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Dusty and Cam - 2.16.17 - Hour 3

Feb 16, 2017|

High school bans Alabama from recruiting their players, Jusef Nurkic is a bright spot for the Blazers, and what's wrong with Dame?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Thanks for listen to dusting camp podcast brought to you on the fanned by your local less Schwab tire center do the right thing since 1952. This is dusty and jam in the morning when I say should we risk losing us use our it's our weather permitting new Justine here again. Should remain on. And jam yeah I almost going to battle to hold myself good days I believe it's kind of just dealing jam in the morning on 1080 loves yeah. Damned. I have not got an update from my dad it is day. It's a good one I can read and understand that says starter jackets he currently has. A UNLV one. Aid Dodgers. Won Penn State. The Orioles in the days it is all vintage eighties via. And ninety's to and then he has gonna be ugly it's jackets. That I've ever seen Betty it's like his favorite jacket. And it's a university Montana. Jacket from before they change their colors to use silver and maroon you met with their school allergies you have no idea. Their school colors used to be silver. Yellow and orange. In black. A lot of color T utilized I think brown was in there to you why its size he has a more colors the orange yellow and silver and black a Montana grizzly ones too. A surge jacket. So he has those I remember them all vividly and I know that don't I have a that the people Veronica worse rainbow color suit ever. It's it's earthy Rambo is the earthy rebel. I didn't pull over starter jacket that is Minnesota state screaming Eagles. That would be B. How did you that need them fictional school from coach. It is this to say that's because of that. Can come after you back through hardly I am have to go classic can go go back into the you know every -- once he would I have I don't have much later around to dig through their meal where mine tomorrow Herman Minnesota state when tomorrow it's very small nominate Crawford I'm aware some throwback tomorrow and sit you know what I'm gonna do and it's I think everybody right every gonna go team. I think we go theme day I mean I don't bring it out my embryo my special seventy sweatsuit may be a sweatsuit what's. Watts yeah excuse me. In ABA's that's it he's me. There baking powder room picking at her when we will only be eighteen is too narrow alleviate its BBA. It and leave it up for surprise for your secret government have a connection final condition that unless tropics there. Aren't common there are some vintage incomes Jackie moon mark Cummings every day congress means that you're not gonna change my dad I don't know I don't know Al spice it up. Aaron worsening news I have a Spaulding sweat suit mile. When does with the pants that zip off into shorts. You really Heath. Parkway heights. They are 318. That in wins here and year out pumps out division one products left and right. In their head coach David Easter is told the 104 point five ESPN. In Louisiana. Yesterday that Alabama. Is not allowed to go on their campus he said quote LSU is welcome to my school anytime the only school that can't come to part ways Alabama and there's a long story behind that. But I had to do with. Then not being ethical and their recruiting. And quote. Emit and this is. The wheelbarrow that coach feast your role in this b.s into you revealed meaty remiss not quite large map for Nick Saban the sell off of back story. Quarterback Brandon Harris is from parkway high school who is that Louisiana. And this is back win. And Louisiana State that is in his back when Doug Doug must nest Meyer was the offensive coordinator there. Former Laker to go and Douglas Meyer in when nest Meyer was there are they came in and they offered. They said they offered Harris. An opportunity to go to camp too where if he outperformed six or seven different guys then he could become a guy who gets offered. A scholarship now. In so. You know they let they may Harrison strong hairs along like. They were offering him but they were offering him a scholarship they were offering him an opportunity to go to a camp where he did essentially do a trial. And feature said. OK how many quarterbacks have you offered so far is about six or seven silica says is he really haven't offered anybody. And they said while coach an offer from us at quarterback is really an offered it to come to camp. Okay understandably saying he said you're offering these kids to meet Nixon and it's a big deal he and in he might go but I'm telling Brandon. Who went on some rain is you only have so much money and so much time to spend. To go to these schools that have a debt have you at the top of their recruiting board so go to those schools and go to the ones you want so he's saying that the overall offering. Is what is kind of done with him and he doesn't. He isn't wanna deal with it doesn't run deal makes they've been in says you all my guys he should want my guys. Not waste their time answering a long par. Well unfortunately. I I I support what to how he feels as I do believe that the overall offering is unfortunate. But if we have to look at the real the deep roots of why teams over offer is because the you're doing an eighteen year old kids you. Mean all call me and that's fine but the inconsistency where kids are going flip flopping jumping around. Paying for recruits hiring certain people this is just