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Dusty and Cam - 2.23.17 - Hour 2

Feb 23, 2017|

Blazers expectations for the "2nd half," college hoops on the mind, and old school cartoons.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Thanks for listen to dusting camp podcast brought to you on the fanned by your local less Schwab tire center do the right thing since 1952. This is dusty and jam in the morning when I say should we. Slams us use our. Permitting yeah it does you camera thing again. Check me. And jam yeah I almost going to battle to hold myself good daytime women's groups had a gusty and jam in the morning on 1080 I love yeah. Dan. 555305. That is Tex signed a deer came Cleveland there's 26 games left in the regular season for the Portland Trail Blazers they currently sit ten games under 500 at 23 in 33 on the air. They're two games out of the eight seed in the Western Conference they're also. Two games out of being. The third worst team in the entire Western Conference. With the trade deadline expiring in just under five hours from now. Where do you see the Portland trailblazers finishing in the Western Conference exactly where there. You do silly do you see them at eleven probably around eleven I think Norway and I think the world ones will jump them I think Dallas will jump them. Sacramento will not Sacramento will fall some older men are helpful also a little dull one spot in the eleventh in the guest. I guess pretty safe I mean I don't know the safest what I it's what in my opinion is but that's kind of what the blazers Ari if if they haven't changed their attitude effusive Dirk is gonna get them what to. Let's say he adds three to four wins extra for for this distraction. Three to four wins extra. Does that put you above where you need to be does it gets in the playoffs now in this is the deal here is that we see here in the report said Jason quick had them before they all star break and Al farouq Aminu coated in playoff game. He would be able to go against Utah he will not play again tonight against the Orlando Magic on the road start. A quick little road trip of out of the all star break. If that is what we're gonna see more of where for guys not know 100%. He's not plan then I think that we can CA slipped further than just the eleventh seed in those three to four wins are negated by. If have a Evan Turner's out like what four more weeks I Evan Turner's out my bigger question is is how much is this ankle still gonna affecting me a little math and where where he beat. In this final stretch of the years he gonna continue to play through the pain because I. From what reports are we don't know he's not gonna sit there and tell you I have problems but he you know what it is bothered him that's understandable. I wonder what the L server did for him because he he did say you know the week. The weekend prior to the ulcer brick and had that long gap is taking other ankle still is bothered him in that right ankle injury and if that is the case you know. Well what is that you're not gonna get back and sit down and don't care on on on what you're doing he he will not sit down enough. On but defensively. Especially in the short term if you're Oregon and mean new inner Evan Turner gone to. You know or turner for former weeks and how wrong I mean his left knee sprain is out. We saw that he concede to you talk is not an explosive offensive team. In dame made the blazers made Utah. Look like they were in the rockets man I gave you the 11188. In the game didn't even see that club who's your best defender now if both win. Chief and Evan Turner out there's a risk vendor payment. You have probable not Arnold Archos Archos that it's more okay. It's no heartless and then yeah you prize look at that. Ed Davis. On. And then CJ McCollum. We're guessing and her kitsch. And that's not this has been here a week I don't that I mean it is it Damian Miller is it Meyers Leonard. No is it Knowles on my own. No no I'll tell you know no it's not Alan Trevor pat content. Now right so yeah I it that's really you look at it is it's probably. Restart lists and Davis then see Jim Cole. I think we'll know a lot you don't you know honestly I I believe that we're gonna know a lot about this team within the first week about what direction that not only the leadership is pointing the map. But within these first few games in knowing that it's gonna be a four does that he's a 4 o'clock start West Coast time yeah. Yet there economic East Coast. East Coast and where you go 4 o'clock and then you play at. 3 o'clock on Sunday. And then need at 430 on Tuesday yes right I think we'll pick up really quickly and the energy of this team you know where its heart is. If they feel like it it's been given up because if reports are everybody's been taken phone calls. That there are guys that are on the trading block both Alec crowd you know hey man I was out there being shopped at Davis