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Dusty and Cam - 2.21.17 - Hour 3

Feb 21, 2017|

Where do the Trail Blazers sit after the Boogie Cousins trade? Also, is Raiders to Vegas finally happening?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

They solicited to. 45 minutes of your life I've promised. Doing the right thing since 1952. This is Dustin jam in the morning and we've just Dinara. An NFL veteran Sam Cleveland fans that have left on the local. Kevin they've ever been good no. And 1080. All right so Burt writes did not go with DeMarcus Cousins she's an oral. So there's that but he can still get a 180 the million dollars. Has that has that float your boat. Well I think if it floats close the vote of the guy that gets the money. Assist. I'd I'm a mom I'm argue the MB I think the MBA now I said I compared baseball compared MBA about the the financial windfalls that. That are hitting those two sports or baseball league guys getting 300 million dollars 250 million dollars and pitching every five days or some of these guys are what she's NBA players and I seal this and I see the on the lot when you call lack of motivation I don't know what it is but it is it is a massive amounts of revenue. Four for these individuals. Is Marcus cousins. A player that may be at a tad overrated like what do you think of the locker room killer label on him. I think if you surround a guy with. Strong leadership. Around a locker suppose the locker room killer I think. And I've seen this before I've seen guys that are super strong leaders. That have the ability to I don't we curtail the emotions of media bogey doesn't. I think he was the alpha dog in that. In that leadership role and would you put the leader I don't true I don't believe person I don't believe that DeMarcus Cousins is it true built in leader I believe he's a follower but I believe he plays. Like an elite talent he needs to have. Some veteran. That is the alpha and there are that is the calming factor and he needs somebody in their that he looks up to and respects personally I think while he was in Sacramento he didn't respect anybody from the owner. All the way down through he was I am the man of I am the one that does everything screw the rest of you guys. If he had the time to may be humble himself around other talent maybe that's Anthony Davis maybe that's some guys around I think he could be brought back to reality and be great support player. You remember the buzzer beater in the national championship game where do you. Held off Butler Gordon Hayward half court shot yet the out was the one year that. But he dozens dozen college and he went to Kentucky ranked as we John Calipari Ned think it's funny that people learn. Saying that this is a buggy cousins issue. Because they didn't make it out in the elite eight they lost to West Virginia back here you know who's on that team and John Wall. If predicted your blood cell. Patrick Patterson. And DeMarcus Cousins good individuals very good individuals spent I think that it is funny that if you look at. People going. Well the big DeMarcus Cousins not owner what they say the same things about John Wall to right. I mean in if you wanna bring up that 2010 Kentucky team. A lot of drawing up happens and look there's a lot of other reasons why they didn't win that championship but if you look at the fact that. If you wanna start there and then go on a jumping off point if he's 96 head coaches he seems to be big issue. Fans didn't like him necessarily in Sacramento a large majority of them I know that there is a fast of them that set him off at the airport. His teammates. Wore known if I remember we're talk about the fight that the blazers were in with him in how many guys had his back in that situation and very few. Mean he didn't have a lot of bodies there I'm telling you go I'm Tony I know there's issues with certain guys there was gonna find the. The the minute details about how about a guy how bad somebody is that's this kind of sports that's pro sports. You look at that franchise you look at George Karl all the coaches that know Dick complete dysfunction from the top to the bottom. What else is motivating boot because that's what what is his motivation. Help me help me find the structure where's the leaders where's the structure that can help him in for him into something and help mold that at a young time. Bad Sacramento Kings franchise did nothing to help develop this talent in other than let him do is beat. The guy in that is what we're talking about win memory tied in the Steve Smith to second half hour. That's that separating factor. Right that's separating factor between guys that like imagine bogey cousins had that drive right. In he had that want to you like your tie about the motivating factor if he just had eight in him. How dominant back after I've seen fight they'll look I've seen him play the blazers throw fifty on them. And having web ball against me some plum lake and take that to the rack I know it's there. Yes he has an edge to them. I just think there is a piece missing and that's called the leadership from number one from the coach how many guys do we see your veteran cancer problems. Go to the