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Dusty and Cam - 2.15.17 - Hour 3

Feb 15, 2017|

WTF Wednesday, Orlando's dumpster fire, and Kate Upton.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Thanks for listen to dusting camp podcast brought to you on the fanned by your local less Schwab tire center do the right thing since 1952. This is Dustin jam in the morning. It says here to take two for results. This Dinara the offensive line get your rest. And Tim Cleveland. I'm downgraded soccer soccer dusty and jam in the morning on 1080 hello yeah. I 55. Brees zeros. That is our tech sign where you can participate. In this which is. Alex Crawford ten million this 1000009 with sports stories we haven't gotten to this week you know prime when did you. But his weird little mind felt found it felt it. Now they're little I felt it it's Debbie TS wins in as it is all right and let colonials that by the way right now texting and yeah. Came millennial get up and work to man. He just like you know you let heels are trying to go real beards like Crawford I try to grow a beard just keep trying I'm to lazy to beer men men Wear yours. And leather. Men do other. You'd think. That may be the most jarring revelation that we've had to muddy dog and together when it is that you are able weatherman thank you not patter. Now wait a minute stimulus leather did he say he loves lender I look I had I own a few leather jacket it's okay to love leather on the weather drop you actually cut the drop in June I think so I think you said something long lines and I love leather. They find when you look crazy weather sort of speech yes. No I didn't save that yeah audio you're lucky. Our knowledge he I don't know leathers cool man. Our own leather all right let's start off on a little millennial ish can't ESCO. Big news in the world of reality television. Is announced on a Monday night. We will have our first black bachelorette. Which is big news everyone's really excited that remains were very excited about this. I'm I guess there could have been a leak there but then it was officially announced after that Rachel Lindsay an going to be the next bachelorette. Anybody cares I don't I don't watch the show so I I had I had this season sucks if you I don't OK I don't get I don't mean I have. I have friends that are playing Tennessee that's all you out my remaining bracket. Pool with a money to keep me informed them that it's good enough here's the thing and I walked the last two seasons prior to my friends and roommates were start watching this one. It's Sox analyzes suck this year the main guy the bachelor he's dizzy diva Erica they're always comedy bags but this guy's like. Cost is just like I can't get into it in itself and care. There's some attractive women now that's another reason why you watch my question for you guys is easy you could be a contestant on any reality TV show which one. Would you beyond. Do you do you. Defunct oil flowing back ones that we're in the too much temptation island are never. Reality show working should you could bring a reality show a reality show every game show daddy did you reality shows is now a reality game show like where you like like survivor survivor or. What's it amazing race amazing race that's want to hear massacre your factories your record one clear fact yeah you want your factor. The kind of game show that's more game show. Big Brother. Brother what was it temptation island out of the real world. Oh look at the real world you're gonna go real world care because I think it would be enjoyable to have multiple personnel these living together. And just in to see that interaction and watch my head explode he would not dissected. You would murder somewhat. I'd be like pocket I'd be kicked out its first month as the body to most hated people in in Rhode history would be. You in pocket and now begin I would this. This is gonna settle wicket but. I was always a bigger fan of road rules. Game yeah minimum it'd in an army an RV this revenue around open road in an RV that is appealed to me although I will say that road rules kick the crap out of real world every single year when they did the competition the real role because a real or they're soft real world. Grew rules challenge. But they were all on Roy it's barrel fighting each other all the who were on student brought in this scenario from working out I would probably go naked and afraid. I don't know wildcard naked in a phrase. You know. I like being naked eye doling being afraid I also don't like that I get I've seen people and they can they're afraid. They've got serious viruses and almost died after she really yeah likable and yes and yes I'm never watched it. Typhoid thinks or what. I went where they know. Real talkative and you know it's an analyst -- no I'm never washed out there on ran a mile and you know lazy yeah outer rain for you so I'm very easy and silly bug bite you dated lot anyone days now that excel. That's naked naked critics out fourteen days. It's twenty days in. That's not a few days in rethinking this. In the cold that's the Amazing Race there for. Reason one amazing race ought to be on the bachelorette I saw somebody gets they're downstairs