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Aaron Fentress - Oregon Ducks beat writer for CSN - 3.23.17

Mar 23, 2017|

Aaron Fentress joins Dusty and Cam to talk about the Ducks NCAA Tourney run and their game with Michigan tonight.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Hyde the sweet sixteen under way since day. The ducks get the yearly drop as Michigan and Oregon will. Tip off the sweet sixteen at 409. On CBS. And we head to Kansas City, Missouri. Where Erin ventures as CSN northwest is lining Casey hey don't man. A great job only Willie Taggart. And special Lei has aired last night how idea from Eugene to Kansas City so quickly. Walk with my left contract early negotiation. The chopper landed playing center yeah. Well I'm exploration of. You can you cover the deck so you you are in Kansas City the third seeded ducks take on number seven Michigan tonight. Obviously guard play is what has fueled a big surgery for Michigan did through this tournament but. How did the ducks slowed down. The two bigs of Michigan in well Wagner and Wilson junior without Chris Boucher in the lineup now. Yeah but can we interest thing you know I've. In the camp that says that nobody should not cross or should this change and some people try to assailants benched I just tried it the manner without arguing launched. What are you guys that should not issue them. Our best player at least to do our best player that came when they disagreed on like Sony's. It'll template to gained seventeen rebound here. That shop model of the best in the country. And Asians are presented stressful or whether he didn't with significant and I actually got to yet the only guy that's six children can play. Was this your. I pretend guy who played nine minutes a game like ancient Celtic beat Williams so I think it's extremely important acting I like the biggest change. Yes excellent dad fixed wing guy. We gave them inside and you have one really interior defender now. Bill Brooks did point that day you know maybe they have intellect that maybe they you know are gonna have shipped English with our versatility and yet slightly smaller book. Including hanging out of that and we didn't hurt in the ballot bella there actually will become personally dot IBM besides if you got it there I mean don't Brooks. It's playing basically a powerful that 66 on wall on the news. Now probably I'd. It passed the house off court behavior are the two guard. Let. He didn't hold as a whole world he doesn't get man being around people talk to guard him do well. This is where you need to have I got the bench and come in and be reliable. And counter that flies now on the other hand in what they do have that side they're not a very good rebounding Chamberlain are happy about being art. Or you accuse the but still lodged I think this is where you miss having back go to Papa -- just took their direction really off the bench starting should have been starting English day. Who can do so many different things for you it end in a big game like this site keeping the tools this is working on them by Chiluba. Air do you think that Tyler Dorsey is benefiting a little bit he he's on his way to being an alternative and member. Ali alternative team is he benefit Benny for a little bit of team's game planning against on Brooks. If his abilities are teams overlooking the fact of the put a lot of pressure on Dylan Brooks and she's. Don more snow out all. I think I don't think I wouldn't. Wouldn't claim that actually no I haven't explored like like that. I think it's just she's a pop like. He used in the begging you Tatis had good luck. But. Well he just went on night that they receive it is like how this guy get scholarship and then next I got my act as it. And right now he's just hitting everything and in the shock Guinea are I would get up there. Unusual or the product that would actually be achieved double to the workshop. He's just kidding. It's looking like instituting an animal that can shock get a day won't you won't get their daughter Courtney and go to Japan. Little knowledge you know if you reversed they were taken away gone it's just said Turkey had not. Culture and I heard Ben would. What works for me to read your inaugural a ridiculous so now he's just an ebitda last year and in the post season he used to operationally and trying to ignore it. What everyone will instead of that when he doesn't world intricately. And then in the rebounding department and it's just playing playing Smart about everything else you can get a little out of sort and other areas it actually. Ability to score he admitted that yeah. Aired ventures from CS sending kids city for the ducks and wolverines. Tomorrow or tonight 4 o'clock tip art with that said about Dorsey Ian Brooks tested the NBA waters last year and they opted to come back for another year. A Jordan bell is a guy who I don't think many fans know is problem is projected to be the highest drafted of those guys. Yes you scenario all three of those guys gone after this year right. It's our. I think Rick is definitely gone I think you know player of the year and another great season. I think. There's no reason. For me to believe she's going to return I don't know if you can play hit will that are. I wouldn't become better at an idea I think improved greatly that option that they had was such. The interest in that area. I actually didn't take about an actual good at that and that I think he did not disclose their target dropped the package that it is in vehicle a little bit out to our top starter about a complaint makes some money. As far as Jordan DelGiorno dot fascinating because she obviously try to get the ball like maybe a thirteen eat out. It's wide open and the like do you problem that. Showed it to build draw that Gilbert you can draw a slightly irritated you just know that are going it can somehow. The developed. I consistent short example we can't leave him open he can be a first round pick it'd be the way to defend and rebound and athleticism. I think he gonna switch between back from a frequent talk of him I think you don't get to say we really contribute to improved already a little bit of rupture like. Don't ever she didn't appear he got a few back locals there want to those Georgia at all the other day in what about you. They didn't briefed. So I think he's working right just not