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Dusty and Cam - 3.14.17 - Hour 3

Mar 14, 2017|

LaVar Ball is the ultimate sports dad, the toughness of the South Region in the NCAA Tourney, and more!

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Base or listening to the dusty camp podcast brought to you on the stand by your local less Schwab tire center doing the right thing since 1952. Your brackets ready yeah I'd love to. This is turned midweek edition of dusty and jam in the morning. Crap you I have become more kids need a local lender who specializes. I think the markets can how good I think so mortgage dot com does DNJ a mug Jay Nady in this. Where people make com radio gold should. I'm Manny Ramirez. His new team he could keep fighting dogs. Fifteen and thirteen finished third place. In need Chico who island league. He finished third at the fourteenth. I don't know but not to think about. Day he'll be playing in a 6000 seat stadium and a well I think I agree with sushi about the story the story that sushi on that makes sense now stuck Ned Ned sushi is the in the contract unlimited CC not practicing. And that's that's that. That's a reason he got there in the independent league baseball but they got Maynor Mears tell me that place will be sold out every single game. Supersedes you know get sushi sewers coming in to it from people in the navy. Are pretty cool guys and sitting just catch fish ate fresh made sushi on the boat. They do it. I love sushi and can't. Lamar ball is that it again the father of Alonso ball. UCLA's star. He is doing interviews for some reason still and he's saying that. And this time he wants eight. Billion dollar. She you contract. Is what he's telling USA today. Bonds a ball is into his only child he's got to Brothers Celine Angelo in Loma low ball who are high schoolers in both committed UCLA as well. But let Lavar ball as saying that. His number is going to be a billion dollar straight out the gate and you only have to give me give it to me all up front give us a hundred million dollars a year. Is what he's saying. On. In order to get his kids to issue company and he doesn't care. One. Shoe company it is you've gay give his family billion dollars who give you all three kids for the shoe deal moon. What what is he doing is it there's no way that this is helping his kids is that. That's the I'm I'll be honest with you. What he's doing is exactly what every other parent is doing. In the reality. Show of what we consume. As people in this country from the start from where were not worry list U summit. Hold on. Stimulus you some of the people or famous in our country based on no talents K card actions Jersey Shore people. Kate real world people. Anybody that was on the well true talent people people are on the voice American Idol shows like survivor. The bachelor the bachelorette these are talented people know. These are entertainers these are personalities these are brands we are consumed in today's world news. About building your brand from doing a musically to mean Justin Bieber on on YouTube. This is what we say when athletes it's no longer just about the game it's about what are you gonna offer me. Off the court will we get a bass was the number one brand selling sport. It sells shoes it's sells jerseys it sells everything more than any other sport because that I can Wear basketball shoes out. Can I worm out I have some I love my Jordan's. But I have nowhere in. Baseball cleats and I'm certainly not more of a ball Jews around. So it translates across the entire unit for this man is doing what every other parent does from the people that produce the with a 21 kids and counting I don't know from everything is about as selling your family. And in profiting off self. What show assault shows what you got I want more my brands look at my Fam view and everything. So why look at this and I go this this doesn't surprise me and I'm I'm upset about it now. I could care less about it because this is exactly what we consume and we love and we eat up on our DVR is on the. Daily basis the out I think it's quite the generalizations say it's an every parent is doing in this in this climate. Because that is not what I said what I said was every person at the highest level that once you get to this notoriety. Like what we see and how talent. Right they say is using this platform like by he has kids that are supremely talented and he. He's not doing them any favors whatsoever. And the need exists if white is what he's doing. By. Doing this how does it help. How does it help anybody except for will what does it help his name rip. Kate how does it help dizzy because it sports it's not the same as the Jersey Shore or the Kardashians. Or honey boo boo or toddlers and tiara as well a different easy big differences is that you have three sons. One that is the inning college has never played in the NBA in your comparing him to staff curry saying he's bad one not compare it saying he's better than staff curry. Yes incur billion dollars in not even all of it up front a hundred million dollars a year community sport where. In the NBA. It isn't based on these like LeBron James got his billion dollar lifetime deal with Nike. A year ago. A year ago has been playing in the NBA since 2004. Right like it in this is like it is. He's trying to go the