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Dusty and Cam - 3.15.17 - Hour 3

Mar 15, 2017|

WTF Wednesday, Blazers-Spurs tonight, and NBA MVP race.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

They solicited to. 45 minutes of your life I've promised. Doing the right thing since 1952. It's tournament week I think this is a different it's a good team. I think that the team like that the success of the room and this is determined recognition of Palestinian jam in the morning. My guess we'd love. Local lender whose best. Legal mortgage. It's so hot dusty and. Trim. Treadmill along bulls down. You know. The NCAA tournament they're trying to make us feel like it's underway even Crawford's buying into this at tournaments underway at. It's now well you know. If this is the big dance the team is playing right now are the awkward kids on the outside yeah out and I fair that's fair degree and we have BC first ten in. Gap for just twelve and the patriots' coach Cody came back. Or. And like that that insignia right in the middle the court first foreign perished or personal or no use telling me no action there's a lot of other teams that are in. There's about sixty teams and why are you all the last. Board yeah that's what I would you know right good point Crawford until last or it's not the first four plus four is dean Zagat Villanova guys it's the first four games. I know that but I'm resources I had only what it is slick all the games why isn't the playing game anymore. It didn't sound good when finally the so really you'll sell that that should be what it is though mom makes you sound like these guys aren't really in the tournament because they're not. They're coming in USC part of the bracket USC tight end. Just the tip of attorney. About that table Tommy Trojan soared well let's. We're back can you here's my place tonight let's get to. I don't. While it's WTF Wednesday and that's a lap on the air we have to. Not just saying it's like margin or the music Esther it's all just in general don't talk. Yeah I don't need to give Wednesday Graf I'll get up melt our minds yes. Let's talk about. Norway hockey there was an eight overtime game Mercer of how did you see that. I set a record thirty on the knows overtimes in hockey history and any lead ever I mean my ambition may be an excuse vetoed any and provisional body. At eight overtimes which is insane. My question for you guys days and is a very sports he won this and you now weird what do you think the worst overtime. Of all. Pro sports or college sports is. Which one's the worst format why's the. Well it's got to be the NFL because you know he's emerged playing the game normally I mean game at an end in a tie. It is the worst over time Fuzzy NFL. And I will honor yes I will lead with the NFL because that's. That's embarrassing when you have to and in that I even enjoy the Kansas plant. Yeah I dedicate at least you end. The winner college football right now full well I loved coal is the ball overtimes and again it's guaranteed excitement yet you know and I'll go with. I think is very exciting. Is either hockey indoor soccer. When they go to shoot out yeah that's who you like Jimmy one overtime period if he can't settle it then give me shoot out let's go. It shoot outs are Ross Jeff I'm pro she doubts I don't know why soccer's allowed into the side. I think it's awesome that you just keep shoot now you go let's go through it but you know building they only did the shoot out in once in the playoffs right or to say you know get this win is a tie thing I don't I ask. Monday NHL does it now gate to make you more exciting you just get. EU you don't does the way and you get a point new memories only that a tie this thing ever ever ever. I need the NFL overtime ever does not only is it determined on a coin flip make it also ended a tie and worst of both worlds worst. Okay. Let's talk now this is a little bit of a longer sound by but I wanna play I think you in the listeners really enjoy it John Harbaugh. Brother of GM loses get it was on that with Peter chin on his Monday Morning Quarterback podcast. And Peter King asked him to tell a story that exemplified Jim Harbaugh as competitiveness. And I think can you being an extremely committed an individual can relate here is John Harbaugh on Peter king's Monday Morning Quarterback podcast. The picture of the caddie gave it his right Alison happens in a couple jumpers and then next thing you know were to go to basketball family were up maybe five to one. Next thing you know Jim starts going over the top valves and for rebounds you know the thing about opera. Fox are outfits they Wear the basket you know does so. You know assault Dixie you know it's five to five engines made. All the shots for his team of course up like a baby daddy would like to touch the ball you know maybe we came here Jack could dribble a little bit here ballot there as. Sort Joey did go 66. Blog rebound comes off the side. He goes and gets it I see Allison halves be over there. Slice im going to the basket because get a did you take thousand goal you know he's about 235 you know 63 half so we'll go try to kind of off. And I get across are my right arm bar across his chest you know I try to body check him into the boards. Ended into the Parker bushes over their behind the driveway and any based powers his way to the