this is the dance we do and I don't know if I don't know I mean I get your high school coach you're trying to protect these young men and and making sure that. You're you're handling ethics but really ethics in college football's all you know when it tough when we're talking a league college football programs. The top the Echelon is the top of the food chain. Any says that a you know Alabama offered the kid an actual scholarship eventually and then a couple of months later said nope sorry pimple tobacco act like. So after all this kind of pulling back and forth. It EE I. Unplug the coach. I applaud the culture sitting there on his morals yeah well is sitting there and going you know what. I've got talent rich area I've got a salary school I've pump guys out consistently. And you know what I want them to have an opportunity to go somewhere where they're not gonna be strung along right. And if he doesn't like dirt pretty practice all he sane as you just can't come into my school. He's not stopping them from going into the homes of these kids from colonies kids from cell offering the scholarships what he's saying is that. Don't know and save enough. You're staff. Don't come through my doors because I don't like you person that's a pretty powerful coach to say something like that you think yeah and you have to be in a power position that means you have a talent rich. Group you're not saying that if you're from. I don't know Wyoming oh goodness now know. Like there's an de LA you have do. You have to have some credibility in you have to you have. Woodson coins in the bank there. To make sure the content season on this one and my only question is though. One if you have a kid because he is a five star receive one investors in the country this year that has already been offered by Alabama. What does that young man wants to go to Alabama. That's a school that he wants to go to you now in your denying him the opportunity to meet the school meet the coaches even more. Are you doing a disservice morbid disservice to the kids or more of a service because you don't like it tactics of Nick Saban. Now I will I will say and I think there are a lot of coaches that are out there listening in if you are and you're one of those coaches need to understand that this happens across the country. And a lot of high school coaches control and they have a lot of power in how the future of some of these high school kids move on and end their opportunities. I heard coaches and I've heard them talk and I've heard them say I don't think that kid deserves what he's getting talent. I've heard other coaches that have pushed kids and do that. It's natural but I think the high school rules ahead coach and as anybody that like that is develop young men do the best you can build a program teach them as best you can't. But don't sway colleges or anything. In any anyway let the colleges do their service let the people investigate let them understand tell them the truth this young man is is this he's done this he might have some struggles. I don't know I want you guys to value it I do not like coaches. That feel like it's their power in their job to control the future of kids that aren't theirs or less and less there is that father figure scenario. Were sometimes that is the debt for a lot of cut for a lot of guys you know they head football coach both for a lot of people that's their debt. Right in certain certain communities and certain situations you. I understand the but I I do think that as he treading on thin water oratory that tonight. The nights he's been monitoring the mortars not I think she alliances. You're treading on thin ice when you start putting putting your power and above these young men future yet. Well unlike this Asus says yes of last week remember that conversation we have about the New Orleans coaches are gonna boycott there are drawn I think it's and here is whether it was terrible. And then that is a situation where I. You know Dave felt wronged because one of their guys was demoted to get a recruited the area who sold. All of the kids for in the New Orleans area don't LSU on signing day the day after signing day. Eric front demoted the two guys that recruit New Orleans or from that area. In so you sit there and you go you known that this is big hits in these coaches now are feeling more and more empowered. We you do have to realize that. You have to you. Yeah. Hasn't complained you have to do what's best for the kid right the coaches are playing in what's best for their kid is to get all of that in our information that they can't. Now and I will say this. It is good to you should let Alabama and there's no there are off Alabama letting. Him letting Alabama know how he feels about him. But the coach's job is to you instead of saying you can't come through my doors may be it is. I'm gonna tell every single kid that I have. To be what what you did to Brandon Harris transparency in how I feel about what you did Brandon Harris so deep they did that is going to be an easy road to get any my kids it's not. The U more than welcome to come in because that is my kids like you my kids wanna go play at Alabama. It's not a manpower. You know I NEA the more. Do you believe and and and I catch myself all the time and I say as a father her dad the more I think I should hide things from kids the more should actually put it in front of them. So they can understand in a lot of or we're gonna make mistakes but your job is to give them experience your