knows I mean chopped. All of these guys are gonna be our succumb to that and the true emotion as a player of do they really want be here then what are my plane for I mean that's going to be a lot of the so we're gonna see this emotions from this team if she were there. Very quickly it's going to be quite obvious and and we yeah I think we may know eat if not tonight I don't know of tonight will be the measuring stick but I think we'll know Sunday. You know when you have Toronto now and you've got a team that is cruising curtain looking in the playoff standings in the Toronto Raptors. Are sitting there in short they seem a little bit a slide in. In their standing in the in the Eastern Conference now that Washington is has jumped and for the three seed Daryn a dog fight still trying to scratch and claw to get up to you that the TC did it again. In the Eastern Conference so yeah will Knoll one mile real soon but as this texture says you know. Does it really matter. Now. And that's the thing is that mattered to fit fans heard the players TD overall. Staining of this team this year. And the in the grand scheme of things I think Denver. Is good enough to hold off Portland. And I think New Orleans is is good enough to lead Portland. Right as you said so I think there we're seeing they're looking at eighteen when human people are asking does it really matter. But these guys are still gonna care Baird they're still gonna care about. Big game and they're not gonna roll over and quit but. I look at this team and in if it is you're looking at bears and there's no way they're gonna be getting into the seven CC you're gonna get gold seam that he did get to since he do you want San Antonio right and this is in the lottery team this year dog. I guess if you look at it that way I mean that's that's the realistic point of view is that this team is probably not good not even compete in the in the playoffs. Much less make a dent to any one of those teams ranked at the top level so what other choice you have. What's the emotions of the leadership of this franchise same right now to their guys was Terry Stotts aim of these guys is he saying guys. We're not good enough to make it to the wealth absolutely not physique is is the leadership saying that. Under their breath. Well why shouting to everybody you sit there and you're gone and while shopping everybody even that's a day job is of course job is to get better. But no you're sitting there you're going. In a few not a 100% were not gonna I gonna play. Ranked so sit name sit no Al farouq Aminu. Well those guys get a healthy yes and Damian Miller I think we know that about him in his career who says what the coach says a man you you can't. If you're not. A percentage right which is always hard to give us a summary gives you know I'm 80% coach will that eighty per with the 80% you know we're not in town. I don't know if you he's given the percentage options there. Thank you Disco I need is going to tell you I got a decision I don't I don't everywhere coach not test the looking for a tough time on the board. In and drop everything at a time and try to get something out of them right now. I don't envy that that's what it takes a deep mean that takes a coach that has something. Some internal fortitude to be able to handle the pressure what it's like is everybody's jobs on the line in May make it easier for Terry Stotts though. TC debt. You know he'll be easier to coach a group of guys that want to push for the playoffs then if he says they're similar in age he couldn't if he can see it. In this is more on the players and anything else. They have an and then to make that push into the playoffs and didn't want to grind it out. Because as you said we'll know really quickly I think what the tank philosophy righty how many people are chanting tank and a lot at how many you're doing that I'm net I never a pro take because that gives a bad culture to your team but also your your fighting for something that's not even there yet. You're taking for something that's not even there. You're taking on on on opportunity. The locker on a lottery pick yeah that you don't know that can work out with the need to play with what you have in front of you no doubt about it that that is an angle that you most about protest you're hoping for something that's not even a real. But what I will say is that. If you don't have guys that are are ready did fight in go to the eight spot in the playoffs makes Terry saw some a lot easier because the years now what job every minute what player you gonna draw up. That gets them motivated to go and do it that's on them man and you can tell that big east big guys aren't in it there's nothing Terry Stotts condone there's also nothing to do the two. Even though your pro you still need motivation don't. You still need motivation from your coach just because your pro. Get up every day doesn't mean you don't need that leadership