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Dusty and Cam - 3.21.17 - Hour 3

Mar 21, 2017|

What fuels you in sports? Also, the Jets are tanking and a Ghanian soccer player made a huge mistake.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Thanks for listen to dusting camp podcast brought to you on the fanned by your local less Schwab tire center do the right thing since 1952. We don't do brackets yet. This is a final sixteen which commission of Dustin camp in the morning. You've experienced caffeine highs for what's your favorite series award winning pilots. Now attending the sand dot com and win high for a year does the entail more in 1080. Let's see here alongside its fiftieth Def TV. No peace no I have my new title. According to this this friend and Texan in France he's entitled Kim broadcasting insider technical communications host of it's not that some good stuff that put them my business card that and I heard him for that I guess there will be in Akron. Yes indeed. Beat Akron in his broadcast since undertaken none and is being the acronym ABB. I mean yeah. Think the do all of that is pretty good. Either your job what a slap in the face of your immediate of course she would have. You wonder what happens to guys. In did did the plane now boasts you know like I saw when watching the mission in Oklahoma State game then we were sitting in the bullpen you go. All right is big country. Needs right former Vancouver's is great we'll ginger to engender. I would not call him little he's just we like to refer as big dangers is little. Flat tile like Colin. You know the big guy and a little Johnny. And a Little John Little John in in the cartoon version of revenue of yeah he's little bit not beat the using an article will. It's thunder. In his honor I like making it worked. But big catcher Brian Reeves seemed do is on that everybody goes back to you. The guy who brought up a couple times in the past week Tod Moran a bitch you know there's all a host of these guess who is big often sublime and Green Day. A bright guy month. You know and I'm talking mental or was Tony may have hurt yet Toni Mae enrichment. Guys like that wolf. Seattle has another round in it is airing Currie. Do linebacker fourth overall. In the but the 2008 NFL draft 99 from 2009 and a Sandra was right fair. Win I think it was. Jim Mora was getting ready to take over Mike Holmgren yeah and they were easier renouncing their his final year yeah that is for Vick is sixteen year that in between here. Yeah. Where. Airing Currie only lasted three years in the NFL. And he he dating is the end of his rookie deal they tore that thing up and renegotiate after they dealt and a Oakland yes Oakland and he's been a guy that you just kind of disappears and you don't hear from guys like that ever again. And sought am I side an article on SI dot com. That was kind of profiling what airing Curry's a T these days. And global he's defensive line coach at UNC Charlotte. The 49ers. And he's again it's now playing through what was his linebackers coach in college is now the head coach there. And he's coaching for up under him is defensive line coach and I struggle on this piece think you know hearing another fluff piece. But re occurring thing today mental resets from Willard to Michigan. And Aaron Curry in this article basically says advanced and what went wrong wind wind in your career in Seattle what happened. To guy who is and fourth overall pick he's a sack machine in college is all over the place in one of those guys who's athletic enough to add to play in space. But with strong have to go looking get to the quarterback what happened you man. In the number one thing and he says. I lost my motivation. He is the guy that everybody talks about everybody says oh yup Haiti doesn't care anymore. That's what happen. To Aaron Curry and then once he figured it out. To lead his body give up on him. And he just kind of shut down and quit. He's done what do we call these guys bust because in the article talks about or am I gonna tell my kids someday when they Google the word bust in my name comes up when big sever MI I'd be considered a bust. Yeah I don't know yeah have to value this is seen plenty of players coming out of the league. And even even during my you're the just look at these guys who what would you. Like mole and you are the most gifted dude I've ever seen what is wrong with you what their questions all the time your paid on potential army guys who he paid on potential. Hole in sports everybody in the NFL draft peace to be but yet now it's ever Meyers Leonard is perfect example got in on potential just in general there Lenny players too good. There are also guys that are pay because all I know somebody but in in this scenario Aaron Curry was it was a physical specimen. He worked his butt off from from what he was growing up in high school that you citi's senior U was 6295. Pounds any he said I lived on. Flake potato us. And it can Qaeda there was that he said he would gets hot dogs or there's just didn't even know when he was gonna get his meals in today he said all I have his lunch. But and have those things growing up so there was internal motivation when you get