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Dusty and Cam - 3.22.17 - Hour 1

Mar 22, 2017|

Blazers-Bucks and Lavar Ball picks a fight with LeBron James.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

They solicited to. 45 minutes of your life I've promised. Doing the right thing since 1952. We don't do brackets yet. This is a final sixteen which commission of Dustin. Thanks very happy and hi what's your favorite series award winning pots. Okay now intending to defend dot com and win high for a year dusty entail more intently. Happy hump day everybody game. These twenties seconds. Of the beautiful month of march. I agonies Korea. And good news is very happy how great reservations is calling a beautiful would you want a mean you know that's why don't undermine good positive spin go ahead. Eyes. One of the fine weather people in this great city of Portland. Agree job that is gap if 55 minutes into rained cloudy back to your athletic. I'm. I saw the futures. Forecast. By the National Weather Service says. That the Pacific northwest Portland included. Is expected to have 40%. Less rain than average. In the month of April. So when once we get through this month we get another like full week to go they say April is going to be less rainy then normal. So that's a we hang our hats on now. Less training than normal. Well yeah. Saudi or what do you want me to tell us president less hair loss this month compared to last month look it's been whacked it in dreary week head like god that's what were reaching for nowadays for 40% less. Let's see here 40% that's an I think it's them I'd I crunched the numbers they think one. I don't know comet training is and I again trying yeah that are but. It is going to be less rain than we're used to for the month of April after we've had like five months of like record grave and gets nothing new we have to admit it's been it's been fairly dreary and everybody I've asked I've looked around in this kind of seasonal depression I think I do. I think have you I think it's just been one of those years were gonna have to dig our way out of it well rooted in his hunkered down in May and what's so seasonally depressed senator even though and you wonder why weren't the most unfriendly ist. Part of the country. This is two people are just I don't know my legs finest in NASA history for an. I think people are friendly little negative answer as a whole Aso April we usually have two point 72 U. Inches of rain I've a test for how you know your friendly or not. Do you know. You know 50% of your neighbors. That's a test you I do not yeah I believe you do and if you ask yourself you know for depriving your neighbor like next door is people mistreat neighborhood. Neighborhood within a block as you're talking Portland within a block Mac only know like forty exactly and in a few Lauren and I learn a neighborhood you did your street almost say hi guy. And that's the difference between the whip us up here I sit I like knowing my neighbors guided to and I really do. Earlier in your all out you Ian says this I have my neighbor accused me of of destroying her pool yesterday would you did so I didn't do anything she accused me. Sees this monetizes old bag. You know how do you clearly do you'll like did you deal he's a grisly old bag did you knowing ray he's not listening to the oil so I got no problem saying that Miranda she's due on these you know play a little right behind me she's got a reputation. Ice he's seen her twice that matter twice first time she accused me of not turning mine mine my trees. They're not quality tree trimming your well manicured man and that's a problem with her. And so she said deals a year trees nice and well you know what you trim them because they're grown over on your property who. Long as I turn my side but I'm not gonna say I'm not gonna I can't get over to your site to trim among New York. Some expecting copper nails in my trees from her anyway you. So I'm hitting golf balls in the back of mine property I have a little golf all that's 10 X 10 net. She comes over does by the we wouldn't golf and I've talked this woman in a year stick your head around ask your question. That your. Asked me questions now you're eighty years old Suzanne grizzled grizzled old lady is on the month if she's average tell her no you can't ask me question just he's just in she goes. The golf balls you hit O meg O line and I would I I've Calloway right here there in front she goes. Are you sure you don't get up in real sin and she sticks a Wilson ball up in front of my face. And I go and in gnome. Who is well. I have my pool man over yesterday. He found a golf ball inside. My pool cleaner it cost me 200 dollars and nine after resurface my pools gonna cost me 8000 dollars and I wanted to know one golf ball. Shuster and it's only one golf ball in indexing you know this golf balls been worn downs got a hole and it. It's a range ball. It's a Wilson piece of garbage ranged balding unit arranged a two black lines and order range ball is a book this later went to a one hit that I said she goes well. Do you think your kids might have been hitting golf balls and in the backyard and you think I know let my kids hit real golf balls in my yard. Would you let and so needless to say. She sounds like disease accusing me of destroying her pool no one's gonna no matter who are. Then