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Dusty and Cam - 3.13.17 - Hour 3

Mar 13, 2017|

Selection Committee issues, Warriors rest all their players, and Cam is very competitive.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Thanks for listen to dusting camp podcast brought to you on the fanned by your local less Schwab tire center do the right thing since 1952. Your brackets ready yet run its. This disease turn midweek edition of dusty and jam in the morning. Brought you back out we don't markets need a local lender. Specialized in VA loan plus we don't markets can now. Go to Oswego markets dot com dusty and jam on Jay Nady and this is what people might call me he'll gold jewels game. Turning weakness here the brackets are sent. Syracuse team they have all. Hunt by the invading it and he did this city and Greensboro. And had a party win Syracuse name wasn't home. Why would Greensboro. Keating Stevens gene may handset after the neighbor bounce in the ACC tournament. No he didn't really know. And it's only right at the end where he's asked about it at the and is press conference about to turn it being in New York City as opposed to. Greensboro, North Carolina where it's been for years. He's then Greensboro brings nothing to our conference is the what the wind bring it to Greensboro. Cynthia Fisher took an official Twitter account of the city of Greensboro. Threw back did you men and pay. We have a lot to offer may be should winning game in the ACC tournament low shots fired yeah. He's a little bit of banter back and forth yeah. And now that zed double city kind of take that as a shot at them which it was and they take itself but I sit there and look at that. Were you surprised that they don't think it end all well I guess you accuses big snub right now yet everybody's gonna use the Syracuse and the number one team everybody's comparing it to. Is Vanderbilt there will all the Vanderbilt it's not fair you can have that the general has fifteen losses will. I don't end there at nine seat. So we're gonna hear a lot about how those unfair. That Vanderbilt got in. And Syracuse did not however last year it was all of odds I can't believe Syracuse got in all they did was just make a run in the tournament yes a dead end. It may get all the way to the final four mean they were really sinking dead and really as you say in 1915 I mean there's a lot of these teams that. Kind of fit that bill of ha because it has never been not just head scratch or. The teams that got high seeds were safe like Vanderbilt leasing in 1950 Michigan State was sitting at nineteen and fourteen on the year. And they got in in their nine seed in the tournament. I mean they're if you look if you could on the list and you look at the ninth seed that got again. I mean that's crazy demeanor of a fourteen loss team of the ninth seed and a fifteen loss team of the ninth seed now. Usually in their teams like Virginia Tech who will who was 22 intend this year. In the ACC now they finish middle to back in the ACC had a great out of conference. But finished a couple games over 500 lost to the top tier teams in in your conference right dad is usually it. Michigan State. Vanderbilt those are two teams he said they knew it how in the world do you they did in based off of their resonates in you have. Syracuse sitting at home. I don't feel bad one bit Belfort Syracuse engine they happen. And I don't really feel bad for any of these major conference teams he says there you go all man they really deserve to that they got post you know because. You have again it's a body of work you've got hell law. Of games a year playing over the course he had the team's got to feel bad for. Other ones like Monmouth right we've talked about then you are going yet two straight years of 27 win seasons. I might have been on the off side and you and here's my philosophy I want the big brands in the big it's OK okay so I want. The best teams with a history will ever when you used the terminology blue bloods that's fine. Whatever terminology you wanna call I want the big brands because in the end it always is about. Brands brands that sell because I mean selfish on the outside I wanna see those teams. You get I could say Monmouth. Mama some make it out the second round if they get a bit you know let's be honest not a moment. And Ivy League team they're not gonna make out the second round. This team like Syracuse and catch fire because they're good enough and they believe it inevitably coach. They can make a run just like last year it years no way you're gonna have to always sell me that it's fair it's never gonna be fair so it the underdogs. These supposed teams that are that are gonna be sneaky. They're gonna win that's great they can't actually find a way to make it to the end they're not going to so the big brands always will be there yes. A better look at a team like Illinois State right. An Illinois State 27 and six you know he had a couple of those teams where you have one you slip up in your conference tournament and you're done. You're out right I mean that in that to me an. I'd those are the teams I feel for Syracuse. I I I don't I don't feel bad for you when you lose that many games when you sit there in your eighteen and fourteen on the year and what 246. Now and where they may have a gripe is that Wake Forest. Was nineteen and thirteen they got in but. Again. RPI got away I think they were eighties was a something like 83 out in there RPI ranking this is Syracuse