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Dusty and Cam - 3.17.17 - Hour 1

Mar 17, 2017|

NCAA Tourney gets started and biggest blunders in sports history.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Base or listening to the dusty camp podcast brought you on the stand by your local less Schwab tire center doing the right thing since 1952. Okay. One time wizard. Commission though doesn't jam in the morning. Love you guys I'm. On my kids who know local lender specializing in the NBA loan plus we've come. Dusty and to have more intimidating. Happy Friday everybody. I'll read estimated in here a little worse for the Wear all degrees here. Here again run ragged over thereby. I baseball season. I'm getting right because I'm 41 years old and I'm an old football player that's what it does give doing. Sports. Well no mess I mean in year a busy man Tim. Because my in. You parentage and I'm up bright yeah I can walk I can move ish. I'm happy yeah happy happy that is good I am a little hung Zhao from the air church concert last night. But I feel great. Feel great to you yeah the music. Best concert I've ever been to. He is the best live performer. I have. Ever seen okay give me your top that you and that's a bold state media that's really bowl begin I need to know the criteria who you've seen alive okay. People I've seen live George Strait. Can't whose diseases and end your knees OK reviews you know by Jimmy Buffett plays a crowd pretty well but now okay. The van Morrison's terrible. Lives in in with peoples are not on my high let's hot chili peppers and they were okay Crawford went to go see then two nights ago and he's back welcome back here Jay sharp as ever you know. They were one of the has gone designer and argue and has some always a night. Yeah inning they were as they were really good but it wasn't like anything that blew your doors off. And goodness what makes a great concert for you here's the thing. In that's a good question this is what he that he's first of all. He's active right any he's got he moves all he has one of the circular stages where it is known backdrop many moving around the entire time running plays the crowd. Very well what does that starting off with a challenge OK starts off with a Chal aren't any he gives the if you gay if you give us. What we're gonna give you you'll never forget tonight that's restarts it and then keeps revisiting that over the course tonight's big crowd as a stamped out. There again after the style of music to you which is like country's southern Iraq. And even big they have he lets the band just kind of go off and indeed their own thing see you have. Use it it's not just like country music. And so indeed deep progression of the music in the way you said it play appears here had a set list set up. Jesus Christ preacher he gets out and then keep personalize is the show to Portland. He was talking about bird bodies and going and playing at Duke's in her body's like. Dive. Well not diverse country bar in a dive bar and that's like where he starts he needs is tell stories about. The crowd sees the play in Portland and now where where it is at sold out notice an agreement any interest in it was church all and then by the way. He's sitting there and he must get the crowd amp up. Home so. He's challenging and Johnson and Brett before the song Jack Daniels kick my ass tonight and right. So he goes underneath the stage with the cameraman following a Porsche shots for his road east of Jack Daniels. Cheers is out. Pounds some Jack. Three hours see Clinton says it is art the actually slate guaranteed three hours last night both in eight. Was offs. Now is very itself. An area and could criteria. Something lower than it was well worth it man don't till midnight dig in until midnight. Across what time did you get home. A bullet I laughed Jimenez from 9930. Yeah you got dropped last night yeah any other rob was dangerous young dropped OK I guess that's that's from him and rot posing like they're doing some. Stupid photo shoot on snapped jet. Very often. I see you have you were. Correct apparel on Saturday obtain putz is day yesterday and you're wearing green you know I can get pinched his or anybody. You know what happens when you don't Wear green when your around me. You don't pinch in India no. No you get a slug. Oh you'd punch him yeah well good thing Crawford's organizing Gump like Ron Thong today I think if I did it Crawford he would. Might mean looking women I know I think you would I think it leave the stain on my hand well. A thief comes stinging. I think he's a new piece of who. Oh that's what he looks like right now Bible says any mammals Garth Brooks in concert to you and he was dead I've seen Garth Brooks concert it was excellent view by far my best show fall by Zach brown and AC DC yes. Exactly I've seen background to Idaho got about them inside there did a good show. They don't generate shaved it almost very similar but it's it's more. With church it's more on me to be aggressive come on come