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Dusty and Cam - 2.13.17 - Hour 1

Feb 13, 2017|

Happy Monday! Blazers players react to the Mason Plumlee trade, how prepared should broadcasters be, and Case of the Mondays.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

They solicited to. 45 minutes of your life I've promised. Doing the right thing since 1952. This is dusty and jam in the morning at this who really hate each other. Accuse us it's easy to pop up maybe even more than three G you can. Which doesn't care. Hi there things got off the lights off. And the man who are substance from sesame teriyaki benefits as a college all American gem we're looking at why doesn't anybody in the world every than anything. Dusty you examine the more million dollar and 1080 loves from. Happy Monday and everybody out there. February 13. Monday the thirteenth should be more ominous and 99 than trying to thirteenth wise this Monday. Like it's a Monday and it's that they're trying to embrace Mondays if their team does such a bad. The old grading and a lot of good numbers people wore number thirteen who they Kurt Warner. We talked about this show we did most famous number thirteen student could Marino and Marino is the drop off priest Steve. Substantial after like there's like two or three and then there's like. Now don't worry about thirteen who gets really wrapped up with thirteen we talked about this before I know thirteen and hotels. Hotels don't put thirteen on for reasons superstition. And this is why he's sitting nightmare and end. So it's Monday NS the thirteenth. Wilt Chamberlain or number thirteen there you go all right that's enough for me I would go back down A-Rod games are nutrient Steve Nash. After RXE thirteen not a bad. A robo era he's number three on SI's top thirteen players door number thirteen at. Too worried about that era is going to be a ring aria. Astro anyway using committed term being Castro. You're gonna love that no UK well now we loan to Billy Wagner. A VT though those kids headed take steroids and you know. Maybe not zoo proper way to take an injection guys looming right into the fact and this weekend. I watch the grammys. I I go beyond a studio and I've watched a grammys is 1520 years I'm not gonna alive. Claim is that. It was a train correctly you is a horror like it started out. With what's the guy's name James cordon. Or or during. He's again it is the late late show. On CBS. He was hosting it in my bed the whole bid at the beginning as of he's a fact comedian might affect comedians do they fall and that's funny right. And he like falls down the staircase and he's thank god this isn't how the grainy should be this is the grammys right this is supposed to be great. The ensuing I don't know how long their Amy's work but every time I looked up. I was sitting there watching something bad happen like they did to carpool karaoke thing that he's famous or down. And they have like a bunch of celebrities singing seek airline in the sun and everybody knows right worse nobody knew the words today. Like Jennifer low has Faith Hill Tim McGraw. I John Legend. Like all of these famous people were in they would like that this cardboard real garden in yield on the line was Neil Diamond was actually there and he had to carry his own song he's our only one area and it it's too bad day. So that was like number one. Number two Adele drops and asked bomb did she really yes she's doing a George Michael Tribune about the words drops an F bomb goes star. Let me restart this thing I'm sorry for cost saying George Michael deserves better than nest she has to restart her entire song. And of the Davone practiced now on I'm not out yet. Number three where is Carrie -- idea Tonya Tonya I don't use a real tight end timer gonna come kind of zapping their lesson this great effort guy is never certain lecturing everybody in south US you know. How well does share the lack of time and was really nice from what I socks okay and you strike three against this the grammys and is that. The Lady Gaga got performs with Metallica. Which I'm sitting there I'm going right I can get on board with this guess what happens. James hit fields might doesn't work. So GS then like half the son he's singing in UT hear anything inning guy that catches on to it since then their start sharing a might back and forth. It was a mess of trainer Erica it was a mess but Bruno Mars did a great job of a tribute to prince. Nice heart is did the millennial thing in any football back man you know I just kind of like YouTube it's the best when I saw entourage were saying these are good performances I watched the clips. Do lots or shows don't deal for me see this is why is that gonna go. Do I need to watch more awards shows because in my missing something here now I might be missing something. I don't Aaron. Avian awards you're there watch those. In my remember was just like yesterday. It. If there's one awards show that you like to go live. Could be there in Crawford. Would it be Davey and Aaron I watched it one time on showtime it's everything you expect you're going to Vegas and going right there. City right the front row means and disinfecting after that