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Joe Theismann - Hall of Fame QB

Jan 26, 2012|

Theismann joins the show to discuss the Super Bowl match up between the New England Patriots and New York Giants. Included: Who is the best QB ever and what will the keys be in the Super Bowl?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

534 with -- NC nuclear pleased to have pro football hall of Famer and Super Bowl champ Joseph Tyson on the line this is a guy that knows what it's like to win the big one and hoist the trophy. Now in his third year providing commentary for the NFL network it's a pleasure to talk to you -- -- To do pretty well looks talks and quarterbacks. Shall we yeah I think there's going to be a lot of talk these next couple weeks of battle Eli Manning he's had a nice year. Where do you as a guy who played the position rank -- Eli among the year it leaked. I think you have to look at him as one immediately I mean. Every it was really funny. You might get a fantastic job holding his football team together while the defense line try to get LP in the running backs try to get Albion. You know I mean yeah it was a one man army in the beginning of the volcano was barely 500 going into the last month of the season. And you look at the you know you look at the way he's played consistency with which he's played. And and you know you have to say Tom Brady. You know -- -- led the Patriots had a sensational year with. With these two tight end setting records Drew Brees breaks Dan Marino's record. Aaron Rodgers is on me you know was headed towards a perfect season. And -- just sort of hung around. Yeah it was like the fourth guy that nobody really thought that he was 67 yards short of 5000. The Giants had to be good chance they had to beat the Cowboys to get in there were so -- had two situations. And he answered the bell. And to me at the playoffs is where quarterbacks make their -- and he certainly. Is a guy that so. That's many years. When when you look at why. It's it's almost like it's a perception thing you always hear this about Eli Manning that did the Giants are based on it it's a running game and they play defense and that maybe in the case. Don't Roethlisberger went to some of this early is true that's who they are based on but that's it became Ben's team. You look what Eli Manning did this year the Mason need to be as he did with the worst running game. And all the football -- I still hurt analyst talk about the Giants beanie run first football team even like right now leading up to the Super Bowl. Well they run more you can't say -- run first but they run more. Now Mario Manningham will get LP mixed remember Bradshaw Knicks didn't play the last time they played New England this year the week not. And the Giants when that when he scored twenty. So when you look at this football team and you say they are this or they -- that's what I like about him in the way Kevin Gilbert I called game. They are win every -- needs them to -- He has but they're gonna if they want to run the ball thirty times are gonna do it I think in this Super Bowl this -- -- get ready. To talk about these guys. You look at it probably 45 rows in this game I think a minimum of 45 by you like. And now he's gonna have an opportunity to be able to I think they could be -- to some really really good receivers. We look at New England on the on the other side of that you know this has been you know Tom Brady and that offense and defense one of the worst in the NFL we kill on the -- completing yet we look at the two games they play in the playoffs. Really his DNA in impressive effort by their defense is this kind of like when Indy road. A below average defense in the Super Bowl or is this defense still im gonna get exposed when they play Eli Manning in the Giants. Well I think theory that they might get exposed a little bit but -- Bill Belichick ever going to be totally exposed and anything I think that's one thing everybody understands. Their defense -- line has played a lot better but look at the offenses that they've played. The Denver Broncos where and guys have to create or -- -- one dimensional on offense you can fight. And then you take a look at the Baltimore Ravens state would prefer to run the football. Even -- Joseph Flacco threw for 300 yards and I look at that game and I'd say Julian Edelman covered Anquan Boldin most of their game one on one. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Why are converted wide receiver that played me one on one and Julien giving -- a good job be which has been ground but he. That is grow into that position as you'd think so they've got guys a little bit out of position. So like. The Ravens got on top of their defense a couple of times and -- going to the. You know bad as Tony mentioned Julian Adam and I had thought that to watching them on the on the biggest. Searing lots of their season and in they've got little number eleven -- -- what does that say yet guarding. You know the best receiver on the other team. It -- it tells you that Bill Belichick won't put anybody out on the field and you know he just recognizes guys that. You're not they're not flashy but they are efficient and he did the ultimate team but the ultimate team concept when you really take a look at. And then all of -- the other side of it. You -- you have to chuckle a little bit and say you know he goes plays off and remembered 2000 and we're we're grounded basically the same thing. But Troy