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Dusty and Cam - 3.20.17 - Hour 1

Mar 20, 2017|

Blazers sweep the weekend, worst sports parent moments, and Case of the Mondays.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

They solicited to. 45 minutes of your life I've promised. Doing the right thing since 1952. We don't do brackets yet. This is the final sixteen which commission of Dustin. You've experienced tapping in hi what's your favorite series award winning pots. Okay now intending to defend dot com and wind high for a year dusty and zoom on 1080. Number oil Marcy may into its morning going happy Monday everybody it's Tony the march 20 and 27. Mean how are you again. You know there was some good but some bad for or some ugly. Look at that no I think there was majority who it was good. That you good. Grace every good. Does a lot of basketball. A lot of basketball a bass hole on the boy I had it on Friday afternoon. You let let basketball overload yeah I had I only candidate to stand madness yet again is special thank you to everybody that came out and supported us the station. And it handed out until independent sports bar and grill. Men another great day on Friday. Of games Lou need to act shall let. When you get loaded action it was it's great sealed he runs out there. Got to know a couple more of them that I had met before. You know we're talking about how we saw in LP one and Denny can we do on. On Thursday we had Jack come down and Jack hung out to us on Friday people and Jesse was in the building. There's a lot of great people Dowayne and that fuel and Blaine he's Hillsborough guy. You know Latin so you're tendered brother and that's right he went city went to my high school at ten years before I did. So was great to see everybody and it was good time and I hope that. Everybody else had a great time down there because it was hacked. Especially deduct game on Friday. It was loaded in there it's so. We figured Tim Crawford was hung over and only lasted about five minutes on on Friday. Yet this is on Friday may and does a self preservation moves look at that shown little shown little inner will. Is that inner will or just he's just done. He's physically die and even even Crawford knows when to throw in the towel you shut it down you're an old man in Trenton of same stamina used to eat. Well I just. I could've done it again but I knew he knew better annually that is a sign of him growing up he says you'll said he knew better. What's almost more. He almost said he knew that I had Jack I also had they see you later in the evening all I really sell a piece a title and on Jim I saw you were. Do as of the cut Irish car bombs sided one I want over the weekend looks really did it was it was a celebratory one. Oh good Sunday as enjoyable Sunday. If the weather was nice it was cold and put my first round of golf in the years so yes there was one of those things regatta sendoff to Saint Patrick's Day weekend. With the classic Guinness and and James and done via and a good weekend there was Deborah in a very safe. And happy saint patty's day we get they shall run like we ever do everyday with the wake up call. He and I remember was just like yesterday. On this date in 1981. The NFL to implement is something that I did not know. Existed and it exists in every single sport slave. But the NFL on this day in 91. Implemented it. It's a disaster plan in the event a franchise is involved in a fatal accident group they have a plan. In the NFL whether it is. You loosen. Fewer than fifteen in more than fifteen players. It includes a special. SNC special draft. Where's you just did is if it's fewer than fifteen you move up to the waiver wire for the rest of the year you just get to sign any free agent they possibly can't. And then for a quarterback. Basically every team has three quarterbacks. Has to offer up at least one of their guys for your team. Crazy. And then the end of the commissioner has said the ability to cancels team's season. And just give them. Multiple first round picks in the event of a disaster. At a bingo but you never know pricey plans you need those drills in part of the deal. And no more good way to start our Monday that was. Today we have our case of the Mondays it's fired you up at 645. Great marshall's wife and nurses. Not only yourself let her husband in which does State's basketball team. Have you ever had. Any and piercing moments of the day parent spouse a loved one at a sporting event. I'll get the ducks rolled into the seat sixteen a tac toe looks very strong. Big Ben is trolling the city of Pittsburgh. As a whole. Museum in need little changed its scheduling. All of those things more more it seems they got this week and was little void of football talk. That's the way global picked up back up very quickly forget draft so there's things things in the way of asking what is happening both