disinfectant. And a rule. Kevlar body suit. Yeah you'd if Kevlar I don't know I want to study and get all shots that we don't want to penalize exemplar. But the elements was. Latex latex body condom yes he's brilliant color bio began digging guy gets read about it on the picture. Go. Right welcome good morning when. It. A 1977. Named MVP in his first. All star game as an NBA player. Doctor James scored thirty points and twelve rebounds. This is the first first visited the first post merger and the else or insult on this state in sports history regulations doctor. You got beat by the blazes in the NBA finals are a few months later you call them. So then. So many championships and yeah. Back. To did. Here in Crawford sports update. The tech about a lot through the blazers and make him move. We'll also talk about. Who. Some breaking news that just came off the Oklahoma City Thunder really Kevin Durant know how they feel about him and he showed them why he left. And we'll get this breaking news and enacted yelled at times slow. Sales writer and heads heads a bunch of Kansas State fans. Really statement today he's being treated for throat cancers. It's he is. And of all places. He's at the key medical center. Because they apparently they got to get a cancer treatment senator Jim. The Bill Snyder of Kansas State's head football coach is getting that treatment man. We shall see. Of accounts for him. Hoping for the best for coach Bill Snyder. I'm no way to go one of the class these guys. Bachmann a player gets injured in the game saying he goes green garden. He coaching an all star game I don't it was awesome east west all star team did not know that he coached his one. The very images. He'd he garnered so much respect. You do if you could just feel when he was there treat you would with the utmost respect. Playing like a real football players seem to commodity him at all he sends you handwritten letters in years premium. All right down Jordan's speech is the eighteen team and ran out and tell each about that cruising to a four stroke win in 98 under par. We can't had a big Saturday. But I you know that places on the populace to play. Think it's upwards of 500 some dollars per round now you wanna get kind of medium to play that know ever been known and loved you some day. Jordan's peace through the gulf. Boomer is also very entertaining. Did not see him. Don't you Timberlake almost I don't want when you think it's the celebrities in all it's all about the celebrities doing its interest in knowing that fellow wave points yeah they don't. You know it's. Sunday play Saturday and Sunday night it's. I Kevin craft came in second guessing John. And finished the third at fourteen under par. Hey wake up I said wake up. You who may have a problem. Hands of the Kansas City Chiefs this. As their best safety. And in many eyes best safety in the entire NFL. Eric Berry. He's maintaining he will not. Play and a franchise tag for a second consecutive year. This is number. It is twelve point 96 million dollars suck that bad so it's a 20% raise if you can you play for 20% higher your T don't you do your one. Of the franchise tagged and so he would be head and shoulders. In the highest paid safety in the National Football League. But he's like now give me more money ball more money in doing ball and a half million doesn't sound that bad like ours that that it doesn't go. Think about it but your rights but a lot of money for safety DS that is loch anger is so the fray just tagged for those and a number. Is the top three your positions. Averaged together and here's the thing about saved safety position all three make ten and a half million dollars. So it's ten and a half million dollars for the franchise tag he's still one through three. 96 there. Guaranteed to. But he did he wants Marlins are here T running what's more years on it we're and so understandable you have leverage your music. Least. Or bearing. My kids and he gift cards and you know analyzing great players great stuff. Yeah I've yeah. And hey that does not test this is rock and roll waves barely keeping them out is to make. 600 bucks goes ten or oh my god it's early wake up. This is very strange that the nuggets were attach a first round pick I was just very surprised and I mean glumly for an architect kind of makes sense to. Does the sector up pick involved OK whenever there was some cash that was sent to Denver. Because on the makes a bit more money okay for a while as I surprise that they did did the blazers got a first round draft pick in addition to what I think is the better player here. And this now means the blazers have 31 round picks. In this year's draft and this trade makes me wonder if with 31 round picks the blazers are thinking of selling. Another player or two because they may be just in more rebuilding the draft mode display. And. And Brian when horse. The ESPN. The blazers have dealt Mason glumly Indy second round pick in 2018. To the maggots. Corey you sit nerd kids shouldn't. And a first round pick this via Memphis in the issues Jaffna. The Portland trailblazers now Holden. 