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Dusty and Cam - 3.8.17 - Hour 1

Mar 8, 2017|

Blazers-Thunder and the case for fighting for the playoffs vs. tanking.

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Thanks for listen to dusting camp podcast brought to you on the fanned by your local less Schwab tire center do the right thing since 1952. This is dusty and jam in the morning when I say should we really swimsuits and you say. Yeah weather permitting new dusty narrow turned every time it's certainly not a I was going to battle Colin myself are good days I would remain roots Tug of just dealing jam in the morning you know I'm penny below should. On the table. Damn bit. The bulls happy Wednesday to everybody we're all day. Authorities them deep in March. This seemed like. The first week of march is owned by Bobby lawyers do fight in Tellme the weather's just to me oh is it. It's getting to me I'd be lying do you have aren't I can't be the only one out there I cannot be the only way now. Their that this is not just keep under your skin that. I've been living here. Since in this Pacific northwest in every year you go you know what it's not gonna get to it. I'll get two hits yet negates did you what's the secret beginning to to not letting it get to you blues. Wilbon know what's it with a constructive way. The law letting it get to you eaten. Because it is all season again news for me it's baseball season in its outside anyone writes that. Start your people cut the grass now that's my favorite is that the sounds of Robbins and birds chirping. Pandas in the smell of fresh cut grass you and Snow White. And Noah Robbins urged your heroes. You may you know I think you're getting their roles these there's two great things there's that the crispness of the Arab September. That that changes your mood and then there's the the the smell of fresh cut grass you know in the spring what's interesting about bank has done others anymore because everything's turf. Is that the other being a small rubber pellets gets excited if you sit there and. Go. Member back when we were in high school or when we're kids go now to Peewee football and it's a different smell of fresh cut grass in the fall then loses in the spring up. In I say I like this most fresh cut grass in the fall more than spurring. I get the feeling of that Chris that aired the bite near with a little bit of fog that layer and you have. At night and sometimes in the morning when you wake up when it's sunny and you have that did you can feel the heat but you can see the Christmas in the air. Just put what we're dealing with now it's not Chris it's that wet moist word yeah. On Danny's a really get into I think it's gone beyond mowing season given stimulus is not I mean are you just. He fake or Spain where thinkers out there you know try to be. It's not getting through Johnson interviewed you on mobs and isn't optimism here June home page this is a good for the farmers. It's great for the farmer thought a lot of what extra water can kill plants it's good for the for this is good for the crops it's good for the snow skiers that's who it's good for well they are people in California later on it becomes good for the farmers. It's obvious that our water is life Perot I do agree with why don't have that I just say can I sprinkle in and occasionally get a sunny day I get an hour now I get an hour and a half on. You're asking are too much. I don't wanna I'm not. Calling you out but I am it'll come people complaining. Yeah and it is they don't expect anymore that's sure Obama knew got Californians get a touch and know the caliber of the talks on my so cal rose up here has been like. Man it's dreary my duty editors or it's or in man right in I'm not look at it takes a while three data and it's been. In November and you MP little problem was that today it RJ RD Chiming in with raw with the candidates natives were forbidden from admitting it. And that's kinda says who. Acting and I we are well why you think didn't give an umbrella Nancy I have seven you have you use umbrellas. Seven umbrella we need seven umbrellas for. Youth sports. Standing on the side what do you think you just. I already have a gore Tex jacket now umbrellas are for the parents and for the grandparents and for the wives come and sit there that your holding it for them you know what I can't wait till human skinny evolves until we turn into corpus skin and some taxi to the truth I use more -- the blocking the sun there ago. Yeah does that battle there I have fair skin and I have to protect my skin and as my skin history so yes. Can attain some group that happened to me this morning. We had to happen. When I wake. At 2:30 in morning though I've he's doing what the hell are you doing united of course my first response to sorry. A three year old is standing at the end of the bed like. It's mother's little kids in the shining them to staring at poltergeist Carol there human nest just sitting there staring at his. It to shoot 30 in the morning you know it was the most terrifying thing ever eaten like unused you know waking up in the morning nice and she'll wait what. I'm used to like waking up in the morning in June dad dad dad dad and now this is discretely standing at the end of the bed just