I did I might just have to pour some quick cement in her pump. I think that venue would know her that everything MMI will bring the full yeah so I'm just saying being neighborly being nice I know there's a lot of the Hatfield and mccoys yeah around okay bullet. You know do little research where assert accusation only saying well detainees sit in dish she Sherry property line with other people. Couldn't the other three other degree other's backs for others a debt and there's four other families do with kids and she lives across from the kid's school. Live truly her house street school. OK so old at the backyard is because I his golf balls in the bag you know the other could do together to camps fall now you know. And I would literally have to shank it. Words behind me to get into her pool well okay said that by many on the left I was close. Forty yards back right how can I do that. Okay well then I was thinking that you were hitting in the direction and not even close of her problem I mean do west I don't know I dig just straight west I'm hitting manage. Heard pool is east is east is northeast. OK forty yards behind me. I'm hitting it 10 X 10 net. On how that golf organ are you giving golf lessons tuned now Crawford or with a range balls no less from stealing people's range balls aren't long anyway Beriault. Please don't put cement in her neighbor legal because neighbors you just incriminate yourself neighbors on the on the radio and as the rent and let's get to do a couple. And I remember was just like yesterday. A tenth no our jail my neighbors do like him back. But this woman is heated. Like many good neighbor well that that's very Frist we have we have we have block party does not so make your friends at this woman knew there was. Today in sports history will make you happy and it's it's right in their story 1934. The first ever masters displayed. On this day in sports history and TOD winner of the first masters. Tony Burke you know. No joy Horton Smith Gordon Smith a great guy CNN news guy after he held off again named Craig woods. Great golf and create goods two in the turn at four under par was a winner and he won a cool 15100 bucks. Or his. For his grand prize and the bill Ford total purse that they split between also an eighteen golfers was 5000 dollars winner got 15100. It was tough to make a living things have changed. But it's 3430. Today since then he's just gonna say Demi TS. Crawford. The trend though your mind on why there is. A hair dye shortage. In need the United States principality. Is Jimmie and shoulders and we should be concerned about the game. Ewing Charles Berkeley cheers DA. To share the same idea about one thing is the instant NFL under conspiracy theory right now. All of this and more oh plus of our evolved to south LeBron James that's not. Solid today show let's get to a man I'm excited I think this can be a good show only isn't that stuff too much space for yourself. He is I well I think quite literally serve early today he needs I'm sure I'm not I'm. I'm doing go really congratulations. Down for the final strike deal. Won't classic champion. See you tomorrow night. Dave Fleming on the call over on. ESPN Portland 910 last night the World Baseball Classic we'll have via Scott does he need us. In the final for the first time since 2009. The Americans beating the Japanese to the ones. In down in Dodger Stadium a rainy dodgers' only muddy Dodger Stadium. They can't be happy that you know as they're getting ready for the regular season start up when you got this exhibition series and a money and appear and feel yeah I think well not only Medina infield is put your lie your stars your risk a lot of the team but USA again. The Americans will play the Puerto Ricans tonight in the finally here that game over on ESP Portland 910. Us USA baby let's go let's get this thing Roland. Let's hear the chance as. America's got a good lineup and they got a bigger dogs went of with Puerto Ricans are Lou who who who dead. They're loaded this year. Hey wake up I said wake up. These dolphins and former Oregon linebacker Kiko Alonso agreeing to a four year extension were 28000018. Million of which is guaranteed. Oft injured. Is the labels around Kiko Alonso and never Davenport but he is supremely talented. He's when he's healthy he's really good he's just not healthy a lot of real thing no and you via. Bad dad lives but it honestly with a headline when my one of my articles oft injured all once you get a label so hard to dump it in the NFL plus. If you're good enough like that people will still pay you based on what they think that you might turn out Clinton. Ball barely eighteen knowing guarantee you asked what they're banking on nailed it for him though congratulations and he's. He fits right in with Miami announcing it is Cuban Americans go big he's a big fan favorite down there and you know he's a big fan favorite here has ever done this hopefully doesn't wake of excellence captions. Marshawn Lynch is agent is speaking out. He said Marchand actually misses the NFL. But he's also wildly unpredictable so he has no idea what are so much is thinking about a quarter and in a down there's no surprises any of those comments. Still whatsoever yeah. So I would miss a few he was really good at he's only 31. Yes but he's also doing really cool stuff like gone to Scotland riding bikes and