in December someone ago a moment ago the other an amazing race you know what you. When I go on the bachelorette you wanna be one of the god and one of the guys competing for the girl you're not getting the first row subdued but I'm definitely getting the first rose to some kind of like wacky like that produces gonna keep me around Delaware now you're trying to sell yourself too much that's what that's what it's all about you know you need to give in on what you need to be the bachelor yeah our season including our solar steam it -- get your ass again bounce pretty quick edit one of all you guys I don't know. Yes. Also I think the contestants are his drunk the whole time from what I've read says saw it could be fun. I'm. Okay you guys here Taro Lou before the game or after the game and time out there's only one. Chick that you can hook up live in fear that your Knight and you're right. It just looks like all the dudes like having fine in my two girls there and then they're like going on dates of the girl. You're right actually though. Now you're wrong sorry I'll be a bachelor they go trough for bachelor Tony seventeenth good hash tag you'll Lamar Hurd is almost a bachelor when you really. The ice could. Somebody try to get bachelor and no nobody you'll see on Jersey Shore with. That's what you are texting and now meaning we could be pretty sweet Jersey Shore apparently got to keep it up bill. It would make it last time of hair gel that flavor of love. Found the energy bill did you guys. See is American Gladiators doesn't. That's Mormeck if I'm gonna go old school like data wanna be on his real Nickelodeon show global guts global go to the agro crack double Blair you have got to remember those Nickelodeon I remember those daddy double there yes the agro Cragg was my hero yet. TV game shows I was taken remote control Kurt loader and into the no Kurt voters' views of big guy but. Remote control MTV classic that's what I've gone out examiners on that. That's right every boy got to start. Mark Somers Star Search Star Search this. You guys have gone off topic all right now very very OK let's bring it back let's bring it back or star. Tyrone late last night after the game. Here and and Tom Thibodeau the general's head coach have a long time relationship themes I guess is known for always yelling. Apple is a regular thing came after the game's back on a guy Tyrone Lewis asked about it and did a little bit of a Tom Thibodeau impression. Your network didn't cause I'm an artist the last game and this. Yeah. Who has his career in the car better. As like a Doc Rivers yeah I don't discounts and then of course NBA coach voice right mr. I want ask you guys. What's the best impression you can do. List horrible and that's. It that's pretty good at Charles Berkeley and the. Start the first few camps got a few impressions of this leaves. Does he does he's dig him right now. Now I don't know which a lot of pressure right there and it is a lot of pressure that is I should we are you guys for Eric. Prince police Marjorie Tora. America try to get him over the ocean which are get real even do it. Had started yet terror as accurate of Bebitch SARS to teach your former wants this book from one's. Should shame on you nine got pretty Don did not get a bit. I would not being green and into this young sheer. Like furniture actually they do you guys yet thank you. Eyes edit I don't know how they are they debut for though the lap there. Abdullah last question for you I was gonna Disney Dublin by diet there's nothing that wouldn't get me tired. Of saying because he's bolder and she's up fish. My last question is guys remember saints wide receiver Robert Meachem. I do remember Robert Meachem my do you remember 2007 I flew he's going to be spending thirty days in jail because he owes. 400000. In unpaid child. That baby mama is a lot of unpaid child support. My question for you guys is what's your biggest unpaid fine the never had a most embarrassing fine. Unpaid parking ticket anything like that mine is our minds he's recently. I had to pay an overdue. Video rental I had speed for 21 days I forgot I had it. And when are turned it she said of course she said the auto did you watch it 21 straight days and I say no and said OK when now you have to pay the fine. Oh what a way to live a wallet I'm honest with my video rental store. Authors seem fine me but villainy she says yes wildcat and that they yes that that's that's a I don't they are my. I was mine was the Salk police fine I got from the NFL. So I rolled my ankle on Monday Night Football and I had to use taped the ankles. So instead of with my Nike contract you can't cover up a certain party issue. The NFL idea really mad at you but I didn't wanna tape just one ankle and smacked the outside because that would have given away which ankle was hurt. So I spat at the mower in the NFL both ninety sin that's you can't do that and they find me took away some of my soul might be Christmas money yet that's messed up. I was very very very upset with ads. And I wrote America said so you guys were more worried about your brand and you are about my health and they went yes I don't know if that makes sense. Came down to you now