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Dusty and Cam - 3.9.17 - Hour 3

Mar 9, 2017|

Tony Romo hits free agency, the Redskins are a disaster, and Tim Tebow's MLB debut.

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They solicited to. 45 minutes of your life I've promised. Doing the right thing since 1952. This is Dustin jam in the morning. It says here to take two for results. Dusty narrow the fancy like get your rest. And jammed Cleveland. I'm downgraded soccer soccer dusty and jam in the morning on 1080. Oh yeah. Hey how about our lender Korea. And madness is back next Thursday Friday and at the independent sports bar and grill march 16 in the seventeenth that is saint patty's day premier. 8:30 AM 7 PM both days the fan is their dirt and Sprague. Will be hosting their show along with prime time diet Isaac ensued after that. Full details are at 1080 the fan dot com we'll be going out there having drinks at beeps. And have a good time watching the first two days of the NCAA tournament it's time for the number. In his press guide spared a rally are departs Nike hoop summit in the independent sports bar and Bruce. Voices backs. My wife that's why you crude. How hard was that the gators. That was she didn't know that it I was recording. Was here with your phone stick phone up. No she came in in choose voicing. Mar opens and use that reading at all. And she says she did the normal reads and then as I was editing on one computer. I just kept recording. And she is no she just due he's locked the door. Locked the door and she was. When he got there some. Brooklyn and. It's issues is treating all that in didn't know. That it was being recorded. And she even there's even when that we have via the sun is still recording. As said no fly under lock the door as did note and we just native new budget drops so. Fan madness Kodak Thursday Friday next week at the independence works for come hang out us Tony Romo is going to be freeagent man nannies in the market. Relative front runners right now are indeed Houston Texans. In the Denver Broncos news. My question is with men. Mike Glenn in getting fifteen million dollars a year from the bears. You've got ranked Tim hill at twenty million dollars a year in Miami. What is the market going to be he forgot like Tony. Role model starting conversations fifteen million to Stevie get in the door have a covers absolutely right even start the conversation. You know you don't even Yuri you begin to pick up the phone if you're not well where you guys that McCarthy can right around fifteen million. That'll give you that the bill though continue to hold the phone to their ear yeah if you see anything below that they'll be like this yeah thank you tick. But then you sit there you go so that is indeed start in part that rightfully Tony Romo should have. He sees fifteen million dollars at least fifteen million dollars right so that is it. Is there going to be a bunch of teams beating down his door I think that you have to be an contend mean point of view and cash in if you're talking about. The AFC. Who is ready to win right now that needs a quarterback well if you're in the AFC. You heard New England doesn't need one Miami doesn't need one. Buffalo they're hanging on to Tyrod Taylor thought that energy Georgia and nobody's gonna go to that dumpster fire they have been cutting. Early buddy they're trying to create space for some reason or they're just in rebuild note well remember they were over the salary cap I'm heading in so they've cut and there are three of their starting offensive lineman. Darrelle Revis that we know of living cutting guys idea. Is defense then they'll Lego. Mean they've been cut his left and right all over the place so that they're eliminated CAC Norse Pittsburgh does it for sure Baltimore no Cincinnati no Cleveland yes but they're not that's not a united opposition. And here real. Houston Texas won the division last year we averaged. Crappy quarterback play they're locked into a Brock I soy other deal with with guaranteed money but can they be willing to dump it make it dead money. Could be okay could be and then a Tennessee Titans know cold snow and the jaguars. Okay. Here's my thing about Houston as a talking about the Houston Texans. If you're Romo you wanna have some semblance of stability not a one year rental right number one here that's your 35 years old we exe 37. Is he thirty saga that is their turn in 37 goodness good gracious. The KC 37 years old. You're not gonna go for just a one year deal right. Houston is in this weird spot where they don't have very much salary cap space they have the 24. They're 24 and available salary cap says they've 21 million dollars and it doesn't get easier for them moving forward because they have a bunch of guys locked up long term. So you're a big have the ability one. To give him anything more event in 1015 million and that may be stretched to train get Tony Romo fifteen million. In number two they don't have a cap cities moving forward to give him a multiyear extension at 8159. So is Houston really that viable for hand. Right now there's always ways to be creative we can't just throw it out and say the teens can't find ways. To be creative to afford somebody if they really need it yet and is bill right now to win now. No the number one defense in the AFC dead I don't even in the league yes. Big game big game. The patriots a little bit of a fight but if they had a semblance of a