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Dusty and Cam - 3.14.17 - Hour 1

Mar 14, 2017|

How will the Blazers rotation change once Evan Turner returns? Also, do we expect pro athletes to love the sport they play?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

They solicited to. 45 minutes of your life I've promised. Doing the right thing since 1952. Gentlemen would you kind of think this is a different it's a good team that we've seen that in the teamwork that the success of the this season tournament recognition of Palestinian jam in the morning but I have become our kids need a local lender whose best. That's legal mortgage now. Does tend to have more intended. Slam. Pay the March Madness begins today. It is the start of the NCAA tourney do you have that feeling in your bounds sure. You know there I don't hear it this is still first tornado for me you know first or didn't matter. You know part. I was thinking that we should just doing voted 300 teams why start you know why stop would just as soon is less well I guess you can consider. Each conference championship in their turn amended count of the turn of it before the tournament but then it's really determine the doesn't matter. Reduce. The hotel barring a lot of tournaments being said right now lot of tournaments. You. I don't know goals all about internment isn't it. She is determined it really is is also sees regular season anymore since tournaments. Now do you oh OK do you think every weekend internment do you think that the the NCAA tournament the way that it's constructed. Where. You playing your pods and he had few days off and in ego. Did do you think it would be better. If there was a shorter gap in between. Like if it was like every other day. Aegis hammered this thing out I was who has every day just bang bang bang you I guess straight up a eased out may play two games and today the hump and just go just go these kids get run ragged right fatigue put him under pressure I guess he kinda did the deepest team as I wouldn't work why. We are still some have space and time and some anxiety and stress you know I have talked time in between yeah but I any build up I'm excited for the games get under way today. Because like mount Saint Mary's in New Orleans do you really care what this New Orleans mascot did you know that their zine. Is in New Orleans university University of New Orleans. Tina did you know that they haven't I knew they had a division one team did not know yeah in. As I always think just two lane as the university in New Orleans a lot of division one bass was in there somewhere upwards of 365. Divisional and I don't seems that seems right. Some are now. Blast ice and I stopped counting like 320 something but I would not be surprised if you're up at 365 because. There's a lot of teams just want to get up to division one in its a waste of time you write like the university Seattle is a great example of that. RC LEW we just happen fire Cameron dollar yesterday seasons beat season who had back who had. Cameron dollar getting fired before it's not that. Bro mark on the red I think for the redhawks that that winter they had been in the I think they've gone to a final four in the fifties. So they wanted to rekindle that history in a good long time ago how is that working out. LO working out there are DT school in sight and step up they were good deed to school. And then they make the stepmother is why why why in the world would you choose I think it's a money grab I'd there's no real reason is how you're gonna get recruits and you give mine we can do that. You're asking your asking suck that there's a there's got to be a reason why teams are why small colleges there you can look it is everybody wants to be gone sad. Everybody wants to say were the next potential gongs you know well you know what they're outraged when he. Well twenty to thirty years of building there's something to be said though to be in a eighty's school liking a Grand Valley State in football. Right they are a powerhouse. A division to you. Right in des energy is dominated public that go to state credit they did that to the NFL from division two and Grand Valley State. Yet there's a lot of these schools that. Indecency sit well if we can't compete the Grand Valley State a DT was just gonna be one. And you're still on. Mediocre it and make your little bit worse right. And those Grand Valley State to the world can beat you North Dakota State can beat you can be Michigan QB I look at the seams can do that right they're totally wrong with not being at the top insane that you have to be at the top. And has been wrong with being really good division two really good in AI New Orleans. They're the privateers yes they're the privateers ranked in the top five in mascots so according to fox sports will print its year. I'm still staying with the shoppers. In the demon deacons that still is numero uno the shock charges mine number one I like to shoppers. You know the way. Wichita state police officers we checkers. Now get everytime I think of Wichita I think of. Planes trains and automobiles. Because that's the only time a year earlier wintertime and it's not a hub none Connors your it would stop nightlife I've really stuff I'm OK with out ever got I played the shocker is in baseball in Wichita now they have good baseball for excellent. Excellent baseball program. Is