festivals happening. It is no NFL they'll try to sneak back into. And give us the give us something on that. So let's get you attacks on 553050. By the way we have a giveaway today but all week long we have giveaways. So stay tuned. Stay tuned it's a great event that we begin to take. Time to wake up. Well this is another bit of sad news. Legendary 49ers tight end wide receiver Dwight Clark reveals he has hail us. On sixty years old. And he is quite literally in the Indy five for his idea. Very iconic white this year no one of the greatest catches ever. I never met him but it's out it is this at any anybody that ever gets diagnosed without freeing any diseases of that nature and day he's he's linking it. With his current football and at this point you wish him all the best we have in the Stanley and his big fight that's. Absolutely. Obviously known. Not just for greed and of poker he says when the most iconic catches in Minnesota history and I catch. Being in 1982 UN FC championship game against the Dallas Cowboys Joseph man Mantegna fingertips found in the back in the end zone. To seal the game so many great stories out of that game not just that catch. But he catches but again those mean on the right. Mean Joseph Montana story and John McCain yeah. And wake up set it up. Well they think Washington long they have found their place at pearl Lorenzo row Mars and they'd gotten by all accounts from the national abundance a home run higher. As they have taken any coach in waiting at Syracuse Mike Hopkins it away from the orange. And Syracuse answering. The Huskies taking him by giving Jim they had an an extension for at least another year through 2018. 122 years as an assistant with the it's a nice long time was a guard starting guard do for the team just talk about. Playing for your team and then coaching the decided to say it's time to make a jump command and that that may be it's a great hire because apparently guys have died in my recruiter good exit those guys to get Jim Bain I'm wanted to take over his programs for him. The US got to wonder man how long is he going to be therefore would you abandon a long in the tooth they don't legitimate questions. On the women's side of the organs save women's punched their ticket to the sweet sixteen with a dominating win over Creighton they struggled early in their first round game against long beach state had that you get out at the end. But they end up running a way. From Creighton yesterday. 604052. Today. You have the lady ducks in action taken on deal. And ESPN that you are at 340 and ESP NT and then the lady Huskies host Oklahoma at six also on ESP NT right after the next game. Wraps up so low women's tourney action might affect both teams still. Come France champion huh. Hop and it does not test this is rock and roll play. Really keeping them out his two legs. 600 but it was ten or oh my god it's early wake up. Okay. Let's talk a little NBA playoff race in the Western Conference standings right now. We have got a little bit of separation to the warriors and spurs that they're leaders. Q games that warriors on top of the speakers for the top spot in the west. The race for the four and five C member and at this time last week we're talking about Utah on the clippers. And how that tiebreaker. Was. He knew time mutiny when the jazz away. That's lead is now two games between you'd die in the clips on meanwhile Oklahoma city's closing the gap on LA's. 567. Only one game separates the clippers thunder and grizzlies so the we got a long ways to go get a selfless and meanwhile the race of the aids but everybody is concerned about here locally. The nuggets lost over the weekend the blazers win TU which means they gave no lead is now just one game. The Denver Nuggets have over the Portland trailblazers for the eighth and final playoff spot. Dallas is teed big games back of Portland's. These pelicans are. Three and a half games back of the blazers the timberwolves. Have lost three in a row and they seem to be out of contention now five games back of Denver. Four games back in the blazers. So now our Stearns he does separation. It's in the very hard for New Orleans to make a push in and the blazers still and it's gonna come down and his three team race really Denver Portland Dallas. Bottom half of the western conference's looks like it's going to be a fun finish like you said France five. 28 creeping in the ninth and tenth. The early but only make it we had drama. We get dram those top three year pretty sentenced on the hook with Doug Golden State San Antonio. And Houston where we start the blazers do some they haven't done it almost seven there. Full seasons. 