quarterback. A semblance of a quarter. They would be a much better team and Tony Romo would elevate that team to be Super Bowl contender immediately when he walks in the door. OK so he he he feared if if you're looking at a team. Right now he's today ego Tony Romo goes to team on discount. ICC indeed the number one choice Houston number one as I picked number one for the AFC my number two stays in the AFC and that is Denver again. Because if you look at the AFC west mean we're going to teams there right Oakland doesn't he wants LA chargers don't need one chiefs. Don't need honor roll before they've got Alex and they did get rid of Nichols though officially. So it is Denver a Denver does have them money to do that will. John Elway finally as you wanna do the rent rent a cop thing again does he wanna do that he wanted to buy it because Peyton Manning was paid what was his. His eighteen and a half million now he did take a little bit of a pay cut that got him into his his stretch. Downed I think it was sixteen of the deformity I think he took four million dollars. Off his office total. I'll and that again agreed defense. But a lot tougher division if you're gonna go into that division Tony Romo you wanna face those past pressures in that division if you wanna be able to do that the guys are gonna beat you up. How is that offensive line for Denver usually pretty quality you're around a lot of the same system got a new coach yeah. Lot of unknowns there who. Well OK so if that is the case. In John Elway that's and so does John oil wanna go the rent a quarterback question. Not own you like winning championships political animal mall cop all blurt got you got you is the super warring. Should it why not do it again right Airways get sick I asking you just get somebody we're gonna have forever like you John. Q we have someone for eighteen years like you everybody wants any kind Mecca. Does everyone that voted cornerbacks are Marlon. OK but when if you're if you -- Denver and you have the money in you do it. How can you kind of internalized justifying giving bats have the money you guys don't. A 122 passes in the last two seasons. Brian mallet has thrown twice as many tents as Tony Romo last year's. Rice paddy. Who price and he barely played last year more intense than Tony Romo the last two seasons Johnny men's Allen Jimmy Claussen can have more attempts. Then Tony Romo last two years here's the other thing too. You get the best had the best offensive line in all the NFL and couldn't stay healthy behind that line right. Trying you know in Denver skyline over red flags may have some line issues and Russell to being on this year's well. I think too that if you do go to Denver. Tony romo's game was a lot more five set seven step and he held the ball because their offensive system is different. I think Peyton Manning changed the game because he had to get the ball in his hands faster than Tony girls gonna have to be a little bit more. Less gunslinger and more intelligent and get it out get it out fast short. Easy efficient throws and I think that could be a system that would work. With both teams is there anywhere in the SEC and gone. You Chicago's up table might not going there in heap -- when I go there because they suck well he's not going anywhere in the NFC east because he's not gonna go in the division and I allow that to happen in the NFC north well way it would be mean they're not allowing that happened beat the cowboys are just and I don't think Tony release inside understand that but I don't be so terrible would do. Apparently you do it again. But I want you really is a rice not taking UI's job and now. Which leads Washington as Kirk cousins for now and Philly with Carson months so so yeah you're whose yeah it's not going their NFC north. Minnesota maybe maybe. We don't need to nurses there certainly now they're paying Sam Bradford eighteen million dollars whose son Teddy Bridgewater on the bucks. But it's looking more and more like her daughter will never play again. Well we don't sit up double play this year and it's unlikely. In Dick. This team that's a long road to recovery for Teddy Bridgewater they're hoping he can play again. NFC south you know business and Matt Ryan Jamison is injured breeze Camden moving on now. And it's US you have to Seattle. With Russell Wilson. Dared golf now Arizona is a very uninteresting via an Carson Palmer give Carson Palmer sitting next to older guys. Was it that smooth whose blood and those that street there. In of the two Carson Palmer is the more durable good. That. Injured often and you know what I don't know it's ever just goes and they've got nothing that you why would you go there unless you would cash because that's a start over unless it's cash grab sell it. Really is everybody's saying he's in Denver he he really is Houston Denver and if the market is smaller. That price tag may get smaller as well for Tony Romo and that's something that and that needs to be kind of thought of as the cash strapped for Romo isn't even the same as a guy like Mike Glenn and because more teams. Are in the market for Mike Glenn he's getting fifteen million dollars a year now from the bears because the bears are competing. Not just with the browns the year also compete with the likes of the giant via. The giants. And the jets in 49ers in all of those lower Echelon teams it just needed a live arm a vote I'm telling Tony Romo and tell. And to get get to Houston if you can find a