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Dusty and Cam - 3.1.17 - Hour 1

Mar 1, 2017|

Dusty and Crawf today! Blazers-Pistons and how will YouTube's streaming TV offer change how we watch sports.

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They solicited to. 45 minutes of your life I've promised. Doing the right thing since 1952. This. News dusty and jam in the morning when I say should we really swimsuits and you say wow look how well their remaining in new dusty narrow again. Should we now. And jam when I was going to battle to hold myself good deep sigh of relief groups. Just dealing jam in the morning and 1080 so it's. On the table. Damn day. Happy hump day folk scene is always neat. The first day of march. Barack Thursday march. Yeah our first day march have a weird tradition I'd view in the first in every month so VoIP. And I haven't done yet today how weird is this gonna get no I just have to say I have to say rabbit rabbit. Roll out the last. Came when I was a kid on Nickelodeon they had like this like do three things you should do. I you know I signing that. Okay yeah I got they have that used and then on Nickelodeon nick little wacky things I've no idea what you're talking about but sure I know I go and I'll play along if you said for good blocks a rather rabid the first thing you say on the first every month. Yes it does too and I'd say it and now my mom's till Texas Samie. Really and so it's kind of like a weird. Psychotic tradition. And I'd say so men. That's a little odd Torre and I brought it is there's a first it was the first thing you said today. End of February always gets me because you know every four years we have the leap year. And that was a last year really fear things so. The 28 every time I look at then I go oh boy now we have to roll this thing over and a march I don't know if it's when eater Tony nine it was is confusing for me. But as it is it someday in its first and march which means folks if his they signifies. It's March Madness. Right times and bad news and we start talking about college basketball yet. I was around Oregon State as team and they do know. Aegis can act like this season didn't happen at all and Obama. You know that's my wife. That's my wife she came in and then did you read firmer tremendous stuff. And it was the last time my wife has ever read anything for the station but DNC give us some great drops from that. She you know when we get our production stuff it says make our boss Jeff possible put in. Drop slash Tut. You know when he wants to have some like. I joined a frat and they tried to get me to drink a forty chug a forty. My wife thought that she needed this to say drop and cut in there. So that's how this a lot of those drops happened and that's why my wife was not aspect but god bless her heart. Now one year was held a year offer. In Reno's job while they used every year they're part of that the you know. I'm excited for large madness we only got we had ten days still selection Sunday now. So we're ten days out from that and then fifteen days out from the first game starting. In it is that time of the year where everybody becomes a degenerate gambler whether you know it or not. The least likely person in your office will be the one that is filling out a bracket and adding along with everybody else and that person will probably win. Your office pool which sucks surveyed actually follows college will basketball. But the reality of the situation is that that's just kind of outlets. You may be wondering working in Cleveland as he's out today. He isn't feeling well he wasn't feeling well yesterday. In before the shows like did we and ideally get to sing on a few big Fella and use night. He did he is. Herder injured Davison herder injured speak. Speech you know just good enough deal doesn't im not ready to go set all right let's go big Fella. Any tough did I yesterday but today. They'll be too much farms and hopefully that tomorrow. Would slapped in the face of your immediate. Yeah actually we do have and if we go to kinda old he's this is all he's here digitally and could see that it dumbest thing I've ever heard. You know what we may have we can do a whole segment this sucks. With cam. Here but not here because I know exactly what Cigna and it's going to be. It it trust me folks at 730. We will have ATM signal whether he likes it or not we'll have a team segment. You'll just be part of the show and nobody is he is a top Romany and shut the hell up. Yup we're gonna have it all folks all right let's get to show on the road we got a lot in store for you today. And I remember was just like yesterday. Today in sports history 1997. Our lives are changed for ever. I mean that's. All of our lives are changed forever on this date in 1997. Yes the end and unveiled. The bottom line on ESPN TU. That little ticker where you get your store your scores in your news. That debuted on this date in 1997. So I think you ESP NT youth. Pro unveiling that I still hold that against you that you rolled out keep overridden in the leather jackets and tried to sell it as a sport center. For us. Today winds today. Every Wednesday its deadly T if