and if you if that is a metric that all these. Committee members are gonna continue to use in these this added ancient way have been able to decipher whether a team is good or not based upon games ever played in November and December. At what what are they what what's the miserables anymore if it's not good enough to be in the eye test to know your game nothing your true good quality team. Then what it'd have put a calling because that's what it feels like the. He's live in beta here's also promised as it did the committee itself is that the committee is made up of a bunch of people. That are you know. You can make your print they're playing favorites the way they're sitting the administrators the absent colleges and while they're athletic and it earlier Jenna inability you know have bias we mentioned. Date when you take any consideration yeah everybody's upset about Vanderbilt right look at Vander relative generally give Vanderbilt and Everett wants to bring that one well. And nobody's bringing up Michigan State right Michigan State nineteen and fourteen on the year you know with the chairman of the selection committee is. Michigan State's athletic director mark Hollis strange you know he's the kind of strange at all. Course. You also look at you wanna take a look at teams that made me jump in. Because of the fact that they won their conference tournament. Duke. Can't name any jump off the 30 and there's an argument that some people are trying to make that they could be argued for once he because their top 100 wins and top 25 wins my gosh you could. But duke is ETC. Can they jump very deep. On the selection committee a lot of people upset about Wichita State in the affected theory ten seed. Write in candidate don't one team people can go and it's a nice team but. If you're gonna put it Wichita State is a ten how on earth can you justify Creighton as the six seat. Creighton athletic director. On the selecting committee. Kentucky makes a jump from a three seed when there comes from 22. Mitch Barnhart. Selecting committee will tell me this even their coach. Kentucky's Coach John Calipari doesn't understand he has no idea and he was on the brackets college you show on ESPN yesterday. When they're kind of breaking down the turning men in this is what this is what people are in debt and coaches have the biggest problem with. How do you know. My one comment is tell us what these league tournaments mean before we start playing like. You're not it the body field work is going to be the major factor now listen to me. For all the leaks not won only gets important in the rest of it's not important. All of us league tournaments we're not taken that much into account it naked to end. Or out but you know tumbled that much on your seat because of a late season run or we go back to what your record on the last tend. You know well now. I guess what just can I love the fact that they said there are six number one is right now we're trying to figure it out. I love that kind of stuff be transparent you don't even have to tell us who it is the more transparency. The better. What is a conference tournament means because for some teams it means absolutely nothing. Right if the ACC well. The ACC if you're taking. The conference tournament you look in he said are you take our last ten games because entering the ACC tournament do you get lost three of their last four games. They were spotted David they were sputtering heading at eight there we go out there rifle off wins against North Carolina Clinton global North Carolina. And in Internet Broward exceeding clouds and global North Carolina noted that all that old duke had to do to show over there uniforms they were still getting into this tournament they're getting in works. Up as Lilly who I don't mean your talking about yeah seating rhetoric it vaulted them up. You take it inferences BA if you wanna take a team that they beat in the ACC tournament. Look at Notre Dame Notre Dame is a prime example of what John Calipari is talking about right as Jed. Go to the ACC championship game. And they have quality wins littered across the bear. Schedule yet. Vick's team that they ended up knocking off. One of the teams in a knocking off in the semi finals. Florida State. Ends up being a three seed and they get bogged down at five seater enemy so it means something for duke doesn't mean some drinking tell Torre he's like. A weary TC no matter what. From what we were told no matter what we don't we win our conference tournament meanwhile Kansas loses and the quarterfinals of the big twelve. In the one seed doesn't leave them. So what's right what's the honest solution. To this it accepted because it's not gonna change right we're never gonna get a change unless. Unless there's completely unbiased people. In this world that can actually put together a group of basketball teams for tournament and that's impossible. Yet do you go around you go the route of its most regional and typical college football playoff where there in May yes and some sitting athletic directors. But. You have more just basketball minds in there like the college ball players football people and something that are a Condoleezza Rice Eric Eric. Is that is that the right I don't have the solution I think the UGU should have the majority of people that are employed by major universities. Actually working in this committee while all ten of them are athletic direct jobs. Reitman and give to get it you don't throw through it. You