it is good anymore. I don't know it's a good I think they're name they may be just be best mostly were awesome that's baseball team in the nineties their finger to bring in football back in a beak will yeah. Now I lost their program. Let the team has done visit was it was a plane crash you kidding me yeah I'd ever knew that. I never knew that about Wichita State football in wow that's. We'll bring it back let's go. He and I remember was just like yesterday. Where is their movie about it you know I mean. That's. That's an incredible story that nobody knows when have to go read that I in this state sorts history 1967. The first common draft between the AFL and NFL was held up. They've deemed this is before they actually merged in 1970. In 1966 there like Kate Yoshi dim which is holed a draft who don't keep draft and same players over and over again and so the number one overall pick. Was Bubba Smith. AJ knows this high tower from please call I was gonna say I just remember him from. Please get me out first overall selection from Michigan State to the colts. The hall of Famer. That by the Smith Steve Spurrier is third pick Bob Griese the fourth pick. This was the first year that teams couldn't. Use redshirt draft picks no that was the thing back in the death of Richard drug addicts you can draft a guy who's still in college for his right skylight. Baseball teams do kids out of high school. You can do that you can do that in the NFL in and we can do that bet they should allow that now select a Brown's kid just draft seemed Arnold this year. Rank him and then Arnold can just yeah yeah do that I'm just think you've gone to college forever. One and I think coach. Right. We did to no big gales of Iona. With Josh Thompson he I think is the only person that covers I am on the basketball for the journal news in New York did you know. Iona is. New York. You know what I did know that was in the New York region they know if it was in New York, New York. Just outside of New York it is a city. It is in. New Rochelle. Yeah everything's new I was it knew. Because there were cities in in England to rename New York's he just new York and lose your commits Rochelle at the New Rochelle again to New England writes the New England thing in Rachelle may have been now like. Then the French cheek. I don't know I just hear you they just put new in front of it because it was easier to come with a new name we yeah it's not. Orleans since New Orleans on Mexico. Humans New Mexico. You know we just call new Campillo can I do that. And I am new arena in Aminu. Could carry reinvent myself and named when he your kids need camp. Let's do that's. Rights are rice won more you know I'll just have one more okay. All then let's bring that out then you boys will have little complex that this one's that are new and better and if it's a girl. Then you're in real trouble bullet cam is doing isn't always better is it's. I don't know maybe maybe Mac have like a favorite complex for anti about other things on the should do not just went out and basketball free agency in the NFL. I Seattle. Their stern to host is some of the bigger names and some of the jazz that are still left plus NCAA tournament. In his Lamar Lamar ball what do you think about this as you got to show is a bar ball actually a great sports that. Not a bad on. Time do we go. I. Morgan State. Had escaped as scheduled change very late in the game for this football season. DC this song and made that the past I didn't. They are now open their season August 26. Which is zero week. Colorado State. This game was supposed to be played on September 23. In this is a very Smart move by Gary Anderson B. Because it opens up another bye week in pastoral flag because they were an on night at the sixteenth they play. At Washington State. And then now they have a buying. Before a visit from you've done. So they knew this game not to be the very first game ever in Colorado State's rainy stadium in Fort Collins. And so yeah antibiotics now or arrest death ended their bye weeks are perfectly situated one is before you done. The others before Stanford. So it's a good time to have my weeds before those two teams especially even his finger lesbians headlines. It was too bad they had there are hereby request week two last year yeah how good I Gary Anderson's given the big middle finger that one. Hey wake up I I said wake up. Tired of this textures that committee says if this is drinking indoor tournament what do being would've killed me in the first and NN. We did get that and we're gonna get them more in the women's tournament their bracket was announced yesterday. Morgan stay grabbing a two seed. And Roubini Stockton California region with South Carolina as the one seed that is big for the beads. And so south Carolina's the one seed in that region. Organs say one host in Corvallis. And then when they go to the sweet sixteen. It's in Stockton California. We're South Carolina has go all the way across the country and did play as the number one seed. So the bees get no gray told me choice committing yeah the ducks they picked up at ten seed we'll take on temple. Mom but. Here's the catch the very new cons side of the bracket. So yeah. We even if you win a couple games he has subdued at least those goggles lady Huskies I set a UConn has a 90% chance to make it to the final four and they still have like it. It 