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Dusty and Cam - 3.13.17 - Hour 1

Mar 13, 2017|

Blazers weekend, issues with the NBA replay system, and

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Base or listening to the dusty camp podcast brought you on the stand by your local less Schwab tire center doing the right thing since 1952. I like to Imus. This is a tournament commission though doesn't jam in the morning rob you've got up. Our kids need help local lender specializing in the NBA loan plus we've come. Dusty into Montana new. Okay. It's tourney week time. It's like Christmas. This time a year you know and it is excited for Obama what you usually do you feel like the right theme songs in sports OK I put you visual theme song yeah I do. I put this theme song right there exhibits around number. It's I think it's number five for me top five top five it's right there at number five it might be it's hovering in the in the back end of five so could creep into the six Syria. Okay what is number all the bills the bills for the NFL candidates masters and for certain candidates the NBA. The classic NBA. You know like from the night when originally started in using Endesa NBA and NBC yeah as the NBA and NBC. Four is he is PM Sunday night baseball. Oh yeah okay and that we'll Sunday night baseball and then their escalating gets little mud all night football on that money might footballs I just did the bells and money and have the balls turning to with the boxer I can't client that right now archer knowledge just looks it's just. It's this to all the pageantry just give me Hank it's I want I want to Hank what the class you line now is it's a parody trends tonight in this now it's not a fanning Carrie Underwood no I and I carry on it's fine it's fine it's it's it's it's doesn't hold the same. Steam for me can I aid like classics can't vote one shining moment says today. As a sports game. Because I would put one shining moment about the CBS sports tournament whatever that is would you yet. One shining moment Luther Vandross and you tell me that doesn't I don't wanna send it known and com you want slowed number two is the masters theme that's not slow roll. Is in the masters in my old tinkling piano yeah you know that's nuts there's no words to it. It's just I get me on NBC's the best one assist and music round ball rock I believe is actually Bellamy and aim a bit higher in after that of of the bills the NFL bill well. But that's not that's like a real team that is like. Well good when you hear you know it till I know that's my that's how you that's a use signify it's important or not rebels dungy we hear it then once you know admin is up there around remnants entertain it's got to read the order vandross version. Dammit I don't low of one shining moment. I don't love you the song I like the decoy. Onset don't like I did that doesn't do anything for me. When you don't do anything and in the innings army aren't. Like Jim does a close guys and you don't agree with him he's really body hurt. I. Man he's meant literally the Luther mint is advantage roster van droves Luther Vandross. Vandross. Catcher trying to pass and week out and draws interest it said or didn't like this and ended mono and. What's wrong with food it would throw a punch and I can say that sports are supposed to be. It's unique to this war and in that and that's why I say when shining moment and that's his and his song it's not unique to the to the sport. His song. That they transplanted into a theme song you gotta get some unique just for that it was created just for that so I was already friends. But that was his song I know that's once and it's not the top fiber puts it that's why it's outside my top five. Aren't okay and I'm glad that we get your power rankings of sports science because he's in Israel and Louis is very good list I think that. The masters one is one that it is definitely top five for anybody even if you really need not even a golf fan. Because you know what tier criteria when you hear the twinkling piano as you know bill. It's masters. And right it's government. That's what year it is not top five for me well of course at NC would be top five most distinct though. Would be out yet one of those existing yes well you know what that is you know inning gives you gives you've felons. In onion sides dozens of what it means little seagulls. Nice to share a story of Ireland over to Crawford test this weekend and got the right choice. I am. Well the other option beene outlet like did I kidnap them. That's very well I don't know there's couple options there's either by choice or your thoughts store. It was like you were gone work related why you're gone it wasn't worker related. Why you're gone helping dad be allowed to historians come off or does he try and we talk this out on the aircraft orders Chandler TV producer Kerschner into living with him jog or run away. X Kirsch run we have yet another story of Crawford trying to lure people to his house Steve Zahn and Lou I'm using the word blue or Israel chamber of female let on June net BS yeah up figured out. No brainer trying to get asleep in on the same side. Yeah I'm in Hampton John washed down as these be discussed. Because. That's the call a bunch of people who live with Crawford's even sleep in its even his friends are like. Did you see across virgin engines as like one he'd do in their what I do our own we'll talk about it later. Didn't. My remember was just like yesterday. Today in sports history nineteen. And nineteen and the pride of Benson Polytechnic. Oregon State a lomb. AC