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Dusty and Cam - 3.14.17 - Hour 2

Mar 14, 2017|

NFL free agency, Josh Thomson interview, and free sushi.

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Thanks for listen to dusting camp podcast brought to you on the fanned by your local less Schwab tire center do the right thing since 1952. Diamonds. This is a tournament condition a doesn't you know jam in the morning in front of you guys. He's a local lender. Like they PA lone and possibly come. Dusty and now Montana you. The first Ford gets under way tonight. In the NCAA tournament. And madness. Doesn't begin until Thursday. As we all need. At the independent sports bar grill. Thursday Friday the sixteenth and seventeenth that is saint patty's day on Friday. 8:30 AM to 7 PM bowl days they're opening even earlier so all reaction to ABC that the independent sports bar and grill dirt Sprague and primetime hosting live on site a six and they will not be open so we will be there a full details at 1080 the fan dot com thing and then this front too by Baird O'Reilly auto parts the Nike hoop summit in the independent sports bar. In drill head that over to 1080 the fan dot com to you and sign up from. In March brackets you tell your bracket in the selections. From now until the first tip. On Thursday's games you get a film up fifteen minutes prior to the first game on Thursday. Morning you don't worry about the first four today and tomorrow but Thursday got a film all out. One Brack you'll be our grand prize winner you get 500 smack Korea's is pricey by car toys and our rob brother sells let's do this half. The big time Albie are excited I am too I like the independents. I you know I've never been there I I nearly as parents writes yes downtown but it's right over the bridge from where I live now and I I go their independently. All the time. That's suggesting. The urban hence the name I've not been there aren't well we will be there and as of Thursday. We're gonna go and check it out. In the meantime though before those tourney game start yet NBA playoff races in NFL free agency still. In week two now of the free agent market in now is the time. We start seeing some of those veteran guys coming off of second or third deals. Better on the free agent market. That are new names to people in surprisingly still out there in one of those guys. Is Adrian Peterson's. And he's been kind of taken his time and we thought that in made you this because he's been going you let's go to contender right of course. He wants to win anyone says you must go out with a flurry in his final years. And in order to do that he's got to go to a team that's good in those good teams wait to sign veterans well most recently as of yesterday. A sad her Sunday and Monday he was in Seattle. Meeting with the Seahawks and trying to you calm kind of gauge their interest on the running back market in you know bleeding yesterday without a contract. Is that something that is to be unexpected for a guy like Adrian Peterson is most times you gonna sign a guy you don't wanna let him leave town. Can we read into anything about Adrian Peterson leaving Seattle without a Contra. I don't know I I really don't know there's too many factors that go into and one is there's obviously interest because Seattle wouldn't bring UN. Now in BP has interest because he wanted to go there and he's made it very clear was agent they've communicated that. Seahawks at seventeen million dollars left in cap space to be able to spend on free agents not a lot. Not a lot. Now I also that that has to do they have to handle their draft and they have to have a lot of draft which I know separate they have a certain amount when is yes Sydor and rookie contracts it doesn't count. However seventeen Billings a lot not a lot left to spend when you consider. What you're trying to you're trying to bolster your offensive line world you haven't really addressed a ton of offensive line. So we you're gonna do what what you gonna bring in a stable running backs because after what you saw last year with a minor injuries that happened to running backs it was critical. From pro size two Thomas Rawls from not having Marshawn Lynch. All these guys who were in there you're going geez Christian Michael was your leading rusher he was even on your team at the end of the year there's a lot of factors you have to think about for the Seahawks. Going into their final stretch run and they said old bringing paean here. Now how much does he walked realistically. What does he want and they ends it the only move that they made on the offensive line is that they added little joke joke joke. Former number two overall pick just had to flee years ago coming off his rookie deal is he's. Injuries in prison guard. He's a guy that he he comes in though with. A lot of talent he's one of those seahawk cunning guys orient Tom Cable open he can coach him up he's a run first China. Offensive linemen so that's where your seven million dollars is gone at her height. In that is when you when you look at that they are dailies started it was started 23 million dollars and sell. They've done just a shade under seven million dollars to bring in the two local. And now you have to figure out where your biggest. Need is it's is it going to be. Adrian Peterson one