patriots have figured out why because the patriots have the credibility and the leadership and also they have an aura when you walked in we do it our way. That's what he needs going to the pelicans is fine. That's that's is what it is he needed to be surrounded by some other type of guys that are leaders people that are calming factor around of their stable. People love stability nobody likes chaos. You can't nag ID 2033. Year old Anthony Davis. Because I don't I die I can't answer that question yet and no valid got a good one yeah it is 23 year old Anthony Davis the guy who can calm down. Me DeMar media coach centric media I mean I'm gentry maybe that's what it is that has to bring that I don't know if he ever he came from Golden State and and learn from that. I don't know. The outlook find out did the excuses in need apologists for and DeMarcus Cousins are eating and in haft EE decisive humble pie. War they're gonna have all BMO for the years of apologizing for DeMarcus Cousins because they now will find out what he has because there aren't excuses there anymore. Because we've not seen a front court do well. Average more than twenty points in a game in ten rebounds since David Robinson and Tim Duncan we know how that's oriented right now and I mean in so dominant. That is what we have. In in New Orleans right now not a whole lot of around them. When they get Jrue Holiday Tim Frazier Dante Cunningham. But doesn't take much to get the eighth seed right now on the west know it doesn't. No it doesn't in that is kind of where the Portland trailblazers right now what does this say about Portland in the grand scheme because. We sell you sit there kitsch is the newest laser. The legs seem workers vote after an all star break I didn't I loved his. Little I loved his tweets okay he always had media video out and I know I have questioned about this good got a great great myth is the is the bathroom all equivalent to Qiyue. Football coach running at a quarterback with amber room these empty chairs sitting around the printer. Predators at the basketball equivalent that's an excellent question did you see that very. Pacer guy and yeah quarterback drew that cheesy would Peru George Winfield and noodles. Yeah when noodles and threat those of the other things that are very good kids slim new rules comment all the time football I mean this Jason Pierre Paul has really long arms kind of like some noodle. Like I really like brooms and swim new rules when I'm training for hunt any who. Yes I do think that the cheers then talk about that that goes right back Q and do hoosiers in among dribble and dribble and around charity usually shares are stagnant he is using tears as a screener hinted cal Oregon losing on India. And use it knocking down midrange jumpers I thought we've elevated to those now I don't know those cardboard cutouts that used to be the stand ins and in Hollywood release stack in the but the cardboard cut out people. Yeah I really elevated that and I don't know. Chairs chairs are important MB turning chairs at the news about tears and I want the classic would see. Folding chairs are those I do the would seeded it would provide judges you'll enter the snap your fingers off ice things you know let you will be. Now the classic once you've got to do you have a chance. Those once or take a limb off I had a music teacher who had it'll first knuckle of her finger gone via. And we had those metal chairs here she's that is the warning bike though you can't let. I doubt highly doubt that's how she lost her finger but he's talking Arun elementary school kids from. Now one was as something that was memorable I would paid for probably either those those classic folding metal with a would. Seats they teaching kids a lesson idols are awesome I apple there vintage. Solid yes that Crawford and I'm gonna give you some I got a guy and animated T. Our guy I at a neighbor growing up she lost her finger. In eight. Metal folding chair accident. Really at a wedding I told you guys the story yeah you all about your remaining would combo Mel I don't know all I know is she's missing are ring finger and you try to teach us a lesson by pulling the fake noble off of that real Arab agreeing on the real love stretches off fireworks lesson in yeah. She said that if she blew it off and a fireworks accident I did not know it was an a folding there pulling Sarah accident which I knew so the lesson was lost and a but. Also very new port beaten her to get the job fake senior to go on a lot of erosion the fate of the era and I fully and on and off showing just seems those are the two things I think that it's my sentenced snapping your finger folding chair classic or getting caught in the door slam those. Big heavy door and had a little Gerri on this. Borrow the opposite of that it happened at a wedding so imagine if that's your wedding and what are your gas loses their finger during the ceremony rushed to a hospital trying to say is can we try to keep the wedding going life and I saw it gets a brush you're out there gonna wrap things up. Mean hey you know media. Move it up tent here's news that it's just like football practice drill figured out soon and a wedding. We