isn't college. And they parking find that I let run 40 I don't know. Three and a half years. In the school it it worked its way out at the school Izzy university professor stupid anyways. Yeah Nintendo's Morgan State. Well. Had he graduates and I don't know I graduated those big threat though they were always good record means you go through. And so I went ahead as I want to hack and money. You know who has that plane around and I didn't shares tech and an eagle and my parents like look. Some party to. It was one and then. It was one in it was like 500 dollars because he hadn't native. So I did renegotiate kinda work began to work at work. To work at school. Trying. Get that work that money off. Yemeni. Stupid. So it's very stupid. I might add that Abbott when my daddy got the tickets and he goes. Your car is gone and he took my took carver from Ali is that man he's my heeded our. The parking lady. The parking Nazi all the parking lady. He had Mars was a redhead and Mike were kindred spirit and wrongly I don't hate the player I blow me in my studies you general ours had like a flat top yeah. He would treat general motor. Her little oh abuse policy inning in anything I had a buddy who rode his scooter. And he kept getting parking tickets for America's he just our scooter anywhere you know anywhere you want it chased him down with a scooter now. So he is Ike are right I'm done what this lady. He actually brand from her one time in two kids motorized scooter up on campus tonight I inherited our a so they end if you got even worse. He did take you down we had like when it does shipping containers that held my own writings LED's on the tonight. Field know that inside. No he does and he part sit down. In between ninety defense in the Dutch shipping container while we're out of practice right. She comes down tries to give them a ticket when you're on the practice field he says net eight. Did this isn't what's love it right middle practice that is now before. This but that lady would find his skeeter wherever he parked it. Where everybody miserable life you have to be embarking it really is working enforcer I'm sorry you're out there. That's just miserable and it ought to mean a lot of it started and when he's tried chaining it to the bike rack. What's the same through the bite. It's I would say your aghast he reads your feet your Fred Flintstones mean at the end may be if it's a your moped our rights and night in the west in trading a starter could be worse Portland. A paragraph that sums up one NBA team that people don't see is a beacon of dysfunction. Testing came on the. On 1080. In her own on the other nuts that bed. The blazers aren't living up to the expectations that. Are set forth by their franchise. We can file the sender it always be worse now. This comes from an article. About the Orlando Magic in the Washington Post. Quote to call this past weekend a garbage fire would be a disservice to garbage fires which at least shed light. And get rid of garbage. Now like the best lead it was our political story but I think we should now applied active sports that is the Orlando Magic. And here we go with what they did yesterday. To acquire Serge Ibaka who we talked about it I think at this time the breaking local news was Terrence Ross. Had been traded from. Toronto to Orlando. Along with first round pick for Serge Ibaka. On in finalizing that trade. There. Who is a sequence of events that the Orlando Magic. Have given up a ridiculous amounts to get just Terrence Ross. And in the first round pick in it involves no heartless in the Portland trailblazers as well. As when you go back to just over in a tear spanned the team has traded. Greece heartless to bias terrorists Victor early depot the rights to do Monta sabonis. In surge of Barca. You'd just to get Terrence Ross. And this first round pick they've give eight if you look at all the things they've given up over the time this is what they've gotten in return they're all connected. They've given up a starting five that can win more games in the Orlando Magic cameras or you're telling his Orlando has no value for what they've done. Nothing zero value nothing okay absolutely. Nothing I mean. Think about that bad is it ridiculous. Hall. In NBA terms in this is this all of year and a half for two years that since all of this is happen. And right now there's being seen as the biggest most dysfunctional team in the NBA. With the exception of the Brooklyn nets don't they also have the youngest general manager in the MB 80s34. You know he's very young very young so does youth and experience have to do that at all. Man I don't know but never. Would. Yes and obviously we've had some of these yes. But they even started before he got right in full control and is if rob and again. So we are seeing exist thirty worse through there could be other franchises as we use fancier sit and watch the blazers start to wallow. That it could be worse well at least there's a direction in the building blocks are more proven what they are in Orlando because. Right now let you're looking at the Orlando Magic trying to do is trying to build run air Gordon who is a good piece right. But they're giving up everything and