absolutely right and this is kinda good but here here's where rat does everything appropriate because this is your entire. Well you know this is this is good for a lot of these teams like. Florida State recruiting your measured on how you make it in get into this tournament for a state is one of the most inconsistent teams in the country. And somehow they sneak their way into a three C because they were the number two team in the in the ECC. During the regular season. You know it's Minnesota in five seed. Whereas when you look at Wisconsin what Wisconsin did over the course of the regular season Minnesota finished fourth. In the Big Ten. And they have a higher seed then Maryland in Wisconsin who finished second and there. By. What what is not computing there and then oh by the way Wisconsin. Ended up going to the Big Ten championship game. I ND EC I don't have an a bring your best to try to figure all the cell all I do know is that by the end of April the first part of April. You'll use and will have a winner in that order will be consensus and we'll all agree. I'm minute man who. A minute is let's go to give gimme to Thursday's I can't wait I can't wait and oh by the way I want it there read. Visit this very quickly. Eamon Brennan remember we had him on them member his three teams he said Providence Providence Middle Tennessee State Middle Tennessee State. As somebody else Princeton Princeton oh boy who is principally in the first round well who. Who years new hear music video here. Only one of them is that in RI who can't. If you wanna go with one of his three picks many mid prisons got Notre Dame as the view which is wicked awesome. Middle Tennessee State has got Minnesota that's winnable. That's the when I'm gone with there middle of the blue raiders against golden gophers you thing Providence doesn't beat USC you know. One that's that that game doesn't tell you can't take that game yeah I know what I just in general and SMU next. And SMU after that even if they do you beat USC they've got SMU SMU's goes okay. Fisher I got a chance to watch them okay a handful of times this year where as in you can move. Day's in May flare up tempo style bass balls they're fun to watch there hit their Stride Rite to 55305. Attacks on. Of all the fan bases in the world and this one complained about stars not playing in their city in the league might just step then it is 815 on event. This is a tournament which additional Dustin jam in the morning brought you back up as we go markets on ten AB so slim. I turned on for entertainment purposes on Saturday. It's brought me in two weeks and around Saturday basketball. As we sell the week before it was the knicks and warriors without any music. On ABC. I was I watched in the first half just to see the Dow's all about. And then early Saturday morning came out a flurry. Of tweets about. What was going to be going down in San Antonio. As it okay this is gonna be a hot garbage game. Sign me up and these first. In the warriors faced off in a game that had no stars and that they can barely even keel teams on Saturday afternoon. And I read you the starting lineup for the warriors just everybody theory was indeed starting answerable teams because okay say he's the spurs all these all the words it's a whose two of hot focus all of you'll alternate starting at one guard. And he. 31 dark and you start doing that boy do I send your we're gonna start and a literally said I had started cough. No reserve. As you are you alternate Edward I'm doing we're doing mantra swear. Yeah and. Oh boy go heard the only ball love Patty Mills started Goldman's be Ozzie ball left somewhat. Recognizable like cardinals in the game atheists twelfth. Rebuilt. That the two yards this thing for too long snow asserted out of wherever he goes you're. Well it's only since we speaking English norms this is a go faster in some recent. A six man. Did he green in her these birds steal Dini greens on the instant message that everybody wanted to see. Does go to put Julia. I was senator senator fixer do you I'm gonna need jewel an oath. Does Dwayne de admin do anything Korean. No it all right that she small forward Malone he's markets Laura Williams forwards you usually think I'm. They can do eight. Who who. Let's play did you sense Kevin Louis Kevin looney yeah that doesn't do anything for me there anymore viewing opposite Kyle Anderson. Paula good offense Alan Anderson and finally. The man the myth the legend Robert favorite player of all time. Mr. Matt Barnes he had any cab finally Melbourne is on the call. Gloria Garcia now yes what is wrong were the second time isn't there guarantees he would not indeed its lead now and in a six match at six years ago six rarely get a match of six. Or go any spurs won 10785. That would be a game with the. Top two teams. In the Western Conference. That. Did not have Tony Parker LaMarcus Aldridge coli Leonard staff curry Klay Thompson Kevin Durant. Dream on green kicked. These seven best players in that game. Did not live this Timmy. Is equivalent to the patriots playing the Seahawks the first week of December. And everybody in the starting line up is gone that's rainy any greater inequality and it's it's. Well yes he's Jacoby percent starting first trade on Boykin vs straight on Boykin and everybody else is just too and nobody thought this is no Brady no drunk no I don't men and Bo. Russell Wilson or Jimmy Graham or Earl Thomas Richard German nothing Michael Bennett and what -- Howard Malcolm