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Dusty and Cam - 2.13.17 - Hour 2

Feb 13, 2017|

Who is Jusuf Nurkic and are the Blazers done making trades? Also, OKC vs. Warriors and an old man tried to fight Crawford.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Thanks for listen to dusting camp podcast brought to you on the fanned by your local less Schwab tire center do the right thing since 1952. This is Dustin jam in the morning and we've just Dinara. An NFL veteran Sam Cleveland fans that have left on the local. Kevin had never been good no. And 1080. The Portland trailblazers. Have pulled the trigger on the trade. Sending Mason glumly sector have taken twenty team. T Denver after you Sith or kitsch in between seventeen a first round pick. I like move. For the blazers acquiring assets is is numero uno in my decision yeah yeah. Well that's that the goal of every every general manager and every team is to multiple pictures like with the Celtics did right over comparing what Danny Ainge to hold as many cards you can while still. Maintaining your roster right like balance on your roster. And if there's one thing that this message that this trade kind of tells me. Is that luck. Neil O'Shea is realizing indeed shots of Western Conference finals with a roster that he had assembled and the idea that that would be fifty is to be 54 win team with this roster. And Bob law a lot of stuff we talked about we've been waiting for this move to where it's finding knowledge that something needed to happen because this is not the roster you can sit there and you can just sit back. In wait and hope that he gets better you had to do something. So it is Benigno alleged by the front office of the blazes that. What was happening. Wasn't working. You needed something new and that's something new is it going out and getting a guy where what's the biggest complaint about this team heading into the offseason. Ending in the last south seas he needed to rim protector. And you needed some toughness movement use of nerd gets it there's two things of that guy brings to the noisiest. It will be in rim protector and that no nonsense kind of attitude. Always a big body in a very big body seven foot 280 pounds. He hit a I think he could still move from what I've washing them he he moves fairly well for big man I mean at seven foot 280. You're still in asking him to be lightening speed may supply only was extremely athletic for how big he was yup. He's a big body he's gonna be that slugger in the middle he might bring that toughness that edge I'd like to see how he fits in this locker room. And if he transitions really quickly I'm hoping my fingers are crossed. Yeah he is a guy that it just 22 years old as you said and may need this dude he does not move. As well as I think a lot of people would hope and he is a good shot blocker. He's a guy that was frustrating with his role. In in Denver because. It was a joke it scale and getting his minutes. And he's a cyclone. I'm a shot blocker I doubt that's when you brought me here for let me do it. Let me be physical presence. With DeMarcus Cousins good which is nice yes and Marc Gasol good he's already pissed off effectively those two players. And so that's kind of what this team needs any he's not afraid to you like he got called there's a video of him blocking guys shot. In a guy falls in the ground in the ball bounces up in their teachers' hands as a guys on the ground instead of helping him not. Heats slams the ball in the deeds chest and locks a lack of love dudes got an attitude to have on how that swing serum Portland how it's gonna work. I don't know but you know what if he does of the teachings of blazer fans wanted you're getting them win with he said. Or pitch too we honestly say we have seen a tough guys it's free when was here's a big man I guess Seattle got its fair that's about as tough as I mean I know that's what. What we want it is we've been on that train been chanting Ford bring some toughness is this team brings some attitude. If he can give me four files per game and give me three or four blocks and stop guys from driving to the lane in intimidate guys in the paint. Now take Yahoo! and that's. Basically he's not agreed and now we should say. He is Abram protector but he is not. A great defender and that is a little people might say are. But if you look at points and they were talking about how he's big but he is move as well. His defense of rating numbers aren't anything that'll blow anybody's hair back but he will should. Block shots adjust shots in the middle of the paint. And that's at this team it has been needing but he is not made any lead or great deeds. All around each in the paint. So what does it say about the perception of Denver and why they were willing to give a first round along with this. Mean it does this week we know waited it how it benefits Denver because now you have another athletic big man so I think it's a great pick up for them. You give me some calmly but from the from the sake of the blazers able to get. Miller kicked and a first round pick what does it say about how much they value they were looking to unload him. Right I mean maybe to cut knew he wasn't good he wasn't happy. This maybe even a little disgruntled situation he was or wasn't the best available the blazers could find that they were the reports are they wanted to open further in the play for oak virtue and made strong. Offer. In