to Wake Forest. And there's all this motivation now I've reached the pinnacle. And I got a six year contract worth forty million dollars coming out of college. It just stops and pit I can go I can go out like buy anything I want now where he can help my family. What is when I've reached the pinnacle. Were you reset button now which I I senator they show when you get to Mount Everest and you get to the summit. When you achieved your goal. You re yet to reset. What brings you back to center and which are goals is an account there a second round is what what the senators you omitted if there's a different different between wanting me to best app. Our leader baby universe person. Maybe your goal is for or curly is talk more about. He's found his calling. In this is that in this is where it is seeking his story kind of differs. From. So many of these other guys he didn't go into you'd draft bust and then. Disappeared near obscurity right a lot of these guys don't want to be in the forefront and what he's doing now. Is as coach at UNC Charlotte. That's a number one thing that he is kind of job is is to be that guy who helps guys along and find that motivation and keep going in and he aid that's he says it's not wanting increased all the spires right is fine to let will keep you going because eventually you're gonna get to that spot. Where there's nothing less left to accomplish. My game is if you're one of those guys he's a grinder in his theory is if you grind you grind you grind you'll get to a point where you meet the end of the road. What keeps you going down that road and that is the biggest cell operator. For. So many athletes is that is it championships because championships. I mean that they're very hard for guys to go and yet but those are tenable one ditch you after that. Right it is in numbers because numbers don't really dictate your career either. Yeah there's no magic potion that you could take that tells you could be. This type of person were always asking what she get to that top level and it was like get these guys just want. What what what makes him so great wheel there's 1% of make it to that level. But how do you how do you translate that when you're paid. You're comfortable you're secure and you do this. Would you two over the top yeah well what do you tell I mean there we have a lot of players I think you can name more players. Off the top your head you can go these guys were unbelievable and it fell off the map. Isn't that kind of though the exact houllier who Teague to where you're talking about though. It's the big problem in sports is that. As a young age sports are sold tees some kids in some communities as your meal ticket your livelihood and that is why it. That is what Aaron Curry side as. And so when you get to that point of being this is what you can do for yourself this is where you can be fear family. What is the redirect where does that redirect happened because he was being told even one very highly recruited out of high school. I think two weeks before signing day Wake Forest came in offered a scholarship. He's number four overall take sixty million dollars. On a four year deal in a lot of that guaranteed for those who cannot access our it was sixty million dollars on a six year contract that at 66 via. So I mean at ten million dollars a year a lot of I guaranteed money from Bree regardless because of the weather or keep pay scale is back and right. And how do you read direct him in TU. Being a successful individual isn't that big maybe even number one thing the need to identify and if you. Drafting on the first round I think it's I think it's easier said than done and I listened to listen a lot of former players talk all the time Henry Louis is on Colin coward he said last week he said. I get past all the time. How do you help me. How why do it rained. In he looks you looks at me because there's no magic potion guys. Either have it. Or you don't. I can't I can't teach you the drive in the desire. To wanna be the best you know you either have it or you don't know there are a lot of guys. It's I'm speaking of myself. That how on. I had talent I had gifts but I didn't how the desire and that it is in the that passion to work out at 24/7. I didn't I didn't an idea I just didn't I was is more gifted and everybody grown up even when I got to the top level I did I didn't stay after work party. In practice I'm so fatigue and I was asking give my body ready for the next day. Some guys just push push push push and butch. You become JJ watt pre burnout fast we become Tony Gonzales re so physically gifted. You can last forever there's a happy medium or you re loosely eighteen years in your only linebacker your hall of Famer there's no magic potion. But if you have talent. And you have work ethic you'd get summary. We'll get AM we had to take a break I want written don't wanna know though is there something. Net rule why why did you not like to work at it like what why was it that. You just couldn't push yourself over that etched. Five factory or five his Tex I'm in just how rare is it. Airing curiously enough this is ousting him Richard. This is the final sixteen regulation over dusty and cam in the