way to do it it's a shorter drive it's a better division it's a safer division you don't have to face those pass pressures that are in the AFC west. It's a warm weather climate he doesn't have to -- plane and at home. Go play in Denver early in the year Kate Tony Romo is not put on a glove in in November and throwing the ball officially down the field I know Denver fans might be irritated but if you're Tony Romo. Houston is a great set up for needing cornerback. Lou this unto you jags. Jet NBC in Jacksonville when they got clay scandal yesterday and he's glued. To the defense and bunker. He's got great receiver Doug come wants to move to London. Well nothing says London like you Tony Roma's starter cap backwards. Right. She acts. Like that one sleeper team. Move over Bordeaux service here comes Tony rounds. The team that is so close the so far away in and out of the talent you can't overcome the worst owner in sports I believe he is the worst owner in sports. It is 8150 event. This is Justin and Cameron morning you know and Canadian fans around the think this one's for its. Of the Texas said the jaguars that is really got me interest. Would you do that would you would you. Would you be interest and that team could again at Robinson and. Heard wide receivers. You've got a good core defense and eggs serviceable defense new coach they need AM they need AA is there a they need to they desperately need a quarterback. I would do. ROR I don't think you do it and I think that's a conversation. Now ago. Mean he's going to somewhere familiar winnable division yeah AFC who's better who's built. To win war Houston Jacksonville your eyes while Houston but Jackson has more money. Here. I don't know that's Tony Romo anything because he's ending up his hundred million dollar contract while its toll could be I'm not saying it's not new. But if they say fourteen we have fourteen million in go to Jackson gopher for twenty regal. I know we're you're gonna hurt anybody now say we're what would you do if you're Tony Romo you're going for the honey okay. But it would be it would be a big caveat there. Would be in my unlike a one year deal in is it one or easier dealing his stint or year or is it. Four years in Jacksonville bright. With who wears a wears like to guarantee money a little bit more scared I would be shocked if someone gives him a four year deal well I will be shocked you never now the teams will be desperate. TUZ crazy like the Washington Redskins. And did this team is I think against Daniel Snyder is the worst owner in sports not a Jeffrey lord is on his way out of Miami and the Marlins. I absolutely believe that this man. No matter how close that franchise gets to turning a corner in being not just good but great. He gets in the way he medals self sabotage her. Oh my gosh is he is he not real people like that might push is how does that mean so successful. How I mean how is this guy so successful yet just cannot get out of his own way and he's doing it again at this team right now. Old what are what are the skins gonna do well well what's their best scenario right now on thing and have their general managers and or is. MIA we will be talked about this how they screwed up that Kirk cousins deal. In that. You know this franchise tags in the way Davies and there's no reason for it Kirk cousins negotiate a long term deal with them now because he'll get more guaranteed money next year at 34 million dollars. On buy it had forcing them to franchise and against that artistry data but now apparently. It did GM issue where. They told the go home because he embers Salant in Scotland Boston is the guy's name. Regarded as a great and I you that are talent and good personnel guy in the NFL very highly regarded paley he Embree Salant Haiti each other. And he's told that take a hike before the come by and started incident went into the com mine the going into you. The draft in free agency. With no general manager. And spinning their wheels or doesn't. Good it does look good for grown from an outside perspective and also doesn't look good too when your GM. Is the guys hosting making your foot football ops decisions and going in extending Jay gruden was nodding in his choice giving. Kirk cousins the franchise tag was not his choice and so cute who's running the ship I and then then then your owner. He's so bitter about things that happened in the past that he's gonna continue to hold grudges. Yet Monday and one thing on the GMT they can't hire a GM now. They can't it until after the draft ready they cannot because it would be tampering there they cannot go and talk to anybody who is a sitting general manager. Horror in that capacity with the team. Right now they have to find them he's retired and are already from Leo or. Beat both not even part of the leak yet retired from the league or not been NFL guy you may be a personality on ESP or something. Indian is is they can't figure it out that this guy needs to you. Well ignore that. The DN center can't figure this out that he needs to. Getty GM in place both for the common like that's of the Mano in these tensions were already there with Heber salad. But yet you mentioned the bad blood he's holding a grudge against. Kyle Shanahan in and they script Kirk cousins deal. And because my chaining and through gained a cider under the bus. He is and unwilling to trade with DC of Cisco 49ers are now if you're boycotted. Right in this thing about it is. Dino senators never really