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Dusty and Cam - 3.6.17 - Hour 3

Mar 6, 2017|

NFL Combine recap, John Ross is really fast, and the TE position in the NFL.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Thanks for listen to dusting camp podcast brought to you on the fanned by your local less Schwab tire center do the right thing since 1952. This is dusty can jam in the morning when I say sure. Slams us use our. Weather permitting. Dusty here. Check me. I almost going to battle to hold myself good daytime women's groups. Just dealing jam in the morning you know I'm Kennedy loves a woman yeah. Cam day. Maybe under Olympics going on right now in Indianapolis the final day. Of the NFL scouting Tom minds. Have you been. She watching it like I have like I've been there watching in I don't know why like organizers at home over the weekend Verizon. In my living your M -- gazing in the NFL combine was on I don't know why. I didn't know. So we find it entertaining. It is just I watched it you don't I don't why I don't have any interest in watching guys perform. Without pads on when it comes the game. It be hot hot button there's I don't think there's any other comparison really because every other sport you can actually simulate the sport. Even without a game. Football you can't. You can't simulate the sport without meaningful contact and full game and you can you can do it in practice but even when there's no pads on. Name other sports I mean I've I'm sure there's lacrosse there's other sports that have. But even in just you can't I don't know you just can't get the feel of how good a player is and sell. It's you cross the line yeah eleven on eleven. And he could see how he reacts to getting hit how he reacts it's on the pressure you know that's fantastic you can run forty yards and a straight line and I'm gonna run really fast. That's impressive I'm doing it through our feats live impressive athletic ability going to destructive that. Well there are not say it out I'm just going against now looking at it is that. For me that doesn't interest does interest what my eyes are looking forward the watching football agency some guys just. Yeah. You see some guys here like wow. That. Is an impressive athletic freak in the annual where's he been his entire college career and that's where you what to what you're talking about your like. NFL. He cede all of these guys are great athletes and their phenomenally amazing athletes and it's stuff that you can't really. Nature in a calm minor anything else that is the big separate her with these guys with that said. Man. John Ross ray and his forty was ridiculous. Ford two to. Forty by AE Washington receiver John Ross Wilkes. That is impressive looks. Q why you saying whoops well. She he had will hopes India will seek. Are you single out what is it will see where he was doing the wrong she is he was wearing the wrong and shoots well he was. He's going the right shoes according to. Rule a deal is and what their offer was the up he wore the wrong for what I think is funny and we talked about this last week B. A deed is was offering a lot of people are watching southern cheated cleats at all players are watching they're wearing yeah. If you were repair them cheated cleats then those are the indeed zero. If she is they're trying to pump through to come by and what you're doing yourself an island. And John Ross rain his record breaking forty. Wearing Nikes now I believe Chris Johnson also was a Nike athlete sell I think it's funny that. That India's goes down this right ninety breakers Johnson's record round and in wearing ideas. He really fourteen to. Do you think he does that whether or not he's wearing Nike theory because you're asking the wrong all noses John Ross is a really fast and he hit his forty like you said it we talked earlier in the show. It was flawless. He was a bemused perfect from start to finish they did this super imposing though there's now controversy today. Because NFL network superimpose them in Chris Johnson was apparently faster her. Well timed and says so don't fully automatic Thomas fourteen to use Israel as four to fork in the when you're looking at that that's. She won hundreds of the sec that's. Defer the earth look at an eyelash is it just remotely mean it's the movement of a fingernail when you moving as fast as those guys are it is it's a literally biblical DI don't. And that is the difference between those two guys. But yet he doesn't get an island GC his response to that of the geek gear it. Well he did you may care but he said that it's okay. I don't swim very well anyway is in I don't have a boat or severely and be able to get to it there pop seems so he's taken in stride and I think that. On ninety should probably give him a little bit of a bump. Just because the fact that this is making more money for Nike that he'd even sure did this in Nikes and all he had to do is where you need. Now we are really fast guy mount. Whenever now he's got to go you