reality show. The style in route which has been wildly profitable but where it doesn't help your kids is the fact that. It is a league in it is an industry where you have to prove it. You have to prove it injures he shore. You have to prove it in professional sports because there is talent that's involved. I I don't know if I agree with you on that begins airplane employers that walk into this league that don't have to prove anything get paid 40506070. Million dollar guarantee contracts you'll have to prove Jack squat all you have to do is is being good enough to show potential. That's it that's fit into and remember there's only 500 of you on average in this league when you talk about the NBA. July agree with what his father's doing I'm out. You wanna be whatever dad you wanna be right Kate number one these kids are doing drugs yet. They're not the kids at school that everybody same as the bully and a K what are they doing that so terrific. They're playing basketball and their dad is using them and in there they're together is a failing in their marketing themselves I'm not gonna call a bad bad. I honestly don't lazy bad I don't I don't have that I don't I don't consider atop the mountain state of all dads I'm the dad judge her and not a minute and a half. Daddy mig judge yourself. Yeah I'm not even annoyed by Lamar ball I get this limit is exactly what we're easily bored dinner tame NMR melding into one more so than ever and he's. What are we talking about we're talking about him in that's the thing though is then weigh in that's a question that I ask is. Is he doing anything for his kids by doing the building their brand let's see he's he's building and and you can and you can debate whether or not that's important or not but and he's certainly building a brand but. That brand could fall apart with Alonso ball going in the NBA in the first round having a bullseye on his back. And then Le mellow and only Angelo coming right behind him. And in that he can all just come crumbling down. Instantly is that I thought I'd probably yeah what is the crow nearly winning it to abide those kids and expectations that his that their fathers lumping on them. Are you look at beat Todd branded it doesn't want all right to one off. The one off one how many others do we have the Wear and Brothers Aminu -- bill put that pressure on his kids adds a whack job a new series a lack job but he never he never put that bullseye on his kids back you get a black holes I look at or your race jury. You're a former. Or your father or your you have a name on the back I your Jersey that is your your expectation Michael Jordan's Michael jordans kids didn't do that the depression was it was Jordan. It will always be. You'd just because given name on the back your Jersey that is gonna be the pressure he can just get your dad says you're gonna be great. That's a huge issue. K you have to announce events and that and that's again the question being. Is he doing anything to help his kids in this in this situation irony so yes billion dollar gap shoe contract my kids better than staff Currie. Now if you were to come on say things like he did in this article to where he could beat Michael Jordan one on line. Back in his prime now that is that's the entertainment that's funny that it those are the types of things that you sit there needs you laughed that right I don't know that's a in this duty is jockeying in and angling for a reality show the other do it'll probably give it. There are a lot of worst dad's a lot of scum bags out there are a lot of bad people and this is what people get fired up because they're worried about a Dow that's promoting their kids. They're wasting their time because this is the world we live in it I every body across the board. Watches this stuff on a daily basis there Lavar ball is is the first of many Lamar balls yeah this is the future it for batter wars I don't see out of seed this going Larry youth team or everything out there everybody that watches there's always this dad it's got his kids with his eight shooting shirts on. Any shooting sleeves on that's a camel. What do I need to camel shootings we will my kids marketing and we're gonna sell the this is what you do people say that. Kids were shooting sleeve on her shooting I know I know but I hit what is that event that I don't know sanity should have been you know it is exactly what today's world is about getting your brand out there as fast as you can. Make as much as you can as fast he can't. For graphic you could argue we have a reality star is a president eaten you just don't know. This is what we live in new accepted or not all take Lamar ball is dead over some deadbeat loser dads that I've seen out. And then that it that is why you sit there and you say in deep totally unfair criticism is that the people let's say it Lavar ball is a bad. Deaths or did I say I love these boys Seattle loves it he's always on. He is nod in I don't think he's doing them any favors whatsoever and it by no means is now our law judge doing his kids any favors by it. You know is saying a billion dollars is we're gonna start first you deal for all periods in this case it's not something I would do because there's some bad personalities. But I can't sit there and tell you that he's a bad father now there's feedback coming in 55305. May get