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Dusty and Cam - 3.8.17 - Hour 2

Mar 8, 2017|

Adrian Peterson's destination, Dirk joins the 30k club, and an Australian football monster.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

They solicited to. 45 minutes of your life I've promised. Doing the right thing since 1952. This is Dustin jam in the morning. Says here to take two for results. That's Dinara. Gets your blood can rest. And Jim Cleveland home downgraded soccer soccer Dustin jam in the morning on 1080. Oh yeah. Our ranks. 704 on human. Though Wednesday morning commute. Apparently rain all day. He uses it. I mean like that the next couple of days to. Creates is he did in the NFL the non tampering. Portion of the program and did it did not start with a flurry of moves but we finally got 1 this morning. A slow crawl the free agency to begin with but it appears that the first big fish has found a new pond and it's not that far away. It's actually he just may be. Went to the other side of the pond. As. Jets receiver Brandon Marshall is now a New York Giants. That's a big pick up in free agency for the New York Giants you're losing Victor Cruz but it add a guy and Brandon Marshall. To join sterling Shepperd in a Dell back in junior as Eli Manning's targets. Yes tonight's quality bigger for the giants and it's it's really nice for all Brennan Marshall does not find any place to live do so who's got a closer commute potentially. This is just like. Well there are other big receivers are really good that the giants and the finding in free agency. We relate that to anybody. Big receivers that they picked up in free agency to remember assert exco Burris Gaza setting you up as you're the one to remembers pushing his catch and shoot I know. This is just another great option for Eli Manning. It's it's going from dysfunctional franchise. To a really successful franchise to a playoff franchise. That is a really good they're on the cusp of the of being dominant again yeah it dysfunction and that's such a polite way to you. What that's what the jets are thought about the jets yesterday I mean obviously you're dysfunction has its. They're not the model of dysfunction that would be more towards Cleveland the jets are more in that that we pay a lot of money for guys that are. Gonna be good yet they just don't turn out to be at a discount furniture store they're always out a fire sale right. The price they are always pulling for that one year that's kind of what the jets feel like it's this is argue. OK that's enough to bring New York I feel like it is big city load of for one year yet. If you look at it though. Brandon marshall's deal two years twelve million dollars six million dollars a year here. That's actually reasonable. That's very reasonable for one aging veteran I think that's very reasonably have that a veteran wide receiver that you sit there and you look at with the with the numbers that. Receivers are getting right now that is for wide receivers. Kind of middle of middle of the pack upper middle attacks. Six million dollar and I really like Brandon Marshall he's a big physical wide receiver I think if you can get. Four fight catches per game out of him that's a lot that's a lot for him you can get him on the outside. Put in places be successful don't give me the ball over the middle let him catch those. Those deep comebacks know something he can move and you have O'Dell Beckham. You can't double team now Victor Cruz is hurt he's gone he's been released you have a bonafide number two. EI if you look at on Victor Cruz you get a guy who is often injured with a more pretty much the same guys go back and it's the same receiver boy and you look at Brent marsh a 32 years old he is old but. He's still very effective and if you look at veteran receivers. With contracts around a six million dollar range. He's an nagged Golden Tate Mike Wallace. Eddie Royal. In that six million dollar it's. My it has the best one of that group bright there and that's not under rookie contract so that that's could be a big win for the New York Giants. The other beaten really big freeagent go aging is Adrian Peterson. In his dad told the pioneer press saint Paul pioneer press. Yesterday. That two favorites have emerged to lay and his son in free agency and both of them reside on the West Coast. He said it if it. We're talking early favorites right now. Seattle. And Oakland are the two destinations and Ager Peterson would most likely like wanna play. This is good news both for both teams if that's if it's not going to beat Minnesota again where would he rather go would you rather go to a contender. At thirty he's 31. He's on the tail end of his career he's amazing that he still. A viable rusher at 31 but there's not a lot of guys out there that I look at it his age and go man he can still give you. Fifteen to eighteen right in there and those Carrey's he could be a 12 back for you somewhere and he's not an every down back you're asking him to get screen passes. Your ass seemed to give you. 1518 carries he might give you 75 occasionally touched a hundred. That is a quality back. In so here's the part that he should be done they the brightest spot for any team that is planning and he seems like he gets. Right it is a bit three teams that have been rumored and New England has been rumored he was a mention by his father as one of the favorites but. All three Seattle Oakland New England. Adrian Peterson had is been attachment or discount. You then because the guy