basket plays well it out. Reverse lay up off the board. And like to talk about it you know it's. Is that how we want how we went pixel Jack just doesn't it feel great Jack until we can't look but if you're great failed granted. So about an hour later regretted Red Cross seek you know the the backyard Portugal get a soda or suffered. And and he had across passes B looks rewrite the ID says hey Jack have you won anything yet to talk. I yeah I got a Super Bowl I can totally see you doing that cam up. Met a family of man you know yeah see here we see you crazy. Can I can see you say dad I see this I I I lost I've lost my fair share of a family activity. What he and you know Michael Jordan quote well I've missed this many shots and I lost this many games on and also I only need a win there's a rebound and box out another lesson smaller slider female to be able to make sure you score points OK well then here's my question for you guys. Which. Random sport or competition they you do you whether it's pick up loose baby it's a three legged race may be it's a risk a monopoly. Which do you take the most seriously get the most frustrating young additive that. Yuxi. My life and I. Played out seeing and we we have an out and in games of the Osce gets competitive zeal to a game of chance that. Hey you very easy of your points are properly even knowing your reason. You know. Yeah definitely oxy. I would say. Eight monopoly. Monopoly gets really gets really heating of the interpretation of the rules. Of how it goes when the interpretation of the rules and we'll certainly be different variations ever because well I can put my hotel here now to know you can't you have to land on it. There's certain things you did that everybody has their own little rules a monopoly that they think you're the rules. Now the rules something tells me you accused multiple people of cheating during monopoly will guess when your kid says I'll be the banker mr. sleazy is his. His money is always flowing normally had. I'm sure the baker. He's just. Given the tank I mean these valid means real fingers you have the top ten times and ever heard of Robin Sachs personally though are Fam my wife and I Catholic dictionary you can't picture never gonna happen. On the island oh gosh now and he can't draw very well vault now. Because if you spike the pencil into the tablet any more times poignant that one thing hoping that person can understand what you're saying I'm gonna work and they look at a blank stare with you. At some point you're just gonna go their name and then that doesn't yet games like ours like charades. Or like from what I don't know we call when you're like you're giving clues for the word but it's not you know like. I've used the word was refer journals like cold. I'll food ice box you know I didn't know that and you're like aren't there right now well yeah strangle my life has I guess. You know ID TO. Dirty mind. So I usually take it to the wrong place he said come on more on let's go back Tony Saturn on my fat I know accuse you always get to a person that's probably don't want to make the geo locating you other person wants to win now but I'd 739. And that's where it goes from turned to spout off things so lasted three legged racing done assuming else just added a case this is this comes from my dead spin. Dot com every you know Scott Burton I have wrestled and that's great. I know people us. Straight edge kids that sat is that a drinking they do high stakes you know. Never of that when like winner highs staying light and one person had to be water boarded when they lost that would be high stakes. They set up a thing in water slightly buried in manly water you know I legitimately did it that's not. Not they are not good you should probably need trained professional to do that yeah I'm just telling you what I went straight edge kids I know dear that's. I don't boys like crack a broom mayhem yeah dignity to scenic woods and what's worse getting getting drunk or water or do you friends. Okay one of noses in the Geneva convention had there's not a case so this does robot every Tuesday drew mad injury of dad's been does mailbag. And this question he had posed by a reader and I thought it was worth us discussing. Which sporting event. Which sport is the best to get drunk cat. And he cites the example of hockey beads of bats were to get drunk cat. Because you lose track of the puck and there's so much happening so quickly you wanna stay a little bit more focused. Whereas baseball. Is a great one so he's number one was horse racing on early you guys died that did you see even horse racing because. NIC I haven't we did that on K I agree I may agree with horse racing. Because you gambling got juice on its easy to follow. I was using NASCAR. Now act as it is in asking. A lot of it but it's along the same songs same lines as worse series. You know it was because they go around in the circle. It's exactly ratings yeah race this is why people believe track and field could becoming more popular shuttle just gonna say if you ban on people racing yet be awesome. Yeah in quality and drink. A lot you need to boozing woozy atmosphere thing is every year Hayward field really thought of the sport words excellent. And drink ability I mean baseball's great. I've always found baseball good because there's so much time it was slower. I