to some of that and also there's one metric that says. This tourney. One region as the toughest ever. Ever and and others quite the opposite. It is sick ate fourteen on the fan. This is a tournament origination of dusty and jam in the morning rusty about us we've done market until they leaves Australia and. It's wow. Lot of people reacting TV Lamar balls situation and here's one net that sparks this conversation is on we discussed this a little bit. On the last time though Lavar ball spoke out abouts. You know he says he's good daddy's a horrible sports stand in he's making me hate to kids even though they seem like good kids. In that is also problem because Alonso ball. Isn't the one saying any of these things it when his dad says billion dollars shoe deal. That's where we start my kids better than Seth Curry all of these things. Like in in that should be that's a tough line to differentiate because he's talking. About his three sons. Yet. His three kids aren't the ones saying any of this stuff Indy actually do like. Alonso ball in his interviews seem like he's a good kitten. Businessman Smart businessman. Marketing well that I think that that's to be seen. That's to be seen if if he does get these deals right in these marketability because we don't know yet kind of what he. What is kraus isn't what Nike deal under armour will say. I think this is exists what the basketball culture house has developed. Now I think it's part of the EU culture it's part of putting boys together it's also. Bringing coaches on staff to get your Fam they're just. This is part of the culture part of this the sports in the the financial windfall that is athletics in our country yeah and billions and billions and billions of dollars in the ball fairly just wants to get a piece of. And you know those eight you know this Texas is a pretty decent one as well when you mean think about the Porter kids. About Nathan hale and there's three Brothers yes well right where those kids are. Actually projected better then then the ball boys are well yeah yeah you. You handled these sorts of the decision is always one or the other more poise skinny cat and mega church yeah and that is in that's it this is definitely not traditional. But that was his agent who or that was a representing company maybe I NG your something would we have the same disdain. Four for that group but is because it's his father Ernie someone like let's save it it was an agency group that was promoting the ball children Brett. They were kids and we do know a lot of kids that are child actors or anything like that it's you know all the child actors and they've been all that. You have the same amount of disdain or frustration. Because it's it's it's taking advantage of kids if that's an agency but because it's his father someone that loves him truly. Unconditionally I can see it I can see that he does does do that we we have immediate. Deuce bag eerie. Attached to him because he's a bad guy. About defending the fact that he's trying to cash in on his kids now he's building a Brit that's what arson that's what we do that's what people do you build brands to generate revenue. You re not in it to miss sometimes everybody says you're in it to make money. By him saying by him saying that this is say you know billion dollars or all three kids. Is that an NCAA violation I don't know. Because what to say I want money for something. That has been achieved yet. Well Nike indeed is an under armor if you're gonna send lawns a ball and it's already written in the papers these hardy spouting off billion dollars and get all three we can make your brother can't give you some Jews so you have two kids that are going to be going through college and I can be a little Dicey and teachers and Steve Alford think Kate. Duke on the breaks the bad we need to HT kids through here plus they live in LA where do we expect any different attitude in LA. UCLA it's LA. Los Angeles it's good for us man it's good for us our show our industry it's got everybody fired up on the text line I everybody's got an opinion you know as me you know what a ball president Bill Sammon root against the kids now don't play and it's relaxes you talking about noted that bothers me does is like that is. That's when I was I would makes you do and and what are acting that's that's a personal from one your apartment and jealousy problem yeah that is because that guy be the first one in line to go. You meet some shoes on hopefully hoops and you meet a million dollars yet exactly the same guys we are talking about earlier it's a law that would put into my. About football hall you'll do it. No you you yes you would to some agreement you go. Million dollars millions of dollars yeah keep in Lynnwood via the UN love it after six years like Jordan Cameron. You might coming into training camp right. Absolutely not. That AEA it is amazing how many people. Get to get fired up in this thing yellow bars and playing to the midwest. No explained LA this is LA in a nutshell. Via in it by the way is comment about meeting Michael journal and on one. At Washington State one of the years he's area the average 2.2 game. So he said he'd take down Michael Jordan one on one in his in his prime. Maybe it's glossy state resist. Too far behind the times it in the and play an isolation game but why is why do you