many into Chicago so people I think he made. Be traded to Chicago traded the bulls pending a physical but he sells this out there on the table. And I don't know blaze may not be done yet but with that adding that first round pick in. I think that shows he's kind of an IU of of Mason pummeling in win what he has immoral on the table because. Did the blazers got a guy in her kids that they can throw into the starting lineup and he will be a starter here in Portland. But he was playing about he's played eighteen minutes a game. It's government. That is you know that's my only minutes. Right at the doesn't know Obama and it's in Denver his minutes this month were 1902450110. And that is a guy who had grown disgruntled bear sounds like and that's why you get a first round pick with it is because what you're sending there. Is a guy that can play thirty minutes a game. For you is gonna be reliable and it feeds into what they do. The far better as having in distributing big man right again a guy who can pass because they've got a big deck to slash the lines. And sell it fits when Denver does. A lot better then what Portland necessarily want but make no mistake about it this is a guy who will be a starter or Portland. Only a shirt you know make that trade because. You make that trade because you just sit there and you go oh. Well we're getting a first round pick this guy age is age he will play and he'll play significant minutes for blazers. Now he's gonna contribute right away I know his deal what is he he's got three years left on his deal fair yeah. To and he needs it to you after this year you and then he's negotiating these free so yes so I knew right away he's gonna and 22 years old out 22. He's pretty dead and easy job they did I know weren't we talking about on the volley was young and these players are just young and Mason only 26. He's considered an aged veteran crazy you know there are so young. He is not a big bet sheets threes for the blazer fans that are wondering think Garth yup he is not attempted a three pointer this year but he is effective when he does have the loss sheets 51% from the field. Is not a scoring big he's on the defense event. He's offensive rebounder worst rebounding machine if you look at the advanced analytic there. Is offensive rebound percentage is twelve point 3% so. You know he's a good easy upgrade in offense or rebounding. Category ease about. Ran right in line with. With only on block percentage. Of them but if you look at that from the standpoint of he didn't play very many minutes. And there are obviously hoping there that. He is a better shot blocker on Mason plum laying. If you look at the heard the player efficiency ratings. Is more evade an asset then Dirk itches but then again we sit there and we look at these guys and we go with. In. This is one player who hasn't played a lot and one guy that bad has and a 22 year old so it's should be determined up on what we get. From you sit in her kitsch a lot of inexperience but. The big one for this blazers is now they have assets. They have assets they get a first traffic that is now their third of first round pick for this year's draft are they done dealing what should be next for the hometown team. In Mason glumly his day was just not very good yesterday dusting came out and her. There. I. This is toast and jam in the morning on navy and oh. Texas class five. Dreams hero and I. The Portland trailblazers in the budget assets. And trying to stockpile them. We know that they've got their own first round pick this year. They will have beat Cleveland Cavaliers first round pick and in this trade that'll send Mason to only do Denver. Along with they second round pick in 2018. They use of nerd ditch in May first round pick this year via the Memphis Grizzlies. So that will not be a lottery the other two late round picks. Guarantee on EI and potentially. Let's call what it is potentially a lottery pick up be it probably little low low lottery. But right now the grisly sits sixth in the western commissary 33 and 23. Obama which would have them as the ninth best record in the entire NBA right now so that would put them at 21. The 21 election and the draft were held today in the old created the standings kind of say the same in there than I picked their data between first seed at the 21 pick. The likely to 29 pick as the cavaliers are gonna go to class. And then where the blazers. And a bid to win their lot in it in the water so now you have after what words a couple of years with no draft picks ranked. You have three but they're all going to be kind of new. Mean picks are a lot of people like this sect so thank god we have a late twenties draft picks. Here's where it this is of value. A lot of people said that about the Boston Celtics. Right but what you can do easy package picks and you turn picks in two people right. And you make those more and more. Enticing. To other teams and if you don't like where you're out there in this year you trade that pick to another team that wants to get in maybe from the sec around they wanna move up in need do you get a teacher pick from them. And you can and kind of pushed them back adjust them if you wanna may be that move up into the top ten. You can give dead team where every year drafting and antique in the twenties oh by the way. You can move up in the draft like peaks in the twenties or not a bad staying they're still first round picks which