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Dusty and Cam - 3.2.17 - Hour 1

Mar 2, 2017|

Joel Embiid vs. Greg Oden, Wilt's 100 point game, and the most untouchable sports records.

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Thanks for listen to dusting camp podcast brought to you on the fanned by your local less Schwab tire center do the right thing since 1952. This is dusty and jam in the morning and this who really knew each other. Accuse I need to pop up maybe even more than previous games. Who doesn't care. Hi there thanks guys off the lights off. And the man who looks up information major document it's also a college all American gem clearly it's. Why does anybody in the world every than anything. Dustin and Kim in the morning and on 1080 loves them. Every Thursday the second day of march Dr. Seuss day in the United States of America. I don't know if they celebrate doctor Tuesday globally my friend. Who is a children's book author then is going down under read to 400 elementary school kids in Albany today that a minute. You have a friend that is and children's book author yeah he's written three children's book third ones comes Utley a week. While in our. Good for him reading a floor under elementary school kids sounds. Kind of nerve wracking. I did day those are some judgmental little kids they really are. Lake in a filters elementary school kids will will let you know exactly how they feel about your work. And they do they do not have a filter well I did actually Dr. Seuss day last year and an elementary school in Hillsborough. That's right and I I read. Two bunch of little kids eat in the elementary school I remember that we're touring they can that thing or some. I I read oh the places you'll go loose because I was the only doctor sees the that we had at her house. And I said we recommend you having you know a book breeding ability you've read before. Because. You don't wanna mess up around these little kids is though it's just the review new one it will repeat Nolan. And you know those little kids though no media exactly how they how they feel right bright your face. And care. Is six graders too that's all the worst. That's George. But because we have only just the sixth grade appear sick same simmer I'm Daria gets a lot of them just cut it off and get in the school yet know I was K through 678. Merit and don't need to know the whole. The whole background of your schooling in your education. Ed in Newport Beach, California that he was the same hill underneath it all worlds same people. Yeah now but Kim is out again today it is is is scheduled days off so we're a party pretty hard here and over the next. Three hours we got a lot of give what I believe is good stuff. The blazers. Making another move. It's right here yeah now I don't think this is huge mistake. Prone on the ice. Playhouse. Last I and we have our direct Thursday today which is going to be used some that's right of Crawford's Alec speaking of your elementary school schooling. Where he got there a bag Thursday feeds they loved his kids so let's do this condition on the road. He and I remember was just like yesterday. On this date in sports history 1962. Philadelphia warriors big men will the still Chamberlain scored 100 points. For the Philadelphia warriors. Against the New York Knicks a 169147. Win. In Hershey Pennsylvania. That game was played in front of 4132. People. I wonder how many people from Hershey Pennsylvania in 1962 you actually said they were at that game but they weren't. Why is that a things technically I was there and doodle 4000 people whether I highly doubt you're yeah I don't know like. I don't know of any NBA nobody really into the game he'll do that. Think nobody cared about the NBA deal still this matter is that more like I don't know I don't think they absolutely still do that because now you can buy the can commemorative tickets. Thank. I know guys who bots commemorative. Rose Bowl tickets. Wind organ went to the Rose Bowl and got. Pounded by a Ohio State baiting he wasn't he didn't go so Inco. Which can. Part of today's show. It. The team physicians and they're flooding the free agent market what that says nothing NFL is Kirk cousins. Eighth. Franchise guy it's fourth seed that's not that hard to accomplish is going to be completed. And fighting our sports. Also directors David said it it is. Crawford us. You bring in you bringing this on the table today. And it is feed through childhood. Though you've won a ring bank desperately be just can't do it and I've got a few that. I need so much as kids they just ruined. It's absolutely. Cannot. Look at it it's like tequila for a lot of people or whiskey. He had that bad experience you've done never gonna happen again allowed that they're back Thursday and then. Untouchable source beats with wields 100 point game. And I had taken a night game. Soon. I'm doing go. Texas last night breathe easier about that. Tech sign up for today just because I was three T five goes to name your index amid hiring Michael Johnson official the former. 