wants to win he knows he's getting old and he knows that cashing in on the big payday is sprawling NB with a bad team a lot. Teams will do this when their bad franchises what you'll do is you'll overpaid. An old name to put butts in the seats to sell tickets and get notoriety that's what a lot of bad teams will do a lot of bad teams. Who try to use that and say look who were trying to make an effort were bringing in a written on the hunt. What a good free agent realizes is that it's not just about the money Lleyton your career it is about getting the opportunity to win the championship. And if you're gonna go to a franchise that is on the cusp or actually. Has potential Seahawks are in their window their core is EG they know they have let's be honest. Maybe three years left with bad defensive corps maybe yeah well. In you don't mind me asking Earl on the Earl Thomas is held how's he recovered apparently at that recovery is going well not work apparently I saw him on the treadmill he's running right thumb on the treadmill. So yeah if your Peters is what I thought if you're asking me the word why go if you pay if BP is is picking between. I like the Seahawks scenario where garlic Oakland scenario. And for me I would say he would have more success behind Oakland offensive line do we have a better chance of getting deeper into the playoffs. With the Seahawks there it beat the AFC is if he did that AFC west isn't news of balk at tougher on religion. Yeah and in more. Top heavy teams who just got to go not just through DS US young to go through new England and Pittsburg Kansas City. Eight bull can sitting your own division is just to get. Right it just to get to the Super Bowl. One thing though Tom Paula Cerro USA today reported early this morning that. He's talked to people within the Seahawks organization. That is they wait for veterans. Day wait certain nights a thirty year old 282728. To thirty year old veterans. They wait on that so they haven't even kind of gotten into that talk of do we go after Adrian Peterson. The positive for CI fans is that. Then that means it's Ager Peterson wanted to go there yeah right sure sell with only 24. Point three million dollars to spend in free agency this year got to reach you deal they have been updated the Seahawks have been linked to UDJ flicker who was cut yesterday. Also. Tightened senator Brian Shuang care. Who they say is he's coming up on his in his rookie deals expired. They say that he could be in for a pay day. If he doesn't wanna go to place like Seattle where you work under Tom Cable and you have a great quarterback in really. Our offensive line away right so they can bolster their offense lining get eighty MPAA indeed Adrian Peterson's. There should be a lot of optimism in Seattle. Yeah I don't know how well the CR trivial to bolster their offensive line quickly I think that they're gonna have to pay a few people but they're not gonna overpay their offensive lineman never half. Now and they won't overpay and they won't bring in inexpensive. Offensive linemen they won't do now but other than that I mean we've had one guy we just have a Brandon Marshall. In the year major Peterson rumors and in did two teams that he's been rumored to you haven't even reached out to him in had a conversation with him yet. Free agency this this tapering to this legal team bring period now. Is been really slow. It's been really solid easy come on guys it was easy ten heard. I think who's a tied in for Arizona that sign a long term deal but he was already under under contract has since he wanted an extension. There hasn't been a big name that's that's come off the board Brandon Marshall first one yeah. And I think the lead to was very specific and we've heard that guys were really close last year that to the tampering lined the there was communication. The league set out something. Fame was really specific on. OK guys. Don't mess around with this that with this line for reals these this time. Yes I think people and I think in general managers I think agents followed through with that yeah out of fear in you and you mentioned tendering. That is. Reese is basically restricted free agency were you put a draft of the rounds on a guy right based on your round I think the first round tender right now averages three point. I think it's. Report six million dollars is the first round tendered the second round tender summer around two and then third and fourth in keeps going based on your round. So you have first try to refusal. Yeah you go out and get another contract. Absolutely go under another contract the team has an opportunity to match it in in if they don't out of the team has to give you that Brown's pick so you get their first round tighten. India or their fourth round pick or their fifth round and whatever the tenders but it doesn't have to be legal proof does have to be illegal proofed. Or did you take some Jewish club in deal like Santander. No assign him now none of the day goes on where your draft policy has to match the guys you were drafted absolutely. They get. Well imperfect. That's a good explanation of it all iso free agency gonna take up Brandon Marshall the first. Name to fall he's going to be near giants two years. And twelve million dollars. For him rarefied air reached last night and it really makes you think about how players are perceived. It is 715 on the fan. This is just didn't jam in the morning on 1080 Sam. About loans. For the first time and a long time. I look you know not really not much you