murmured top brass knew you need it you know pray that you wanna you want the stability in there and when you don't have the stability you turn in the Sacramento in that is why noon. Is is a really an important time. His is they're gonna be a deal like can be done to give this team is sparking a left. Rank is they're gonna be a spark and a lift back in and dean get the seemed Golan which may not before short term success in a playoff run this year. But can vault T towards being a better team in 2017. Right. Next year right 55305. That is the text line. You can give us your feedback. Impair incredible comebacks I think college Jews including the ducks who may have the most clutch guy in the country right now. You know because vast volume and testing came on the Fed. This isn't just a gem in the morning and ten AB plus and for. Tied 553. We have people fired. Airline. Have some pride in all out like initiate take it is not and Damian Miller it's vocabulary we never said the blaze we'll take it. That's so far ally mentality the reality of it is that they're ten games under 500 and they're not in very good team. Blazer fans caddie is the reality of this team. Right now we take I wanna I was an M one Abrams. Drive that to work every day. The cruiser right down I five in and I don't take that I have and Ali that's going green besides the color of the tank so Mike Walters so Jack there can probably. Make it work on bio diesel we a volatile on diesel I can be cool. That's a tank round on diesel of course I didn't know I just I have never really thought about what fuel. On power seat tank. I don't think about I'm guessing sorry I'm not a military guy. Hadn't put the presuming it's it's peaceful. A lot more torque in diesel engines in our gas engines. Aren't mean. I was and assuming like it was like Cole hit it let you bet you wanna talk about your way and I want them wrong and I wanted to Abrams Abrams that content exactly man. The deal this. You much any college vast loss at great night in college hoops it lives. I know are written the GO get really mad. That's all I saw the worst game of the night everybody's talking about Rick Pitino because he's a bug her little guy that's in brothel still not in trouble hey. All throw this one up their free Rick Pitino. He can make things go away. He's got ties somewhere he could be he mafia also right there I I don't tell again I challenge you to find the press conference. Where he blamed 9/11 for his affair. It'd be O says did I remember that he did that in a press conference. You can not find audio or video of it anymore. It's done it's been scrubbed from the Internet you're really good lawyers know you get things out from the Internet man. Except for Rick Pitino. How does that happen it's connected like. Connecting that wasn't likely that wasn't my great lawyers can have a cell phone video goal a right this is up pressed. Conference where he Blake like goodness major news outlets were rare covering it. He blamed 9/11 into tip. Anywhere it was an emotional distress the medium dive into another guy's arms that's right on his brother die now all of them hit. I believe it was hill's brother in law. His brother of the dorm that the brothel was being run out of named after that brother yea and he I think he perished in 9/11 I did not know right and that's might well that's my speculation now what the fans said to him was something about that you're pitino might hold on that's no wild speculation that that's completely wild completely like I have no idea what that fans and he's overreacted -- would look did you sit and William man snapped our guests coming about his mom and Wyeth or maybe he's brother dying obtain relevant. It's not. It is not been a good 48 hours for Italian coaches. Dealing where everybody else Ariel don't think yeah with a college tackle and 48 hours I feel very confident throwing that one out there. Do with it what you may but Calipari locking away from is supposed to move in oil rising coaches in all of college basketball it. Okay tank judges who have had winds vacated. In the last decade is not been a good time for them to be heckled by fans but that was the worst game. Of this late last night was number seven Mobil Ers number eight North Carolina. In Chapel Hill where North Carolina once every 463. There is say. Is part of that Neil double header that ESPN ESP NT had. You had. Duke. The tenth ranked team in the country apparently that's a big win for Syracuse a bank shot buzzer beater reached out. He they freaked out. Is accused you a lot of titles are they above storming the court I don't know sir yes court I know why they are. To be about storming the court I believe that there's only a couple places you should be able to storm the court or the field one place is Kansas. Anytime you beat anybody. Football not basketball. Other than an hour and a free shall I don't think you should storm the core of the