think is it because it's a sport is because there's such this. Some Iowa Nicole disdained by fans or people. They're probably a lot of families that have very brilliant kids that are marketing their kids for. Academics or business or odors that works for apple or anything like that but because it's in the media echo my gosh. Basketball brand. How dear you know it's. The wave that he's doing Ed is pretty Al it's pretty out there you know I mean it's something that we haven't seen. And that's why people have a reaction to it is because you haven't seen it before us is because it's he's seen iterations of it like it Tod Moran of Mitch. In his down but he just pushed his kids. He pushed his kid and then well that is a senior on our greatest he's going to be degrades well it did but that's been we haven't seen them. Like this this is. The one off yes so this is just the one that bad that everybody says how many more are we seeing in every bend and everybody said that you know like people are saying a proper city you know this is gonna be dissed the future enable a you've all right this is gonna be what people. Monty I think they'll Lavar ball is the one that's what makes and that. Bad intriguing New York that it did future was going to be everybody. Going the reign of each round have you ever seen it's because you documentary trophy kids yes it's an excellent. You know excellent documentary people living vicariously through their children or pushing them to be on to do to achieve something that they think they want to that child wants her I didn't. I think that this will work itself out in time. And you'll see that these boys are either gonna go one way or the other right now but in this time when your at your peak everybody says gain your fifteen minutes we all wanna have your fifteen minutes new right now until I can't right now this is the fifteen minutes the ball family and I could last longer yeah. But if you do whatever whatever strategy you're gonna taken to that fifteen minutes and you can generate and build your family up for the rest your lives. People are growing class people are going to be following this family now and if it is successful. In all three. In people by and a mark mutt the marketing machine of Lavar ball. In all three kids are it will be the beginning. It will be but. There's a lot to be said that's why it's ruffles people so others as men because of the fact that he had they haven't done anything. You know they they really haven't. It was kid can heat well let's just say they're there could be. This could be a long line of great great talented athletes. Yeah could be yah and many argue though that Alonso ball. Was in the best Dresser in the pac told warning and a number one mark health pulls him is is supposed to Baghdad and the University of Washington right but he could elevate. Himself to the number one pick if you Selig makes a run in the in this tournament well that's gonna be a little bit tougher than let's. Maybe Lavar ball or Alonso ball think. Because there's a metric does says the reason they UCLA is in. Is the toughest. Ever. In NCAA tournament history. That is next whose coffers Fortson. This is a tournament we commission of dusty and jam in the morning rescue by us with a mortgage on ten AB so spare him. I people say the south region as a reason death. This year in the NCAA tournament and boy they are rights. It is a tough region no matter way how you look at it in net. You've got a bunch of good teams that on the surface you look and you say. Man really stinking good north Carolina's the one seed. Kentucky your TC UCLA's your third seed Butler is a four you succeed is Cincinnati and the of Wichita State. Is B eight seed or is it ten seed all in that one region and that doesn't even take into account. You know the fact they you have Mike Middle Tennessee State in there Minnesota. Is in there. In menu half of what he needs your seven seed when the up and comer Arkansas which is a SEC tournament runner up in only losing to Kentucky Seton Hall on is it all in that region along with lake forcing in Kansas State. Really stinking good on the surface. Well there is a rating B ten Palmer rating can pomeroys. On rating system in which she take. In you basically he takes everything in basketball where it has offensive and defense is efficiency it takes into account tempo. And pace of play in breaks down basketball into a possession by possession. Focus right and gives a rating on each team it's been about 73%. Accurate. In whatever that means according to the New York Times well. In the cell regional loan you have the third fourth. 