know. Tomorrow. Uses those who do off and thirst there's got to work. Dirk Nowitzki but byte man. I did see that from Derek I thought the German would be more of name. Maybe half guy maybe seven kicker are you serious outside and here I mean like it will yes Germany mean. I've never been a turnover fest I've never been to Germany all of the good German beer you don't have to go to Germany to know that they're known for her beer I know there are no heavier. What's garnered big in no that's that's it in India there's not German its its. Is an insult Americans nominal is that Austrian. If they're warmer than you company right sure. OK now let's look. They don't Budweiser. I'm Melissa Riley old beer is coming from Germany I'm just surprised that Dirk is a Bob Mike I do like the bigs that things. You got me and I to saint Pauli girl outfits the Leos and admit later holes and gaga. There's some like you got a rules Mormon and later doesn't him. Yup I'll maybe. But Dirk Nowitzki he's drinking bud lights is he entered the 30000 point club last night. Now. You only needed to when he to get there so we should have known this is coming. But the fact that he enters a club that is so rare. Know his name just doesn't seem like it fits in with fig and the guys that are almost within our Kareem Abdul Jabbar. Karl Malone Kobe Bryant Michael Jordan Wilt Chamberlain. Dirk Nowitzki. White is defense. What he'd just because Dirk Nowitzki. Has been a guy that he's won an MVP. He's won an NBA title. More than what Carl will will Karl Malone won an MVP you know when an NBA title. But tried to. If you used an aircraft during the lakers. Along with the glove here but if you look at those guys those five on that list are considered. Five of the best players to ever play in India there now are they. Of those five you put them in the top ten top fifteen players in NBA history and Dirk Nowitzki. Has scored at an unbelievable rate has had an incredible long jeopardy is been a dominant player now but he's never been in that conversation as one of the top ten or fifteen. NBA players of all I don't know. I agree with that I think that Dirk Nowitzki is done something he's eight he and Mike he's the greatest European player that's ever played. I think that that is very fair and don't just think not be even a question what is it now see if you're the greatest European player that's ever played in the MBA. That puts you in in a ranking as a world or were so caught up in the rankings. In the in the it's sometimes it's a fun conversation because everybody could take who's the greatest who's the hero Michael Jordan Yuri and Yuri magic guy or you're LeBron guy. You're never gonna get anybody to agree but what we can agrees that he's entered into a group. That is the greatest ever because to be able to score in his level with his long Devin he and his talent. It deserves. Just credit and it deserves adoration because that does the guys don't grow on trees like that. You don't just you know just how bad talent walking around the NBA he's done it for years. And he needs in he needs to get I it's amazing that he doesn't get the credit that those other guys got over their career. You know it was Jimmy Duncan what is this is what it is is it because he was European bait it wasn't your it wasn't Tim Duncan asked because. He also he doesn't get credit for for being is great in dominant as he has been but he also doesn't get bashed for. Raising a generation seven footers you think he can shoot three pointers in him because and he had a sixty unique skill set is that people wanted to be Dirk man everybody did at any any Harrison it's ruined a lot of seven -- did you tried they well does it I can not countries but they're not Dirk Nowitzki so his skill set was undervalued. But his his impact on the game of basketball moving forward has been huge. I think all those guys you named that are 30000 point scores all have a really unique something unique about Dennis that stands out as a player like Kareem. We talked yesterday disguise not will was just so physically dominant played so we you know so many seasons and ball law and Derek. The way he shoots in his game can't be replicated yeah ECU whenever there's a tall foreign guy either in the draft during college. He you'll who likes to shoot you almost always. Compared to matter to me is the ultimate. I guess. What is the ultimate sign of respect is when everybody compares that guy to one person because every shooter that's a seven footer will now be sit well. He cookie cutter might be dare. That's what that's exactly a sign of somebody that's a goat or an all time. Only if they're right though because that's stupid comparisons is white seven footer like dirt area might have been in this guy Meyers Leonard. It is Mike has widened seven foot and the matters is very big your big he's editor Kevin Durant I have a grant der shorter Dirk Dirk inch in zephyr. But. A little bit more. More explosive slippery. To Nokia three Boleyn but Dirk Nowitzki mail and we disgusted about his his leg up fadeaway jumper now. He had that move right in the L Crawford says every one of these guys on this list is had something that. Has been hired defining move there is something unique about their game. That shot she'd go down in history as something that players should try and emulate yet racing the leg up. Rivers also does he shoots with an incredible work. Incredible. Yeah. Yes not you know dean's team shoots on an angle that's a very sharp angle sodas stepped cores that are