green. Played in his 1000. Consecutive game as an NBA player. He holds the record the Iron Man record in the NBA 1190. Tube. He crossed the 1000 mark on this day in 1999. And we're gonna Siegel fields holds the Iron Man another. Bass is the NBA will not having sex like that's what I thought you're gonna do to go with the most interesting thing on nine and games played the second closest. Is again named Randy Smith who played 906. Career games or coincidentally his her streak ended on this day in 1983. And it streets yeah in the current active street AC green is definitely safe would you venture to guess what. What the current streak is that right now Iron Man streak in the NBA 300 if that's for 27 okay and it's Tristan Thompson to the motor caps were seventh. Yeah sure sure as she is for tourism great motor co on motor on the interest in Thompson to them. Iron on today's program. Who Crawford. Was luring to his own this time that's on the show and that's Indian jammed I chased the Monday 645 what's bothering you on this Monday letter written. We had a lot NCAA tourney talk the ducks and dealt stayed below. In their chances at 4 AM final four run. Where the pac twelve lines up in Zagat how they're gonna be in whereas the region death this year also to attack and laser uses. They blew two leads were able hold on the one. And there's sand base that's complaining yeah. Do they really have any room to complain. All of that in the whole luck. Today show. Buckle up. Time do we go. I would get the blazes and a village media look at the race in the last year the warriors lost in the spurs over the weekend. Any game that nobody played in and the gap for the one seed now and a half game. Between these warriors in the spurs for the number one overall seed the last. One game separates these jazz and clippers for home court advantage in that 45 matchup is on the euphoria tiebreaker. Against tonight. Jazz clippers played nine. So those it's basically YouTube portrays that foreign five seed in the jazz in the clips they play tonight. The grizzlies. BC what's happened to them the other dipping. I would say aid dipping is very nicely in this last year to. No surprise that this team did last year but they've lost five in a row here in this under and we did under bin and that still over the last couple weeks. The thunder are now the sixty seats in the Western Conference. And now the blazers disagreement half back of the Denver Nuggets after their win. Last night in tough opponents for the eighth and final playoff spot this one it's not like. Eighteen race we have a couple. Good graces and there. On four the 45 the one then obviously the eight seed. Hey wake up I said wage job. Brad this is. Yeah analogue in this in awkward here for Dallas he has been data show after reporting the cowboys can't find a trade partnered unload Tony Romo. Of course because 31 teams are run by complete idiots didn't always go trade for. Stop it stop and it was gonna trade free know what's gonna give you that kind of money story for really dark out numbered well in nobody's taken out here's saying is that even teams that are desperate for quarterback that we don't know of Dallas you can't afford to keep hands. So you're gonna let him go and then we'll trends will be and then yet Tony Romo say goodbye on instead Graham I was doing you know it's national right yeah. There's a Tony for point seven million dollars they will cut him if they can't trade him. But also a guest fox is trying to learn to the broadcast Disney sing and happens to do it. Well no no after you're done playing yes I've been on now. Some gas left in the tank doesn't it running on fumes yet but right meanwhile the lions still a key piece German division rivals they signed T jail playing away from the Packers three year deal eighteen million dollars for the guard. That's a deal there can't go within your division November plug and dialect is on a division. Blooded within division movement. The reason why wealthier tape on two times a year about a guy see each other and quite a bit here very familiar with the news good news isn't in your division his guys really get we should just. I Martellus Bennett. They've picked my prevent him the Packers yeah he's doing some it's really cool. Well you know. He's letting the fans pick is number early did you see that's now in sin that numbers on a big deal you pick mine number neat. Disney and I says brother is doing some cooler yulia number 88389. And a couple of very these numbers are taken to really take these two numbers that sucks. Let's not cool anymore than. And forget though the NFL tied in to build where seventeen Michael Bennett though is giving all of his money away from his endorsement just here to charity charity is very neat. They're like man. Battle better than not has been isn't like better than 00. You would love blooming that another life better than us. Six is what your net and or oh my god it's an early wake up. Villanova or North Carolina Kansas and Indians Zagat are your one seeds for the NCAA tournament Villanova in the number one's not over all seed. In March. Madness. The pac twelve and then in fourteen send. Arizona is that she's seed in the west streets in there with Inzaghi had paired up. They're route does Salt Lake City San Jose Phoenix. It to the final four. The award in ducks. Are 83 seats there in the midwest region will break this down coming up. Little bit later in the show but that's a winnable region. For a lot of different teams and her. UCLA pulls the region of death is very three seed in the east south. In yeast USC. USC and USC the fourteen and they'll take part in the plane game in day two how are Daytona in Dayton. Ohio on wings dean nights against Providence that'll hold eleven seed match out. And the winner of that game. Believe they movie and TVE street in though the winner that he will take on us and so. That is the abbreviated. What you need to know here the head in the wake up call. The NCAA tournament we're gonna break it all down coming up. A throughout the course of the show we're just inserted where we start though the blazers get a weekends. Split of two games Saturday Sunday back to back shouldn't even been a split. 