thing that Seattle may have in this is that. If you if you had your druthers you're gonna talk to. As many guys you can't the running back position because that's a position right now where. You have aging Adrian Peterson aging Jamaal Charles still on the market in many younger I would tedious Murray who. We expected to go off pretty early. But he still unsigned as of right now is there are no running our market anymore is Jacksonville seems to be on a team that that nailing him is that right. But you wanna talk to as many people as you possibly can and is it going to be one of those situations where is that the biggest need or is going to be. At tight end where you mean we need to fill a void of eight more true tied in the way Jimmy Graham is because they've got Jared Cook coming in who doesn't have a home now the Martellus Bennett it has gone. What would you do if you did bring in our dared to jurors okay it's going to be as it does Martellus Bennett just signed today. Green Bay I think it was somewhere how the numbers are around 29 million dollar but it's really back. Back half back on track and it's extremely cap friendly I think his cap number this year right now going and be around two point nine million dollars how they structured it. So again another contract that looks really pretty four years 29 million or something like of their own that nature. But any and it's it did to new leak beneficial you have Jared Cook on the open market. Your cooks not agree blocker Jimmy Graham's are terrific blocker these guys aren't built to be able to block like Seattle wants some they we're gonna have to figure this out. Luke Wilson is free agent still he is unsigned. So you're wondering what is Jared Cook gonna bring well he is cheaper version of Jimmy Graham whose cap number is ten million dollars next year. If you cut that or you find a way to release said that's a ton of money your saving. Is Jimmy Graham worth that now he's due to make seven point nine but his cap numbers the overall value merit a lot of money right now. For a guy. Seven point nine and base that he does have work out bonuses and salary bonus is there no I I would have any problem with Seattle finding a way to bring in Jared Cook and having two bona fide receiving tight ends. And then asking your full backs or asking your guys you'll block edges. Seattle runs very good between the tackles that's always been their Montrae they're not an outside stretched team they're not meant for that threat for the zone read. Out of out of what is it eleven personnel what they love to do one back once had a depth and OK so what do you think would be the bigger need then if you're looking at the Seahawks roster. And the turn over the injuries that they've had at the running back position they've already tried to you fill in supplement. They're offensive line at the signing Lou till local so I think that. I mean they're not gonna retool it bring in like three or four new guys this year this is not the way they operate although draft some yeah day you ask those lifted him well because you George fan. New wasn't a great experiment last year but you're still working on him in trying developing good. But you're trying to figure out what's giving you've you've done what you can be a free agency to fill that gap what is the bigger need debt. Is it that tight end running back or getting nabbed bonafide. Option that four Russell Wilson. Woke clearly what teams that Russell Wilson was the most pressured quarterback in the last two years in the NFL. And it wasn't even close in the most pressures he had the most at all. He survived two back there he survived injury this past season because he's tougher than everybody else and or he's crazy because he plays an injury. This team is gonna go after their deficiencies they're gonna go after their ability to run the football. There they were horrific running the football team last year and they had to put Russell Wilson and so many bad situations they can't do that they can't survive. In this conference specially now in this division. Asking Russell Wilson to throw the ball thirty or forty times a game he can't do it now they need to be able to run the ball 300 yards you need to be able to move with play action. And the only way they can be that is solidify the office and line have a good quality running back this healthy. And have tight ends that can roam the middle. Yeah well Jerry could Canadian Peterson would be nice pieces that they were excellent against one or both of those guys but. Who has left on the free agent market because it's an unusual list of names that are out there right now. It is 712 on the fan. This is a tournament origination of dust and jam in the morning. Brought you back us we've got markets all intimidated so soon. You Adrian Peterson jeered because those two big names that. Peterson leaving Seattle without a contract here this is up next tied in Green Bay can be visiting Seattle. You. Big names down home but the list is pretty impressive. As we're in two weeks now of guys that are still on the free agent market and I can't wrap my head around is it a deal of teams just don't have the salary cap space. To sign these guys. Or is it that there's an unreasonable market and being said do you do what bad teams and that doing in paying exorbitant