55305. Is Tex and this is dusting camp. This is the final sixteen weak finish in a dusty and jam in the morning. Rising by Sarah. On NAV software on my. Portland trailblazers got greedy over the weekend man. They go ahead and made. Get the final two. Of their extended five game road trip this is going to be very tough stretch. Of the blazers season we talked about it before they even embarked on that road trip. As they had a a stint where they played six games in eight nights before games and five night. Home road. Back to back followed by one day break on Monday. And then me and trip to New Orleans and San Antonio and extended five game road trip. And the Portland trailblazers and up coming out of that stretch of that if five game road trip. For. Into one. And they laid an absolute aid in the second game of that road trip to New Orleans 177. And followed it up with three straight wins over San Antonio. Playoff team in line and a playoff team in Miami a team that's in a playoff hunt right now and that is a way to you have a road trip at the most important party season off to a 41 on his road trip in UT something it. Yes it was. I mean it is that road trip by a five game road trips are tough for games in five nights very tough and un de putting him perspective of this blazers road trip. Very. Went 41 on a road trip for the first time. Since didn't march. Of 2010. 20092010. Season. Is the last time that the blazers had a road trip. Of five or more games and they went foreign one. And that's a lot to be said about how many. For more how many five game road trip during the NBA. Essentially throughout the season and we did this probably not too. But too often he was their fifteenth shot Brett is they're fifteen shots he hit you tried three or four of them every year. A five gamer Richards. Where in this scenario you have to win you need the games you have a wake up call. On March 14 vs New Orleans which I don't know who that team was it showed up that day. And neither is third as the team that was playing that game. Whatever it was however you wanna call it whenever the meeting was that was a players only meaning if it was a Damien there was a leadership meaning. At some point there was a wake up call for those boys when they showed up. To San Antonio and it's carried over to Atlanta and my goodness whatever dame did yesterday please give me some more that 'cause I'm by an interesting year. Old Damian though it had eaten really what was abrupt pretty rare night he would say historic it's been done only a few times. On in that he became the first person ever. You had he had 49 points in the win over Miami he had nine threes. In twelve free throws. By nearly twelve for twelve from the free throw line and hit nine threes mean that is absolutely incredible incredible. 39 of his 49 points came from me do three is three point arc or the free throw line. In that is absolutely insane in his efficiency in that score 49 points you don't when he went shots and I don't. I can't tell you know from what I've seen just in this recent time that uses markets has decided to be part of this program. And we have seen now what it is to watch. A high pick and roll run to its perfection. When you have and this is this is enough to be said because. When you have the kind of size that you some Turkish in this is that you would what would make some toll was out there. He is a big individual the use of mortgage is wide and powerful and not high screen has changed. The way Dame's ability to get open from the get go his ability get a shot off and that pick and roll has changed. This man has made something I don't eat whatever missing link you wanna call it he has helped this blazers team. He's helped those two backcourt players would Damon TJ become efficient players but a league players. Loss in games pretty nine point performances another new you know 2010 game from east of her kids she had 21 points. And twelve rebounds in the win in your right you know one of the things he always used to yell at the TV when we watching game and air we'd watch highlights he'd say. Dunk the basketball how many times we. Did you yell at the television that weather is Robin Lopez and Ben Mason plum lake. Nobody once again the way he says her kids so when you most of the bucket fair and one thing that that is open at teacher question no no I would not. But one thing that's opened up is we said what is he just like gonna beat. And we started seeing it last week was. Teams who are guarding no Obama if he wasn't making them pay. The last four games he has made teams pay he had eleven points us tonight on seven shot attempts out of TE there's still a frustrating. Missed dunk opportunities. But if they wanna give the big body and put him on. And help over. Geez if circuits no Obama is indeed a bunch shot attempts he's making teams pay for. Strategically wise. No volleys I can get the best defender against him oh goodness now he's gonna get the last defender occasionally it's not gonna be it's not gonna be opposed that's guarding him very often can occasionally could be so. What this comes down to use a