storm the court and in fact I believe it is a fine for storming the court it is. It is and a lot of them. Done that in its bat is is still a news team they have man. And Syracuse if you don't deceive dormitory that McClintock you know they tell the knowledge feel how he feels about but I also love how all the sun that is like this incredible win for Syracuse even though. At duke is ranked tenth. Didn't they suck like two weeks ago and now it's integrated am right in colleague appeared locker room in Jersey state on. In now me and I said Allan good gaze back is kicking you to contribute a threat but. Aid this is a Duke Team that scrape past week forest. And they beat Virginia. On the road it's great Platt past Clemson. And then they did beat North Carolina like those third or memory more recent games it's not like they've been they've turned the corner of turned into this like supremely team again. It's the Los beaten Syracuse won on a bank shot over now a six loss Duke Team. That many believe isn't deserving of a top generate another very talented. Sienna that game which I was like yeah here we go. I'm back in it I like college sheets and then right after that. Bill Walton gets on the call on ESPN TU org inning cal Berkeley school fault is old yes bill. In the sixth ranked ducks down in Berkeley. Have the most putrid first half that I've ever seen from airing team. And I do not I mean it was bad. Cal played really good defense. But organ. Scored sixteen points in the first half near that's a really bad at that is twenty minutes of basketball all right twenty minutes of basketball you in I don't I think they went what four and a half minutes before they made their first field goal. From ECB didn't mean a little wake up call. Well they got that wake up call because in the second half they scored 52. Points. In their down by as many sixteen points in in a wing on it Dylan Brooks buzzer beater. To beat cal 68 to 65. And as concerning as that first half was for organ the fact that they were able to snap out of it on the road. Dylan Brooks may be did. Eat well I think he probably is the actual player beard Alonso ball mark helpful tool probably when it because they're gonna be in a one takes. Bad d.s got ice water on through his veins in he'd hit a buzzer beating shot to vault oriented. Tee downwind. In those two games back to back then hooked me man I'm I'm more I'm meaning college Basque. Yes see I I'm not just in with college basketball I'm in for tournament time and and were talking actual tournament that's what I'm that's for me that's what I'm ministers start the island and how wanna see the way. Bill Brooks steps lovers is that everybody. In that situation when your plane when it means something because the regular season for me it there's no. There's no consequence for the regular season I believe it feels like it's just a bunch of pre season games. Yeah in the pac twelve and when conference championship shows up that's when I think the teams really start to get interest yeah I but it what I do you like about isn't Mino were. Two more regular season game yes it's closer to narrower in. Your act twelve. Com where the nexus got Stanford and organ state and then you know. But the boasting that is getting me is that now that we know we begin teams are. Mean there's a lot of jockeying for position like Villanova dale Austin Butler in they got swept on the season was about last night. The regular season means so little but you're starting to know is like concede the flaws of them in the adjustments are there where. Now that the pack two earned the conference tournament times gearing up. On the hook man in organization funded team to watch. They played their shot blocking team Bayard an outside shooting team they've gotten. Electric players and scores in bill Brooks in Tyler Dorsey Dorsey had a rough night last night many get Jordan bell interest V shape your shot blocking machines and they're fun team to watch and now the regular season's winding down. I'm hooked oncology it's man do we think anybody that teams this is a big eye in the sky question though. Do we think that the team that wins the pac twelve. Championship. Do think that's a one seed guaranteed now not guaranteed nearly so out Villanova losing last night I think it makes I think it makes a one seed. In that yeah. But the hardest part about that is by Arizona if you're working getting by Arizona and UCLA. Deservedly so yeah I think that's so that's a true once he got the gauntlet run yet we Villanova losing. You begin their third loss that opens it up a lot. In the end the fact that whoever comes out of the pac twelve. We'll have a win over Arizona UCLA or Oregon or cheated you know it theoretically could be two of those there. Teams coming out of pactel tournament. Yeah I do think that. You may see once you bet. What the interest in part will be. Is Gonzaga goes to goes during the season in their