31. Round selections in this year's draft. Went from. Two. Roster spots. Coming up in this next year so in all likelihood brenly horses right. They will be on the initial thoughts on this thing. On this on this new this and Mason home in Denver but first this thought. Yeah we nickname immediately for your second initial when you make it nearly two years and yet you sit and Turkey chest scenic things good. They are. The Bosnian bear now third in the and the Bosnian beast out residency Graham right Bosnian beast when he senators a thing as are his two nicknames that he has given himself. I don't think if he named himself. On his own Twitter feed. I wish she can then I almost wish she would have gone though like. Kings or something. Because then make a call like the purple and their pitch. The purple purple. And then drink again until I guess that's a purple drank. And twists and oh yes we'll I got into those that was drink now for colorful herbal herbal. From Edgerton probably RA to. We get a lot of use of certain or kitsch to come through this over the course of the show. 31 round picks in the blazers we want your feedback at 55305. But the players' reaction upon his departure is to be expected. Did put them on notice so. Testing came on the fan. Jam in the morning and on ten maybe well. Mason loved playing and now owns the Portland trailblazers then they need. Upcoming restricted free agency Denver along with they second round draft pick in 2018 for. You sit sooner kitsch and a first rounder this year. You think did this kind of move puts everybody on notice I mean mace and club lead the team's third leading scorer this season. And a guy that has kind of been. Nolan banging that drum of we need to get better use is really the one that was the most open and honest throughout the course of the season on what the blazers need to do. Well first off I'd like to thank me diploma for everything needed here I'm a huge fan of M I will be a fan of him since today he he set foot on that blazer court. He's done nothing but compete. And perform to above whatever I had a thought a standard. That that I held in two army saying he was physical he was aggressive is excellent passer. He was athletic he worked in his shot he worked in his abilities she free throws. He became personal he was vocal he was everything was asking for from a senator bit and athletic big and now he's moving on and and I wish him luck and ever any as the business side of this game. Sox sometimes disease if you like a player there was nothing to not like about mesa glumly I reaffirming this is this is his mind. Internal opinions on I am very disappointed to see him go. I have no idea about you sooner kick I don't I I think it will be an upgraded it time will tell. Will be able to see it but yes to answer your question. I think everybody on May be but two guys even maybe one or two. Should be on notice at this time because here's what happens that at every level and this only speaks from experience just because I see it from professional level when you lose. It sends everything into a tailspin from everybody starts worried about their jobs from need from the top GM from the owners all the way down everyone has put on notice. And I guarantee you what mr. Allen said everybody including Neil O'Shea. Fix this right now. Often do whatever you need to do because most most times when your in a losing a fire sale happens or immediate change tries that happened yet you were in the NFL where a lot of mid season is don't. Happen. Right did you mean as you move we talk about don't usually happen I mean. Amid cheese tray in the NFL is very rare usually early teens that are part of them in nine years you probably were. There he once or twice that well I think it's different the NFL it's it's it's very different because every week. New guys are coming in to take jobs that there's so much shuffling from. The lower levels we don't see it as much as fans you don't really see the inner workings because. Every week there's a player player change at practice squad or lower level guys every Tuesday there's players come and and to take your job right but those high end players. Usually don't dump those players ever it reads extremely or less than the last year the Carter so when it comes the NBA though it is it's more. It's more important because he only fifteen roster spots and we have some unlike having Mason plum lane he's gonna be if restricted next year he was gonna get mas goth money. Mean you mean that's he deserved it David mob doesn't get seventy million. What would may supply me be able to get we don't know is the blazers were gonna pay a gun in more than more than blazers can afford the luxury tax and where the thresholds that right. Players chimed in yesterday about. Absence and loss of Mason glumly because. Most of the things yesterday. Was like the receiver awards rich city you know I didn't night another centered but I have like the players are rolled out in. Is your season ticket holders so all the players they're talking with fans. Assuming talking a lot about what is a bomb hidden in Damian Miller. About kind of Mason home his role not just some flipping off that. I mean I think ordinary thing you'd lose the guide says that cared a lot. You know base. As always