see watcher he's a lot of money so you watch the come by and maybe there are a lot of people out out there that things to watch the calm and what was the most impressive thing about the Columbine. Do you watch other than the John Ross. Was aired a minute member we asked to in my last time we talk about events are just activities were re watching that was actually impressive. Ability to run a straight line opened the gauntlet throwing. I saw tweets of gay marks in his dollar which of the DBs were currently watching this right down at a solar organ their run on the dollar and a net and and nothing ever was again I was mindlessly just watching it. Dissect bird. In a news noting that led that I found more interesting than the other. But you don't just watching all the guys compared to each other you it is there is the level of intrigue to it nobody's watching the local guys those are catches the they're going to go Clinton. But IDB's can't continue business rifle then move on my talent Rubin Foster got sent home now he did. The Alabama linebacker who is in projected to be one of the top. Picks in the draft annual fight within a hospital worker apparently not a physical fight verbal verbal from law education. Now Eric Winston it of the spot on part about this is that air Winston and president players' association. He was on the NFL network he said you know the number one thing that they trying did you do this weekend as they try to break you are trying to push your buttons they try to break you mentally. And Judy medical evaluations and entered the interview process that was a quote that he said. I mean literally minutes before Rubin Foster. Ends up you'd think depression is comes out ribbon fostered Alabama has been sent home after he got to a fight the verbal fight with a hospital worker because he was waiting too long. Apparently these guys are sitting in the hot in the hospital for like two hours way to minutes. Now. You even tell me somebody showed up but it doctor's office for their appointment and had to wait. Even at the NFL come on where you it's scheduled. And somebody showed up to a doctor's office had a second. Yeah but apparently this is a couple of hours. And they were communicating to anybody was going on now at this in a mom was it was a like that when you went there like it was one year old. Horrific securely in the week my agent told me specific piece of Kim what do you do whatever you what ever you do. You didn't give any neck injuries you never had anything wrong with your knees. And I said would mean said nothing to do and say it don't even mention it now this is different it's a different there there era now. Because if you mention anything you went off into this other realm of medical evaluations that two Q probably five to six hours of X train every. Every square inch your body who knows what it does to know and I'm not I'm not an up upon what X rays but the radiation whatever. From MR IX. Race all you had to do was say well I had this I had I had the stain your old we're sending different valuation. But now your medical is all released prior to your come by which I think it was at the time but sometimes guys when asked did you ever get this did you forget that. Remove Washington just got stuck in one of those things where you just get stuck in line it down. And you're gonna be pushed you're going to be prodded you're gonna be not only mentally. Pushed. Be be irritated. Yeah because all the time she should also be noted he's in a selling right now. And conductor and into work outs anyway as SCSI had shoulder surgery. In so he was already a little upset that. He knew then that's one of the things they're gonna be on board had to lift but the NFL did read in a release a statement saying. Eat well this is a miscommunication. We we were communicating with our play of the players well enough on what the expectations should be and how long they would be waiting for. And that they're kind of taking wounded the blame for this is well Andrew Foster after him and it's stream video saying I didn't do anything wrong. He actually came out release an apology and said look I see him myself better but. This is just part of the process of the come by and they wanna break you they got him to break. But the reality of it is it's not gonna affect his draft status one bit let. You're asking the wrong guy I don't know I mean I think when I watched him play he's he's the best linebacker. In all it's called footballer. He's phenomenal now the shoulders fine somebody will still certainly draft him in the first round of top ten well he definitely this has. This will not affect what teams evaluate you because in the end they won a good linebacker. You're not gonna find a guy like him just float around the draft. Not one that not one bit at all also going on today Julius Peppers is he worked I guess at the linebackers he gets the double dip of of workouts he's new facilities that now sit I'm not a safety Gibril Everest Jabil proper from the