making scandals commercial that's also. Making appearances on my favorite shows diesel Brothers I have no ideal woman in silt from the awesome side by side it was kick. Asks cool piece of Brothers really Cho. Yeah. And it does not test this is rock and roll play. Really keeping them out his two legs. 600 bucks goes ten or oh my god it's early wake up. Tyrant and let's take a look at the race. For the eight spot in the Western Conference. And a lot of games impact from the courtroom was last exiting their own. They lost. We'll discuss that 9390 DB Milwaukee Bucks. If you look at the standings right knee out. Vague currently sits a full game back of the Denver Nuggets beat the final playoff spot with. Blazers 73 of their last ten games but tonight it's a loss to an or else. And so there is little bit of hope and there's little bit more breathing room as well as the last of the Bucs did not affect the mavericks catching them. As Dallas ended up dropping. One did the warriors won twelve to 87 days still sit two games back of Portland. For the ninth spots. Mean wild. Losses and of the jerseys in the pelicans were an action. New Orleans actually got to win and they said it's two and a half back to Portland. I'm in the ninth spot and had a good game. Of the bogey didn't have a good game DeMarcus Cousins carrying that team as dominating performance from. DeMarcus Cousins 41 points and seventeen rebounds. I'd say that's pretty decent folding night. And that Minnesota Timberwolves it would take game maybe in. Let's get a good draft pick mode as they lost their fourth game in a row. They are now what five games back. With twelve games to play them that would take a monumental effort for them to make last month that could be good news for the blazers. And is the blazers have. Excuse me did tumbles three more times on their schedule a so they're cashing and then. And that is good news for the Portland trailblazers but they were and our team's last night the blazers were in that one slip away amid a little bit of controversy. Where was the beast. 553 or five dusting cam on the. This is a final sixteen reconditioned over dusty in gem in the morning brought to you by a series. On ten AB so it's a big game for us. You sit there kids you set it low man. Bad game the Portland trailblazers. Dropped one to the middle lack game knocks the doctrine for the Midland. Nine. Just an awesome run of that six games and eight basin with you know five of those being on the road going four and one on that road trip. And they come back to Portland. And they look like they're little at a gas man early in the game you saw. Was it they had nine turnovers. In the first half in your gone they're just booting the ball around and they dug themselves a pretty big hole early in the game. Sure didn't three really big telling stat succumbed this pop off the board for me in and you just look at this this stat line number one. A 19% from three point range that's gonna wait what is that that's summary got four of 21 routine that is known for their ability to shoot certain cells back into games. 19% not great. Sixteen for 26 from the free throw line. That is horrific thirteen that's really good shooting free throws an excellent shooting free throws not good there and then fourteen turnovers. But the via the fourteen turnovers came early yet critical early in that stuff. Don van neck hole I mean they looked. Daily chart you look locked in early. They look like you know a team that was coming off a long extended road trip where. Back home and shot suggests may not be falling but on the defense of and they looked locked in rank them in made they held Milwaukee is a poor shooting team. To just eighteen points in you say you know the blazers 90% from three. Dairy goods three point shooting team especially post all star break a team that isn't a good three point shooting team is no walking. And they go seven and sixteen. 43%. That is aid that's a difference in that basketball game you know that's a number that would get two free throws and threes are just for just three and C allowing air then gave while not allowing them. Milwaukee just knocking down those shots right I mean any day made them pay off of turnovers. Early in the game in that second quarter. The blazers kind of look like they were just. Out of gas we've seen this before though where they give up a thirty point quarter. But usually. They won't scored just fourteen points and when your boot the ball our elected in that first half from. I mean 38 points in the first half for it was another 35 points in the first half. They had. Thirty finalized seemed Portland news before but they they are known to play. Plea to the levels of those of their competition I get that. Because when your plane the box. It jumps off the floor how many times did you hear Lamar say this team is long long do they do will listening to the broadcast. They are. They're excellent defensive team they're excellent perimeter they're big in the senator. When you're gonna go to the rim you're gonna get guys would just mean at 611 guys arm length affecting shots. CJ struggled in the first quarter to get shots up. Everybody really did it just it just looked like there was a feel out process that they were prepared for today it's not a common opponent that they're ready to face no. And a we see we said this time and time