May 19, 2017|

The LifeSTYLest, Brandon Gaston, returns to Northwest Business to share how his business has been growing, invite you to some of his upcoming events and offer some practical fashion advice.

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910 ESPN Portland presents northwest business a weekly one hour local business wildlife. If you would like your business to be featured on north was business please call 503535035. Million point. Or email NW business said Now here's zeroes for northwest business Luke Anderson. Hey it's looking Anderson thank you for download in the northwest business podcast. Ahead you'll hear my conversation with Brandon gassed in the lifestyle. It is personal and corporate fashion consulting producer and host fashion shows and they can also be seen on afternoon live on TAT use or more visible light stylus dot com this interview originally aired on May twentieth. 2017. On 910 ESPN Portland. Ladies and gentlemen I'm very happy to welcome back to the program branding gassed and Brennan. Thanks for joining me again thanks for having me. So brand new you and I talked I don't know what's been about six months ago may be and we talked about how you went from just come Hammond a day job. Turned and in this business we're valuable life stylist. You're helping people dress better you open plan these fashion shows. And you were extremely busy right now give me a quick rundown of kind of what you've got going on in the next few weeks and throughout the summer. Oh man I've been planet Mikey says numerous shows I've siesta style clients and do TV once a month the afternoon live on channel two. I'm from buy into as fast as for men and women. That sounds Leno sounds so what's Martha simply is not that much but it's like. 26. Yes knew beyond television. Just at a Memorial Day what kind of preparation goes and that how we actually honor. So the actual entire segment time is approximately five to seven minutes depending on you know the went from the topic. As far as preparation goes we use Google about three to six months in advance is kind in the idea what type of sentence we're going to be talking about. And then as we get close to the so often writing. In the and then you know few days prior and going through ideas locally Enos a TV show and on the fashion got so I have. Visual cues of what I wanna say Thomas never plan has never scripted. So I tried to kind of go in their have a general idea what I wanna talk about and they always handsomely for a loop anyway it's a charge he noticed during configure my feet but. Yes Julie about you know a week in advance assert you know buckling down and if you don't few days prior appeal like OK I wanna say. Why he's wearing yellow jacket or why he's where an address not just have a little things I want to talk about. So for this show you're gonna it kind of do Memorial Day theme dread that's the official kickoff to summer I assume for a lot of people. And is that the start of summer fashion maybe I'm wrong well no all you know I don't know if we're ever going to summer fact that they got behind us. That's I enjoy the summer fasten your spring is already aromas of what we've born been passed I mean on this the so the way to stores work is funny they're starting get like pre fall. So you know there was a season and immense size those yeah you give him by the closed for summer long before it hits exactly but our summer has never hit so that I got it yes so but technically yes we talk in the summer fashion. What you should be wearing from Maine through you know. July August is going to hear eventually but that's what I'm talking about how much is that change year year so if you do this same shows say next year with Friday at a Memorial Day weekend how different will the fashions change Helm you know how many rules are kind of set in stone and how much is. Ongoing you know it's funny say that because now there. Bennett for a you know well over a year and even some shows a minute to look back in I also I wasn't backing track magazines and find trains. Fashion changes really rapidly. I mean now they are so many shows you know you have you know spring and fall B also have been on summer resort so there's is changes every few months. But around what you notice is the man's is a little bit slow in the women's women you know what it was hide one year can be totally obsolete the next. I'm for me and easily on notice specific colors are close or change as much right we have on the jacket the shirt pants and she used. So we don't have any options so ours doesn't change quite as often. Our music he finds them that you think is really entry into last for a couple years for men worse for women. You might be did four years depending on what you get. And if you look at video by the decade it's always funny how much you see you know big changes. In you know how the you know pants fit so bag here to advance in the you know this ski near the thinner cut. It is that something that is still up for personal style or if you were outside of that trend you've missed the boat. Are beginning it really know you know the funny thing is because trends there are changing so fast. It's really up to the person you have a lot worldly waiting didn't in the in the in prior years and years ago right because now. Technically some some people some brands actually are going back towards a more looser fit pants. Where is skinny jeans are still not you know not in trend they're still OK I mean not the pain you know scheme genes. But you know just a slim cut slim stray cat so. You know nowadays you have a little bit longer as best they set for the male clothing him on the complaint with the really is up to personal style. Bringing your personal style so for if you would read this ignore it. If you Wear something they can still tell officially you know four or five years at a day. So even though you know could even though that has unveiled a