morning brought to you by staring at and high on Kennedy's okay. I'm yeah. We're talking and earnings. Number four overall pick pretty. Seahawks in 2009. Plane down continue to make killer. In through his rookie rookie deal and Lleyton. I'll only halfway through it actually. It was out of town after what tuna have season's end in Seattle. And you city Los is motivating Qasim the money was there money was there any did need anything more. And you said you were a guy that. All the town in the world physical freak you mean people said this a second in Q when Jesse came down Protestants and disease. Last week. And need to know and fanned menacing as you know. And he cameras big and and who's going to be that big. And and use this you're a huge dude but those thing that everybody loved about you in the NFL is the way he moved right. You're athletically gifted and what you said in the air curry things Qaeda sparsely attended because I think that a lot of people don't understand why. You know you said. I was gifted. But I just didn't. Have that passion to get to the next level about the game of football there was. For me with football. And for Eric curry it was he had reached his pinnacle which was the financial security because if you grow up a certain way in your fighting for every. Food. You're fighting for where you're gonna sleep your dad and once you reach that. Goal what what more you're like this is I have everything I need you have to get there there there's where's the next level of separation. See I grew up middle class middle and so I it's not like I was without. But I was just physically when friends would come over I would beat them and we go on a tour and I would be that. I just knew that I had to compete for me it was always I was saying is this the competition that's the desire the passion of football. Was not there for me I love the game out of the competition. If if I can do over. The pat the only thing I've ever found and I'll be honest with everybody not the only thing I ever had that the desire and passion is golf it's it's frightening I could practice golf. Twelve hours day and never stop I'd sit on the greens by myself. For hours in ever grows worse can't resist the amount by the range it's weird I don't know what it is I can't give you an answer. It's just this passion to want to do something in and some people doing business and other people have been in in their jobs or their livelihood whatever you find. Football. Was work and when I stepped on the field. I just wanted to beat the guy next to me it drove me nuts to look bad on film. When when my coach put the red light on me and he said your footwork was aggregate. I immediately had the ability. To change that footwork without having to wrap it I can mentally change in my head and by the time I got to the field I fixed it before even wrapped it physically. Not so that was another thing that I felt I could transition. Very quickly. I its racial awareness. Running a route I knew how to create separation some guys don't have space awareness and some guys is they run an out route they run down and run and L. We can't run it out like that you got to square the receiver you gotta stem and he got to force the seem to make him look like you're running a certain way and then yet to open up then you have to give your court wrecking yard of space. There's so many intricacies of what makes you great but he also have to have Mike Piazza. You have to have law. You have to have. A 56 round draft choice and then turn into a hall of Famer you have to stay healthy. That there's way too I can go into would announce who flow chart of how many things have to go right for you feel to reach that level but the one thing you have to have. Across the board if that time. C ever wonder. Like if you would have just kind of push yourself a little bit further mentally oh absolutely 100%. 100% if I can give advice to any kids or anybody that's grown up and and and what they're doing and how to push themselves. Its focus on focus on not what it is to win focus on not what it is to sit there and be the best on your team. Focus on the extras that you do focus on the things that you eat sometimes everyone says well what should I do right now. Don't be told to do it and do it on your own if you have to constantly be told to do something. You're not in that you're you're not getting it if I if I have a choice I walk in the house tonight oh I wanted to really good at this will what do you do. Yeah practice but your parents commanders as your coach commend and say I need to 200 layups and you look at them and go and discuss them practicing. Do it and doing the extra is what sept. Marie that's that's been an in route there's so many options now keeping our athletes in any worse because there's so many options to go and do other things now. We'll see what how many times have we had a discussion about regional and areas in demographics and the arms of our country went. You say we're not his and I've said this before our football will never be what it's like in the SEC now because we have options for a I'm not just saying that is edit or distracted society yet if you single focus yourself and you focus