49ers offensive coordinator assistant with San Diego Chargers longtime NFL guy who most recently. He was a high school coach Jenna California. I he will serve as the receivers coach Willie tiger he's also an assistant organ states is familiarity with the area in. Right after being hiring was made official. It was just. How about that they offered his chin she's number one dual threat quarterback in the country. Michael Johnson junior. That Michael Johnson is officially on the staff he's a guy that was rumored to be. Heading to Michigan and there's a big hub bub over. But he should hire a guy because she is really good let the coaches really good now he's going organs and duck fans. He's Friday bill they have got back aegs. And now need Jeanne. Hey wake up I said wake up. Dare I say can beat Tennessee Titans are actually. Acting like gay functional franchise. With the rent moves and nine GM John Robinson like stealing the number one overall pick last year so much to the grand. He said he's opening. Did you trading that pick. That he got from the rams in this year's draft it is fifth overall pick he's saying if the price is right we will deal led man's. That is yeah. The Smart by the Tennessee Titans a franchise that has just been horrid. Things over the last what decade herself. As far as stability in their front office stability in their ownership. It's just a dysfunctional franchise John Robinson is second draft now with the Tennessee Titans he wants do and keep things going on. On the right trajectory and really Tennessee only needs corner. Wide receiver. Inside linebacker and those of their needs those third position needs heading into. The draft ended a free agency. But it's really corner that's their number one and this is the Steve pretty deep draft. When it comes to corners so you can afford to drop down a few spots. If you picked up in mid round pick as well he database from second or third round pick. To move down a couple spots nasty must to move up and swap with the ethics. You can get a corner still on the strap that's really stinking good and then you also have the ability to pick up another receiver they can take a flyer on this met with that mid round taking yet. Be Smart for Tennessee. Yeah. And it does not test this is rock and roll. Leaping out loud estimates. 600 bucks goes ten or oh my god it's early wake up. Little injury news here than Portland trailblazers especially. In a press release sent out last night at 6:47. PM. The Portland trailblazers announced that senator Ed Davis. Will miss the remainder of the year and had arthroscopic surgery to his left shoulder. Do you repair and injured late rounds need. Move was announced by Neil Sheehan last night and he'll go down on us she's d.s in he'll get that. Shoulder operated on. Yeah. Strike while in CNET Davis thought this year right that was a big question is what it takes Lemond said Davis. I don't I guess you haven't answered how key is her. Rice before they ice cold we have flip phones right you can bank on a clip don't you think it would to tide wait. The worst thing you can do to that flipped homes. Was hyper extended until beyond backwards with these changes that you broke the foot fault. Ironies depend very much endorse. Injuries from the front injuries from the site and even went to an injury and two wars mechanism of injury for a meet its hyper extend. Since this doctor Robert clapper. I'm in these economic Kevin Durant. In his injury. That was big news of yesterday that he's gonna sit around a month before being reevaluated. There is a chopper. Like a helicopter. Circling the warriors team plane as they landed. And it showed Kevin Durant in a wheelchair. Getting off of the teams play. After you get is a gruesome knee injury very hyper extended his left knee OK city actually think it's worse than they're telling us anything it just. Precautionary as happened to me you will like this. Where there or it's and if you're looking at. Give Hillary manually you know Stephen A Smith is saying he has sauces now I know I heard and you know not make it enemy out of him you do not in his sauces. Are telling him that he is worse than what they're leading gun then what they want people who believe. So JD panic in the streets of Oakland San Cisco greater Bay Area as Deb sands and really front running fans everywhere. As Golden State Warriors are set they're gone up old you don't wanna make it and yeah. I know you don't. But I don't I got it. Tweet from the listener since. You said it which is worse. They TD is actually in a wheelchair. Or