52% chance to win a championship like the men's side yeah. Thank you thank them the number one as Villanova has got I got 20% chance. And it's really sad for women's basketball little one team can dominate so much death guy you Huskies are randomly very preceded. Yes directs it's either. So I'm hoping for an all Huskies national championship game again but they can. Other then when last did Atlanta appear in the final four what can that happen now are they I don't know and seven bracket your your asking Iran I get a look at the ladies I thought they give me a second here I thought you broke get them going in Britain and they broke down way air. Europe and I was hoping husky women are more lady Huskies lady Huskies felt the puncture or playing. Top pay it does not test this is rock and roll waves barely keeping them out and do legs. 600 bucks goes ten or oh my god it's early wake up. There are a lot of garbage. All things. Missile cruisers are. While harassing his inner Tim Duncan Neal is energetic coli Leonard. Tiger about. How did this team is this first got glide back from a concussion healing mystics game. Indeed beat the hawks 1071099. In the front half of team d.s double header. Guess what they did this day even ended the Golden State the watery heirs of the number one overall record in the NBA 52 in fourteen go blazers you get a face those. Pesky. Smokers in the first round of golf blazers let's go. Are those people wanting needs seed now yeah I'm good to go play gets dispersed why wouldn't you mean. I don't cares long was LaMarcus Aldridge potentially out if they can make that running go in. You know why not. Play spoiler in the first round and beat the Denver Nuggets of the woods they did do this sonics in 19946. Or really get. Really really get tight in the other playoff races we're talking about that tiebreaker game between the jazz in the clippers'. Allen went Ijaz way they rally from behind to beat the clips 114 to one I'll wait noticeably missing from Alex Crawford today is clippers here because. He is from LA and that means he's a front running fan. Com also in the race he. In the race to the eight spot. On the mavericks were in Toronto they got thumped 100 T 78 a solid twelve points in the fourth quarter. For the Dallas Mavericks in that one right now Dallas sitting. Three and a half games out of the eighth and final playoff spot. The timberwolves they got a win in Dade. Even themselves now with the Dallas Mavericks. At three and a half back in the Denver Nuggets they have won three games in a row they put it on. The lakers won 29 at 2101 and meaning the blazers now back to two games out of the eight and final playoff spot. As we get ready for the final push for the blazers. They may begin to boost and it could be as soon as this week who's the odd man out. In this race for the eight spot. 55305. Is that signed this is dusting cam on the fence. This is a tournament origination of dusty and jam in the morning brought you back this week on markets on ten AB so soon. The Portland Trail Blazers could begin a big news. It's as early as Saturday as. Evan Turner. We'll get X rays to his broken hand suffered. Last month. On today. He will get his X rays today and then according to Jason quick of CSN northwest. He could be rejoining the team on net or he's expected to rejoin the team on Thursday. In could be back to the Portland trailblazers line up by Saturday. Evening when they take on the Atlanta Hawks as part of this extended road trip. Obviously doubt be huge visit this trail blazers team. And that is playing really good basketball right now I mean it does not saying they've won five of their last six they're six and four of their last ten and you know indeed milk each fever that's taken over Moreland has been a boost to this team men Evan Turner could give me yet another boosted bingo. Defensively. What this team to step that this team could take with one of your better defenders back. Right well again now you're going on a road trip you're going on a pretty lengthy road trip some good teams. Gonna face New Orleans. Tonight you're gonna veneer to go against San Antonio Atlanta and T back to back again and you're gonna head in Miami for you don't release a three game stretch you would like to see Evan Turner somewhere if he's able to do it. At least can he come back any make at Atlantic game can he make it back in time for the home stretch the he's gonna have a big big fast and I think he's going to be the defense a guy you're gonna need to have. I'm very curious what this team's rotation is going to be it I'm very cures what coach Stotts is he going to. Deviate off the plan of lets still let everybody play or is this gonna tighten up because. For me I've watched the team that had less guys from Ed Davis being heard Evan Turner and guys gone. Have played better basketball and I think it's simplified. I think it if you have a simple fighting kind of know you guys are mean there is a frame Freddie it's easy I know my rotation. I know how many minutes some of the get. Match up wise. This is what we got this what we got to play with you know it it is could be a little bit chicken and the egg type thing where it could be irritation but it also could be Yusuf and our kitchen is having a big man also kind of coinciding with that all of course that's that is the main reason why this team. Has turned into