again theme of the season has been when Damon CJ need little help they combined for 52 the blazers ninety points. And if they had struggles getting anybody else going markets goes five of nine from the field and you have a question that's coming on the Tex signed Johnny Sherwood says where the hell's American last. And I said it last night to our sedated the final stretch of that game I notice it right away and I'm not questioning coaching what I'm trying to figure out is. At that point in time when you put all their pitch out. With just under eight minutes in the game and he doesn't show up again told minute 3035. Somewhere in there there's a stretch where the blazers made a run and they did a great run. When you needed it the most you'll rim protector somebody to affect. The Milwaukee Bucks ability to get to the rim somebody to change their shots. He wasn't in there. I can't put my finger on it in it's a rhythm game I know coach Stotts loves the people line up when there's rhythm. And they gained the lead but he heated make an appearance again Tillie were down three. Yeah and that was in that is a legitimate question. That fans have is where was C yeah foul trouble early and you want you wanna look what happened in a second quarter and stroke rather look at a list get in that's the story abuse of America to mean net I think the third game that he was here. It was pretty apparent as to look this may view of Portland busy to get used to is god it's in foul trouble big bodies have been known to me those those guys when you're big you're young you're just you're gonna slap more. You're gonna you're contest more. You gotta understand your value is in that second half don't do those extra things are beginning of the game save that and in that run that you're talking about. There was a nine point swing. In that in that basketball game a nine points and where the boys went down seven there were down seven release of Turkish left the game. At what B 850. So whatever Markey a forty mark. And they end up taking me. Three point lead and 808085. And then what what you're saying is. You at that point you kind of want a senior could come back in because he's got 2000 again and now what again and you win the blazers take that three point lead and 8885. Is that 346 mark is that what you're saying. While I'm looking and what I'm looking in in the fourth quarter I'm looking right at that 822 were were you used to hit that jumper. And B they were down seven and and he got fouled and he can remakes one free throw any 22 and then their incomes no bond play. Dead silent. And there was the run too and I just. I wanted to dance Iowa what do you mean my dad says he went dead silent because he's on the bench headed in the blazers made their run they climbed all the way back. And that's three said they they slowly. Made their way back right we put him on the bench with him on the bench. At the point where I don't know it was the worst for me was the popular minute mark I thought it was gonna be around for a minute mark you're gonna see him coming out. And that's an insane net debt every 46 they take an 8885 lead. And that's when I think UN a lot of fans want to it wanted to see him come back in. And eat it that is that's justifiable I mean the blaze and of losing the game 93 to ninety and in that short time we are playing all right he was struggling with. Not just fouls the turnovers as well and that that stretched before he came out it was. What turnover. Offensive foul and then use like OK let's get him out and put him on the bench. Is obviously a little bit too long right I don't know what there's an nine point swing when he is on the bench for. My from my point of view the only thing I'm arguing news. I've watched to watch Milwaukee Bucks a couple times this year yeah they they're meat and potatoes is getting to the rim. That's where they're gonna make their way and offensive rebounds and affecting shots there was nobody out there other than no Vaughn laid it was over six foot nine. That's it. In they had no ability to to not only intimidate in the middle. Then nobody to block now button so you just you were out matched physically at that time and saw I was looking for the clothes and that's what I've been asking all year. Is for the clothes I think in this stretch of good basketball with the blazers in Newark which is dead in their in the close. Yeah and I didn't understudy at about a move last night for me it was it was it was difficult to understand. Yeah and he went and when he came back in the scored did not change. There are select. But it was just on those nights where he came right back in. And turn the ball over on its first possession Jimmy notice that I write it it's a frustrating it's a frustrating. Waited to lose basketball game and it's the whole thing was frustrating because. But the fact of the way the big game ended too I mean. You saw. Damian Miller was a big reason why they had that nine points and with circuits on the bench him but I can a rim he comes back it boy comes on the floor any checks up that 34. He's ordered yeah how early is early in the shot only go cowboys saints feel about that whole rules and Ali we have a zionist formula I at all but I saw that I was like. Yeah I does I thought of Dallas and my guy I was like. Out of do you go to the TV they here's the thing if he goes in