that there is its helicopter circling. The team plane that landed. I'm just gonna go and say commonly given the benefit of the doubt and say it was like the traffic jumper. Just going back to the airport it's gonna come and they decide they're like as George Clinton or concern about KD oh man down in the bay some assays were six KD's in the wheelchair. I'm also Jill well indeed. As in shut down. He has done for the year with a torn meniscus. Actually. One many are saying is the exact same injury that Kevin Durant has and fortunately for Joseph Allen beat his stories all. T familiar here will his career go down like the one of a big man we saw your Portland. Willie ever be the same. This is dusty camp. Dusty and jam in the morning on ten it. Joseph well indeed done for the year. He has a torn meniscus. And reports say that essentially what happened agility is the exact same thing that happened with Kevin Durant. But they'll let him play for a couple weeks. And it worsened and so he's gonna have to get his. Meniscus fixed. And we'll see how long he's out for. Remember he entered that against Portland trailblazers she went down then he came back like three different times. And then finally they had to like have a gaggle of people. Usher him down that tunnel so he couldn't run back out on the floor. Done. In the meniscus is that it's the Dyson enemy hurts but when you're running straightforward demean. I've never torn meniscus but the and a lot of people have you can run straight warning kind of feels OK is gets tight in the end the search hurting anytime you do anything lateral. In beam was drafted in 2014 you miss the entire. His entire essence of rookie season in two dozen 1415 and then the 1516 season. And then he played 31 games this season. And so he's been shut down after 31 games and his career. If you look at it. What he had a 164 that he was eligible for heading into this year and then he's only played in 31. What they're six the debate about 6061 games they've played this year. So if he has rarely played but when he does. It feels a lot like Greg Oden. Doesn't it. When you look at he's a guy that is dominant when he's on the floor he has led school skills that they steal man that is why they drafted him. That is why you've that is why they took a flyer on a guy injuries. Can injury concerns be damned. You look at July Allenby needs even more polish of the score being Greg Oden was but. I think what a lot of people the great old then. When he was. Healthy in those short spurts that he was. He's just a dominant presence in indeed is averaging twenty points a game in over Greg owns career he only averaged eight. But you take ended yet to take into account that he played a lot of games that the tail end. Then he price shouldn't have been playing in an all. But if you look at their careers over actually played more games. In his first three years into well indeed pass. Indeed 31 games gray goat then missed his entire rookie season in 2070008. And then missed. He debuted in the opener in the missed a couple of games. And played any end up playing in 61 games. In 2000 and in 181009. On any interplay in the playoffs the blazers to against Houston net in game one against Houston he was actually dynamite. For the trailblazers. He played in 82 games in Beagle will only played in 31. To open up his career. That number EE in three seasons 31 games ten games a year for jewel indeed. That is horrible. For that young man and you sit there you look at whether it is in for Greg Oden it was a knee and the Indian in the right. For an beads you feel for the kid because it was a foot. It's been any is like a throwing every three years tears like foot. What's getting better still foot and there's just some guys that. Although they are so skilled and all day so athletic for being how big they are. They just are meant to play sports. And I think Jo Ellan beating Greg Oden are those two guys because you don't see guys. Come back. When there is injury riddled his dual meet is right we know guys that can come back give you have one catastrophic injury. That hold you off for awhile. You can come back from now I'll Wes Matthews right Deke chili's is some may not supposed to be able to come back from in in a being the simpler and less and out these is not the same player. But you can return to a productive level right when you have multiple. Of these catastrophic injuries. I'm sorry John bead is his career is gonna be. A wash for now. In day and I know he's he's averaged twenty points he's arms almost a double double is the short stint. Twenty points and eight rebounds. But. Look if he can't stay healthy year not going to be productive in your career will end and that will be the end of your career because there's nobody. In the NBA not even Gregg Popovich arrest everybody is gonna take a flyer on a guy who only plays ten games a year right I mean he had it sucks the MBS was. Really did this year when we saw him play. Now and the most I watch him play all year was a gaming is the blazers weary air is me and he came back in the game but was his he's averaging. Earned yet was averaging is averaging twenty points eight rebounds a game with two assists and a half blocks you know did those armed. Miller rookie of the year numbers. Yeah and we remember in that conversation I've Greg Oden tear his essential rookie season does that 2000. 