a versatile basketball. My quality you know you're saying what what happens with this rotation and when Evan Turner comes back because what we've seen is. Shabazz Napier has been the guy that's reaped the benefits of an Evan Turner getting injured. Right they tried pat Thompson at the beginning and he got a little bit Iran and for a you know indeed limited play that he did get. And apparently wasn't enough to impress Terry Stotts it's kind of been Shabazz Napier and we've seen nine guys getting in double digit minutes almost every single game right. Of due to the Ed Davis injury Meyers Leonard had to say about it is mean really he's your only big they have on the bench right now. A year you'd sliding Al farouq Aminu and at the poor and can interchange and he in Marreese heartless at times let them right now Meyers Leonard is your five and that's made it easier on him and simplifying it as your as I talk to have to be airing his have to do is have to worry about being stretched forty more he's a five. In that makes is so much simpler is a better five any ever will be it as a four is the is the blazers fixes these these aside and shoot as savior to the bench again and in his minutes going away and Evan Turner back. He's the most efficient ball carrier pricey ball your ball handler. Out there. When it comes to it because he's he has he's efficient he's explosive he can distribute. He's not the greatest shooter fuel and knock down open shot but the guy has he has that kind of floor general mentality where he can bring it up. They completed two CJ complete three if they wanna go small. And that is one thing that bade you know 67 Evan Turner mean urged. Yeah 67 days big man Evan Turner when you look at him he was supposed to be that guy that. Could get it had ball in his hands when Damon c.s el flooring and she'll bring it on you don't you don't give upsides. Wish him as an eight year you have morbid true distributor in that's good that's a good little element to have a true point guard. Especially with the and the changes in the offense with. Use of circuit Triton where you have a real point guard in its not as much of that free flowing kind of perimeter oriented game. Now can Evan Turner be that guy who you trust to have the ball when New York ditch weed now markets and it since it's a traditional basketball offense more. Omar in my bigger question is going to be what is the starting line and can be the rest. Of the year. What is it gonna continue will achieve no long lane in this lineup because for two years. No Obama has has found ways of staying in this lineup and he is doing he's doing something that maybe I'm just not catching. Right or maybe it's just it it's just. I don't know what ideas and so I'm not I'm not trigger to save the chance and this is the know of only Experian is not very good. I just I'd I'm soul. Am questioning what his value that he brings other than the defensive side I know he's scrappy he he can you make if you can get some good rebounds ball. Is this gonna be the push you're gonna see with him in the starting a lot of the rest of the year. It almost seems the conveying gun no common missing a dunk on the first possession the last three games we've seen it at that very dear feeling sometimes you know and I think that that is the value of not not him missing dunks off but the value that he brings is. Is his rebounding numbers and in pretty good when you look at the fact that his last two games. If you wanna take that is just a small sample or you can extrapolate out the last five games. He doesn't play a lot of minutes but he causing quite a bit rebounds right arrive in five rebounds and sixteen minutes five and 22 foreign twelfth. Eight in eighteen minutes seven in 23 minutes right. Limited minutes yet he is getting rebounds and he doesn't take shots in your starting lineup rank because now you have three guys that takes shots. Are you get it in May need that is his role is he doesn't she he doesn't have to be gotta shoots the ball what is he better I mean is it better with him. The power forward. Then having fruit has the power forward in that is a guy that we've seen his spark off of the bench has paid played a big role because he can be a guy when Allen Crabbe isn't on. That gives you a little bit of a punch right. In in you need some sort of punch is that gonna be Evan Turner now can you rely on Evan Turner be that punch off the bench who along with Allen Crabbe. Or do you just can it keep it as it is yeah this again I don't really question I don't know that he. The move Evan Turner the power forward spot thirty put Marcus in the power forward and get. Didn't at every turn of the shooting fort. All forward I'm sorry. And in this text that I factor of five name the other true power forward on this team off and that well. Remember when my lowest at 185 pounds on mark let's I would but he can't we'll remember when you'll say said about Al farouq Aminu a beginning of the year. Christine projects to be a 54 win team with he had the power for Orton you know do the conversation with. They don't have a tree senator now it is they don't have major power forward well there's always gonna be a deficiency someone's gonna find. I do know that when fruit is on the court. He is he is singled out as the guys they're gonna let's shoot all day long every team has said when he's on the court you're