basis and now he went. You said Julie assess had an idea I think forget Jerusalem this peppers is not working 37 he said he wants went on the air he's still play it dumb he said that today. But Jibril peppers. Is working out for second in a row because. The NFL rules are really dumb in that if you were listed as a linebacker. On your college roster you have to work out with a linebacker Rick groupies that. I'm not linebacker assumes that I'm a safety. And that's probably where he's gonna he's gonna fit in in the NFL. So she gets you beyond fielder gets these guys going through that is added benefit to him kind of going you enter you all yesterday seed expectations there. Watching television d.s he's gutsy enough to do it twice it shows that he's gonna reversal he's willing to work. Work out he's not afraid second shy away from doing it but he says some safety safety mostly safety. Not surprised. Me they'll probably move him some teams will try to do it Jack Thompson was a dvd moved in the linebacker. Mean it really did the will the enemies of big man back there but he's personal. You how many teams playing nickel defense in their linebacker there nickel nickel guy is a is based what do you wanna call us slash BI would everyone called a strong say Jimmy can't she answers as big a lot of linebackers he's like he's a good deal Buchanan got the kid from Washington State in plays and their Arizona now. So it's that today. And that's pride that most comparable player to him where you know hybrid guy you made between near by a you're gonna be. Give you ten you play this audio I'd be down of the box he can do both you one thing from the come by and that was into staying. The tide in position is officially changed the big difference from years past. I factory are tied it fourteen on the fan. This is dusty and jam in the morning and understanding he loves I am. Johnson finds friends destined to be good job of Reading the contract over for pizza and it is island is a good thing John Ross didn't. Seven to Wear a deed isn't windy island. This trying to tell me there is fine print via these things yes and so number one but in the five for his you have to be wary deed is we knew that number two you. Is that the F eight must inner an endorsement agreement with the need as the for the start of the season and number three which kind of makes sense here of course. If they're buying you know island. Oh but here's the third part is that indeed as has the right to substitute the payment of an island. For a million bucks. So they don't need to give you an island if it it it's over a million dollar state does the again now here remaining. On top of that indeed is going yeah you're gonna be responsible for all of the taxes specifically including the islands and is in there. And then you have to you. Are so you have to pay the taxes after they buy the Alan. Poll in then they can terminate your endorsement agreement and any time. In the first year of the contract in the deed is here's what it says specifically. Athlete will immediately return any amounts received here under slash transfer. For the island to ideas or another third party as directed by ideas all at no cost to the so they can it's they can just saying here we're gonna send you this endorsement giving million dollars you pay taxes on the million dollars and then will fire you. And it'll cost us a penny. Done. Done so John Ross continues or Nikes and the thing is Bernanke's Smart young. We saw the tight ends working out over the weekend and you didn't watch but you were shocked as in the numbers that came out. Is this kind of the official if you when you look at tight end. Their measurements. Their forties they're verticals there hide weights is that the official indicator that the position is changed forever. I think that the position and this is just because I'm close to because of or of course I played it but it is this was my perspective when I was watched kind of the evolution of tight end and words really become and what it's become in the NFL and I know the game is changed. Don't me wrong I've been out of the game now for ten years and it's changed tremendously just on what they're asking tie ins to do and this isn't about just going old school saint. I remember coach Dick looking Jimmy sing you can't come off the field and I said why don't wanna c'mon feel I need a guy. They can block defense events. Run vs safeties and linebackers you can't come off the field. Well if you look at the top three tight ends in the draft right now there's three there's OJ how are from Alabama he's a very good athlete. He's 66 to 49 you have David at its name Joseph coup for Miami Clayton he's 64245. Million Evan Ingram from old miss. At 63236. Pounds these guys respectively. Run a 442. I think there's four fives. This is this Timmy has changed. What I think of tight ends I think of and you are called hybrids that's pretty much what they are anymore. If you spend more than 50% of your snaps in my opinion it is