82 dozen nine year. And using that Ricky the year conversation as well but look that's not. It didn't work out that way for Greg Oden insider work out that way. For jewel and B because sample sizes too small on this is a year where low key probably is the best rookie well there's not to have any other good rookies this year man. Now like a populous thing anybody yields. But he healed who is in May when the Ricky dear news laughed out when he used tree on nine ended nine points three rebounds Jay Lynn Jalen brown the rookie had a cal for the Boston Celtics. He's been in that conversation about six points here and half rebounds anybody's really. Salivating at and it really has been is that lackluster rookie class in the NBA this year and next year's us reloaded. But Joseph well indeed done in as Anthony points out of attacks on 55305. Is on is in Indy doesn't send edit out any. Where they. NB does those he disaster porn stars and try to hit him up on. Social media any calls now yell let's not count out M beat her. Possibility of sending indeed. We don't know I mean we know you never know in this you know Leach he never know any easy Neil little lonely in his recovery process and have one too many Shirley temples and decide that he wants gear down. For somebody and easy to send that out to the wrong. On porn star and she's gonna put it out on a social media. I mean this really sucks man because. MB was out for what was yelled for like three years was it two years years two years if killing three years is loses thirty year. In the NBA he got fat remember that. Pretty Shirley temples as you said yet they cities over 350 pounds he got fat and it was kind of written off as if he would never play and he. Everybody laughed at the sixers and they laughed at the net did you Darren why would you take this guy never gonna play he's over way he doesn't care. He beat himself later said he had thought acquitting Mascoll but he got back in shape any killed this year. Yeah and now you're like. Nguyen CNN you know when you gonna get on the court again in what the were they were even playing imam back to back this season he was on a tight limit on minutes restriction. Am I in there and he's still got hurt you know I am I wonder if we go back in we look at it day history of sports. But we have these those guys like Tom Brady right. The guys who were drafting would Gilbert Arenas is second round pick to rent. Where in I'm not comparing Tom rating Gilbert Arenas is career by any means as being magnificent but I'm psyched about guys that were drafted late. In their drafts. And date end. Having careers and along sustained in May make it in those are the guys that were detonated that we're supposed to make it. The list of guys. That had all the potential in the world it is never got off the ground is probably eight times as long and they sit there you go man whatever happened back idea. Whether it's you know an injury riddled career or it's drugs. Or alcohol that. That list is eight times on this guys that grind it out in made a career as something out of nothing. Texas 55305. And as injuries go as age goes up these injuries assert some down even more and more even without having new injuries and that is not. 100% correct demeaning. He in my eight. He's in the league he's been only for three years but I don't even know too well indeed is 21. Because I remember he was really use a young kid. At Kansas. And our receives a one and done today Kansas now he's Tony see you beast when he TO gap sees 22 years old. And you're looking at a guy who's had. I think three surgeries heading into his fourth surgery now. In its their major surgery at seven footer in the thing is like brutal a case of your running it seems your GM are known or whatever. We've seen time and time again the NBA guys like Joseph Allenby or Greg donor to great examples there's a lot of other guys big men particularly. Who never panned out it's a big big man is the biggest boom or bust position writes in the draft. Specially idea brands no doubt about it so do you continue to take fliers like how could you draft guys like him before that. For the chance that they stay healthy well. I mean yes. You do. Because. If your team ended departure blazes are