81822. In 26 team. In the ten palm ratings which would make it the toughest. Region. Ever. In the NCAA tournament. And that's why I said yesterday the champ was coming out of the south or A yeah but also what you have to go through that bloodbath. And you sit there and you come out images haggard because of the fact that you know there are no easy out sit in that he streaker south region. So your taking the other stance is that we whoever comes out of that will be so physically and and mentally beat up. And they won't have the stamina to make it through the rest it's taxing its taxi we do see a mean great runs from teams a lot Connecticut which ran to the big east. And made that run through the turning into in the national championship. On a do you gain confidence if you can come out of their steam roller and you you just. You believe that you can't loose yeah you're gonna be one of those situations no matter where you are to game and we can we got this game. The company is too and we've seen hot teams that are really good thank you seal lake could. Wichita State can make a run right there we you know Kentucky's been there before. The only coaches that register in that in that division or I'm sorry in that that bracket. So eighty year looking at this and you're taking these ratings into account the Kentucky for example. He's won Olympic Kentucky bear forth in the ten palm ratings right now is they win they do in face Wichita State. It would take on the number eight team in these ratings in the second round. Can't stuff take dad out to you if they have to take on UCLA. In an in this in the and sweet sixteen. Venue are out all the way up to you. The eighteenth team in the country right now and she had to take on 818. To get to number three North Carolina. Root. Absolutely brutal and mean people gripe about the sighting committee getting it wrong. Blow that west region though we are talking about. It could be one of the Christmas the one of the worse that what you say. With Inzaghi is first but need this is for comparison sake they got twentieth and nineteenth 25 and fourteenth. Does it there hi I can't imagine that the committee did not set this up for a reason. You know I didn't there's a lot of strategy about how you place teams. Probably all above my head not my game. And pay grade for sure how and why they wanna structure. And certain teams especially when it comes there rankings and how they how they separate these guys if you would toll Kentucky North Carolina going to be in that. South that would allow us to use it how can you do that morning and once he let me I know how can you do that you gonna put top teams big big brands in the same. Region really. And when the teams yet he talked about Butler. Beat Villanova twice this year from the number one overall seed in the country right right I mean if that's a loaded region definitely in when you look at. I think that you're right in maybe the NCAA. Has candidate and screwed up when they try so hard to get the regional. They turned to regional lies that almost too much too much you don't mean. It in when they don't write tickets you Gina toll that the money all the stuff is built in absolutely that fans what they and that's when things that they said short travel have have the regional pods now. Is because of the fact that. They needed to sell more tickets because there's a lot of teams where you know if they've referred discusses it like a native organ as a three seed. They'd have be playing like back in the old days they'd be Milwaukee. Or a tossup right right instead of playing in Sacramento. And so in order to make it. More regional allies there have been moved these pods there there in the midwest region the plane in Sacramento. And eight is kinda. Logistically. Put the NCAA behind the eight ball I mean this is I'm excited though. To see where would that where that south region how that shakes out because. I birdie figured out from eating better notify whoever IA have come out of the south I have winning because it just fuels like that is going to beat a juggernaut. If you and you'll just everyone else and Kansas is the only other team that I feel comfortable that can that that can make the run for me right now but I know I'm basin that based upon. What a few games that I've watched it sect it's a no idea the bad guy in a superhero. Like unit in a comic book where he keeps gaining strength this he's barreling through the town right. You know he's absorbs everybody's energy so we took that okay well militant Middle Tennessee State. They're good guys they're the real this sleeper well we took them and absorb that Seahawks. All these storied programs you know my favorite conspiracy theory is about this hole and seeding. Is that these selecting committee needed Inzaghi and have success. That's why they gave invade India northwestern has the 89. Is decade they needed and we'll have added that no I India that I don't believe that is I think that's stupid. In that there's no way you have these they just have been like doesn't involve having pong balls and a big machines go. It's grab this looks this year only honest here we over analyzing those when you look at the bracket it kind of feels Ellis hit it. It feels that way at times and we negroes and envelopes that are in there you staying right to frozen envelopes. But I think it may go back to you admit discussion that. College basketball's just top having and then after your are your top tees seeds. It just kind of everybody else anyway so just make it like this when's the last time a team this is a good question Olivia has not outside of ten or anything has made it to the big dance the final four. But outside of attend yeah and off at ten or worse consider worsening UConn was attend within ten or eleven connecting this since it was Syracuse last year. Oh they might have been a twelve to geez it happened just last year I don't think there earlier twelfth now. I think not to say that it but those are big brands right yet we're talking about a middle team that is