salaries at different positions. Because when you look at at the list of players that are available. It is not to say Adrian Peterson that you have the tedious Murray. Jamaal Charles at the running back position and yeah Don Teri polo and Jonathan hock in its at our hankins that defensive tackle. Donta hightower and Connor bar when linebackers. And then you've got night the corners that are still out on the market like a branding Carr who were really stink in gluten. In there's a lot of big names that are still available. I can I have my theories. Of today's age of free agents I think you're one of two guys when it comes to be freeagent. When when your contract is up you or somebody that's thirteen for the payday so your payday guy. Which suck that he whatever that is that cloture vote in the in free agency that's fine. The dead and then you're also the winner. You're the winner free agent so you're gonna go chase let's call a ring you wanna chase a playoff team you wanna be part of a group. That is consistently. And if you all the excitement of winning because lose lean even when your hated the thing cock fox give me out of this scenario. You have to experience both sides so when I see these free agents right now I think. A lot of homer under this this this thought process where all 32 teams are gonna offer me contract I'm good enough well. That is one or two guys may be your him let's be honest you Marty been whittled down. To probably less than ten that actually fit your style and then elder of those ten there's probably five it actually have the cap space or really want you out of those five. There's maybe two that are really pursuing. And then you start to get delirious of where your value is and these guys start to oversell themselves and their agents. And then the guy goes well we got a great offer from the browns and Eagles once you're sending me to where Seattle. Where's New England via keywords Kansas City words where the Oakland Raiders will guess what they don't want to your price since then you have to decide and you hold out you hold out your old out. And then the draft happens. And then that's what happens even worse if you hold out the draft happens. Now all the teams like while we rarely get this guy or we got this guy in the fifty's younger he's cheaper and then remixing you know you're like crap all this wait till the training camp and see who's good and gets injured in all jump on the winner of that. Yeah there's so many factors. That happen as free agencies especially if you're arranging player. If you're not one of the top. And a lot of it has to deal I think to his sick is systems have become very intricate especially on the defense side of the football where defense attack leases speed defense tackle right. But you have guys I didn't Tariq polo a first down tackles your key third down pass rusher EU interior nickel tackles the game has become so much more specialized and and so these guys make of Pulte fits really well thought they do in Kansas City but I think that there is become this on. Nuanced too especially in defense of line and linebacker. Where I think a lot of teams have figured now. Is that. You can get better value through that draft likely you're talking about instill fitness and find guys at state. What you do and that's why Seattle's in new England's in those types aren't going after. Right at the end of my career ahead multiple teams seeking and we love you wanna bring you limit your cap number release at the end of them the time I was finished. Said OK the veteran many 850000. Dollars by the time I was done in 2006. I had general managers raise to do they really wanna bring in but at this point. They can get four rookies for your value because at that time it was only 250000. Or whatever they needed to twenty was 222 was a rookie salary. So he's there they're just looking at value based on numbers. Just because the dollar amounts of changed does it mean that the general managers and teams don't look at it any different if a veteran minimum of of seven years eight years and above. Is one point eight million dollars in the rookie minimum salary right now is I think it's around four recorder somewhere around there. It's it's math you know it's basic math so these veterans it really you're just can I get to a winner and then when you wanna be to the winners. They're just sitting there they're totally their thumbs in their bill blood to going pick. That isn't here's what your value has. But you nasal we value you mentioned knowledge Shaq. He may have he may have upset knock on Butler his Super Bowl MVP he's Pro Bowl corner. In that they give a big deal to Stephon Gilmore didn't. Right which is pretty uncharacteristic. For New England to deal not if you recognize what's going on in New England rain and it with green Stephon Gilmore and a big number yet restricted free agent Malcolm Butler. We need tendered as first round they've given in first round tender. So now gone Butler goes in you he's searching for an offer from another team he wants a fun deal more money. And if he can't get it with New England he'll go somewhere else in if that team what it's doing that as one and that's it. They get a first round pick for him but they also though. Paid a guy from outs garden you know a bit outside the walls of the