majority of time no one is gonna help one on one basketball. He's got to be better than the guy I mean that's kind of what it is that you're not gonna be that. You're not asked to be an offensive juggernaut but normally you're gonna get the worst offender and everybody starting lineups and you have to take advantage of it. Certainly he has his points per game has elevated. Like you said prior use of nerves has done something to this offense. I conceded I think everybody can start to see it is it he has been a link that is made everyone else. They're game is opened up off now since you know I'll tell you what it's great to have options your single guy out there could be options Crawford now. Options are great. Right now Portland trailblazers Lotta options yes there are and yeah that is the longest shot attempts and Obama had last night or yesterday was ninety political leaders are single and so. He goes to show him wondering is a married there's a weird blazers when we look at this year and Chris. You know lend its Meyers Leonard Myers Leonard below that's right Meyers Leonard married attract a certain I got my bet my event once. Held a stat. That is. 18 either the Palestinian BA with a young. But at the same time. Having only one. Married guy on the entirety in you know forgive. He interrupted options. Talbot options not saying marriage is a bad thing but. Marriages but at the attorney draw the correlation and NBA players Josh options mind. Alone. It team draw that comparison here and this is kind of where Portland is that right now and oh by the way the long shot attempt. The previous not know how many eighteen feet. So any made that I what you're seeing is a guy who he knows. Where his he's money maker is it's at the rim he's not trying to force anything else. And he is all on the paint all the time in their easy looks east of her pitch. Is opening up other agencies and with his they emit some important and in impression he's done 1990s has done that's. He has done Matthew. IDs do mall now damion more and after the game. In Miami last night. Really he he had T injury great drops on Saturday after they beat Lanny said guy is time to get greedy and own yesterday. He dropped this on which is kind of mentality the blazers right now. We are like I've been saying we have appointed a season where there you go under the wing games we wanna be in a post season and every one counts you know we got to leave everything out there. You did it live every night yes we don't continue to do that was important resident I ended up winning and team. Doesn't play really well especially on their home court. On the we knew we needed it so it was about. Our team owner. You know lead that seat in dame with Rickles and then on the trailers all gun reference there right there but that isn't that kind of the way that he's been nice if you look at dean Miller post all star break in the knees and he's on that another. You know resurgence of his as his season on since the all star break he's averaging 31 points a game. On 49%. Shooting 44%. From three. I mean he has been. Absolutely earn and a dynamite and since the all star break and you had to just the last handful of games unload the clip he had thirty on that road trip 39 in Phoenix 29 in New Orleans 36 in San Antonio 27 in Atlanta and then 49. Pretty exclamation point on the end of that road trip against the Miami Heat. That guy is to me he said I don't know what was said after that loss in New Orleans. But Damian Willard he said they he he kind of had that come to Jesus moment with the team ranked he had he called all those guys out on that push. It all starts and stops with him right on he course he can say all he wants is starts and stops at this for. It's instigate a key is he's been able to do something then not a lot of players are able to do when you have a team that's down mentally physically down. After game like New Orleans in you can either go one of two ways you can elevate or you go the other direction restart that mode of all pour me woe is me where will what are we gonna do all we're gonna face the number two team in the west we know we're gonna do we're gonna handle that and we're gonna go on the road to face and a land Mateen. There were gonna finish up in Miami by the way it's a beautiful city who I would play good there too because it just is nice there now he went off. And then makes a solid got reverence because he says empty it. This is a team that has the make a push in a violent whatever you wanna call it go get it and that is what we've been waiting to see. All year aren't the blazers got thirteen games remaining in their regular season. Ten of them are at home. But coming up on Tuesday night tomorrow night there's a tough matchup for the Portland trailblazers as. A young has since then the combo in the Milwaukee Bucks Rowland a town and I don't know who for the Portland