at you in challenge you to drink your ass out I would tell everybody though. My number one band I have a little bit of close knit. To this one. Called Cowboy Mouth it they will come to Portland again how they're phenomenal through the best slide show you'll oversee. Cal boy now Cowboy Mouth my friends from New Orleans their amazing. I'll sign up under a rock band amazing southern rock yet. Amend Fred plays up front with with the drums it's very rare you don't sleep the drummers in the fronting his lead singer and Murray's trial. I'm already sold that's great. It that's a tough big bend or Portland multiple times do you really don't live to Seattle and I don't see it and 'cause it's ridiculously tough to play the drums and saying yes exactly to do is be an entertainer yeah it's an amazing show and. He and I remember was just like yesterday. Man. All right today in sports history. I was looking at today in sports history from yesterday. And I found this on. Which who has ties Sydney. Hit the shot the shot four point eight seconds ago. Seemingly years ago syncing your Missouri twenty usually two years ago and she's a long time ago right yeah he he's sucking. In Boise is a good sports year. 9595. Mariner's. When nailed the error of the hill San Francisco Ron Amadon gets is. Yeah beating nature own means and Steve Humphries gets that monkey off his back it conference. And Alfred Pope who knew the guys pop the coconut. He'd get the touchdown food that was. Posey Mike Plummer left San Diego moon for. This important area and Gary Plummer. Four saves this go to beat him in just a Super Bowl yeah. Led cheaters rookie year also. I think women World Series that was 96 now we know he Jeter trickier with name he came in with Bledsoe and Chris Webber about. I'm pretty sure. It came in without that Rodriguez A-Rod A-Rod Liz if they Rosie older is Bledsoe. See when you that's nice other readers can world is an injury I had my idea. I don't know it was edgy trickier if you. Check men. Let's games the Yankees. Twenty years. ESPN's even retinal start or come on the show at seven he's the guy that told you depict Middle Tennessee State in your bracket you better have a boy he was right and then without knowing who the match it would be he said give give Princeton a hard luck. And what look what they did yesterday they almost self Mike Brey is the Notre Dame fight I should protect and a somebody tell a college basketball player when you're down one you don't have to shoot three and now why would you that kernel two teams did it both Princeton and hear the full game we'll talk about also. I'm anti soldier from the Oregon intelligence at 830 live from Sacramento. In what is there every have called it lets their new arena called. In gold and one senator golden ones and as golden one is a credit union but those can be like there is no Maffei omen that I will grow who. I went to Easter we had Easter dinner at golden crown and. Red bluff California on time by choice. And well known by necessity you don't go there as we are on the road trip on our way home that's like a royal Ford came to our home in -- it was Christmas guy a guy that we may only want it that check this out zone at Caesars I want there is a guy trying to Leuer. My step dad. Brother and I in his windowless fancy could take us fishing. And he had like one of those Avon you know of the day Avon garrido was out there saudis may have on you we like date now make up sales Heusen Avon salesman the wonderful. In a windowless van trying to get us to hop in his Manning go fishing with him down the street great isn't best. Easter dinner ever Bruce. Time Waco or ring Edward Teller for a first emerged forever changed pull. And Indiana fired Tom Green yesterday brains as being simply turn Mitt tipped off no surprise here. Powell unbelievable lows that. I think I'm right does the turn amazing tipped off the Indians like what's this troll just. Hey by the they fired her coach her top speed they have the most. Unreasonable view of their program ever right now. In what they should be they're the Texas a basketball. Yeah Texas Longhorns football is the comparison to Indiana. They're elite status. Is they should be the best in the in the country are just like Texas legal why are you guys are great it's Indiana basketball wire you great. You do it out of your own way like the lakers to home. Guess legally thanking you sit there you like Steve wait a minute. But they're going what we're Indiana and in the lakers go but where the lakers how did we not sign everybody. Yeah but yeah haven't you cheered him so they're paying him four million dollars going despite going winning two Big Ten titles and last but here's. And he took him to recent. Hey wake up I said wake up. This guy sands perfectly decent thing is determines things so lap but it base I might disagree with that because I've played bass. And yeah I think it's harder. Play the drums and I'm my own drum set also I am not claiming emigrate musician at all I'm just letting you