patriot way. Then you have Donta hightower who is beaten when many people believe is number one freeagent on the market right now at and outside linebacker. Who is looking for a pay days locked in they may let you block. If because the fact he wants to fund or money in they paid a guy you know outside of their system. Well what you would eateries are the dates are doing this because they know they have smaller window on their willing to invest in in veterans right now there's there's ebbs and flows of what. Bill Belichick does eventually he'll view I want to go young want to get rid of everybody and and there are times when you'll sign every veteran and sign. A junior sale on bring an guide it's in his eighteenth year in the bring in those kind of veterans that's exactly what they're doing because their load enough for another two year run. To three years would Brady that's it they're loaded up. While we both guys are gonna be walking out there who are gonna hand in hand when one leaves the others leave. Ended that number for Stephon Gilmore is eight in half million dollars. Right now and knowing that this has spent on my what knuckleballer can get because I think that Belichick is almost going. Yeah you're not gonna get that anywhere else the you're gonna come back here and take whatever we decide to give you Pia intercept that kind of hubris of what he does. But I would venture to guess and there's probably a a team or team that are feel that they're pretty close. And maybe you'll undergoing given that kind of money a lot and an Oakland Raiders type team racked. But they'd have to give up our first round pick to do so I have yet to see teams that have won free agency. And translated by winning free agency in two. Win mean not only playoff games are winning supermodels when she say though that many people believe that New England is that team to do that right is doing winning the free agency right now. Course they went free agency because they compile draft picks. But this is the UI. There's always that one caveat that you just can't eat cake no one's gonna get under the patriot way and get in the skin. And see the brain waves of Bill Belichick can go well the patriots do it everybody can know we can't there's a reason why they're really good about it. And why they can figure things out. 'cause they figured it out and they're not gonna share it there are gonna go until everybody. Because every time Bill Belichick makes a trade or ask your calls in free agency he's winning folks. He's gonna get what he wants any wins because back to the conversation that we had did today why do people continue. To try in trade with them because he's gained it was an idiot he's he's gonna get gonna get over on the good Jared they got. I'm sorry they Brandon cooks now you know how does that happen one year deal. One year rental. Well it's called were gonna load up. The Coke get three more Super Bowl we don't need the 32 take it anyway you who set for it to what do you make of the Corvette or he's a little bit surprised that nobody is thrown any money at Jay Cutler yet no not at all. No that is toxic like there's there's second somebody will is that a desperate team out there that is in the like no yelling need GO. Sure there's always going to be desperately rumors it was Johnny Denzel somebody like John Lehman Zell look at you jets there's always that somebody out there so is a bad GM. There's always a Matt Millen that'll make a decision you decide to go home goodness calling can't predict is still a free agent so his you'll be a back up somewhere in his in his decision to opt out of his deal in San Cisco is seen to be working out swimmingly. And I could see him being a backup somewhere around buffalo. Somewhere in there. Sent into the cold Felix in doing all his little antics on mr. Graham in the cold now into in an update on Tony earlier. You know. That's an interesting one though wolf he's gone to Houston it's a foregone conclusion. Go to Houston it's okay it's a very good about that if he goes to Houston. What would be a success for bill O'Brien this year. Thank you have to make the ACC championship game your body is absolutely you know and one chance you can yes you can pry can and after act as they say we gave you brought costs Weiler I think if you sighing Romo did two years you get two years he had tears in that certainly what why not JJ watt has got maybe three. Q even though he can play. While and that's the thing is a Yemen you have that. Roster we're salaries are used are coming up real soon can we know you've done a very good job of drafting being keeping young talent in there. Those guys you start coming up B you'd probably only have one. One or two years until our he's got resume if they do they'll sign Ramona to give him two years now two chances. And then if he doesn't he'll just be the next in line of Belichick guys that can do it. As a head coach and in a car at Lejeune when that got a little yeah you have to beat the master. Somebody's gotta be at the sense and master splitter you know eventually he was really good because you can be masters winner while dean you have to be trained in his Dojo. And you can't fight him anywhere else except for his Dojo you'll get beat him in his Dojo a totally New England you never going to be imports are. Gonna