staring down the bad. I think she's plotting to murder us probably. He's only theory but I think it's gonna happen. And it terrified me this morning you. Nothing each blood dawn like that at 2:30 in the morning. Goodness gracious. Aren't we persevere we move on its. He and I remember was just like yesterday. It. Who is going to be seven umbrellas and those umbrella hats. Say that again the umbrella hat or think he's like a little slow roll an umbrella over no I haven't I haven't grown without one. All right today sports history in 1930. And I yankees general manager at the time said there'll never be contracts like it again and swords. Debris it's signed a two year deal worth a 160000. Dollars. The GA account inflation and that that's not 2.3 million dollars. That is laughed easily now in professional sports great. I think day yankees general manager was a little bit wrong but I don't think he was worth that much sentence. No I didn't say that oh no link to his general managers said there'll never be a contract in sports signed like if there was he wrong. In 1971 on the state is well worth noting Joseph Frazier had a Mohammed Ali his first career loss in 32 professional fights. Recipe selling a piece. Paul also recipes Joseph Frazier to guest stint as well. Today Nate sometimes you just gotta say Debbie TS odds Crawford who almost a mountain. Fuller face. With the Jimmy TF Wednesday give something interesting for city property did you actually work at it. Doesn't itself does what is that but when you hold on he's given produces over there. Given these same piece. There. RA also. Adrian Peterson has unveiled his favorites like his dad didn't. There's in monster that's playing football in Florida right now and he's a topple over truth. But he's never played down the ball in his life. This is an interesting story that we'll get to an organ stages in the running forum. That's that. So called Dirk Nowitzki enters rarefied air last night we'll discuss that and his legacy in a lot of Portland careless conversations today. I'm doing go wrong. The bad till certainly gets underway in Las Vegas day you're hurting Crawford's update. Noon in Stanford and Arizona State 230 the thieves make their run for the automatic bid from the pac twelve against cal. The India. And got an in on this. This year its journey back to back piercing. As early as they've ever made determined back to back years. He's Terry baker and I was in the make note the order express the realm though they made several years and TP candidate yes. Early ninety's your treatment it back to back in name is 8989. So you attack in eighty since been nearly a very late seventies and eighties and come on now. Kids in bus follow the needs at six. With and I can't be need dead and US CD thirty all of those games on the Pacific twelve network. If they have punched their ticket. Do you know ponson DNA likely get number one seed with a 7456 went. Over. Big gale and that was they are thinner and pay artists against Saint Mary's gaels to be win. He'll force me. And I'm guessing I'm just. Guessing easy someone's gonna give you a dear you see the deals why I don't know I guess. You may present religious undertone to warrant. 'cause it's Saint Mary's Catholic school and and mobsters to let's just to get well. Sorry. Hey wake up I said wake up. I gales are members of the daily grace. Which is Irish Irish case there he'll make sense the the path but so thanks some comedians. You know that's always hard. What we have here open. Now free agent tackle DJ Lugar is garnering a lot of interest from the Seahawks among several that teams in the in the cold saints which would be. A homecoming for him cardinals falcons and giants as serious suitors seems obvious that but they're saying. That the former first round pick as the deadly it is top five pick Flickr. Could be of great fifth with Tom Cable in Seattle and may be willing to go there for little discount. So there's a building you're gonna see all more veterans and today's era there because the money was so good earlier in their careers and down. Policy it's just about ring chasing. You see some guys thinking less and less money too young good teams and more valuable than another yeah. This serious suitor but for a hot top level offense linemen Seattle as on this center titans senator French Wenger. Do it they're saying it's basically coming down to the titans resigning him. And a team like Seattle because he wants to go somewhere where he can win it but that is the first two names that came out involving Seattle were around that offensive line. Yeah. And it does not test this is rock and roll waves barely keeping them out and do leg. 600 what goes ten or oh my god it's early wake up. All right let's go to the race for the eight spots. In the western conference of the NBA's standings all right yeah. Class that the mavericks there in that hunt their take on the lakers they won 120 T. Jones won eleven. And they keep pace with Portland trailblazers after the blazers winds of one point 61 when he wanted to know Casey blazers now with fairway and our half game back. Beat Denver Nuggets. For the eighth and final playoff spot. Dallas sitting T games back of Denver. And class a half game back of Portland loss column so. That is very stand those are the only two teams in the playoff contention eat with games last night so the Portland trailblazers. There and it man. There and it innate don't win last night time as a milestone the meltdowns that we've become accustomed to you are they fleeting. 