gonna leave him open and no matter if it's from three years ability that they're never gonna double team him. But they're gonna double team CJ dame. And now that and you sit and and that's what helps mole. His ability to get rebounds to use either way there's going to be a deficiency out there. No matter who's on the court. NT me I think that that's that's why no bomb was in the starting line as a youth easier is better. As a starting now here in here's thing he says. Teams will let offer convenient shoot right. Well Al farouq Aminu will be on the perimeter far more. Then no Obama is right move in if they're gonna T if they're gonna allow him to shoot from the perimeter and no Obama lays. Rear easing get nabbed the pain right he's gone hi is there an elbow to block right. That's where he has you'd have to respecting guy because you're you're not gonna bank on him missing so many. So I think that that's where the value is right there because you're not gonna tell offered mean not to shoot wide open threes all game long right now Kazuo continue to do it. Endo volleys are better paint defender so if they Alfred even stronger if your. If you're playing percentages I think that's why you have them that's where no Obama is value is is that you can't. You can't load up on the printer on Damon CJ is much with bomb late in the game because of the fact that. He's not gonna be on the perimeter to be left wide open you have to that you have to have a body accounting for him and play more honest. Why is that you believe in today's game you need to have five guys that can actually score the basketball game if he's one they can't really do it beaten no you're right. On a consistent basis I know we can make a lay up. And he can have a spinning jump shot occasionally. But you need to have five guys into the. All that's not that's not unfair to say about no bomb might be some bared ass out of a pro we've seen we've seen. Over the course of his time in Portland that that seems to be the case you know if you go and you look at no Von maze game log. It's really hard to find. Double digit performances out of him right I mean I'm just looking at the last. If you take the last three months of the season. He said three games in double digits. In. Three months with a word potentials always link to his name and and a eat eat it he doesn't pass the eye test right away but when you solider threatened you sit there which came in immediately impact. Big numbers skill all that across the board it was easy to see I just. I think knows a good guy I just don't know if he's the guy that would deserves to be starter for some reason. He is a starter for games all season long and double digits his numbers he doesn't not and here's the other thing about him is he does not play starters minutes though. Rank that's the most confusing part for me because once it's the opening quarter it it's like he goes he goes into well. Just he's a good guy to have about their for the first eight minutes of the game. And I think that that is the that is the value of having him is that your guys that you wanna score. You baking get comfortable early. Right when that when Debbie be simple explanation for it he doesn't take offense and away from your data more CJ out. No nerd gates cannot get a feel and rhythm but as you say he is a liability right he is a liability. On the offense then. And so when this is indeed Ed did the tough question for Terry Stotts. Win a shooting garden Evan Turner comes back in into the rotation you know or your small forward is. What do you do with no Obama DD keep an in this role where you're actually playing really good well right now. In just ride this wave of winning five deal last six or. Do you go at that shift in that change where that's starting lineup win when someone is here. Who has won a more efficient in the NBA when you had. Evan Turner. African Union game CJ in Mason pummeling now you had Turkish and that can you be even more efficiency efficient on the defense inventive. We shall see him. 55305. That is attacks another player steps away from football early why in the world to these guys not love getting paid to play game. He's Crawford sports and. Widespread text either. That's a message of what number. Two or. Niners yeah. Five six. I can't hear you drilling off the reason I'm here and there we have gone from a lot I think. The most cordless Dexter is now it's 553 o'clock messaging data rates may apply to just play my number. You can go we're desperate. This is sexual relations on the show good likes to read. Overtaxed. Does steal and jam in the morning on 1082 brain of that person actually say that boasts its. 55305. Jordan Cameron has retired. Abruptly. From the game of football. He's tied end. And former pro bowler. News is saying that one of the reasons why he's decided to hang it out is there are injury concerns. And in in the course of kind of explaining his retirement. He said that. At ESPN. I don't think these guys love football to be honest a lot of them don't a lot of players in the NFL is dull love. Football you play for other reasons in the every guy has their own reasons. They know why and as long as you know I it's what's really important you keep playing without really loving the game of football. This rising at all. I think an outside perspective. There are a lot of people. Where there are some fans. I