shooter. I guess I would say this certain certain shooters certain styles he is he is incredible. With this from the ability to keep the ball on the air for so long in and goes in. Yeah and greater command I'm got a he's like under under its. I'm remembering how today in last night remembering. How much I'm gonna miss him like out of the league how he's a cool players a fun player to watch C like all around Julian good dude it. Stayed with one team which is you know that's rare lower young adult thing is dirt so awesome man it's like it's like I feel like I just wants an old movie. And seen along Tamil like oh yeah that is ornament they are films. And we see him grow into an awkward European kid trying. To fit in in America very strange hair having bud lights to having Bud Light or rings the state of Texas has americanized Dirk Nowitzki get more so than anybody would've ever imagined zeal weren't terribly due to be solo shot and he you haven't seen the awkward are. Our own oh thanks marquee event of low light tight ass and washed jeans yeah it was a mark Cuban's group gearing cellmark can really see dad jeans and he's rope being who Nash and dirt they both of bleach in their hair dad jeans. You know and edgy I know and mom jeans are never heard that term debt genes are gonna tell you don't know what they are you might be wearing them. That's action but on richer but help me out knowing what the heck dad jeans and his debts you know our. You can't be specific you gotta tell there's no Mike I know the genes mullah Abdul is high wasted and their bag he and they make you look like you're wearing and their trendy now you're okay not with a tight we're talking a baggy mom Jeanne our guys might. I did you Iraq beyond genes are coming back to yank. Heavy steel and annoyed dad jeans are just think signs held genes. Like Jerry Steinfeld. Like it did the genes of the of the nineties where they're kind of highway said thank you talking about their own journalists like a little too tight in the waist and up front and then a look and straight leg or drag make other great lake district they baggy orders or gap in there there are there unique tapered they're unique color of blue okay. On what's helping me you're there and elect a lighter color of blue not acid washed and that's and that is delighted the lighter colored jeans jeans non. It's a you Google a Google dad jeans to try and see if they had and urban dictionary and they don't. And they do not the GQ has an article that says for the record. Dad jeans are not cool again. So. Those people that are thinking that dead genes are trying to avoid the bad Jean's point of view so I'm trying to figure out what should I be avoiding highway since operate lay us. Yes hi there are brand that your suspect specific. About arms trying to figure out was ill and die I'd urban dictionary says jeans with a relaxed that. Pockets high on the but worn by dads too embarrassed she. I don't know Jack I know tucked whenever brand my dad wears a text him in my industry has to be tucked in yeah without a belt yes with or without with or without either or. Teacher or college I think any targets talks beard jeans shirt into jeans without a belt people are taught anything without a dull bothers to show. Shoot out in the classic fashion police and should be arrested in EE if you're going if you're going with this urban dictionary says there are typically worn by and aging men with salt pepper hair. Who are in denial that they're no longer hit and have children in drug station wagon indoor estrogen of the Crawford. SS UV now. It's been a place. Mean there was awesome though we just you know what are we how do you like have a moment of a moment silent a moment asylum moments respect loyalists to Okie genocide so stoked on Derek we've since rockets are now young guys had done this now we've done its number Johns. This case is Kirkland brand jeans I think that's entered the Kirkland Brenda Henson stylish jeans of course rap does rockets are we thought yeah this. No book Nobel woven belt. Those are the two you know you know woven belt he knows though leather woven belt small and thin did yet if you're pretty bad apple you're wearing it during Noel or woven belt and I tell you my interview people looking down right now going. When it. We will move and built in food and that's like black socks and sandals to yet does or awesome worn with dad jeans. Sox examples Adam -- this any such that famous picture of Morris agent Steve Nash and -- which I won't tweet out because it's awesome moral of the story in this segment is respect to Dirk yes for the respect it all right yeah yeah it is a New Orleans new fashion sense because he's big he's fine looking man now there's also if you Google drunk Dirk there's a lot of awesome photos. And Dirk out drunk it's just really eagle is this looks fun. After they won the let finals there's 1 AM by the swimming pool with some beautiful German woman. Why why don't we do you like. Is that the best drinking team in the NBA Mark Cuban Steve Nash and Dirk yeah solid squad I mean those guys that add to. If undergone an answer can those guys. I'd 55305. That is the tax line a lot of people Chiming in on dad jeans now. From the big hero did big Ozzie. The blue chip prospecting college football that's never played it down first discussion sports that are. This is dusty and 1080 I love. Jim Harbaugh was. Kind of mocked at times for his satellite campus to redeem and I'm last summer. Bring you an all around the United States but