when her first speech. And practice on the floor he didn't unlock. You know he's wanted to first. So to speak his mind. He knows he'll visit interns who we. You know being turned them loose before games not like joking around like in a series what is he didn't realize. We might have been as close as you being he's safe zone in on me so I think just that. Back guide you know really cares about winning cares about. You know what goes home with the team. I can mean big lawsuit team era rank having bagged guy who. You know is anybody looking at him as the leader of the Portland trailblazers I don't think anybody looked and saw that. We even on the outside looking in or you know your game no they're not saying that but. There is a big void when that guy who isn't he Damian Miller where the CJ McCollum. Who is the other bowl. Gold presence and locker lace ya. They're whatever whatever Mason plummeted in that locker might think it was always positive you can hear from dame. From across the board everybody I haven't heard anything negative at all about makes implement mean nothing in me he just. Just how we carried himself on the court everything about him was just. Mean I think he was beloved by his guys to me he's is worker you can't say anything bad about that. Now you can't I mean his production when he came here. In when he came to Portland it was. What is Mason on the lake and he is on those guys that young analysts say gave his. Emerging roster speech and there is the Dow whatever you know Tony you know merging means in which he's one of those guys that. In was a very pleasant surprise semi. We can talk all we want about the guys who haven't panned out here him or like him Meyers Leonard he was one of the guys that did you know meaning heat his game really have a better. And a big uptick there and that's why I'm all right with this deal and then I think all of them. Blazers players actually kind of understand is because what you said that mas got money when you take a step. In New York play the way that much and Mason Conley did this season. The blazers matching an offer and restricted free agency would become very hard because a toxic number would come his way. We sit there you go is it worth it now Portland avoided baton planned. By eighty dealing him in getting some valiant return. Is if you would have told me that they're gonna have the same situation event there with Alan crowd like they did you called a toxic number he called the big number whatever it is. They would have to deal with a and it could they have match now this is one of those business decisions and everyone's gonna say I understand the business this side of it I do understand the business side of it. He can't match that he got to get something for now. Malia they called the toxic number because teams will give a big number with salary cap room knowing that they're screwing you over just like with the blazers did okay see like they did everybody right. Event okay seeded Tennessee Utah. And deemed other teams they don't forget don't appeal to offer he had it in his can't remember I think they did their religious two years ago gave dated king entered they did Millsap who need to Utah. DA got Minnesota. On one as well. Right. Minnesota got them back ethnic that Tim right. On by you ask him hey it happens quite often the NBA deal and usually move rates it will vindictive league he even like it. A lot of these moves happened before Neil O'Shea got here but diva again Oscar that shouldn't sit still don't know where. Meyers Leonard chimed in non miss implement leaving and this would be. Good Ted because it isn't Mason pummeling. His game what teacher into this year kind of what everybody want there's nobody is honored to be. And then there on the court stuff you know mrs. very averse so. Able to a lot of things out there rebounds pleasant energy can really pass the ball has really improved his jump shot and do not teach you lose. Really valued here. But. Again based chain. What do you think happens tonight. Says Abner pitches and a meal play night likely. Because so the trade is you can't be official until today and NES pass a physical and tonight the blazers play the hawks. And resorts. I don't know is it matters better tonight than it did happen several. Wires Leonard's crutches that he has the ability to shoot a 33 from this from the get go. It's just it's changed who he is is a player and that's unfortunate but word I figured it to break down Meyers Leonard game we're trying to figure out. How this is gonna benefit the blazers moving forward yes in that I hope gets the nod tonight. Is again a grim scene and we talked about him on Friday is and David. I mean he's the most physical of the group that's left right now and we haven't seen. Turkish yet so we don't know me from just his body size from 611 to eighty he's a big powerful young man and he's young he's 22. And so. Upside. And we see it well he is AA he is he's tough player man. There's one thing that we do you know about him is that he Bosnian you know euro's EL homer tough I don't know if I'd wait what. So it's easier and generalize and what he's go year we European basketball player just toughest guy