Wednesday at 8 o'clock where Alex Robert just do you not your face and blow your mind. With a WTF Wednesday do you have anything lined up for you know we didn't know I usually do I actually line stunt club yesterday and it it's gonna love the new T. It's kind of a Flutie WTO Wednesday and it may be a question about how Donald Trump likes to stake. Maybe some questions up fast food and yes I saw that stage. And I saw that's the mistake. Question nine you're gonna have. And that's and that's ahead sketches that there's been no I think that's the most bipartisan. Thing that's happened all year in terms of outrage your opinions. If there's one thing that can bring both my sides of the aisle together and it is Donald Trump eating a steak with ketchup. So Lola there's about a dozen questions about California aren't that's not. Political that is his team and he has pleaded I don't know anybody needs to stick with ketchup. Maybe some sent we'll find out techsters maybe maybe. We'll be discussing the blazers. Injuries crusty NBA YouTube. To offer up its streaming. For 35 dollars. Is that gonna change the way that you view. Sports and television medium because the court on that in a little nugget on that involving packed on network and by the NCAA sucks and Adrian Peterson. Creative. I'm doing go. Beautiful baby go Michael Beasley had a very gruesome looking injury force you hyper extended to me everybody was was very concerned for him. He flew back to Milwaukee they look at under the and that's the piper notably in the fifth straight game and gave it a little bit high but certainly not. He's been and that's the way the boss reacted to that the way to glory. This obviously very different before sunrise they are email. That is Brian when a horse of ESPN Kevin Durant. They're calling it a hyper extended left knee as he was landed on. Awkwardly. In last night's one it was live and learn new twelve won a weight loss TV wizards in DC. He underwent an MRI. Last night and they say that they know are the results are again. But they're not final. I guess are waiting for the final results this is the calling and hyper extended leave for now but when we're says they need a roster move before sun up this morning. In Oakland that is Matt Barnes you heard announced Crawford's update has been signed they wave Jose called her on who they were bringing in. Great Matt Lawrence fact he's now played for every Pacific division team including two of them twice. You're kidding me yeah. He's live for the clippers twice and though warriors twice now. That. Hey wake up I said wake up he's only good for the kings wanted. You say that could restore is nowhere stress. It just seems like and against twice in the king's rise. That's true year out all of the clippers could have been a draft day trade you know for his I don't remember him ever suiting up. Very close 2004 no doubt they'll be getting well. Yeah play for the clippers twice imaging supplies and the warriors twice Brazil. And he's he's got back to the lakers more time which look that way on other old hostilities here and he'll be an every Pacific division team twice. For the suns the magic the grizzlies and knicks and sixers know I'd get dramatic and our Long Beach jam. Stole the ABA member they try to bring deviate back ideals that it doesn't work. But tears after signing the richest contract in jets history that he released corner Darrelle Revis ESPN reporting net before felonies he's charged with last week from meeting at a couple twenty or twenty year old. Is not the reason why. It had more to get the fact he's 31 and noted fifteen point three million dollars in not as good last year and this. They called Reid a silent you know and everybody lived on my shares so. She'd gone he'll try to land somewhere and be great as a number two corner. This isn't a little bit of breaking news as it is in data sheet after reporting that the New England Patriots will not trade it. Jimmy grapple. They say that now. Until some team does way to not penetrate and so they offer up a top five pick and he goes to somewhere. In the patriots. Start looking for another quarterback also Kirk doesn't know that the exclusive franchise tag and Adrian Peterson Jamaal Charles are officially free agents. And it's not that this is rocket OK. At keeping them out tonight. Let's it was ten or oh my god it's early wake up. Wow. So Sears chains harmless only a season. He kind of in that joint report live. Marc Stein and friend went first saying that in Matt Barnes. It's not just a ten day contract as the rest of the year for full warranty so. This injuries got to be somewhat different. Good news for the blazers. Evan Turner. Said yesterday he will be getting his cast off on Friday. Any hopes return within the week he said when he broke his hands on what February 7. That he's fast healer in that he broke his back and need recovered and like two weeks early from now when he's in college. Yeah that's right nine Dessens. Knees. On the short end of his four to six weeks with his broken hand apparently did they do is mutants and years old and that wolverines. And he heals very fast. So yeah I don't know what this means