none camps and even went to Australia. Why don't think people are laughing anymore. As. One of the and GM's that was found. From a satellite camp in Australia put on by the university Michigan. Is a kid by the name of he is a some Mullen tong Ginn Australian kid. Who is six foot 9300. In nine. 400. Pounds. Like saying I weighed 299. Pounds well there is there's support. A moral of the story that 396 is pretty key right now barrack or this young man. And he lives in Australia. It last summer. And nobody knew about this kid nobody knew he is all about he's all the sudden now. A blessing a year later a blue chip prospect he is a kid that is regarded as one of the top offensive line prospects and not just the state of Florida where he's moved to you but the entire country as he's enrolled at the ING academy. And he is already got a scholarship offers. From several teams around the country including Alabama Arkansas Florida State Hawaii Miami Michigan. And organ state. This thing about it. He's never played a down of high school football never played a down of organized football. Wait a minute didn't you say is being easier to show that he was in the running the organ state was in the running. Because they offered him a scholarship these in the running ally now. Well the job coal in this article though I know he is they are in the run because one of the things that they talk about them he has is. Zero. Concept. Of why football is or what good programs are yeah and so here's the thing about you this kid is going into with a blank slate. In that. He will last year he showed up on campus. And I'm G academy which is the number one football power fact it's a football factory now down in Florida. And they just stopped and we're not in big. He did people and explain them what to kick off was and why the team gives the other it gives the ball back this is only for reference is rugby. Which is continuous play. In net he he knows nothing so it's that he in he is not a stand that it's all about connections with coaches movements or it could be in the running. I know. Here here's the thing. Is that I'd looked. Football I've said this before basketball when number one gays in it and how athletic Q more baseball isn't all commit fundamental sport. Football. Is the easiest sports in the world. To learn. Technique. And also to learn how to play. This is mind. Inside information into you a lot of players a lot of players. You don't need edit an exorbitant skill set to be good at football you need a couple things one is sighs well. This young man has it. For his position. Athletic ability sounds like he has that I haven't seen it yet. Talent don't know. But he's got he has gifts that are unbeknownst to all of us we haven't seen any of it. But what I do know is there if there's a really big world out there right a lot of other people outside of our country. And to be dumb enough to say that some of the people on the other outside of our borders on camp played a game of American football as good as Americans. Is ludicrous yet. And there's so much more talent in pools of talent and people Bakken play this game at a high level now in and I think it's wonderful you have satellite camps and I think this is. Were were were just seen the beginning and having foreign players wanna commend with size. And play this game and played efficiently. One thing about him that and think is you talk about globalization we talk about line minutes in mid particular. Is that he grew up as a rugby player and EU is is fine rugby player but his size people said he news are playing basketball. And so his footwork when those two sports because everybody's a ball carrier and in rugby I'm so EE eight. Apparently being the coach is it down a Diane gee who don't deal with just average high school football players it's an academy they had twenty TU FBS. Scholarship players last year on the team will this call what it is I mean it's saved it it would it's it is it is a breeding ground for were. Division one football it is Oak Hill academy in Findlay prep room of football and they're really stinking good. So what they're coach is saying though is that. You know this kid has gotten. Basketball work in he's just a blank slate and that's what's making colleges and he really just. Salivating over a and here's where the 396 is very valuable here. The strength and conditioning coach says. We may have to ordering more waits for the weight room. Because the kid is so big and so strong and that he hasn't been on a true weightlifting program they say that he will get leaner. In his playing way it will probably be around 400 pounds. As an offensive. Because muscle weighs more than fat a out certainly he has body fat percentage will go down. But. To tell didn't it. To see the untapped resource of some of these kids in some of these people that are across the country I didn't get it it specially the tong and a quorum in world Samoan right there geez they are very big people yeah they're very strong and athletic. An explosive. In some of these guys are choosing to make another opportunity in and also too you're talking about some and it's leaving his family is going out and doing something. In a moving across the world to go big chance and played americanized sports where you go. Tease my knock your 69400 pounds. Then they had what else you've built for his his pay is not had no idea. Like who's that what does it matter who serve rescission Michael Mike O'Hare DOS not only can you go to college for free beaten you paid