55305. That is the tax on this is testing came on the fan. So effective wizard. Play through their diversity of the game. Give behind due to leave anytime day can do to grind it out. I think it's in a lot of clubs or we aren't doing in the moment right now. And Damian Miller careless point guards on the blazers won 26. So once when he won victory. Last night in Oklahoma City. Blazers keep pace half game back of the Denver Nuggets for the eighth and final playoff spot with that when. My goodness cam more G kind of waiting for that not bound to happen now become accustomed to you over the and course of 61. Games now season with the Portland trailblazers. I was not. Why is not why I was taking a different stance. That was taken a different point of view. I saw on energy I saw something different. The zoo waiting for something to fall apart mentality was not in my thought process last night because I did not see from the start. I saw something different now. I was I had I had faith that this team was going to win it I have to be honest with you over 61 games how many times increasing the blazers with leads. Not a single digit I wrong with feeling dominated by double digit leads in sitting there and going. And that but with three and a half minute mark going whoa boy here we go again and here we go again with you saw the dusty race that ranges Whittle it down quickly is a one point game I want to Obama lemon you go all right. Is this kid is this gonna happen again there it turnovers again an issue for Portland throughout the course of the game. As they had seven in the first half may end up only with eleven but with what we've seen over this blazers team. This season is that's when the turnovers really start to happen is early in the game first half was and then those closing minutes is when it happened. For the seem a whole heck of a lot of times and the fact that Oklahoma City had dropped forty in the first corner you're sitting there near I libelous and they're going. I'll man are they an eleven turn it on again are the eleven turn on again but. It they showed some resilience last night and it didn't happen is no way that everybody. Had said seen throughout the course of the CY saw. Double things from the thunder Brooks and Oklahoma City it Russell's. That they're pretty one sided in that and they have wind when Russell Westbrook leaves the lineup. It's a volatile lineup with limited scoring in the blazers took advantage of those times he now was limited when he did step out they didn't. Oklahoma City kind of did something that was in the fourth quarter of him to bring him in eventually gonna bring him in the give my the Eagles a four minute rest and that fourth quarter. And yes and yes everybody that was watching that game I guarantee you. We're going oh my gosh. Here you go again you give up a couple easy to the baskets and as he is a few fouls but there was a change at the end of the game what. Roberson hit a three. Yet in that time new bag and never and he can hit the broadside of a barn he's terrible shooter and those are the things that in those things ought to happen to Portland this year but they showed backbone in there when they got you mentioned. Westbrook you what is amazing in it really grinds my gears. Is that. I I went on Twitter this morning. And it was it was the national writers talked about it last night right after the game US Sports Illustrated treated out this morning that. 4:45 AM. Russell less spread drops a career high 58 points. In a loss to the trailblazers. That is the conversation. Is that. Russell Westbrook went off against the blazers 45 let last Thursday and 58. But guess what they lost couple of those games right they lost both of those games it doesn't now and that is now becoming like the story of Russell west. It's no different last year okay for me it's no different than listening to the conversation of what it was last year. With James Harden in Houston. It was the exact same question every week you'd see fifty T forty UCI thirty and did you see all these great numbers. And then you'd go what's their record Obama cult. Oh they're garbage. This is exactly what Oklahoma City as you cannot you're not gonna sell me the fact that a one sided team with a guy that is an unbelievable talent to. He's the most explosive player in the NBA. But that. That when he isn't with those Oklahoma City Thunder that is not winning mentality it's not you're not gonna do that individually yeah. And if you look at how viable Kevin Durant analysts that of course you know how valuable undeniable guy there actually is. And because he was asked egg is everybody is asking what about our us less fifty points did you point it doesn't matter lost about fifty points and her kitsch. You hit it right on the head. I mean I'm happy and us who have the second halves. Close I don't know where I was the first have been on this book coming out period we get a win and so much corn for us who we wanna be amazed because. And that I'm now I'm a west and