for the blazers in the long term because of bad news blazer fans and other nights. Another blazer a loss. And that's does this is very restart the blazers wrapped up their post all star break road trip with a rinse and repeat. Frustrations maybe boiling over in the blizzard locker room 55305. That is the tech signed who loves golf Bible three to five vote 1080 as well this is dusting camp. With dusty growth. On 1080 fan. This is. This was still. Today. That's an I don't know. Fascists don't know what to games. That's when news recent news that we're really not that far. Blazers forward Marreese heartless after the trailblazers will news. In overtime to wrap up their three game road trip to start the post all star break run for the trailblazers won twenty to 113 in Detroit. In overtime yet again the blazers in distance and played two times in three overtime periods. And so far this season and that one was stinker in overtime after. A blazers built up an early lead in in the game shooting lights dollars and 60% nearly from the field in the first quarter. Day at a 27 in nineteen lead. After one and then the las the second third fourth in overtime periods and they're outscored. In each of the final three periods in the overtime frame was actually an 114 blaze is only two buckets. In the overtime and as they are handed yet another defeat for the Portland trailblazers. That's two straight losses for the blazers they opened up with that come from behind victory against the lowly Orlando Magic to open up the road trip but. They haven't bounced back very well against Toronto in Detroit. Marie's heart was saying their team games out of the eight and final playoff spot actually two and a half games back that win by Denver their 2733. The blazers now 24 and 35 in not just. In the ninth spot but tied for the ninth spot. As said the Dallas Mavericks. Their win on Monday night we stand to 24 and 35 so they are even with the mavs at at the 24 35 and then Minnesota just sitting. A half game back of them at 2436. And debt letting game and a half back is the New Orleans pelicans at 2337. So as this is this season progressive. Progresses. It's amazing how Marreese heartless is saying you know we're not that far off. From where we should be where we wanna be. In he's right. But at the same token. How many times arena see the same thing over and over again any expect some sort of a different result right. I think we like. Legitimately had this exact conversation a dozen times this season undoubtedly brightly this exact conversation it is been the blazers have been in so many close games this year and we. We are talking about you know at about the midway point of the season. The blazers had had already almost just as many blowout losses as they had the the previous year total. And Howell the optimism. Optimism of last year was that. Hey they're losing the close games you can turn the corner you can eventually those scandals are even in themselves out. This year it is just like how many times we see in the close lost a close us you get so close and then your unable to turn the corner. And last that was a prime example of that as you got those performances that you needed from Damian Miller. And CJ McCollum where Dayne goes off for 35 on thirteen of 25 shooting he's over 50% from the field CJ. With his 25 points is ten of seventeen from the field they have a deep they have a good day from three I think they went about 50% from three combined. Between the two on demos it's a triple bubble which he didn't have an assist further the final 726 of overtime and then. The five RED final 726 of regulation then the final five minutes of overtime. So he went twelve minutes and 26 seconds without getting an assist you know when nine U most of his first career triple double last night. And then. What is it always been. You need that third scoring option he had nineteen points and use of her kitchen and a seven of twelve and kind of shows exactly why the blazers. Felt an assertive bringing in an Allen Crabbe has had a good night shooting. Going five of seven from the feeling gives you thirteen points C had balanced you had a third option you had a guy in double figures out the bench. But it was another new bugaboo for this team which is a turnover disparity that we haven't seen from the trail blazers team. In quite some time as deep turnover disparity was 25. Turn over to the blazers are 24 turnovers for the blazers seven. Her the Detroit Pistons they were minus. Seventeen. In the turnover margin there. At the end of that game in it doesn't matter who we are few minus seventeen in turnovers. In talking to me when amass delegates dad's got his. Given it away into parks no they. Making so much harder or some I was looking battle eleven of the blazers plus fourteen loss of old and single digits. A couple blowouts the eleven lost fourteen Alvin single digits a lot of them. Like six points or lasts two possessions you know they're taking teams of the brain with an inability to close and February short month due to the all star break but February wrapped up with the blazers have a need to win seven record in the month. And that was supposed