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Dusty and Cam - 2.21.17 - Hour 2

Feb 21, 2017|

Sean Payton joins the show, Steve Smith doesn't want to

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Thanks for listen to dusting camp podcast brought to you on the fanned by your local less Schwab tire center do the right thing since 1952. This is dusty and stamina. Morning at this who really knew each other accuse us it's easy to pop up maybe even born free GP. Who doesn't care. White farmer. And the man who looks up to permissible teriyaki benefits as a college all American champion Cleveland. Why doesn't anybody in the world ever read anything. Dusty and M in the morning on 1080 you don't fail them. Car I'd just after 7 o'clock on Tuesday morning and it's wet rainy out there it's okay though weatherman says can stop brain incident. No don't know Vick made a few months ever gonna stop Aaron let's head out to the suns he's joining us on behalf of oxygen in the water infused water infused with oxygen O four not a tip. You know help with things like help me get better from work outs recover twice as fast. End Miami in on this. It alleviates hang overs in July. How about that he's ahead go to the New Orleans Saints Sean Payton joining us this morning and take a take on this morning. God I trap me on how are you doing very well Ari are you the because insane now that he is in New Orleans. Pretty patent. And it happened over the weekend pretty quickly I'm anxious to. I'm anxious to see him play I think the city's excited. And know that I I think they felt. Who bigger compliment to. There AG. You know and you've got in New Orleans is is such good sports city in Maine for so long and you came can speak to this is he he played in Orleans during time where. They're fans of bags over their heads and in the superdome in now you know the resurgence with the with humor as head coach and you know you guys run a soup ruled that city. It's a great sports town now and is it kind of underage did you think in the hierarchy of the sports towns are on the country. Well I I think you gotta say. It's more of a region and I and I mean this because. For all the SEC athletics that we haven't he'd take LSU and Alabama all burnt. Mississippi State Ole miss. I mean there's a stretch. Of atomic college athletics college football played in yet. There's really only one football team you know you go all the way east to Atlanta before you you get to another NFL team. And west accused and so. I would say it's a little bit more like the Packard demographic when you were. If you were to track or game day you'd certainly would be good Louisiana sports and the New Orleans that you would have Mississippi you have Alabama. And anybody a portion of the panhandle of Florida and in its. Pretty unique it's different it's definitely. A great fan base and and a passionate fan base. But the demographics in the makeup of those fans. Our problem. A fairly large area. Could you seen the evolution and change of of training camp and now I know you guys now gore. Going to the Greenbrier when I first got to New Orleans it was Wisconsin lacrosse we left so for a week and everybody there and we decided to go to training camp and Tim at a Louisiana which was take your cats and dogs inside his two pot. What's the saints' practice. It's crazy but now you see how much training camp has changed and and it's just it's just different I mean guys are shape. But going to the Greenbrier would you be fan more of an analyst questions been asked a lot of may be potentially having more teams work out during training camps and removing. Pre season games actually having that part of the competition because it does feel like we get into more more football with with these pre season games. It's kind of like this it's sell the tickets I understand the business side but do you get more out of training camp practice and do the pre season games. Yeah that's a great question and I think this would start my answer by saying man. Are there and these are just don't want any more government in regards to I don't want the league office colonists we have to have a joint practice with the such and such this week. I don't want the league office columnist that you must. You know. I think that part of it it is. Is become a more challenging issue I you know I don't wanna see best practices. For a two day training camp practice that's what we do we plan practices or best practices on how to cut a player. And those are starting to become a constant in our email. In box so. To your point I really enjoy. Two to three days with the right team we get a lot from a you know there's no BS. If it if the guys are Smart enough going in the coaching staffs. And the better leaderships of both teams are Smart enough going in you can get a lot done to promote from network. Tom now your rat ninety's. And so look the question is the fourth preceding game. And if you eliminate that I'll play the devil's advocate then you can reduce. Sooner. And you know take one of those games weight but that the challenge. In doing this is needed is as simple map the preceding game. A game in which the team gets 100% of