it's our game so I mean. When you see the we see the stats and Rezko athletics sixty whatever I mean I give him maybe if we still go away so. I mean. I was but what he'd do Booth I'm I'm happy for my team we go to women. That's a photo with the math for you are nervous about receive Meyer slowly being futures. Think it's Sumitomo scored the when you're related team. Will let my goodness wouldn't let him drop eighty thugs you still land did you hear that last statement. It's so important to win is a team Rahal up when you look at the stat line of with the blazers put up last night. How glorious that is to see. Yeah from somebody that's a fan of basketball with a fan of team sports because I love individual sports like in golf for tennis. I absolutely could do for team sports when it looks like this. Yet does in the Portland trailblazers all we were discussing the fact that we have we saw something a few nights ago that. We hadn't seen all season long which is six places in double figures if followed that up in it with five blazers in double figures now. Last night seven in the bench effort you can't underscore enough how much of that in the bench effort. Was. On was needed because. One thing that we need to get used to I think when do you sooner pitches early foul trouble because he's gotten into it in a majority since he's been a blazer. But again they played a lot of good bigs. And they had to go to the bench and when they went to the bench Meyers Leonard came and in Witten look like he was plain. With a little bit of a chip on his shoulder. Which is something new for Myers he was physical on the defense event them and then instead of passing up a three in just passing in into the corner. Early in the game you passed up to three and then yet she drove and hit a fadeaway jumper era in your sin they are going well that's neo. That's something different you know and he ended up with twelve points Al farouq Aminu does his thing a very efficient night five or six agree our defense and then Al well. Pelosi on defense closing a couple of blocks the length immune. And then you have Allen Crabbe. Who decided. He was going to be the Allen Crabbe that sunny seventy million dollar contract here I think three's fault fadeaway 23 point seven of ten from the field vehicle that you had three guys in double figures off the bench in four of your five starters including. No Obama I. In double figures on the offense that something that this team just hasn't. Hasn't. Had there was this a matchup thing that that worked out perfectly for the trailblazers because you see the thunder in what they do is they stand around and watch. Russell Westbrook that that's kind of their offensive scheme. Stand around watch this guy work now defunct with the blazers did is they played ultimate team basketball and it in when you have that kind of balance. It will always outweighed the individual heavy side of that one player that Oklahoma City had. I thought this was a telltale sign to remember we talked about it earlier couple weeks or two weeks ago right before the all star break we're gonna know what kind of team this is. And how use of markets is gonna affect the team moving forward and what it's gonna do for the confidence of the seem even coach Stotts said that. We have a different mentality after the all star break all of course. Well in Damian Miller said it may not. Right he said you can take that most anyways he said I need to man up and we're just and a man that we are gonna man that's just what it comes down to. We knew it this over the court pre all star break if you were to look at for the five blazers plus minus being in the negative that is a loss. Report. I CJ McCollum was plus seven every single other blazer in the starting lineup was minus. And the bench bailed them out and that is. That is a lot to do with confidence in its kind of transitioning the way they hear years offensive flow it. I think it's simplified dusty I think there's I think something even though. Have an Evan Turner now is is it's not it's not great I mean Ed Davis is out it's it's not great. What it has done is it's made it really specific. For what this rotation is. What rules these guys are gonna play everything becomes tighter becomes easier if if if rotations change if there's constant variants and everybody has. There there's no there's no comfortable feeling even though we know what Allen Crabbe can do even know you know what Meyers Leonard is done in the past. Some mean works when it becomes simple. Yeah the the interesting part about that is that they're playing nine. They're playing nine weird usually. Terry Stotts feels more comfortable eight right that's what he wants to be if they'd played nine guys and in double figure minutes. And that is something they go. Ha well I think ways is going to be I don't see this should bass one now holding out because that all he does this come in and take the pressure up the dame to let him play the two position. I think that would just fits in for some reason that's huge though you're in the United States and I'll tell you that I and that does have holding power in nineteen because this thing you look at. We Damian Miller always haven't had the ball as he and it was Evan Turner was brought in because maybe now