Eric. Anything to trying to get there in move him to power forward where they think that he'll be more successful but they don't even know if their main building block is out of position. Anderson they're trying to go yell we're gonna build around him but we don't even know if he's gonna be lead at the position we want him to apply. Think that is. Her render us to think about. In now based and all of a sudden they're 21 and 36 they're not even. Now far removed from our Portland is his first win Moscow. But they're still on a downward trajectory with really no. Lighted these Osama no cells that were trying to do is return to justify its other teams out there that Abbott will just as bad as with the blazers are dealing with right. That this is more of a league issue. That teams are stuck in in bad decisions from general managers and bad trades in this is a part of losing the value and losing assets Sonata and not. What not getting your stars not town understand your stars at least they're not in a situation where there in salary cap hell what's the worst hell having no talent. Or having salary cap problems. In the NBA and because I feel like how is the talent really yeah I think it's no talent. I don't think there's a money problem especially there's not a money problems and Yemen owner like all I'll know it it's. And actually. In the NB can turn it around so quickly we just a couple of guys strength. You can get out of it relatively quickly if you have no talent is is you have to have a front office that you trust and in a valuing that talent right in so with. With Orlando. If your salary cap hell they're in GM agreed GM. He can't really bring anybody else in if you're stuck up. Over the salary cap. So in the NBA I think gave me might be may be sure character hell but we've seen. Philly's been trying to do it in its of ridiculously hard thing to do. Orlando's trying to do there right now and it's tough thing to do but look at where the lakers went when they got themselves in the salary cap trouble like the lakers. Of all franchises. They couldn't get out of it in a hurry because then the salary cap. You can't acquire much talent for me in free agency while I was at a train I said earlier this shows that the NBA has a financial group. Financial windfall of money that's being I don't know he just just thrown around like crazy and gets even bigger this year. With a television revenue and how much money's been thrown out there enough. So even at the highest level with all these teams with thirty teams in the NBA we still have the house and Abdullah. Guess across the board. Yes you do won't know enough undoubtedly so when you always will have certainly has and have not. And meet my guess Minnesota wouldn't be considered it a small market team but these smaller market teams that are across the board. You are battling these other teams it doesn't help. It does not help the fact that you have to handle state sales tax and commands and if you worry if your surgeon bock and you're going Toronto would you sign in Toronto with a 5060%. Tax rate. In Toronto I don't Heidi replays or Canada. I'd I'd I'd I mean I don't know how they do it we'll have to dates and America's that helps because well I guess is to be still have to pay your taxes there. Mean that's that's kind of what the financial. Financial people are thinking about now with the MBA yeah I Florida's great Florida due mostly due stacks. Yes this month ended taxes one thing but then you have Golden State which has 13% Eisen the United States and her pretty dang good sir the clippers. But the market's eyes in the NBA. And engage shows if you look at the Western Conference standings specifically San Antonio Utah Memphis Oklahoma City. You know those are four of the top eight and then you have Sacramento Portland knocked on the door again in the playoffs. As well meanwhile the lakers mavericks. Our our near the bottom of the league are in the last. You know the mavericks right in there with Portland right now. You can do that you just have to. Indeed it all comes into people want people complain about small market. It comes down your front office speaking over the right signals to us all about the draft so about developing talent I mean. Understanding the talent understanding your roster in a lot of that is an understanding where you're out when he goes comes back to the small and small market we don't we think the blazers this hit on talent I mean if they just haven't gotten the guys in haven't gotten. You wanna call a little bit luck from Brandon Roy to LaMarcus Aldridge to Damian Miller. It is seen in even even though Wesley Matthews came from you talk you have guys you had talent bearish is getting the timing. In the group. In together there is a lot of luck when it comes to eating this in I think a lot a lot of people forget. What it took to get LaMarcus Aldridge Brandon Wright to get draft day trade we Chicago it took getting in the oval lottery. To get Brandon Roy rank and took one of the worst records in the NBA Italy and Greg Oden. Right here thank you had to be bad to get those guys. Greg Oden gets hurt greens knees give out too soon and LaMarcus Aldridge goes home opener brag but