happen. You know but I'm not looking forward to this because. We're going to be working together at the time that your kids eventually do you may well at some point knock you off. You've got like you've got three kids. That are freaking athletes know they are not eat your best kids. On but they're gonna be you one of these days. In June that's gonna be glad he's a master that's going to be a bad week in new happened near death there no I don't care Feynman a prime. I can get up out of my wheelchair your not beat me if there comes time where they're getting close we stop flying them home to sweep the leg. You ought to kids out and chat and a guy. Yet iams we bullet. You would every day and you're doing them as you would do you do what are you can't that's going to be a crappy week for us it really will be. It would give Crawford he get dunked on in the office just to prove your metal yeah so I'm gonna go get myself a nerve to open dunk on Crawford anyway. And. It's. Let's head to New York can get a preview of the next first round opponent I Oda. Josh Thompson of the journal news joins us next right now does Alex the sports and news. This is a tournament origination of dusty and jam in the morning in front of you got us we go mortgage fund generated so trim. The island gales may be one in eleven all time in the NCAA tournament haven't won a tourney games since 1980 than they're dancing for a second straight year as the Metro Atlantic Athletic Conference champs. For a preview of the org index first round opponent let's go to New York Josh Thompson comes deals for the journal news. Good morning man I don't he snowman. It would have got real good snowed in. I'm still not yet act absolutist probably about a lot of smarts not erratic so you seemed pretty that I known as well as the head out tomorrow afternoon bottom. You know there I planned workouts. Now there was there was rumors and rumblings that they could have left even yesterday. Is this some that then that big gales there are really concerned about is getting there on time or air things host the lighten up. Declare practicing tomorrow morning early penalty thing with any act of slot I think they're pretty confident that they'll be they'll be okay were about commercials about twelve inches well bombarding its host embody you know club. Early this evening here. Citing bishop crowded at. All right down is a mid major. They can fill it up. What should scare organ fans about the scales team this season. It should you know this is conclusion he's head coach to seven year. And I he's brought a very distinct style applied to shouldn't. I assure your fastest. Temple team that Eddie has put that obviously you know that's the way they quietly up and down. Ability should a lot of reporters aboard Austrian too sure they need. 103 quarters or more attention that's something that you know pass like a magic number I guess who spent for them this year some media organs that can keep an eye out there that streaky. They have a really good post player to a Washington. Their guards are are really streaky if they've had should really explosive guys last year it aging English usually that. A leading scorers in the country you don't have a single guard like that you can really light it up. But I have a vote of what you got to move inch core. And you'll really come down to probably have those two guys player there need to their cars that it will be probably makes three quarters. Is there like you Morgan around. This is the party here just her but he tries to pretend they know everything about every team and we're gonna start researching eagle all we we knew this. This name stands out. Sam to sell junior the grad transfer tells little about Sam is his role on the team what he's been able to go on as as I guess a senior that's come in and help this roster. Did you know you'd want to be sure to catch up on a I'm talking about he came in from you chronically couple seasons character after coming up about junior college he usually bigger crew actually it was a originally recruited by Marilyn. A Latina rapture army she's I used to ship missiles on. Eaten you you can make sure you intake and make sure really tough shots she's you know like Kobe Bryant is a bad shot maker that's. Sent Michelle and I and you know he's he's somebody who does a lot trial in terms of handling the ball as well. Didn't play much in the in the championship game though. At a damn sure that the is at some other guys who were. We're playing well and you know that's kind of been sham issue or some game shall have a huge game one night used the spotlight on sports center if you point nine points a career high. Earlier this she's been put in a lot of other games where did you just have a role player credential. Merely looks like his dad is based I don't know newseum plainly bad drive but. He's certainly capable of you know scoring double digits in in being one of those are key archer details. Just something covers Iona for low Hud dot com now eight you know he's a grad transfer we see a lot of these teams a lot of these men majors and made these runs. They bring in grad transfers who like a seem to sell junior is like two guys that scored in last year's tourney game against Iowa State. On this year's Iona team. It are there guys and more than just