55305. That is Tex signed dusting came on the fan. This is a tournament we commission of Dustin jam in the morning brought you back out we go markets on ten AB took prayer and Portland Trail Blazers got a weekend split as they. Begin in mark on me. Game road trip down the end one of the tougher stretches of their season as they were at home on Saturday night against the Washington Wizards. Whereas they fell 125124. In overtime a country this controversial finish there and then they hit the road yesterday and they end up holding off a late charge from the Phoenix Suns won ten. 2101 get the weekend split this is part of you know you mentioned mentioned tough stretch. They have four games in five nights forum blurted three of those four on the road. And this is a the this is a brutal part of the blazers road trip herb schedule and that not only give a four games in five nights where you have a home road back to back. Then you go to New Orleans. Tomorrow. And then you had backed you see an Antonio the following night. They've gotten. A bunch of travel here it's an interesting travel jump they do admit. Very bizarre New Orleans San Antonio than they go at Atlanta at Miami who. Exactly it's a lot a lot of flight age for these guys why did China bigger to put some miles on those on the airplanes. All they would those two games included may have a six game stretch where. Every single one of those games is going to be part of the back to back in some way shape or form. On the bill plays six games in six different cities in eight days in trouble 5000. Miles. In doing so so you know this strategy got a circle when you sit there go one given game and a half. Deficit behind me and a Denver Nuggets. Every game is important. And when you watch what happened and how all played out. On Saturday night against the Washington Wizards. You cannot afford to have games like that happen and well I don't yeah I. I think soldier when you sourcing your home when we haven't at one point were up 21 points card reform are who they only want it. Yeah and but that's a that's a wizards team that's as good as any team in the NBA right now they're two games back of the Cleveland Cavaliers how they're playing good basketball for all you basketball team and he took them. As far as you should know what team that's outside looking in that is the blazers your ninth seed team. Your plane gets a number two in the east this isn't the old east now it's not just one team and everybody else there's a really good basketball team in the east. I don't feel like if we will talk about later about the call. This was more. Excuse me about. Seen the blazers not quit and be in a situation to win a basketball game gets a very good team. Yeah in that it that is something that I would say now wanna see this team play against a team that is a good roster. In very well coached in kind of peaking at the right time we've seen them beat the thunder. When they were kind of reeling in there's and you don't wanna discredit those ones because they won those basketball games against the thunder. But they've been kind of during this streak of pop like. They haven't been playing a bunch of really good competition in what they got was Washington who's on the second of back to back had gone to overtime that before. But you can't discredit how good of a team that they are and how long they've been playing in teams on five games in a row. And one thing that we did see in one thing I wanted to know is how bigs in a good quality big is Ginn and defend. Use of her catch. And we saw that with Maher seeing gore Todd yet the polish hammer against the Bosnian beast in the all nickname match up on Saturday night. And use of generic inch. He was held in check I mean Hewitt two of eight from the field seven rebounds seven points out on the night and Marcy gore tot is not the and not your run of the mill NBA's senator but that's what you're gonna see in the playoffs and winning away when he can push came to shove quite literally in the paint we saw that under kitsch wasn't able to impose his will like he had been well yes it's. Those are quality that's a quality center that he's that he's facing but I'm not under I'm not under the expectation that Yusuf is gonna be able to dominate against every single them. Big man in this league they're there's too many other good. Quality big men are now if you asked me does he have the upper hand in the west. I I think he's he's he's quality in the west there's not allow other bigs that I look at other than maybe DeAndre Jordan but the owner George stock amid. Beating him up on the offensive side is gonna beat him up may be on the defense insider to some rebounds but other than mark assault. And and of course there's two really good bigs in New Orleans but that's not equating to wins either. So all this comparison I need to see it it's all he picks right all the good quality bigs are in the east and that's where you're gonna face all the good ones