think one thing and I I IE put us on Twitter yesterday because it was a good article in Crawford found it originally. In a put it out there one fan this to mean is as a fan I don't wanna hear this is. Is this a problem when you hear a guy or clearer. Say that they don't love it because they're playing a game. I will tell you that no matter what you do in life no matter what business you're in no matter how you. Focus sometimes sometimes not all the time sometimes it turns into a job no matter what you do. There are a lot of us out there that would love to be able to get up in the morning. And beat a job where you have a smile on your face or reading you absolutely love it and I know you're out there I guarantee their people out there that. Love every second they're doing something be your career you heard very rare person your some very lucky even at the highest level when your playing a sport no matter what you do. It will turn into a job. And jobs. Sometimes will make us make us all. Not only weak minded or make you wanna quit some people do and at this is exactly what Jordan Cameron said I didn't love it. I did it ready to move mark. In I think way I am what his bother some about. About this for people is when you see guys that are playing a game that that fans of La. Fans love the game of football right in what you're saying is right in that if you do something long enough and it does become a job even though you love it. It becomes a job like. I love this job like I it is awesome. But it's still becomes a job at times some in and that's what Jordan Cameron is trying to say is that Iggy. You don't resent the game. But to say that it doesn't become a job it is crazy T these players in the NFL. What's the monetary reward down because everybody sees Sunday or Thursday or Monday and essentially used to be you just saw Sunday's. But that the value that you get when you play three years and an NFL fearing your looks east uses for your number. You get a lot of money in return you do for the for the short amount of work you do but you're one of 12116100. Guys I'm sorry in the league. So you're one of 16100 there's gonna be someone else it's gonna take that job from me. You have to get as much you can as fast as you can and these guys sit around and they they go through the grind of what it is to be pro athlete. In the end a lot of them figure that out that this is that her phone. I've I've said this multiple times I've seen guys show up in the mid at the beginning of training camp I've watched guys in July make 56 million dollars and quit. Quit someone put but here here's a briefcase Ullman a load this briefcase in front of you. K the summit put his regain some of pop it open it's gonna be six million dollars or right in front view. And what you have to do is his you have to go through training camp give due to the the beat gift to have 2527300. Pound man hits you. For eight hours a day yet to physically get up this isn't me saying feel sorry for the guy this is you. This reality is is that these guys for some people the money is it doesn't even matter who Shearer. The you always say in us on the call you on this when you always say all doing it if it's money how many do. There's things you will do I say that yes you mentioned as its money by. Okay money I will do it. I've said that are okay multiple times okay we've had bets about what would you do for twenty million dollars into easily call which I did exactly. So sometimes there is a dollar figure that everybody your your mindset some people just don't look at it with the money monetary value. I'm not saying it's battered good what I'm saying is everybody has different motivation. To get up in the morning and sometimes if you're not happy what you're going to matter Regan paid 20506000. Million dollars and they're not gonna do it. And this is an example of a guy that said I'm fatigued I didn't love it you could offer me all the money in the world and done and wanna do anymore. In that AC in that's the one to me that. But I think that a lot of you know average people that will never make six million dollars a a year to play the game. Indian to have that night beat. B what you do is is to play a game but you work your butt off and you do that you know the six million dollars I think for. 99.9. Percent of people. That would be you know worth it but what he's saying is that the reason why is locked in ways because. I have to sit there and think about my life and in what this is doing Kabul to bear on it is not worth it anymore because his life he's had sixteen cuts. Yes it's very easy to say I would do it until you actually do it it's like saying I wanna be the guy that's the skydive instructor okay. Sure that sounds fun it's probably hide paid. What I do it the whole. No because of the risks you have to deal with so. It is sent to your saying is that most people wouldn't do you wet but pretty special football players do you first if you never really if you really knew what it what it took. To make it to that level and you had to do it every single day I think the it. Just the mental side the physical side and combine it to the emotional all three of those things combined there are a lot of people that would sit there and all do it. And then you get. 23. Weeks and you would realize I don't think I wanna do this anymore. Yeah I think casual fans like you don't take