been an a Kirk cousins fans. No he was an RG three fan he witness is so much so that we Kirk cousins got his first start in one. In the name blew out Cleveland. He didn't even shake Kirk cousins hand. Because he's that committed to RG three and is he so he's kind of he's not even a guy that likes Kirk cousins as as the franchise guy. He just hates machining hands because Mike Shanahan leaks and stuff out and that's why he won't trade Kirk cousins a 49ers. Even though there could be substantial returns on that. On mystery why don't think were talking about an owner that has been known to do crazy trades right do you Schumer what he gave up to get RG three. Don't we remember everything and they give up their entire Grasso word and I'm not surprised that Daniel Snyder runs his organization based on emotion. He he you know he makes his decisions based on what he thinks is great for him not what's great for the organization and and also to you'd be surprised that an owner with that kind of money. And I kind of powers can hold grudges in business please. But this is. Just so he can you imagine being Barcella Lyndon you know McClure Landry died tonight be the guy who is. Benefiting from this by not being there anymore and getting fired. You know because he has have to work with. They lunatic who's getter who continually continually runs the franchise. It did their rosters good. Mean well it was not appear our son DeSean Jackson or deal later bailing on the team TO is to agree and think right now what is he thinking. I'm my quarterback doesn't wanna be here a lost my best receivers. What a mind doing I don't have a GMB. Yes what am I doing here. Well he's their fur is waiting for another job come open however long but and that's the thing is that like. He gets ended coached in he and how close they were close with done Mike Shanahan to. You know they got into the playoffs. And then RG three gets hurt and in the hole but they were so close Kirk cousins could have one of my Cheney and but it wasn't enough. For Dana cider people can't work within it happens over and over and over and I would be. I would be turning and I redskins' gear if I was a fan because IA couldn't handle. Having that much dysfunction just had a street Baltimore New York. Yeah Obama. Which I did know Ryan mallet was seated in Baltimore they send him to an extension. As agree America. I had no idea he's in the air. Like I don't really keep tabs on right now back of some good money in the NFL he edited and they got Dini would head the so fear into undersized white running backs who were coming up EC Elson reconstruction being do Danny wood head might be your guy. It would you dealer except place if you're freeagent dock. All I was allergic to the place they asked me to come out and work out massive new. Really yeah it was it because you don't know center yet we it was a completely because of the whole franchise it is knew right away they said. While we want to come out and work out I said no that Joseph Gibbs who's there in 2006 server who was a minus orange. But it in my reverend Zorn muttering to resort marriage in Zorn was head go to an area I do remember. While looked meant bay in and that's the things that he runs off good people and good coaches and good football minds and good players as well and I'd be. Manage it in that goes to show you no matter how close you think you are you're so far away in the NFL. All right Kim has fixtures the entire sport of baseball. And I think it's pretty good. And a debut that went in just about how we expected it would go. Right awestruck for a sports. Does the contaminant. 1080 I you know. It's amazing the mood there properties that came in today just today I played some baccarat and a big thinking. You can obviously. Can tie in the emotions of music while they puts in the grim mood yet our well since I'm right. I know what to do it first candy does not do it for Crawford who has who haven't played Carnoustie and mainly gay parents are extremely well I like this doesn't mind playing them next break now I know I just sit like that values fight it. And local land and say it was a bad band as sinners didn't you or in the morning I haven't heard. Our believe that Pete Hernandez and allow IRS still in the rotator boredom beer and I gave him a bold debris. Let's send port realized it enough to say well why do I have. B it's good songs baseball's new shoes apiece that. TNT does debut and about is how we expected it again yesterday did it. I don't I don't know I've talked about you I was expecting double bond street for four. No. I because what I expected to is you know for two. And but the way it happened was pretty spectacular for step that was not fair he struck out on three straight pitches. He should listen to fourth at least that was not a strike is outside whale they sent a message you know you've got punched him out there. And got out got as an on your set on this and they'll look back to see him give a look back a guy and he did say some. USA some bless you he also. Then went up and probably hit into eight double play with the bases loaded and is next about it. Grounder but got a standing ovation because he did he touch the ball on his third and that he got beaned. So we got on base things are looking up and van. And got lined out to a double play itself did the next batter hit it in a line drive the second baseman Tebow frozen the base path in a double them up there. So that was bad enough