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Kurt Warner -- NFL Network Analyst/Former NFL QB

Sep 9, 2013|

Kurt joins Travis and Josh to recap the first week of the NFL season.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I'm doing very well guys could be over here. Always great to have you on of course and you do -- a week one in the NFL season and there are a lot of very interesting things don't wanna sort -- 49ers Packers game yesterday. Telling captain nick was just tremendous new look what he was able to do you -- you look at the evolution of of of came in and the style of quarterback that he's -- he's become -- what do you make out of him. You know on the like you I think the big question with him was always. -- -- just need to hear more in the pocket you know on how can he developed in the pocket. You're getting the ball a lot of pain. You know -- -- it they'll still think he has room to grow there but I think the amazing thing is that. He's got such ability to apply extra time in the pocket that. You know just things like sometimes he has told they backed him because he's so athletic and he can move just a little bit here and there. But according to the great job just keep -- -- in the field make you place. The win it seemed like there was nothing there. And it doesn't hurt to have a player like Anquan Boldin who's as good as anybody -- creating space and trying to windows and catching tight spot. -- I was gonna ask you about that relationship he has Anquan Bolden has a quarterback with Ian who had a tremendous career. Having a receiver like that how long does it take to build chemistry or is it much easier when you have two guys. That both want it that both are on the same page. We have enough I think the ability -- Japanese. Making -- build an even better -- because inequality that it's a great feel for the game. If he's so strong team -- being able to create separation of the great windows for quarterbacking and then -- just having the ability to prolong things you know we were in place. Are there initially to be able to prolong things I think that will make that relationship so dynamic woman it's so good yesterday it was a reasonable place where. It was just you know him hold the ball a little bit longer final election time in allowing you do what he does and that. Being able to put it to separate from god even that big body. We've been just finding holes. In Haditha incident that is more player and understand what he's seeing out there that he's got finals when he did -- give enough time and that's where I think the dynamic is going to be so good if Colin will just. Give him that particular time to do what he does best and then you know that he can do draft. Her what do you think it says about Russell Wilson them and they were the offense isn't particularly clicking that he finds a way to win football games in the fashion that they did. By the -- I think. That's what this -- is -- about it is it's hard every week to go out and played great quarterback in the National Football League. There's games where you don't have that you can just not clicking. And the great ones. Find ways to win. You know -- -- -- we thought Tom Brady went. It looked like they might lose to the built with those guys find ways you can create plays down the stretch to win games itself. Purple be in its second year guy would Russell Wilson yeah I think it just continues to to show how he's going what kind of leader he is and what I think we all believe is the kind of quarterback he's going to be down the road where he's going to be explosive make all the plays but I -- can find ways to win. Let's go back to Thursday night and Peyton Manning's performance that everybody's has been raving about. -- we cannot talk about his ability to prepare. His arm strength but what is it in your eyes and you played against him I think you might equate to Coble with them what makes him -- so much better than everybody else. Why do think what he does better than anyone else in place redeem -- for the you always help people -- -- quarterback that differently that they play games. With a guy that could play before the snap and do know -- when do those kind of things. But where I've -- with -- that -- not yet seen what -- defense doing being able to react quickly and make the right decision to get the ball out. What patent does so well and if you prepare so well beforehand. That he knows what the defense is doing before they do until he's able to orchestrate. The line of scrimmage like nobody that I think argument that he. And you know he understands this play makers what they do back you know you give them the weapons now we've got two big guys on the outside. And a great player like Wes Welker on the inside and then it yet you read Thomas -- -- stoppers and what he's going to be. -- you're just going to have. His pick of what you want to do in different situations and in that we've gotten beat he's what you can't do. He counters that with great play getting -- playmakers in position. To win and you know on this show the other day -- called the conductor that he just orchestrated scheme. Better than anybody you know up reactionary quarterback. Obviously like myself can be really really good. What he just has a knack for understanding he weathered all the film he watches the weather is that he's wired differently. To understand what he's seen him to be able to react with a snap so well built they just let this team up to it could be successful -- -- Kurt Warner is our guest former -- rule MVP he's now the NFL network as an analyst and -- look at the Pittsburgh Steelers yesterday in just three more injuries -- -- for the year now the running back position just continues to get thinner and -- how much of what we saw yesterday in their loss of the titans was. The titans defense being a little bit of them we thought how much was the Steelers is being completely decimated by those injuries. Well I mean that -- haven't had a chance to watch the entire game two to really defensive leader Tennessee's defense -- as a whole. But I I think you know a lot of that was because of the disarray in Pittsburgh that. We had trouble blocking up front they're troubled protective big -- I think we knew coming in that they have lost the number of playmakers. From the year before you whether it be Mike Wallace civil war Mendenhall -- ridiculous and defensively. You know that it but there was a lot of questions about this team anyway and -- they're going to be guys outside of big man. That could step up there could be playmakers and and to go to my question going in and no question graduate former yesterday that it routinely just. Struggled from top to bottom up nobody really separated themselves and yeah I didn't like he could be injuries. You got -- and I'm I'm interested to see how they respond but that but I don't think you both will offer for the -- What's your prediction for Andrew Luck who had a fantastic rookie year year to. You know I mean I expect him to continue to get better than me he was. One among my favorite young quarterback to watch last year the day after and to do so much. And you know because of that he had a lot of turnovers. In all of that right but he showed some great time being a guy that really understand. How to play the position has unbelievable