prime example of this ranked in the movie Jordan draft right where you have eighteen more years senator elect. Right wing Greg Oden is available the Portland trail was seven. LaMarcus Aldridge Stan Brand and right they resent her away they needed a big man that was that was the gap that they were missing you have to can you don't sit there and say. Well. Yeah yeah I know you have to go with the guy that is in front of you and makes your team. In immediate contender in the holy need to be felt now. Obviously those two examples of the Portland trailblazers Michael Jordan Kevin Durant were sitting there in your always gonna have to live with that like some of the worst examples of all time. Right NBA ever bug fix. AD in the sixers won't be in this because. You know I don't I don't necessarily know who's in that 2014 draft. But it will it will not be me. Off the top my head I don't but you don't know. Who the is that guy will ever be right remember Kevin Durant. He bailed the bench press a 185 pounds at the cup at the NBA come by Mike. I know it's bench press it's the NBA it doesn't matter. But that's a 185000. Letters like like a lot of people in people said. Kevin drain it will be a a scoring champion in the NBA but Willey ever be able to play defense will his body ever fill out will he have a committed to the weight room. We just don't know because he was rail thin nobody knew well some people knew because there was that debate whether should be owner drank. But to see bill levels. That Kevin Durant has turned his game until. You cannot sit there and you can say definitively. An NBA draft yeah. That's it and the bin major red flag with Greg Oden was a broken hand. And it was he's seven foot every seven footer has concerns about his knees. Following the two guys take in front MBA in that draft were under way gains and Jabari Parker so. It's not no one's going to be looking at Jabari Parker's career to mean es head back to back years that Ed ACL in the same ACL. Only three guys are done and the MBA and Michael Redd was one mom remember him. Wait let Michael Redd member Michael Redd yeah from the Bucs also I remember remember how good he was a Ford Taurus Amy sealed twice after they never came never played. Michael Redd who is the was it. Who's a guy who had a neck injury. It DJ Augustine for them who got like undercut in landed on the set it was Michael Redd to battle I don't remember I remember the Milwaukee had padlock think about that teens that a big guys that have come through Milwaukee. Who either have had that Michael Redd type. Oh goodness he's gonna be great now and he gets certain users still see many more inning guys who just left like Ray Allen. I remember the year and then George Karl coaching them and was a Ray Allen vin baker they reloaded and had the worst uniforms in the NBA. Besides the pistons who had those teal abomination that they was Allen the box and those like. He mused purple and yeah is purple and green green and yeah I was but as a weird pursing a shiny purple. Keith in garbage truck he's saying you don't forgive Brandon Roy Grant Hill Tracy McGrady and those who were aiming those are guard Steve that's what the crap shoot as man. And guys like. Great hill Grant Hill carved out a long career in the NBA is a productive career in the NBA. But I'd. Is projection how good he could have been. He was special idea of any special as a rookie before he starred TJ Ford had the neck injury strength you know TJ Ford was again once he's paired with. Michael Redd on the as Bucs teams. 55305. That is Tex signed we'll get to more viewer feedback and and wilt scored 200 a double nickel ago 55 years ago. It might be the most untouchable feed in sports. But wooded mini game was going to 55 degrees your five you're scratching the sports that are. Widespread text either. That's the message of what number. Two horror. Nine years yeah five. Six. I can't hear you trailing off and I should unite here and there we have all of my life I mean. He knows cordless text just know it's fireflies real fly messaging data rates may apply to just play my number. You can go weird doesn't. This is sexual relations on the shouldered likes to read. Overtaxed. Does stand jam in the morning on ten may be the brain of that person actually say that also have. Crawford is. Within vinegar this morning you know. Gilles salty TF did Imus I'm older harnessing your inner cans. I'm over it man the Northwestern Wildcats go to turn emit very cool. Very cool sick of it being everywhere I look on social media and any media site because. Everyone that works were still on the going media with there yeah this indeed. This is the equivalent and we'll talk about this little bit later but David is a pretty. Untouchable record that they're going for what I am having an ever gone of