well. It be you're gonna find great competition in the last Amin is like south up to that in Golden State is one of those big physical guys that isn't going to be given considered a scoring threat scoring threat Biggs is what I'm trying to compare or not there right now going Gortat really isn't bad either. But with what you saw. Was with all of that said in Turkey it's being taken away on the offensive end in large part. They were still able to build a 21 point lead right. And they were you still if you saw what this team can open up just by having east of circuits on the floor. In that Timmy was in the more encouraging sign is that he you don't need him to score fifteen points a night. In order to being in these games anymore because he used to be lunch meat time right aim when you would play teams like these he would get in these situations that no further than what happened on that. Meet DN LK. On day game in Washington ranked them where they just got. All raced in that game in that was kind of where everybody went. Throw in the talent this season these guys are quitting grant because that match up these Biggs the blazers had no answer for. And now you fast forward with decent circuits in the line up yeah he did you went two of eight from the field. But you still built a 21 point lead in gave yourself a chance to win that game and that is the big change at this team can have been ten. Tools that he brings is that he brings another facet to the team he brings another responsibility the teams have to game plan against that's one more option. They have to look at defensively and you have to look at offensively in that opens up. Opportunities for Damon CJ and other scores if it's it's Farouk yesterday watching him being able to make some big shots coming Downey and any way you can to be able have to defend you supermarkets isn't is a complications for other teams in your game planning. Those are what I'm expecting to see that I'm not expecting him to put up twenty and twenty like he did a few nights ago. Those are anomalies. But to be able to affect the game not only just what points or defense be able to affect the game game plan wise is what works fact. And how about the fact that bullet in both these games we saw the same scene that's been playing this plays this team over the last vote well over the course this entire season blowing leads you have. Twenty some point lead evaporate in Washington in the sixteen point lead evaporate in Phoenix outside in the second and add back to back. They were able to kind of turn the corner against Phoenix though in end up pulling out went sixteen point third quarter that. Has usually been doomsday for this. Lets your team is there anything more in sports. Like the fool's gold of the twenty point lead in the NBA. When he point leads in the NBA are like. I I don't know how I can compare it to anything else can take me some time I. How many games we we've seen twenty point leads evaporate in six minutes in a fourth quarter it just this fool's gold expressly early in the game. So while I wanna sit there and say I expect the blazers in what you're up to 21 Tony went. I just I'm not getting wrapped up its how you closed the game I'm looking at I'm watching a team that is closed better. Then I've seen. Throughout the entire year now we're talking post all star break I've seen a team that is closing better and great teams don't faltered though none don't blow those leads you don't know when yet what are you trying to compare this to great teams because remember there's also rankings. Of weary good great this team is a quality basketball team it's not a great team yet yet. I know and that is but that's Lisa Daniel a foreigner playoff team is a team that doesn't blow you double digit lead and sit there and make you white knuckle down the stretch okay so what you're saying is they're sixteen teams at the end of the year that are at. That are NBA playoff teams how many are great in that point in that is I was sixteen more and that's a thing is that you do look at eight. Eight probably are the top four seeds in both conferences. Are usually those teams that don't have the consistency in a closed out over the course of you know an 82 game regular season schedule. And I might argue maybe maybe four degree maybe for now there's maybe two that are leaked. Nab it I have different rankings but yeah I'm with you. Yeah sixteen teams I'm not expecting all all of and to be able to close yeah the end via and you throw that out there in the EC of Cleveland Washington Boston Toronto. I think and all those teams had that capability in the west you probably have the Golden State San Antonio and in Houston. Barrel Monday almost clinch a playoff spot they may be the thirteen to clinch a playoff spot. They need one more win in the blazers can't catch them so they they could clinch they've been playing really long kind of flying under the radar this year despite the thank James Harden is. Triple double machine yet again that's sneaky team is Utah everybody yelling sell yes I think they are thinks and for some reason you talk just has that kind of pesky mentality that he's gonna give whoever. Face it it's the clippers and it's a 45 matchup I'm really excited to watch and that's one of those teams that lost a bunch of games ticket to try and build this roster had. And me and they went down that road series to they had injuries. Well last year ya know is that I also ask your Dante Jackson yep but you know getting getting to the point where you can get Donte' X somewhere you can get Gordon Hayward. Mean they'll