can relax more basketball football season this intensity. Speed. If Google needs it in Crawford's language it's chill. Very chill baseball is shell worse time I will say worse than hockey. To drink yet. And then man. Oh I'm never been an MMA. Events while I think gives the testosterone in that building my goodness deeds give bill used I can put it like that could. Room played so thank god we W men do you believe in and I'm not I'm not saying I'm not painting all and then made fans I guess you are but there's meathead Breaux who's gonna try and fight anybody that'll numbers don't lie. In his affliction shirt. Tab out yeah. Or month and trolley or knock. Not really no cars and trucks are funding an event. What I WWE is that a sport and we is that a sports you know. Some sports I don't always pretty funny you don't get that. Good athletes out there yeah jumper around them that's fabulous facility amenities. It's sad because you telling me is of what wrestler and again at least you know Sabbah telling. That's unsettling all right pacer plane irate the blazers landed last night in an important meeting in New Orleans doesn't get any easier folks. Who is dusting camp. This is a tournament week additional dusty and jam in the morning breath you back as we go mortgage and generated Australian. The spurs are are very good defense team and obviously good offensive team as well also. Like I mentioned. We have to compete on the offensive end tomorrow night and we have to execute so trust each other. I've worked with in the system and inches play as hard as we can because at this point. It's kind of do or die. That was Meyers Leonard following the trail blazers. 157. Boutique dozens. Anthony Davis. And whoever's left on the New Orleans falcons roster and colleague. That was an ugly performance their tired they would be down. And it doesn't get in these years Meyer says is they got to go to San Antonio to unite. You go and me have a meeting with the in San Antonio Spurs who were nine in one over their last ten. So we found it funny that teams like San Antonio consider resting their players in here we are watching the blazers going. We're tired after 43 games in four nights Bryant and you can kind of see. The other side of the of what it is to watch a team that's fatigued or they've looked fatigued not only just physically just mentally. This week when the shots don't fall. You start to go gosh I suspect this is in going in. You can just see the inevitability of this game was just a roll away yeah Emmental throw away. In bake it that is the thing that is so frustrating for blazer fans and sold frustrating for you Miller watches team all season long. You cannot afford to have their home pushed Haynes at this point in the not a case in the eighth seed knowing 92 and half back of Denver. Who can make up some ground and look. Folks in England San Antonio tonight. It isn't going to be inning can mean easy trip man beaten and mean this is a good fourth game in five nights. This team is not responded moma situations last handful of seasons and look you're not you better get a better effort from your bench. And from your stars than what you got us like as you get a good effort from anybody with the exception Damian Miller. Who went to Ole what was his line eight of eighteen from the field in issue 50% from the field last night but at four from seven from 39 of nine from three point line. Air from the free throw line in back guy and have a 29 points he and Shabazz Napier the only guys in double. Figures if both of those teams are playing at full speed full strength who is the better basketball team in your mind realistically who bump with the two between the New Orleans. Pelicans and the Portland trailblazers. Well who. Don't they look kind of similar. Yes well the hard part about that is. I think they're just a bad that's a bad matchup for Portland. Mean you saw in it but the hard part about last night was that I think if you can hold. In DeMarcus Cousins the only the blazers voice you know Anthony Davis yeah didn't even play that well. Big combined to go sixteen of thirty's or fourteen of 37. Did shoot 50% from the field the blaze of bullies are killers right is but it in that's the frustrating part is that I'm. Built in did it take guerrilla efforts for that to happen. First for them pelicans have beaten down Portland the way that they did those guys didn't need to be great so I mean I don't expect this either Portland is a better roster. Don't expect to see the blazers do this vs San Antonio I think they are going to find. A lot of frustration in that locker room and everybody's gonna have a sense of urgency tonight you do I think they win no. But I think they play better last night 77 points was the fourth fewest. In Terry Stotts coaching era as the Portland terrible as his head coach is a low scoring performance since they had 76 on February 20 of 2015. If you look it franchise history. It was beasts and let it sit right tell yourself that him being eighteen cent simple it was the third low shooting percentage. On two point baskets in franchise history. Be lowest coming back in 2006 when they shot. A meager 25% from the field from tee you. And then two dozen for 27 point 1%. Last night was 27 point 3% from TU. Not not field goal percentage really bad inside dark down there Abel is and no good