know it seems a lot more difficult in my opinion that you played at a micron said. There vegetables that's what I'm. I well I agree nor do I could be a professional musician you know that's their opinion yeah I played both of them terribly in middle school band and in a middle school grudge and count if you just have to snare drove here in front of here's the thing you know it was an old drums that OK you know. But here's the thing you're good at both of those instruments I'm terrible level doesn't mean I'm not good I am I can gay people really do it your better than that Iowa that's a good standard day. As seen there in in when I try to do it. I'll say drums harder than bass bin so we're going from bad guy who sucks guy whose whole pretty good. Relative normal people should hear them I mean they're both the same are both built the rhythm. There. Could give her big payday he ultimately it was good fit defense tackle them Hari opposed sunny with the falcons yesterday when you're eight million dollar deal late mayor Rudy in dollars. That anything anybody. He is a big marquee signing yesterday. That's a good fit for Dan Quinn now that's a great action. Nay great fit for Dan Flynn is done purple and he can throw turley great win in week ten. It they've paid off but it's a good fit for what he does your a you can look at any decision on my leg paper they Buffett's. Its own group pop hey it is not in Denver within days rocket speed and strength I just listen that's really playing them out and do leg. 600 bucks goes Santoro and I god as early wake up. Mr. Bruins met. Idea miss him yeah everything I do. I feel a favorite comedians ever an instance George Carlin and never underestimate the power of stupid. Oh goodness now the third as the rules led by. I let's take a look at the NBA scoreboard being it's. Does Denver Nuggets and they continued their top clients. We talked about this yesterday would be improbable wins. Outweigh the disastrous losses between the blazes in the nuggets for the eighth spot. Well an improbable win comes yet against the Denver Nuggets as they take care of the clippers won 29 to 114 and no doubters. In Denver last night our own. In this is at best five game stretch Ruiz said this is for the blazers to make up some grounding of the clippers they need the rockets twice they have Cleveland's in Indiana. All in a row or five game stretch they start that stretch with a big win at home well it's it's tough that the blazers need help. Right now you you're hoping for teams to win that's not how you wanna or lose I'm sorry I wanna get into the playoffs. All but Denver claims of confidence it would take an interest grizzlies have. Adapted to life after. Chandler Parsons they've won another thirds. Game one of green anyone over the hawks meanwhile rustle us for doesn't again triple double fourth consecutive triple double. Is he now has 34 on the season and name thunder beat the raptors won 23. 2102 and I were struck out day one is in the books definitely some madness but not much drama. 55305. Is the tax on this is dusting camp. This is a tournament week additional dusty and jam in the morning brought you back up we go markets on 1080 both phantom. Really deadly got a little bit of madness yesterday. I think gimmicks drama I told you this Greg before putt no I didn't tell you this I told Kerschner this. As he and I were at the independence were foreign earlier yesterday and had. Fantastic breakfast burrito means that was an extreme surprise. Mean thank you an event. They had a beautiful breakfast menu. Up was excellent yeah a year online your those grumpy that the online menu didn't have any breakfast when do we want to go and thin nice little ball although many did have our first he decided to nurse is. Bloody Mary nursing is they I don't know if -- in the south I think each time he was drinking it with a symbol TV producer Alex searched her the first time we ever have one that's even more does he didn't he didn't like it now on our right you don't have to like it now you know after almost a guy that's fine. You peer pressured him I don't think it was in the mall I didn't peer pressure right to sedate. Here we go let's go mr. he beer pressure but anyway your press I did mention it's and I felt like this is going to be a un germanic day. That yeah I know a year in your right in that regard because I just and have the feeling like the upsets the under. Where the high seeds we're not going to be is are low seeds high seas where we won't say it's really confusing here is the double digit guys. I didn't feel like they had stood a chance an hour and really we only have one. We we had one. Like true upset kind of scare in that was well and that was. Within a policy no new exit is Xavier beating Merrill yeah. Because does eleven vs today. Six end of Maryland is favored in Vegas but I look at Middle Tennessee State is anybody listening to this show didn't know Middle Tennessee State is gonna be a meeting Eamon Brennan on who's going to be joining