in a two point stance. As a tight end you're truly a true hybrid you're more of an H back but that is what offenses are looking for when it comes to tight end play. And these guys are just Calvin Johnson with their hands down. Darrow that's what they are Travis Kelsey is under 240 pounds he said he was losing weight is he cannot. Maintain it they are not physical dominant in line players with their hands down. You look at Jimmy Graham. Jimmy Graham as a as a horrific blocker he's a physical specimen. But they're not asked to do that Jimmy Graham changed the way tight ends were meant to be perceived dep because he wanted to be paid like a wide receiver. There was that thirteen tight ends at the common this year five of heard that ran the forty. Five memory and under for six so in the 45244. Arranged to move and I'm as you said Evan Ingram with the 42 or four for 240. There the average for a time was about 46 in there and that is this actually. Texas El Paso. Those were native patent legally slinky Randy Seles time in 497 pounds and he but he's one of the heaviest. On tight ends that were there. So when you're at the come by and to put this in perspective what was the what was the normal size for tied in well I don't know what you're going to he had guy sitting there were talking about guys being lean and tall you know these guys are good they're not built the same the running faster. 61651. Is OJ Howard that's a pretty big dude what we're guys' size knew when you're going to come over what was your. It's a good size I mean I was 604 when they measure 06043. To 72. That's why came out Ira 477 at the com line at a 33 napping vertical to come by and I was I was in that in a bench press I was thirty. And then when I got to my personal workouts it was still the same weight and size and went 37 and a half inch vertical in a 46840. At my size we had a bunch a guys in the to fifties or I'm sorry to sixties and above we have. We didn't have these hybrids because you were just it's a different style. Well I I will say though. Great offense is right now in the league and even in Coleen Julie still have the ability to run the run the ball but. Your kind of outside linebacker to defensive end. That now is so critical. These elite speed athletes are completely different than the defense and n.'s I had to block and had that you had to go against me. I didn't have on Miller's I didn't have that I had Reggie whites. Which puts in his own right a nightmare I do have Ed is it to mock curse. Who was a freak it is in Haiti just an absolute beside Michael Strahan. I had to block but these guys. Were beasts yeah you could not beat you could not be that size in manage that a win in the NFL's a six inch movement. If I can take a guy six inches off the ball literally six inches off the ball I have won my blocking scheme. But I can't that I lose watch great tight ends watched their ability to hold the line of scrimmage if you give ground. Europe you don't have the ability these guys right now I know they're not asked to do a lot of blocking. Because that is not what tight ends are asked to do their about stats there about getting numbers 405060 catches or on average were some of these guys need to be. And so the speed is change the athlete has changed the evolution of this position. Is more about length size and speed yeah and on about in line power anymore. And to what does that mean though for the overall run game. You know I mean the buzz the run game and is enjoying teams are trying to run out of spread more what they're trying to do is is they're trying to you they're trying to control. What it is is how you substitute in guys that are big like Camille like I play can't maintain. A speed or they can't maintain that type of up tempo offense physically. Yeah it's hard because if you're 270. You can't run down the field thirty yards and then come back in less than eighteen seconds and do it again and and and hope to beat. Inconsistent so if you look at Adam Shaheen as Scott warned off Michael Roberts team playing game those are the only. Tight ends that weighed in over. 260. Pounds and at become nine. Those were before slowest guys. It makes sense and because of the fact that. You get the fast guys thirteen 34 to 47 to 45 OJ Howard is a free get to fifty who probably is one of the few guys in this Jaffna second do you bowl. Right but here's the caveat here but. The team that won the super bull. Ya kid they have too tight ends right one is 67265. Pounds that's Rob Gronkowski he did not play. He's a physical beast on the in line blocking and his ability in the red zone in his ability to run down the middle. He's the best in the game and oh by the way they had Martellus Bennett who's 66280. Pounds. Yeah and as physical specimen so when everyone tries to get locked into this we need these we need these Calvin Johnson tied to tight ends. You cannot take away the fact that when you have size speed athletic talent we have in you have that kind of physical strength