on your goal. You have to have costly reset your goals once I reach that goal I gotta be gold reset. Go levee Saturday do you have to be able to do that. Yeah it's not easy to do our god sakes aren't the secret are married and teaching that in school this'll teach in school you should absolutely right down goals every day if you don't have goals in your doodles have his day is treading water. In it you'll have a goal every day I don't have daily Google's. Wake up I try to sell one does a mean I was followed for at least I would wake up in the morning I might say something and a wanna do this better today. A wanna stop saying this ought to come across with this point no matter what I try to at least have something and now did you. Well thank you for that offense did well the ten yard thing to talk about now it's enough for me I can admit fall I think it is there a lot of people and he can do about that. I mean because Emmys in there you go on and wanna. Demonic well it's not so much in one and it was the fact that. It just didn't it didn't sit deep down inside I appreciate it more now that I'm older yeah. I think a lot of everybody there's a lot of people out there that look back at their 2223 year old self. And go. Hopefully disguised enemy guys thank you Andrew Luck. And you know Russell Wilson's two router that are young and have that kind of perspective about themselves and just look at that mango man special man just would have. Just what happened at a fledgling that yet to the sliver. You know I think that you sit therein there's there's little bit of that that you know a guy like. Damian Miller could have gone down the road of Aaron Curry very easily easy. You know. Oakland underrated. Under recruited goes Weaver state and has good crew there. It's two in the NBA draft goes six overall and he's could have been 900 million from a deed is. Gifts that. In any a lot of people are saying that. Well it's done in this special that was the big gripe yet a hundred million for medina's and 125 million when he is out and is the walls at the beginning of the year. That's a people one at a bank that right. And in we talked about this earlier can mystic a check it unless truck tires podcast sending this in dot com Jason puts got a really good article up. On CSN Adobe dot com that we discussed earlier and it was none of that was the issue is more personal soften his life. But is rare now to see those guys have that. Within them. And but doesn't that make a special to finally see one if if everybody if it was easier revealed same if it was easier really would do it right. It's couldn't be more true in in everything we do especially in athletics. And it was easy. Everybody would do it I'll say this is everybody be good at ultimate mean guy who I'm not a fan of James Harden I've never been a fight fan of him. That guy is in guys like Russell Westbrook. To be as good as they are. I mean inmate in I've been guilty the cycle of James turned selfish in two degree I think that he can be selfish player in critical moments first team but. That dude has gotten paid over and over again. In he doesn't have this problem and there's more there's more to him. Then Dan just. Sizzle right something's happened with James Harden a little bit with the means have come around I always give guys I try to do multiple chances but it's this who cares what campaigns. But he said this today when talking about resting his quote. James Harden all the rest when I'm done that was this quote. Today talk about after he won the game on a coast to coast layup so I want to win a championship you wanna be considered great men all rest when I'm done. That to me. And teams earned. A right yeah OK I'll give bill credit today James. Naval craft that night should give a lot of credit and a lot of credit for absolutely. Song like. But but but but. I'd take it isn't just for the NBA the NFL might have a battle of their own and a scratchy and he's got a sports and go get him a this is the final sixteen. I'm in the morning. Ten AB so from. He green there basketball game in this state and Oregon. Yankee group seven. B Tony Daniel 97 Alan next another senator teen USA vs the world and color number five at 503 T five go to an eighty inside a three T five O. 1080 gets a Stanley for packet tickets to the Nike hoop summit. April 7 Friday night at Mota sinner what you feature basketball stars like the less club invitational NDP in the nation's number one ranked player. Michael Porter. From their canal which by the way. Brandon Roy saw a national coach of the year and has mass walk. So caller number 55032501080. 