got chicken dance to get him real audio we got elected tried to get to every drop your knee Tim Clark out of me needs him it's where those. We're clear why is it. I'm telling you would sports everybody gets on a Meebo and everybody gets hurt real life we just block on pocket of the drill hole right stop getting on your means sports rank but it was. Yeah. But but but up up up. I I don't know how we got there but let's talk about the blazers. What do they do from here are they done it to trade deadline now that they have just a couple of days to get me a deal done. Under teaches here the blazers are currently sitting. In need tenth spot in the Western Conference. One less team to worry about with Sacramento one more big. Major hurdle with the New Orleans pelicans this is dusting camp. Dusty and M in the morning you know I'm telling you. Okay. I DeMarcus Cousins. Does he do in New Orleans parade in yea buddy healed in the first round pick. Also formerly deceiving me yeah. Timmy Hudson. CSN went to New Orleans for the all star game did you go to Kevin tomorrow you she said they Shia vignettes of Hershey copy with a because he went and I don't know the degree to herd did they have. No like Cuban coffee and it's like this guys don't think I recall Pearson it's him what is it community wonderful coffee. Let me just tell you. For those of you that are watching on TV team is doing like the doctor evil. He's got his index finger in his thumb together three fingers out and he's giving like gay. Wonderful. It's wonderful yeah is a fabulous dancing if your boss in your Jiten Dunkin' Donuts you get a cup copy Doleac. When general urine or Duncan donuts coffee like extra sugar in crawl only via New Orleans you're getting that copy aria yeah. If you calling Kathy Collins calf feeling. He's your mixture you do though well. But does that say that's like Khalid Mel grey yeah yet come to milk and we gotta have you been married and they need just dogs. Powdered sugar come rolling out of the bag and they're just it's wonderful to talk about the damn blazers on it and maybe mr. Warren we have coach Payton on earlier as well hey Michelle. Which is a new world assembly trust's trading New Orleans. The city's amazing yeah is Mardi Gras not Mardi Gras today for a guy that is that is sent out today is Fat Tuesday now come on guys wow scope. Party on Wayne ready for my king K gotta find the baby in memory area in. Honor of and today being Fat Tuesday. A favorite pair of bumpers. About that. Your favorite. My favorite and we talked about every every there's not a parent and as I got. Many men out there will tell you there's not a bad bad set. I'd are no doubt about it now Portland terrible tires currently sit tent and okay there are set a bad tires and we'll use younger than. No tread through your head of the Portland trailblazers sit tent in the last they are two games behind the Denver Nuggets. As we're in coming down the final stretch ucits anarchy which look like he may be eight. Could be a bright spot. Down this final round here but is it enough to make up the final tee spots are the blazers done making move what does your gut. Tell you about the Portland trailblazers at the trade deadline expires and theirs are down. I do I agree with I think they're sitting on their picks. I think that they you do realize. They've probably thrown every offer out. I don't believe there's a lot of good trades that happened in mean in when Europe against the clock. Yeah I think it's pressure oriented I think you succumb to the pressure you know you're just trying to make a jump in their rash decision I don't think. Muasher is that type of person Brett I think he's more calculated. In strategic and so I believe that they are done. Yeah ha I tend to agree with that is on a lot of people say why did the blazers throw something out there that solitude seagate cousins in New Orleans well. Again the DeMarcus Cousins likely wouldn't sign an extension here's the same thing would have happened with the whatever that mystery team is a lot of idea doc was talking about rank and mystery team where. EDD vox had gone talked to the agents. He's got cousins not wanting to sign there. Mean signed an extension right so that killed the trick blow that I would have been what he would've done with the Portland trailblazers that they can call two we speculate where that team might have been that he said I'm not doing it sure Portland more. There's online and all speculate all you violate our I don't know if that's factual or not I don't know like that that's part of the deal here I mean. In it here's the here's the fun part about it is that we everybody wants to make the comparison of of Tim Duncan exit and because is the one David Robinson why else. This is pretty comparable to do also what meant this has Marc Gasol and Zach Randolph when they join those two guys up. I mean they weren't nearly in their prime like these two guys are is it just because they're big man we wanna consider. All of its dominant seven footers like hard define. You guys. That are. Traditional bigs like these guys are but can also stretch you out all of it and keep you on or forgetting about Mutombo and in the