to be the south part of the schedule right isn't that what everybody was in wind when the tough part of the schedule was common error is like all right. You did to mid January going to be okay right hoping to turn the corner now is when it was like all right when they turn it on February socialite now. And they go to and seven in the month of February and Syria are with you know it doesn't get easier for Portland when you're looking at. Dead the schedule that lays in front of them as coming up tomorrow. Is the Oklahoma City Thunder. And if they have a little bit of their a resurgence going on they won four games in a row had seemed if figured something out that's tough matchup from Portland anyways. And they got Enes Kanter back and say yes even that exist cantor and the road trip Russell Westbrook has become the triple double machine. That he's always been they've been a thorn in the blazer side with or without Kevin Durant so. You know this is a tough time there RJ Tex at 55305. And you know it kind of hits it on the head and says can we just sort colonies blazer losses what they are Wentz there's no reason for this team to win anymore games. And you know I disagree. With that to an extent in net of course there's reasons and for this team to win. I mean they. Is that. For me. Gains like Detroit in games like Toronto. When the team plays room ridiculously hard. They are on the cuss in you're sitting there going they're just a piece or two away right in when you're you're going. There is a light at the end of the tunnel this team is strapped for cash moving forward. Because the moves and you'll chained so how do you get better either make it trade receiver they were able to do to geese have her teacher I think is can be die you pieces the next couple Beers. But. Is it trade value over the as the inflated contracts really that much right what are you gonna get that fur and Alan crab or Meyers Leonard during those guys. Eight nadir trying to deal to team that's in battling the salary cap floor. Near the draft I don't know but if you wanna go with what you know in what is there it is through the draft right. Is getting the eight seed. Gonna get this team better in the long term I don't in I don't think it well. In so that's why save this team plays. Hard they play Tut you see how close they are like they were last night. You sit there and you go hey you can have hope and optimism moving forward. In these in these losses because. A high draft pick could be on the way right and I don't think I'm crazy in that in that line of thinking you never want to you have losing is acceptable and that's like. Tight games hard fought gains the ones we saw Los Angeles there was sun drawn up. Those are important for the seat. Soy is gonna wish for like. The team not to give up with them Dick Teague getting snake bit like they've been all season not written a night in and that's the thing is that no you hope that that happens is whenever indictment. Okay this is just not. The end of the world like it would be last year right what's the theme of the season and has no lightly it is like I said we got as commerce Asian so many times. And people. I talked to you like back home and so Khaled what some of the blazers man looks wrong with the economic you know I don't really know. It are now there's something different every single game and outs is kind of been like you can't close games and they always. They either play well defensively and have a lot of turnovers or they've played what was against the raptors they didn't plan offensively but they played OK defensively like. It's always sub then you look at the roster got this team should be better. In the right there are they are mullah Archos is right the early two and a half games out there are and the launch it that one of the team data on the though the teens should not the other roster when you just look at it compared to the blazers got a would be really fun. Is that teens made the playoffs but it if this team did make the playoffs you know with all that said. Like I I think indeed ridiculous for Princeton to be upset if the blazers were to make a running indeed into the playoffs because that means that you. You're making those strides forward frank EU you were still able to fight your way and in the playoffs but. If you're looking at where they're at right now they are heard what 24 and 35. Right so they've played 59 games of 82 UCF 23 games remaining. It just a naked to 500. In those either have to go eighteen in five. That's he's free to outpace seventeen to six based on the trends seventeen and six. In your final. 