you can have but that's what anybody before with the game with the ball out of his hand. And now you have a a legit true point guard. Who can bring the ball as opposed to you Evan Turner who is skilled in handling the ball but. We Damien mountain Eads doesn't hold a candle. Two true point guard in which Napier is not a score but he is that your point Garnett cents. Serbia remains to be seen what is more valuable David because even when we talked about it when. Evan Turner brought the ball up it blew it took pressure off and the goals to take pressure off the dame so we can save himself a little bit on offense. And be able to translate to defense and both guys to mean there's no change if it's an a appearance Evan Turner in my opinion bringing the ball court. Yeah in my opinion you now are in their hour re also one side because one guy's it can defend multiple positions the other guy cannot defend. One guy has little bit better ball handling skills and is a better distributor but Evan Turner is a better overall basketball player so I think the pros and cons and at a point now. I'm looking at somebody takes the pressure off the deep so he can be more efficient on the office. That that's right go back to you were saying about simplifying things. Because Evan Turner still. A midrange. He's gonna wanna score there and create for himself and when you have Napier who isn't that player I mean he's not afraid to shoot. Don't give Iraq but. Tom when you have a guy like Napier who's the offense isn't going to be tried to be run through him I think that helps out a lot with this with the way this team I like 67 guy that can defend a lap and that does that's that's who doesn't. I hit it I gives meal with more confidence. Absolutely but you can play him at a natural position of and and he can be more effective in that regard that we forget about CJ in his ability to so there's there's auctions could have options are nobody's forget about C did. Nobody forget about him they would that blaze is when now there's a lot of people actually lamenting it. Make the case tank did it get the eight seat. Is Crawford a sports. Widespread texting. That's a message of what number. Two or. Niner five. Six I can't hear you drilling off and it isn't here I'm here in there we've gone from a lot like our team. Those cordless techsters now it's 5530. Sly message and data rates may apply to just play my number and anyway you can go we're desperate. This is sexual relations on the show good likes to read. Overtaxed. Does stand jam in the morning on 1082 brain of that person actually say that all its. 55305. It's amazing after the blazers. Win 126 went when he won in Oklahoma City on the road and. That. There are a lot of the fan base was. Body skirted out they're gonna go n.'s stirred up wire they winning right now losses are better there's still a lot of people on on board with tanking. And not some board is taking wanting the big tank on. In that said that's a big part of that the blazers fan base right now is to get. Get a higher draft pick to bolster this roster right. It is the case for tanking in making the case for making me it's. Well for me I I have to you have to ask the question of where where your mindset or. Where the logical mindset is of what this team in what you do and how you compete in what what these blazer players. Are trying to do week in and week out in India day in day in day out and get it out eventually. We read you something that I I got from Twitter last night. And I wanna know if this is a mentality that just creeps in. To a lot of people's minds because it's easy man I hope we don't look back on this. And regret it by the way this is after beating a team that's ahead of you in the playoffs in one of the best players in the NBA is the first thing out of Iraq. Getting swept in the first round is going to suck. This was after this is comments. This is a thought process immediately after game. That was in my mind one of the best games of the year. In Seoul the weeks. That changes back and forth and power one's emotions flips with this team from the team or talk about how do we get into the first five picks you're not getting into the first five picks. You're not getting into the first ten picks at this point. For me in what I watch pro athletes and I expect my team to be considered one of the best sixteen. In the NBA is an honor and it's it's absolutely an opportunity do you take advantage of every single time you go on that court. Never once you're gonna convince me that not getting into the playoffs is valuable and I understand year. I I understand that. Outlook on it but I also look at it and say if you're one of the top sixteens the sixteen teams in in the NBA and you make the playoffs. Theoretically and the blazers would be still in need bottom half of the NBA. They looted there's only thirty teams in the NBA. They're sixteen teams and make the playoffs. You could still be in the bottom half of the NBA. And make the playoffs and now with that how do you become a top fourteen. How do you go in back to back years she had to fit best record in the Western Conference. And then EU. Give a bunch of long term extensions so what is happening with displays of rosters. You're stuck in the salary caps and even if you