lie and Rudy go bared their last hole. Is your right there bill don't throw that is reality show out there with me don't throw that don't read that book and throw it well they did it and don't. They just lost game which call taking. Brazil lost of they just lost against honey games to they weren't good. But they have a roster now face Daniel opinion like that is one of those ones where. If they catch fire may be if they had that were too young and dumb to realize this stage that we're on. They can make and they can make or and they are scared they got a big one tonight doc has home court advantage 45 matchup may be on the line. Against the usually good game a personal background I'm I'm happy that you know you watch Jeff people's votes did you my breaking handing them. Right now let's get down to adopt the blazers. They shouldn't even been in the situation where they split against the Washington Wizards. On the NBA has admitted fault. And it's a big question why have replays you're not gonna use it. Forty side with don't blow Tony on point when you don't have to worry about it there's property sports that are. Widespread texting. That's a message when number. Two or. Niners yeah by. Six I can't hear you drilling off and it isn't here I'm here and there we've gone from a lot packing. Most cordless Dexter is now it's 5530. Sly message and data rates may apply to just play my number and or you can go weird that. This is sexual relations on the show good likes to read. Overtaxed. Bosnian jam in the morning on 1082 brain of that person actually say that well today. 55305. Is Tex signed a stinger came flew with the other Sunday morning the blazers fell to the war about Washington Wizards a 124. I went 2524. I controversial finish as the NBA. Has admitted fault. In this game they're saying that they blazers she should not have lost that game. As Marc Keith Morris. Hit a twenty foot jumper. With point four seconds to go in the game. To give Washington the 125124. When it wasn't a timing issue. But it was clear as day. On the replay marquee Morse when he made his drive from the corner too you get to two when he flipped it to game winner stepped on the out of bounds on. Not the replay notice senator. A got an opera from the fans you saw Terry Stotts he saw the players I resigned you see this on. India aids they did the baseline shot of it and as Terry Stotts as yell at the official. Neil O'Shea. Ran off from his courtside seat and he was dressing down the official. Andy gets after he's very emotional when I get to watch him when he's when wind mr. Ellis sitting there he sits right actually very emotional. Overall that's called passion. Everybody's got they didn't review it because it is a non reveal bull playing the league's eyes immediately after the game needn't Joseph Freeman the Oregonian is the pool reporter. Anyone in their refereed soccer rim and they said look. We know we screwed up we didn't see it live so it's not irrefutable play the question is why in the heck have replay if a player like that is a review. They have to have rules write the NBA's gotta have parameter rules. That they follow based upon what they think is that he is dead review rule. Right now review will win out of bounds plays or ball ball to a word turn over plays were there trying to figure out. Who knocked it out of bounds where the shot was released post. The buzzer going offer when the red light hits to say that they this is in their parameters. I. I don't I don't know why I I I don't know how I can be outraged data because you look at officials nowadays are so many things that officials. Miss from sports across the board from MBA NFL and Major League Baseball where. What what are we asking for too I think the Portland trail goes a little luck trail blazers got a raw deal sure they got a raw deal won't go to the sports. Mean there's no way to get it right in Seoul do I think that the NBA any means to make potentially some adjustments. If I was getting you have an opportunity to change adjustments the only thing I would add in. Is in the last two minutes of the game. And there is a critical situation. You could be able to evaluate by having somebody reviewing or somebody in the Booth looking or wherever it is. Is it NBA Secaucus where you're not be able to look at game. In save this was a critical situation bang here's the buzzer. And if one of these caveats here in this is a question I had no blazer fans had after the game is. Because Kevin cloud brown Lamar Hurd did their best even through the graphic on what is your real bull what does not right now. In one of the criteria is determining possession. Wouldn't this be under the guise of determining possession. Right. Legged as your determining which team has the ball in there if he's out of bounds or not while in determining possession. That little clip made notes bullet point is a more intricate role which is. If you have two guys that touched the ball in your determining which was clear process and we try and we know whose possession this works right eight Enzo wizards possession and it was a missed but that is bill when you look at the cliff notes version of the rule is used to determine possession well that. Could fall under determining possesses did indeed step on the boundary or not. On the other side of this argument is we heard a lot from people who Washington. And wizards fans was don't blow between one point leaned into overtime and you want to worry about this right. Now is that fair because we are just air where he's talking about this in the NBA the biggest fallacy is the fact