dream I mean those two mean it. That that was a pretty good dual also but you know what yeah I mean there are guys. If their old gaffe. I know but in general there there are there can be teams that have two big man no no but this is kind of reverting against the grain of what they arrest the NBA is doing which is guard heavy you know. Basketball very true and talk about five out manned. Five out. One that's scared everybody got to be able to handle scary part about nor loans that they kitten. They can stretch you about as well they can pound you down low but Davis and cousins of all skilled enough. To pull you out as well where does is but the trail blazers a one team that is in front of them. Or between them in the Denver Nuggets is the Sacramento Kings. They're toast. And for those people disabled they would meg game that DeMarcus Cousins was suspended for you get a win enough to get in the playoffs without DeMarcus Cousins. So that puts a blazers at right around that. Ninth. Tenth seed kind of where they're at New Orleans. I think the expectations that they will be better with bulls. On DeMarcus Cousins and Anthony Davis in the early half game back of Portland fifty crazy part about Orleans at thirteen games from being in. In the playoffs at the eight spot. They're also T games away from being the third worst team in the NBA because Minnesota's 22 and 35 the blaze is only 2333. Right now. I mean in that. Couple losses and here you go you well could go couple losses they've lost three Euro. In coming out of the all star break a in this could be a situation where if Portland doesn't. Make another move bolster their roster. I think that people say Portland may have gotten better with. The use of an Arctic strayed though. It's hard convincing united with the way Mason glumly was playing areas to be seen mean more samples it is and you gonna start to sing a three game Rudy. Starting on Thursday. This is going to be a AB by the way your 920 on the year on the road so you're not very good on the road. Yeah I'm money and go and say it I mean you like your team to play hard but New Orleans making this trade. May be good thing for Portland long term. Because it could move you down a little bit and now what does Western Conference standings. And get to have it gives you a better draft pick and I'm not saying you taint this season I know I know what side you're looking out to this will BAC in I don't think the blazers will tank and nor should day. But I'm looking at this thing going I'd bet the Portland trailblazers earned a situation where. They could be in in lottery conversation top ten pick when it's also none because they're not again be the last team that's going to be making Lucy because there's did there's rumors and Jimmy Butler. Potentially heading to the Celtics. Carmelo Anthony's name is still floating around and there's going to be a lot of moves being made league wide. And Portland doesn't seem to be in the mix for any of them right now but with that said Nielsen may have some goal now what do you think happens. I don't think like I said before I don't think that there's any movement out of Portland from here on out I think their suit. Said steadfast in in stain would never catch you they made their big move they probably tried to push we know that the New Orleans or we know that. The blazers were in the conversation with oak for but it wasn't working out. Now we've heard that rumor we know that that's that's been floated out there leading get him they went to their back up plan got markets in the Nate collected draft picks and and and off we go. Crown off. On the year a year that clip percent of all this you know it's up. What do you think the blazers had. And I think they're done man like I think I don't know what other movie you want them to make at this point now know what move. But what move could they make that would push him up in the eighth seed is that even what they want. Like I know they're not gonna tank that's not the mentality of this team that's not emailers mentality people kind of move could they made Della made them that much better right now what else is out there at Philly they make. You don't wanna make a move just to make a move right. Now a low Fat Tuesday apparently thinks is that none that I am with Diaw is what I know. I'm what I am I'm totally like there's no rules there's a move. It made me in and also we have to remember we're still four weeks out for Evan Turner returning from which is a big caveat on this and then. I'm I'm really adjusted to see what the status golfer to Mino is a desperate need not Jason quick before the final game of the all star break. Said that if if you were. Eight playoff game you would have been playing against Utah. But the blazers got run out. But if his trainee still isn't good to go after this week off for the all star break to have treatment. I dare not make it a move up the standings without. One of those guys if not both of them Evan Turner and offer communion I EC would you want about Alfred mean is consistency and Evan Turner's consistency. Caveat to this whole blazers run is how confident they feel that they can make up ground with whoever they trade