part of the game plans but if you come back. He's exhausted actually jumped ready to be much higher draft exciting maybe you can back door to combat aren't coming purely generic term while the one we did want. Oh my god you look at our games are strapped them. I've and the key is you've got to work on his game if somebody Croatia can't be that consistent expecting to overlook that. I think Dorsey will have to began and he ultimately come back out I could very and it just you know what they can't use my back the draft. I thought Rhode Island that are really good job over slowing down organ what do you think Michigan's game plans going to be. What it what's the or or the better question could be. What is organ pulled over Michigan isn't just the experience and again making it to the eight last year. Today how have the stamina to hold up a lot of people are predicting organ wins this game your thought. You know organ does have experience. Organ does try had been beaten the best player on the team that's our big arms and you don't have a cork and the press are big on the court. I don't keep in lonely and you can have a great day have gone organ definite that you touched. I think I'll continue to acquire property mission is much stare at seventy right now are they want twelve of the last fourteen I think they started swirling and I picked it up I think. They've they've had a talent ability. Right now more like of foresee that and I think organ and appreciate it more like a war feisty. Try to interrupt I think they're pretty equal I think a while to come down to literally diminish my soc which enable. Which came in hitting in this. Close listing its big shock and I think that's probably what I would do it into the torch did not go all cursing you back and we all know organized and Rhode Island. And so. I would again like this it is one thing I say it that aren't Michigan I'd view as I I'd shown the fact that Michigan has. Debt issues that at that the foreign five. And I just. Stretch out Wagner and saying OK do you look him in its ability to shoot threes if you capped off on him then you've gotten that in fact we're we're gonna try our guards penetrate. To attack around. If you keep Belle and Manny have someone you know deal right now signed a week he can shoot over. She didn't try and draw their big out on hand which was a stretch where does which is why. Lucia day. We'll do another opinion and so you say well we're actually exactly what exactly what you're missing if I do that you would like that you're keenly at a. You know one of the guys is that in this can be a lot of the onus on him is the freshmen OS Lan not mean Peyton Pritchard had four turnovers against the pressure from Rhode Island. And endorsed. Anyone for six from the field he gets the drop of Derek wall and junior who has emerged in that these last fourteen games your sand. They're twelve and to you as one of the best players on this team. How much is the onus is on him how do you get the sense that he's handling this pressure heading into the sweet sixteen is that your freshman. He won't. I think it was just part of torment it's he's been exposed a little bit in terms of not being ready finish. This how high in the competition and the last thing he never champion not using it understand that he disappeared I'm like these recipes not. Yeah how stressed. Unfortunately yeah bloody nineteen time player of the years they. Wish. You know we're due to pressure last year she can pretty well though doesn't do personally is starting. You know play in the starting on his body being pressured to propaganda played in the first yes look it's a freshman. You know a England for the first time that they are starting pitchers along three guard lineup that'd be analyses and so they're telling us that it got ready. He's not he's not looking like it it's one day and I just one night this year he had a point or one point or whatever you had a look like a truck. But you can't go out there have just to retrieve it and go on a six foot four turnovers. You know it and basically playoff. Atmosphere is so. You know I definitely think that that actual moment well might be coming to determine what type consistent Dorsey and ask Ed Pritchard are. And that that was that was overcome because you still had three guys to work should sit and really get it NBA Jimmy act and trucks each day and out. So now. Boucher has gone is even more parity industry got a they're not torture and as popular art and channel Ford had any woman would be bad it'll all be great they can't bag when that happens all gonna catch you. And this in the game where you say Peyton Pritchard inept or fifteen point scored nine. We're not a country of five shooting. At two turnovers and five assists and don't let these are just abuse you can I think these are these kindergarten to encourage or want to sky kick us. This guy can't guard that he can't read it on the other hand. We're gonna take it this kit and if if you have Wagner pull it out now and that is what stretcher or big needling him in any you know. That they run blatantly trying to pull one out. They've gotten over a protector but there's no one protector ramp and I I got paid a news freshman and operator that I'm fat. That's what that's a big ticket guys that that's when you have a situation like you know we do. When Bobby Hurley was trying to dart and a nice candidate that went down river back there. A they're pitchers CSN northwest hey man if you're sitting nine Kevin Harlan I expect to give like a point may be a wink seven due let us know that you're here may be just hold up the sinuses I was on ten any defense that. You know. Give us a shout out if he's our Sid and director behind Kevin. How hollow drive how turned my guess is my thank century Walsh. And if it turns out that the ducks win and Kansas wins and they meet at the nearly date. Please do not start and and incidents between Kansas fans and organ fans I know you like to embrace debate a man but I think that in the mid last year in the house yet remember that. Well first law object in this in the and this glorious target by a bit but it can't solve a lot Abidjan trapped. My outlook and lot tougher duck fans because and they're going to be coming at you already I would do what I can't Rolodex they're that if and badges is that thinks it's time is there an art.