in the middle of the field or in the red zone. It's just you you can't substitute it. And those guys look great with their shirts off their very fast they're very good. But in my opinion still. The elite tight ends are the guys that play for the New England patriot although those guys are. Kind of you know corns are positioned regardless of the air in that it dale seller agree with a run four sixes indeed. Six five and 67 step in 275. Pounds. And that is the that is they don't bring error should ride it but the patriots don't ask Rob Gronkowski to be able to play twelve straight place race. They're not asking him to run down the field in the seam route. Twelve straight times and they're asking him to go sixteen seconds rest and be effective is not what should they do what happens then to. What hat how weird these titans were they come from the they're just receivers. If this so users are saying yeah them just move them out they'll block or not you you can't pull on you can't move him in the back field. They're not gonna block defensive end because physically defensive ends are good defensive ends now are either Von Miller was speed. Or their hybrid to. Those guys hurt. Are you gonna need to tell me your blog JJ watt a few moves out to a five technique. You're gonna put a 63230. Pound guy on JJ watt on the edge. You don't stand a chance he now you got to bring a full back over re got to bring in extra extra lineman in to block him so you what you've done and he just you've pretty much. Signature and you've designed your offense built around affecting you can only block with five guys right. Well. Yeah we exited wind was really the tide and a big part of the run blocking game no. Boatman pass blocking and they're not but run blocking game how big salaries have not been the same since Zach Miller's left because he was an excellent runner. And as he could not eaten his his ability to block the edge. All those teams that run the ball effectively have good ego comparable. Excellent in line blockers on the edge him Aaron Hernandez's killer in the run blocking game when they had him there and you have to through Eleanor. He was good blocker. And you have to be willing miss blocker there a guys that are good blockers we have to be willing to do it. It's an attitude I watched Todd Heap is Todd leaves a great. Tight end. Played former. Arizona State play for Baltimore. One of my biggest things is his some of the guys on the team and lemon talked a good guy no talked. But during nine on seven. Some of the guys really well there goes Todd. During nine on seven Tom go down with the one on one drills with the with the receivers you won't walk. Onto a blocking Indian money check or money certainly. But blocking and been a tight end that that attitude is is going to the wayside which is okay on fast football man that's how football vaults the nets change in. It's a change in that well nobody is power forwards running down the field. A power forward zone on the block anymore you know it's different stand up and a two point stance yet. Let. Power forwards still here and their president and they're seeing any basketball player to three point stance. Even basketball even the power forwards in basketball now wants me by about. And we don't go in there and we end that's an assay and finish. And indeed you're right they don't put a bit at three point stance anymore those power forwards or tenants for that matter. Right 55305. Is the text sign. We if you lose sends to you wrap up including. Beagle and say warriors getting a little sensitive. They're get a little sensitive about being quite a Madison Square Garden is Crawford is Fortson. This is dusty and examine more million dollar and 1080 senator. Man tonight kind text phones get really upset thankfully. Now for the coming unions killer on blocker. Sorry. Well one other all responded I'd I'd a company in Iraq and the few people on so we a year ago. We got this guy says cam sounds like get off my long old man well welcome here show wants to bring back the football. Position in dive play fullback position and just merry go round and all take today's football. All week. I'd love innovation I love change when it comes to sports I don't like things to be stagnant. But we do know in football. That the thing that wins is winning the line of scrimmage we don't need I don't I don't need a bunch of 300 pound tight ends you guys remember Eric Green. No he was a tight end for the Steelers he was six foot six he was 315. Pounds. He was indeed massive. Big game he was mass I don't need to see what what I enjoy football today I love the fact the guys are big and hybrid. And their elite athletes. But. From a football perspective. Guys respect you tremendously. When you get the locker room. And they know you're gonna get your nose dirty in the line of scrimmage and nobody respects a princess in the locker when all they wanted to use catch a ball and run and looked well we heard those reports right when Jimmy Graham got to