then you hit with. In your top ten picks and sees in the Coleman Damian though at Mikey yeah if there's one thing you have to be in the top ten. In you have to knock those takes out of the park if you're small market team yes you yes I mean you in because. It the sustainability you know of San Antonio Dooley will San Antonio is just near the bottom of the first shot. Live twenty years with one of the best power forwards to ever play the game like he got twenty years out of Tim Duncan. It's an and a pretty good supporting cast the guise of Tony Parker and and everybody that's coming across the country. Across the world play with these guys run those were low end picks that they knocked on department of choir Leonard they sent off George Hill to Indiana. In people I know old George because they had a system they had a product that was proven and well known and everybody's relatively successful and it. Gregg Popovich is able to turn George Hill into call while Leonard who is one of the best small boards in the NBA and improper is arguably the best coach. In the NBA. Ever. Got. Easily ever you know you can have that conversation with him into what he's been able to do certainly. Really stinking dead. Orlando. A dumpster fire. Thanks guys make us feel better here Portland. This conversation must be had. Kate Upton. An icon. She's gracing the cover a Sports Illustrated. For the third time is Crawford sports and. This is dusty and examine the Mormon dogs an eighty love prayer. All right so yeah. Scenes like this. Does this remind you of college. College yeah. The songs so popular in human knowledge is just I think I schools known a lot of ties going to call this number they have. Absolutely bizarre Bosnia collagen I went to college I don't know later teen years after it came out fourteen years after game article good staying power to snoop. Andre. Yeah. Kate Upton has been named. The SI swimsuit. Cover edition cover model for the third time she becomes the first model with three multiple front covers. I don't know it does that mean others have had three like act covers. Mr. back cover I don't know why are they saying that she's a first ever front cover to have four. This is just by herself yes so there's still a very solos multiple covers because if you look at the all time leader right now. Is Al McPherson yes she's been on five times she's great. But she has shared the cover. In multiple. Editions including her most recent in 2006. Where she shared the cover with a bunch of women that I'd cannot name Rebecca Romaine yes you're gonna come and onerous requirement Rachel Hunter. ERA Joyner yeah but I mean it's the other ones you know the other on this let's hear you now. I've known him wanna try. Is Kate Upton now now holding this dubious honor. Of the first cover model we have a multiple front covers. In year 53 of these swimsuit edition. Is Shiite town status. Do we call Kate Upton we yeah one of the hottest woman in the world as a does that to a dead when we're talking about swimsuit cover icons sports history yes we are talking. That she. Is one of the most beautiful woman ever. Joining like Christie Brinkley and Elle MacPherson Tyra Banks Tyra Banks has been on three now in my favor Kathy Ireland Kathy Ireland also on there. On. Is this where route with Kate Upton. And I just don't feel that I do that is my you don't have the same fervor. It's not been an odd that not that I'm not thinking that she is not. Mike wildly attractive but I just answered them gone. Three she's the first one Aberdeen then they have the three solar covers in that is surprising to me you know that's a big honor all absolutely it is and you let me know right not act like I'm too filling here Kate Upton was her beauty. But what I'm saying is that I just never really had thought of her as. Like he supermodel let's go to some of the classic Cheryl Tiegs yes also had had three. Issues the first ever to have bed that doubles via I mean that would it two of them whose first beyond two covers K. A lot of them Christie Brinkley. And also in an interview an all timer with an all timer. Hey we do we rank Currie in that same level seat that in that's what I'm saying here is that I I may be we've just changed in the supermodel. I feel that the supermodel just hasn't. It is that what they used to be the supermodel. I think there's definitely two criteria is right because when we were talking about this earlier UN all Cindy Crawford. Nick yeah she every and they don't ever been on the cover and others difference between a supermodel and a sports it's illustrated model venison sumo you're saying on dissenting it's SI in general but yeah. Yeah so there are two different criteria this. I think that the supermodel looks like a city carver right at it from what's going up. They're they're the super once they're there the big timers they're the ones that are on the cat walks right incurred if I'm wrong with the Kathy Ireland you know McPherson no I don't. I think you know that's why I'm trying to say were put it icon status here yet cover SI has bigs against that you think. Yet in in the you know in talking about night Cindy Crawford is she is like in the prime of those soup