just no matter how you throw it out. Those teams that are their brands that are the traditional powerhouse yeah. Yeah I mean it's that can happen at any time OK here we go last year. You're Berber Herbert. It this and link goes back to 2013. So you had 2011 yet on eleven seed in there with a VC UMBC you attorneys you don't let our seed Wichita State in 2013 was nine seed. George Mason 2006 Baird glorious run deaths. But your point yet to go back to 86. When you've five LSU. Back in 8086 there's a big gap in there. In basketball seems to kind of worked LA near pointers about ten to twelve teams every year that are new ones that are legitimately gonna make it to the final four. Does that does that too much is it ten it tenor under. Probably. I will yet your top two seeds are you Riley Kennedy. And they say when you fill an Iraqi Disco chock maybe just chalk it up it picked up her seat. That always used to be confusing for me in and on down but when they was used to be like to pick the higher seed. And we think higher higher numbers higher hunt numbers higher lower lower. They all ball bearings packed and again I'm done so. They don't really take it and a gets all the parents RA is that if you dang right it is and who do you have winning a championship. Maybe if you have you learned that now you're I mean I question right now. Yeah staying at I have I want it right now well ID it's coming out of the south in my mind says tell me. North Carolina and we know who. I'd be pretty trafford he. I don't know yet am and I'm not condemn America makes a Yemen aspired to appease you a minute film my bracket what is your time your yeah through a dime. You haven't processed it yet I am too much thought into it but I'm gonna put some thought. I'm not I don't put any thought I put zero time to put a little thought and this'll take me. Three minutes I'll Yemen and you any recent unchecked power to lose out I don't dig into the I'm gonna try to like think you know Kynan. Feel it out. My buddy Obie is like die hard Arizona fan in a minute punch myself for saying this but I think Arizona has a chance to win them. I'm again chance may have a good chance to. And based on. You're in the last now they're playing really well right now. And in the final four you give villain though lose battle tested by can be streaky compete talk about reineck confidence data they can do just be honest I really see guns they won a title. Like to see it happen new great for the northwest and basket it would be like you want to make a run anybody in the pac twelve Morsi make runs away evaluates those act up. Yeah best just. Have you ever wondered where. The term March Madness came from. And it's Korea I have I have an answer for you and it Sid DM legend had just retired that gave us the term March Madness. That's exits at 42 on the fan. This is a tournament which edition of dusty and Tim in the morning in Brussels about us we've got markets on ten AB so slim. Now your second. On the Harold helpful to mired. Free elections and their anger and wonder where in the term March Madness came from the tenth where. Legendary broadcaster who just retired. Who evening and is as it's been a bad year for legendary broadcasters retiring. I don't know he is an affinity for gambling in co Eds this in the stands. So let's Huber prosper is. Here everybody out once I saw that it. Yeah you figure out Brent most burger. Actually ripped off the brands are Brett Brent. I know I do I get that's and to people remember when you have thank you in don't Scully are monument brilliant Brent Brett so good idea to hold and pandering. They can handle lose so this'll campaign situations. And now Brent must murdered. Ripped off the term March Madness ripped it off. Yes because. He was calling it a high school basketball tournament the state basketball tournament in Illinois. On and a car dealership coined the state basketball tournament March Madness. And Britain Ers must burger is like hey that's sounds really good. So. A couple of years later. He was asked by CBS. To recap and recount. The previous year's tournaments in the 1981 tournament Hughes asked to recap. When it was and he described a shot by you miss this read of Arkansas half Courter in 1981 and in sync. Defending champion little hole. And he said it was March Madness. When grant hit the shot to same global. In the people at CBS and people of the NCAA were like. We like that oh my gosh that needs to be arson so they tried to trade market. And the state of Illinois said mean no in the Saddam. They'd be Illinois athletic association so there's only one other athletic association one other event I can use March Madness without the NCAA is approval. In its feet Illinois State basketball turned. How wonderful. Now all because Brett must burger went and ripped it off from some. Some poor marketing salons named Marie Indiana car dealership are regular guy in Chicago. Tunnels that all starts there are things we can't say on the air because you haven't trademarked. In certain things that we cannot even mention. A bear are you will get in trouble yeah big time yeah dirty dancing. The most famous line from dirty dancing something regarding boxing don't she did you don't you dare say that I know something regarding that Michael Borger Michael buffers famous saying yeah I can't say that say