Seattle that that actually. Didn't sit well plotted teammates knew was he is. Known disinterested blocking. Well not even a disinterest is not even trying there's the you can try and not be good about it but there's just not even trying yeah. K I'm a diva I don't wanna do is playing guys like that I don't I love football love will way it's played right now I don't wanna go back to the dark ages words. The wing T and the bone I don't need to see that but I do need to see guys try. I would value try your nose dirty every once in awhile okay yeah you don't have to go over the middle anymore nobody can it Q. K not hit like I was hit. You have no excuse under your nose dirty every occasionally puts a thigh pads on. Right yeah all by the way it's by the way that's a new rule in college football and it's done. You have to Wear knee pads and ipads know how a big part of me that they have to he'd know certain regulation size Sant yes hover you're there now like what they used to be. Was like and wildlife will ever. Yeah guess what hasn't changed stupid targeting rule in the rules committee. They found it necessary then worry about your knees and a hundred miles an hour this little foam that's what a quarter inch thick and that's gonna protect your life because every college football player takes those pads out. Takes a greater LA a student cuts and a half and it's in the smalls and possibly can because they hate them. A big game that matters doesn't matter but stupid targeting rule doesn't taste or say can't jump over linemen anymore on BAT's. Why. I don't safe yet to terrorist. 51. In the third and final rule change has been that you can't use the name played on the Jersey to pull you down. So they've extended horse collar jacket I really yet but I'll grab them dreads hanging out. Is that a horse collar now I think that's part of the horse collar is it that's not fair. What should be part of the unit that you could I tell you I'm pretty I think you're you can just you can grab that's our Dallas before though horse collar rule came into that I've never gonna have to build into the city you can pull down a guys hear me Campbell is Jersey. Yeah and as part of his body temple was armed now what do we did you say there's a part of the body it's part of your head. You can't pull it item by his head he can. He can't he can literally the rule you could absolutely you can stiff arm a guy rate the face mask what are you talking about. Again you can't pull a guy down by his head polling I can actually go right to with the state farm. I that's that's called you knocked you on the ground that is called okay. As a place blame pushing the semantics of what we're talking I don't think that that is today ahead I don't think unavoidable in football like the horse collar rule is you grabbing you pulled out. I thought they can't pull them by hearing more I never remember that was the big Paul toward Pall mall O'Neill has the leases Yangon is Harold Willis is full. And Paterno going to go. Let's stop selling head and shoulders on game day we don't need to see that I don't care. I'm here I'm follow Oakley challenged the Murti tell me I'm girl and I think that's then now the trees coming. Like it's the it's in every advantage I can on you because you don't like the hair you I don't know like no I do like all we're challenge lies in getting gain every advantage I can't. If you're going to Wear an air like that and I'm a defender. I'm gonna tackle the. Hinge grab it and bring it down route are hurt so bad now. Unlike that I can't I don't know how those guys do anyway impressive having hair that long because he got to make their Helmut vigor. He can get your head in there. Yeah. That is that's Chevy safety issue and thanks again never understood that you couldn't Wear leg remember when. This is trying to early mid two thousands you guys went through this where they see you can Wear it debate Indiana's via or school cab because is too it's the page. Now everybody wears those and it doesn't matter like year ear hair for the city to your helmet what. You're asking the wrong guy would comes here debt but doesn't that does that not make sense that like you couldn't Wear a Bandana because it would make your Helen moved too much and I was yeah I don't care. Sleep just the league has strange rules. If for the. And Alan. Are at the New York Knicks went silent in the first half during among green has taken exception to it. This is dusting can't. This is dusty and jam in the morning and on 1080 sail on him. Follow through last segment of listeners. For. Ordered along a pro football talk article it is legal to pull a guy down by his hair but not is nameplate shoulder pads or caller Leo I still understand that because that's the same action is your pulling the god back in bending him backwards. I it and don't like if you're making the rules for safeties. Purposes boy you know what eventually you know I mean how safe and able to yet he got to go play the sport means you signature