trailblazers draws the a Greek freak. Defending match up the starting lineup that's a tough one that's a very tough matchup for Portland I the united majesty beamer is heartless via. How's the how does he's his ankle well yeah a good question throw I'll free demeanor back and then right. In and then from there. You get three games in a row against teams that. Very day jockey for low position up two of the three have given up. Right in more than instantly the knicks are starting to arrest people the lakers have absolutely rested people many of Minnesota where we were just talking about them in the wake up call if you look at the Western Conference standings right now. There's too much there's too much ground be made up so even you know by a but. Come next meet in a week come Saturday idea but in a week. That that is when Denver rolls into town yep the age but come Saturday. Where's Minnesota that. Where they act is right now there five games back. They could be started to rest guys and say look move and we wanted to just start mail that inning didn't draft pick right now. And then a week it from you know today as he said. Denver Nuggets. Denver nugget or we can tomorrow there. Denver Nuggets in Portland that's going to be a matter of who were all gonna be excited to watch absolutely. Absolutely because this is this is starting to become a fun time and you know the blazers are looking. Like they may be dangerous team but they're gonna need every single one of these games as it comes under the wire 41 on the road trip. They've had fourteen. Game road trips. Of five games or more. Since 20092010. And it's a first time they've been able to go 41 since March 1. Of 2010. All right which does State's Greg Marshall his wife had a performance for the ages yesterday. If your parents loved ones and their serious sporting events five factories your five. Announced Crawford. With sports that are. Widespread texting. That's the message of what number did you. Two or. Niners yeah. Five and so. I can't hear you trailing off and I should unite here and there we have all of my life I mean. He knows cordless text just know it's five fives real fly messaging data rates may apply just play my number. You can go we're desperate. This is sexual relations on the shouldered likes to read. Overtaxed. Does stand jam in the morning on 1082 brain of that person actually say that also. Yesterday's part of the round of 32. Saw the Wichita State shocker is now a year tops Q mascots out and in turn meant. Falling to you Kentucky 65 to sixty T you came very disappointed you demon deacons went out in the plane around and he shocker is go out and around at 32 you are Wragge told us have to cheer for the don't know I don't have a third. Haven't I don't have a third Johann said. Just say go ducks and I didn't I didn't say that I mean Indiana saying yeah I'm gonna go ahead with Syria and now guys I need to know the mascots. We honest there's a boiler maker do anything for you he's kind of cool the game cock. And chicken are a global overnight later but when it with a shocker is getting balanced. Also. Gregg marshall's wife gets tossed his wealth. Lynn Marshall scored it. Would you colored escort and let Marshall is the wife of which does take coach Gregg Marshall and she's making national headlines today. Because of heard oh I'd go on a roll call her demeanor during the game intense lady. I would say so George who went. This started becoming pub in the public knowledge on Twitter during the which does state king Kentucky game in this as far before the game. Was even close at the end before controversial calls may have. Led to Kentucky winning as drew Franklin. From Kentucky Sports Radio which is a blog the basketball website while the sports website. On in Kentucky he posted a video. Of the Lynn Marshall. In the front row behind media wrote I would say belligerent. Screaming. And standing up in shouting there's a lot of expletives that were being tossed it towards the floor. And uses basically saying Jews out of control and kind of nuts. And then somebody from the NCAA meet him and delete the tweet. David big came up to him and they said dude take that down right now in they stood over him and watched in delete the tweet. Of the video of her kind of going nuts. And then it kind of blew up into this big deal where now everybody Neil arena was looking at Lynn Marshall. Trying to figure it out and the national writers ESPN's Andy Katz met pat forty of Yahoo! Sports said after the game yes it is an intense afternoon forty minutes she didn't sit down she screamed and hold. Do what she's an intensely supports her husband who love the program I love passion. I do I do like that I think everything is on the line we think about the stress the anxiety that a coach in their wives and their families go through the emotions and not to mention. A controversial call now that