thirty. CC tournament. In their completely unbeaten who gets the west's number one loading with. Well days guide that that they weren't the number one overall series in a one seed no matter what what I know but yeah. The high but what you're thing in the west I get you in the west have debated the team that they'd selection committee feels is the better team will be the number one re seed in the west. Has Inzaghi have played enough to schools and have enough quality wins. I think despite their history. The term that they will give it to. I just think despite their history regards Agha no matter what they play a couple of tough games per year but that they've run the table they're undefeated they're literal one team in the nation. They'll get it. But the selection committee when they unveiled their rank is that didn't seem to think that there than in my team in the country on it does not opinion if it's UCLA and Arizona. I think they have more history and who deserves it more who's sure certainly pactel TS in Nene have more history adding in Baghdad yet in in recent history. Mean organist in the elite eight last just last year. You know so I think that it in that Sidney. They're really get this they're not gonna send them to the east that did the cup they would never do that. Well no they went yeah they would you think so they're gonna Symbian look if you have a once they would be in the east because you're gonna put a you know from the right if you're talking like. In mid west or south. If there isn't a team from there yeah. Why wouldn't you eat seeds make image TC. I think they would probably put amended to seed in the west before they make one in the south. Now. No no I don't think that you day Iraq and many did. But that that'll be the dummy that eloquent part about guessing there's no logic to it half the time because 68 teams. And half the time you do know there's only about seven of them they're gonna win the title now six wolf. And with Villanova losing though that opens it up to you there's a lot of if you look at. The top sixteens are now grenade PR. Gains Agha West Coast. On the love East Coast midwest Kansas and then you have West Coast West Coast West Coast in Arizona UCLA and organ. But whoever wins the ACC tournament you're pregnant one seed from there. And then down at midwest so that a Kansas. Who knows what happens in with these this outrageous because those are those going to be tough ones to try and fill out. Oh and also. Kansas won there. Kansas one of the big twelve the thirteenth time in the regular season is an impressive or else it is impressive still. Regular season titles in a meaningless regular season sport mode. ID two I think that's still Rican day tied UCL word that we owe mr. Most regular season titles ever in a row. They tied EC LA also there are a lot of good things there since it's still to be relevant again it was Kansas basketball yet it's still prism and the driving the number two team in the country and and become the AP rankings this week and I its throwback Thursday folks we're going way back in the Tennessee machine the first is Scott to a sports that are. This is just jam in the morning on 1080. Well we're gonna talk about underrated eighties movies and actors here. We're talking in the break about commercials how proud. Our commercials cartoons. During the commercial break. In you said that there's a show called amazing what's it called the testing the world's Gumbel amazing world of gum ball. And it is deep. I don't know what is happening here but cartoons. In our remember my parents saying this. But cartoons have gone down hill and in her Currie you in this is like one of your kid's favor Julia does is this is right there with the most memorable cartoon in their repertoire. What ever happened to. You know cartoons is trying to kill each other. You know gee I'd show with Tom and Jerry Tommy on the theory Tom and Gerri. Time bill looney tunes. Jury is ridiculously violent like. We knew Susan Lewis doesn't nature had to do and I'm sitting around on. Wow. And cherries that. But people like that's sending that message that no island Tommy Jerry never made me wanna kill anybody and I watched a ton of it went out actually I did to roadrunner and Wylie coyote classic you know when I fall 181000 foot cliff five bounce right back alchemy company making all kinds of stuff the whole point of that. Those two cartoons. Was murder Elmer fud in Bugs Bunny you. Murder. But you know Utley quiet. In nineteen minutes it was great. Thought I was stink. Known that's called the restraining order to 2017 would have Phillip Hughes trending in that board cat you know right. That could you cheer every decent tied at least you can sustain yourself in front of a judge because that. So the reason why this is so significant is because I think every generation has that huge memory. Of what your cartoons work in what it was it how it formed you