their stadium. Merchandise. And cokes and great that that doesn't go into a kiddies on the pre season they just get it. And the idea that they don't get to work or they rotate it would have to go our rotation right you'd have to. And then one and then two women one. I think. They're trying to work through that and I and I think that. You'll eventually. Get tickets tickets changed it'll be because something on the back and changes as well vote. Saints head coach Sean Payton is our guest he's a joining us on behalf of oxygen or water it's a lot of the contains five times the oxygen is of normal water you guys have got a local guy. On on your roster brainy coats. Wide receiver out of Oregon State. He's got a guy that was undersized in coming out of high school and Mike Riley took a flyer on him. And he started organ state. And he has become a star for you guys down in New Orleans. What is it then makes branding cooks so special. As a competitor we know he's a great route runners got great hands what is separating fact with him between the years. You know it's one of these either one of these players where you know all the angles meet. He was raised extremely well as in ought I. Just in the interview processor and five minutes you've heard enough he'd just give it rewards for all you come across someone that has that makeup and their character. And then it becomes simply an easy looks just look at the tape and decide whether he's good enough. But clearly he's got the toughness the grit the work ethic he's a tremendous teammate. He's pretty tireless worker. That we start track and play your date date figure the last couple years and it's it's real simple we're just small little ships in the shoulder pads. That allow us to measure. Were loaded practiced. Don't rather than the coach tell me I cut down on his reps and what does that mean I mean you know and so with the receivers it's pretty noticeable. When we were looking at the state come and then the average distance they travel that practice was about six miles. And that's from the the minute they walk onto the field. Warmed up ran routes the whole nine yards and the first week of this data I'm looking at it and I'm looking at 5959662. And also these eight or. And that was cook's. So that the a and but it is that good information. It's good information for the position coach so when I sit here with a hamstring injury two days later. And eight but be Smart about the distance you know is that he's problem but he's he's tireless worker is just one of those things. We're all the points meet. Yup make up your toughness your intelligence your talent. And you generally generally end up with a good player when that happens. An easy guess said that India this weekend for the come binding Daryn if forty in his underwear isn't some net new you know that's more for the fans and for you guys that what is the guess take away from the most from. They come by a week when you go when you start. Learning about these prospects say you'll be drafts and a couple months. Well I think this. Remember the very beginning in essence to become by almost two combined medical information did. And so. I bet that would be. Still to this day at the very most important element out at you don't want we get back. We have that evening meeting it's about a four hour meeting in and we will go through there. Oh look at the heart murmurs to the foot problems to. The knees and there you go all the different things that. That athletes have opium agriculture career. And then try to you know grade those who will put a value on you know how significant. Those injuries are or illnesses. I think the other element that's important you do get to put wrote in North Face. And personality. Beer a short time with would employer. And and then thirdly. Deep beat exercises. That are done. If they can certainly enhance a player's status that you you you you're expected to got to run faster he runs real fast you're GAAP are thought he was asked. But they can also. They can also eliminate. Some prospects and I don't mean to say that in a negative way but it's a guy brought jumps. Certain high eight at his position group. And you might say well or how broad jumping on the field but that no one in the history of the NFL Pryor playing defense on line is broad jump that and there's a good chance he's not. That makes sense yeah you're really there are certain indicators. Or. Parameters that better position groups should fall within range if they don't they knew you need to realize this guy's going to be an exception. Our coach when you do though coach when you do those interviews because I remember specifically that interview everybody walking around having their rooms and your moving around. How important you mentioned just you need to know them how important is that short amount of time with those players just to see is this the guys it's a fit for me at the common. Yeah I didn't do that I think it's important in I think. The challenge is premier warned airborne. If you got one coach that talks for a minute then your trouble. Because. You you got to ask some questions but you really got to listen to the prospect. They're