seemed so genius that are the grad transfers how is coach clues built this team. No visual idealist froehlich a second chance you write so they grain a lot of guys some you know we're second chance to actually absorbs the best player George Washington. We haven't helped you live she's somebody. Where if you follow recruiting in the pac twelve should be familiar yeah actually. I was at Arizona State originally. Got arrested this that and ended up at junior college and ended up but I Iona. So that's how each year that they have what is really high major talent that you can really score. And rebound in the paint. And then they have some other players to shells warn you grad trench there another graduate of Johns severe former New York State clarity here click received a forum. He was an all rookie player initiate and back music freshman. Telesis competence a little bit along the way but he ended up but I held up. So that another guy pretty pretty much almost everybody in the roster as either attended another college. Were prep school and they don't have a lot of true freshman when the plane which includes omelet it's a system that they've found you know very successful for them. A lot of there there you know first you know all Mac players are players who let them the championships in the past. Our guys who were second chance guys. Who helped them get there. As you said they can fill it up on the offensive then but key and they saw anybody down defensively and that's not us that 273. Nationally. In defense is are they guard heavy enough to slow down the likes of don't Brooks talent or seen villain and us. The I think nipping at their most word about in this is what. Includes a gesture at practices. Not that date that they can't match up stylistically was it was organ it's actually very similar to last year's first round game against I was state. Yet and they're playing a team to a large conference that that you can move the ball and score offensively. Well what what conclusion is that issues. Veteran team just like I was staying last year that stool we do but would bigger players who are more athletic and I think that's. I was of the game last year and it was definitely a factor you know I lose Irish news. I'll just bigger kind of every position and that I know it is legal and she got here. I don't know has not look at that at crunch time lineup they played last week you have said your cap. Mac rookie year. Com each five wood nine babies were 25 and it probably not impose that you're really good shooter but he's somebody usually undersized. You have. You are one can yell at one point all we have one bail for trial they never like to visual launched. Actually erode their somebody's undersized in the three to four positions. Maybe that's and that you're pretty light so that's going to be their British out little organization knows somebody. At this three who might be sick for three years shopping tried to defend bill grow net that truly. You know kinda their downfall but in in the Mac proper. They were picking the players jerk. Generally smaller adding debt in the organs they use and in this game and the musicality. And you know still being shall be able to maintain that let's system. And Geraldo. I own a fist wildly. In the conference in the third twenty to twelve overall we had to battle CNN the chamber demolished it's all the attention sometimes we talk about the regular season. We've mentioned how important it is for your conference really get that that. Won the tournament bid an automatic bid built into the tournament. Did that benefit off his sleeve I own and their ability in EC teams like Monmouth Channing is invaluable to build a house. The tournament B or the turn a bid to beat the regular season champ are you on the side like look man just get us into that turned the into the the taller really matters. Yeah I think that's central parity in this sort captured the chairman I would sit in the past. Who who and I hope to be. Earned an at large bid this year and one and 2012 they've Hirsch a little momma they lost and semifinals of the conference German. On the end up getting you might remember to put a first organic spew are you. I mean it's harder shots in the first half one up by over one you want to end up lonely game. If you are you in the second happened and that was an at large. That was an at large team. Did you see needed depth because you know mama was a class of lead and finishing 18 June. During the regular she's been I don't think momma who was courted good measures and as they were last year. And you know I don't have actually played them the last game of the regular she's lost bisexual or home equity gimmick the want. I think now when the terms of apartments bishop back game. But I only very Sri fusion that's inclusion estimates that in that Angie turner put it's very very Sri keep. Our team when it played well the collection when like I mentioned earlier in the gorge bush boring new Washington playing well. It can be tough team shall I do think that you try to be automatic bid to determine meant structure of the match. Really help I don't this year I'm sure there are other years to a conclusion could permit yet cup and regular season champ or not. Josh Thompson you can find his work at low Hud dot com covers the Iona gaels thinks