in New York like you said I watch that crap ton of Tom and Gerri rank loony toon sets like it was. She's after everyone knew you rate Wright did woody wood pecker all the easings there were were just they're awesome. And I guess everything that I saw the foreign Meehan to the what you do Alam today. That's right your schedule lacked a doodle in that through. Well as you go to you all. Of course is scotus transformers. Or is more than meets the you're a transformer way there's two there's two cartoons that come to mind of of my life doubled that died it was. You have to have the action figures in you had did you had to have that it transformers is number one store when I got devastate her for Christmas. The like it was a richest kid on the planet. Devastated where the construct accounts that were all children together the second number two. And scheming and I went show the kids email the other day and there's other wrong when he met him he loaded anonymous the very muscular men running around in underwear. Strengthening that's really what are well that's right do what's the com I think he would it's alive and it's underwear Olympics is a live action I like the man you know prints out and turning and he meant to be able to throw the sword and then run around in in here underwear. And writing cap prince Adam is I can. She read it wouldn't really call do you. Everybody no that was he meant when you do you call ago. Nerd to you eat he may end user shredded and certain news nobody stack guy like pellets or was great that he's man. That's a hole or. Other comp sales and Els and argue document by the way no pleasant yet I would not get Aaron that was not get and be the the conversation they go to though is the same thing I go with back to Superman. Thank oh we did know Clark Kent to Superman or the super friends and world expected the hall of justice that we and that was they did see now that's. That's the desert right no let's go leak yet the leak giggle well see browns from the wonder twins. Wonder twins power we see this form of I don't know more hair on my head EU and I have to say it's different cartoon profiles of like my hair on it I don't even know he man was until I grew up watching like the nickel I'll I grub in the Roland gold needling Nickelodeon guardians like dog. Rocker as modern lives angry beavers. Hey Arnold rug rats is an old stand Miley is there never flashy consistent. Never classy consistency obviously I don't let go a year era of car teens did what they opened the door TD crap arrow which is now all of that essentially on day when the door to crap like well honestly you know I and you did know you can easiest transition. From Tom and Jerry. And then at Tom and Jerry transitioned into you. Oh I don't know. Which would like to Tommy juries and wiley coyotes in all that the simple looting art softening up a little bit more and went to you yell like. Looney tunes they ship what was the in maniacs. In and that was softer version and then he went to U. Rug rats and stuff. Which. Went even softer and now we're Intel really did and it was sponge vol whatever this which I aid. Sponge Bob white got paid ons like Madonna's got to laugh about times who what was yours you reminder about five to know your about ten years behind me and I are behind me yen eight years behind you I think eight. 830 DO almost 330 god I was a big. As a big fan of the Jetsons of course the Jetsons Scooby Doo golf course Scooby Doo that's timeless right spirit together BIs to everybody likes the media I would hope so as a big grin. And currents that just sovereign instantly I was Princeton he can't. Biden I'm that was more like a bill that the first adult cartoon Ren and stimpy was like you're going to be just about anything go right you're gonna crash as a whole other as well as children will be of and but then Tom and Jerry was a big one for me again remember watching Tom and Jerry is my dad just laughed in my whole lot of office so. Yeah. But you don't know and probably my top three and then I got into like dark queen dye in duck tales out Taylor sells a lot of details excellent. The one with balloon in rescue Rangers know hullabaloo balloon OS narrows the red army Rangers got his tee alienating some tales then tailspin. Here's back then. Here's the other thing you choked up because that's where I didn't know that because there are valued as ever back Thursday. I think too because cartoons were so you had to be so patient when to a near in my era and and for cartoons cartoons are so readily available there's it would of their five channels just for them at all times. And it's always there it was Saturday morning meeting was the greatest it was the greatest feeling when you're going up. If they got so excited to wake up and have your bowl of and he occasionally I would get a bowl of Honey Nut Cheerios in my house that was the that was the that was the spoiled kids at that you're