trained so well it's like it's like a beauty pageant you know and so you have to. Have questions they can. Unseat them a little bit unnerved him a little bit if you need to bomb. I think the thirty player visit. When it comes to after the Columbine were there on your campus you've deeper concerns are bigger questions are you wanna get to know more now burger for 24 hours. But in a fifteen minute period it's it's it's challenging. And so we've I think all the clubs have gotten more and more efficient. And in writing to. Any specific topic that needs to be addressed in and I think did that there's there's a great starting point at least you're you'd see a player than. You've been watching them on film you're shaking his hand you've heard him talk about a Stanley. Maybe you had to explain. An incident maybe not. Try and yet a much better feel leaving the come mine in regards to who these athletes are. And and it's part of the process it's not you know it's it's to slice to the pot. Saints head coach Sean Payton niceness to take a few minutes or some behalf of oxygen water it's also good about oxygen I mean it's a it's a new product down and for us listening locally can go and he gets so mad zoo cans of which is scattered around the Portland metropolitan area doesn't without oxygen water and what what got you onboard with well the new. Many here and done a study in you know I'm real skeptical with disks. First off it's not an energy drink there there's no kept seeing her so if speaker would concur that energy drink this this is a net bit. This is simply. Super water if you will and now three years people tried to make a water with. With more oxygenated. And the problem was every time you opened up a lid in an unsealed that you you lost its. Straight if you will and they developed a way to basically put a more oxygen and molecules attached. So what you're drinking. After work out or really quite honestly prior to running or prior to swimming or prior to lifting. You know we tire. Or perhaps fatigued because there's less oxygen and or blood credit that moment and outstanding. It's something that. That I would just say try it you can its its 100% healthy clean water. All right they have oxygen shock available which are low shot to water but before I work out or train. All use this star players the same way and it's just like super water and it ended in allowed you to work out a little longer Ronald faster. Recoverable quicker. That's the benefit it's fairly simple you know. But it's it's something that has grown and taken off and I've and I I get started with these guys two years ago after they've brought caseload here and we kind of went through it and it will gonna. You've got out. Look up in and were real cynical and and after about a month you all the guys were pretty impressed with that myself included. Well any if you're not an athlete you don't work out for guys like me alleviates hangover still. You know it indoor jetlag and says he says right here on the cup points from me because Payne thank you for the time thanks oh really appreciate it. That's Luke babbitt's absolutely got to talking. All you can get it again oxygen water you can get it at zoo pans. I'm right here in Portland again it's. 04 is the oxygen molecule and it'll give you don't give you the rush doesn't give you the crash like it in the energy during Steve. And so oxygen water special thanks them for lining up that interview with saints head coach Sean Payton. A lot to chew on right there which it you know the mental side of the game is something a news talked about way whether it's raining cooks and evaluation process. Through the draft and that's something that you can't. You can't quantify. Just on numbers in the workouts that's the interview process they use US and about that is something that is you learn from a guy. Indian might be now that he's retired why Steve Smith won't help you well. 55305. That aztecs on dusting came on the fan. This is toast and jam in the morning on 1080. May go to plunge of more gain dot com ego do you sign up or donate now and her team dusty. As we're making the plunge this week and you can donate if you don't wanna make the plunge with me you can give me money as they jumping into the icy cold. Columbia River out of Brighton Beach this Saturday. Or. I mean if you're ended being with losers he can sign up a team cross easiest round vicious I don't do things get paid a few things to make money yet a great man once said that is great a lot of bright men have said that before. He said that camp says that during the break. There so that means courting me yeah I'm quoting you zealots you're one of quoted it I'm quoting you like it. Pay a so good to plunge organ dot com you can sign up join our teams and you can make the plunge with us we will be jumping into the icicles Columbia River. This Saturday and have broadened beach or you can donate help us out raise money for Special Olympics or again. It is the organ law enforcement Fred Meyer polar plunge it is. This Saturday out at Brockton. Each. We're trying to make it. So more Special Olympics athletes can participate than ever before. Nice to concede do