wanted to go out in this offseason and go and get a free agent. You're stuck. With the his salary cap situation a year at C don't have a lot of lot of money to get how do you get better. If your stock in that middle of the road in your in the back half of the NBA. You do to the draft right so I understand that thought process but I also look at it. You have professional athletes in this is what I'm Lewis at fancy you should look at the losses. If they were to come and go south the worst thing in the world. If those losses happen because you can you would be moving up in it in that draft. But these are professional athletes that are trying to win games and at no point should you tell them don't try and win games. You could tell when every one. But that's why you're sitting in match here at home on your couch tweeting that and that's why they are sitting. In their chair. Plane at the highest low in in there's a separation of mentality the other thing is as US how'd you get better how do you get better how to how to hunt all of us get better. In our jobs looks let's use this job for example we hear about wraps write them on air time. Using your verbiage. How to professional athletes and how to players like the blazers get better wraps experience. Battle testing in playoffs. OK wait wait a minute what happens when Kevin jury it's me goes out what happens when Andrew Bogut blows and breaks his leg. What happens in the first round. LaMarcus Aldridge gets hurt. You don't know you're not you're there's no reality reality is is I take what's right in front mean. I take that opportunity in front of me and I control that because that's all I can I'm guaranteed as a pro athlete. When you start thinking about things that you can't control in the future. About wishing and hoping and tanking of things that are in the future that are uncontrollable and unrealistic. That is that is a fan boy that is it realistic unrealistic mentality that turns into apathy don't vote green in wishing for things that never. And upcoming K. Is there more and isn't this roster and pretty long though with the exception of you sit her pitch. On what these guys are I mean it's not a bunch of young bucks that haven't been in the playoffs before what are what are we look big there's a bunch of veterans where. We know what they can do you we've seen them not just in the NBA but in Portland. Her with the exception of and Evan Turner multiple years. And we've seen them in large part in the post season. Right and if you sit it down I think what a lot of led detain people are saying is if you're gonna go up and I should be noted again I'm not on eighteen tank. Because he'd shouldn't tell professional athletes as they didn't win beyond any team you want but. If you're gonna if you're sitting there and there's all of these know owns. Isn't that more of the known then beat top fire a top five pick. I don't know I have a little bit of a disagreement with that because that we really don't know in the last three years of being in the playoffs. I have not seen the same team in the playoffs I've seen the same Golden State team added pieces and added parts around it. I've seen the same Cleveland team with LeBron in the same pieces that have been out around it. What I seen in the last three seasons is the only people that are consistent on this roster right now mundane. Kate's been CJ emerging use the word it last year was Mason pummeling okay before it was LaMarcus Alderson Wesley Matthews. This team has never had the exact corps for 23 years in a row where I go that's the group that's fighting together that's why it's hard in the MBA to do it. In the great teams like San Antonio like the clippers are considered a great team because they have the same consistent group that's with them. For the last. You what 45 years is there blazer team has been different every single year. And it's gonna be different this year because you sit Dirk it's it's changed the way the team is playing now so it's not the same teams the last three years. Win in a class here's. Is this date is this eighteen that not only wins a playoff series this year can contend in the western conference for Western Conference title. 55305. Is I think that that is what a lot of the people are saying. And a lot of really good Tex coming in here. On the tax and you just allow the skull final three to five votes and eighty this is dusting camp. This is dusty and jam in the morning on 1080 it's around. My country's your five. Yeah on the same training in the interest. No I did text messages coming through your card day. I think there are some really good ones yeah I think third I I I really do. You know this is day. This is Politico where Jessica. It's crazy that just doubly so we're talking about. While we're gonna do next season in now since the blazers. Since the fever markets here has come now are talking playoffs why it's. Donald Denny Green on her give more on chaos. And if that is it it's amazing Howell the trade deadline helped Portland because until a couple weeks ago. Member is sending Mason plumb lane who. Was playing more had better numbers they're used an orchid to his. Considered a malcontent. In Denver who had mailed it and didn't care was a poor free throw shooter he only had really one