awful night you couldn't get anything done. On the aegis got to be better man and that's the frustrating part neat about this 118 points in the paint to forty. Two Newman eighteen points in the paint. Not good at all blowing you look at Al farouq Aminu Allen Crabbe and Meyers Leonard. He had two buckets late. But prior to that those three guys had combined to go. What. Two of seventeen from the field that's your threesome that's just three guys up bench useless to lean on scored in that and then I'll go back to it. You sit there kitsch makes this team better as a team he struggled last night in it's the second time in three games he's struggled against he'd be bigs in the India. But he doesn't change. Who the role players on this team are which are streaky and inconsistent. In the Indy he will never change that in if if he is off 19 he's eliminated. You still need those guys to step up in some way shape or form. And beat L will going combining to go to seventeen been feeling and a you know before those garbage time buckets came in but hey guess but it gets easier tonight you go to San Antonio. Did you get this. You get it now that's not out guts. Oh yeah Marcus is not playing and I guess. Powell's gonna be out there yet to see in other aging big Kenny take advantage markets take advantage of an aging big wind that day you know this is going to be good testers is a good test for him. Com. Just because of how do you bounce back because this is also the criticism a piece of hair it's in Denver is that when things are going well. He doesn't go right I was out the game the last time the blazers played the spurs have us over Christmas break. The spurs absolutely dominated the blazers in the second half of that puzzle with LaMarcus Aldridge and without Al assault. I'll be curious to see how you stop why Leonard Tony Parker what are they gonna do if they're gonna out energy you because they're gonna have to find. Some answers very quickly the blazers yes do well in this in the arrested spurs team their tournament and I'm. So. Buckle up folks it is this can be is a tough ride for the blazers as you know yet seen Antonio he's back to being a half game back of of Golden State after the warriors. I'm placing the worsened last night. Do you losing. Well they old and it's trying to guess the sixers I saw only one way to end the fourth quarter. In the fourth quarter they outs big doubled up Philly in the fourth quarter. Twenty to fourteen and one by two the difference between those those root. Superstar. Ray when he needs to make a shot. Couple guys committee shot yes staff was struggling for in the field and then he came up with a few big threes in that fourth quarter that streaky boom boom boom. And you're done but yet they ended damn I'd outscored Philly twenty to fourteen then I'd. They've got issues without Kevin Durant. They better hope Kevin Durant is healthy come playoff time man in because this team is will they don't have any size. They're surely get bowl there's some really good. Now to really good without him. Chip there they shot 36% from the field. But he sayers San Antonio is going to be having to go after that. Now one seed half game back in oh by the way from last night little note from the Indian Iraq it's James Harden every minister every player here in Portland they clinched the third day of class spot last night. With but. Like 5616. Games to go in their season. So that's pretty good August he's he's a legitimate MVP candidate is. Legitimate. In a pregnant when you think so. Yeah there's not a few villages don't like what Russell experts doing in big dead James Harden has. Better team right now and that could be a factor you privacy second third place votes determine the MB IIR I wouldn't doubt there's a split. Shared MVP this year wouldn't doubt it wouldn't put it past guys and voters to do it. Yeah. Anything when it's it really think Lindsay MVP I think Russell west for wins it's not who I would pick but I I I still think he would when's it Westbrook. Or horrid and Westbrook or hearted and Texas a five factor of five plus. Seahawks turns. With Eddie lacy and a few other income not having. Press conference sports and. This is a tournament origination of dusty and jam in the morning brought you back we go markets on 1080 Australian. You know. All right we got the NB hearings seeking addressed west right now I just think if Russell Westbrook and then they are sold bad Paul. If he'd dead neighborhood may 27 in six now what does it when you repeat the important most valuable. Play LA and Yahoo! so the. The most valuable player means the most league's most valuable player not the most liked player. Not the most interesting player not a player that does the most it's the most valuable player. LeBron James is the MVP Rollins and LeBron James is is the MVP of this league and this is a one of those where it's legal in every year this year to meet. He's the MVP now you can argues James Harden you could take quite Leonard you can. Definitely say. Russell Westbrook. But it's LeBron James for for me. Then why isn't such a hard discussion because everybody wants to give the things it's a it's kind of like the guiding gets everything. You ever seen that the guys think well so one year. One year. And this example personal example is. My wife softball team she just had a player that was