but then come the reports that. Fans noticed. He got he was using the wrong batter's box. In the deep in during the game he walked up and ended the empire and Tom now. Back. Back up. More towards there's a multiple there was multiple batter's box and we don't notice that they have the one for show. Yale which is far closer to the action you know right which I don't know why they have those at the ballparks but they always have a and then there's the actual batter's box as his Ers on deck circle. Which is. Closer to the dugout and he walked. Out to the wrong one in didn't notice that nobody else had gone a little nervous. Can you be nervous he's the only guy did you that you like the only one. Well they're trying to make a mockery of him at this point now all we're doing these things though and they wanted to sell tickets. They got they they sold out their spring training game it was on MLB network that at the MLB never got what they wanted to out of it exactly what they wanted to eyeballs now Tim Tebow. Probably won't never. Suit up again for the Mets. As it should be. As it should be he should play anymore. The changes don't try anymore give up quit. Shut it down yeah. Just yet hey yeah that over filled the dream of yesterday and yes the blood is exactly what I'm saying are you know originally and pressure and guess what he's already lived the dream he had a chance to do it tonight and add any allies though. If you watch him play baseball yes this is coming from from just looking out the guy physically. He actually looks. Physically. He could do it won't yeah. His swing the bat. Not good not about very powerful not a stance and there he owns owns the box is right Kay doesn't look uncomfortable you know he just his timing he disputed rhythm is all off the Basil here all behind. Oh hitting the ball thing but physically it's 63255. Rounds I would throw walls that in his India opened in his chin. It is a big man commit to even throw balls and send snowman wouldn't do it the wouldn't put a tin music of their Nolan is that a nice case that charge mount. But I think he's got the physical tools to do it you know like watching Michael Jordan looking at a draft turned it the basketball at the zoo was not it Michael Jordan and better batting average yeah well I understand that. But he has had many as Temps. Get a hold on your. A ball underneath you. He might be able earned. They don't trust in the field is now. That is an issue. Because he DH to yesterday's game if so it's not just hitting that's probably Tim Tebow which is a big part of baseball ever read. Now can he keep hitting the baseball three out of ten title and name kind of important yeah and he's not been anywhere close to that. Right now they're just let him let him play around Havel funnel that for a year he it will it will. He will. You'll understand very quickly that baseball's. Very difficult sport now it's not football. Now he is. He is one heck of an athlete yeah. And I lol I was great person call what it is great I mean yes absolutely Tim Tebow is. But. And there's a lot of king guys minor leaguers in big leaguers they're sitting there just gone the other men this in right. Well in in they have a they have a great point and they have DeMarre and I'm really it's a marketing machine yet. That's behind him are countries about fifteen minutes we'll Tim Tebow fifteen minutes is every day to me he has star power. And we're all about that so star power runs our country see this goes against those kind of things he said about like earning your way in in deep in kind of BM Nancy earned his well a lot of the bio was by a winning playing football national championships. K in what. Sport football exactly right hold on he's that he's what's called a celebrity yeah celebrities don't have eight stay in your lane mentality. They're gonna cross over and do whatever they want to try to stay in the limelight he's a great broadcaster he's a great person that he Asia's faith is very strong. He's an unbelievable athlete he's a talented person that the guys is gonna take advantage of what he's been gifted with I have no problems with a he wants to make a mockery of himself credibly baseball. That's fine and a lot other worst things that I've seen one and now and I'm not saying him because absolutely he should do it. He should do it. It is the Mets are really tests didn't Mets did the Mets are what this is like announcing team. I don't wanna do this did very kind of view but I'm gonna past. Now it's the Mets kind of funny out their net and in knowing sell a mean you hear him bacterial I guess your Terry Collins Terry Collins commander in. You know whatever the guys. He's not even on our field he's over at the earlier guys none none of a respected but I don't I don't know if I respect a lot of the major franchises nowadays when. One moves and jump ship and goes up north to make a couple billion dollars. San Diego in teams jump ship like Saint Louis to LA and give the readers wanted to leave and you have Major League Baseball franchises do whenever they want to sell tickets and putting hot garbage on. On the field. I'm not and that's that's my I'm not surprised a few bad for Tivo. Like because he is a nice guy. He knows what he's doing. Don't feel bad for him. He knows exactly what he's doing. He's he'll evaluates turn down a million dollars to let Bill Belichick tell him that I don't do that marketing is we don't do that here and then they cut GDP that we