hair shirt. If you grow hair it's it's play your own risk yeah whereas we're also talking about the. Where is talking about the dreads issue you know how did how did dreads are an issue safety issue in this texture says it's a huge safety issue with the dreads in the helmet. I worked as athletic trainer for the USC football team. In the guys who dreads would pop out pads that we told them not to take out of their helmet to make their hair that it's a reason you see guys helmets laugh all the time and the reason can it there's concern with concussions. As well as athletes not wearing the equipment for safety improperly it's a huge problem that nobody talks about. That is that's very concerning you you're taking out pads peppered so your error. Can fit. Those pads and those things are there the lining of your helmet to protect. Your brain. Yeah you get your yeah. Two things that I I I don't have any of this is this is and funny here but the two things he you have to be able to make sure you protect. Is number one your head and your means well he can't really do that would be an easy it is what it is but this is the technology we moved far forward with. The guys like Julian element during the Super Bowl can he keep his chin strap on because his beard appeared like that have no business in the NFL. Zero is you have to secure your chin strap locks in your helmet which is part of protecting your brain so you would you your helmet camp stay on. You're giving up the fact that your head is important number two is easier to remove pass from you for your error released. Two owners or owners got that meant no its that's got that's not even funny that's not that could be the dumbest thing ever hurt well. It's the reality that your I understandable what I try to let it dumbest thing I've ever heard all I'm saying is guy's got with the economy its costs are. Can give bill smarter. Well. Me giving people far too much credit I don't think is a decent day age you have no excuse. With the information we have. And the media. In and it not only just the studies in the things you have with football you know excuse to tell me. That you can't protector. Again you're giving people far too much credit because they would rather look good. Then. Keep their insists the reality of it man. You know there isn't that everybody knows you Wear a seatbelt you earn far more likely to survive a car accident yet there's. Hundreds of thousands millions of people driving around without seatbelts on well I'll guarantee if there's enough issues were helmets keep coming off the NFL want to make it a rule. And Elena Hussein that you have to have your hair a certain size are we have to have a helmet Jack Davis Varity deal that would be dug them a visual art to making go out for play and that obviously hasn't. Done enough to deter people from. You know have their hair to long I mean it's as eager as you re delegates popped off play out. Yeah it's scary it is I got rushed. And I had time delight on my back look up and comer is like coming down if you see the guy gets helmet popped off and continues to play. Like get down own. What are you doing doughnuts you can't do that anymore they will love to play dead doing what you can try but you can't stop somebody from coming after ya I don't pop off on it over out. I turn around and looked and I kept in you she got out of balance and position of Barack you know. The that's it did that's prom I've always wondered like how prevalent it is and how much how much has conversations are happening that whenever. Dream on green he's kind of coming off as little bit of a whiny baby after what happened in New York last night. The warriors got the snide and their two game losing streak with a win over the knicks won twelve on a five the dealers like people talked about that game is because it would silent no we got there we are talking about this earlier but we got some instinct feedback from people. About kind of not just the silent game was pretty cool just because nobody was there's no music there is no entertainment it is just. Players in the in the crowd the dream on green afterwards said that. It was on disrespectful. To be innovators of the game. It be like going back to using paper now on in that you know you've there's no reason to do that. And there's a reason to cut out the music I thought it was. I was pretty equal that they UN Madison Square Garden now way. But the backlash seems to be not. With not square garden. But with that against the warriors and had a dream mongering himself well I think everybody like you said. Can't say it is the act is wearing thin. You know because I think Golden State is still trying to find that edge that keeps them in Jesus sparkle. He's the guy that's gonna be the most vocal you know he's the one that's gonna kick guys in the groin he's gonna be the poster he is the I guess it was in the Dennis Rodman version of how he was. In the league he's he's the new version of Dennis Rodman so he's got to be the