and great players seem to get a scholarship to Stanford great player. They're sitting around the commerce say this the actual conversation. And she has the best year complete at aegis clearly. The league's MVP in the player of the year people sat around and went well. She's just really Gooding gets it every year let's give it to this person because. Vera senior. And they worked really heart. That was the actual conversation. During that time so what we're trying to do illnesses are done. Well what we're saying here here is here were watching the NBA that's just the small experience. Duo which which you made just do whatever I like to watch talent and I like to reward talent and when someone is a leaked like LeBron James. I'm going to acknowledge that that's very impressive and reward him with the MVP not one offs. Or casual really good years like Derrick Rose. Yeah okay those are things that impressed me long jab at each year any year out impresses me. You know there's something that is if you look at clutch times stats in the games and I think it's within five point games and SATA five minutes to go. If you look at an arm per 100. Possession basis which is kind of how you break down stuff to it to make it equal for everybody. And you look at. Who leads of those they candidates right whether its coli Leonard James Harden Russell a Sprecher LeBron James. LeBron leads in field goal percentage three point percentage. True shooting percentage assists per 100 possessions he's the leader in all four of those categories and Westbrook is the leader in points. In which is in he scores an ungodly not you nobody else can numero he shoots thirty times a game came in and EU. And that's it. That's it he leads in points but then you and you get blocks. In turnover ratio. And the record in those minutes it's choir Leonard choir Leonard. It is and he's kind of been the meaty part of the he's right in the middle of the pack and all the other. Metrics that you can gauge. But LeBron James should be that guy but it's Russell west for that scores. In those minutes right right in those closing minutes those crunch time moments. And that's what people see right that's what people remember it's easy only get taken a shot about. It's thought if you take those players off the team because that's the question twos and let's remove some of these players off the team. If you take and I know South Korean some of those guys are in it if you K take LeBron James off the roster of Cleveland. Are they challenging for a playoff spot yeah I think they are they're still atop my team right need to with Kevin Love healthy sure. You are rearing there's still a top five team in the east when you said. I case I don't wanna does first top five but yeah yeah I yes I want you to listen I must say that they may be. They may they're gonna be fighting with Atlanta what they're not getting a championship. They're not they're not winning a title without LeBron jobs no no way. No case and now let's do that with coli Leonard you take him off the spurs are they a top six top five in the in the west. Well seeing as the way they've been playing yet out. They probably are going and I agree here this community as it is hard not Houston what is Houston the pretty dead. Pretty good at the mean they're they're not they're not they're not. Not great by any means but. I still think de. And for now did you know gosh those retailers right now can all challenge for championship in my eyes Brett. You take Russell Westbrook off. Oklahoma City scratch at their knock at K ya if JD tegra Westbrook off. They under twenty win team up god probably they're probably the Phoenix Suns. And they're not challenging for championship this year no. OK so that's but they are to succeed in within striking distance of the five seat. They're two games back of the clippers for the five C. So we'll all that being said it feels like it in the conversation is completely equal they're the elite players of their team where's the separating point. For you you were a legitimate championship run team. Legitimate both if you're marching into demons that now so that's why for me it's quite Laird and LeBron James and LeBron James is is the winner. Yeah I just think that if you if you bust player in the world is that's price she give to again I understand people get sick of giving it's the same. So many Iowa isn't as does LeBron have three grown. Good question. I think it maybe only has two bronze it. But did the fact of the matter is when you look at. At these guys it's gonna come down to you one of those two guys that we're talking about in West African Harden. And is it because they root and there's just this. This this interesting point of wartime NB CK so three time finals MVP and three time in NBA champion. And he's really sinking at a basketball. Is this Texaco affect your progress Westbrook is averaging a triple double you're watching history. What have been a lot of good players on bad teams. That have never done that. Well. Yahoo! abated it has been done before Oscar Robertson did it but what he's doing in the way that he's doing in any year where. Vic de las for the are you leave the top three players in the world and and I don't think a lot of people are arguing that Kevin Durant is not in that top three players in the world conversation. From that team and they