for. With Evan Turner on the sidelines Africa Mena of. With a balky knee you what I'm lean forward to the street had only been over just this the need constant talking between. Every player these old veteran players trying to make moves let's get on was it Thursday can't come fast enough. For me. Ranked. And I think oh let's have a shockwave of the more super teams that won a combined let's just do it Eric fein Derrick Rose it's combined. He's exec Crawford likes of five factor five blazers need now Bard's. Allied to eat a little bit crazy did defender and can't play offense or lack. Anymore each police doesn't threes though I don't know their people are tired and going to New Orleans because of the relationship him in cousins and while what a great combo that will be left. Or does so on second and own them. Everywhere he goes is he getting the most traveled veteran all react I want think about it I had a picture it was like let's check in on how the U. Western standings are an it was six different Matt Barnes in the distance seriously how cool uniforms hasn't he played for yet. On the west not a lot the Portland yet to blame for Portland's. Any hasn't played for Denver okay still fighting that's it right away from every California team. Yeah yes he hasn't. That for every California teen he's also played for the suns Memphis Memphis. She's Orlando so this way. While. And in theory in doing your theory go. I have a theory that. John Calipari seemed because of them that pelicans. Mega trade heard John Wall. John wall's got two more years left tumors. Let's do this to be if you have the Kentucky Wildcats 2.0 yet he's gonna try and recreate easing gun get blood cell easy and get John hall and DeMarcus Cousins Anthony Davis seized and turned him. That's nineteen foot hat theory in the good Alvin Gentry is not eat holding fort by the way. Best said engineers and there scene Alvin Gentry. Either that horror. It Frankel. Mill south talent O'Neal. Yeah in Alvin Gentry for those that don't announce his teeth are just wider than. I mean it is the daddy cried right T I have ever seen press strips and I sitting there in the knees descends. You being in during the playoff series. And CNN has looking at his teeth and as I. Dare meet the mystifying night he'd sit there and you look at them you caught up and then in as the dean of the thickness up then they're very thick. Mean just perfect at what point do you get many years. That's an excellent question someone we'll look cool. Yeah national man's things out a rich person thing I do writers and they got a B were you gotta be very very wealthy it's a short cut. Insurance some of the discoveries in years yeah like QE is a shark up from races taking holidays you want straight white teeth on the file you fight you down. To the dubs and you do that you're seeing people that lose them near barrel on bear for a prepare because it's like he'd take him. Not good hang around with people medical people that you know lose a few engineers in the other the knobs are left. For the cap over Selig like again and create a little troll or something like little legs only to settle our path me. And and all that. You and you know I Allen Iverson says he won't be an NBA coach. In the most Allen Iverson because and click on this ever is practiced man. Now we got a press. It sexier news kind of close. But we have we have some audio Jack Crawford and may be able to pull here during the break we'll have that and the raiders have unveiled plans DNC for removed the Las Vegas. He's coffers were tenor. This is dusty and jam in the morning and on 1080 loves and. The Oakland Raiders and unveiled plans being in sees her Las Vegas and then roof. I only thought is dead in the water we thought it was done. You OK there's a winner Allred what's wrong. But struck about that the raiders in their move to Vegas well this let's go this is actual lives though because of the fact that. When Sheldon that'll send in his Stanley pulled out their 650. Million dollars per one point nine. Billion dollar Las Vegas stadium. It looked like the raiders were in a holding patter. Winning an afternoon staying Oakland. And potentially move down to their rival San Diego. What they stadium proposal that's down there and is actually hit a big pick up because they're asking San Diego State for 100 million dollars. Two for renovation San Diego I'm not gonna happen. Lower it is still trying to find out a way to get to Vegas. And the answer is they're gonna still trying to find out if a way to get to Vegas to get set 750 million dollars still coming from. The in DC stayed in Nevada City Las Vegas the attacks on hotels. Dan they have the 500 million from the raiders themselves in the sit NFL. In they still wanna have a 650 million dollars to make all the bells and whistles well apparently. They have got. Two banks ready to finance it. Two banks. They're saying Mark Davis he may not have much wealth outside of just being the owner of the Oakland Raiders. But NFL franchises are still viable now with Coke collateral. They can in bacon it's worth the mullah for the banks it's a nother debate to say RA if you can't paid we'll just take over your T yeah. That is some