us again today seven who said watch out for Middle Tennessee State. And then we drop the stat right before we got off the air yesterday. That hey. There's only been one other time that there's been a twelve favored over five. And look it they won by double digits look at this when they win. 8172. And it wasn't even that close to her Minnesota was this kind of front the Big Ten has got to be gone up old. How good are we right now as they look at Minnesota their five C dizzying and Maryland. Do my princess is found out is no longer in the ACC there in the Big Ten now they go down. In daily news is well big ten's going Homero. And we get to five and a six and his in the same day. We'll display when the rest of their exceeds the sum like Michigan State goes down to me to. For their fraudulent entry into the nine woods yet the nine and it just wait but you know what it may not have had those upsets hourly camp but at least we had tight games and we had close games in games that. You know even can Zagat. And they toyed with a little bit South Dakota State error of four point game at halftime right nerves nerves of a number one seed in the first half yet happened and then you had the Princeton in Notre Dame came down to the wire that's a fun game need to start the whole turning off up to 125 I've watched Notre Dame I don't know I thought they were better. They distant look as good or Princeton is a says that first round they just feel really contests are getting another team that when your. Down by one. Shoot 27 order I have this area and I have this theory that we're I was thrown around yesterday to get it thing you may be okay. It's SP and he knew that stuck to the wall few times. I am like Notre Dame doesn't frighten me like that game does not while I know that game doesn't frighten me if I have them they're gonna back backe lead dates right. In they've struggled in their opener. They're the only team by the way in the whole tournament to go to the you mediate back to back times and last two years now. Day they've had close games in their opener. I want. A team to get challenged early as he goes to the nerves out it's not gonna get like for Notre Dame. That's almost as bad as they play because they've been very consistent over the course of the year. Is are they top end this. No but. Is so they lose to other elite teams but they're very consistent in the middle right in so what he says yesterday's kind of what that's like is bad as they play. They're not gonna go out and beat knock off one seeds right. But dare going to be one of those ones Agassi just 32 NBC sixteen and probably it may or may be sitting in the elite eight yet again this year because. They're just consistent in not was the worst game they play I want my teams that I have gone far getting their worst games out early. You know my Indian zag I think Gonzaga may be played there got their worst game utterly. Ali we give enough credit though when it comes to seem watching those those suppose an underdog teams like a Princeton like a South Dakota are good or anything they they're in their for a reason they're scrappy teams I do believe that there's teams that match up better. Certain situations if you're watching Virginia yesterday in your watching these teams have place lol and then they match a vs teams or higher and higher speed. This is just this is what's great about the tournament you did then the unfamiliar dirty with everybody is your feeling each other out there first half let's flow are watching on Zagat. Did hear your your plane gets a team I have no idea who you're playing against the. Talk about that and me along those same theory how about Virginia fallen down fifteen not to use UNC Wilmington and look out across and then I'll listen they Disco. Yeah flip the switch were got word on you're done and and you know that's it that's anyone seen good teams. What you also site yesterday. Is. You saw a couple of teams that. Are used to big stage and they played like it last night Matthew Fisher Davis. Is that a name though we're gonna remember is the name they you know. Or does his head scratching Fella ice the game for northwestern. Rank up there were some of the worst sports groups that we've seen. And 89 match up gave us all the drama we wanted for yesterday here's Crawford a sport senator. Widespread text either. That's the message of what number. Two horror. Niners five. Six. I can't hear you trailing off and like it here I learned there we have all of my life I mean. The most cordless text just know it's five fives real sly message and data rates may apply to just play my number. You can go we're desperate. This is sexual relations on the show good likes to read. Overtaxed. Does stand jam in the morning on 1082 brain of that person actually say that also have. 55305. That is intact signed. The most drama filled day. New litter game of the day yesterday was Vanderbilt in northwestern. And that is why. That game right there in a nutshell is why we do you stand Madison why rat forward