fantastic job with the our radio found that they do every year Crawford tonight we don't we do the polar plunge we hop in the river come on jump in with us it's cold let's go ahead and raise some money for Special Olympics organ because it is a great. Benefit and then it if you're not into you jumping in there every you can also join me five k's well and they have a five K fun run which starts at 9:14 in the morning. It's out of broaden beach. All the festivities start at 830 the plunge actually starts. And 11 AM but the five K is that nine right around 9:30 in the morning they got a costume contest opening ceremonies and plunge it's a great time not a broad beach so. Go to plunge organ dot com. Sign up jump with Crawford or us. It's worth it let's do this. Shrinkage for guys. Now the slow Internet yes for good cuts grant amnesty official that's my unofficial slogan are incredibly our slogan Steve Smith saying. Hey guess what. You want help. Among help you. And I love this out of him Steve Smith wide receiver a sixteen year NFL career he finally hung it up after this past season with the Baltimore Ravens. And he has a pretty adjusting reason why he's not going to help anybody out. Now that he's retired and it's not because he's selfish. It's because. He wants to you has football. Gone from his life. You went through this so and right when he retired he started his phone started blowing out with guys head. Can you help me out this weather is wide receivers are corners you know safeties and their Golan and can you help me out let's train together let's do this. And Steve's decision backing Golan you know what if I'm retired. I know I can still play. I don't why in the world would I help these guys train because all it would do is make me wanna play football even more. Right and some guys need to get away immediately horror the hard part is is as you agent and I said this affords is anything new. Your mind still is right there with the wind you grew 2122. When you were when you first got started or whenever you turn pro war in any point. Who you are as you AG's building didn't do those young thinks well I think removing yourself completely for a lot of us that are. That haven't been to. I don't know eat. The competitive side of sports never leaves you and so sometimes you need to know when to step away from me there were situations when I retired that I would still compete. But I was competing against bill. And David the YMCA now a year and rec league softball down like that and I got into instances where I probably shouldn't do that because the the ability for me to remove the competition. Is what I loved to death at times. I could I had I had to actually step away from the competition side by remove the competition you mean. South and into blue physically remove them from the facility at some point today yes and it cost them because some difficult things remain. It but it was it was at some point need to realize it's probably better I removed myself because this is I'm not helping the situation. And I'm not helping it actually grow and about helping these guys and I'm not helping all I look. A look like an idiot which is something I do on a regular basis we all know that. So for Steve he's the same of my mind and it's ready to go three for me to step away from the game some guys wanna get into coaching they do it that way. He's like man. I'm not going to be helping these the only people on helping his somebody with a Smith on the back of their Jersey. Because why do I wanna do that I don't wanna trick myself pretend that I'm still getting ready more goods it's time for me to be done. It's good for him I'm impressed as Steve said this because not a lot of guys. Own up to it in gear ready to step up to that say I'm done. Now how often does this happen all I mean thank you were you were part of this where it was. The kind of the vultures are circling endlessly. In aids help me help me help me how often is that how it happens all the time everybody has there every has there network because you do know that. There's something that you achieved when you get to this level and at that level Steve Smith has information in his brain not only physically. But mentally he's got things in his brain that nobody else is experienced across the country right and so people want a piece of that everybody wants information to realize how did you get there what did you do what are the secrets he's like man I busted my act. Yes why this wanna give that away racked artist wanna sell that at some people sell its fine. All pay you X to come work with my athletes all do this to come working man athletes will be he's like look I don't wanna do that. Now some guys view others enjoy that others like to make a little bit of money. I'm on the side unless you have a message or something you're really trying to do and help. Lot of these guys got to earn it themselves. The got to feel it from the inside they got to develop that because I can't teach you something that's innately built in Africa so I think that's kind of what Steve Smith point is is that. I got site and edged Jimmie yet I can't teach you you either got it for you don't. And