to Tim to what you're saying. Is that. Use of generic hitch in his ability to screen high. And we haven't seen those that was bad blazers premarket trade. Dini Miller that what we would see that Senator Obama that is like bad basketball when he was the only option that was what we've EST right. And that was kind of pay you live by he died like you don't really have any idea or any other options right yeah yeah they also give credit to them. To the box in the Arab and they would double teaming him high triple teaming dumbed down at triple B and adjusting because they said it you're not gonna what I can allow you to shoot this way back in you know we're not gonna do that but that high pick general was gone it was gone and it worked well and got deemed to Iraq early but then it was just it just disappeared while in in here's the thing is the final plan. You want the long alleged hand. But less at the right call I think that it Damian Miller and after the game felt would a lot of blazer fans feel. Through tomorrow and Mo attacked police give it to me. And then my guided into the welcoming Rick to actually put his arm around the tip is now trying to catch. Six seconds of the game was so I figured I'd have a lot of time. I'm not to give it to Clark and the same time my big kid at heart she's just coming around Aaron Crow. I'm looking general trend I think our the rightfully I think we'll win the toss and that it's. Something guys cleaner and elderly deny that. Lose lose so they happened so fast. We got its best shall we can get at that time. Yeah I mean when we need Seth CJ come over and there is that opportunity for the handoff there and I think a lot to you like all give don't Beijing he. Time is so Ian so. If you set started to pull that thing off. I mean I don't really have an issue him pull the trigger on what the twenty footer whatever was no I think at that point it was it was thirty mute it was the roots now views the things that set up where they were to be down three in that situation for me up. As is the blazers lose 93 denying. Eight and final playoff spot that game would have even then we Denver for the eight spot in the west but their back and it's have to wait till Thursday man that's a frustrating one way to go. LeBron James the latest in the cross there's a lump Lavar ball and he's seven none of it. Here's Crawford sports and. Widespread texting. That's a message of what number. Two or. Niner five. Six I can't hear you trailing off and like this and I learned there we have gone from a lot packing. The most cordless Dexter is now it's 5530. Sly message and data rates may apply to just play my number. You can go we're desperate. This is sexual relations on the show good likes to read. Overtaxed. Does steal and jam in the morning on 1082 brain of that person actually say that boasts its. I outspoken father of UCLA star Alonzo ball Lamar ball he's added again yeah. And people are still talking about hands. Because. He may have finally cross the line that people like wait a minute you don't go there. He has the stuff LeBron James effectively. By bringing LeBron kids into the matter. In interview with and it wasn't it Chris Broussard to fox sport yes it was. Lavar balls said that his kids have a better chance in the NBA then. The bronze kids. Context of Regis full quote. The monsters in the NBA their dads wasn't Baghdad. They were okay they was players but the fact that the old curry wasn't no all star he wasn't cold. As speaking of Dell curry Dockery NBA's sixth man of the year by the way and now retired as the all time leading scorer and hornets Israelis are very good. Okay and now go back to their vote. He could shoot the ball though Kobe Bryant his dad was an all that that's why he's such a monster you got LeBron it's gonna be hard for his kids because they're gonna look at that. They're gonna get a look at them like. You've got to be just like your dad. After awhile that pressure starts sitting on you like why do I gotta be just like him why can't I just beanie and then they're just gonna be like you're soft you're not Baghdad because the expectation is very very high. And well. That's I mean he he's not wrong. He's not wrong in that we see next is Michael jordans kids are great example of that right. Given there's that there's all upload via there's also told others. Kids that have had very successful dads in a very good in our GM really sting at the curry Brothers his Dell curry examples not a great one to know Dell curry was a damn good player in NBA I'm. On. But he's what he's saying is I Kobe's the bronze Michael jordans of the world their kids are gonna struggle Dan Patrick giving skip play in the NBA. I don't know. Yeah I DH he was actually on the clippers for a little they he was. He didn't play and played like five minutes again right Daniel Ewing Daniel Ewing and you're the top kids that if we talking about kids that are playwright Hardaway. There's a few others that are are very junior yeah yeah vigil here as a term and I mean you ask staff would be one. For the lakers to the league Glen Rice on him here Larry Nance area man Larry Nance teeing area there's a few out there and he we'd say in football too we can do multiple sports gosh sakes. F but. LeBron was none too happy with it he's saying did you cross the line here his call yesterday. This is dad to dad it's a