it's time men appreciate it. Hopefully stays warm to man and a twenty inches of snow Yahoo! makes us feel like going to was c.s out here we are. Well we got double loss here yeah but we ordinance twenty yeah that's is these co wants that's he's going well are used to that kind of does son. And world does not from that I gather odd duck fan. Don't believe that people. He said the ducks on upset alert. This year I would like to ducks' chances at the 63 small forward guarding Dylan Brooks sent to sell junior though. Yeah he looks like his debt in by the way he said he would take his dad. But he has hair cell you know that you are now alien with payers and I was thinking are we just looked him up any does Connell like his dad but didn't Kirsch are nine here were wondering. What is sent to sell look like with hair. And as far as I can tell their nose and existing photos of same console there really. Did he see DD and wipe them from the east got them from the Internet Genesis is not possible is he actually an alien possibly. Hello Sam could cells who he coaching for a school that literally lets us write the try to clips yes best best celebration dance in the NBA doing so. You know it's the it's from mid than the major leagues may be lead the big wave OC waive those he says he's also get a new marble all of us I know models. I am marbles. We let. Aren't so thanks Josh Thompson did that add these are really tough ones for people because have you seen the people that are predicting. Organ falls to U Iona. Because there and not there have been national pundits that have said Morgan loses to Diana. Well it's been DJ man he's been a big factor if they make fifteen threes yeah maybe but. Organ has a big size advantage with or without. Goals water boy. Chris appreciate as well in how about that. Almost every single player on the team out one point or another has been on another college. Want. I had that is our that is I think wait a minute that's crazy actually. Every single player who think that that is good retention rates well and you gotta do to get it you get two players. And yes. I look food would you get paid in one former baseball star is doing just that. Getting paid in food. Dusting came on the fans. This is a tournament which additional Dustin jam in the morning brats and about us we go markets on ten AB so Salem. Will work for good navy decided. And one former baseball star is holding a different ballparks. Manny Ramirez. Pulled Maine ran in itself. Is playing in Japan. Yeah I'm in one in this stipulations to his contract. Is this adulation or perk quite rare. Look it's in his contract son and assuming that he had to put in there. It is unlimited sushi. All yearlong. He's gonna need. Hey you misread the putt here the only come play for you in Japan. I have got to get free sushi all year long. It is quite the demand that he has is it yeah. And China for one applaud him for because I think them more athletes should do this he plays that could she island fighting dogs. Again and pretty bad ass name her team your fighting dogs. You know venal man ram. Has a limited sushi isn't. Have you ever had some enemy Q a meal where you said this is awful. Yup I have never had that I mean yes I guess I have that may only have no but let me phrase it T this way think about. Someone took time to me Q a meal they spent the effort in the time either they cooked during Biden you over. No matter if it was bad or not I. I have never had a bad meal when somebody's made it forming I have because that is one of those things where if you take the time Dixie feed me I'm to be so thank you I don't care is better not I'm just tell me I love food down much I love appreciate with somebody makes you food. This is a contract stipulation or perk. If I can do is you could start putting this in the contract nowadays. Police find any way to do this how can we do this would he would sushi thumbs up would you stayed in New Orleans if you got freedom last. Home in new deal. If they were free demo. Unlimited crawfish poll the moon. Shrimp sure all manner of yeah yeah you know much recovered. I don't I don't I think I appreciate food more of the appreciate food more now I had a bad meal could Rio months. Broke up with her shortly woe is lean slightly different reason that's excellent there's a deal breaker maybe they'll now let wasn't the deal breaker or are they bad cooks. What she bash she's bad cook just one meal though it's all took was one Neill Noah had to say I just said there several outlying factors led you know that was big that was the straw that broke the camel's back and you know. No idea brink of their like red after it is you know surely would have thought the story then. But it was. Mean eight I would be lying if I chose it added it didn't player roles you know. But it wasn't a big girl at a place still fled or roll lately your question is you know moral of the story here is that yes I've had a bad meal OK and I think they you're lying if you seem never have met and know a mile and a meal that somebody is made for me that I have said this is garbage because you took the time he made comedy. That's the rule we don't you never tell people. Really it's just kind of my mindset is this garbage what is the one food you will workforce you're an athlete in a figure thrown in