could have been the worst call I've ever seen in college basketball. One of the worst and a blatant. Shouldn't have been there the game now could be game be different she's angry I'm not gonna condone people going BS crazy. But this emotions yet action I love pat I'd rather have passed and all day long and support that I would stoic. Sit there in total your fingers and well. All it got a little aggressive to the point where. Police were called after the game after about ten minutes after money and left the floor. She was consoling family members of players and talking with just everybody they're very emotional but then starting going back in on the officiating yelling expletives in the arena in it in Maine a police officer actually had to go and escort her out of the renewable. They were contemplating seeking her out. Security was but they said. Two members of the media this is a sticky situation because it's a coach's wife Carol we can't really take her out though if she was just a normal fan. She would have been kicked out of the arena. No preferential treatment in our own without yeah oh yeah I'm wondering you're the court is saying that you say that I'm wondering. How do you think Gregg Marshall a ceiling about this. On now Monday after a Monday morning. Known loses his wife she's from really good job running. Mean happy wife happy life you I I don't know. You mean to tell me that this woman has not been I mean if he doesn't know he's been married period if he doesn't know this already knows what he got married to. Though we just happened to see on national television it was Al. How do here this she's up she's Creighton and there's a lot of crazy moms out there I've seen the mall but I've seen them. And they're there and just because she got a little emotional and got a little out of control. Look it is what it is what unit that they call it March Madness for a reason because it will drive you mad yeah have you ever had any Stanley experiences at the sporting event where you're like how can since bears saying. Well my dad has a very powerful voice boom boom you can hear his voice over anybody in in in the world in my opinion. So I was always always very keen to win. Used during a sporting event that I can hear his voice at all times yes I grew up with a very very loud to. And he'd audible father which is you know you was never disrespectful down the road in the Q that's Middleton who Wear black him out you just screaming for a head off. My number one that this sticks out in my mind is I'm playing I'm playing baseball universe you are just a sophomore year were plain and old civic stadium the old Steve. Knew you norms are about where I don't know where obvious it's worthy through their resplendent in atmosphere remodel this is prior huge. So worth playing Portland State. And if I'm on get radio I'm on deck. Knicks they argued up there in the guy throws me to curb balls that are. Suing an immense. And out of nowhere of course my dad's at the game brawl. Paul. What do you okay. Just out of nowhere and I did and now I have my right foot in and I can just see the pitcher he just goes like this in the search shaken his head and laugh and we think he threw. Curve ball another damn curveball. I swung and missed on three pitches a nine year I was done you I was emotionally I was done I looked up at him as I was walking off he's going there. Should you Paul. Thanks. Yes because every pitcher's job is to throw me a good second hit and you can imagine the crowd. Out of Portland State Washington game in 1995. And got a big crowds in very big very easy here throw my fastball and MTV where easier to hit well. The thing about city stadium with the Mac club back there off aegis. If you had a anything loud and booming in net C needs is reverb too right off the wall in an empty on needles to say I didn't hear there I didn't hear. The rest of the afternoon. Mean the road trip. Yeah I had the very similar dad hacked my my own dad. He's he's the coach says he did he's never got they got. You ended he's pretty reserved music in JV basketball game my freshman year and like three bad turnovers a Psycho lazy passes. And my dad is sitting there going zip. Zip it. And he's on he's showed up there now is it the past while you there was eighth. Then again there's a screening guys come up and I threw the hardest hazard drown. In it right do you guys' hands in I was an upset it hit my dad vote in in the third row yes I mean I in I parents aren't and I just stared him my coach called the time but it's I think you need to sit sticks seat for a few minutes there. That was the worst that. That I ever got I had never Bennett is so upset my dad during a sporting men he'd never said a word after that it just takes one of those who have yet just your kid turn the ball over and throwing a ball your head down. I tried to tell myself I wouldn't be that doubt and then I kept myself in the youths. All. Can I tell myself to shut up yes I can shut. Men you have those moments 553. 