should feel he's he plays basketball Max. And he writes a book like paper lines. See him in the G league succeed him to the G league I'd like to see I'm sure that they can sell some Idaho State and Peter to get some dudes over. Yea would take a charge on Tim Tebow come in knowing that any help or not he would he would help them up. Stick your handout. An eagle on any. What anytime someone better what are going mini yell at some. What are you kidding me on his take you need for the guy really Jude program hello we seal on the same in the live Guinea Guinea seem idea earlier this slayings must suck yep yes my. And on a plane and then. But he he is somebody got hit the foul balls spring training and he went over and he put his hand on a desk blessing that music came us to be darned right we do learn. Certainty but didn't go off. Yeah a fix for baseball. John enlighten our listeners on how to. How you how Kim cleans gonna make me hungry again so today we've been all I thought that was the other shot you just saw oh OK tiger took one of the space epic take daily got what waxed so we've been watching the world baseball were based across the outlets that and it's fun and we don't know why it's fun I managed only people watching it. Where they'll be watching you know why it's fun because I will say this career. Chinese Taipei. Japan and they got it figured out. South Korean a North Korea the baseball North Korean missile team Sox. So I disagree I'm into an appropriate now that that's that they they have a hazard out they're fans and their game in game experience. Is wonderful hook it up. Yeah they're cheering they are generally seen as a lady with hot chicks everybody's got flags there's excitement there's bad flips. I'm I'm I'm a baseball purist but I would enjoy that. That would that would help American baseball if we can absorb the way they play now based on the Asian culture and please bring it over here. You want are about elevated up there was gonna laugh and joke about it you know. No no no we are steel. Here you don't need to speed up to gain if you keep people interest at this is look at what they are having a great time makes it more fun to watch these based on here it is. In this is like every game that they have in Japan and in the Korean basic you look at the fans you look at the stance. They brought everyone like it's it's the World Series game like that that's why people of the World Series 'cause there's an energy in the building you can feel that the players feel let. And there's a buzz right. This World Baseball Classic has that if indeed there's one thing rob Manfred wanted to do that he could actually make a difference it would be do something like this I. Cheerleaders at baseball games with you'll start laughing may give terrorists all the people sued oh and Abby you know what they can go to focus their sport is boring I think baseball's what. It doesn't affect anything on the game the players would absolutely loved and agreed to it. Because it's not changing the game it's enhancing the viewing X. There yeah I think it's great I love the chair I love the excitement look at the face paint the sex in the least make a section at a baseball stadium where you can have this kind of fun. And start to see him bleed off. And everyone sort to absorb it. I'm not gonna lie man I was watching in the Portland Timbers season opener. That same days gummy cited my TV was on when to turn the TV on ESPN was on an aside the or lane though. Eight and one that you don't twice Orlando MLS team in the Atlanta analyst team they were in new stadiums. That those that is here's our rockets verified yet people wish that thunder sticks in the dead bill banners and flags flying. There's no reason why baseball couldn't have that in broke in not just a younger fan base. But a more energetic on because it's a 162 games is the most affordable sport to go on why they're having fun every single one of those fans out there there have at a good time yep. It when it's affordable younger people go if I want a mom border send us your fix of baseball is 100% right and we should do do do blue. Eric. Five factories here by the headline though lets you know march is here this is dusting camp. This news does and M in the morning you know until Canadian Australian. What is his. I told just gonna play this first inning gave first tee and he's a different song than we do in we have food from them Barlow had just put it up and I was wondering about is better than the other episodes more upbeat more death funky under. I think there's there's always Kornheiser about it it's not what I was thinking good decisions. The says they glow stick or marvelous. Most think that would be why dress clothes they can Barbara I know there are those stick. I never heard that I like that you never heard there's no poll. It is your main idea like a move isn't. This is signed that would be playing when you do go wide shot into that tight shot. Gains silent Bob in front of the convenience store. Mozilla Amir's. Again ceilings Vegas strip club and the mir's. Basically I was thinking of the magic garden the defunct strip club downtown are people nowadays. Not a classic place oh yeah that is. Was now the other headline that makes me feel happy and makes you feel like it's the most basketball headline a ball. Is. Moline. Chris Mullen in John Thompson. Square up. In the big east tournament. Did you see that I did I watch the clip of it that was great how