big time money that the NFL's wielding wealth. Also big balls too because you've got to understand if you default or anything happens or there isn't the money but. Tell me that day NFL franchises not continue to grow ludicrous. And well old eight theirs it definitely aid is. Potential for this there's stopped growing yeah but not losing. Because we are not talking NFL franchises are not going down in money they might hold fort. Well we're not where you're not talking about. Going from Robert Kraft by an at a 1151000003. Point five billion were not talking about going that way if here if you're trying to get alone for 650 million dollars. You'd definitely be able to pay that bad well off via. But I mean. Are we gonna see that television bubble. Burst articles you know level. And heal and be you know Marty seeing. You know Les Moonves of CBS is called for the NFL to shorten their games because there's gonna. Solid the viewer experience isn't worth it anymore. With the length is a nice. So yeah it and sell its TV starts getting disgruntled with it which the number Satan they're not despite the early. Numbers dipping in the NFL. Yes this is absolutely a viable path for teams do you think it kind of is this another instance where dole the raiders. Are gonna (%expletive) off the rest of the owners the NFL. By fine going in funding this stadiums themselves in Tiki had a 650 dollar million dollar loan and if this is successful. Every other team are every other city that is trying to be leveraged by eighteen for new stadium can say go do it the breeders to. What's the difference in trying to find a bank or outside investor. You're trying to find an outside investor build an investment group to give percentages funeral or that's a stand cracking got his ownership. With the St. Louis Rams because he became a minority owner might become an investor and giving an influx of cash right. I don't have any added this has been going on for years but he you're going after bank now you're dealing with the board of people that ever gonna have your decisions but. This is this does that mean these are what lawyers do this is no surprises is big money everyone's in it to generate tons of revenue we know sports right now. NFL trying to get to the twenty billion dollar mark that's where they wanna get too that's their target market. In the next five years I would bet they're trying to get to that twenty billion dollars of revenue and how you gonna do that we have to get stadiums you have to get outside money you gotta go international. In what I'm saying though is that every time is eighteen months and you stadium they go to the city and they go to state to hold the city hostage in an hour right now in now if the raiders opened up his avenue going in funding it in themselves through a private loan through bank of like that is mean but Jerry Jones did that to an extent I think he still hats and state dollars to need. To build tires don't know for sure very few of these stadiums are privately funded in this would be 88 more and more or less Las Vegas is unique in that 750 millions coming from hotel tax it doesn't directly. Affected the people of Las Vegas it affects tourists coming in. But this would be a 650. Million dollar lawn net admin owners haven't had to take out to get you sit there. They haven't and so he they got two banks let's play Indian. Were OK with that think about it what. Are you OK with taking revenue from a bank compared to taking tax dollars. Yeah oh absolutely I mean I don't I mean I know it's hard enough to swallowed without saying they don't hold a city hostage and user tax revenue this could be good for sale ease you know they could BA is situation we're NFL owners like what the hell man. Let's that's not what we do you know I feel I see your point because the owners are gonna go during its right. This is our this is our leverage stick what are you don't take it away. Now. Bills Buffalo Bills are gonna want some real soon now. Dave should the playing like garbage pit they should've had. In new stadium by now but. If there's no money in buffalo there's one fan base thank in be OK with having a dope for stadium. It's built since then they're gonna go no matter what had that that's not a shot at bill since no that is bear passion have to work it doesn't matter where they're going. They're gonna go watch the day anybody that thinks anything different EZ go play and go to buffalo right now. In watch standing in and what they know what that's like right now in twenty degree weather in their underwear jumping off the top of cars in breaking tables which is one of my favorite things that they do US videos of that everybody announcing that anytime the bills at a home game I've been flipped off I know that that's good enough by children or children on Nintendo they'll have a home game. Then neck on that Monday the following Monday you'll see videos on Twitter. Of their fans half naked some fully naked. Jumping off of the top of cars in breaking the fold out really yet they go to WW sounds sounds joyous and it really is some. Also a side note you see that the Chip Kelly TV patriots is. Picking up traction well now that former tight ends