experience as a head coach it's your job to put the options in front of them. Enough but not not hold back. Right let them have those options in front you teach them guide them but in the end they have to be able to make those decision to tell you learn. You can't roll way you can say Alabama doesn't come through our door I just. I'll I think I think you're taking your own personal message and make it about you again another coach another person making it about you instead of about what is what's best for our future program. In one day that he is doing now. Is that he's not saying you can't go to these kids homeway dissing Taylor how tall and can walk in my house which is it will walk in the doors of the schools and workers which. Is a big thing. It's a big part because if you don't know the process what happens. A college coach will go to you in high school hill talked to the coach and say. You know wanna see XYZ if you have multiple players that they want talk to bring them into a room you have one on ones in you have like a group talk with coach. And then boom it's me angry kids feel good negated by pulled out of class. That's based Dow goes or not will be happen Alabama at parkway high school Louisiana. By factory a five that is the text line Bosnian peace is geared does he give you help. 55305. Gusting came on the fact. That. This is dusty and examine them. 1080. Sir tech about retro stuff earlier in Crawford is the nominee he will website. We Dan. About a minute and scrolling through Dallas site. I decide exactly. What he was going to buy you called it actually I called it immediately. And that website by the way. It's not is not great it's great Eads the models look like hostages like I don't think they're willing participants in in the was suddenly a man there I. I just can't decide which the lower suit to get. Is exactly but I happen to stumble upon eBay here. And I think I found the perfect thing that I've always needed it and it is a balloon were clippers track jacket. No words I'm getting it and are. You sits near kitchen. Made his debut for the Portland trailblazers 21 minutes last night thirteen points on. Five of five shooting. Seven rebounds. What we have. One assists three steals. Nice old performance in a block four in the Bosnian beast in his debut are what you would. For me or the best. Opening debuts I've ever seen from a blazer player. Yeah that's a nice it's nice that'll debut for him music takes guys did. Dig finery the men find a fit here. You're still a lot wind did well 21 minutes is big man remember I think 280 might be doing them a little just justice that guy might be closer to three bills then maybe at the beginning of the year and then he has played a lot last couple months here so I have a feeling you know a little bit bigger that. But he's got that guy that. As advertised. Quick feet. Good post moves shot blocker type but he's a guy who does everything. Well nothing. Great book she's not Imus enough facts mean the dude is big he's big he's due he's built debts and I'm a dense dude like I just the mist and heavy. These guys are big me that it that is what the blazers need his big. Physical presence in the middle and I immediately impacted when I saw he's got an attitude. He's got an anti that was tired from the get go you see the Ohio those screens he sets and when guys coming around and the and my elbow. At 65 he's seven foot he's dropping his elbow right around the six to mark you better watch your head yes and around that you better and if you if you're not. Year and be laid out in that that is kind of the thing that that the blazers have needed. I like the fact that he was rooting out Rudy go bare from the pain when he's trying to get position offensively. It was eighteen hand shove I will move view here in your editor in you know what if I get a south so be it. That's one of the things as Meyers Leonard. And Davison no bomb Lance struggled a little bit over the straight foul lane is is going to be an issue attempt here in the last night in his 21 minutes he didn't take up what 3000. In 21 minutes. In that way and even as we go forward and he gets a more and more minutes he'll get without her book is twenty years old has been played in the NBA sure sec has not played much this year. But this guy. Temper the expectations is not in traffic five. He's career 51% shooter. And we gotta say he's he's got a very good jump shot for big man polished. Polished game very fundamental dislike all Europeans aren't you extremely good with fundamentals right. But this is a guy that kind of came out and it was the it was a perfect storm Armenian plus minus of plus eighteen and 21 minutes I mean everybody else on the team with the exception of pat Conner ten. Was negative in their plus minus. You are dead their game is just a dumpster fire at the end. But this guy is that bring in the elements that the blazers need does it give a little bit of hope for blazer fans and in in this final push of the regular season. You know he played 56 near ten games under 500. You think he makes a big enough push in the back half of the year do you think he can bring is as much consistency. To be can't make this team more viable down the stretch. I don't I don't I can't I can't gauge how well he's gonna impact this team I don't know I was gonna fit into coach stocks. System I and we haven't seen a really big lumbering big man since on the wasn't Robin Lopez. Really and Logan he's just immediately head and shoulders in my