Austin. I did the independent sports bar. Yesterday and today 8:30 AM 7 PM. It would during spring in primetime Jose Jose because. It was so fun. To be in a bar full of people. And there's like this table are guys that had a bunch of Jews son I think they had a par leg on on because. They were they were hit in line think cheering when her you team win get that 122 ilk. I mean it was like they won the new on the NCAA tournament right but to be in an atmosphere and environment like that. It was so fun because. Of the end to that vein the northwestern humor comes down to a final shot in everybody just goes dead silent. Until the ball screens off the rim and it's over in pandemonium. In meeting its. It's electric in there and that is what we got in two of the games the Princeton. Notre Dame game and then the northwestern and Vanderbilt game but immediately after that everybody is the conversations started going to. Boy. What was that kid thinking and that kid is Matthew Fisher Davis the Vanderbilt guard who. I mean it's one of the bigger heads catcher it's. Then you'd that you can see in his foul of one of the best free throw shooters not just on Northwestern's team but the entire country when the game is tied Britons against. Oh no we haven't had this to me it's very familiar because even though this kids in college and we've seen this set forth in the night we saw ever since Philly yeah. Amy this is this is one of those things where you're often a situation where you have to know. Where you're out at all times on the court and you hope that court awareness awareness of what the score is what the situation is. A few bad form. I feel bad form because the kids never gonna live it down it's one of those situations reviewed Cisco can can rewind. Is there an opportunity to re wind night yes mr. officials Sarah bigger re doozies. Please on the edge as it is gives the chest patent discount gives the my dad and well. They in the here's the thing about that that kid that it is gonna be lost he's the one that tied the game. He hit three big free throws and at the free throw line. And many makes that they had for a reason to be news coaching never got any word from his coach and didn't know that they were. Tied and there's a time out there are seeing can't stop the clock and go okay well you didn't have possession of the ball when it mattered anyway but either way. And you just what are and I don't know one and they Chaka you taken threes when you're only down on. But both teams 08 teams and you have to use threes deep. Threes these are supposed to be the nerd teams are right and he's posted the guys don't and that's really Smart Vanderbilt in northwestern to the most prestigious academic schools in this entire tournament and they have in bull Princeton had as terrible shot to end their game to subdue threes Florida schools all had a shot selection at the end of their games and the trend of basketball it if you're down one why would you shoot. But the real tear down what you have the ability to get to the basket either get fouled and have free throws. Uncontested shooting or you have a closer proximity. To the goal Sorrell is sort okay ray but that what Danny ended up doing actually gave duke university's history. Behind that they're begging and Allen time so we all knew everybody that went to journalism school at northwestern shoved this down our throat who you interviewed for the first time. You know there's one team. Now remaining that has never won an NCAA tournament game. Individual and team there is it their all time or tiger like power conference on power five congress sock in major major college basketball program that's never won a game and the Gannett and start me researching mentally very well could be it's tough though is it something you're doing now really I mean. Think for eagle yeah I'm thinking football school power how Big Ten powerhouse football program or in the Big Ten ranked yeah Penn State now. Now. Tim Frazier for relies ago at one way instantly turn again there okay. No it's not was a Nebraska. Really Nebraska has never won an NCAA tournament and her. And that is a surprise. Is if kids and the need to get some boy they would have stumbled into ON. Hurt her the looks I guess that I guess so on but with that. Is this an anti Phishing Davis though I mean I know that were really hard and and we know how big of a brain fart that is what yours is that go down as like. The will be one shining moment of terrible plays in the NCAA tournament. What year is seeing there was he had juniors I can't remember senior. Now he looks young so maybe he'll get another shot with Indian. And in many today I mean it's the quite a slow you I think it's one of the worst ever first round worse he's junior he's juniors she's got another shot. See in you say it's one of the first round worse. I think that this is going to be Opel. Largely a forgettable. Play yeah that this kid had for hands of the story is more about northwestern that has Indy for him. He's never