Brown wound up playing twelve games on defense for New England so it's not unprecedented torrent unheard. This is it Joseph size and former Washington Redskins quarterback hall of Famer with us here on the -- and Comcast sports -- to this game they'll -- a -- down due to. The the last time these two played -- Super Bowl and that's it if the Giants can get that push up front and in make Brady move. Absolutely that -- I think the whole thing and try and reduce some into the New England Patriots is they can come -- comfortable get a -- the spot they can move his feet. You doubt very seriously the routes are going to be anything over ten yards so you have to prepare for a lot of short routes and then you have to take away like I thought all the more get a good job -- taking away the scene about to the tight -- They made it more they've made it very difficult for -- be able -- get the ball where I wanted to. What did. -- was all Baltimore when you watch Brady something just seemed off I hear you know. I agree I agree with eight he did not play well. The decision to throw the ball down it was intercepted in the end zone with five minutes to go in the game. That was one thing that bothered me the next thing about any misses Gradkowski. In a seam route down the middle. I -- you see things that you just don't see Tom Brady -- and you're right I mean it was a it was an -- -- white game and he's had them on occasion. You're back in his two years ago. You know only he could have a compliment of weapons around but he controlled the ball very well I'm curious to see how it comes down the first two series. What -- does I think that'll pick paid a lot of other -- will run. So as Joe's -- and -- -- is CNN analysts on NFL network is his third season there he can seem each week on playbook. But this week later -- tomorrow with the addition of the Patriots five and one of the Giants at 5:30 that is Pacific time. Is it fair to compare to some guys don't like to do this specially guys like you did. In the have been in the in the throes of it but. The whole Tom Brady Joseph Montana thing different eras but if he had to compare. It. Agree I think I think it's a legit it's one of the few legitimate comparisons that you can make people want -- with different compliments players around them. They -- you don't have achieved the ultimate in this game. They're both great quarterbacks and I think you're talking about the two greatest ever played beginning god I don't I don't think it's unfair at all when you think about comparing common joke. All right so I've got -- Heisman year you're put together a team and you gotta win the one big one who you want a quarterback Montana or Brady. Probably an excellent career. -- -- -- a contract like Hewitt into coach we put me and instead they look you know actually. It would be so hard to choose because and I said this so many times the quarterback position is the single most beat -- in position on the field. And I think Eli has. A better complement around camp in all the all the skill position than Tom does going into this game but one game yet to have it. I'd probably lean towards Tom Brady's greatest ever play again. By I think one of the things I love about Joseph and I was enjoyed your work on the broadcast is that you're honest in Lotta Lotta people will do that so much my hat's off the end and get your take on this when you look at you know two quarterback situations that had a lot success this year. But a lot of people have doubts whether or not you can move forward with them and then is this the whole fan backlash. You being more comfortable if it. -- here and we know he's gone he didn't like your questions known what would you do I was gonna go down Alex Smith Tim Tebow who not. Given the choice -- Eagle -- with the well he dropped others comment there but I just a phony I affect you answer that question I. OK 9% of the those guys do this I'm not touch it that I love the fact that ties to answer those that it looks like dusty may get him back but I -- -- mention the NFL network is gonna have more than 100. Hours of Super Bowl programming for next week in so -- Wanna tune into that the show playbook with Joseph that will be airing Wednesday through Friday beginning at 3 o'clock next week I we have just Heisman backside got them. Guys -- backed me -- -- just dropped off on the mr. continent and you didn't win well when they are I don't care if I don't take compliment it very well thank you. Odds are saying that I love the fact you'll actually give an honest answer I think so many guys -- wishy washy and don't wanna take a stand and always appreciate you. Being able to speak your mind and when it comes to Tim Tebow Alex Smith guys a lot of success this year both what the playoffs. And yet I think some concerns for both of those teams if you can go ahead with them. If the year -- GM of those two teams do you feel comfortable with those two guys being your quarterback long term. You know I feel comfortable with Alex be my quarterback I can still needs to prove to me that he can complete passes. That are pretty routine in this league and he still needs to be able to effectively trove of football for Denver to be able to go where they want ago. So -- it but you know I think Alex did that very very well playoffs. I just know -- -- -- Lucy doing a lot of these so we appreciate taken time for Portland there were big fans it was a pleasure talking to you are always great catch up with your recent.