fantastic is that there's there are some anger Chris Mullen head coach Ed saint Johns redmen there in Madrid storm restore an interim anymore. No agreement yet no that's not a sudden politically correct Cameron. Says to. So everybody that changed their name right I know yeah oh yeah are there Redskins I know now I know suited the reds dorm and now. But they're playing Georgetown and big east tournament and there's a hard foul that happened in the game. But out of nowhere Chris Mullen whose voice does not match his face at all why what is. He's got badly Tippett super New York like aqsa in its IA and for whatever reason when the words come out of Chris moans now of I'm like that's not what that's not the voice coming out of there it just doesn't fit for me. On but he starts yelling at John Thompson the third Georgetown coach and then it turns into hold me back row thing and they almost went to blows. That Timmy is the big east tournament the big east is no longer than. 'cause for me it. The big east was basketball. It yes this conference the it was true when I'm on TV and everybody watched it and you had. You had the battles with Syracuse and an end all those teams are there while Syracuse Georgetown I mean the Villanova there was mirror those are the teams in they were then who's who guest of college bound he made that. That come from the SEC. The SEC for football. Wasn't even compared to the big east who about normal. If you're talking debt because then you'd have teams like saint John's that we're really stink and god and their queens correcting dollars and queens. Sure I'm I'm I'm guess I'm asking that question I think so. No with a great documentary. On how. Basketball and how was changed for college basketball for that reason but you're right. Those guys are old school and any calls about score means little bit of grit in it because now it's tournament spots he's a pretty important you wanna get into the 68. It is you're going OK what are we gotta do those rural school guys going after. You'd dang right they were her I mean you think of his button chests there. But he's Cohn buns legs and do that go chest chest. No easy thing about those teams had media at Georgetown. Syracuse Villanova. Head. Providence. A problem province has in mid teens Jesse UConn already know Seton Hall PJ Crowley Saul. And it went in national titles Andrew gaze from from down around. I own and not seeing open up a whole new world for. Australian basketball Ers. But I was happy to see that and I'm pumped now that. That kind of give mes did jolt that I needed as we get the pac twelve tournament has some of the big dogs and 20 by the way saint John's beat Georgetown by one. 74. To seven entries they're coming giants. I hope now the thing Johnny red storm is too tired to me it's down. But maybe Chris Mullin now sort of thing where he testified the opposing coach every game to two guys rallied guess who's up next. Jay Wright in Villanova well Jay Wright's got such good good suits he's mean again. Releasing John Thompson third justice like a slob no he just seems here right get the best suits and all of college basketball yet he night he has dialed in again. Yeah does congress have thirds gets and its style tease them and they all have good style and puts you right as the leader the ideas in the narron he really mean he wears three piece like 6000 suits. It's right here it's just dialed in San Villanova the mob runs on. Will the that it went on it because he's we do we know that. I don't know unpack tilt turn and at the big did the big guns are out tonight. And today starting at noon you get Arizona State taking on the ducks on the pact on now Ortiz thirty. Cal beat the bees and ended their tourney run and they are taken on Utah. Beat Colorado beat. Oops yes speed deeds last night and they have Arizona at 6 o'clock in in the nightcap 830 it's the LA schools USC UCLA. Back in gonna be any ESPN. The rest of them are on the packed a network cell pact to never gets underway inner is a we have new power couple folks we do we have new power couple. Missed this couple would have been really big phew what that would do it there did you say 2000 you said that day. Year 2000 this is a power couple now remember the guy that's now I do this he's he's been known to go after the singer's. He's. Been known to go after anything that evening talks A-Rod. In. On your 2000 is that not a huge dude that's that's big inning came in Kanye. Back in 2000. Nonsense pretty big now for Iran if he's gonna be full time on fox sports for baseball we have a lot of era I'm looking forward that I hope he's good at it. But they do more that Frank Thomas A-Rod. And Pete Rose talking baseball by the way Jennifer Lopez 47 street is suspect that you didn't mean she is well yeah you'd celebrity crush she in my absolutely beautiful yeah. Yeah I mean. 40s47. I even had no idea who. Yeah is in the you to warning. Tony is ladies well I don't Moret series had her ups and downs she looks good right now testing these ladies in their forties are beautiful. They're gorgeous. And but does it in my forties did Syria and Iran in jail well I'm glad the guys found each other. I just wish it would happen in 2000. You know. But now he is in the only risky not have you did you do red threat. I know it back tomorrow 69 and a nexus the herd of college are nine and union to breeders pregnant seven primetime with Isaak and silk have a good one we'll see tomorrow. Time about the.