dimension to his game. And why wasn't it a great defender he was just a good rim protector and their body. Well he's come to Portland and boy that guy is so much more you know has been on in May easing right now. On US the right you know what was your question that you went into the break with does this team. Win a playoff series record it is they Western Conference contender the way it is constructed Wragge. Who can answer the question. Can everybody feel confident that they are they are within our Brent. The blazes Arnett contender. For the title this season connect. Now having said I've personally look at this team I think there are a lot better than their record shows an NB severely underperformed in the first half of the season next year I think with this. Roster constructed the waited wade is could be a lot better out of here's my reason for not tanking is just the inconsistency of the NBA draft and the guy needs you pointed out Danny fan base more so like any very. Though the blazers they MA should he know how inconsistent the NBA draft is in terms of what your getting houses looking at symbol NBA draft like for example 2003 right this is one of the great. NBA drafts of the last fifteen years LeBron James Carmelo Anthony Chris Bosh Dwyane Wade. You still have in the top ten Darko Milicic. Kirk Hinrich Jarvis Hayes like you know what I'm so even a jam with draft a sure fire talent. You're not guaranteed to make the right take the guys should know that. That's why team tainted is on this because its top five. Is usually where it is loaded in it in a drought that's supposed to supposed to be supposedly this that it's been in over a decade. Then you get in the captured after tops cotton but this team won't be playing for top five. Throughout it's over you're not getting a tough fight pick. Now this taxes go for. Looks like they got there senator the hardest it to Phil played assets to get a top pick top tier four or three and that is it demean the blazers and that's the hard part to you for. A lot of fans as. They are close. Because the senator is the one deserve has been looking for and I need a small forward. Power forward right in small forward to lesser extent because you have more heartless and offer comedian who were forced to play a 40 in long stretches because you don't have a legitimate power forward. In a year really in one piece away from being that contending team Britain in being a top fourteen. And that's where that's where it relies with a lot of the. Yeah I dishonest attack yeah I think the questions is is very easy to answer I think you you asked the team to with the pieces they have. You asked him to give every. Ounce of energy every ounce of fight they have. Week in and week out in the game. Yes I don't then there's there's just it's very hard it's hard to be a former after your hard to be competitor. And tell yourself mentally that I mean to give up. You know it's easy to do if you're not out there it's very easy to do. It's also easy mentality to jump on the training you're going to when you're gonna get something in the NBA draft when is when is the surest thing in the NBA draft. Ever happened or worked out in it well the sure thing the blazers. For the blazers. Now the sure thing is LeBron James Michael Jordan. Magic Johnson. Over time history ME Kevin Garnett but he meaning get Italy went to the Celtics tell me the sure thing that you're hoping for. Well in one thing that people do leaders are relying on is that you do have a general manager who is ended talent evaluation scouting department that have been really good in the draft. They've been very good in the draft since Nielsen took over. And you look at dead bear history in their track record. In evaluating talent and putting pieces together remember last year is 26 when team in Vegas right. Invade that team was not they're good at violating town putting pieces together. In so they sit there and they say well. That team tank is like hey if if they're good. In you have peace is where you're not that far off. This is you're not that far away but distances. You know three in their blaze is only three games away from being the second worst team in the Western Conference heavy tank it could possibly get a top five pick. And I hate losing. With that said. Here's a thing at the trade deadline the blazers got better. They'd gotten better then the pelicans are now. Then the kings are right now. Then the timberwolves were before the trade deadline so that three game discrepancy the blazers have gotten better at those teams did not even with DeMarcus Cousins going in Orleans look at the way they've they've played lately. The foreign six over the last ten. They I think they've won one game since the darkest cousins and both. We got team is gonna be guaranteed exceed. Minimum did there are no guarantees in the NBA and is not a does like. Every dry even top NBA drafts with loaded tell are still crap shoots you look at 2005. In your boat because number one. Marvin Williams does number two and then as steroids in Chris Paul now. There's a lot of talent and that help for you still make his team's still picked the wrong I know. No reason why people buy lottery tickets covered religious do you think that your always get it's that they dangled