05 that is the tech sign in bear seeing family members. And you're sporting events got a lot of really good ones coming in including Simmons auntie who harnessed her inner Alpa chino. That plus it's Monday time to fire up a beautiful Sunday and you get a head back to work. This is dusting came on the fan. And everyone's favorite decades. Sounds like someone has a case. Could you have to complain about. Ultimately. Picturesque and Zuma. A case of the Mondays and part of Dustin jam in the morning sounds like somebody's gotta consider the mood. I'm 1080 you don't say. Yeah. And I 55305. What's bothering you on this Monday may be some thin when Iran over the weekend. Need to sound off them a letter written share but that's what's going on this Monday morning. And also embarrassing moments of your family members at sporting events this is because Gregg marshall's wife had to be escorted out of there. After that game against key Kentucky yesterday she was a law. Over the top and this exit five factory a 59 and it in high school from football game came in chi chi and by naming young. Who like album geno in the semi. I only played special teams at Torrey can be proud. Can be proud that's gonna get their shorts about that man in al-Qaeda beaten any if they goes alpha chi now let's do this. I sensible woman you're likely Ernie that is. Yeah right now it's a really good movie excellent movies. This Texas 55305. My dad was. Would yell and scream off the chart intensity in during high school football games and he'll break your leg as he struggled to contain a good running back three plays later that kid Brooke is like oh my gosh Cox hope nobody did that on purpose. At no then went. How many times did somebody get intentionally hurt. During a football game I've played a game my freshman year. In high school where can broke his leg. The drove the ambulance and as the time every Hussein well that's too bad. He got her an ambulance turnaround three plays later another kid broke his leg. Just happens in sports it does happen in sports it's not in nobody's trying to get hurt I was trying to break your leg I'd never happens I know that it does happen but I think that it is pretty rare that the intentional injury is. Actually successfully executed he sweep the lyrics. Bryant tried to kill or die of suites lake. But I did know that there is you always hear that kind of stuff happening now think that happens and often ran. Back exactly right now. I don't want to wish injury on anybody new union union. 5530 by sinister gives the Mondays and sports stories horror stories crowd here and welcome your mom get after it had any cross country meets loan now I mean cost countries is for the doesn't really invite. Overzealous parents. I can totally see one of Crawford's family members on a bike with a megaphone. That's an enchanting. Well and this my dad and this would do you drive next door one cross country all know technology is redo. You make a phone use. And then you chased them and you constantly get in front of them have been as their running by you yell some. Motivational speech is Crawford runs by my data is known to resist themselves. Different places on the course and just be very encouraging. And loud but I'd be passed he Gatorade knots I don't think that a legal rules Seattle is it really can't give unit that no I don't think man fed earnings grow unless you can I don't think you can meter race. I don't know I never thought about that but a water while a key what are we went across country was right and I never I didn't started taking me back but hey you know like. You know tag each other out yet after a this law. The Olympic guy that as a jet he. My doubt is vocal butter like their vocal parent is long paradise there's a lot but it doesn't really bother me. Like launch the balls dabble more ball doesn't bother me that much and neither does Gregg marshall's wife finally get it doesn't bother me like it's in sports it's yell. He's got this Texas says I think that I had done a problem with Gregg marshall's wife I have a bigger problem in the NCAA make indeed lead to tweak of the video like. If Gregg marshall's wife is gonna act like that strong and that she should know. That she's an arena portal without any way does air. Like that could be posted right in if she must own it and go ahead on it. But everybody's said that she's those kind of loaded TOD lab people meter a bit even I got on Soledad either but the NCAA come and say you need to lead this week that's stupid and they come out this wasn't even that it's said I think is a great marshals. White is a lit. All said up. Wasn't bad disparaging or anything they're few Beers. There in the world who didn't in the honoring their hearing basically is also sounded easy did you