5032501080. Is going to be 92 summit a tickets are on sale right now as those ten dollars. A he said Nike hoop summit dot. Com and a side note on that unless the Diaz playing in the sweet sixteen or probably in the next U summit and Kevin richter Nowitzki played in as well. That he sees Kevin Love little guys paying Pritchard played Ellen just last year. Are the jets taking. Is that legit question that we can ask people were they thinking for. Are these the same journal are they see who else is gonna thankful I think they're saying it's suck for Sam thought. Bryant. And I think that's what they're going like Banda suck for luck campaign and Andrew Luck is coming out here and get sucked for Sam now could you jets. Did you sign Josh McCown. He's thirty eat. I eat oh my god he's 38 yeah. He's thirty Angel the senate bill one year six million dollar deal. And wonderful bright. And he is not. It's. He's not the most capable guys rent it can be a band aid for a veteran. The veteran I guess 38 would be and nearing senior citizen NFL terms that your. But he's again has kind of been around he can keep in enough games. And this seems like it's a complete got a job and ten job that this start over the jets again because last year then the second has payroll in the entire NFL. And they were gone awful. This year. They have gotten rid of basically any asset that they possibly could. And are starting from scratch and and and beat throwing out day. Aide Josh McCown on the Tino and five year win five games a year ago and they know offensive line the governor of entry of their five losses starting on insulin and the most they're starting defensive players. Are you are we seeing the NFL equivalent of the tank. Oh I would I would. Agree. I'm trying to think of all the guys they get rid of the big names der Revis Brandon Marshall Nick Mangold and he kept it mangled Jack I mean he was there anything decorating everybody. So. Why not bring in an aging veteran if you. Did the sand Arnold thing too is is just gonna continue to explode. Yeah if he stays healthy. He's gonna be the topic is going to be number one quarterback take as a everybody's looking at this going I need to first established by franchise. By getting the best quarterback and if are you gonna suck that. Two I agree with taking on the kind of changed my point of view do I think with the jets are doing is good business do what every need to do jets. Is that the police has been dysfunctional for years and you're not kitchen the patriots. So what are you what you pay you know those guys for. Is that is so this is kind of a better way to go than the other leg and we're gonna make more money work Oregon get rid of all these high priced talent. That is what we need to do as friendships they've gotten phenomenal to send to is to begin eighteen million dollar here. To play their their defense lines really good when you look at they got lookers and initialed the ridges in the Eleanor Williams in the middle. Merle relative relatively young when you talk about average send and done a good core in Williams yeah but other and that means a scrap heap. And it's. I wondered though if you know if you're in New York. Why not have a guy who is more. In my opinion in the numbers bear out more capable in just account and a guy like Colin cap Bernanke sitting on the scrap heap right there in eighty is marketed and very big. Mean we will we be worried about the media circus in the near jets your media circus anyway its failure to run into you know you try to Allen yeah yet able what do you. What are you losing by bringing in a younger guy. And calling cabernet. Who much talked about this a bit earlier he is QBR in nineteen the quarterback rating like ninety point seven quarterback rating last year QBR last year or not Stewart. He got killed it was on a terrible team with a terrible offensive line he's been through before in it's nothing new to him. Yet back I sit in on the sidelines hearing Josh McCown is 38 and if you're honest bolt gassing and stop gaps. So we're not fool anybody with the jets are doing is okay so would it be may be that. A guy like calling cap break is too good for a team like the jets at the browns who wants seemed Arnold but he is not good enough for. You know I Houston Texans is a win now team. Oh we're gonna have to pretend that New York is actually trying to do something that I would believe in New York team we do is stay away from more drama. He and that's who he's hard to believe. Because New York everything sells sells 1010 fold is the media the scrutiny you're a huge market in your the jets. Man. You can't you're you're the second hard thing to probably yeah you're the second fiddle in your town just. OK in your stadium metropolis in news what it is yet in any in your nice little community your small Cambodia and a new York and New Jersey. You're second fiddle. And for for for whatever reason the jets have decided. I don't wanna pay these guys anymore now that we're done with the experiment we try to load up some veterans. We're gonna start over. I don't that if you're jets fan or if you're NFL fanning you see your team start do this how does that make you feel. Because this is the same darn question we had to answer would people from this Portland team when they worked in the in the in the conversation for were gonna get this eight seater seven seized give well. You're really dumb ball these contracts now why is. Wired the jets so dysfunctional blow a because Woody Johnson. Cares about winning. Eased and because you see any healed fork out money for big contracts and he's done a year in year and year ending year out. How are they so dysfunctional. Because he seems more standoffish and guys like Daniel Snyder whose. Overbearing will pay for guys that