a carrot out there that you think you think you think. Instead of just actually appreciate what it is in the moment but what you have now I think the blazers are. One of the better teams right now plane right now consistently with the pieces they have in place. Does that MBA in you can become made top fourteen. In the Lester I sent bonus that is as their plane one of them they're playing good basketball. They feel and I feel like they have look apiece now that's a bona fide third option that they have never had in finishing in the last. For five minutes of the fourth quarter. If you sit there and you look at this and what how how this team gets better though that is where the tankers have. 88 cases where do they get better with no room in the salary cap in. In just a way to win anywhere other black comic book isn't that go in and not wait I just the sound of it is is disgusting to me. The word tank and even thought I don't know but but indeed the question still remains giving out as it is to build on his destiny but hold on how does this team become a Western Conference contender. He nodded yeah I'm not in that chair in the US whose questioner asking. Pull another that is the that is then that is the reason why people say to answer the question well and I tell me why aren't you tell it to me did that is why people want this team. To losing get a top five pick again that's the reasoning behind it. I say you don't lose games on purpose he never should sit there and say we're gonna mail it in and in try to get a top five and don't give the takers get credit that's hiatus but they'd but what they want is they want to you get into the top five. To get that piece at their miss. Whether that is may be and isn't even a starting. Peace it is a bench piece that adds stability to your bench in that is what they want I understand beat the idea behind it. But as Crawford said as you said there's no guarantees in the NBA draft net no matter is this is the top. Dead best job that we had in a decade. And both sides of this the funny part about this argument both sides want. The blazers who become a Western Conference contending team right that takes that is going how in the world do you get there if you need dudes right. In you have no salary cap room to won't work with and it's been dang near impossible lure free agent here. Yeah I think personally he said about consistency in content duty before the all adding Kevin Durant thing which I'm very rare deal the Golden State Warriors built 30. Keeping their draft picks. That they had a you know from years ago exemplary I think clay and then building little pieces and adding I got a mostly turn on ray would doll order Andrew Bogut. Building through little veteran moves not to take gain ever getting a huge draft pick as you saw your core right exact courtesy call on you the spurs. I know the clippers flame on the playoffs for the does not matter to your right it's a formula for getting in that upper Echelon how many give. I'm gonna give Crawford the thumbs up on on something he said is the consistency. The consistency. No you don't need you mean look I I've said this of the team and only got paid some of the complacency was there. But now they started to realize is that Heyman week we have something good I gotta give you -- credit also know he tried to pay the core because if you keep a core. That will start to you'll start to form around it I mean that you have to have something. Now you can meet the the Sacramento you can either look at those teams you can look at that garbage that's down there. How's that tanking working out for them right how was it working. No core like no core zero consistency the one consistent thing they had they trick it if so that's really what you're asking for and saw I just play. I have this I admire what the blazers are doing and trying to keep and pay because you do understand that they're in their lane right. They're not gonna get great free agents and I have to pay the court. And what they do you have these the court they have 31 round picks. And maybe you can trade up baiting get in the conversation now it's it's tough but regardless of where you are. On either side of these conversations. Getting the blazers to a top four in the Western Conference is gonna be tough when he moved whether you wanna do it taking to the draft and go through that crapshoot of not knowing. But you do have a good GM we strap has good draft history in a good scouting department that has proven themselves. That's gonna be a crapshoot. If you wanna build on on continuity in you still have holes in your roster your salary cap strapped in you need to either lure free agent on the cheap. Or negotiated trade where indeed the other team's going to be going we're making one team a heck of a lot better that's going to be really tough to that's that that's the that is the part about this conversation nobody talks about is that either way. It's going to be ridiculously hard in its going to be a crapshoot. It's going to be it's going to be very tough either way to get to who doubt Western Conference championship and the west finals. 55305. Free agency has started at a crawl in the NFL one big push could become in west very soon is a game changer on the this is testing can't.