ever. How the hair dye as she didn't want any bloodied my ADR. Is it pretty good mr. flop a source tracks I didn't I don't think any I don't I think you may be the first person to go. European those just old brother out pretty tough and then at the mark. Powell yeah dot. I usually those guys are physical basketball player they are probably use Sergio Rodriguez and take it. In tribute greedy about security Fernandez. As the starter. Insert French basketball player. France is the friends let me change or is DLC any Slotnick player. This to okay about the Easter nuance here I lie value gone Acie Law player. Yeah can I find in eastern bloc soft player. And ground dries out is no known are and I'll certainly king. But our main goal in naughty enough bloody the south why do. Often bloody ways let me flop and then smoke some cigarettes is darts on my life you make it tougher on himself with the lungs. Yes. This toughness out there and who calling net yeah I already has enough you smoking that many cigarettes and no names are still being able to breathe in front of an elegant words. As well and knowing you've complained Denver twice a year he actually I think it's gonna be really tough yeah I'll think it is your blog players tough any current NBA Easter log player I would say probably am pretty tough. No this text of 55 to your fights tend to get some tough dogs in the scan allowed brewers look nice but Google's don't win. In poodles Cooper tough I don't know what you're talking about they are guard dogs. Hell is wrong with you do day defending poodles in your view basketball player some tough mannered grouchy dogs. Murphy so it's no mercy they are is that there were some RB. No way he's going on right now pools are soft. Government injures no those are those are soft either CS I'm talking about. That's and I would go away if I'm out defended government into needs and governments in the spirit of good government not poodles. Right 55305. We had a lot under kitchen Mason on the Internet courses shell. In here's question for him. Do you notice when the analysts any TV don't study up. Why major networks don't really care if they do here's Crawford a sports center. Widespread text either. That's a message of what number to call them to horror. Niners yeah. 56. I can't hear you trailing off and I should unite here and there we have all of them all like our team. The most cordless Dexter is now it's 553 o'clock messaging data rates may apply to just play my number and you can go we're desperate. This is sexual relations on the show good likes to read. Overtaxed. Just didn't jam in the morning on 1082 brain of that person actually say that it's. Tied 55305. That is textile and I've been doing my homework on. Nine eastern European players. That are soft okay. And AM this is generally are now I'm going to be going after all the current and former guys. I can only find tip there and they go ahead and put this on as. And it didn't know he is Ukrainian and that use American. But Alex lens. Of the suns. He he went to Maryland. He's from the Ukraine. And he's a soft player in India. And then it Beno. Udrih Madrid and now and we don't lie ahead and yeah. I'm a blazer killer and it's kind of reason real crafty lassie but he's physical and he's. Now he is a man Don. Knowing that duty girl amendment you know command mode and have amendment and lasers towards the blazers on she's going to use Wikipedia page needs team with they'd not just demand on a bleached man done or maybe that's more Euro popular. He is still don't really context. Other then that none zero. Other than that I was going through current and former. And then Lonnie buddy we likes to potty but other than those three guys he's in. You sit there and you're like oh allow our Singler tot Arvydas sabonis ingenious a doused his. John selling genus like these guys are. Pass this. So some about growing up where they. There makes a move that tougher than us. Are we got a better story about and turkeys for nerdy it's the father which we will I can't wait for that are here her server two solution found this is wonderful story time wit about usage in her kitchen is dad. On 553 terrified that is the text signed. See beyond. You notice says Ron Amadon is rather on prepared when he is on. ESPN's coverage of Monday Night Football. So I found this would you would you consider him unprepared when you watch it their coverage OK so. Being in the in the open this I guess we could say were were in that similar line of work correct it were any sports analysis point of view we Simon outsider Wordock. Talk show point of view. And so as I watched Ron Amadon as he's gotten older. I noticed that Steve is more day he's a reactor when it when it comes to you ya I wanna hear what he's seen during games are reacting. What it what is his insight that that I'm really excited to hear how's he gonna but I'm not looking for him to break down. Play but I'm looking for him to give the experiences and compared to what he. Saw on the field and now what he's watching now in the game so if I looked at Ron Amadon I do not watch Ron Amadon go. He's worthless. Or. Mean I would never tell hall of Famer their worthless when