your contract bacon you. Okay who just bacon. You what he's grumpy old men so many things you can do with bacon. They get and that. What is that that's it that's one thing you're working for and he won it and like thrown in like a slab of on coach you dig Dohmann got the Tony do you like a pouch of Friday to so many different ways you know much easier and adventure. Making make simple army you make your crispy you can they get you can just give me in just a bad. Of little freezer for only one way to have bacon there's not cooked bacon there's several ways to have big canyon big number you have been. Where you put it knows what we did it's it's an add on I'm on May not a standalone I want bacon I understand again. I heard since she's up there for me in my BCC. The variations of sushi sushi that you canals well yeah I don't believe this seeming just by itself a meeting go well maybe they'll want to roll maybe they'll all tell her up the middle goes on Simi the flexibility of sushi I don't know if there's anything better and the range adults on health oh my eye and asked item a very healthy sushi meal break and very on a BC's Gmail now have found can you go yet they couldn't. A lot of fun would that allows easy passage uber dinner last night I think I'm on the sushi turning. I've never all of port yes I'm I've still yet to find a great sushi restaurant. So locally that's some good ones yeah I mean do I need to go out partake have found that food poisoning. Dear it. My cook my bacon and eat it music and this guy says stake. Is as did several variations of sake they can even get with bacon you know. Landing a meatloaf. Now. Are people that really low meatloaf like me loved his number one for you. Because I feel like meatloaf is just one net. It's like bacon it's no different this is meet slap together now it's totally different than what's on that people are doing and it is trendy. Bacon is not from the building is trendy big in no bacon was trendy when they started doing all the stupid like bacon vodka dead beat insult you need that is gimme. Normal butcher cut bacon and his hit. Anybody who doesn't tell you she's not. Did it's different here out OK anybody doesn't value sushi just hasn't hasn't lived tock of who the other you gotta have sushi. Okay you're try to though. Yeah Jesse should what's been what what is it that you tried to did tempura doc has system fried stuff what does he actually leave you'll see that's the bail you know the other data are. The other what's it to best fried shrimp seat in California are role bad okay are all there's no fish in it. Well and and elsewhere early I'll Honda civic and usually exactly is there are there it is it's economical way. I'm just telling you that's a bush I beaten they and he sushi. Gary had raw fish in any of your sushi. Some good you know old Folsom get a couple holes. How around him and I really green yeah we really are signs of the Apocalypse Now I'm just saying I've sushi I know a lot of people love it not for me. Tony many were there mirrors has got it figured out if more people can find ways to get a food group or some sort of favorite food built in your contract. Yeah that is that's brilliant in this and says we have and tacos. Tom does it be great Mexican dude. Dissent economics into and it's pretty broad I don't know if they put that in the contract believed to be very broad you'd be kind of specific by the way also do you guys see in many it's also optional practices. Let in his contract part of that is not just only is he she also has optional practices are all optional for him 44 years old is your one and cracks in every day is yours MX says Manny. Any gets a chauffeured Mercedes. Well yeah overall good India and you have your first name is on New Year's you like Ichiro OK Brett does Ichiro Suzuki. So it just has nanny. And is my question is how bad DD. Coach the island fighting dogs suck in order to make a lease concessions to get Manny Ramirez. Again they pretty desperate to get him on the team big guys have good long careers that continue to play over there I know I suddenly mr. baseball right. It's a visual and a you all in your swing. There's a hole in my swing hole in your sword out and yes they're thoughtful and nice and a manei go ahead and trend look at this these standings from last year's Japanese league baseball. To figure out where the. Where the coach the island fighting dogs were underwear they are I wanted to play from because they're doing sue she's part of the contract. No I had some good sushi last night net. Coast as a rainbow role. Uneven Siemens standings. We should mrs. team. There I mean like shattering secondary like a second tier league maybe now we'll talk and I can be it from release during Japan's. I say hello here is all happening yet how probably there's a lot okay inane they take care of themselves. Our random and figure out how bad this team was in the break but Manny Ramirez. Good on you did. Bill played for food. TM and Crawford are gonna go play priciest GM and team bacon looks like them I'm going to plane like Iowa or Omaha. But a Moran at that radio play for the Fukushima Clark's yes I don't know if you wanna go there. All right that is the bark ball the worst kind of parent. Or see the best. Kind of sports where he's at it again this dusting camp.