compliment to his right arm you know what -- gonna allow an interception to affect. His ability to throw the ball down the field which is what I think locally -- have. It's I think he's just going to get better that he's gonna get smarter and smarter. You worked there eleven -- -- you know last year I think exceeded expectations. They won seven games on. You know late game winning drive. It's just I don't think they have that kind of success that the teams I don't think they're that good top to bottom but I do expect him luck. As -- -- to be better this year than it was last year. -- imagine Mike Wallace and Pittsburg he's moved on to Miami yesterday only one catch for fifteen yards in. Your teammates and comments after the game about not getting the football enough not being thrown to enough is that becoming a situation very quickly that's going in the wrong direction to Miami. Yeah yeah I think the hard thing with a guy like Mike Walton is what I seen on film with him is that. What he does well he does really well it and that's stretching the field. You know beating him unit delta to attack 101 award to clear things now forgotten underneath. But I'm not sure you know when you pay that much money I'm not sure he's got 8590. -- doubt you know he he's a guy that's going to give you big plays. But I don't know if I'm gonna give you a lot of play. And I think that's a tough situation. That area is that you pay -- all the money you expected to be an every down god can make -- catch after catch we have. -- he's not that got so now how do you build him into the office. If you try to get him to do those things that he doesn't do very well. The word you use him the way that he was using an extra hour really taken a top off the defense allowing him to give you in order to be played became. Is that enough is that enough for the big contract is that enough for my -- -- only get. Those trying to catch him now that he should be more of that number one role and so I think it's -- difficult spot because. I'm not sure he was -- number one receiver because the power but simply because of what you record number one receiver to do in this release are they could catch on taxes and I'm not sure that's the kind of receiver -- -- -- other cornerback said -- on the all global level or picked on every first team second team. All all pro ballot which would sit out CU yesterday. That might have proven some things to people that they've had a lot of criticism on or maybe show some things beauty didn't expect. Could question. You that -- part of me hadn't seen a lot of guys. Over the years. God that I wouldn't like I guess is that the one guy that would do about me from a veteran standpoint. What I expected him to be. But I think we've got -- get pushed under the radar a lot of doubts left. You know god that that we know it passes me. We know what he did the last couple years have. Just go before they went to college Kapanen and now you know he goes over to Kansas City and county have forgotten commodity and I think he's gonna have a solid year that you release -- quarterback but he did. Exactly what they needed to do yesterday very efficient threw touchdown -- didn't make mistake. But he's a guy they continually let -- you after bloody what happened -- early in his career he could have been a guy that just disappeared kind of gave up. But he battled through that's I think he's doing very solid quarterback that. He's gonna have a really really good year and I publicly the other -- a -- you guys on the -- but I thought EJ Manuel. Played really well yesterday the -- play that probably -- -- To be happy to play in New England the first game of the year. Understanding the history of new England and buffalo. And to come out after mr. preceding games. It looked like he did I thought he was pretty impressive. From that he appointees are having a rookie that that I enjoyed watching the announcement probably the one. Veteran guy that that came out and did what I expected to do work but not a lot of people like applications -- We Venus and out Smith and it's something kind of similar to what you went term mentally you were in. Situation in New York the new go to Arizona. How typical is it in I don't know if you can even put into words to get back to mentally to know where. -- everybody's gonna believe you me you believe in yourself but to have the team believing it to have everybody else believing you is that the step -- have to get to. To be so -- successful. When you turn things around. Yeah -- -- and then that's the hard part is that you you never know how long you're going to get. You know -- you're going to and things are well. You know you can have a bad game more you know even an average season in and you get another opportunity. When you get to that point. -- not everybody believes in you or they look at you kind of reach or maybe your best you're behind you. The hardest thing is is how much of an opportunity MI going to -- it. To prove to them I can still be a good quarterback and that's the hard thing because it. You never know what they're going to see what little inkling or weakness basically. But they're gonna take that opportunity away from the UN and hear that somebody else and so that's the hard thing yeah -- within yourself. But sometimes you have to prove very very quickly. That everybody else you have confidence -- you to him and -- it is going from one team doing -- You have to get acclimated with the often get to get acclimated which your teammate you have to. You don't give a place where you feel comfortable especially at the quarterback to play your kinda games or you could really prove to somebody what you have. But a lot of and you don't have. Very long to do that you know they're looking to replace you war you know they're looking for the chinks in the armor as opposed to the sign that you could still be great and and that's always -- thing I think. Without that they would it was great because -- -- -- brought a man and basically -- you know -- dot com convince you that guy you don't really have to prove anything to us. Weird there's another -- and to my situation where work. I continually prove over and over again that I could be the guy -- for a while the entire time they were looking to replace. -- a couple more games tonight to wrap up week one Chip Kelly gets is first game under his belt tonight against the Washington Redskins what are your expectations for him in game one in week one. Well I mean that's obviously looked tremendous in pre season. You know I don't know why I really expect. Much different. There's going to be high paced. I think you Michael fit that system I think he's comfortable on the so because of those things that I think he's going to have. A good solid game I want to start decent. I'm interested to see where Washington defense isn't and how they match up with this this high paced offense. I think a lot determined -- they have successfully. Can they get first downs and move to change literally. I think that'll be telling time whether they can or can't that be -- telling -- -- what this -- it would look like. This year. Our guest is Kurt Warner NFL MVP Super Bowl MVP Super Bowl champion he is now an analyst with the NFL network. Cart is always it's great to talk you really enjoy the conversation thank you. Yeah.