eyes better than Robin Lopez who is. And so that that's really been the last slowdown team you look back to the basket guy I think he posted up well he called for the basketball. He showed those things I don't know how much it's gonna fit. I don't know but I think that he's gonna bring something different that's that all of us are gonna appreciate second out of the season. Yeah out in that is to me how much is the offense change. It didn't look like much last night except for the fact killed dive down the block in Damian Miller and it looked. It looked and comfortable and easy did to pass the ball and don't you go down well do we see him adapting more to what. Portland wants to do or do we see the rest of the team adapting more to what his style fits. How do you think that it just it's gonna be because he's not he's not that's like asking Marcus all grown up and down the court that that are not gonna deal that was evil because those guys are big. Big dudes he's more nimble than I thought I like the did the pick and roll game that they're talking about he's not move. He's not as good of the pacers' mr. Obama I think we saw that when yet. He had four turnovers which is a little concerning but one of them was a bad pass from CJ that he guy getting guys in time he got to credit for the turn over on. The end a couple big bad passes. But did the reality is that if you're gonna have let him come up top and senate pick and roll I think you feel okay with that in Seoul. In that regard will be offense change a much no but. We continue adding a different element to it with actual blocked presence absolutely. And you know that'll help that that'll help the blazers because they haven't had that in tipped rebounds or something that'll be backed. He's a guy that takes up space in the paint he's gonna make you change your shot when he come down the middle there and we don't we've we haven't seen that with the blazers right I mean it is many times any deceit. Isiah Thomas drive on a 71 Meyers Leonard and has the ability of the ball I know Isaiah Thomas is one of the best in the and he would do that but there's no way here to let is letting that guy come right down the middle he stopping ball. That's different he's got long arms so yeah I think there are some things were gonna seed noticeably right away as he searched a fit in the system long as he gets his wind under him. Yup and does everything well nothing great he's seven foot nick but Tim I'm OK with that yeah. I think I would be OK with that is well as on a blazer fan because. I think that's kind of what you want in your bag right and don't you want a guy that does everything easier is solid you know he's just that. Solid player but. We should again there's a reason why it's not just because nickel Yokich is. Is this. Juggernaut of a player he's that far better known people thought he was right when he started taking her teaches spot minutes in Denver because. Use of air kitsch was inconsistent. And while we saw last night. Was great. Wide and we could see at other times during this is is ten years a blazer it could be another rollercoaster but. As he says he's never played with guards like Damon CJ so maybe that is what alleviates a lot of. Pressure I think so too many good age 22. He need to understand that this kid is still a kid. In the sense when it comes to basketball ages I don't know man. Nowadays it feels like if you don't pot by the time you're 21 years you're considered this an average player you're a bomb here bomb right we don't have time or development. He's going to. Easy sacking Angus Blair on the blazers only behind no Obama he still just 21 years of age. And how about that church wrinkle last night. No online poll from the starting lineup that is starting lineup. Danes CJ Myers at Davison restart us. Because that Al farouq Aminu is injury. And Evan Turner is an injury obviously but no bond lady experiment may be over. With him because it was it was getting to a point where. It is kind of hard to watch when you win Obama is out there at times because of his confidence he lacks. He lacks confidence right now in Terry Stotts desk religious wants him that he is not the narrative grows team right now. Yeah yeah. It really is is. Such it even with your stars yeah. Is a big problem in this text you know more may will pick this up because I text eminent at 55305. Is it frustrating. Anyone else to see how bad dame is in pine. What's wrong with that guy this year. Will get to that aid coming up next because it be that bad is it that's a different that's different conversations. India it's one that needs to be had because is it really that bad. Here's cartoon sports that are. This is. GM in the morning. We read that text with a great. You frustrated leave the the play. The stars of this team game and CJ as specifically it it takes messages targeting gaming Lola that said is is a frustrating how bad he's implying. Dame that is what's wrong with that guy this year. Lil heard. His last five games. Is shooting 36% from the field 39% from three. On with thirteen to anyone's when he 2929 points but the last two games he's shooting 22% nine of forty. From the field. Is that cause for concern. In your mind. It. I'm looking at numbers human read numbers are wanted to read body language younger Reid who all seem is put it altogether music concerning when your top talent isn't playing. The way it should be a mean. Compared to another team is compared to eight I don't know Oklahoma