a beating from a 300 pound the Alter those they think this is like a game show their act. Right if I just make it through that they don't get this money at it yet they don't know they haven't done like I've never done so for some like oh yeah I am man on get a girl tough for money they know is when your in the grind. We unit by minute hour by hour I binds broken half house a six million dollar U re exactly Ian Hewett. It's my spot it well. Six years in the NFL. Is Jordan Cameron and what's key in that hole. Kind of taking on his body earlier talking about 55305. Fair or unfair. Decision tax cumin and why don't these guys love it and there's there are Tex coming in about people relating it to their jobs as well. And this is testing camel fan. This is a tournament we commission of Dustin jam in the morning breath you buy outs we go markets on Jay Nady both and back 55305. I'm Steve relate to the best the last. In the boy is that something that has kind of changed in the last simply isn't the last five years. Really. When you have Jordan Cameron saying he didn't live a lot of players like and love football they just do it because they have to. On this text doses sports and the benefit of having an off season most of the jobs don't. Have an off season you know. I don't at all there I guess if you wanna look at is an offseason of games but. Press Lafley is a year round job yeah it's it's it's a year round job you get a couple couple weeks vacation. But just follow the NC Graham feeds of the top players in this league big as soon as the season was done they probably took 56 days off. They are right back in the weight room they went found their coach in the warm weather they started training. They started doing physical training they started doing mental training you're just you don't have the luxury anymore of falling behind if you're gonna be considered. One of the best in the world especially football you have anytime to arrest him you you know mental time to rest. It in that is when you look at you know social media has kind of in in the teams he world and the fact that ESPN and fox have fallen in line with that. On TMZ. Lifestyle reporting. We see the answer Graham posts we see the Twitter feeds of guys like Rob Gronkowski in Ezekiel Elliott. You know easy Kelly imparting on islands Saint Patrick's Day float on girl's tops off yesterday. And you sit there and you you think that that's what they're offseason is because that's all you see. For for a lot of these guys like drunk is he showing the videos of him partying. Right but he does isn't posting the videos of him working out your and so I think that Benton bears a facet and not all plain can't fight. Any means but there's a facet fans that sit there and say all these guys do from their final game until. They show up for training camp is just. Partied out live it up and don't really do anything. There's a couple things that separate the great city in this article Cameron says Jordan Caron tied in for the now retired tight end for them ME dolphins were talking about don't lemmings not loving football he says there's ray lewis' there's Peyton Manning's. There's Tom Brady's there's people that separate themselves that there's people like that in any in any realm. There I've seen guys it just all they want to do was put their head in the book in just consistently. Study in the access their Russell Wilson they watched that I've seen those players. I've also if you listen if you see some of the guys that train in the offseason bears. Tony Gonzales strains to workable lot of guys he says ice tickets to 300 balls. After every practice after every practice for me I thought about that moment I can barely one out of there with a practice I was mentally and physically. So fatigued. I was I was different if I would put in the effort what. Some built in demy DNA I didn't love the game of football. I didn't Leon avenue bro I don't I didn't love it but I put all tell you what I loved I loved going in competing against somebody else. I loved beating somebody I like knowing that I can beat somebody that is what it was four all was this an outlet now I still do that and every day life you hit people every day. No I tried to be a try I tried to compete at a level where which is if it's mentally competing torch trying to better yourself I. Yes it's not a monetary value for me anymore it is it is a motivational. Thing and so if you lose your motivation at your job. How how do you what are what are you going to do that's mine that's one of my favorite things is try to ask somebody. Is what motivates you in the morning news that your family is he your faith is it what you do easier monetary. To get you excited in the morning to get up everybody has a motivation some people don't like the motivation. Some people choose to use a different motivation. I'm wondering how many guys think that like. You know they they sit there though I come in this is the good Jordan Cameron right six years in the NFL he still has a lot of really good football left enemy if you if you just platinum price still can play at a very high level. Owner how many of those guys go man and all of it and they don't have that drive they don't have that motivation anymore but then they realize once the game is gone. How good the paycheck really was always out would be. Kind of revisionist history in men aviation