Fuller is still many different cell away and might hit at a different position point. So let's like year you have more leeway but it does indeed you did that they excuse and not going south and you know he's still need to go shopping regularly releasing a date with what you have are one of the things that happens to is that some boy you can just get bored info on these routines if you stop thinking about what you're wearing. It's gonna show already I mean absolutely vendor that's what they call me Forsythe and don't think for it to you at how mean. Again it's hard because now insist fasten seem rapidly. We're busy no one has time nor analyst at other didn't mean Melissa blood through you know magazines and figure out what colors the bright color and you know what sizes what fits I should do assessed why you know that's what I'm saying there's no gas less than you on the show we talked about your transformation into you know this summit that focused more on fashion so when you're injured dated a job. You just started paying attention more to what you were wearing as a way to differentiate from the competition council now that you've worked with a lot of clients what are some of the success stories you've had. Where you've helped somebody focus and address and it's improved what they do their job. You know I think for me one of the biggest in the talk about all the time as you know I'm a geek but in terms of fashion like some people like technology I love clothes. But the biggest reason why do what I do was psyched psyched psychology of fashion right how makes you feel calm and so for me in generally is like. I look like when I'm soccer with the crime and they see themselves in their life Eaton did see that glimmer in their iron there like oh my goodness other good. I think we mentioned last time when the Duma helped we took him on TV. A wearable we're on our team report together. And we literally just this past week we had our annual retreat and he was so new issues and he's like hey I got the issues because the humans like you see how I'm dressed is because a year. And it's like so even though we worked for a TV so months ago. Those things that we talked about are still you know in the back of his mind he's now really still putting forth effort census of resent. Success story they literally just happen for someone I worked with for you know thirty minutes somebody that wasn't even thinking about now is the confidence it was actually yea he's he's asking me you know wins. The north seems and a semi annual if they want to get a tickle print issue and he's showing me this this unique I just got Oxford he is like you see home where and we dean in this like. Few little tips I gave him is like stuck with them you know like many many months after so. Purdue and discern the program retirement branding gassed and he is the lifestyle goes to you gonna light stylist dot com ST YLEST. Dot com. You mentioned that started going through kind of this list of events that you have the event the F coming up this afternoon. Is. The ladies that brunch fashion show this is not a Bridgeport village yes so this is their fifth annual so I'm Lisa burns is the first time I've been working with them. How we were testing previously worked with the property management company for she dreams which is what this shows I do regularly. But yeah now is the fifth annual event I mean. Faster Stosur five. You know I mean they're going to stay dress up have miscues here phony address if they want to. You know seeing what's hot in fashion was west trending was what to Wear how to Wear it. In this particular charity is going to the -- women a marine park. And the charity is is is helping out women all type of Britain breast cancer survivors. Armed programs things that they can offer to them whether it be like you said bags. Armed special bras that they would nicely get but just all kind of things that contribute to make that transition easier. For the M and so fashions a great way to do that. Obviously women love fastened specific especially even more suddenly dies so what we're doing is we're gonna do a fashion show. Where highlighting a lot of the twelve of the Bridgeport the stores and boutiques. We're gonna sell for a books per stored. We have a couple guys in their existed just Tino and a little extra for the women that are Washington. I know women love women's fashion they really loves man's fashion dominant I don't know if they like the men's fashion but they probably dress their men their husband and her boyfriend. And you know is always good to have a couple male models rights. That mean that emanate that but I do like the male model so it's like yeah they wanna know how they can dress in this always you know Carla though diligent guy in my wound is like. Have you seen a wee tournament a hundred and forty women in a couple guys. It's just it's it's a good parent that's for sure food and enjoy we I think I handpicked a couple of guys and I don't sit there and do their job. So since we last spoke how much has your schedule and your business grown. From just. A few months is still relatively new in this industry how much have you seen just. You're you're I'd demand increase well you know it's funny ass talk about it because it has it has a meaning came upon two years yet right. I I joked that things that used to have to bigger would have to beg to do down getting asked to do. You know people what to me it there was shows they're offering me you know opportunities that just weren't weren't they their before. You know staying busy whether it's a decision to mystery dreams do doing talks at schools. I'm working with clients steel styling people. I'm busy all the time which is a good thing I'm not gonna complain about. I'm busy all the time there really isn't a downtime. And especially you know with fashion what set and stuff all the time so that shows. I'm involved whether renowned hosting some events