gonna forget it. Right in the only thing that's gonna keep it alive. Matthew Fisher Davis and when people talk about big cigarettes is that there's so many journalists that went to northwestern. That they will think of that play because it has that connection to vent. And debt that it might be the most unfortunate part from at their feet Matthew Fisher Davis is that journalism like journalists are gonna forget it because it's. It benefited their team but if he can stack it up with some of the script so we've seen. In the military history and how about that Chris Webber calling a timeout on the sideline rant that is the most famous TV. Most famous I mean there have all time. And it and that means I'm in a semi be one of the one of the worst ones in sports not just because we'll turn to realize yes I worst one of all tell you may have it you can have it in it in all sports you know. I mean you second final four because they'd controversial moment Chris clever it they've massive trifecta on this. It was in the final four on the biggest stage you were heavy favorites. In your Chris freak and Webber Wright make. Your freshman big name big stage in your big favorite in yell lost like that is. That was key factor for him and I don't know. Mean. When he comes down to it this is a small potatoes in the sports landscape when Matthew Fisher Davison right I mean. Yeah heavily on let. Oh you're talking if your target him mistakes of all time I mean how does mention every kicker you can imagine did not mean. There there are kicks there are things you do in sports that are memorable. And sometimes you wonder if this goes down to the fecal affect the raging go places out in the you watch these guys in do you ever get a chance to redeem yourself. Have you ever seen them an amicus some of these guys like Leon Lett turned out here really good defensive tackle the meat excellent defensive tackle ran into the Super Bowl one super. So they needed that's that's. That's route and forget double in my eyes when Don Beebe Jason you dummies still in the game by an actor just brands as magazine matter he. The Chris wherever one hurts because it lost you the championship. It lost the opportunity to win the championship let's call that. And that is in the in no way shape or form was north there Vanderbilt going to ever do that yeah. I wonder how this affects a kid who's ease junior Susie ease agony coming out early and owner how this and it affects. Guys like long term I'm sure that the somebody's throat and Britain rodent. Written a story about this like end Claudia Pandit an article about. That's how these. Turning goats. Do you want the following year like when you when you come back the next year. Because how it affects you Didi go 12 ways either his wall and self pity Orton drives you to become better. You deserve certain certain people can handle another scam others dispute just go hard hard hard to deal with. Right 55305. Biggest screw ups or any help Matthew Fisher Davis seal a bit better because the turn then it started with. With one of the biggest ones that we've seen in the last couple of years for sure last handful of years. And inexplicable bow tie game. With ten seconds ago Vanderbilt. Rising one and in a double bonus situation for one of the best free throw shooters in the country he ices the game and northwestern sinks Vanderbilt. In the opening round of the NCAA tournament with a 68 to 66. Gives the best goats that you can remember NCAA tournament all of sports. This is dusting camp. This is a tournament which edition of dusty and jam in the morning brought you back as we go markets on generated so Salem. Cairo and sports blunders. Matthew Fisher Davis at Vanderbilt. He gave us the one shining moment. Of screw ups so far it's not a song one shining moment yes that's sounds like one that's a highlight real. The Luther Vandross on the up. We talked about earlier in the way did that pay and it's all starting makes sense not. When shining moment the highlight real. That they have. Text and an NF five factory or find out of this one every idiot football player drops the football over crossing the ends online can we Trace this back to one player. Doug willingly dropping it. Well I don't know when that six out for me the most is the U talking head yes and then against Oregon and where Joe Walker. Raced in down in that swung the entire game I mean that was game over after that and got Morgan in the national championship game. But after that you seem to see all the time. Rush I theory got to find it and everybody down and we wanna give the ball up her arms and hanging on to that was desperate. BL with a point dropping the ball. Even in the lagoon on the good feel good play good against the cool. But this Unscom in a few times. Just says Fred Brown pass the ball to James Worthy at the end of the game on when they could've made the winning shot in the NCAA championship. You have. George that beats Georgetown. In North Carolina there was after Jordan shot there was ED it