Miller who what would happen if that happened in December. What we have I had it with NFL people you pricey like a pillow fight in vehicle off night we'll know on just publicly all. Do you think that the league could be criticize arresting. You think so. In December when win games matter we weren't in the last month and a half of the season. Who India is not in the number one seed online duo is going don't. Well I I understand it that I'm just tell me the difference of a mentality he's in endurance and now what is the how things have. Just they're just differently now this is hard for me because San Antonio had. John Tim Murray was out with rest because pop was I. They're not playing Betty. Again wanna blame him but if you look at Tony Parker acquire land Tony Parker had back stiffness sold which means I keep prices held out for no reason to. Quite Leonard's in the concussion protocol right which makes sense no markets all other seven to scare this again as scary you know. He's got he's got legitimate how scary is wolf parkinson's syndrome. Which is some that he battled with here in Portland which is basically tartar it's via. Is heart is it either suited beastie fastening gets dizzy and light headed. I he's diagnose that his rookie year he missed like the last month of the season. In the end that strike shortened year for the lock out here. He missed the purse ten games of the season is right when they reported back you know the last at that. Decision that they have to do is cycle and they give us hard little charge little changed little wet but happy for them yeah. In a shock it back in Dade area basically part time to market are at the pump runs everything. You don't say. That's still critical facts. Now. Here's thing is the last two times it's happened he missed 1010 games or ten days and then he missed a month as precaution the first time. It may not take that long and he may be out just a short time this particular man he's out indefinitely with this and their take their time. With LaMarcus. Or to me when I think about this I mean you think to the Christian clock situation in India if he's willing to play in. Yeah he's in and that's a huge piece for the spurs going in the playoffs. But it that you can't replace LA down there without there's no way he don't have player TOR I mean you have Powell in you have. You have. Cox will be David Lee but that's not they're not LaMarcus Aldridge at this point their careers those guys a star in so. And this is that this is a really old team and I'm Tony this that team. An old basketball team now. Of all the fame is in the world up in out here here's the other part so those guys are her for San Antonio but Golden State Scott I. Dave Dave pulled Google they pull the San Antonio on them. Right they just went RA. If you want it we're going to San Antonio. College. We're gonna arrest our guys because they have been on the road EU DC in their schedule on what they were and what they're done. Well would Golden State is having to do yeah yeah they've had 67. Of their last eight games have been on the road. Right is since they played the second. Fifth 6810. Eleventh so there on one of these. Extended trip extended trips a lot of time on the road a lot of games and a short amount of time you look at a week. In native played five games in a week in your gone. Man. Our guys need a break we're not gonna die on this hill. And so they rested there there guys despite the fact that they had from Saturday until Tuesday off but. That's what career that is that is a problem. Though the bigger question for the NBA is is this just an overblown problem because one kid puts up a sign and says I gave up my birthday to come watch staff curry play. In an M and everybody hackles im insist I mean a bandwagon guy you know we are I had a Michael Jordan Jersey or shirt. And I was from its north of Seattle I'm gonna love the best players in league you know problems anybody want to watch the best players and only via. This is a problem is this a problem when you win your team. Comes to town or your plane team that's the argue mostly misting and India and those guys don't play. Your painful price for that ticket she. I needed to know your I get a read on your arm. Let's say amazes. You should have promised that. But if you this scene Antonio spurs and you live in San Antonio. You should need just like GAAP. Do bound to happen to us one time and this is gonna happen is this is been wondered earlier in the year Gregg Popovich does that all. Time. He will rest guys just because in their on Iran long trip or sometimes he just wants and he has a lot of veterans that are on that team that can't be expected. If they're gonna make it a month and a half push of basketball in the playoffs. Why does he came in March matter when you party are locked in upper cheek but your chase in the one seed in this is the thing that the NBA has a problem with his idea now there's a half game between Golden State in. In San Antonio. In the spurs have now won two of thirty so they hold the tiebreaker for comes down to that this could buy disperse. Herb bread the warriors excuse me at the end of the year because the tie breakers now held. By San Antonio I I would love to go back in time exceeds the great players of the year that I really loved in that area from probably eighty. 