complying. There is that that can and that's what happens a lot of the players that the paychecks gone but they still on all of the lifestyle right. William we have guys we have quarterback's going to come out of retirement now playing in Canada. Vince Young. Paycheck was good. But you miss the locker room got this will happen Jordan Campbell missed the the camaraderie you miss the guys who miss the the fight on Sundays getting together having a few Beers on the road. That's what you won't miss that's what I miss more than anything I've I've been searching for it since the day I finished playing. I search for the locker room I search from the guys that are like minded like me that are hyper aggressive that wanna fight that enjoy. The calm the camaraderie and and and the closeness that you develop with your teammates and that is something you cannot. You cannot you can't multiple detective I only happens in that scenario. Texas I typed your five V here's another avenue of it and it's it's this is a big one to you. Is that why some guys don't love it it could be because their parents pushed him into it because they were good added. And it paid for their college so or it can be also like to Lavar ball. A reading his kids there'd mean having his kids played bass while the south size own ego instead of having them actually enjoy the game. People do a lot of things for a lot of reasons you know and if there's. EE there refer a lot of guys it's like. Well this is dealing did the only way that I was pushed towards you know a lot a lot of guys don't have like parents third come from situations where you have options other than then this iron. I would Betty dusty that there are probably more than 50% in this league. When it talks to about professional athletes get into the league to support their families in town and get their families and into attitude to a different level. Different generation liberal class. And that's that's really what it is but do we find that once you put the title of game next to your job. Every one devalues the fact that it. Not not work anymore yeah I think a lot of fans whether there in their twenties or their forties or whatever still have that kind of childlike mentality of their playing a game like. Played catch in the front yard playing every says played pop Warner I think a lot of fans man even like the as you get older is still think that. The play the game like I would. I hate my you know nine to five desk job I would kill to be playing that game again they don't they don't know what goes into it outside of the teeth playing catch practice where there's so much more. And people they go from high school. Fuel college you sit there and you go man a went from being a game to being more businesslike. When they go from polyps the NFL it's not more businesslike. It's straight up business you know that's all all it is and I was a diversity it is is it was a very first thing that was told me when I walked into that. First team meeting. And it was it was it was he was quite eye opening. When the coach looked right across this coach Dick you look right across all of us this and welcome to business gentlemen you're ready work and that is exactly. What it is from college for the first horse that got husky stadium in my coach Don James looked to me says let's go to work that was the start of every practice. Lineup on the goal line were gonna run he said came out walked in front of us and it's time to go to. Work it it turns no matter how you look out it will be. It doesn't descend. Are at practice in college and you have more meetings and school more. You on more responsibility. Of lopped on India and I think that that is where the biggest separating factor in this conversation is is that. 988%. Of people. And their careers and high school. 2% go on to play. At some form of college football and then. 1% of those people bill on to play in the NFL right. And when you don't have those stair steps. You look you don't have the sight of how much more being lopped on the right because it's a different workload at every single level right. In that it mean. It's not it is so much different. Then than anybody that. And anybody can imagine it is different and you know it's it's hard for athletes sit there and say you don't get you don't understand. Because. The cursing kid I mean you go woody woody football player being able to go in and fully comprehend what goes into you somebody else's career. You know without knowing and being in though she is now they couldn't right now in its the same way with somebody else going in being a professional athlete. Well if you are one of those people out there that has found that answer where you get to get up and you have that excitement. Of a job I applaud it because it's a great it's a wonderful feeling. It's an amazing feeling now and when it comes to sports. That opportunity. Is that window closes very quickly and has during camel realized I do like a lot of former players. Wish him all the luck in the world and I hope he finds that job that he can get up in the morning in his any smile and dirty hearing going think thankful. Very thankful. Seahawks are trying to fill holes in a relatively modest budget this offseason one marquee name is like the northwest at got to deal. Well the next big name through or have the same fake he's in town today. It is 657 on the fan.