the turn it yes yes it is very cool but in this immediate end to same thing would happen. Regionally. And Washington State or Arizona State went to U. Like in the BCS championship game ranked. Where we did the Cronkite school. In the Murrow schools of journalism at Arizona State watches a respectively. Big journalism schools right we see the same thing any ten Syracuse goes to win championships like key yeah on does this like. Big journalism schools and guess what. Everybody in the media is gone to Syracuse. Northwestern. Washington sitters instead. All these these northwestern kids and had and so are not everybody does do. Organ state and southern Oregon hey man you know you know he got a breakaway from that them the meat. 55 years ago today Wilt Chamberlain scored a hundred points. Against the New York Knicks in one game. Is that the most untouchable. Record in sports. That question. Arises every time this milestone reached is like a fifty or 55. And yeah that's impressive mean ridiculous impressed and think of back to you when Kobe dropped 84. Or 81. How many shots he had to take to task in how big there's a three point line. In gear is going what the heck is happening like Kobe went off and he still couldn't he can get in ninety. In wilt scored a hundred and again and the what was the closest. Sixty with a Z 67 Noah and yes a threw three right and he said he thought because score a hundred drug which of course is a double like. They knew Plame in the fourth yeah that's kind of laughed like this record is untouchable. 'cause oh CoBiz 81 point game was somewhat close and new but like. I think in most. Instances were somewhere like this starts happening nowadays auto players going off for 55 plus or sell the game usually gets out in their coach ressam you know I would have done. I am a hot take on this I think that that game would've been boring to dia. Will scoring hundreds. Because. When you think about it and will scoring a hundred points in that game. First he was 71. Any is the tallest guy fedex's 610 Daryl I'm off. And he played against T 610 Dwight steps. On the block. And he could just camp on the key in what they resorted to you is fouling the exact game must've taken for ever. Because he made to twitch his points came on free throws. So you're saying they are going my goodness in he was a bad free throw shooter. Not that night but he went to the street does like Dion Andre Jordan is Dion Andre Jordan could play against. I don't know a couple sixty and still still like it would mean. It. Ed Davis who's undersized. But not as strong and Ed Davis right somebody. Less physically imposing either Dana or Ed Davis is your dad Davis. In all they did was his throat tumor on the block and yet it went 261 in sixty dudes are trying to class talent and he's the ball in the air bump and then he got fouled. Yeah hundred Jordan horrible foul shooter but he ministry does and I. You're honestly ruining this for me because right. We're not really sorry. It's an impressive feat but I think you would even going to be yet wolf yellow layered as cramming it yes you're obtaining a boring picture that being said. It's really cool they scored are points and I'm holding anybody's ever gonna do it again no it then nobody will ever do it again why got to break it down legislate it lives in war. Because sometimes who is there was anybody there that's like to ESPN or anybody I tracked down a living person this year I mean they're probably had ray. Fifty odd years is not that long ago he shot 32 yard free throws that's about colonial I mean there's play people that are alive 55 years ago Crawford now are at that game. And I think at 85 years ago the I think they interviewed these statistician. For the game or the guy who wrote that PR guy who wrote I'm 100 on the piece of paper. And had will take a picture with it which that pictured that photo is iconic man. Of but again somebody just wrote down 100 on a piece favors like here well let me take a picture view it this to curry this game. It also suddenly validate because of like. I guess the commercialization of sports. How much. Yes like how much year there aren't always there to make a hundred points here in the moment but you know I mean like how much. Tom Ridge and how much footage and how much. Everything they're it's so cool that all there is is like this picture of him. In this like radial Jim holding one under on a piece of paper yeah edit in a locker room because the game is playing Hershey Pennsylvania the Philadelphia warriors are some New York Knicks. Teams I think he's a travel around the yen playing in India wasn't nearly as pop out now. But will shot. 32 free throws in that game there were 93 free throws combined between the two teams in that game. The game that's taken for ever. Heartache here on 