them hosting this lady see breasts and only. Producing the show but I'm crazy they're dancing host in the onstage to. So luckily for me that opens another opportunity I just posted as a show last week a fast so why didn't do anything I did in his post so. I've been you know let it be known to do things in coming up these offspring and other opportunities. From the fashion side so. It's just kind of keep me busy but. Again I'm not complaining so what do you see when you're in the future then you she started the businesses basically found a way to take one of your passions and turn it into business. Now it's that dream has come true and like you said the opportunities unfolding in front view. Do you even dare imagine what's Maxtor a purity live in kind of dream. No I you know actually I think it's the opposite I think that the reason why things are happening is because I was very. Specific strategic about what I was trying to do OK so everything I've done I've been I'm had to file a widely ensor our long term power process instead. You know why am I doing this what is the potential opportunities obviously you can't have everything you know forecasted but I do have a general idea. So I set my company up you know by stylist. Is expected to be a lifestyle company all encompassing so. From the hosting the reason I did TV and us are to host and hostess so lash or because I want to have after you've hosting events and doing bits and so not just fashion. But street of dreams where do you live. What type even Steve go to caddie dress for those events so hopefully. Are you handle all the hassle and a bad that's before just you all this mean but I know more than me is that C a starter Brett now I have good look least I know I'm getting intern request. I can turn now are that turned down intern a million OnStar antenna. Subcontract out various services arm for my company of abetting the in Seattle as well as arm Portland corporate accounts. Obama have a couple contacts of theirs who already has offered me ten CN their style and sleaze when I do have slam events yet I can just take someone to a sweet so. Yeah everything's you know fallen into place. You know that he had no don't think it would have been more than me I'll have to bring on a team in. I want to ideally growing multiple cities in and have her presentation of the cities for anyone just joined the program which I would prendergast and he is the life stylist. As we mentioned you will be hosting and he produced the ladies who brunch fifth annual fashion show at Bridgeport Bridgeport village how what time is that Brandon that is. Doors open 930 cut and so begins at ten you know we are and essentially. They're gonna give or deserves waffle window bumps. I'm space at waffle window waffle window and providing waffles matter if via we're gonna have food from California Pizza Kitchen and drinks. They're gonna have competing bars. So English hair and makeup done hand mayor hair and makeup tips is the only couple stores they have little on site tables. In in the fashion show itself begins approximately 1030. The last you know elect a top Hamas enemy hosting South Africa they gave me a thirty or 45 minute window some permanent take 45 and a half minutes her before the show. And then after that there's going to be sales throughout the streets throughout the mall for the day for people that attended the show and because are sold out this year. Even if you can into Minnesota still going to be cells going on so great opportunity check it out helpful wonderful 'cause if given opportunities go out there. Remind me and anyone who's listening maybe miss the last show. What are the services do you offers a somebody's out there there listening gun hey I need dress better are there any I would love to be able to improve my look. Be more success will be more confident network what do this these different style. Services that you offered through the lifestyles are on welfare on a personal level offer simple styling. That can be a wardrobe consultation that happens with every kind of worked with. But it can be something as simple as I have a red carpet packets which is just force specifically that you need a onetime Alfie you wanna. So what to look your best I have that weddings and wedding graduation exactly. Well you know in weddings graduation like you say interviews special interviews now gallows evening and it seized need to shell for one outfit that's what passed for. How much have hourly packages with a can simply just booked me for so many hours whether that's. Meaning come into their helmet and see what they are you having fun agreed to a refreshed as who need to get rid of and or. While the store and a shopping with them actually do they hand holding going taking what is going with him into my Taylor Meserve in this correctly and then now since we last spoke. I have a styling concierge program. So I've. I have a membership based Kosier program that's for someone any more ongoing support. Again because I now have all these events going on in different different aspects. It includes us in the south administer different tiers depending on again how often need to sap is also different levels as far as. I didn't come to my events and there's a little specials that words bring in about likely DC bribes. Honestly I have a astle concierge stallion service. And that's based on an annual basis and is based upon exit credits for shopping we're getting out of like the whole hourly ranging does know which are gonna get grace yet know ahead of time. I need to give as winter jacket and need to get a new suit and need to get a new pair of shoes somehow like that absolutely I'm gonna -- this often per year so we're gonna you update our outfit portfolio you know once a quarter. End Meserve thing works together so you know you don't have to think about it right so now you just get to go and meet with branding every month you know every few months