he doesn't know what he's talking about now. Because there's a lot of times where there's some generalizations going I would say that I would say that there's some general rising going on. But wasn't that I mean that's what. Ray Lewis was the same way you mean he got he got cut from now from ESPN because of his emotion. I would say or if maybe he was just too. How to to growth for everybody intense. Immediately who knew you were net was too big yet I don't know blood there's this article based. A bad outlines. And how low how and why is the end doesn't really care they're saying Ron Amadon we know you have other interest we know you do other things over the course of the week. And all we care about is you bringing your stories and relating them to football. In that I think doesn't sit well some people. Because of the fact he got guys on that same panel like Trent Dilfer got when he's around would. What Dilfer doesn't like he lives for researching for Monday Night Football you know because overtimes Guilford on his other outside interest. Is. Football. Right quarterback's plea on you either lead eleven his quarterback training all of that stuff. That's what Dilfer does so Heath Bell loves to geek out in in research over the course of the week. Whereas Ron Amadon. Is a hedge fund guy hit it. He's trying to make money you make is well generational all right sure in and basically what what there is is ESPN's gone. We don't care how much time he played in all we care about is we want the stories we are the stories in I want to know do you people notice you people notice. Win the guys don't care because I would say. That no because all you are they like you said only care about is Ron Amadon tell me about. How this story relates to what you're doing you can let. Susie. Susie Colbert who work and you Chris Berman. Tell people the facts you tell us how it relates to you right. Now if I'm watching. Analysts or anybody that's that's talking about the game I want personality. Thanks for me if I see it Trent Dilfer he's gonna give me the that break down. Of a few things but do I like his personality how I I don't know I mean he's good at what he does he's extremely good at what he does I thought he was terrible in the Booth. I buddies Exel let out the outside the Booth when it's just talking not just aimlessly but but talking about the game post not during the game. But I won't personality I think Steve young's got a great personality. I think someone like you were talking to basketball let's move on to Charles Courtney how much researching Charles Barkley does nine net zero but he's got personality. Shaq has personality Kenny Smith. They worked well in football. The new crew that came together I call the class of 98 that's my class the Charles Woodson. Married out in las back yet Luke. Massa back. And Randy Moss and Randy muscles are all my in my class in ninety brother and those that's that's my ear that early forties guys. They're really learned a new brought into the new age of of sports analyst says former players I think this era of at least in my age group that started in the late nineties. Was when the really have have have. Moved into making these jobs so popular right and there are really good to get it doesn't help that there there's a couple hall of Famer sitting on that panel. Yes it does but Paul famers indeed that only gets you so far I want to translate all the I think anybody that watched the Oregon UCLA game on Thursday night. Kind of realize and we actually got a few tweets on this and get some texts the morning after on Friday. But Bill Walton hall of Famer one of the best ever he. Ruin that game because he does it now in and she is done how many UCLA nor Indians this year. Any it was still enjoy watching the game rescinding you're going oh my gosh deceived know much. About any of these guys or does he care to know about any of these guys and he's watched the ball BC supply a lot over the course. This isn't we'll get him or talk to all these no no we're talking about a personality and Bill Walton is personalities huge. It is. And that's what his brain has probably been. Let's be honest Friday. Multiple times over. But it's because his personality his delivery of why do you enjoy listening some topics. Yes not all the time. But sometimes I will tell you if it's a game I don't care about like you said before and I'll I can handle the law but if there's a dog in the fight. Yup or about to stick it gained five minutes then I'm telling them to show up an army element to screen racked. May or or if you want to know. If you wanna know what's happening and why it's happening yet but guiding great broadcaster at least former player broadcasters. My top end is Troy Aikman I mean he sets the bar for mean for me is consumer when I listened. And there are others I don't enjoy but that's part of the deal it's different strokes it's like you like a different comedian. I don't. But what makes them good. Or what makes them bad you can still say that all of them have the experiences to lean on and that's really what you're asking for I think when you have somebody that's been an analyst role. Yeah and that I think could it be climate