coach. It's taken me the Alabama job that is the answer is not officially but that's that's were leaning to already saying that. Just a matter of time that's gonna open up a spot. On the patriots roster for coaches or are ringing and Ngo and close friends yeah Inco sent. And wait Chip Kelly could be Rob Gronkowski is position coach and to be into a fly on the wall that meeting room how often do you go from Ian back to back head coaches in the NFL the tight ends coach. Only. To the five time Super Bowl champions. New England Patriots without happen. Yeah out what it's the Google boys we're no doubt I don't let you at a news rows and no that's what it is but do you hear idea able but he was he their tenure there he was he was in a long timer heaney went away from the pictures for awhile and this is his second stint using offensive coordinator in Cleveland and and saint Lou that was a seamless and another ground team. Oh yeah user yeah somewhere to other teams ever I was there because if he was interesting cap. You what do you mean by that I'm not the most respected coach who I was there because he was just Kana. Interesting dude used pretty young when you're very young and he was just right on that that cusp of being a what do what do the guys they call enough the GAs but they're the call to control guys we have elevated get back coach Jackson he's pretty much he was him that he's did you fill in this spot the wide receivers there's risk. This Antonia. Former. These kind of that guy yeah he's probably in mean he's got a few more Marines since then cities try to go boom he's gotten more experience and definitely is who worked his way up the latter. It's called the that would be pretty funny if Chip Kelly did take that job done in was because he's got drunk imbedded in the in the media rooms while not been named or wealth. Not officially go out now for sure you have. Dead double game able able able now. She was upset because he thought that Josh McDaniels can get head coaching job again he's going to be patriots OC. So he's sag ball and he's got to leave then I'm Marion and right in my turn in so now he left so then Chip Kelly. Would be the next guy that would be the oh well in Josh McDaniels leaves chief cal will take over as Patriots offense coordinator right and a Baghdad that will be due next talking point of I in also the one I can't wait for his Chip Kelly has changed as a coach who does he wants is that Bill Belichick certainly. You will be coming to differ human being. It's like going into you never make caterpillar making it cocooning coming out as a butterfly when you go in you entered bill Belichick's cocoon. You spread your wings and fly like Iran reinvent himself. Right that's right. The track every humbled. This writes of course sure of course. But Chip Kelly O'Brien London more than anything else because. He can just coach football. And never have to be you know you've never. Never have to say a word to anybody he can do is double barrel flip off reporters as he's walking up the practice field and nothing in you can lock himself and until Merom for hours on end here in just beat the ball gag yet tell me this it would have you heard from a tight ends coach in the unifil. One time. Tight ends coach one time. He ended have taken a job for the dolphins Miami don't. I only guys stay. Always tight end again I know you don't always do you know I am I don't gamble thank you turn helped Kyrgyzstan Bershard Noonan rescued Danny Campbell is a great leader dean Campbell who's gonna be their resurgence for ended dolphins they won one game and in. After that the only good dude dude Dan Dan is country. He's kind he's he'd be like going out Wilcox and Dan Campbell you have your SOA aggregate time. Send me up Hector I'm ready for this. All right why Allen Iverson won't coach in the NBA. And why is Bob Huggins blaming defibrillators. Testing came on the fans. This is dusty and stamina. On ten maybe. Hi this week in his big weekend for Crawford and myself we will be doing me. The Special Olympics. Polar plunge. Saturday. At Brighton Beach. And Portland. And now we have teamed esteem in team Crawford if you go to plunge or again. Dot com. That's where you can sign up you can join our teams who didn't go ahead and have shrinkage altogether shrinkage for a cause yeah. Or -- just donate in needy ego and click on sign up. Or donate tabs. On yet to gauge his goal TT does pages and you can find our. I teens is right there in the left hand side of plunge organ dot com he has searcher teams you go team dusty or team Crawford. You type in our name is an old bring your teams up eating Joyner teams or just donated he'd like. It's her great cause it is the Special Olympics. Olympics and organ polar plunge presented by Fred Meyer and it is this Saturday. At around eleven AMs and we're going to be making the flight data brumbies who please. Join us and support us three guys Zimmerman a monster trucks. Yes I love in my charts I get to sit in grave digger and as kids. And I know Larry digger I'm more on right now like the legendary one no big foot bigger. Big Phil was bigger until they found that there really found a grave digger one no there's