Fulcrum Fitness

Apr 3, 2017|

David Levy, Founder and CEO Fulcrum Fitness, shares his philosophy on fitness, explains The Matrix Fitness System, and gets ready to launch the 2017 Fit Life Challenge.

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910 ESPN Portland presents northwest business a weekly one hour local business spotlight if you would like your business to be featured on north was business please call 503535035. Million. Or email NW business said entercom.com. Now here's your host for northwest business Luke Anderson. It's Luke Anderson thank you for download in the northwest business podcast hey you're my conversation with David Levy the founder and CEO of fulcrum fitness. Apple is getting ready to launch the 2017. It might challenge. Relocations M okay Hawthorne and Vancouver through to fulcrum fitness. Dot com this interview originally aired April 1 2017. On 910 ESPN Portland. David thanks for taking the thumbs up and Abbott to be here thank you. You are the founder and CEO fulcrum fitness I like to get a little background in how you got into fitness and how you ended up opening known Jim. Well my fitness story starts about times twenty years ago when I was fifteen and I got a membership to the local gold's gym. It's pretty skinny. Kid me and death at some wait on them and I'm hoping they'd gain some respect and admiration from McPherson. Kansas are working out pretty darn rare kind of cut the bug and ended up. Do about twelve bodybuilding shows them one about seven of them between the time I was fifteen and nineteen and I guess you could say grew out of the sports at that time and man. After a stint working and in need province rehab. Department working on how people get backed. Moving again I you know became a personal trainer. And I was in 1999. And from 1999 there until about 2008 I just built my personal training business which then ended up transitioning into what's now known as fulcrum fitness. OK so as a personal trainer were you working for a different gyms were you working on your own how about about work you know I got my start between four hour. Wonderful outfit they if for some it training ruling came into certain to be industry. And from then I and bounce around a little bit I am thinking or to Bally's attached. Then after that they ended up going to college actually for something totally unrelated. Went to school for liberal studies philosophy and economics political science loved that stuff. Got out it was so with that degree fairly unemployable and have a my friend hurt his shoulder and was asking me if I could help him. Dixon and through that process that brought me back into the the personal training fold and at that time I just began my practice independently. Out of a little. Jim let's move longer they're called mavericks in northwest Portland CU just kind of owed rent space then and run your own personal training business out of there exactly gathers a bunch of trainers like I mean do the same thing. Instate a fee and we can operate out of there and serviced the clients that they had the gem. You mentioned a little bit do you said this was a process that helps you develop what would become the fulcrum way sold. One he explained what exactly the philosophy. The fulcrum users to approach the work of well the experience that I took from personal training was very beneficial in developing fulcrum. Really. Jamie in a clear picture into some of the challenges for that average client. Were. And I was able to take that information and kind of balances against they're really. I have ground changing experience say had with the cross fit. So I went across fit in. I just loved he. That way that they kind of took the traditional two model and turned in on its head. And brought in this group element of competition in this energy that was just unlike anything I've never experienced. And through that process of getting kind of India across fit. I actually ended up. About three months in the third double elbow tendinitis. Yet it was a really intense. By Abe. My from me no big deal about ten poll upset about fifty pull ups in that time in my muscles has outpaced my tendons and I got injured. And I mean injured to the point where I really can demo. Moves for my existing clients it was it was pretty bad to me about two months to recover from that. And that experience. Really brought mean back to that experience I had working in rehab in rehabbing my clients and and so it kind of took the things from Crossette that I loved. The a group dynamics. Functional movement soon. And I left the things that I felt 'cause a lottery desk so we don't do. Competitive. We don't have a competitive element and fulcrum. But we have a group element we have functional movement we have. High intensity work that we do you buy a we knew ad competition across that says you get 25% more results and I say get 75% more risk. So. We. Have balanced out the TU. To achieve way it is focus much as a safe. But very exciting and and intense experience. For those of you just joining us for talking with David Levy he is the founder and CEO of full fitness fulcrum fitness dot com there's three locations now. He's just opened in Vancouver the first occasion was marked with the king that open in 2008 as direct a trend or what was the process. Went when the gym first OpenId go out do you find people when you start. Really training your philosophy where these existing clients you had as a personal trainer. You know sir it was about ten clients they came over. And I had done a little bit of bouncing around after. The the mavericks experience and ended up starting some outdoor boot camps. And and many not they're a little bit but at the time I open the doors that the M okay location I was down to about ten people. And so getting that number two you take yet to where we were able it's. To make ends meet. Took some some real beating the streets. We had a do a lot of house to house her firing in this is really before the advent of big FaceBook marketing. And rate at the beginning of Internet. Marketing remember yellow pages was still really soliciting asset. Try to work with them and get in the yellow pages book and that was not interesting to me at the time. And instead we opted to you. Take more of a word of mouth approach and Steve my. Try to network with existing businesses that were out there and just really get out into the community we did some events. Today. Not to Aybar stair climb on Thanksgiving and we were able to get some press coverage for that I think really helped us out and this is also. The advent of Groupon. Yes the out. For better works at half a fair or not yeah but I tell they were a big help to us. And you we we did a group on in the classic sense of group ones where