23 games just to make it to 508. In if you put that into perspective how does this team get better with the way they're built. If you are in need to go seventeen and six in your final 23 to get she to 500 on the year ranked. In. Which was what 45 games was out last year that gap in the five seed and we mean. Set it at the time we said heading into last season last year is an anomaly in the Western Conference with 45 wins is not gonna get to the five seed nine times out of ten in the last. You know to get to that point you need 21 wins in your final 23 games. Right so in it is that snake bitten year does that snake bitten season where. Do you wanna be. The thunder are a lot like ten games over five under some five games are 500 so. Yeah. I didn't and Addison Texas 55305. And Alex bass golfer twenty years villiers same things every year it's why don't want Saddam to do either. You know and in with Portland I think is different in regards the blazes because. There's these rises. And then there's this the step back years right. In the step back years we sit there and there's this hole that it's close it's close the expectations by the fan base. Rise up by the players and then by the front office and then yet a step back here rape because. As everybody at as this blazers team grows. Everybody else in the league evolves changes in grosans well. And in dad is a hardest thing is. You can't be complacent with a roster that jab you have to keep keep growing in in getting better moving forward. And that's when things at San Antonio does better than that anybody else in the NBA. Is that they're always willing to adapt and change but hold. They're pillars as they commenting Kevin Pritchard had it on the right direction when he called you know he had the three pillars Brandon Roy LaMarcus Aldridge in Greg Oden. Now to misread hellish crumbled. And that's no fault of the Portland trailblazers except for maybe taking Kevin Durant over Greg Oden but we'll have that discussion forever your Portland just like do we Jordan. But you can be committed to a path. In the what happened was out of their control. And now they have two very solid ones in game emergency general Colin. From an offensive standpoint what do you do you moving forward. To help bolster them right to help where's the third guy personable. And how do you make a foundation at those villagers are standing on a little bit more sturdy. And as dead Neil shade take a flyer to chorus this off season. By trying to use count in bank on growth and development of the guys that they have. And this year. We're seeing there were saying it is it would it didn't work and it's not working. But you just said across eleven of their last fourteen loss a single digits right. So they're not as far off as we think they are because we look at the last element of that is some their miles away from where they should be. But it's it they still are. Closer than we think the closer than we think further than what we want them to be. No man's land. And that is that is what you get when you're the eighth and ninth in ten gas in the Western Conference out right there and that's why. You know you want to you have guys that are willing to fight and not give up and roll over in this text. Says when it comes the blazers. Scott mills vs you have to create a winning culture wins are important winners and lose winners and losers list you'd ever want to create a mental and mentality where losing is all right. And I 100% agree with that. And I'm not talking about that from a from a players standpoint or have audio coming up from CJ McCollum a little bit later in the show. That dude is not okay with that Damian Miller is not okay with it we saw frustrations boiling over with those two. And that is what you need definitely wanna see is that it's not sitting well I'm just talking and if you're a fan. In your watching this blazers team the free cow. She and should not be at a point where you and the world is the world is ending. Because this team is locked up for the future would deign CJ analyse guys. In you just a couple pieces away Iraq. Couple big pieces. Right 55305 that is text message. As tax on YouTube make a play for your eyeballs. Are you Biden on it. This is dusty game is Crawford a sports that are. Widespread text either. That's the message of what number. Two or. Diners and five. And so. I can't hear you drilling off and it isn't here I'm here in there we've gone from a lot packing. Most cordless Dexter is now it's 5530. Sly message and data rates may apply just play my number. Or you can go weird that. This is sexual relations on the show good likes to read. Overtaxed. Does stand jam in the morning on 1082 brain of that person actually say that also it's. Does something that he's being discussed over the course of the show today Hillary visit is. Crawford trying to get one of our former interns you know harsher C is sending to live with him. And I like luring him in in my house dad I don't really wanna get in in this right now but he needs to be discussed it does sound like you're luring him into your house and this is how lawsuits start given all we have an open rim in my house remained Abby is moving out of order boyfriends. And happy for as they have up. And but I am an open rim yes some like let me still it was a chill bro there's a there's a part of me that wants this to happen because it'd be kind of like the odd couple. You know on sand yeah but. Yes I do know what you're saying and it would kind of meal like that and luckily I have a spectrum of roommates. And I mean I'd be on one and incur should be in the other and then we have a middle ground and up. Because. One of the things he roommates don't like is this