may be changing for some network says they're sitting there in their garden we want more analysis for the fan as. As they become more educated with. You know all of these. Sounds weird but all of the web sites that are. That are out there and available for contents and kind of breakdown of x.s and knows there's say it there's a big. Void that needs to be filled by analysts explaining it more and more x.s and doesn't kind of learning. Or teaching the game to people can. Better learn how worried do you want your analyst your former players when they talk about sports you want stories pretty one breakdown. Because I think it's it's very hard to find people that can deliver in talking get their thoughts out and formulate the words and get the structure and if so many thoughts in their head annexing noven. That takes loads of practice I know I do what I'm doing half the time. Just talking. But I will tell you that I like the story side in the relate ability more than I like in the analysis yeah and that's coming from a fan perspective. Yeah and I think dead dead that's where dish next shift to may be in sports is that. You have two completely different big fan bases. And they're gonna find a way to appease both of them are allowed to make a castle where you can watch coach Jim that's all they're done the whole time or you can go and he draws IP guy you can go and you can watch a a broadcasts that has. I don't know Rachel Nichols talking well you're sort of like housewives version one dollar a day every deal they had great great I know literally had Marcellus wiley and Rachel Nichols and like sitting in a room with a bunch of other people talking. About god knows what. And that. Those argun those polar opposites of what people want to watch and that's an exchange that we see and as of right now. Ron Amadon admits he doesn't really care. But he's still going to be there Prius in so more power to you buddy collect a paycheck. 55305 that is our tech second chime in on this bus it's our case the Monday as let's. I mean Joerg grinding your gears 55305. Testing cam on the fan. This everyone's favorite decade. Sounds like someone has a case. Could you have to complain about. Ultimately. Picturesque and so. A case of the Mondays and part of Dustin jam in the morning sounds like somebody's gotta consider the mood. I'm 1080. And. We're. 55305. What's draining your years on this Monday. Morning. Second straight. Monday morning that I'm going on no sleep and somebody in my house says the flu this time it is my life is this little one of the worst flu seasons we've seen in quite some time I don't know anybody that hasn't had to deal with a serious flu issue in their family. Yeah I they flew issue you keen in India just being miserable last accuse my daughter this week it's my life. It's horrible man ramped my goodness thank you flu shot got no neither my Crawford having dollar in years is when I get them. When I get the flu shot I've still got the flu and I don't get it. I still got the flu or not liking this I might info out there is I think they just inject this was something so we keep him to go to the doctor OK. It's. This is a guarantee there's at least one anti vax or listening but that. You Sarah tell you now know that the reason you are I'd just to me is such a crap shoot some like Yemen and I'll I'll just take my chances instead of getting poked with a needle. You know there yeah bloody big gas on which strain of so it is getting that's going to be must know when Gordon for the holders duels in the young sets then my wife and young Miley wife got her flu shot because she's pregnant. I should got mine to you but other. And I'm the one that hasn't gotten sick yet well and I just not done led parity did that record I woke up that Saturday Al stuffy. I thought it was like Arnold allergies there needs photos or drink white why do you stuff hitters a white why don't try to. But no I think I'll head cold so it's annoying now. Yeah he's very ruthless winner there is this there's a sing to you about this I had to you. I don't know how single parents do it you guys are heroes in my book. Because last night it was like I had to take care of like three kids. I had ninety and in my life was like and scenario of she's how do they do it again and crying baby that level Boller and trying to put it to do almost three year old asleep. And then I gal one in in the other bed I knew it was just it was. He's a I don't know how they US super dad are Mike can I see now Kyle welcome to the thirties only dropped one. My gallon drum nine month old with a couple times. They bounce. The other through it that's fine and the problems that your case Monday entirely and you know sleep you know good for you my case the monies is weekends are long enough they are so fast. Are they. Yeah don't you guys agree that that didn't during the week feels like it's just it's do it's solicited tonight's temple also the week it's just like today. Dirty bag Greek is like Saturday I slept in because I couldn't. And Ellison at wake up I liked is the weekend halfway over Ireland to attend Sunday night comes the gas that's not the weekend although. Excited that my favorite shows