still are in a playoff contender and that. That should be said I mean there's some to be said about James Harden and that. Urge seas near us lest he's carrying a franchise is absolutely putting on his back and he is everything is it bad. Now. I don't wish injury on anybody. Is a bad though that I kind of wanna see him. Get hurt for the final like stretch of the season based at what cost less trickle cities is so. They still make the playoffs. But we see really how bad they are without him I think we've seen how I. You're giving him four minutes rested appoint you saw how bad Oklahoma City. Yeah and the thousands how to throw the deep south. No he was back that game he would I go back out he was gone for the 45 point gap but I know for 58. Yeah I don't know crowd pretty thing who he got in this comeback. Don't have Russell Westbrook. I think it's the stats are great awesome historic and memorable. I know he's the most valuable to their team. But I'll look at the Oklahoma City Thunder as a valuable team I think your team needs to beat at a certain level and I think that. I think they all got some doubly scored well is it 54. Against Portland what FDA the FDA yeah I think that it does some nobody's got 58 and they lost if you're the MVP your team wins that game. Well. Any advance that's instantly like that you will let you will it's as simple as valid if you're Dan -- your team wins a game if indeed the same. Scenario and it's LeBron James yes indeed they win. In my own world I am creating wrestle away. Brooke is a better player than James Harden in my eyes he's so explosive he is can he is up he's almost unstoppable when he goes and Iraq. This he's having the same season for me is a couple years who two years ago. Believe it Seth Curry over James Harden when James Harden was that was just doing everything it was he was the hardens. Houston. And so it just wasn't it in just he's not giving me he's kid seen something that I've never seen before is an elite athlete dominating. If you shoot thirty times a game and you do that. I just. In you know the guy who is getting cited in this whole conversation my mind. Is Isiah Thomas yes I know Isaiah Isiah Thomas because he if you talk about the snares retake a guy off of a team. Right now the Boston Celtics had the second best team in the Eastern Conference. They're 4225. He's averaging 29 points a game he's been willing his teen T victories in those crunch time moments like you're talking about. But I think. People over our over valuing the strength that roster as a whole if you take him off and his production what he's been able to do this season off of the Celtics where there. Right they're probably. In that Indiana Detroit 67 arranged where years struggling to get to five on. Or we're trying to there was twenty games over well what's great about the NBA this year is we have guys that are all legitimate candidates. That is fun and that is fine and there is sometimes we have years where's the stuff Currie sicker nobody else cares this is a great argument because everybody has their own criteria is. What it is to be an MVP yeah I'd five factories terrified that. Is that Tex sign and how you can communicate. With us the NCAA tournament rolls on. As do the blazers for a trip this is dusting camp. This is a tournament origination of dusty and jam in the morning breath you back as we go markets on generated so slim and. They did news folks of mark smears and ESPN. LaMarcus Aldridge has been cleared to resume on all basketball related activities and even after an occurrence within the miner started to review of good news for him now we said when you have very don't. This. Obviously it's of concern murals ticker. It's injured and there's room there's questions about that but. He's feeling this ten days in both of these times that it he's had this hurts. So it is controllable and LaMarcus Aldridge. Clear for mask like Tiffany's I wonder if that means he's gonna play tonight against the Portland trailblazers. Sustained. We genetically in my bed day later and really they got to get the one seat. They got to get the one seed only got say about that although. Elect a little if you more than once he does it benefit you'd have to play potentially Denver does it potentially that if you play okay easy. A lot or Memphis you have if you have the option I think you on Denver. Overrode Casey speaking about manifestly about Chandler Parsons thank the lord the blazers didn't have that the Bach did he hurt his. Did you thousand need done 96 million blu articles I keep saying to block streak as Alec and Alex seemed about to yeah. Forward yet local he's hurt and if I isn't it dead they echoed the buckle bucket handle terror we know that from Adrian Peterson you know. Who he had dodged a bullet navy SED in the colon kin. Tweed Adam again yes save his saying glad we didn't decide you right. Maybe that will be concerned that the NBA can step in and got a price being nice. Nice to each other bees don't it seem mean tweets knots. And titan in the NCAA tournament is continuing tonight. You have the University of Southern California taken on Providence six clock on true TV. Providence that's the pick from. Eamon Brennan. You don't want to win this game so to record up to beat and Teddy yeah. You have you filled it out till the night yesterday set I was India yesterday