problem now. The warnings and that's called a shot across the well as with pettis and you know let. Lamar ball he wants to be outspoken he wants to call Charles Barkley and Michael Jordan out new let's say he could be Dennett one on line in that shock value nothing that Charles Charles Barkley just wants free publicity which is. Of all the people on the road to say that times Lavar ball. But when you start saying that LeBron kids are gonna have a tough time. Because. He's such a great player in your kids are because he wasn't a good player LeBron takes issue with that. Yeah I think there's a problem too if you start. We we talk about. People all the time as part of our job but if you're gonna make the comparison an enemy illegal after laughter kids because your trying to get. Your kids certain well low level of expectation right. There's eager to get used to your kid you're you're number one. Kid is on the biggest stage right now all of college basketball you're trying to get him moved up to number one there's conversation about number one or number two depends on where. Or how a team feels about him. This guy and I IE argued against him last week and I said in and he keeps coming in conversation or what you wanna stop making important sub talking about the guy who we can't. The guy's interesting and this is this is what were in the interest team business and an interesting people continue to talk. We have to talk about it because I'm so enamored with a guy that's making his whole name based upon his children. Yeah and there are plenty of people and parents out their their exploit their kids but once you go after the king. And you start making comments about someone's family and their children that's that's one of those crossover points where you just go OK and bit and you might be enough. In this is that this is the problem that I've had with him the entire time. Is that I don't care he says that he can be Michael journal and on one it's a lack Ernie that we all know crap yes but I said this when he first made headlines about the staff is kid's going to be there and Seth Curry. Is that you're not doing your kids any favors man. Like right now LeBron James whether Lavar ball. Likes it or not. Or whether low lawns noble deserves it or not and LeBron James is gonna happen out for his kid when he comes in the India and he's gonna go at him because we've seen people that cross LeBron. He he is a vindictive player gonna show read them. And he will go after him in in locker rooms across the NBA already got a black ball in Alonso ball walks into on. It's going to be your dad's a clown man you haven't done Jack billion dollar shoe contract. Eric you gotta be LeBron in order to get that yet and LeBron is right now. With the exception of Michael Jordan which is. Kind of by mistake. LeBron James the only person that they made a billion dollar shoe contract on purpose for right. And lawns of balls Dan wants billion dollars for his family right. This isn't no favors done for Alonso ball whatsoever by his father in this is this Friday neither one hangs in the longest. We can't we tell us about a laws along his ability to. Deal with the stress and deal with it not a crap his dad is putting out there it is it affecting how we claims she explained better it doesn't seem like it's affecting me at all honestly. It's to the point where you knew. From day one this kid is grown up with this mentality and it's just. It's also got a fast so I don't hurt he how he just he seems really care free out there man. Yeah and also like he is. That it is fun to watch I don't enlists I don't hear anything he's saying he's not root in the media I don't know what he's got a final. I I do Ives I saw actually a packed well like they're doing of those pactel halftime report things on the tackle network. And they went on campus with him in the two other freshman and they did in every ease seems like it a decent kid I mean he's just a college kid any plays. His dad sounds very selfish right here and EU leads the way to his dad talked and really when you watch videos of the way his Brothers play. You would think Dell Alonzo ball would be a very selfish player cherry pick in like his remember that video of his brother cherry pick in writer right right guys nineteen hills society whenever Zaher tackling work there yeah yeah. The way they lost in the playoffs it's odd that it is in Dave Bush is deadly dabbling the coach. But lands a ball may not be good on defense. And he's not but he's not a selfish player in that regard he'd look the day thinking is pac twelve leader in assists and may be one of the country's leader in assists. This year and maybe that's the point is is their data's figured out the skids not he's not so I have to be for him. Are to be the selfish one for him I don't know maybe this kid when he gets into the NBA will be to guys and I'm really sorry my dad's this way I'm sorry you know it's all show to stick. You're gonna have to sell that a lot of guys we're gonna sell it in a league where everybody in their mothers doing the same damn thing. Who who oh who selling themselves just to make money not only just from your shoe contracts to your card from James Harden to step Currie and his wife. Unity in whatever you need to do in the NBA right now it's all bug get mean mean mean me. Murat that is believed that the MBAs