that. Well you'll get sued in they have people that their job is to listen yeah nationally. You know where that what else can't we said. Well a lot of were a lot of third Ali. For seven million words seven deadly words yet it's far more than seven I've tried most got fired a bunch you're saying and I'm dumb but they only ended a one time on a whole show. Dusty no actually was that Craig gas a comedian we was he said member that he said the now what was the you know he's made his LA he's so steady amount nickname for a president was impeached he. That are Richard yes. That's what is Richard's face yes. That's for what's wrong with seem real well I don't know I had a dumb and what he said it. He had a nervous about it you know he's I can't say that. It says that. You can't. You can't know. No here's what's wrong with with with the with our good couple presidents and say that yet funny is it an end these other name is Kim stayed. Blank thing. I know news. He hears that he knew little negative people may not now Jessie Bowman or if you listen no you can't. EU looking at people on now the dump button doesn't dump on the gap. Did you have aliens streaming Sunnis streaming there's no if they ever dump any thing if you don't do you need to catch all the awkwardness of that five seconds. They couple weeks ago they clean versions lag and having used for the first time I heard that it for him it was a really good ones in even his was out of disputes accident aria yeah tongue twister twister hit and dazed for a great one. It's I like it all I'd be NCAA tournament gets under way tonight if you wanna call it that we have the first two of the first four. That's confusing in the first yeah the first four involving eight teams will be played tonight in Dayton Ohio again don't know how Dayton Ohio was able to old miss. But they somehow did it. Elan mount Saint Mary's taking on New Orleans. I'm going with the privateers. In this fund privateers yeah he had to mount Saint Mary's mountaineers. Which. Month. You really Millen and on your mascot there to keep things simple mount. Humid there. Mount there's amount regulator Mary Joseph the Oregon State says gators. In a race the Stater sink. The Oregon Oregon eons yet doesn't think the Oklahoma Sooners share the kind of nailed that and some early. Not that cool. On the and then that game will be at 340 our time so buckle up. And then 610 tonight you have the eleven seed Massachusetts I think all four of the game should be like eleven seeds. And it's Kansas State taking on Wake Forest your second favorite mascot in this whole tournament involved. You beacon of wildcats I am. Now no demon deacons. Demon deacons charters are number one no I know I said it's your number to call my number two I'm sorry yes humid the demon deacons are by far number two. Yep so that's the first two the first four tonight. And tickle me excited folks good pumped. I'm pumped in a minute right after this you know when I'm done what I'm going to fill out my AA bracket detonated a fan dot com for our fee in March brackets competition and returns at them but I Thursday fifteen minutes before tip all right sort of funny time yet and everybody to go like old guys whose progress and yet it's three to play just go to 1080 the fan dot com. Yet a Sen Phil now before the first. Before that fifteen minutes before the first gains on Thursday. And you get a chance to win 500 smacked her is thanks to our great sponsors carte toys in Colorado Brothers did you yourself. If you wanna come down to fan madness at the independent sports bar. Do it if you wanna kill us for breath to the face. A lot of you don't gonna happen I don't know I would appreciate that a renowned and just somebody come on in in her face yes. Keyboard tough guys let's go let's have some on the tackling each other yeah a joy each other get knocked out by team clearly don't know it's not gonna get physical. And that's a hole that's what would you do. What would you do if somebody came and I'd be like DeMarcus Cousins and just go after him right there yeah. I yeah I can see your head gear face turning a certain shade of red in the need you standing out in that person going. And the Venezuelan. No I don't think so earlier from a lot of bigger guys out there than you wanna article would you laugh I would not I I you know what I I value the good Tex we get. From people they are funny and they hate. The disdain. It's enjoyable makes my day so much better yeah. It's a come down to the independent sports bar. In grill yeah I'll need our 8:30 AM 7 PM both Thursday and right here this break we'll be their prime time be there. Broadcasting live will be there after our show gets down Crawford shower. Pleased to that shot. Crawford will shower the cells away I was gonna make an awful choice is that the audience. Full details at ten navy detained dot com a sponsor step it up better Baird a rally out of parts of the Nike hoop summit. Indian tennis courts are real so c'mon let's do this with some great tennis and bunch of people out there and have. Have some fun on Thursday Friday madness starts tonight they'll. With the first floor and see tomorrow 6109. AM. This is investing cure makes it hurt us on Garn and Indian industry. Steered straight through seven primetime. Time both love. The student body blow my mom gonna meet you.