millions of dollars to do this sure. Yeah and send them over I think it's great and that is why the satellite camps and they may be in Dade they may be terrible for here in the United States in just kind of the meat market that we know of here. But finding kids like this we're talking about this just yesterday how does NFL capitalize. And make it bigger. In Australia. Can you imagine how popular the game would be in Australia. If and if an Ozzie and that plane for like do is dear pain and I indicated they'd been rugby player came over got a couple of coffee and tea Cisco and Detroit. You sit there and in that guy. This is difference because this could be a guy that grows and look at what basketball has blown up in Australia. Because of guys like injure bogey being the number one overall pick Delaware Dover del don't Patty Mills like these guys having successes and it really all started. Luc Longley from and they saw an Ozzie. Take off past success in the NBA in Rome well I years later now you have Australia is going to be a power and the world basketball. I can use Greg Norman and in his six for golf to somebody that changed the way golf was. Wasn't it in and as Ozzie Lam from Adam Scott two guys that are are just now league golfers because it changed that we need. I think the ball's gotta grow globally I think it were were too arrogant and our own country to sit here and say it's ours we don't wanna expand. Well you need to there's so many great athletes out there in the world. They're fast they're big they're strong there's great soccer players will be unbelievable wide receivers if they wanna try something different the daughter just there's options. Well and guys like Daniel finally let. They would be good for any football team as his one of his first practices he was a guard they pulled him. In a five star defense and and that's going to Florida State. Was lifted six days 66050 lifted up. That's immediate sting story to follow his recruitment in his his season is going to be people may not know Matta now. Everybody is you be looking at this can success and where egos at the ING academy David or David Daniel finally elect. Keep it and remember that name. It could be Bowman could be dust will find out. Hey what's the worst job in sports the job that nobody wants professional coaching job that is the hardest. And no folks it is not the browns. 55305. Some 44 on the. This is dusty and jam in the morning and on 1080 you don't fail them. Paid March Madness gets under way Gonzaga punched their ticket last night. In the Debbie CC tournament march 16 and seventeenth they have met fan madness is back in this year's of the independent sports bar and grill we'll be out there. 8:30 AM to 7 PM bulls of the first two days and attorney and that their opening even earlier. For the peeps out there so dirt Spragan primetime gonna be out there to broadcasting live. Will be out there just party and drinking Beers and he gets an eighty the fan dot candidate Geraldine sales. It's my favorite day drinking and my agent of the F few Beers and dual Bader and right I'm gonna yeah are you tied it drinking. No I'm not anti danger you fire right oh absolutely yeah. You'll have rain attorney and tips these days I do. Case then I got to write back and we are slower two car IMAX I have a nice. Arnold Palmer and be very happy not re like did drinking more than nine drinking. I did do today bringing almost always guarantees night drinking as well steep bank for your buck them. Well that's. Stand madness is Friday by Baird O'Reilly auto parts Nike summit and the independent sports Fargo please join us. March 16 and seventeenth and at the independent sports bar and grill it's going to be great time mess so come on down. Let you know early were just bout. Men were little over a week away from the NCAA turn and again underway. Fun article in the Yahoo! Sports. Yesterday it's about. The job in professional sports. That nobody really wants because it may be the most difficult some call but the worst job in sports. It is. Steve Foster scared he is the pitching coach for the Colorado Rockies. I've never thought about this in my life. But Tim Brown outlines a pretty good case as to this being the most difficult job in all of sports because not only are you coach. You just as big of a psychologist as the Rockies pitching coach because here in the hardest and pitching stadium in baseball history. Why is that. Long elation Zell and I know do we. Honestly I feel sorry for the pitchers the Rockies and pitching coach yeah we do. Are you kidding me I don't feel sorry for that year sitting there in you have they I don't you're up there as. The top 1% of 1% yours in your sport you know you know the U guy you have guys on your staff. That are ultra talented right there in you know how good they aid how big good they can be. You see them when you go on the road you see then day today and you're like man is deeds got it right. But you're pitching at an elevation that. Nobody else has to do any RAs are higher than ever and with the Colorado Rockies. In your goal line did did deck is stacked against you there's nothing that you can really do to control. Can argue against that your every team that comes to busy use under the same. Same set of circumstance undoubtedly sell but they're there for three days. You are there a 162 games you're there 81 days out of the year which means that as you keep going up over time time again we talk about this at the rain. A grade every now men's all right. But when