help your cause is a year roommates are kind of cord cutters there and they want to be. Into I cable they don't understand why Crawford needs Eldon the television channels in his house. Because all they need is like the I have cede any day and if an Independent Film Channel. And we can watch the bachelor onyx sanity. On our computer. That's right they they wanna just they don't sound like I wanna go to total millennial and they want to cut the cord and find a new gnome they're parents code to watch it all minor exactly. Well you T may be willing to help you out. Here as. YouTube announced yesterday that they are gonna have a streaming option. In their streaming option and the deal will cover. CBS fox ABC in NBC networks discovery. Viacom. Now Viacom. Is is Viacom like the Nickelodeon sub and I can hear you eating your fish yogurt after the fight I'm sorry I I should I'm passionate and that. ANC. An eight and any. But discovery of icon in seen Haney are not included in this package but. You'll be getting your networks. In the here's the big kicker now what this really is geared towards is sports fans. For 35 dollars a year you can eat your basic news channels are you basic not news channels be basic channels in CBS fox ABC and NBC right. Where the big kicker is is that it will reportedly include ESPN ESPN TU ESPN three ESPN UESPN news. SEC network Big Ten network fox sports one fox sports TU. You know that was a thing and NBC sports network according to Bloomberg News so for 35 dollars a year. Does that negate. Everything every other channel they get if you get channel 26812. Right that's insane and locally here. And then you get all of your sports channels. Is that going to be worth it to cut the court in white YouTube is saying it is in banking on is yes. It well I think pearl lot of sports fans in with a way to sports drive. Viewership numbers in ratings right now I absolutely believe that for 35 dollars. Bad that is way it will get a lot of people that have cut the cord and we've heard how long have we heard. ESPN's. Hemorrhaging viewers because a cord cutters this is a way to get those people back because they'd does people who've cut the cord. They go to Hulu and Netflix and you know whatever avenues other avenues they're all are whether it's Mike slingbox. Which used to and still get ESPN on. But do you have all of these different avenues where the subscribers. Have a way to get it and get it relatively cheap. Right of the bat that. Channels who seemed amazing to me or CSN because locally I wanna watch the blazers and I have NBA league pass like to watch all the games on my. Computer wants the blazers in the blacked out and in this market in less. If CSN. Tested 35 year amid a month. Yeah month are a year and he doesn't even better so yeah gold channels all the bad they just jump out there are there's CSN pac twelve network. You say damn right they're not on there. What did this is an interest in one the pack to a network was not on this release but how about this regional network site CSN. And fox sports has like three or. None those will be included a regional sports networks sexiest and will be included okay the pac twelve network. Was not in this Bloomberg report in the you know we're percent early at the SEC network in the Big Ten network car. Ranked in the ACC network because they're lumped in with the ESPN would would pride being in this is well. But the pac twelve network wasn't in this is a big one for people especially locally because DirecTV subscribers right now I'm looking for way to get. On the pactel networking can't. The actual network already has. A deal with YouTube. Did you know that. Yeah it's called some Els is gay it's it's through an international company whose streams on. On YouTube but. It's not available in the United States. So as zillow is to over 200 countries around the world. Wrap your head around the election of two believes if you live anywhere else in the world. Essentially you can get the pac twelve network through a subscription to you. This year to beat the business. Indie horror kinda hand to hand back to network so I'm wondering if the pack two mobile kind of just try and roll this into you their pre existing. Deal that they have. T get the pack so network on this because that would alleviate. All lot of the issues that the pact on network has right now in we know that X right now you can get. Did you lead the pack to a network is where that's where they wanna be a streaming right. You streaming is what they want that kind of make their mark as but at the problem with that you say you're looking at a nine months. Is that the wave of the future and if UT is making it so they can package all of the deals together. And they can have it where ESPN and fox sports are wrapped into this in year networks like ABC fox and NBC. Then. There's a there's a danger that'll be more worth it so hopefully the pactel now or get some work are you willing. Tick up to court and go digital ago 55305. That is the tech sign a lot of really good feedback coming in this is testing camp. And our. This news dusty can jam in the morning on 1080. Around the yeah. Yeah all tied 