55305. Untouchable records in sports I think in you said. You said about the how do you think it is untouchable and what one did you bring up. All I brought up. Political resume wanted to broke Klay Thompson scored sixty points and point nine minutes this season but they'd be record that I think is more untouchable is DiMaggio statistic is 56. Game hit streak I can only imagine. Speaking of light over commercialization in like over media coverage of sports. Can you imagine if someone's are getting close. Right now like this season yet well I mean we've had guys even they don't even get nearly as close is is that was it Chase Utley. She suddenly able to Phillies Chase Utley and Jimmy Rollins have gotten I think T thirty yeah out in Euro. In you sit there and ego alone my goodness they're talking about it all the time in. They're still there like barely halfway there you out like can you imagine if someone in a guy docile like 45 or fifty. How much pressure. You have to like how much she would have to deal less now that that's pretty untouchable yeah it ended when you talk about long and sustained and streaks like that. As you go on in you talk about how many. That that's like two months in baseball is 56 games. You have to go two months of laser like focus and teams. Willing to go I either way they would. Because it's special position and pitching TO. You'll bring they'll bring in pitchers that and just can throw in John not to or just to get one guy out right. Back when DiMaggio did it Derek guys' labor you know how many complete games it drawback that. In those the other ones that'll probably get a TO is when you look at guys like Nolan Ryan. And in his win streak. Air Nolan Ryan strikeout record is on the keys coming in at 55305. And then cy young's win streak means Cy Young didn't lose her a year. That guy was unbelievable. In so I think we're hissy. There's a lot of records across all sports they're just as untouchables will 100. On. But I do you think that the three point line. A lot of people say makes it easier to score hundred I think it may get tougher because how many time we have such game. Skilled game now in the NBA. Where first of all a big men can't do it because how many shot intentional that would that take a big man to get it done. And you can take out since there's such so much more emphasis on at three you're just not gonna go down the block all game long a team can stay within striking distance of the U. And negate your guy just sitting out and can't now block grant. And you're gonna be going out. On the promoters both your team vision big game is way more specialize in the NBA now three point line in net three point shooter is not get in waist up would it be like. If they're over 33. Threes. Now the second happened. So I doubt one is pretty untouchable send a mere 55305. Lot of good text eminent dusting came on the fan. Who. This is dusty and jam in the morning you know I'm an AD love friends yeah costs. And I thought factories or violence that's correct isn't sports wilt scored a hundred on this day is five years ago it's. And he scored. Her 31 points in the fourth quarter. He had an eighteen point second quarter and any still pulled off 300. Goodness gracious in the 1221 in the fourth quarter that's pretty did. I five factories your violent us were records. Former Mike in Richfield. Willits off the court record is much more impressive. I would probably tend to agree with that. He's a thousand Wright is an is morality will record is was it a thousand or was it 1010101000. One hour which I don't know. But then again Heyman was a different era are you gonna tell the guy who scored a hundred points in the game that his stats ever legit you know OK the idea probably man. Probably that's cool move. Known coming unify affect your five Barry Bonds' hat size maybe a record that isn't going to be touched. Barry Bonds head is enormous. In it said. You know anybody that's ahead too big for hats. I know the time I had. The I nobody's you as it is big head. And Zach Randolph also has a big head and I don't know how the beastie got. I worked together at the same time but Zach Randolph hat fit on his head series like keep it. How did they don't know I don't know I don't know how to have and that the mid two thousands were allowed time with well trip are right I missed that tonight. I wasn't living near it and now know the blazes there is mediocre and boring. On man but can they be good in. Exciting. I don't think that you would've liked to you I think I would like that your other jail blazers. No I think you would have worn on you man but you are clippers fan you love Lance Stephenson and I don't like it. It was a different level dude. It would there are some bad dudes on the seams in Zach Randolph by the way not a bad dude. Just rain with all a bad crowd yeah last year not big weren't from here there'll from is sometime but there who fan is that there were called in. I think date when he went to Memphis which by the way he's been like Maine of the year in the NBA. Because Eaton he is a he's a good guy just. Was young a young millionaire and it's surrounded himself at the wrong people for the for early in his career and was surrounded by a horrible locker room not. Kind of setting down the right way in so when you have all of them just kind of mixing the other man Harrison. Bad ass going on there. 