in his do win again Thursday fifteen minutes before the first tip if you wanna be part of the Finn brackets at 1080 the fan dot com. Are you idea sent out fill out fifteen minutes prior to the start of the first game Thursday and you can be the winner of 500 some factories to the grand prize winner as front to back. Free. Yet Jason. Ever give Norman and among an Arizona beating Kentucky in the championship game between yet. My daughter is very aggressive the three year old shows the Kentucky over North Dakota oh. That would be wonderful she is North Dakota make an Iran good yeah out of the west region so. Eighty to 32 you that's national championship final score. Yeah I got my bracket done its then I I find it easier in of clear conscious not to think about it too much to say who would win. Who woodland on have you ever heard of be reversed racketeering. Now explain it to me you start with you champion and then you work backwards. See you start with you champion and then the teams he think would be in the final four and they just work backwards are. I don't like that I never and that's my eyes are bouncing around tonight is foreign equipment. It's I don't know why just say there's a lot of theories and wait I know I'm gonna go with the mascot fame which Masco Tyrell highlight the best and recommended that this year who added that works its adorable. Well then. Do you in have you know pictures game you know demon deacons have been out there and audience announce an idea that. Can a city of which emphasize winning at all winning dollars and SE that's quite the run this shocker X. I have this theory editing and and go back I have a tournament I have Vegas odds. In this is not remind Finn brackets an eagle do you dislike the wanted to NE SPN dot com I have the the odds for every single team in the tournament to win the championship. And I think what I'll deal is I'm just gonna go on who has the better odds in Vegas. Who has the better odds in Vegas and just go from there if they had the same odds and trust the wise guys in Vegas and flip point oh yeah they are bright lights air for reasons it's gonna go with that theory I wanna see how because you can't get point spreads. Past the first round right and that's or people get jammed up. Just go with what the odds are to make the championship. In the NC where you end his Vegas is got cop did you have to decide how much money's being bet. Yeah legally compared to legally. A leisurely compared to legally yeah or illegally and I'm sorry no legal Eagles could legally. Come entered illegally. I I didn't see that I I heard that the overall numbers ten billion dollars. But I don't know how much is legal and how much is illegal 200. Is legal it. Railway. So that would put this in the number yesterday that would put us at nine point eight billion dollars is illegal yeah I think that it considers. Bracket pools right anybody yes we can't do that. People ES for coaches it Washington Rick Neuheisel can achieve a row you've fires and office pool how things look easy. At how lucky I was wanting to get out like that was Washington's out there they were looking for a way out. The bracket pool gave then Taylor and her way out what we wanted was twelve more years of garbage with you. Hot garbage now. Yeah I mean I can just gloss over the Tyrone Willingham era he's been stricken that from the record here your honor you thank you. While this guy goes I just picked off of which team has more wins and even look at their seeding well that's a bad period. More wins would you claim a crap conference. He's got his theory don't bag on the theory well I did it it's a legitimate question I have. Crawford what is your fear that it's not one that people should do. I just tell like whatever I'm feeling in the moment giant sky how feel and so what I wanna deal when he read DV research this. Now. You're doing your recent all the years I've done research and then just as bad as the years I have it agree. Like OK because like here's I consume a lot of sports media I throughout the week right. Listen the radio watch sports center so all take little nuggets then I'm garnered like last year like seat all condemn like a bunch kids from inner city New York wall of law the most of you know he's your bat so I was like that's cool like that. Sold them even when my final four teams didn't work out obviously but. You know we Dak tomorrow can. Proxies not hear me now here I'm god he's going you notice that we clearing a lot of Red Hot Chili Peppers returners. These go into the Red Hot Chili Peppers cut a hole and I wanted to be responsible so the slap he took the day off. Well one reason I do for you battled you guys gonna Awami post chili pepper UN and MI about the stock on. I'm going to the air church concert tomorrow night. You're not taking the day out the next thing. Mine got every jet did. All of a sudden you miss an 82 day and attorney you're more valuable than me there you go. You get the day off man it's a values thing though I hope you have fun though be livid FAA and us wondering. Crawford will be yet and madness tomorrow at the device it was very rigorous yet this as well dirt Spragan prime time. I know Dak tomorrow. 69 Ian Rae Lewis will inspire you next up on the heard that mr. Sprague from noon to 33 days seven pronto does it isn't hot corner there's much after less.