that you can have a twenty point lead and feel comfortable. It's fair there's funny other possessions in the game were you could change. A shot goes in here something changes. In the last two minutes of NBA games we've seen two minutes take thirty minutes from free throws to fouls that hacks whatever you wanna call. Two minutes is a critical number in NBA game just like the two minutes is very critical on an NFL game. You are I don't want more refereeing. I don't want want less refereeing I think that that games are better. When calls are everyone says it all I want look I want more I want there'd be more physical basketball now I want less. This scenario here in two minutes into minutes and under. You don't have to make this more about the referees you could put it right there on the screen in front of you make the right decision and a don't interpret foul I don't want foul interpretations. This to me is easy because it's black or white. Is this foot on the line. Is his foot off the line this is a need this this one is easy to handle like in there's two referees there's us to have that messiah like Dexter I have they both have. One is supposed to have the boundary wants us to have contact between the player. Mountain in this is like bush and how can. Every single time Al Farouk Aminu Allen Crabbe and CJ McCollum going make that same move now Markey Morris made. Where he steps on the Maureen you go to make your first at false step got a bounce. That's called SoHo loft in the other guy that you yet they miss the most critical on altering its simple the riser up. Right decimated the referees eyes are up there looking at where the ball position is which he's answerable six foot five and above. You know they're looking at they're they're looking at imposition there they weren't looking down at his feet it's got to be egregious. For them to see it I do expect him to. No because it still humans is sex or 55 to your fives asthma season tickets front row 300 level across the arena for more marquee more so us win. That he made that shot I said and again next me he stepped out of bounds they shouldn't be dashing cap how connect conceit from all the way up there to rest right there can't NBA officiating has always been bad. But the last two years it's been awful. I don't know if there's a win in the NBA anymore folksy used to be the NBA was her police just because guys if you look like a boxing match out there now. Now were on the side of too many calls what's a happy medium I like the boxing match bit. I like this I'd ask you would just like I reiterate that this is an easy call now it's one or the other and it's not hard to see. If you made a mistake in this critical point of you under the two minutes. You as a as a replay officials are watching this game your aid. The watch this game right right so as soon as that shot is up you're gonna see hundred replays of it in you can be able to by the time of possession is in. The next team you can hit the buzzer in immediately to game can stop and say we need to look at this right. That part is easy and don't I don't want more fouls I don't want more things that are that are in the way of interpretation this is an interpretations is black or. White tee and a lot of about you know why have revealed if you knock and enforce it or is this more a blow on the 21 point lead. And these are back to back tax term peep from two different people. I totally agree with the don't blow the Tony on point lead in there is this shouldn't. If happened because of the close game in question. Is still severe review bull. And it should absolutely be review bull don't blow to him point lead this nexus as saying the blazers blew a 21 point mean don't deserve the benefit of correct calls at the end of the game is absolutely stupid. You know it eight you have both sides of it is the blazes were up by 21 night and you closeout game. And you continue you don't let your foot off the gas you're not in overtime in March Keith Morris isn't there but at the same time. It's the fact that it did it infected at CN BA and always gets to that point in big lead shrink all the time. You've got to trust the officials to make a wreck on the 11. When we literally have nothing to do with the with the the court. Had nothing to do with the bounce of a ball. The how how round of basketball is it's not oblong these are basic. Parameters that basketball's meant to be played within eight square. Ash rectangle Padilla rectangle Bob and messing around it's a red rectangle sued you know if you play within the rectangle without talking about 21 point lead skiing you can have opinions at the being yanked. Well we're using the blazer shooter shouldn't be your should've won it could issued what do you know crap and one hand on the other issues when fills up first. This is it is the rectangle. It's very simple. I I don't expect this to be one of those things in the NBA jumps on it tries to change right away because they're gonna throw their hands and do the palms up and gloom. Sar Reid's seat yeah they hear my dad hears things like this this texture hits it right on the head. But they spent five and interviewing every foul determine if it's flagrant foul on to get it because that's right fans. React to. A classic elbow to the face with a Ed jello neck head Bob you'd think the guy got punched by rocky knew it did him in the now we have to stop the game and that his interpretation. There is the problem with the NBA is now were have to interpret. Whether it was egregiously physical enough. My diploma is afoot on line. There's an optional. In