see the finish the street would you be pissed off that you worry yeah you wouldn't be a little bit. Annan the scan my mom has created a split couple whenever I ran the ball. More or anything with the ball near me I'd hear my mom in the stands yelling. My friends still talk about how line allowed nine bomb. Supplemental. The moser if you what's. We got a lot of bad stories. But when a mom does it that's intense yes I want my friends in high school his. His dad and mom medicine and up sedans because he is dead and in the rest of the fan would not sit near the month it would force her to go down to the other side of the basketball court solid. If she would sit by yourself power move right you don't I'm not supporting this can be arm were not sitting near each other. Nice I kiss the Monday zooming anything that you've got about this and I'm looking at my phone right now and the weather app. Don't after yesterday you're asking her how how great is yesterday or I had agreed yesterday it was gorgeous play golf I was out that's an all time yup what else the 'cause yesterday it was. Beautiful. Real solid people down at the the coast field cannon beach as beautiful out there but and I look at my weather out. Am seeing a lot of clouds little blue lines shooting out of my against the rain and alike get that's all icy rain rain. Halo 38 low of 37 it was freezing cold yesterday morning I will say this it was cold. You know I ever in my case the Monday's today. Went out and ending in the garage this morning to leave the house. Grand jurors left open all night. My wife left the garage door open all night contentment and then so no I think still in the garage everything's still there surprise is safety in many neighborhoods and didn't think that that would happen. But. Then he immediately after that like my wife gives the durable no no no she admitted as her fault but then I get the phone call I think some reason house. Because she knew the garage door is left open think now. Nobody is in the house because now the houses finally she gotten they weren't just side sleeping in our guest bedroom waiting what you believe. Before they'd been before they came after you. And so. You know we're waiting waiting for all that has subsided I hate doing that I now do. I do a leaving doors open here now you have done. I've done that a few times that's not surprising. You know the Milwaukee douse your ticker I was evidence lock him up checked them twice to America and you're Stephenson golf thanks for just ruining. Well whether the feeling I had Crawford. Things is that whether it's the Monday oh yeah I'm sorry man was wet enough for me just I played golf outing it's I was scap loose ish area first I've been over there you go well. Sheila wildwood golf which now we'll track now pupil track no downhill out a lot of walking holy smokes I think I walked almost eight miles of Lotta hills. Wary wet. My I mean there were times when your ball was of dawn absorbed in middle of the plus version of that yet blogger who was auger auger bit down in that sucker. But yes golf courses in the golf industry struggling right because all the rain can get Keegan guys out there playing and now we get that one great day is you're out there. Well I'm glad you and out while led it's nice little play wrestles. On out I got a real case the Mondays I forgot. My family's dog died yesterday on my guys I don't really know anything about it and that's remember senator. Who knows Taylor died arousing college I was my childhood dog okay this is a Jack Russell Terrier. Was totally healthy but had a tumor they know about that exploded. Off ruptured and so he died my brother Dixon yesterday morning scout died. That's it both. Really us great text to wake up until he's kind of a bummer he announced on paradise for gambling that does suck yes sucks and site that sucks and then I was at the coast. And of course everyone has their dogs animals like albeit you dog now. Now all eyes that's now being informed that would be an impulse buy it I think oh really like you two cars are you on page right. I'm Ivan I sometimes carbon footprint your parking foot proceed take a point your screen in London and as neighbors are so proud and you make an up. Thirty feet from here lamenting about dead Stanley dogging you as a men's dynamite and maximize my mugger Jen distract you now get a dog. Catherine street you should the first step in marriage yeah what you know again practicing earlier child iron yeah him. Aren't 55305 to send in the case of the Mondays on. We will get to as many as a cantor at the course of the show and if he had any more ridiculous parents stories. Let's get to those as well to come out next Dutch fans are complainant today they got no case is the Monday's they're still Danson. With the win over Rhode Island a massive concern. Or. Should be a sign of optimism. It is 657 on the fence.