getting if you're lucky we get great nets know. Now Canada is corn flakes is what my mom always bought Keizai gets a money materials are right sneak some. A cookie crisp in India in the pool I'd make I'd sneak it in. Q can I get up and have a whole bull and I'd sit. And I'd watch the cartoons of service Saturday morning cartoons. He was he was just that now just bear at or that we came home. Hay was 3 o'clock from 3 o'clock to 430 was your time. He didn't have pause in every wind and heavy DVR. You had to get in that death squeeze that's having your dad came home recent I'm watching the news now. He ruined the rest of the night. That was it now it's just how it's gone too accessible. He like this guy GI Joseph G edge goes GI Joes snake eyes. In humid I had the tank no I didn't think when you. Do you Saturday morning the greens still exist no literally no it's pretty well today I they do but it's not not the same yeah I'd you can watch cartoons on Saturday mornings Shearer. Right I don't know. Of course what's cartoons it 1 of the morning now. Yeah the old man women's in the mid settle around the a little slim instances there's some good stuff there's some who Gimenez on Netflix. Yeah he minions on another miserable Dina cartoon rocket power and let's not you guys rocket our. Rock he got the rock rocket power at all you don't even know that is no idea bring it like this surf skate. Carts in. Now we are ride like this person I tried showing my kids looney tunes once but Elmer fud gets shot exactly constructed of its. British. Guys that's one every said. Today the credit Yad that was. But but that's. You know that that job is gazes in BDC gay do off the card team from say SNL as days that we have court. Yes we did are you mention transformers the greatest cartoon done. By far no that's thing and my daughter now watching old Tom and Jerry and a little while back. In my wife locked in stick blood is going on here does Vegas summing Gerri it's a cure aids is something very literally right is that happen. Be. Like a meat tender riser yet to ride on their head. Stop the head out from in he had led little spikes on it being imprisoned spice on the head and then he does beat them in the mouth and does. Right there in issue is that he has his own wire you guys what's is only sure it is tricked and it's what's wrong with a 200 man. Was wrong in the protests. Going on at 55305. Childhood cartoons what are we missing here. Does he came on the. This is. Dusty and jam in the morning and gone to an eighty's Nelson and. We got a pair of tickets CD Portland to golf's February. 24 226 at the yearning conventions I'm talking about for a strike you know go. I would love to go. I'm allowed to go until the tickets maybe the winner can take you in. I need somebody to there's green retail space at the show for everything for your bag clubs apparel shoes accessories bags in equipment all of at unbelievable prices went prizes at the little creek casino long driving key. A lot bill and read short game challenge from more information go. Or go to purchase tickets good new Portland golf show dot com color. Number by the 5032501080. Is gonna get a pair tickets to the Portland Russia that's 5032501080. You'll be going to the Portland I'll show February 24 through the 26 at the organ convention center. Here's a hint Korea. It opens tomorrow Gil early that's on the good given prizes are there and you know you show up early. And dale have all their church goody bags that's right you did did I get remembered often got going on there and he did nights a few of an even heard of before. Apparently folks gonna do this I just become very nostalgic since last yeah you talking cartoons it's been wonderful you know one that that is popped out Johnny quest from the sixties man. It was a good show very good show as good show in this verse as well. The little's this person said the little soon now when threw me back. That you that you probably don't remember the little's I don't remember the little the they were little people with tales too but they lived in their own if you lived in the houses and they had. Little cars and planes and it was skewed views we are the little's a we did it threw me back. The great we'll show member pro SARS. With Bo Jackson we were asking Michael Jordan only on the Euro little old for that value Qaeda and I don't miss ever dueled clamoring about it. But I remember watching that his it was just it was a terrible cartoon but I watched because it was Bo yeah Jordan Gretzky. Right it's Alec when they had the WWF cartoon when it was the end Roddy Roddy Piper and only bogey and all the guys had that was great cartoon to return to make things like that wonderful who's captain planet captain planet. Earth water and earth or water fire and water earth fire wind water part yeah. Heart that's who has. They're bred throw hard and their Aussie beef here because there seaside it is