like nine bigfoot its networks during a country there's only one grave digger. These are only wound grieved acres well I never banned some stuff that's Saturday because we're gonna polar plunge the cold yeah shrunk. Get warm and then I'm gonna go to you monster jam at the motive senator I'm never banned again. Here's I think one kickass. Qiyue bring earplugs yet you're gonna knew it's what why. It is there download it via loud this place you'll ever be. And wryly yes yes it is so allow those engines you don't realize how old now allowed those bad boys are I went to monster trucks in the Kingdome back in the day. Long time to submit awesome this cement jungle is there a smell on the Roma. Exhausts I don't know what shirt twirling my sure my schools on a curling my dragon shirt you. Am I think you'll find something in your closet governor I believe you. Little more country little more flames. I'm excited monster jam at the moment you beat yourself burrow its wheel disk it's a monster jam it stirred up viewed aren't they ducked. It'll be a lot easier if you just go in dress and dress and Lee normally do. If you wanna have a real competition. I did she will not be the so versed on there. That is a tech does it guarantee. Deed and yes that is no guarantees in life without one this way you'll be loaded when you go oh yeah not be the drunk dispersant there. Only the drug is don't be the so restless and somewhere I'll say this though. We near Ned diffuse. The fumes is no real way to be careful when you drink because themes and DT digital. That's all part of the experience yet they got three at the motor center this weekend too on Saturday one on some elements they're things you affairs coming Saturday night you know just get. Yeah my monster jam on the mode you seem a lot like Kia truck pulled guy in a monster truck not a truck pull guy but a big crash at derby who demolition derby big big time with I love the love the monster trucks like the mini monster trucks like to do all that exceed that you cannot in my neck of the woods banks. Morgan. They have tea com buying demolition derby. What does that alike column by authorities equipment F harm our equipment they'll come by and demolition derby I'd love to see that. That's he'd be very dangerous is it very dangerous cat using the lose the jury the eighties and our. At unranked well I don't know how live from polar plunge T Muster tracks that we did at. And now here we are Allen Iverson he does not like practicing will know that. He now does not want a coach either. You're going on what's in the end you hope you don't now I'm not here. Causing no big moment. And celebrating. The pop up. Allen Iverson everybody stare laid Allah yes Allan that's the only reason why you about because in the NBA is because you don't wanna be coach seeing. No and masters that make more money than you. That's it he told entity NC. Well I would that team practiced the least of any do you think that the whatever practice. Ever now to show when games. Not a game practice segment practiced on our practice and it's our practice. Yes so there's that. He's got some there he's goes some men coaching people make more money new one that's been the hardest part about being coach is that they'll listen to you of course not. Just ask Nick Saban yeah. How I feel luck that. Day. It didn't exactly the IDC Evelyn Bob Huggins last night no baby Texas. West Virginia is followed. Yeah you know that I got. Basketball. Basketball coach. Apparently he fainted during T he released who he had during the game last night during a break in the action he. Passed out. And reporters to say that when he got out he told this team. It's your fault you're trying to kill me. There's a good guilt trip we need for a coach there and found them yet all of those today he told his players just that one turns out after the game utility is in Colorado. That his Dick regulator went off apparently. He has lulls little some some and his. Chest cavity there where if his heart stops. It'll shock came back to life. Scary she's continued coaching. That went off during the game in years ago and arrogant. It's your fault that is a tough guy right there yet so Bob Huggins everybody. On the against. All right we'll be back tomorrow from six to 9 AM. Like this I like being back we missed you guys. Out there. It throws me off like he threw me off. Did it turn out not to be here for almost forty were Greeks are no problem with dad and he gets this today you are lit course. Over the weekend. But to the evergreen. Aviation and space museum and it's been built. It is at math if you in the water for their chipper is discs brisk this. Is massive. It is massive it was cool and history. Dorks. A lot going their checking that out by tomorrow night starting Wednesday so we have Debbie TF Wednesday tomorrow. We will also have to discuss law until balls crazy dad and his meeting get that in today's show. In so doing is six and any other. Up next the herd with Colin JR nine and you need to 3 eastern straight through seven primetime eyes conceived have a great Tuesday. Apparently Sunday coming out later on in the day this investigation. A 150 guys. Blowing on each other we'll.