55305. Are sexual relations a unique and Gordon's speed cutting the cord yeah because. You teams offering 35 dollars a month yeah. In it'll give you. All ESPN networks. Including SEC network all the fox sports networks including fox sports too which is apparently thing. In the Big Ten network. It'll give you CBS fox AB CNBC networks. The regional sports networks from boxing Comcast. And in this and this is where gets a little area. And this Texas and what about TNT and TBS. New. As an issue for me dozens are on there because I watched I mean you go watch a lot of baseball knows I watched NBA playoffs like him think about this though I mean that's. India plans NCAA tournament that's right because guess what drugs you in fifteen days you're gonna have to be. A become accustomed to where true tedious. Threat there's going to be a lot of people that are upset that in practical jokers as an on. 24 hours today on true TV DL a lot of people are gonna be upset about that and pay you know what that's chills funny. You'll think so. I'll watch him that Joseph makes me laugh out loud at least once per episode I got things to deal there's very few shows where I can be guaranteed. A laugh out loud moment. In practical jokers will give me one of those moments every single time because it reminds you of like being with your idiot friends. In doing things dear media friends I Dahlia I never actually watched I would hate. No don't hey you try it don't knock the teacher you should I tell you were the open minded millennial here all Yasser Soriano wants Elantra TV eight K. It's a game apology accepted. This Texan I factory a classy paying a 35 dollars a month. Be still got to pay that eighty for the Internet service and that is that data is the one that. I think is getting a lot of people here. Internet service is still gonna have to go through like Comcast or century and to gain Internet service in and year going through streaming service for your television. You can't get a cut rate Internet. Because that streaming while will be horrible. In so will it balance out make it worth it at 35 dollars through pain like let's just say. Seventy because we're getting on the tech sanity 64. Internet some people are paying eighty for Internet so Disco seventy dollars if you think seven dollars for Internet in 35 a month for. It did this year to stream are you really coming up that much on top. Yeah you're not. Yeah not because you're not in TNT. You not in the Discovery Channel. You you can just get all those extra ones you're essentially like an extra ten to fifteen bucks a month. I think this is a good start I I think and right from the get go I think it's a little too good to be true because I. You can negotiate your Internet whiz Comcast down to like fifteen if you you know play hardball with lemon thyme or walkway but. He's still he's still pain like fifty plus the 35 is 85 and I pay for my bundle deal right now to sneeze cynically with 140 channels plus Internet 87 you're still you're right there at eighty cell and it is against our I would like to see more this. I don't I think people's concerns about the offering and you know enlarging YouTube streamed to you sixty is flood screener overblown they've. By offering in like streaming services in you even YouTube would die and stuff is pretty pretty damn good now like if it's not like. For five years ago when you would largely Eugene screen to a TV it would look all grainy you know what I mean yeah like I've watched some. Really high quality. I've liked that music be as a nineteen year at Washington movies on YouTube on. It's it's fine it looks good does those concerns are overblown but I think price lies it's it's still right in there was like your basic cable Internet package from. At least in our market Comcast or semi while century link I guess the F. What Internet providers are are out there that. Our chief I don't now. I know my only options and my neighbor that are. Comcast or center link and they're both the right are on the same price and that that kind of sucks SX for everybody right. Yeah I don't know what else is there they'll. No yet in this century it is 35 a month it's not 35 year I said 35 year the first time in it's not. Is not 35 years 35 a month. In that is it's going to be tough but for a lot of people. This one says. Did you do portico. I did this for the pac twelve network alone since DirecTV doesn't happen. Owner how many people would be willing to do that is a pactel network in this and they were. I'm wondering if the pactel network has considered more lesser result now we're because of its coverage is carrier ship. But they said that we carry all the regional networks I CSMC dear blazer games on their. But in. This should be thing this may be the big bonuses for some where people might be able to do this just during basketball season right. If you get the YouTube subscription in your DirecTV subscriber in currently you can't get the blazers if you have DirecTV right. You can get the YouTube to stream blazer games in the blazers season and then during the offseason mill meet Qaeda in you go I think that that's what a lot of people would deal. With the