cede that to me that's way more that's when mark Hendry should be like hey. It's some that's caucus wants that go dudes and it no. We're done in that takes a takes 12 seconds to buzz an official what do you think something is physical and I think something isn't physical whose rights who. Who cares exactly what a what are your thoughts on the line in my puts off the line who's what's and I. My yes that's right and in that is that's the point that Texas like into dump it is they don't let here is that the big problem. The blazers finished this season a game back in Denver for the it's gotten a hold the tiebreaker. The blazers missed the class because of that Steve know the blazers missed the playoffs because of December. Well they do but it only as it were able to do that close dad did this is a teen that would have been and they won five of their last six games right yeah it could have been six in a row since he says circuits in the trade we can we can say this team has played a lot different. Right in there will pride he losses in between that game in the end of the season. But if they finish a game back. There's going to be a sense and a feeling of fans that they got cheated out of I don't know if that's the other I won't hold up for me because an 82 game season you're not gonna give me the excuse of one game Brett you're not gonna get it for a furry I'm not gonna allow that to have it it got too long and you and I fell way different sixteen games way different every game as you're massively critic here right. You're right in that but there is things that they couldn't control. Before the trade deadline and before they acquired usage and markets. In doubt was having a roster that wasn't as complete and they have it now and every game matters so much right now and has intensified right now and this is why when Merrill we talking about this in the blaze is now December swoon. Is that. Guys dull and guys are ratchet up because the game the season missile. Right mean there's going to be a lot of games he can look back to the double overtime lost to Detroit where another Morse brother of the blazers hard right. And you can go back to back games played daggers early in the year that I happened to be a lot of close losses but this one's gonna be highlighted because of wind it happened. And where it happened in how egregious it was because. Unlike Martin and Marcus Morris not our chief knocking down a shot to bury the blazers against the pistons. This is a shot that should never happened and that's gonna stick with fans owe a lot and just got to get it right man. They're. Eric. I signed a letter at what's bugging you on this Monday morning case of the Mondays 55305. Elect. Gusting came on the fan. And everyone's favorite very. Exactly an easy case. Could you have to complain about. Ultimately. Picturesque Zuma. A case of the Mondays and part of Dustin jam in the morning sounds like somebody's gotta consider the mood. 11080. It. 55305. Is exciting case of the Mondays and when he got on. You can't down when you had two blisters on your thumbs last week ago. Does seem to be healing okay yeah yeah things are viewing your dealer okay did you have another workweek. You get some work done worked on practices. Didn't like to have opening ceremonies on Saturday morning. Remember you know to look like Saturday morning we will look like Lloyd was an absolute downpour ready rainy so got canceled. Now here's Q I have a question for parents out there parents and not a viewer here. Your your kids are too young yet so Sunday's in the Cleveland house turning to. William who can do when we do because every day is still active now. That suddenly Sunday's a little bit of a homing OK we're we like you know actually it's good church you have a little bit time watching sports. Relax. I'm going this. Can do it outside. Right Dubai. Go do something. Yet without me having to tell you what to do. I am old man on the porch for just 12. In my I had the opportunity on Sunday fiber is Jim went out and did do my own thing. I like is anyone else have this problem I feel like I'm trying to do everything I give it my housing go and do something I like the for just 12 I don't honestly as safe as anyone else have this feels like you have to know kids what to do now. Instead it is going to limit you have a neighborhood you have a bike. Go right at. Irritate them you have you have kids that are just worthy of good kids I don't know why Doug I'd I don't know I guess they're trustworthy than I mean you know that and I can do anything to you that no I think yeah I think so you know my crazies to be like and guild. Get into some trouble. Like he you know you hate yeah no telling you know that you're if you Chester don't throwing eggs on people's I'll yet and they're not I don't twenty peace being allies on hurt anybody or go out and get wasted at like twelve years old. But like d.'s go out in BA kid yeah like going do something that. Don't have fun that's like pushed boundaries of that yet like our own I've untrue in my zone around my go to parliament a vacuum out my car. I'm gonna go clean up the backyard I guess he got some yard stuff down we get some things accomplished and maybe Etsy do. You threaten them with manual labor and I want either right why do I I I should threaten more maybe I'd be better for an artist wanna know. You know there and everyone else's parents feel like if the telegram kids do something go do something. Well yeah I don't every parent has the key to harnessing your inner Willie Taggart right now do something I don't need to tell you to