that seems to be at it that is the biggest separating factor when you look at guys. That boom and bust in the National Football League or professional sports that matter because there there is a skill set. That every single guy that gets invited to the come by net plays. Gets drafted signed a free agent contract. That only point 1% of anybody in the world has right. It is drive that really is the big separate or would you say that that is fair. Absolutely there's wanton desire because I invented that is when guys get. Paid it maybe you have a drive until you get paid and then you take your foot up again in May be just getting to the league and then you take you've been up against. It could be you winning a Super Bowl and then you take your foot off the gas right. There is something that it is the big separating factor that's a Steve sees that the saying is that. I can't give you that like you wanna come to mean but I sit day he says they are basically said. I didn't run the best routes I dole had didn't have the best releases IA didn't have the best hands ever but. If we ran eighty plays in the game. He was beat it I gave a 100% on. Eighty straight plays what changed let me ask you if you're looking at Steve Smith and he says specifically I'm done playing so if I'm ever training anybody is his quote her last name is Smith. Meaning my kids. Are you looking at him like that's a selfish guy he doesn't want opening the because we always ask the question is well would you plated the topple over you have this information. Why do you wanna help you know will look down upon anybody or if you say I don't I probably shouldn't be coach I don't wanna help this young kid. I don't wanna do that because I feel like there's Ed there's something detrimental I mean there they'll be at. Asked people just want want want want want want want yeah they don't care who you are as a person. They just want what you got inside in seasons Smith the same. You may get. Nine dignity. Nothing and I have no problems with that at all. And done if you don't wanna share you wanna be a coach don't become two don't do that because that at that point this is your prerogative yeah Bobby Brown who. Body ground. Before or after he is then of god. And don't give us your you was in the government to those boosters to ghostbusters no limit government different assistants and its prerogative man. Which frog and if but Steve Smith he's not going to be helping young bucks along Hussein's greed guess and I think that that that's cut gonna be the right move for now but. Would you be shocked if like in three or four years Steve Smith wasn't coaching. I because I would. I think that little bitty he hasn't hit that time yet guilty he'll go through that window new edition yes it'll happen. It'll step up it'll be a three year will be a two year you'll get the itch to we will be wanna be part of the locker room again you know I got it I still have the rich yeah it never leaves you. So I think user being in sports in broadcasting somewhere somehow involved in the game I could see him on Ambien like high school head coach. And just taken over programs and Steve Smith is. It mean you read up on that guy he is a football junking. Him. He may be don't want kids those get some times to tires that lineup he can dike coached all for like twenty years and all we'll still be coming through the high school plays there. On new addition new to buy a brand new addition I did I think they'll bid to and Steve. By yet he'll be on TV order he'd be great on TV too. Steve Smith not gonna help you or your stupid kids according to him for the. The trade that I have a ripple effect in the Western Conference to mark his cousins hit a New Orleans for a bean DA in a bullet jambalaya. And that's about it for Sacramento rhinos proffered a sports that are. This is dusty and jam in the morning and on 1080 I am. Again I didn't lose blog markers of thinking is a great Q you know access wasn't pro Syrian. It's great you know what to try to do an emotional person life. I hope you know it was good I would close to a third for his group. Lot today and lot day we likes to body diva. Yesterday talking about trading his team's best player. DeMarcus Cousins. TV New Orleans pelicans along with armory Caspian. In returned the teens get. Buddy healed Tyreke Evans Langston Galloway. Andy 20171. Round pick in the 2017. It second round pick the brewery. Yes this is undoubtedly. Eatery on the on the part of the New Orleans pelicans. Of when that trade went down and when you first heard about that trade what was your first initial thought of what had just happen. Well first of all my my first initial thought was buoyed the kings are so ruthless that anyone new to get up back on a plane to come back home it was wanted to leave him there. The all star game because it was a New Orleans that was my first initial buzz that are how ruthless giving way to the post game press conference which by the way it was quite interesting. Watching wind blew because its first found out about the deal. Mark in my first inclination is the kings. Needed to you do something so badly. And that I've always felt that. There's this