City. That's that's. Arguably an MVP candidate right that's what we would expecting to play. Karen Russell Westbrook is doing things that are he's surrounded by a really bad team. All the players right equal pleasure believe you take Russell Westbrook off that team what is Oklahoma City. Bottom dwellers they before Joseph fifteen lakers. Probably pretty bad if you take dame off the team or CJ off the team were the blazers even further down they write or they are. There are further down got a bad team. Does a bad team so when you sales organizations expectations of your start to play better certainly key as it too he's Phelan also. That to mean tells tells me something that that's somebody that's who really really frustrated. Beyond disappointed in what's happened thus far feeling the pressure in the weight of being the leader. And maybe and maybe maybe injuries maybe something else. On Saturday after their practice Damian Miller said that his ankle. Hasn't any illness passes as the dot it would be in in May be the worst this spring he sat. On. In that is today. Mean that is sitting there you go one. Our I. Well that makes sense then because it looks like it needs closeness is their right. And notice noticeably missing since he went down that ankle injury here. Is he's not attacking as much anymore right it's not is strong to the hole anymore right. And that is those are all things that are notice what looks to step off looks a fraction of that and step off. In with a guy like Damian Miller DL that's the that's a big issue and that is a huge issue. And I I mean I don't know what else is going on with this team but. It's gotta be some let's figure out because you hear the game big become a close game. It doesn't sound like things peachy in any age should be peachy but Denny was sound like you know. They're sitting there like this break probably is happening at the best time possible I think we're gonna learn some more. From this time off from the break this into a CJ McCollum about is about the all star break up coming. See happening in. Now only diminish us and defensively we were in it for awhile and then they went couple runs is some tough shots. A lot of us as we are easiest protested treason and that kind of got some momentum going. And then there's this thing to do X it's how we approached this great. Same way a person us here rests. His success up here and there and I stressed out my feet into my mind away from the game for a little bit. He you know after. Not included in there. I wrote this this down and I heard it last night he said. I'm just glad that game's over. All star break is here in the game this wasn't going while I mean he picked up 3000 quickly. In he said you know it was just kind of one of those games for him especially he said I'm just glad to games over. And I think that a lot of guys kind of feel that way heading missiles are. They what I think fit also. They supply only issue ship guys up I think what coach stock that everybody should guys up. In the locker room saying we're all on this because of where were wrapped we did it to ourselves from meat to the top down everyone is in this position and also won some of those reports. Come out. In your told that everybody's for sale. Everybody's on notice. That's gonna affect you. Can affect a lot of guys at Kia and so this is what you're seen as we saw. Visited the negativity surrounding this team right now that's that's hard to get away from so what you need you need a little break. Let's hope that break recharges these guys and gets him into a different mindset. Yeah AI think what we're also saying is don't wait if carrying the blazers is starting to you but Blair down Damon CJ. 26 of their last 83 shots combined night. It's one thing to sit there meal Iconia Dame's rushing the ball well. In the last two games he's nine for forty well CJ hasn't been much better right they're 26 and 83. Make they have not been great in they have been so reliable and leaned on so much. I did that's gonna be amazing things from last year's team is that those guys didn't Wear down like that. Because they were leaned on just as much if not more last season right and indeed did they didn't do it going back to last year's perfect storm. It's catching up with the blazers right now. I think he made a good point yesterday we said about did the anomaly of the Western Conference last year about how 401444. Good games one. Got to a five CDO but the year prior would've got you what the 8992. And even men and I think too I think the blazers ran into one of those one of those years where. I don't know you'll want called fool's gold but maybe maybe played above their skis and ran into a little bit of a perfect storm and the reality did said in of now wait a minute maybe were not as deep and talented as we thought the apple we paid for it. Sure did I mean sure did they mean they financially they got money more. And that you know what that's the nature of the beast because it and people want and they get it right now. Deal O'Shea is being questioned Terry Stotts is being questioned Dave Miller and cesium a calmer being questioned. Where are they being questioned when they were planning on say where's in the playoffs. Well how many people were questioning them in the second round the conference semi finals and against a goal and say words how many people were questioning. These guys win Steve Kirk said that that's the toughest team we've played all year there. You know did the team that this