do it does do wit. Aren't there ago at 55305. Your case in Monday's. Yes you're trying to get the stream back up and working. For those that are wondering in that listening on the terrestrial radio now with the ones that were to be doing to listen to this by street don't know anybody message in gas well there's a lot of people that are listening like on their old alarm clock Kuerten is they usually listen on the stream it and they're in their car. And they're listening on the radio are no Brack engineer crew is working on it yeah but they're not on cracked. But they're good bearing crack engineer crew tournament yet there they work long hours. In geyser impressive. A lot smarter than all of us have done. Mikey is the Monday is a think every person in the world when you have kids are not bench parents especially have this right now daylight savings. Kids young kids don't understand that means. So they wake up. At a ridiculous hour and on daylight savings you mean one more hour yes that's the ridiculousness of the hour when you talk in the difference between night. If you Q except at six in the knowing in about five. You know. It's not good eaten. It's not good for her for parenting is ninety didn't understand that it's like tomorrow I can't wait until that day where they just will sleep all day. You know be great like no one hour and worry about is there were three when it's on a Sunday morning now. Let's did you Brian went on a Bender you out on Saturday night resort and Arab yes so what out. A descendant of the suppress the same story with him every week they would know to me Saturday and I did you drone can now I'd rather tired I live in my own hands. I got the right amount drunk proper proper amount offers this out there trying to find is next ex wife who value your liberties 26 I began. Eat some of that milk thistle herbs shall sit for do you feel your liver and one did you did you like milk thistle. Sounds like eat tea I don't know itself I do it's they have plans assuming it's her liver and for your body of a beef missiles. I mean I don't just go pickle wild this'll on Crawford tried to use the Y use my phone as and it updates automatically. They Hughes the first one here today. So I don't think he set his clock forward and now ninety got here and hourly unknown that's not true artist I'm not your early days turning over new leaf. I don't know which is Monday Paula getting here early and so what he's line I'm not outlook thinks iPhone updates automatically. I do but this never you never beat anyone here so I did today or whatever that's right says it's an anomaly seated it is not just it happens. So I my case the Mondays is is not that bad but none since the all ended my friends and I haven't tradition we're trying to watch every Jack Black movie ever made. So we call JB Sunday's one series. Our focus there's there's some we start with the good ones all the people Jack Black we started when we start with Orange County school rock saving Silverman and now we're getting into other scary bridge yet not chilly gray territory shall now. But yesterday we went off we lost one called the houses a case of the Mondays because on this 'cause it's slow it's a strange it was a ballpark. Dark comedy okay and I mean when the details of the plot but like you what you guys ever seen a dark comedy it's like yeah that's a little funny look. I feel the lovely feeling weird. So and I is different from how I final act tackle blocked. A dimmer kind of weird weren't anxious wherein I only throughout the result of any other listeners saw that movie the I think dark comedies are terrible. I like them because they make me feel something I just don't always like what. That is but there aren't like Ernie Allen feeling fair enough done. Our five factories your five a Pete when Zach. In Portland he's got a good case the Monday is because branding cook's got traded patriots over the weekend and we didn't just talk about that that happened after. We get off the air the that is a good case the Mondays for closure rate trade him for the paths. If you've do you tell ya know I mean do may be a one year rental but they're not really afraid that a matter. They're not really afraid that I'm in no we do not have it backwards he would've been in our early because you. Go forward and our like and I got my car I was like what am I doing in my car at 330 you don't say your car. You know I didn't learn my car on Sunday. Yesterday oh yeah and drug occurrence on the notes I didn't just get in my cards to change the clock. It shocked me this morning dig pretty much everybody's clocks nowadays automatically adjusts LSU relieve. Value your. Microwave clock that maybe the one that you really value in the morning I have a case of the Mondays are really related to that. In that I've got my. Stove and oven and then above that is the microwave and Dave got digital clocks on both of them. Now at the same brand same company billet the same but no matter what I about once a month. They become like two minutes. Two minutes different I have that was my truck. Do that. Three minutes on average it can change within them within a month why does that happen like I don't know one clock is stays true the other one doesn't know. It bothers me to no land that you can see Bolden then in there they're two minutes out of and so I had agitating yeah I've got. Manila's CDS have to fix it every time I'd five factories or find aztecs Anke sending your case of the Mondays in the brackets are out the pac twelve hits for end. In one is in this year's region of death. This is dusting camp.