philosophy to and any any time you do something like if you're selling some team in in you have that initial offer you like. All that initial offers great but you know what what does hold onto our house a little while longer in 20072008. Because. We believe the markets can keep growing and it will get a better offer. Careful what you wish for kings fans the kings you always think the first thing on the on the table. In Baghdad is exactly what I thought churches and there had there's had to have been something more here rank are absolutely there is something more at play here then then this deal like why is coming down the pipeline what else what details are missing from news. Well. The details are exactly what you said because in that press conference yesterday. Is there a word in bloody diva had T you address. Why make that trade was at the best offer on the table. Most like to do less because I don't go to go to Google. And what you got now governor. And then you would you had a better offer for 'cause we'll call his goal total socialization is Goosen who served so well. Well I could do those sort of discussed above. The process it was a big process Soros. Why the heck does that even mean I don't. That you had bettered offers on the table but it was those agents top to those agents. In figured out. I'm baffled that agents have dot kind of I tell you what what we call what we call that. There Ito power yeah it's a street veto power I mean need to create that kind of issue with your team I don't understand that how agents. I do you know women. I do understand that because it's the NBA and it's a player driven league and it's all about the players and the money driven stars of one guy. That's what DM BAs become it's become an individualistic one guy like one guy sport. That's really what it is and so when your tummy that are agents that are just out for their clients he was set to get a a bird rights offer of 209. Million dollars. Food. That is it I just I I am I'm baffled by that. I am I did it I get why the kings in one apparently feel. They wanna go the Derek culture. Kings bloody even one single with a different culture yeah everybody say that well in here's the here's the worry is it body before that is though is that. One of the reasons why this trade beat everybody looks at his lopsided right. And if you look at greeting the co greeting the trade even on the surface like these guys are speed DM BA writers. They are so cautious with the greeting the treated like everybody gets secede or be right. In that this is like an a minus in their d.s with an eight minus for New Orleans because what are they giving up nothing really in only five away. Like EE if you're looking at. What be what two kings have done historically is they've made terrible Luke's right in the mall recent history. They've made horrible move after verbal move after horrible move but this one sits there you go. What is the attractive part about buddy Gil Tyreke Evans. A first round pick that. With DeMarcus Cousins. Nor was probably is the eight seed in the last now right they have to be in consideration is being a front runner he can tell you what Golden State just went. Right with Anthony Davis and DeMarcus Cousins. Yeah they did so you sitting there and you're going what was the attractive part of this because it is Sacramento is a team that is in the running for. A playoff spot right now. Well it turns out the pick from a is infatuated with buddy yield. Think he's going to be the next staff Kuerten is the only owner. That we eat it traveled to aid a lottery picks draft work out last year the only owner he would to buddy yields. And he was. Big in that he is gonna be the best thing ever. That is Dane. Who's new to the NBA that saved the franchise. A few years back got a new deal got a new stadium. And and now. Is saying I am in this is the says his hands all over edited you when you fall in love with a player we've seen it in all sports and you will do whatever you can't get that. You know bureau ownership is doing everybody deducted is pretty much Sany thrown his hands up sand. What do you want me to do ya beat me not reading between the lines I get it and owner says you gotta do it that's got to write your checks. Reagan happened. And with witness the better offer that is on the table you sit there and you go. You know DeMarcus Cousins agent is gone he's gay in final year of his deal won't sign an extension. Right with that with whatever team it was that they were going to. Trade him to a lot of people assume that it is. The lakers because there were the reports that they kings and lakers were talking but they wanna Brandon Ingram to come from LA. But DeMarcus Cousins. I don't know why he would urge feasted sign an extension in LA where it would Dave lakers where he would be the focal point of everything that they DO yeah right. He should be noted he is from Alabama. Originally went to Kentucky says New Orleans is closest thing to home he can play for sure right then and hawks from. So. The kings owner did himself no favors and also. The kings franchise may have buried themselves. Speak says. It is it just the agent that is looking bad