year is soft it's a use it like how old how quickly we forget. That this team was being praised by eight is Steve Kerr and dream on green. And who doesn't praise anybody in staff Currie about how tough this team. Ports are always does someone you know from you lately right and I don't learn as it works now in the news within it has ever has been. This patient enough and nobody is an immigration anymore sports we presume anything anything new in specially when you see guys with those kind of dollar amount Newton. You're on now wonder I mean that's what everybody's gonna say even paid well. Would you should be performing more. It up up to the level we we want as fans and we want because when we go to a game and you sell out in there was a sellout. The last time you play the hawks he sold out Mota center for an average team. Below average average team. And that's we want you want performance for that you get your money's worth. He this guys dame thinking. I can't answer that I don't know. How little or no I don't know I know dean you'll it is not taking. That dude is not wired that way we Leo we know Dana display right I'm not in his brain and dude. K I know what I see I know what I wanna believe and some stand on that and now one and she's right in my lane when there is dame pissed off. Yeah yeah up. Is he tanking now I don't think. Baghdad isn't wired that way if your ankles hurt things are bothering you you're not form its same level. In immediately think somebody's taking care. Asserted that the U problem. You have in this I think you're in forgets that if Chris Paul and Blake are very healthy last too lazy kids slept in the first round yeah Gerald Henderson's mountain. Blake Griffin's. Answering the reasons that the blazers got out of that series undoubtedly saw him in on the clippers just clipped it that's what they do. So I aides say is this things I don't know. Well we'll see how dozen second half that are well the beneficial second half of the season after the all star break but as are off until Thursday. And yes people we see your miers under tax he was minus thirty. Is plus minus another night struggling from Meyers Leonard. He's affecting everybody and so does Myers it's affecting everybody. Now it's hard for him down you know in that that is hinted to watch a guy who got booed at home. And they came on he knocked us first tee shots are signing I can maybe she maybe should get. And then it kind of just revert back to it to the way it has been that was tough when a lot to that guy and I guises. Hang his head quite a bit now especially you Buddha Buddha home. So. Hey I guess we read her mean text while ago patience is a virtue. Lost in today's society nailed it cam well that's not a hot take nice texts. That'd this I think we all feel that nowadays. Aren't you doing now well now learn how to wanna wait. But the little girl from Charlie and the chocolate factory you know I have ever think it is acted attorney none of them damn blueberry exactly where we're headed blueberries society you know. That's right I think this should be the new term that he knew blueberries and Ted talk. The blueberries society Gary society. Could see muscle standing in a circle the crowd around where no one of those headsets. The day you give it Ted talk is DR society licensed this goose is troubles more fan of him when he fault it would Ted talk. Mark my words but it. I'll. Italy for the attendance ratings I think that this conversation right here will be part of his Ted dock them. Any he'll play at all part of this PowerPoint presentation listen to a nine do. What was that. So I hit my Syria buttons I thought I thought a trip to search Syria so I don't mind and I felt really weird did talk Siri. How do I get it sheds all on one of my best friends gave a dead dog actually I've how to win look fashionable my friend again erode the children's book yeah it's a dark really ask. Well you act like this is is it is easy to get a Ted Todd easy but will that how do you get to be a Ted talker I don't know you get you get nominated. Okay. By who I don't know someone that talking Bebo I don't know lateral Talking Heads someone someone that they are assets I guess that would be if Talking Heads the baby's. Now attacking tents out tons heads of the grandstand to cut their second they're different than the tussle in Portland in. Tonight we put him on the show I don't know how we got there were connecting dots folks. I would put him on the should be seven the nail on the fans this is dusty give O and we have a big interview announcement. For next week dusting camp. This is dusty and Tim in the morning on 1080 sounds. There and then people are plunge. It's thought that. Crawford and nine next weekend not this again Mexican or doing the Special Olympics or or polar punch. Edge yeah. One heck yeah or plunge in. And that's record plunge me they don't then there. And this is going to be this is one of my favorite things in you are being the and the mediator of sorts right once it's gonna makes you guys do it correctly. Properly. Coaching not actually get in there we mean avoid shrinkage all those things are important nick MacKay first of all. You're gonna help me avoid shrinkage right yet to layer up only an era but I handled myself. Larry is and there is no way. That you can avoid that and I don't think the possible. And in that is not colds like science so man they are frightened turtle that's very cold if you go to plunge organ dot com. And you go to