back on while Walking Dead at his back and I'm knocking no spoilers for anybody so. That got me through the weekend some where and did it start with the bank started with the good bank aren't good. Tie factories verified case money's not birthday and after go to work month trump focus on the important issues like passing day of effort now of of on Monday off on birthday law. He wrote day of on birth dialogue and I didn't understand we're gonna pass the bailout money are going to be super Super Bowl Monday Monday shells and should be Monday. She Monday. Let's do this on this guys is says solid ten hours of sleep last night. It's not a troll that's just amazes friend Roland. That major thorn in my days this up to ten hours us by the way the weather was fantastic yesterday I want till their already got their outdoor stuff done because I finally took my Christmas lights down. You liked that and finally break him down all say this. It's OK I've been a busy father on weekends just don't have time to take about two down I never put my obviously the ultimatum so who. Then when she says she's in divorce you if you didn't. Think he can do that crap off the front of our house is clearly a household functions on discipline and we still are Christmas tree upper house by the way puzzling I would want yes that's that's Kate couldn't really easy to believe he has had faked. Jury know I don't know it's a real treat to fire hazards very concerning and I'm telling Noah OK so this New Orleans when you have a New Orleans when you're done with Christmas. You decorate your tree with Mardi Gras. In your Mardi Gras tree stays up all the way to Marty will this murderer you're we know that Tuesday it stays stays with you see you keep your tree up he put. You hang Margaret's stuff on Abidjan different. Paraphernalia OK caller. So yes the Christmas trees still up but it's now Marty archery. One of her traditions that I just have to grin and this year. Mean I didn't nearly even a trio I'll leave the Christmas lights up this Erica. I mean in their could be aid. Spark anywhere in the house I doled out I said that very clearly your entire house goes up and flame well I have eight yeah I have multiple fire extinguishers on hand. Do you I don't have any in my house always have fire extinguisher I should try get on you in. It's hard even I'll fire extinguisher yes. If multiple. And I took my tree down again did you guys. Can everyone makes autos on the part of my life just earlier there's mystery still up Riche yes yes seriously dude it's still there so years have to explain that every scene every single time. What how do you handle that pine needles aren't they just never run out and just collecting and sweep. This is. Distressing I cannot imagine you having that sort of like. Mess happening in their home like you seem very young anti yeah I don't like nothing you have satellite clutter or don't like messes I don't like background in this. It yeah throw things away that are new because it's taking up space. You wouldn't like my bedroom you Robert I see your desk I'm a pack rat out of sorts yeah. I've seen his bedroom BC my desk hampered his desk. More a year it carried a little extreme opposite so now we're on different sides of this caviar like there is nothing they you put up by your nest that's not true has been area husky helmet in the purple one because you I have my youth championship caddie for cure trophy. Mean you blazers sent seats only hurting you brought in Portland State sticker you know go bikes go hikes by now Robinson can no. Yankees. Card did you also gave me emails go to guys and Powell told you I have my daughters my daughters go Huskies it's you grameen that. A lot of south Aaron I gave me a little our guys took Roberts are brought it was awesome that was very cool and crafty yankees Monday's. I mean I besides the fact I'm like you know you're really stuffy like it'll you're like. All out of it in a darn about yeah I have that but the weather was so good. Man walking or our allied when the weather's nice day in Portland in you how in downtown account as walked around watched her on the waterfront but earlier picture with Boone. It was well I was always driving through my neighborhood lower my roommate Tim and I remain old remains dog in worried and I was driving he was walking. The dog came up recognize my car and jumped in the window of my car. And laid down in my backseat Lucic and it was pretty good it was cute he was accused dogma to execute a get cute. It's friendly dog als he likes you a man. Parked down by the water that on every window was written in like car marker. 9/11 was an inside job on every window that again that was really like the like are you saw that van too. It would like do you think people are gonna see that they're like oh you know law that test I have thought of that before. That's right in size that many van driving around town really changed my mind parked in this. Dirty parking lot southeast industrial asked the ask. And Portland new. Who is here Yousef circuit Chu he hates to wipe his dad not matters in this heed the rim protector. Rim protector she's always that the blazers need testing came on the fan.