is his own worst enemy. I when your shirt jeans and you know I don't know because you're when there's there's great coaches but there's just like we said there's there's elite quarterbacks usually coaches. Hard to find hard to find good leadership. I don't think that there's owners out there. That have been just because they make a lot of money doesn't make them Smart. And yeah out he does that make them have the ability to put together good people. If you don't hard that is via. I think that's so taken for granted in sports but it's taken for granted a bit. In your workplace cap over my good people wearing you work in your business community right now or in your work workplace discount. And your opinion how many think are good but. You are right did but yet the same time you look at what. What other franchises are able to do we BC reasonably pre stability stability stability. The jets are this team that. The have a two or three year run and then the just disappeared near obscurity Amy we've seen it with Rex Ryan we sought with Herm Edwards are selling Bill Parcells is there. US turnovers early era over and then ages the hit that it. Nuke button and they get in their own way because it's never good enough not realizing. Bill wade that you know the patriots giants Steelers. All built their franchise and a domino once was consistency over a long period what are we gonna get to the point though that every NFL franchises equal. Financially in it in a nutshell way you all the safety of the same salary cap yeah we have that OK so we do know that this league is the most balanced the mini. Any special franchise when it comes to money available to spend bright is that fair to say yes now. If your owners chooses to spend it that's a different question yes but you all have an equal playing field when it comes salary cap ability so you can all spent. What is your number one thing that you need from. We need for your franchise quarterback. More than that. Just tell me if you eat your your franchise property your franchise your your fail on the outside. Comedic is it is the quarterback your answer is we seem quarterbacks. Many teams have had quarterbacks. We both quarterbacks. I think every team in the in a closet quarterback. All over the grounds. We had thirty quarterbacks right now none at all. I guess quarterback competent quarterback Aaron I I think maybe today stability thank head coach to you. Thank are you wait are you tell you that things that are action like he or your franchise were all the same Plainfield I just gave you 172 million dollars with thirty other guys that bark and a right thirty guys at the bar Gaby 172 million dollars to build your franchise or party and one when he. What would you mind what it would be I guess yeah what you putting together first pentium buys stability right. Here I'm going. I'm going if I Millen RS or when cornerback won an offensive line to you the end there's a difference between you have that and maybe I'm not being specific with my question but for me. What I mine come by my leadership. I combine my money or me 172 million dollars I think that's a salary cap I am an abacus coaches are paid on the different thing but I look at I'd salary cap. But I'm building I'm starting with all I have to build I was on the top now so what are you are you starting with head coach or GM general manager. Head coach player personnel directors scouts all of that and I'm I'm starting over and clean and house. And I'm making sure if I believe in my philosophy I'm gonna find. Hundred smarter guys in either better better. Coming up overpay them because I want them smarter guys in the room I don't want a bunch of yes men in the room does look at me go through what we do it. I want you to come up with your it's yes and be better than me. Absolute is easier to do but in that league like of egos and billionaires. You think that those guys to allow some to be smarter than them in the room giving Daniel Snyder allowed some to be smarter than him in the rules. Paul Allen do it the Seahawks in the good that trench has turned into bingo. You know in is that that's the problem is that people call it leaders. Don't have to be the smartest guy in the room people buy those franchises. Because their fans. And that is the biggest detriment as when your fan. You can get in your own way a whole heck of a lot. Heck of a lot of times and we've seen a Borland time and time again but now it seems that bomb might be more standoffish than he has in the past you know. And enforcing generally an Argentine president's two to force their hand because maybe you weren't some there on the jets team by the left so they had the second highest payroll in it entering free agency. Entering free agency. They who her I believe it was eight million dollars over the salary cap. Over the cap on with the moves that they made. They had currently have the eat. Lowest payroll or in the NFL right now they've dumped Dawson and they went from having negative eight million dollars. TU adding a bunch of players they have 77 guys under contract right now. And they have 29 million dollars in cap room. Now think about that day and should 37. Million dollars in shot