that supermodel Lara where there was Al MacPherson and Kathy Ireland. And Cindy Crawford and you know even read the varied. Tail end of that you had tire based coming in and I don't think like if Crawford you didn't live in might be supermodel Lara. No man it's totally the game's changed now it's all like instead Graham models Internet stab etc. etc. That being said I can appreciate the classics was in Gisele considered she's not a swimsuit model but he's signed it into but she's a she's super model I yes. If fashion model she's retired. It's right right. Heidi clue who's been on the cover I. Now she shared cover OK if I'm looking at this correctly yet she shared. The cover. We if don't go. I don't know when she shared the cover but I just such a notoriety comes six to ninety issues also 98 solo eight era that is all ENT into dozens that's kind of more my era I guess you know. Heidi clue. The supermodel it it does in his gun and it is I've gone is that really don't I think it is interest me. I think I've really do you think that the supermodel is gone here has passed this because all of Andre I am all about us and it away if it's on my days to Graham. Fitness model Al. Let us loser this. I AM I am happy that the because there was we enter a weird time where like the the beacon of hot mr. For a young women and women was like dead. This skinny you know I'm glad the dad is changing I don't like the night the bones. Skinny and a heroin chic or whatever they call. The TV show or the patents and well liked the America's Next Top Model yeah ourself like that yes I never watched any of that stuff no I don't I don't watch super pageants that they do now I know they're big. No I don't I that's not my country not my bag man yeah done. I do appreciate it did SI I do appreciate and you eight interview or question to a peasant girl and she just. Falls flat and it's like this and that's pretty funny. Received from supermodels used to have curves now supermodels don't do swimsuits in that to me. Is why I think we see Kate Upton in you know she is always very curvy. Very curvy. And that is that we I think is the bit did fantastically. Heck yet parallel row halting Merrill now a bad day big Marilyn Monroe fan here yes. Love that. And so. Although. I don't think that she's revered quite on the Icahn. You know Kathy Ireland. Stage yes. Kate Upton is certainly on that Tyra Banks level. I think they Sheen deserves a right I'm just it here's a course you robberies up this morning and I said no. I'm not an icon but you look at it this way and yes she is. She absolutely yes Morris sent a men argue that the biggest supermodel out there right now as the balk at trump. Following terms of status in India in name is she she is she all aligned. In BC a model now yes she was general and clothing line she walked the captain walked did all that stuff supermodel. Now wrong. I don't think that that now now. Really about issue was she ever like a real model yes I think she's a designer milk she was on cat walks. You. Yeah I don't know. I don't know I like and a big fan Emily erratic to taos ski. There's no her she was on the cover herb or she's been in their last double swimsuit issues. Well I think they don't know her seat I know I've heard of hers she's very outspoken on social media isn't she I think I believe she is she posted a topless sill be with him card. Dashing inner something and that would get you in life while the end I think Demi she sued Ronald and notice she is though she's a model. Ended actress. You know Aaron I'll look her up. You won't disagree. Can never go wrong with Sports Illustrated though no it's great I mean that's what that's what sports. Was it's part of the town history of our country yeah American fiber break is woven in there yeah. In this tax Cathy Allen can kick a football she is she's a number one U of Texas State armadillos. Eight were one. If forever free of Epson will know she's got something she's forever yet the Pepsi commercial with Cindy Crawford the fifth. Changed my life forever. You can he really did guys at that age Ras night does for some us like walls. What he's shown. That's going to be memorable moments happens is having adrenaline is having what this has any. Being. We're. Well I think you gotta Kate Upton and think you sports though Justin Verlander looked through recruitment. Are being married finally go there gave officials who married. Soon have this Texas minister in the supermodel told and that goes back to full circle they shall we started the show talking about. Remember there's like instant and accounts now and Twitter accounts for. The boyfriends. Of minster Dan models who have to take those pictures of their girlfriends. In our coming full circle with the show. I don't think it's really you know bottler. I think it's made the sumo more accessible. Could be supermodels for all. I don't think. But the the accessibility always there. I don't know I mean maybe there's more now there's more access to photos of attractive women because of mr. Graham if that's what she walked. Welcome between seventeen perfect I'm not complaining we put a bow on the show B to seven Dan Maffei and testing camp. This isn't just. Ian