and DeMarcus Cousins ages same ball now find we're not gonna sign an extension elsewhere. Which I kind of understand. It's the leverage at the players have in assisted nature of the business but if they kings. May not be able to get. Anybody in free agency in an already tough place to get it why they may be 'cause they could be valuable lesson for the hometown team and who came out on top of this trade. May surprise you. Testing came on the fan. This is Justin gem in the morning and it's an AB. All right can you were part of this. Lifestyle. Off. You talk about this a lot you saying it's the only profession. Being a professional athlete were you have zero say in what you do Ringo grain. And out of college you have an elite skill set in you do not have an option where you go up. In that is how small market teams like Portland Sacramento built you institute a culture. You build from that by drafting guys and saying see guys not that bad here. Right it's deeds Sacramento as a guy who's been there played in it. In dirt they said we are not trading DeMarcus Cousins. At the beginning of the year really up until the trade deadline know like up until this last week it was him trade him. DeMarcus Cousins are saying the day before used traded on Saturday. That day. I love the Sacramento I'm a member of the Sacramento Kings in he never said anything about management that he liked them at all him but he was saying. More or less the right things about wanting to be in Sacramento. Does this hurt the teens as an organization. With kind of the two faced in nature of their handling some DeMarcus Cousins does that seems to be a big point of contention why they are. I'll tell you what I don't believe a lot of things have happened in sports nowadays but I don't believe the media tell you what you wanna hear press. Where the or the Kennedy called the kiss of death I don't know what you wanna call it. But there are so many times I don't believe anything the general manager coach is saying meaning all be on us it's very rare. That I look at somebody or listen to some renowned median say. Well this player is going to be here for a long time and I went. No they won't they well in all sports is just that you can't sell me the ability goods anymore because everybody's watching for their backside. Everybody's looking at their owners tell them what to do from from Bobby we've talked to Neil O'Shea your job is to get the best. Talent most most assets for your team at all times so when you tell me to the skies and off the table no it's not. No it's not it's it's never true and I've seen it. For this organization of the with Sacramento Kings are the beard that they're just they're just floundering in and there's not going to be a lot of guys that wanna go there. But just how bad this organization is just from the players they would have hatter could've had. Or had in their roster from Isiah Thomas this on wide side and now getting rid of boogie cousins. Mayday just flounders all over themselves of just ineptitude and and that's why you see bad franchises continually get worse because of leadership. And somebody to have a lot of money to things they know how to do something and you just have this money and they just do whatever they want. Because what's the motivation for owners in some of these people to actually be better win the checks just keep coming in no matter what product you put on the court. Ended the hard part for any team night. Sacramento's when you have a meddling owner who doesn't appear that out yet it is that you have a perfect storm of what will be cut to two for the immediate future because. Well it this isn't gonna get better like in in a lot of people say well. You know this may be Sacramento just. The same hey we rather take. Go on the lottery in trying to find the next two markets cousins this year. Did you see what they're big issue now as. That they don't even get their picks this year. The aids in back in 2000 and and but six earth. Fifteen they tried to clear up cap space to sign free agents to join with McGee cousins. So they ended up having a pig slop with Philly for their first round picks last year this year Indian 2019. What happens is that Philly. Gets the better of the two picks. In 2017. Indian team doesn't nineteenth so even if they teen suck. They still won't benefit when. From mr. Marcus 'cause yesterday will benefit the Philadelphia. Seventy or you're 60 those here's a megaphone to Philly activated. Are they doing something. Good seeing hanky is a guy who made this I'd trade the guy who aspired. Because he's doing a terrible job of trip quote trusting the process of drafting dissenter after senator after senator. Well this may be the one thing now as 76ers fans can applaud seem PT for just a direct. Is because they did future if you're not gonna get better because they've mortgaged. T doesn't seventeen draft in the 2019 dropped the Kingston. It with that deal they're not gonna be in any realm of contention. Its own 2019. This fellow Philadelphia 76ers will still have a very high draft pick because the kings are gonna suck they're not going to be getting anybody in free agency either. So we do know