created that is what basketball has created. In you are not wrong but is timing everything. Five factor if I because you look at. The timing of it is curry didn't go and get it until. He proved in the NBA from James Harden was the sixth man. For Oklahoma City. Win in earned a big contract from Houston. And then earned a 150 million or 250 million dollar deal from the is it the timing the big problem with all this in the timing beat a prom that a lot of people should have. 55305. Is Tex signed this is dusting camp. This is a final sixteen week additional dusty and jam in the morning rusty by a series cafe and hi Sean generated so shrimp. Isn't it the timing. Look horrible stink comments. About LeBron Michael Jordan billion dollar shoe contracts and not the problem that. That there is here is that yeah I think is earned and cash grab that they're going to. True it's nothing has earned in the cash grab. But I think we've seen I think we're gonna see this more and more now writing this is what. This is what is gonna be normal for us. When we talk about athletes families. Multiple kids is self not only self preservation but self promotion. This is a self promotion bureau we all do it we do from social media we do from everywhere we can't because you got to earn as much as we can. As fast as we can in sports. And this is one this is something that I don't think of our balls are bad data I think some of his stuff is just. Outlandish but it's it's a reality show to me it's crazy it's just a dad is doing everything he can't maximize a dollar brand. Based upon his kids talents in his suppose it former talent. It it's just it's where country does does decent entertainment. Yes and you said earlier was interesting and I wanna make a political comparison you said. You said that. This is the comet you think that maybe went too far from Lavar ball this is the one that's gonna do it bonds again a lot of crap and locker rooms. We want is going to be maybe affect him and I feel like that's like since halfway through the election even start it was said this is what's gonna take Donald Trump downs. And married last time I checked you still oppressed and that's my point every exile under saying the I think there's a lot more coming from Lavar a whole lot more now I know I AM when I was psyched about is it's gonna stick with lawns noble yet because I see you won't affect Lamar Lamar ball still goodness he's just not a market. And he's still gonna run his mouth but. With players in the NBA they won't forget these things these and it would beat that's the comment is gonna stick with Alonso ball. The player because he's will also have to go in India locker rooms and we'll laugh play abroad not to let LeBron James. We've seen that multiple dads in support we see Tom Brady's dad support multiple times right. When he's called out the commissioner and called out everybody in support I they're usually it takes hey he takes a situation. To get to that. Right they're not just continually gonna give you comments and comments. The only way this stops is when one of his sons publicly says dad. It's time for you to shut up yeah in Alonso biologists I mean you said that's the way he's been my right lie and that's you know what that's also it's never gonna happen because their dad is only one has their back yet in that. Wait let their father. Will be there in the end no matter what this yeah this is he doesn't just love them or care about them this is what he is who he is. He's the only one in the fan it's not gonna be there in the end his mom and down as families Brothers the only ones that are going to be there and yet and that's the hard part for these kids like they Jensen or go on so I got what do idea. I grew in Lyme Disease so you become numbers right this is just this is its bright after head and it answers my dead man dead loses its way dad's dead man. But. Tiger Woods' dad. Extremely the same way but we never saw that because we didn't grow in the social media power in the way that he controlled and was outspoken in all of those things. Three what Tiger Woods was just it it is what it is. Isn't it though that. It is they going to be tougher though for for guys like lawns a ball when LeBron like no. I don't care who the lakers have on their team I'm taking him right in a minute beat the living hell out of my life. Like when everybody told Tony Kukoc he was going to be the next big star Michael Jordan went oh wait a minute. We're human and it just abused him in practice and shut him. Mentally and physically down you know these are things that happened when your superstar near go to LeBron James gonna do everything he can to embarrass the ball family. Yeah. And tried to put actually that does give them more and more. Reasons to talk and this case five factor drives this my biggest from a toolbar ball. They just found out last week Hughes went to WSU I'm so bummed out when indeed that Phil can still won acclaim and how he's doing every candy to get it so. Have you guys into the big Boller brand website no it is. That man it's sixty dollars for T shirt they'll literally just a site fifty dollars or teacher you saw either you're gonna do the reverse thing bad is good no I don't know a relic. As bad I'm like no no it's it's awful. The shirts just say in I don't know times new Roman fought big Boller brand. Fifty dollar