87 to 2000. If the stars sat like they do now they saying dated debt are we are all our guys and tell you mine you know when that never happened. But he did just not to the babies their minutes were restricted but they didn't actually sit out game in streak in a lot of a lot of families that yeah right I mean guys are dressing up their plane instead of playing 38 minutes here plane when he began needed needed Knight coached yeah I mean that Palin is still go out there and given. Effort done so I dress and in street clothes that's on the confuses me here's where it's going to be an issue. ABC. ABC called the India and said hey we're paying this money. We don't you dare because the only don't know the only network to do and so far. Has been TNT and it's too big got to set a Popovich rested starters and their TNT double header. And problems that won't scurry of now that it's a different team and it's different network. The NBA Houston. Where there aren't spots at the Indian may feel they need to intervene here and tell teams not to do it let. Who were you detailed and Steve her. How to coach his team this text. LaMarcus Aldridge is held out and Tim Duncan matter retirement. Our current Timmy but throughout retirement for the playoffs the stretch run. Apparently he's been lingering around their facility in you bring us our history. Do that sinister at the server Mostar I know I was tick in inflation and six Ers. Where is starting here. Minnesota think you start calling needs is attending contract right chip. Ten days did you button shape. I did that sunshine tattooing your shoulder ready to play Timmy. If there's one that I can do it is it Tim Duncan of course. Yes I didn't agree. Right five factories here fight is this. An issue read the league need Zander intervene. Would be a self evident blazers. NASCAR for a sports have. This is a tournament we commission of Dustin jam in the morning brought you back us we've got markets on 1080 both trim. If you wonder what happened during the break here. We're sitting here. Just get ready for next segment preparing. And GM and comes across the video. In became. Like my two main Randy savage tagged for yet TM over there. Giving the play by play of the weightlifting competition. And nothing gets my juices flowing more than competition and anything yes. I guy. In new eight altercations and I'd wanna save last year at eighth. Family fund raiser events where it was ancillary sports. Darden's three legged race cool. Whose ball. And I think there was there was something else there is a liar remember this yeah highly asked to leave I was all I got your well yes. And it's in a nutshell I was a little bit too intense with the competition. But the thing is is that I went into the sporting news because I love competition so we're watching this. And I get to see head coach job Marcos death of Louisiana Lafayette re engage in 48 years old. Deeds or monster. He's he's jacked for 48. He's going up against I think it was Dylan sin Trulia who's the 24 year old and as straight coach. So 48 vs twentieth there haven't a bench off. And it's fantastic it's coach vs coach alternates Torre for 48 back in fort thread that started 365 the alternate through 275. And then finally. Go to cuts Beth knocks him out you with a death blow you know but 385. Killed them. It is a death blow to forty year old you know benched. That's a lot of late. The finally got to pump for the segment of Indian give you bad guys you let your passion for that actually got me excited about bear weightlifting now. Yeah it would love a good competition. Did not just. In anything like that is just it's why you do what's the reason why I played sports I simply because I loved them I played because I absolutely. Thrived on going against somebody else. Yeah big hollow when it drove me insane if I could have a find a way to keep to competed every little aspect of the sport that I was doing at the time. Be it. Ports. You beat any anything golf any anything and I'm doing it just it drives me I do to the point that I tried to keep it functional now not too crazy. Where indeed Illinois house finally got it there yet but it's it's what you do you know over the green not a good loser when year. Are you not a good loser and loser loser absolutely none or very good loser now. You just dressed in leaves the no idea that none of their own I was a little bit too vocal on my winning are always see your poor winner. I want what did you do well what is happened at the I love is is that your what happens is is that you put your name in the hat appeared you were given another spouse. To compete with these swingers in pretty much as I guess what is normally nobody. Pretty much in that we do know that my wife and hired our former athlete is Revere were very competitive yet. And we got partnered with other. On the it and they can handle Louis we we couldn't together in Seoul IA happened few. Ran into a situation. Where my wife was competing with a another husband and beat a lady. It's also very competitive and they die and the look at the draw. With my partner played the same lady and so when I finish getting to. And oh my Alley home say what was it like to get not what one but two Cleveland zero. I was over very glad that's not see our did fury yeah that's not going to hear not what ice that's not bad. I didn't think that was that's not bad at all no one and 20 incidents very. Didn't like that Sheehan like to Cleveland's dominate not did nine was. Very bold he's just angry you know lies didn't things needed yeah now I edged I don't think there's now another top seat that's not being hit a poor winner. You