was 84 right keep known not known that I think that was it that was the game where you sit there in. Did people forget Georgetown has been extraordinary and I guess that yes yes yes and days and they didn't. And that ended up. Starting your Jordan. I don't know but I'm asking go ahead say that. Sell on that seems become enter a lot and NCAA tournament you mean you pass up open look and James really goes. Wonders blunders blunders or comet it's there hasn't been a ton of super memorable ones. There's been a lot of ones that have that it what I'm talking about in the NC turn golf tournaments specifically well most these college guys begin in these situations. There are shots for me there's one that I distinctly remember. He was in 1998 is when Washington made it to the elite eight and was facing UConn. Many had 27 footers on that. One name was Patrick fair ruling he was a German if he was so he's 71. In the fade away shot in the middle of the key he sticks in all he does is stand with his hand straight up and doesn't want a bow. Give Todd McCullough on the other side another seven footer they're both standing there watching that shot. And I look back to that and I just go. My god just keep jury Joseph. Your 71 joke and so those are one of those pointed for mere in my memory armor that that. That run for Washington very clear Bob Bender was the coach at the time in here's. The thing about the instantly determine that people of this you'll end up forgetting unless it's your team that it happened you down because of the fact that there's so many games. I guarantee you if we set a reminder. And I'll say it all also reminder in my found. Of Matthew Fisher Davis. And we'll talk about it on April 3. The date of the national championship game. And that it'll be struggling you'll go. The Vanderbilt guy like it'll be a struggle there remember. Even now. Right now it's being seen as one of the biggest blunders in the tournaments recent memory it northwesterly winds and other line is it is it now forget a bull is it is it justified. If they win gaffe it's a mistake where he kind of pushed back into well it's got to northwestern. It's one of those Cinderella years the other day you win another game. I don't know. New gig and zagging next. And a thank gonna happen what I'm only in my own plug ins I didn't look sharp at the beginning and they're getting in South Dakota State but. And I say you lose. That's tough no IU ND he's not gonna get a pass special many fans because they'll be like well we were that close and we should have one week we can begin that detailed and also burial was within they try a lot of shots nationally about about being in their instead of Syracuse it was the first team everybody said. You didn't deserve to get in there any death which I think is. There's plenty of other teams he can look at the Michigan State is just because Vanderbilt doesn't have a history in the tournament. Lou and I mean make it pay no attention to fact that Michigan State last year got bounced by Middle Tennessee State incredibly Miller they will lose again today Wear out if they Miami and the ACC. In the ACC is actually looks pretty dang good I mean with the section of Virginia. The stumbling out of the gate against a UNC Wilmington being a pounding tonight into the game ECC looks. As advertised rectum and and because of the to get nine teams then. Nineteen times. Could conference and they got a team in and I agree I think adding Miami's gonna may run rough shot over Michigan State take as Big Ten. They'd have a great starts attorney either I'd 553050. Good really good when he got. Peaked here. And the ball off. Or gotten in sports blunder to work under. I would consider that a sports order actor with you blunder and play calling on our man. It's back to back Super Bowl yeah. In after. I mean I'm glad they threw all I know you'll cook but I just data from a from a seahawk fan perspective and everybody else. Yeah I think that now and more on what some legislators and this is. Did in this cowboys' chances and now this on talk about Tony romo's. 00 Seattle PI visas on the gallantry and I was there it's not and and that is a plunder and blunder that miss every cut bows and I kind of hover over his career dating to game was. You you win that game if you get that ball down and then there is like other cursed the hold where he's never gonna win a playoff game wild there. Theory on that offense I believe that. Ended the era of backup quarterbacks holding the ball off Vickers yeah out one blunder. Changed football for ever because he used to be the backup quarterback's job now it is the fourth or fifth wide receiver. Or the putter because backup quarterbacks won't dude anymore and I believe that traces backed that. One blunder by Tony Romo told every coach to go oh my god. We can't have him in there because if there's an injury to your starter I'm comes back up guy. We need to have someone else in that you renounce punters and putters it's punters were easily able led. We had a