we'd be. Sold like 400 deals or something in disgust flooded with people and there are best said tennis stay afloat. Amidst that. I knew knew the four and chaos of having so many people in the system yet. Or one of the tricks that. Any business let alone that Jim would have is retention. But you know you have somebody come and especially our group on where they're paying discounted price. What is. Before Los to see and what's the kind of technique the evil learn to make sure that people want to come back again and again I'm sure you get the same thing everybody does agree get the big rush of people at the new year. And in keeping around so there's still a member in July how do you do that. Well I think that. There might be a little bit of luck sheer horror I at very least good fortune just in the fact that when people experience what fulcrum does. It's so different than what they've experienced previously and it's so much more effective than. They really wanna stay if they can make it work for themselves schedule wise and financially. You something called the matrix fitness system sucks when about it as the matrix train system is basically the way that. I have engineered the work out. Fleeing at fulcrum to ensure that nobody's over using any particular muscle groups are. Movements and since it's an injury prevention tool that allows for adequate rest and recovery. And it keeps all of the trainers and all of the clients on the same page. On track and that is something that she needs says it's in my company I don't see a lot of other places to have that. The level of a global centralized planning system test to ensure the safety and the sustainability of the program really. It is this something like armed stay legs today Carty today and accused it is it it has that's similar to that so we have push poll and lower body so instead of using the muscle groups. Because most of our workouts are. Inherently full body is despite the fact that it is a system that is called functional training meant. Doesn't use machines so we're picking up you're putting it down on your. Really using your core with everything you do so every work out is is somewhat full body. So from that aid December Aachen mill that take muscle groups out of of our days go oh we can do is focus on whether we're pushing things a way you were pulling me toward us. Or we're using lower body is the predominant focus for that. Particular day. And as a few more layers that they go into it that make it more nuanced but. That was the overall. Framework and then specifically are lower body pieces set. If you take knowledge that. We're always using lower body type on lower body day as we know that we're gonna specifically be targeting lower body and we might try to lay offense. A little in the push and pull loose. So when you have Vick the calendar up there's one on your website if you're beautiful from fitness dot com there's a website there and has it all laid out how does that balance for somebody that may be only goes a few days a week vs somebody that's able to go every day. So that's the magic have had its policy and retrograde so. Whether you are a person that come sporadically hear your fix on a regular schedule like a Monday Wednesday Friday. Whatever happens on Monday Wednesday Friday Alice changes so over the course of a month you'll get all the day's seeking come you know six days a week and do all that is another you're gonna have adequate rest and recovery and not get into an overuse from a situation or. You can just talk been sporadically and no men that you're going to be covered. We do one on one you do small group and you do the boot camps or those all fall that same system. The small groups in the oil and training ARAMARK customized situation and selling smokers will see up to four people with one trainer. In any large group personal training earned them the boot camp model. That is where we predominantly. Mutants is the matrix a. OK then tell me a little bit about your trainers that's one of those things where you started as a personal trainer so obviously you want people to kind of follow your philosophies that if people are being themselves are not going to be really happy where they are so. How do you make sure that you're trainers stayed can about the top of the industry. Well you know. Any good business starts with its people and we are very fortunate to have an amazing team and it's. Taken limited viewing the figure out and a kind of make that happen like you said it is a balance between. What I called guidelines and recommended. You know ways of doing things and allowing for people's personal creativity to shine through you and and then add to the benefit the richness and a model also. You know that's what it would have but I think that's the balance that we shock is is having the matrix there away. Has its own subset of of how to program worked out and Hannah. Do it so that it's on Brandon. In in adherence to you to the guidelines and then within that framework that trainers have full. Discretion. Two be creative and and ad twists or things and additionally my doors all is open for the ongoing conversation with a staff of how we can improve. Yes one of the most. Humbling. And impressive things about false premise that it's just such. But living breathing organism I mean we have team meetings twice a month for the whole crew meets together and it's very focused we talked about fitness and when we talk about operations in the other. And that fitness meaning is kind of culmination of a conversation that's been happening for a month from the last storm and or. New staff. Recently there is a Scientific American article came out that was talking about that correlation between. Exercise and caloric output this became ranked company line discussions that we can. Agreed as a group on what's the fulcrum position on this matter is. And then move forward with our clients. With that taken into account. It's funny that you say fulcrum lights when you started in 2008 it was just blew the MOK location since he batted off thorn in Vancouver as your growing do you find it more difficult to have a company wide conversation. Well with technology these days it's. Actually not that challenging there're so many avenues with. Google hangouts and sky then. Email all. Just our Google documents for taking really good meeting notes. That. Now I I don't find it to be good astounding is this kind of part of our DNA is to embrace new technologies and and utilize them at the best of our ability it's funny because when you walk into the fulcrum gym which today I had the pleasure of going and checking out and you're adding new. Cole chiropractic. Office next to the wanna MM okay to put a third call that's radio army's five