that's just talk and speculate could paying stating the obvious yeah it is you know we lost once you've just twice blew and so that that would be it that's apparent yeah. So that's about as bad as all get nowadays I. Oh you added all I don't I don't really so now. I can today if you don't know if you turn to start something. Then I will enjoy my finishing aspect which will bring you might as stock is is using. Anybody on my eyes and I can dig down the globe. First of all I can't give you the old repertoire of my ass talk on the radio. I can because there are certain places you have to know how to go to or where to go or how to get under the skin of who your junior community immediately. I think a good best talker has to know the title type of person it has been easy got a nose personality from inside and out. As you call mild mannered person what's gonna get more over the top or her. You got a guild of value we got to be kind of little Psycho analyst when it comes of that right after my talent comes at Miller have to get underneath. Yeah I don't know by by that at a U boat I'm just tell you know we haven't competed yet yen now we have not competed yet. We've been challenged and with three and three turn him against the Kurds I pray and so I'd swagger. And that would be an app like robot to read because it would even take I'd spot him five buckets and we still beat him. How they played at odds on to play that. Yes this is this kind of this is this is word as he went on we had to hear us talk from Sprague. Had enough dirt. Well you know what. Hey I see my confidence over Crawford on dirt I do but when I man you know proper action does not anybody's been all my point what. Do I really have to be threatened like Brandon Sprague. In his ability to play basket 03 entry is hot Atlanta he was he was a team why you why this is the time where he's in the car to spring you've been called out was did this he was talking like this regime wiser Juan or. Ore Ida. Gearing easy Muslim and Rex Chapman out there with his high shorts and tight spandex and Ernie showing off who. How cam is the rolling down the gauntlet. I'm on board they'll all play right now we would go right now as soon as they get in let's go teacher but seeing here early where's the nearest court stead a doing that two hours of prep time that you guys pretend you do let's go play some basketball. And we need this some wheat playing fats in its legs are hurt by low wants legs got to work he's the only worker your city's got that stuff. But the now we can mail and in. We'll start organizing this thing it because they've been getting fired up about this you want this you want every time March Madness comes right and you want you want to happen. You want to happen. All right so I don't like that got us there no that's fine but that was that did your passion behind it. That was an Giuliani fired up yeah immediately is. Seek nick talked and this is why I brought it up one he was watching something as simple as a video to coach his weight lifting against each other and he got fired up to the point where he wanted it. This this texture says I was at a golf terming clam is a sore loser written. I'm a sore loser people cheat. I'll know golf tournaments the known that there is one the guy out there the cheers. And if you have to cheat at golf here the last meeting wake up a look yourself in the mirror because that is brutal. The gentleman's game cheaters are ramped. In Indy fund raiser golf tournament here its use of the US the US pencil where returns are cardinal last. Right. Not and then not and are alternate not the tenth alternate no I did read it and they'll logging in and go I didn't I didn't state alum there are a lot of hundred people learned. Jeter and dad's. These heaters it's funny Casey scores dramatically drop though right in in even had our tournament the lives scoring thing that we have yet like there's is there a couple people in they got called out on it they got a call when you're talking about that everybody's an eighteen handicap but we all hit 58 under. Indonesia is did did raise funds earned her bruises on which we're about that. But you were about where you were certain organize where I'm. Let's get the three and three or are there. Garrett again let's go look at. Know that when he meets county what are you talking about prime time you you played and they got size and besides. Besides I mean they got his part the lynch on the block against Crawford. All right Jimmy Flynt are Assam might have to guard lynch I'll make him uncomfortable. Where he did mint or we project. That portion of our effort of course you know funeral. Or we could you on the other crafty lefty a crafty lefty and crafty lefty I don't know our bond I'm remembered does remember giving you too much credit I mean senior game. I Mario Boggan I was at. Against anybody yeah berg had great I just I'm just asking you to sell yourself I'm not asking you don't eat dog gets the ball on the block I don't need the ball but I need you to be able to Biel that Justin and pick and roll opaque and right Jimmy good I guess he's enemy range yeah oh proffered canyon. Do anything yet in these things I guarantee you things you'll read my age benefits on the defense event. AM Stockton esque I'm from iron short shorts very dirty yeah I'm Matthew dole and Obama yeah white guys are snappy Greg Paulus all smacked the floor dirt. And could not afraid asphalt all dive oh yeah I'll bullied. Then you'll believe it now get the beaches and no loose ball gets out of my docile well. The hustle we're gonna do this we're in a few moments yes earned her multiple cameras and maybe even I don't throw it. Okay your thoughts on the Krispy Shea injury and the idiot who paddled across the Atlantic Ocean we have an update to his story. Testing camel fan. This is a tournament origination of dusty and jam in the morning breath you buy us we've got markets on ten AB so trim. 118 years ago. Is the last time next Kansas City. Posted a midwest regional where KU Kansas was the one seed. And they're ready saying hey it's going to be in ridiculously tougher than the ducks to win the midwest region if they make it out because of Kansas in Kansas City. Twenty years goes bust and happen. And to you lost to Virginia. 