wide receive reminder at the end is that yeah don't we teams do that. They don't read a quarterback in case something goes wrong what we know quarterback of the best hands on the team that was the theory to do was get the best chance to know why because he has to catch a snap where you really know don't get what she hears two putters putters do too because blunders is catching a laser beam actually from fifteen yards yeah they got to catch that ball. So I I've never understood that it's a bit they can throw things go wrong there are many don't ordinarily don't think. This is did did play 500 in the end zone 12100 narrowed up go get it. As a matter and all hell's regulars. Right 553 easier I'd tell him realms is gonna went west log bunkers drop in the final drive I don't know. Giants 2.0 from Jesse. Massive drops you five super rules should. Oh I don't but your team as a fan is an idea of if Pickering. But that is it that's a big one too because that ball. It was kind of behind her back shoulder here IE should Condit is way catch mobile we have both hands he catches it because I'm going to under the tentative over gain gain is over. It is over if you wanna go. Seahawks running the football. And inspectors how about on the goal line how about the falcons just are in the ball at all. And like at all that maybe yes. We do run the football facts. You run out and block. I think that's see all these things far worse to a master Matthew Fisher davis' is going through. Unless your Matthew Fisher gave us this morning. Yeah have you heard do you ever lose a game for our team that I ever lose a yell like annual I mean I think analysts in this game orbit of the opportunity to may when those plays real like. That's on the guys. Now. No me because now I was never that scenario I didn't I didn't have been have all that now. I dropped I dropped one touchdown. In a pre season game zone dropper in the NFL coach. The charge you know yes there's a pre season game and I would still haunts me that's a disturbed it was buy it really bothers me tremendously. Yeah but no I mean it's all like I was in the scenario to have game's on the line I had one catch in my career. That was the game lied to that game winners one verses Peyton Manning my very first touchdown in overtime in 98 we want we B Peyton Manning. I wrote my rookie year. And then to close out beat the Seahawks in the playoffs the rams in 2004. Those are my two opportunities and luckily I caught while. We got those scenarios different. Because I think that's actually pretty rare in the sports landscape of thank how many times it comes down to that one play and how many people in sports or playing league despite the first on this ever happened this kid hey. And as I've been at Michael Leon Lett he's got two big sports blunders. But Italy cost them one game it I think it costs and that the blocked field goal and against Miami on Thanksgiving. And they lose that game that was he had he had the snow slide right and then the Super Bowl mean anything is like this along the suitable there's still money yet. But if you look at that like it think it's really rare to have TU moments like Bill Buckner keeps coming all. Between the wickets grass. Is easy to remember smokey Wilson running down hitting that shopper and I'm watching that going oh man and you have. The uses only have one of those moments in your entire her but. Dean rarely. Ever have to you. AK ME the closest thing that I aching everything I clip like the last hurdle and lost by 31 hundreds of the second to go to state. IG year its books that seed that they NASDAQ. I've done that a hundred times it and that's the one I hit IQ that's the biggest scare and it Batman still hunts did you. And right now and fraud to that all the sucked it up our property ever blew it for your team. I mean cross country and track little different U I you have a bad track moment once when you should fight to kid evil I should applaud him. We've heard this story we I got shot down in an image to the 3200. Which is not an exciting race. And dads did show me and I fell and I got out and I wanted to fight him but it says since the race a sonic IBM he'd be nieces just generally bad. Why are most these are coming in at five factories your five football related like. Is discipline lend itself to have more of these like we had good to Chris Webber timeout is on them when that we have brought up several times and any particular. Well I was just how much are coming anyway loaves football yeah out bad like this CIA another CI game Brennan Bostick just like Jordy Nelson catch a ball on the onside kicking your complaining NFC championship game rant again another example wide. Basketball he feels like you can make it up football in case you can't there's only sixteen games Italy couple plays. At this it's you can't make it up. Ranked top. Well five factories here five that is tax on a wild first data turning it for a recap of what's to come Eamon Brennan idiocy and joins us next this is testing camp.