T shirt punt like seventy dollar hats hundred dollar leather big bowler brand that you know the Cesar costing him and buck 05 dude I ends like mark up wondering how much states so that they because it's bad year like it's chipped outside and Lavar ball in the stands I've never seen anybody wearing well it just yeah I guarantee you there's a bridge somewhere with those T shirts. And I see that he doesn't he's a pretty good deal is the shirts are fifty but the whole he's only sixty. I own my goodness in hundred dollar leather had yeah you did to be honest I we need you did find out that is a hundred dollars to a UN to aid your cart in your checking out in your carnal mind let's just say I might I might. By some big dollar ring here stop. No succeed exactly there you go dawn on the ball star. Is that I assured that I saw Lamar boys and ball star. This is why he's gonna continue to stage. Relevant I think we're feeding it John truce we are reduced rate what is and we we're pushing it and pushing it implicit Dexter says boosters are buying them. Here's my question. How is this not an NCAA violation is daddy's openly saying that own dad's friends a zone now but the brain is BDB. And he's I guess for all three of my son's that is the logo he's explain the logo before. Meaning that one of those bees is for a college basketball player right now you can I'm my bit fat the same thing that. Brian Bosworth. He got punished for right. What UCLA boosters are wearing this. Crappy big Boller there and he it is what they're doing is they're buying it in burning it he had these going buying it stashed it somewhere and the ball Stanley is benefiting greatly it's all right McRoberts kids aware 25 years from now call it retro. Yeah who knows man or maybe it'll be the new Nike. He's kidding as you know as a more troll fuel apparently the NCAA sentences stern before his ecology it's a pass. Well can't start that cleanly and I'll Brandel great they'll beat you wonder CC squared for your two boys Mina. That's awful the Cleveland grown on me. That clearly it's all about I know I'm Doug put my thumb for my kids is about mean it's all about the name on the back of the Jersey right comes at the Cleveland's. The name myself about the name on the back of your zinc. Forget one on the front that don't change man who ever really the most money what's the good way to pair this tell me down what's the correct way to do it is that the McCaffery way. Half with all those kids in his mom's sick quietly in the stands is that we want or do we wanna have some and it's like the ball fairly entertaining would you like more. Obviously we'd like to talk about that I don't I dole I think again I didn't we like this is no different than just easy shut up and go away I know. When we talk about dads welcome Manning family. When his dad did with their family decided to do is it any different what do we all is well completely control his kids. While payments Tennessee. Target a draft scenarios you that come from what. Mo bay had data wanna go to a dysfunctional franchise Merrill's problems without probably a good idea hitting the ball family's gonna say we don't wanna go to the lakers. Well no that's a pretty dysfunctional franchise rarity and now look Harbaugh has quite literally said the lakers are the only team like it'll play for her. So maybe he he just wants LA in this is different like Archie wanted what was best for his kid which is not to go to a dysfunctional franchise in San Diego. And many of them are a lot extremely Smart art she's one of the greatest guys that are remembered they are ruthless in business and they know exactly what they're doing in this is no different with the ball family you just have a little bit more of an outspoken dad well. Now Lamar wants money money money money money. And Archie knew that. You wanna go to a team that went to them now okay now did you a lot of money earned right button. No we disagree with that I don't disagree without I think if there's different scenarios there's been the way that's. This little bit more slide. In and there's ways to mean just blunt outspoken but both whom have the same goals. You can call whatever it's. Which is. What's best for your kids and what's best for your brand it. I insane man the what's best for your key it is it is going his ties to gain in the draft Mitt because that's going to be Boston I wouldn't what wouldn't what's best for Alonso ball. Being going to the Boston Celtics who are great team. And are ready to win in could win a championship in his first year if they have a guy like Alonso bought the number one overall pick. Because he it is an equity wouldn't go to Brooklyn in Brooklyn's. Far and away in the driver's seat for the number one draft pick I can and that goes straight to the Boston Celtics pocket if you're young superstar. You want to go to the biggest markets let's keep it. We'll Boston's top five I know I mean I'm just Sonia with an LA kid you go play for the LA team. And how Lamar the all gonna do in Boston. And they're pretty law Brett you know what I mean. But it write your fleets and you'd take it buddy and he's just not very. Blue collar now he's West Coast to West Coast laid back guy. I try factories verified the beautiful release information on the Tom Brady Jersey scandal to cover up what could be a bigger story. It is 658 on offense.