vocal somebody's gotta say something negative on the team consumer what else is so nice and likable. Right it is and when they tried to do that pour me crap in Golden State resupplied Carly. Wound. Whoa or ruins after us Seoul where their youthful are all stars. And you're gonna complain in New York. About. Mean mean music in vice sounds yet find some wasn't at the very long reaching for his edge was only the first half. Yes there's an experiment is all got our stats have moments are happening spearmint. And according to dream on green is very disrespectful happens in the Yasir disrespectful disrespectful to the people the innovators. No basket the innovators of bath the first DJ in arena spotter record during the game. Jackie moon. Ever the sun to us. DJ LG one angry that let me ask you guys this I thought it was cool beamed I got crisis egotistical sit courtside and did you. Do you like games because you know every break every interaction every intermission there's something going on. When did that become the norm you see the transfer of time when NBA's became the show and it's always about there's no dead time in the NBA you. You go to commercial but as for fans were there it's it's a giveaway it's it's and it's a Yahoo! but you guys use a Mac a rat every time if it is every dispute. Do candidates is dvd for for sports watching yet of that. Is that entertainer would you actually like to sit and kind of have to watch the guys cannot see the bench interaction. Is it would it mean what is it I'm always thought that enjoyable to you it's more for kids very. Is it more for kids to news you know staying gays and gaming and China's DC at a game a lot. A Q what's at a basketball I understandable what children on a ton children what's the time. I 2000 pound children the feud. Few hundred due out of the crowd I was so a lot of groups skill groups go to games like our young kids growing economic distress the only one really is. What he really doing during that time just fill in spent on this expertise. It's really tap like casual fans I like it wants the players or all use a timeout to maybe go grab a beer oral takes data might not make it down American beer in a timeout and I can trot. To try. Make an effort BR but I don't. I'm not in like dating I mean some as a get up and dance a little bit on the camp then but I'm not really as into that you know promotions and stuff I I do like to watch the players or see what. With the coaches are doing see the players are talking you know I'll highlight show and I get it's an entertainment show for the most people ought to be able a lot of him a little one. NBA game a year router and one thing year in and they want bad entertainment they want to show exactly one what would be there instead. I'm just asking that when you go to the game wouldn't does that is that a facet it's really memorable for you now for me it's not. Well I mean sometimes it is like the dead and there are ninety. One it won a Siena that was cool now memorable actually that carried I remember the guy's big. I wouldn't need I've never know peace in Kevin Harlan called in the driver seems you know chrome. It's early and got a double high five from Meyers Leonard Padilla in so we have dream on green really complaining about. The entertainment factor right that he thinks that it's disrespectful. Because the knicks let you actually hear the gain yeah any not release is only for a half. Zeller but it was something that. I never thought about. Until it happened I was like that is. How different basketball it's in any instead of sitting there bitching about it may be sit there ago. I appreciate the second half way more than the first half because of kind of what the music does that take a different spin on it right right. Well that's very mongering good he's doing and I'm glad we have somebody is annoying you know I'm glad we have him like in the NBA player. Hello hello I'm Hillary under any I don't know like yeah yeah exactly how many times when they know where you're seeing now that I'm gonna say he's doing is yet again we thing you know I had many believe we as a fan as a as a group of thank you guys idiot yes human yeah. You know what time we allied guerrillas can't live like you like villains I do like the I didn't see you. And Jamal green is no I hate him I watch him play basketball hey let's do this again tomorrow six and Annie end of next herd with Colin Cowherd nine Indy needed three skirts break. Three to seven its prime televised into quick drug and programming note on Monday night's season AD Terry Porter show. Dumb with swagger in the head coach of the pilots Jerry Porter he's still in Vegas he's curtain. He's Christian so. As he's recruiting they will take on hiatus and wrap up. With Terry Porter show next Monday seven. Pilot fans. And I can be Terry Porter showed tonight. Next week. We'll see tomorrow 69 AM. This has been Justine came on the fan have a great day. You got another book deaths he sees me is the roof let me. Okay.