with a service like this but it's is that it is the pac twelve network. We talked about this earlier they have a carrier ship internationally which everything is streamed on YouTube for international. Subscribers. Not domestically not here in the US so got a modem we think that they would police in my my thought is that. Pact to never concede this opportunity kind of trying to roll themselves into it and roll that pre existing contract into you. But domestic. Carrier ship as well but his mood of the Caribbean until. It's right. That's right. I'm DirecTV but I can't watch anything I want on the factual because I have my. But I can watch anything on the pack two because that may friends I'm guessing they'll that's why do you know do you dat. I know a lot of able to do that and when my remains an hour discussing cutting the cord that was brought up we can just gather around different people's law against it maybe I don't wanna do that like dad takes. I wanna beat this might sound like lazy now that's like a lot of effort and then your friend the mice which there email and you gotta be bad guy hitting a different friends for different things. You know like. The convenience of and I I am knowledge a pro cable pursing that I I think to this streaming stunned as the future and I'd like to seek a greater shift all Clark packaging like this. The convenience of just having a cable box and turning it on and having your menu right there and that's it in its bundled the Edward all these different things you know to hook. HDMI cord in your laptop back Indians is really nice and it's worth a few extra bucks for sure Bre. It has the big one and this is why I don't think Agassi ever see myself doing is C news has four seconds left tie game load on the inbound makes one T three news the shop for the land. By offering. Not taking that risk. Last night I had a moment almost identical to that. Because I DD RD game because I was expecting package Drummond happened in the game to be a extended out. So I even did the extended the game half hour. On CSN DVR. And I fast forwarded. And do you know when I finally caught up to the game. Two point eight seconds left in the game. And dated there is did Detroit called that timeout before their final shot regulation. In that is where I I caught up at the exact if I had started. Thirty seconds later. I would miss the final possession. In had to go live in Manila what happened. But I got so lucky in that I started to gain exactly what I did was able to fast forward through it. Not even my way my extended DVR I need to go an hour on the moral of the story. Always extended an hour is you never know when you're I don't you never know what's gonna happen I don't have DVR actually but. You don't now sees everything you watches live yeah I'm plywood that. DVR for this would be one thing that I DA's gonna stop a lot of people from doing it. You DVR sports stuff. Well all I mean for EG RO XY share those shows. Like shows but because they give you going net flicks like Hulu hasn't relatively I have promptly yeah I have Hulu also I don't have Hulu purse eyeball when I was truck. Of course it hourly want to watch workaholic so I was drunk like a year ago and I got a yearlong Hulu subscription all great decisions avenue Joan Crawford. I'm so happy I have had that's a center. But did those episodes come up like the next day is a 24 hours yeah out Erica and also a experience on demand still like. Once again reverend saying the show I like workaholics. They come up with a 24 hours on the air isn't like Dick Comedy Central. I just want to the next day at DVR is what's going to be pulling a lot of people back on this. This person says PlayStation here as a places and yet has all sports channels in TNT TBS TNT USA discovery but you know it's just 35 PlayStation right. Imus who. But you PlayStation for that. I knew would say yes Seattle. Be big one don't have that follow wait neighbors and has said just remember your friends passwords. On the guy whose people they have my password. So all gone my studio my computer phone watching a mile up top. Oh it's like other recently launched keeping up with the card Asean's cocktails with Chloe. Sisterhood of the traveling pants it's cocktails Chloe it's a cart ashy and spin off with clay court as Sheehan on this thing and then I'll I keep giving those people. Well I gave boatloads of money. They say why keep giving those people your password. Now now the Kardashians are yeah. Like there's like eight shows about the Kardashians now. I'm yadier was like Corning Khloe take Miami was on there so that's I'm reminded that other people in my tasker. Well. I girls I don't know a single person that is eight he steeler out of this passwords. Well I just let people have a one time in and he won them it's gonna change it to put a middle finger oldest freeloaders. And he shed. As issued at least is in making give Houston some money you know buy me lunch right 55305. That is Tex and a lot of really good feedback will start. And Guenter even more that the warrior suffer Massa said backed out does Kevin Durant injury changed lazy man's mind on one that AT this is dusty camp.