he's going to come out this current take photos. Provided Timmy Sino Heymann then gore three minute this is why need to Wear. Boom PRD has a pact that form so so last fast that and then on the corporate side. You know corporate styling with and also now Egypt's rites of passage shows. Hosting events. Really been fashion related but you know second intro soon its other events is hosting cells and been in seem so. There you know figured out there any week they don't have peripatetic and I think you said it last and just keep saying yes and you'll be surprised at deputies to show but I don't know if you know her read a book you don't say no and he has two yes so we you know until until I can't you know. Actually most this up I've done. I figured out during the process month price biggest crimes have been things that I say yes to before I knew completely. But that experience and some young and if it that way. And it being a force you grow too so this you know sustain a comfortable I guess is this a big thing on not your clothes. Don't yeah. You know but at the same time you know they say beauty is pain as the last I have to be recovered we have enough for the most part. You posted decent feel comfortable early still. Feel good about how he looks that way you know even that is painful you know why. We finished some fashion advice though let's say somebody is mid level management they've got they've got a nine to five there weren't via business. Attire five days a week. What's the best way to make a change it's gonna have a positive impact on their self confidence and it maybe get some attention fur for dress a little bit better. Found easy to things I was talk about. Mystery you invest by the Serbs and in your wardrobe budget to take marine. So just by having the clothes altered and fit towards your body is gonna make a big difference you know that regardless of the budget your clothes fit you well. Is gonna look like this custom made for you you're gonna look Betty you're gonna feel better. If you really take notice the second thing is accessories real quick before we can get too far away from the Taylor in just wanted to ask. What's the best way to find a good Taylor just you a phone book. Or knows no body to find a good tailor the best way to finding it Taylor is if the person you know that's the most fassel pass them where they go. Because most likely they are to get their clothes tailored dot com if not you know his department stores that would do it. You know several Norstrom specifically to offer chilling in in store so. If you don't know what fassel person you can go to my web site. Org or just ask your friend or go to like a department store. And make it they can they keep teaching the two together Chris. Okay so that insects and oh yes and that will be the first thing tailoring unfair it is that it is so important and then accessories. And accessories as most things that he can can totally change the look. And can be the least expensive you don't spend the most money or accessories right you can get accessories on the cheap. Omar released very affordable. But adding if your guy you know and a pocket square and a scarf. At a tie change the colors that can make you know you can take the same outfit the same suit and a pocket squares tied. Changes around. If you look Fino as does many different ways you have accessories and new pocket squares as low as 1015 dollars so. That's one way if you're female you know and jewelry weather beat you know bracelets rains necklaces again those things. They obviously can go as expensive as your budget allows but if they don't have to be expensive. But those little things I mean everyone at the end of the day if everyone's wearing a gray suit and tie in an hour and a white certain. The person has on a purple tie or pockets where is when the stands out there standing with the ladies there was worn a black dress if you won a necklace. An idea and a red Percy in the when this gonna stand out so they accessories actually do make him the biggest difference outside fit. Are there any colors right now that we should be going to you mentioned a purple tires something like that is something that stands out more. I think I've heard the advice and if you don't interview red power tie or some might that year a year if you go to interviews you know for mentoring power ties but I would say the colors of the season. For men and women are radically aren't peak. I just said I was thing and it is his paintings peak peak in all different colors I distress something somebody for derby event. And then I don't think I had on our team blazer so for many women painted a popular color. In the yellow. So he can pull it off that peak is a little bit safe rescue looks better most complex since. But that's a that's going to be fastened for his current and especially for summertime this is a fun color aware most guys in mice sign away from pink. But you know we'll say put you know once you get tough missile star where tomorrow. For sure okay and then usage goes a little more dangerous yellows and little more dangerous Presley you know the brighter Shays but as a really popular car how would you suggest again if you're gonna try colors are moving into something else. Excess is a good way to go right is in the Euro and getting yelled blazer. Or yellow dress for starters but you can add you know access that you know highlight that colors like yellow pocket square congress where's the saints aren't exactly in that way you're not you know and not going too far the deep end. You put your toe in the water first half and then once you get more comfortable. Next thing you know you're betting that plays into the derby day already gave bid you'll hear your opinion there are I already know his pledges not to thank you again for joining north hospice. Thank you. If you'd like your company to be featured on northwest business called 5035350358. Or email NW business