basically. Morphed the original location we took over the rest of that entire ground floor. Side of that building in we have found partnered with a chiropractor who is. Do you mean not only chiropractic but also massage. In acupuncture. And now we've added a desk for a licensed nutritionist as well so we've really turned their location into wellness sir with the fitness component. And the funny thing is you know used to finish my thought on you were saying how in some important it is to embrace technology use all the communication you walk into a fulcrum it doesn't look like you've embraced. Much for technology I mean it's about as bare bones you kid though what you're doing. Is your trying to work with the science behind everything go a Beazer natural motions like you said picking stuff up putting it down. But due to the right way to stay healthy. And improve your health. Absolutely and the sciences. The foundation of of how we operate as a company. Whenever my trainers serve developing a work out there woman a look at. I Ellis asked him the same question what is the outcome may you're looking for scientifically what do we want. The results of the clients from this particular hour that we spent to be. In a new you wanna get their hurry it's I mean so let there are creating an after burn effective burns fat for the next 24 hours today. Or are returning to increase their ability to lift things overhead when their home trying to put boxes up in the closet. Do we have days her for all that stuff. And that's a we come back to his or trying to achieve. So we're not just kind of throwing darts at the wall and we make our workouts. That makes a big difference compared to somebody setting up their own work out with here's all of those stated their equipment they can go to if you don't have the science behind it what you're doing so that's very cool. For anyone just joining the program we're talking with the David Levy he is the founder and CEO of fulcrum fitness. Beautiful and fitness dot com and check out more at three locations Hawthorne MOK and that now in Vancouver. Tell me about it the fulcrum fit life challenge. Philip Johnson my favorite emir. About three years ago we. Came up with any. I honestly it was really looking at what it. And these challenges have become a big thing and in the fitness community and typically they are a 100% weight loss driven and fulcrum. Who sees weight loss is a fringe benefit of exercise. It's not how we define ourselves as a company you will. Probably lose weight if you have it's a losing you. Useful crewmen that's just can happen and we definitely encourage data and provide all kinds of resources to achieve those goals but. I wanted to see you I do something that was certain that there really showcase. Our philosophy of embracing fitness is a lifestyle. Vs just a means to an end and oftentimes and he had a contest. It as a start and a stop time then in the minds psychologically. Once you achieve that goal and a lot of people just kind of drop off and they don't internalize it and keep it moving even though they may have you know lost when he pounds or something may. Might not know. Where to go just in their mindset. From that going on so. But that left challenged to not only weight loss and body fat. Percent and slots as ways to earn points towards whatever big prize that we do we always do something fun this year actually. We pulled our members and they told us that they. Not the best prize would be to you do you any membership credit so we're giving a thousand dollars. In membership credit to whoever wins and gets the most points at this Fella challenge that back to my. Previous queen these other point categories are earth beings that. Showcase the adherence to a fit lifestyle. As well as losing wins so if you for example this year you have the opportunity climb mount saint helens with us. We are going to be doing the inflatable race on May sixth we've got to. Hamilton trail hike its. Coming up may twelfth and we is that Hamilton mountain in the gorge in this matter to us like we're doing that as a guest on my favorite said that waterfall there's just so impressive. And this year we've added to. If you attend. Any of the eight. Health related seminars that we're offering. And various times during each of the weeks then you can get points for that. In addition to you just. Attending classes so living lifestyle of working out regularly get two points towards the total. So there's it's a multifaceted contest that. Has some great weekly prizes that Ecuador and some blazer tickets them. A thorn stick at some timbers tickets. Bunch of other little things that we get from our community partners each year I think the next poker. Donated some gift certificates we had some stuff from common ground coffee parking no lawless gives us a few things cyst in wells that they're agents and read their dad yeah we just throw the whole kitchen sink at the saying it starts sack. This Monday the third is the launch party in MLK 8 PM and people can sign up there but. This is a really great way to kind of springboard your fitness in the summer. And what does it take to get involved so it is not a member of full Grumman wants to go and be apart of this competition what would that cost of sound they get. For 97 boxing you get six weeks of unlimited boot camp. And you get six smoker personal training sessions. They something pretty good deal rather to kick things off yeah it's about 400 bucks with the stuff that is so way you know it's just this time a year. This is traditionally do it we like ten. Bring in as many folks as possible just brings up the energy India keeps things really uninteresting will juror tradition to stop this is not the traditional time for people to go that would normally be the beginning of the year I would think to the kind of overcrowded Jim's is there reason that it's an April. You know. In January and that is the natural time for a lot of folks said in a command and this is actually a time where as you mentioned you know people kind of tend to fall off a little bit so. This is my way of just re injecting. Fitness energy so that people can you know be just re energized to to keep going. All right well. The list and I'm intrigued and oh for anybody listening out there if you wanna get involved. Monday April 3 is the launch party said of the MOK Fulton fitness 8 PM absolutely you can get the website and end all is just focus fitness dot com front page at all. Dad you're right through the registration process. Well David is really great talking to you and good luck move forward. Thank you think sure I have me on the show. If you'd like your company to be featured on northwest business called 5035350358. Or email NW business @entercom.com.