that is a difficult thing to do. Comedy like a lot of comedy. Right now -- we're seeing is like Seth Rogen in -- those guys a lot of it for them is writing if you write really well you can be funny even if you're not that. Funny -- as -- -- -- and actor may -- been known is that it was a good Jim Carrey performance. But it plays any copy they got too many good movies in their man. Yet Jim -- can't be in this I can't sign off on okay I'll about the direction of big Jim Carrey fan I'm just if we're gonna go dramatic and count that they -- connect. Hello you're on the -- go ahead. They are Carter on the bad actors yeah yeah yeah yeah. How nice Paul Walker -- period end. Good like hey can I ask you a question collar we I told this to Danforth for the show I actually begin to put the whole facts -- cast into this in his bracket. Willie can I think talker users you know a special -- -- I don't know how bad nation -- -- -- see that's a great one take you for the -- appreciated Vin Diesel is a big hassle factor ease up there. -- a lot -- you guys good look at a router do I love those -- just take your shirt off date an ordinary doctors figured out. We struck requirement is Adam -- -- man people are upset on the text or are they getting I was getting so -- said that his English he made his performance in Spain which made him cry out crazed writer. Chris -- the heat for. And Chris Tucker is a good comedic actor though. He's getting money talks is Good Friday. Based on. Well he's good in the first rush hour that's like saying it's Adam Sandler is good in Happy Gilmore Billy -- yeah me and I'm just it's Chris Tucker made a bunch of crap. -- he has in the Islamic that is what is Adams that's what I'm saying or putting him in the bracket okay. I just I'm just telling he's got some good moon blue ice cubes a good one ice his hair yeah Europe and you might get a little -- celebrity's right now family I hate that guy off why. Since his movie that he made. The road trip one know the very first when he made Friday. Now all over our boys and boys and a yes it was a really he was great in that ever since then. -- downhill he was pretty much playing himself and boy he analysts that pays out he had decent story for that where he's talking about -- you like team in the audition he was so serious for it. And he said -- keep that is yourself. As an -- -- and he was in Canada that's perfect I got to give credit here 'cause I got a tweet from -- honky hustle. Reined in Frazier will Brendon Frey that's a good one though I did like the -- I will admit I'll give -- -- movie -- -- would cease fire Astaire and yes he's hitting Christians in. -- the star worse he's an -- -- mayor. In onlookers episodes -- I used to like two and three the first two episodes that two and three episodes of Star Wars and then you re watch them out ten years later with Hayden Christensen got a holy -- this. Somebody sexy and John C. -- are tweeting as -- -- rally I disagree with that -- -- John C. -- is very versatile he Johnson right he's been recent dramatic Aggies and you don't know it entertaining to watch step Brothers and he's great I was Costner for sure has to be in -- Indiana he's very easy just -- -- -- you if if if Josh chart of how he's our entire -- You had forty days 49 forty days for united ever happening -- fell off -- just exist anymore I think you prime losses attractiveness because guys like that tend to just. Live as long as they're good looking. Did you see I like -- Tatum identity thieves now Channing Tatum has been I just watched a romantic movie with him -- -- natural actor Val he's pretty bad to get imagine Michael. Asking them idea Jerry BC's. I think he has size issues. But mentally she is yet mental and physical issues I can't put him in his bracket he didn't used to go yap again he lacked access crap don't yen TU ET a -- not -- list for -- though that's his own doing now like he was born with a as the bill is there -- big is like a really big time -- -- -- deals in this list. -- Kristen Stewart Chris -- Steelers hang in boxes terrible box of brutal. Seagate I think females is -- -- sexist I think females are way worse at this because guys. Some guys get rolls up their looks don't get me wrong they do. But most girls -- generals -- looks. -- I don't know -- other talent. And instinct. Drew Barrymore is terrible -- a great actors that's ugly. To bring anymore it's about winning actress -- great -- -- actors as ugly. -- he -- do that for everything -- to lead you from musicians Nina great musician. Jimmy Hendrix female -- -- I doubt adelphia and those great or set fire -- the rain and wind and -- thirty year. I'm trying to think of a good actors that's -- It's hard one. I mean yeah I guess you could name all these old tags that get off to Leon -- -- see very many young actresses that are around Renee Zellweger rebel Wilson as a orders ugly did you see rebels Scarlett Johansson. Canada's big deal right now she's the comedic bigger chickens -- one she's sad amien pitch perfect yet Scarlett Johansson. She's a rainbow warrior -- illusion that gravity Sandra Bullock yeah I'm doing -- is another there's another down think in Jodie Foster. Well first we need some more women she likes carpets so yeah -- she's so we see BC plays -- would differ demo. If -- -- we XX straight ugly when his Jodie Foster fuzz under and lady lover. Cigarette yells -- big girl with Stevie some. Quarterback next. This is Buffalo Wild Wings game night. Convenience is starting. -- -- -- -- -- Apparently -- -- know. Congratulations Rick as you know money -- been working on a couple of new pitches the illuminate her and they humiliated to complement his fastball the terminator. I heard him. Dynamite trapped in money and broadcast foods really play off. -- tornado okay. -- to come up. -- more actually at the Rose Garden right now performing. He's in the senate demoted senator Max throws performing at some illusions and there. Missed out. I met -- com or follow me steamed up -- on the -- -- I decided that. I was. -- nice guy that. Finally exciting a when he was when he didn't -- organ state is given a free concert down there -- has like two years ago every was -- got back memorial whose maximum naturally to you guys who will listen. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Give workers regular worst actor of all time you know lol you're on the video enforce. It. Shorten. Short -- here's my problem caller with -- sure I understand he's a bad actor. But it's hard to take -- account these people like Pauly Shore William Shatner. Who end up making fun of themselves that's kind of their -- they make -- how bad PR you know Alexander still bad though but I mean. -- -- -- -- On yeah that's acting like he's a politicking for the Ganassi of how bad you yet they've got to think he's. Yeah -- -- for -- won awards so we'll put together this bracket -- -- -- -- 32 and the -- -- about -- -- -- some of the worst lines the worst argument of the ages we're gonna get some fun clips you have if you know when you up to tiger on YouTube to lead him to be great not only mired -- outline. Of her sister hasn't seen a movie at the -- -- Ever seen -- we might have a seemingly strange never seem odd days you're gonna make fun of -- performance but that movie actually is counting does not matter and -- -- and you're trying give it. Point break in and IEP it's very fast and the furious -- has nothing to do -- guys know it's actually exactly like passengers is in the car a fast and -- the time. Why would you set up like he is he's gonna be gonna relies on affluent can't wait a minute I know there's lots mr. ms. Babylon airport there it is -- -- If you if for dirty look up finding out that -- -- cashier in Kanye West were reaching out AT&T park for the mayor's proposal. Because nothing else is going on there and the gets the news to get him with six that it positively impact. And I got a contract so. Articulate leaders around. And -- -- I'm doing just fine and the fact and I loved the jokes arrivals say it is the jokes about somebody got a ring this year. Pretty funny it is funny it is very funny but the only reason you could joke is because they wondering last year's Sonya -- back -- I can actually -- -- because they didn't make -- I guess the last. Don't regularly go ahead make -- have a -- traveling back to back World Series and I'm all came in at two in three years is just fine how the Braves need to do and I enjoy the offseason but we talk about Tim Lincecum out all pumped about this and I know a lot of people who it was kind of head scratch or for them. Why would you gotten -- guy didn't have the best years obviously the last two years but he is taking a pay cut from what he was making yet and if you go look at the pitching market there's really not a whole lot out there that -- a number four starter. Did they overpay for yet the after the begin overpay for but when you get a guy of his stature he wanted to stay in San Francisco the fans and -- just a one -- they want him there. This is a deal they they had to get done two years 35 million dollars it's really not a whole lot for for a starting pitcher in today's. Yet I mean yet this is a great deal because he is kind of the face of that franchise he's kind of filled those buried bond type shoes of old somebody you can look at it again was legally I had to fight fans. As a Sims is a giant in the reason yet to take a pay cut. Is because they had to take that money that they couldn't pay him to upgrade the diamond town in their last rings because Connie just embarrassing organizing old well well. Dirt does the body joked that they want to classic. Any sense if they had won a World Series will be a funny joke but it does the World Series last year. Yeah but he didn't win this year who cares but it wouldn't this year you don't care they didn't when there's no I'm just find what to do in three years what about three in forty years -- three and five is going to be right you and fifty. So you don't have a problem with. That all women across the world they're gonna -- says jargon of realize that ATT -- they're gonna associate AT&T park with Kim -- and -- yet and it's not dear friend that ticket picture out there 'cause I'm out of that is not a rally he's game. He's you know he's got to show where he's friend is getting the long haired dude. He's denied being gay -- a show and act again one now that the reason -- -- a big -- NATO as a ballpark instead it's best ball park and -- baseball taken. That's why they did it that's exactly what they did -- -- -- all -- at Dodger Stadium now blank piece of crap my suing my Twitter pictures of the gay guys standing on third base right now I was wondering why you committed. I was like really got to go to dinner. For under. Is give its eyes on you made your dilemma that we knew to wean people are gonna associate that they. I have a boyfriend -- it -- to them now at the airport there is framing our celebrated at my jokes this morning were down and it. I thought about -- -- treat -- like I do -- to -- or am probably going to be funny coming up we're going to revisit our interview with. Chris Houston of highs and -- Docomo that for you in the third hour also in a preview the upcoming. Games gotta tell you what we're looking for in -- -- organ state. As well as organ vs UCLA all that coming inning could walk out for you in the third -- -- -- regulars in buffalo outings game that on the thing.