it Corzine new eighty half of your yeah your thing. Then it starts to Wear on you and that's kind of did the Iraqis are cycled through pitching coach is almost every single year because you have to become just as big of a psychologist. As as a coach well. Been a bears fan I've had to deal with this also myself and deal with the sea level mentality in the Maurice stare. At Safeco Field in the recent with the casket at home runs because. We have to move the fences in and it kicked. Just put baseball I mean at this point oh and I look at a professional coaches have to deal with the mentality of pitchers. News flash pictures a whack jobs. Pitchers are whack jobs I don't think I'm being pitch every 45 days. And they sit around play flip. They play I don't know lead their seeds and place spit baseball on the steps and have fun with the each other in the clubhouse. And you get out there he drew a couple balls mixing know your manager walks out is give me the ball you're out closer to be mental. So that's part of the game I ain't. Enjoying the mental side of baseball and the fact that these guys you draft to the Rockies and I got to throughout its got a six ERA when maybe ever three somewhere else. Part of the experience. Bob but it also. It also hinders your earning power down the road and these guys know that I think because he's and they're leaving Major League Baseball takes that into consideration. Zynga. I don't know. Known are really you know the environment is is what everybody is paid on sometimes based on in sports there's a lot of unknowns though you know and I mean him. Like in it and like blown. Is he really does this curve ball really hangers it just because the elevation and he's gets shelled if you're plated elevation all. Did your mean played football elevation yeah yes and you've queasy if you limited Shia. And when you go out of elevation. We never hear about that. Let you know I'm sandy have you if your bureau let's say you're Colorado buffalo yeah right. Searchers can use pencil fight about this. You should absolutely be 100% better shape than any team in all of cultural absolutely other than maybe air force absolute who's also involves a liar. Our writers on here yet or northern Arizona but that. But we don't care hear that conversation. You week because if I'm more fit than you thought we should be able to last longer. Yeah we do we hear that all the time I'm sure I believe when Colorado came down for to play organ the first time is like well they suck but they mourned the Blair won't. Wolf I only affect them. Yeah when does it really affected we talked about it although we talk about it with the NBA in going to use salt lay looking going to Denver is really hard to do because your elevate. That's economy need laugh when when you sit markets showed up I would do you completed Denver or even doing you run around for five minutes is like run around the debt at sea level fervor twenty minutes path. I played those levels I'm replaying in Provo and played at BYU in the coming home on Monday practice folic second. Run a marathon you need now as though the give the difference is is that here we are asking baseball players and pitchers. To be better it is the circumstances are I I try to look at it as Colorado if you get drafted there in your plane there you just gotta know you're getting to me if you're gonna give up some. Bombs at this Texas has just look at there Yuri on the road. And that's why there it that's why you sit there in they'd become so much and a psychologist. Role when unity. Rockies pitching coach. Is because rub their back you'll be okay we'll know you're shelving you just you said it had pitchers are mental and when you get shelled at home. Ye. That they used to have and say you just kind of lose it a little desk so wait a minute so you're telling that same pitcher has been less bite at elevation. Where's it just the overall sense is the ball theories did mentally you're seeing there and you're going maidan I every time I throw this pitch. And they may contact it's going over the fence okay I don't want upload run for the mental well and just contact balls go further. Because what would be in hell of a pop out. Is carrying a little bit further malls I would this goal in the infield and you know our our little flares that short supper second base thinking yet again in the gaps. And and they try to humid or thing an early Denver Emma. This may to bolster its heavier crude for the Colorado. Happier with the Mexico were condense the doesn't doesn't let them know I don't edit it down that's got to be hard gig man. There are gig being that coach this may be the worst coaching job in sports decides maybe the browns mean. You feel bad form at all ha I'm zero. Ha. Well you don't. I know empathy you don't work me for this long come on here that wanna. And I guess and I guess and non sports man. Any thing. In sports that gives you would check in it it says sports at the end of it that your involved with no. You have a distant green smile on your face at all times that it could see that it dumbest thing I've ever heard. I've just Steve Foster. More power team letting him good luck there he's embracing it though as those pitchers they go through the wringer in Colorado property as a mental problem. For dozen of the problem and we all do let's get Tina's mental problems. Sometimes you just gotta say dub the FTF. Crawford melt your brain blows your mind with the sports stuff we haven't even thought of stem ET if Wednesday on the fan.