Portland plunge es search team dusty. Each side having me on my team with me we're gonna go on we're in a plunger gonna jump into the icy Columbia Pernod raise money for Special Olympics organ. And wherein do that Danks saying do not go in join team Crawford because that is an option. Oh they are going against each other go to you plunge organ. I and you go in there aegis you can do is join a team. And aegis type in team dusty there or an idea for special they sort of we're gonna jump in the icy. Columbia Columbia River siren SE is just particles still called at Brighton Beach. Who that is next weekend we're taking the plunge baby snug if you don't want to discuss the team does he can hit donate now. And you can give money to special bass organ it is is such it worthwhile. Cause to be don't wanna do plunged on there's a five K can do as well. So go to plunge organ dot com in in let's get the single on because it is foreign awesome cause and it's presented by. Fred Meyer this year so I would anyone join your team because Crawford had they wanna be part of winner and they don't wanna be next to the guy in in the short short Jimmy jumping into the river is is cold enough Fred. When you have to jump into a river next to a man Mike Crawford who has so much a leg showing. It makes it is very uncomfortable situation who moved you know you have his lady and these tracks short song yeah. Yeah yeah I mean we all know it's short she's wearing. Yet they're not all of the five K shorts though they're no longer somewhere by America's short yet again and do them in I. You know more hop on in there and and it is. Bitterly cold but the wind would she get out they have heated tents. Which make it worthwhile then you'd just be putt posts up and he'd tinsel tie if you looked. Our it team dusty let's go listed as join our team. Meeting due by going to pledge organ dot com. There's no team cam now we cannot join team cam team came as being the time the media are exclusive the exclusive. Yeah at the you can go to camps thousands of bath with him if that's the way it's he'll weigh your plate don't I don't have a hot sorry I didn't say on said about often L math. Know era by. Exclusive an exclusive 11. Hit wonder. And go to team dusty can be good naked lunch no I think that's frowned upon. I. I don't know we'll see what happens. I'm gonna go ahead and say yeah kind of children their Crawford no. No. Nudity is natural. All go naked in the plunged in line this is why you wanna join that's why you wanna be knowledge and groove activity and I feel very social norms and to be here no we're not at the naked bike right Crawford just would you say that wanted to go with me this year you crazy now I would like is there on top whereas you lose you have to do is mad love abet. You're never you're you're never gonna shake on that note okay yeah. What are the odds are heavily in your favor a few things in life shake. As a few a few things in life that that that I don't belong doing that is top of the list of number one line. Why I mean you have fun you know and under and by Camilla I good go out or just great let's go out on a limb here is nobody wants seems injures naked met remaining. Really yeah don't you don't yourself and that boxes tell it in the box for 41 years what he's talking about let's of the box. And I'm not I'm up in users' in boxes. Hey I know my lame stated it you know Crawford. He may not be good dead in building eighteen for the polar plunge. But he's doing a damn good job of looking guess Taurus here. Next week we'll have the New Orleans Saints head coach Sean Payton on the show. On nine Tuesday. Tock is this right before he does come I'm very I'm very concerned about what his favorite restaurant is New Orleans that's big priority for me. Where the best venues are oh we know that it's. We do you know. Cafe du monde right course. I did another everyone knows that doesn't. Helpful thing OK Camellia grill. The K does he get hurricanes at the drive through common asking that. And I think that's frowned upon like a zipper for NFL commissioner in Yemen angle and you might hurt king human dragged down the majority Martinis. Yeah my greetings I'm sorry the arteries Decker told Zachary if you drive through you the cap. On the straw. That's that's okay. Is on uses cap on the stroke of a mistrial. Like you can't take the lid off the legal suits these new. Okay. So we got Sean Payton a wedding we'll talk more about. Bits in the disputed is. Bill will go into some global re laughing and I'm laughing at people people are phoning there is series before it plunged. Five kids. And you can sign when George conduct comes off and then. It hits the king Robert is already booked cal coach Jen and Justin Wilcox. I was Josh. Her coach Wilcox is what I'm calling from now on in March it's. But Danny Crawford here on it you are on it but man I very rarely plan ahead but when I do it feels. And good for you resist is it returning overdue leave now now now. Go to be Special Olympics organ polar plunge website teamed SE it's not team Crawford. If you don't want you budget does this donate to the cost of specialty torque. Go back tomorrow from six now named its Friday edition folks. Or whoever we can would you rather. Will discuss. All star game stuff. Some football stuff as well I guess in Dallas Cowboys know that I wanna go over what. Are they viable long term we'll see you must ex nanny and this is investing camel fan. You don't need to be banging 24 sevenths on duty.