probably why this draft or the I'm sorry this trade got vetoed whatever was. That it was like you had on the table right we do kind of figured out because he said he and he read into the cryptic as of what's going on here right there absolutely. It's DeMarcus Cousins yes he is not dates yet his agents and he's not gonna recite. I have here's my issue with this and I and I EC was so many great players if your set to cash in and free agency. You're gonna get treated. You better have an unbelievable. Offer on the table to be able to and not only be moved. Well what's what what say that you're gonna actually sign with a team we're gonna be traded to who's risking more as the kings are risking more is at the pelicans that these other teams. Because if you're just you're pretty much get a rental player first six weeks and here's. Deal is that you better have it you better have made. Eight contract extension ready for DeMarcus Cousins she's so I glee because it's New Orleans pulls this trade. And they don't have that there. Ed this is offer enough credit this is this will be a bone headed move and really why would you make this move if if you're Orleans for the exceed. You're trying to make for the future and but oh by the way. I think in day eight in the final stretch of the year if the Oklahoma City Thunder and go thirteen and 121 game over 500. It's dean near impossible for New Orleans to you get the seventh seed because it right now they 3225. If they're in nine games back. Of. Oklahoma City he'd have to go like. What 23 in three or whatever it is well not says some are here now but you're right they got to go on a really really good streak it would have to be something that the New Orleans pelicans have never done which is go 23 and three. Over that final stretch to get the seven seats so really it when you say in the is eater Miami it's yet you're trying to buy the eight seed in. Mean there's no guarantees there either because right now. They currently sitting in a game and a half behind the Denver Nuggets that's under that can be done you can make that up. In a flash right now are I mean UN rewrite all four wins in a row you could be said their top. How do we feel about the NBA having these players and he strayed deadlines because we don't were supposed to get a flurry by tomorrow by Thursday that's that's the word is that there's gonna be some monster moves. As some of these guys are gonna be free agents it kind of like the situation is this who who doesn't believe that even at the time the LaMarcus Aldridge wasn't trying to be moved by Daniel O'Shea at that time. Right he wasn't gonna sign back somebody knew something he wasn't trying to move but you know what some of those teams are your groove into his ages don't not sign in there. Flying straight and were outside in there either way I'm going to free agency if you're DeMarcus Cousins. Are you signing anything with any team are you going to free agency in shopping around what do you do murder. Scale within. That 299 dollars he said which they are going within the tuner 99 dollars. I think that you probably take that. Right you turn it down no I don't think what is now along with the NBA term 200 and design that is just. I don't even I don't know. Money man. Yeah unbelievable. NBA and baseball the money is just unbelievable. In now and in that they have bird rights to DeMarcus Cousins and Anthony Davis which means they can go well over the cash to keep those guys. And still with complementary pieces around him you know and this could be a good move but it also bears question of you know. Are and how to those guys co exist. Write them because there Ebbers or Tim Duncan and David Robinson right to the most unselfish human beings. If there's two different personalities. I don't know enough about Anthony Davis he seems pretty mild mannered he's he's an amazing talent. Probably the best if you top five big men in the league you know when using cell. Yes now because he'll have he'll definitely move who's gonna play the five again be the bigger question that and that's when there is cycle well DeMarcus Cousins of course. Well what if you look at a his ball skills on the perimeter. Yeah I got out of EE heat in this is that the great part is is at the king's love buddy Gil does he comedian that staff Currie. DeMarcus Cousins more made threes that buddy Gil does this year is averaging 27 points a game you got rid of the tourism boards. Yeah I did it say. Such a should just have minds. You know what to think about what was going to Sacramento's mind. And how this is gonna all work out for new world it's because they do you need that extension. Or this is often not. Now. My big question here is what does it does this say more about DeMarcus Cousins. And he him because of what bloody -- I keep saying his locker room culture locker Poulter does it say more about DeMarcus Cousins has a locker room guy. Where dysfunction. In Sacramento. In blazer fans all sorts of hot and bothered over this one because with the dominoes that are in motion now. Did did DeMarcus Cousins trade seal the fate of the blazes in this playoff race. 55 threes here five gusting came on the fan.