being played in wind and fire early nineties to early what was the bad guys name. It was a bad guy's name. Thanks something sludge your idea. Sergeant slides large in sludge that meant something like that inspector gadget also get on. Like kids now when you say go go gadget arms they they're zero idea like look on their face. At the bull as go go gadget yes he does. John S and into who people really does 553 or five that is Tex and I hate this is just taking down there are so many old good cartoons. Done if there isn't any good ones anymore that's what I'm saying everything's been done you know. Then I think we made just need to sit down and watch a few more of what you had done was it just this year you know amazing world Gumbel yeah not. Not get well. Does not look this is what this great we got now is what are kids out as one dad said Mike my kid watches YouTube people more than watches cartoons. Turn them off to give them to. But. Volt strong Paltrow bull Tron is not it apparently. Is is a big one for the people and then kids exiting in shark though apparently the new version of commentary. And well known that those are people. But the classic cartoons man. Their knees why we image where we bring put Simpsons where would you put the Simpsons and adult adult adult and right there with. With the other two dozen Stanley and American Dad! rate in the adults you know range why don't we have a cartoon channel like at mall and community Cartoon Network but I'm talking like Urlacher school jag are used to there used to be more than I used to have the super friends on the east revealed. There was classic Willie. Goodness you have Tom and Gerri time I think they're still is it's at noon is still watch it yet but they need to have Michael channel. Have been ten is a newer ones too acute drug suited but that's actually older here's a throw back. Bruce Barnum shining in pro same head coach yes Alter man all true man. Now aren't talking due. I don't know. I don't know how throwback you guys are going to see a caller to bring a rocky and bullwinkle Popeye political pop under top five. Don't really smoke so it was about this big a mighty mouse. Of course some old school ones. And you know I like those those are did if we're going. If you want to take. The old school cartoons. Indie pop I may be the most underrated of all of them. Like I know that they got a Robin Williams live action movie in 1980 but pop eyed. It doesn't seem like kiwi we didn't talk about it didn't come up on the tech side. Pop I may be one of those same day sitting here like you know what that's not getting the credit it that it's due. Alex weepy in all boils. Right route this when you. That they'll pay you back every today okay back tomorrow at bright let's go let's get the stuff going on. Our right of you wanna start Jane with Maine yeah I do I think we should start our own channel throwback to those cost. I don't know I can't be that you do the rights to that can be yours when restarting it is a cartoon channel there it's I don't know if a dull. Throwback channel. They have it think it's called boomerang. And our Randi I know I know who brings back old cartoon channel and thinks so. My dad then I wanna give a shout out to my friend Hugh I just nasty text and he is a recess tad TU. Get out of town from the character butch from recess he also has power line from goofy movie and the the big tall kid Mikey friend. Recess. I went to college with a guy who looked exactly like him was AM know who called the ninety Jack easy Hewitt he's a real life cartoon in Crawford. I mean that he looked exactly like him. These have big old bear that is neat yeah I used to watch that big. Is this is decent in college how we tend to this. Get home late night. Little tipsy cartoons rod just throw on some cartoons. When you drop the clintons did you tell your draw people and call us a fairly good cable and so maybe that's you know that's who it too early you don't couldn't provide illegal benefits as some cable and we had a little camera two is not a lot of cable. A little bit teriyaki and cable. Or this guy through mask. With the horror star blazers if you order are are blazers now on we'll get you out of that star blazers. One of the most memorable theme songs. Still be very. Who moved my got enough then I know you'll remember is the guy know when he had had a short run. Ha aren't more may be Crawford can get that forests in the break possibly zed that's not ringing a bell at all. Our right to five factories or five you keep sending us great charity cartoons rents in Cuba's getting been in knows goblins. It was an easily be it's a bigger wall yeah it's of a girl until I was that was. That's where you know we started the deem my brother and I started aid a blue girl because of Branson theater kids. Right it's ablaze obviously sub sending a message in their enforcement but why it all miss may change that this is dusting it.