55305. Is attacks on. And just records in sports. We don't go. Aaron Hernandez murder count that's unfair but totally fair on but Rasheed Wallace's. Texans season record. That is gonna be untouchable because you keep getting suspended if you get more technical fouls like. Boogie cousins had to miss last night's game for the pelicans because he picked up his eighteenth of the year Rasheed Wallace had that highlight. January. IQ is he was cruising in front of that on scoring record. And this and business and a car rushing record is untouchable at the league being so pass happy running backs being far more expendable these days I wholeheartedly agree that. We can we talk about this yesterday. Adrian Peterson might deal last running back that we see. Hit the top ten. In in career rushing yards we had a text or bring up Zeke Elliott in red 16100 yards his rookie year. To think about how impressive it is to crack the top ten. But Stephen Jackson had ten straight thousand yard seasons at St. Louis Rams and he's eighteenth. All time. Easy Joliet after this year he's gonna have to do it for seven more seasons to crack the top ten. In a row in in the NFL right now to special as a nation of backs with the fact that they well. Put it. The split you up between of nearly first tee carries and then third down backs. I guess is don't get that many carries in more than one note lengthy guys' careers and you can't lengthen it that much in the Indiana focus and be Newark. And a newer better model come through in a just replacing Tiki did occur on us Steven Jackson. Ted Williams sitting 400 is good one. Easing anybody under 400 again. Now. Things that I mean out just based on the fact that what is it will lose. Do you that was forty some was an English would you say wind until Ted Williams do that sorry. Who the forty. Donna since then and look at Tony Gwynn got close when the end of the season with. An unknown curse yours there's there's and it's the Dow's strike season 9439 media but. Straight season sure in the short I is in the back then don't come close -- like much closer than that. Since then I was gonna go and say no I also think Eric Gagne is to Texas and Eric Gagne is consecutive saves. Streak. Yeah well that's of this happened and so somebody comes out the better for steroids. Right yeah I guess so I mean then Eric Gagne can wreck a B gone is it weird that Eric Gagne is the guy that record. And why is that weird. Well because he. And then he'd just fell off the face of the year it's usually these guys have a lot of these records I. We have begun the names that were say that's too will still blame Ted Williams said we've how did you hear Nolan Ryan yeah die young. Brett favre's consecutive starts mean. Usually the guys who set these career marks or these single season marks and we're talking DiMaggio. Ranked. These guys are all timers. In then there's air Gagne and with consecutive saves follow I dueling Eric Gagne. Just popped up considering a comeback at age 41. See you while maybe he found those steroids that he's talking about you said I feel great it's almost scary. In this fastballs climb back in the ninety's. I'll come on that's what it says dear man on mlb.com. That can be real how well how does that really wanted to mlb.com archives no no this is. This is from February 18 2017. Will talk about LB dot com that much but. Jim remember when NASA Easter on their website like who is like MLB dot NASA dot no I don't remember that. You're probably too young. Led that used to be they'd ever oh I would always remember that from being a kid going to MOB website. I've 55305. That is the tax side you know this one disguised as Oscar averaging a triple double for season oh wait that's being done and apparently Russ is even they. Runaway NDP and that's that's how Russell Lester might do that this year and that was one of the stats that people said would be untouchable is Oscar Robertson. He. Averaged eight triple double over the course of the season. And Russell Westbrook I possibly could do that this year I robbed able to see make a comeback is well. Maybe 55305. That is the tax on. Did the blazers signaled the push for the playoffs is on the back burner now. The latest move this is dusting cam on the fan.