the salary cap space associate talent in his last couple months. The tape job is on what happens wind post game interview goes horribly. Horribly wrong. Gosh you don't want. To think you side piece. Dusting camel and. This is a final sixteen week edition of dusty and jam in the morning rusty I series cafe hi I'm Jan AV software. Marsh and her story that we are out of the show on him he comes to us and from Ghana. And this is not. This is try the worse case and aaron's Prez doesn't happen more. This vice you should never think your relatives at all. Or significant others when giving in post game interview. Mohamad on us. Is. A soccer player in Ghana. And he had a great game. In he's the man of the match. And so he decided to you give this shout outs in his post game interview. And he's got the split into do. And I appreciate them. My wife and my children every parent yeah. An argument. And flew. Is it. He faces parents years and his life. And his girlfriend TC girlfriend to the look on his face is well. I hope I thought he's a young friend now but it now says girlfriend are no key play double overtime. Yes. And I appreciated by. My wife and my children who knew her right yeah it is on. Revive the economy and that is what must I. An argument. And flew. Oh and I got to move it clear for reuse and my go to for it I mean my life. In use instantly saw his face oh you are dirty and he's a terror. All in he's a guy hello golfer sorry sir Arthur on. But you know I'm sure his girlfriend appreciated the challenge is I think it was wasn't who's the NBA player that had both the girlfriend and wife at the at the game got caught the he figured after elaborate a little bit more on the ones that distinctly remember there have been news. Didn't happen to know David NFL player wasn't a girl to limit of NFL there's story of Jimmy Stevens having two girlfriends in the in the stands at the same time many dead game. And I back in the day though favored that. Girlfriends that doesn't matter what talk about a married and then a girlfriend yeah you girlfriends in the standings some guys have fifty girlfriends in the stands. He has drag and so but having your wife and girlfriend in the stands in separate sections sent an NFL game I know that's happened and it's gonna kid off to research that went well Lou Williams has a wife and a girlfriend that dad sit together they're OK with that yeah use me to gear their parents yeah. They're accepting their friends were they with a unit from wall there from Utah he's trying to get treated as desperately trying to work it is working on a reality channel the F of the Buick. I think they are in the garage say is how we found out about that and they angling for reality I don't know probably I heard about a minute Drake song. Net two girls like Lou will. And current songs and unbelievable. Don't be a whole deal there can mean to one woman is to keep barely handle my wife has a busy knowing whom to yeah now. She's known and I guess alleged love this from around your rights. But did tune. The little. Well soccer guy from Ghana. The buck thud. How is that when you when you pull into the house would I have the feeling in the yard garage door opens is she standing at the did the garage door when it opened their arms crossed. Is that your house is on fire a laundry right isn't OG zero and left on a goal and Lisa left eye Lopez on your home. That thing may be updated in replaced by the way. Don't drink yeah you know and that's an okay thing. But Lisa left eye Lopez may. May have a fan in nag as life. Jolly good I agree Gerber and every every year why wait wait wait so is bad is your day's going just now there's soccer player in Ghana. We may be castrated tonight. Because of that. You never know whoa dude. You're gonna give. Tonight a much in the World Baseball Classic and teen USA JAL big game vs Japan. And 6 o'clock. Cranked a much in the clippers destroy lakers again. Any truth is that of that. I'm gonna go ahead in really taken we bigs easily your club are you kidding me right now Puerto Rico heart no USA. You say units you know I'm very hard right a good underdog to fan I like a good underdog. Well certainly it is is a Prius still in it now. You're bounced to intervene and beat Puerto Rico right yeah authority goal. Yadier Molina. Across France in a great pick off. Yeah you're getting got a guy celebrates over on nine's Adam silver he'll be on AM. Our sister station the strength. As we'll tomorrow's championship game as well abandoning else except me. Annex is third with college art ignited new new industries are inspected seven prime time of the Isaak in that suit will be back tomorrow it's already Wednesday it will have a WTO Wednesday for F. We got some good ones cooking up good and also tonight the Portland trailblazers. FEMA for the eight spots in the Western Conference as they take guns. They knew a lot gave boxed in motor center a win for the blazers didn't even then. With the beat Denver Nuggets who lost last night for the eighth and final class taught how to get OC tomorrow there's been nothing game. Understand that life's of the country thinks that he'll want the stupidest people around right now pens and I.