67 to 58 that year and it and he died believe that was in the sweet sixteen. That they lost eighteen that had a great gestured to the way it. Know twenty years ago radio strings are in the NBA right no now. And in 95. Missed in his senior this is the greatest shag Scot Pollard inlet Raef LaFrentz. Pre. Goodness gracious and they still lost to Virginia. That's amazing. On so not all hope is lost without Chris we should duck fans. Last time do you play there in Kansas City in their regional. They lost and member we talked about this back in December. That there is a guy who is gonna trend paddle board across the Atlantic Ocean. You members haven't I Thomas remember you telling me about it. None. He's done. With is with this trip across the Atlantic. In surprisingly. He he didn't die. How relieved he made it all the way crossed. On a paddle board he went from Africa he went from the coast of Morocco. To. Who somewhere in the Bahamas. In 11 December 6 from Morocco. And he went 4600. Miles an open ocean passage. Unsupported in unassisted. On a twenty foot stand up paddle board unbelievable. Yeah and why. He wanted to do it okay it wasn't it you mean you look at you like that's not a panel board on because it has like a little pork. In the front yeah I mean honestly seeking to Regan get anyway whether yet but this time but this guy had to re direct himself some. Some 100 in non current bull one know that he actually 1000 miles he had good redirect himself. Because he's gonna shoot for Florida and there was like. I'm gonna miss it can't do lady that he had have a vote with him to appease it or whatever and he ended up landing on the coast of Antigua now. Because no dead the low pressure systems were kind of you'd be fighting it in and take up to energy into Medina genie might die. But I'm so he just kind of went with for the current and low pressure systems were British and then and he did it in 93 days. With 4000 miles average credible 44 miles a day that's incredible over his journey. And he didn't died though he said there were several times are you must dead on he said everything that could have gone wrong with his hustled did go wrong. And even to the point where he had to use his sunblock. TU as as a lubricate and for the doors hinges in the seals. Because water was getting in left and right here in so he ran elective lubricant daddy brought. To use to make sure everything was working right he tours rotator cuff. In his shoulder. About halfway through that journey in just kept on pushing through. And did you made it. Did you native he said that sharks were bumping is I was gonna say is their reserves are world record on the line was there an achievement that he needed. Something. I know. I don't know you know I'd do it. It's like why did glided Charles Lindbergh flight via I had around the world you know human power breast yeah. But it's time to the paddle boarding bro made it in and I thought he is dead for sure you know the last guy he tried to do it. He lasted a day. Before he made it but none. Yet he had to doom it in because Jesus some lucky indeed do must is paddling at night. June actually imagine being I would freak me in the middle of the night freaked me out paddling in the print this out staying in your boat during the day. In not seeing outside communion oh yeah. I don't know why people do those stupid things here I would never we are to you people are weird but paddle boarding broke Chris Byrd issue made it. And now he's gonna go back to surf. Think that's a good workout. Well I think yes the view of growing and we'll kind of Trinidad's did that guy has yet it's it worked out is. Core shoulders or or Zach yeah. Yeah gallows in about our board and make it an hour. So a guy's amazing how you handle the lake are the river is enough. And yet and he had a broad bid for charity apparently. But I'm just simply more surprised she's alive. Not dead. It's amazing. All right we'll be back tomorrow from six to 9 AM we'll have more attorney doc where drugs against Korea. Seeking its and in center. Opinions on the more route really trough. In some insider knowledge on my dad I don't I'm sorry guys out of I had a dollar for anti terrorism my bad hey we have the actually have an iota beat writer on tomorrow he just in Germany all we do you have a right at 730 so Hank. Who is Diana were about to find out that is it the next play. In the round of 64 days the ducks. Inanimate meet up this three verses fourteen matchup on Friday as they are the gales. We're talking about what galas lastly. Gaelic. Kind of nexus there can't Garn engineer needed breeders' breaker seven pronto does is sit cafeteria week everybody like Chris. Oh yeah I'll bullied.