gem in the morning on 1080 also around. Mr. McCain Upton. Third and some students if she ever. And she should be in need super model category that this tax kind of hits it right on the head at 55305. Whenever buddy is super. Nobody super. That's why they're supermodels not just regular month. But right now answer Graham is like making everybody like a sip from. Like you can you can have no filters now that do the year rushing for them. Like it's. It's amazing scrape still just a picture though right yes it does anybody think they're looking at the Sports Illustrated swimsuit model led dance on untouched photo lite is anybody think that really had Christie Brinkley and her daughters did you see that too I miss that Brinkley it's I don't just over sixty I don't know the exact number. Had her two daughters with her. Posing. And in no one's Billy Joseph Scandrick thinks of in the air brush has been around like as long as the camera pretty much so listed as a but the access to it has been. Very few and far between in I think you would be. Shocked like there's deeds is still believe in like pro wrestling Israel Crawford in your sitting there and you're trying to tell me that night they don't believe that. Nothing is untouched in these photos absolutely they have let those guys feel they just wanna believe they wanna believe and those people are beyond help. Not your teacher mountains to Graham filters that's right that's right on. So thank you for all Chiming in its amazing what I don't know. Greece is of the Incredibles Croat. It's amazing what. Mikey just mention. A supermodel in our text line literally. Start smoking because it's exploding. In the last half hour. So what he turned to say that's. My home attractive women is is a hot topic their popular. Devaluations. Of NBA Teamsters. This year have. Been released by Forbes. Would you care to take a guess on the number one team in the Indian and as viable franchise and laying. Do your security gets. Numbers one NT UR. When everybody feels are dysfunctional. Cat. New York Knicks. Los Angeles Lakers bingo tech knicks were 3.3 billion dollars the lakers worth three billion dollars. Then a big move up is that number three golden state Golden State with cell sold for 400 in fifteen million dollars suggests. Seven years ago there earth for two point six billion dollars right now this is sustainable. What is not sustainable that the numbers that are happening. Sustainable growth that quickly that fast it's not. The bubble well you've got a bunch of so would you would stressing Warren Buffett man I'm not sustainable. Well during the growth is not sustainable now but to say here in in mid cap out at 2.2 billion dollars when you making 200 million in revenue for years in fifth is the Boston Celtics. The Celtics symbols are right around 2.2 billion dollar range. And then as Steve Ballmer did in fact paid the proper amount for the clippers at two billion dollars to that's of their value that the proper amount yet. Now at the Portland trailblazers rovers. Are all who are the Portland trailblazers for those that are wondering. Are in need back cafe the MBA. But for the first time ever they are valued at over one billion. Dollars they are sixteen to in the league. At one point 05. Billion dollars which is think of that. Win the Portland trailblazers. In the history of this franchise and how long big you know they've been around. At one point 05 billion dollars just behind the Sacramento Kings. And that they are ahead. Of the Oklahoma City Thunder. At one point 05. Do we know word betrayal page for the blazers. Long time ago. Armor his his when he paid for them again MS has a pretty good return on investment also so he owns the Seahawks which I know he paid. I don't know the two numbers I got to look them up but I know he's had very good return on his investment it was a civic duty there yeah that was a civic duty. That team is out there Paul Allen paid seventeen million dollars for the blazers back in 1988. X. Can he had that according to you Forbes dot com. Yes seven million in 1988 they make 170. Million dollars a year has a. You know they are doing just fine. They are doing just fine most of their. Money comes from. The India itself from itself. Bingo they on the stadium. Which is a big feather in there had to help him evaluation reports. So the billion dollar team. Drill the news. Media to your baseball team. Today you know it's clear them Miami Marlins in Brazil. Yeah he's in a brand new empty stadium in Miami they're sitting there has given the go leave. That the taxpayers have to pay for his glory isn't. Snake righty us. And oh by the way the NBA and the health of that league how did today eighteen teams. Our value that over a billion dollars eighteen. Of their thirty. Now when we're doing very very many math and money stuff. I will deck tomorrow from six to 9 AM Thursday edition up next is the herd without Colin Cowherd. I think it's what locks still from nine to may need degrees scared straight three to seven as I'm tough. With Isaac Brock. Decency can get that hot corner paerson lynch we'll see tomorrow. This has been dusting camp and 1080 left him. It was a 150 guys. Blowing on each other.