are. Valuable assets. For an NBA team of. Oh you're saying now. Everyone's. Bitter about a twenty pick 21 pick think about that. Does that what does that say about NFL or am sorry NBA talent compared to all other sports. Everyday we mean is the MBA at the point where it's the top six and that's it and then there's everybody else. You mean to tell me that there's no. Late round talent that that's that's there's thirty teams in the NBA and there's fifteen roster spots that's in at the first round that is equality pick when your first round pick. From one all the way through I understand there's a couple of league players every year. But really those are big assets when it comes down do it depicts no matter if you're in the first round or not. That is a quality pick you know here is where here's what area that turns into an issue though. Is that in this is why blazer fans be you have every right to sit there and Greg below grade now we have by its draft picks. Because what does that signify. That crappy team that owns Western Conference championship that everybody is talking about him that those conversations our being had this summer. That's not the reality of where this team this right so that an ending that would be aware that grad school come from is that. If you have all these multiple picks and by the way they don't have enough roster spots to. To draft three guys this year. Based on what they've done you'd have to unload some other people which leads me to believe that. This is only kind of the beginning of the retooling of this rosters Mason calmly a guy who you try wouldn't be able to well no no you or would not be able to afford this offseason. In restricted free agency you unload bad deal in you bring in a guy who is young and unproven. More or less has chip on the shoulder and fills candles that are raising griping about rim protector. And an offensive rebounding type with little bit nasty to one K you bring that this guy yen. This is kind of only begin if ye have those contradicted everybody talked about. Any coming out of the offseason where Daniel O'Shea did to good job of staggering. Long term short term. Inflating contracts small contracts. So it was liable for Trey. You've got rid of one of the expiring and the expiring contract in Mason pummeling now you have to find a way if you really want to retool this thing. To make it so you match up those contracts with the young players somewhere else second make did you spar. No word on Neil she's had what's his playing at this point right now I don't know man nobody knows nobody knows no reason those conversations my other question was going to be. Is that how much his coach Stotts and new OC working together in the situation or is this. He knew those same move all. By himself. How much do you think there's interaction took interaction between coach and general manager. And that's that to me is I always tried to figure out is that if your head coach I will watch the wake coach Dotson likened. I guarantee you you can you be able to hear from his voice and watch his personality and see if he was into this new this was him if he was involved with this because. We what you're sometimes you're the coach in your just told to do with what the GM is gonna give yeah. Why do not know that relationship and I don't feel like I've I mean there is that. I don't know. And I'm not gonna I'm not gonna disappearing just thrown out there there's there's a tumultuous relationship between the 21 guys make all the decisions in the other ones his coaching I don't know that for sure. I and I don't think so I Ed why don't think that there's a batter relation to children. I'm not stay bonus and desires there but does feel like there's a separation OK and I can't agree easier grand CS NNW dot com you had. Is the the right at the Jason quick cat on Mason Comesa deal in on Saturday. Quick in stocks were sitting in the practice facility on a bench in his after everybody left in their just having a conversation right. And plumb lane was like the last got to leave and he said bye to Stotts and by the quick on the way out. And dike acts Stotts a tech quicken said. What a great guy ha here. And use his site one of those moments where is like that along to the business that guy's awesome right and then the next day he's traded supply only actually ask quick. They did you guess not about me being traded. And the other is a yellow brick is like in month now in that's not what they don't know why I can assume why he was thinking that oh yeah right so course in so quick said I answered him honestly which is no. Mikey was just an honest hey. Mason plum is a great gated name brand like there's obviously they were shopping him and that that has somebody knew of course somebody knew that. But that dead that leads me to believe that mab was kind of a little bit of a surprise even Ed Terry Stotts that happen boom dot com. But you got assets man in an expiring contract guiding you wouldn't be able to bring back next year anyways. I know I blazer fans are upset but look is this a Western Conference. Contending team with Mason palm lay on it. No course. It wasn't there in the ninth best team in the west right now there in a game back in Denver so yea you do what is best trio which is. Acquire assets. Bring any young young guy and you sit and her pitch and. You see where you go from here's another thing Allen who we've we've talked about this before and I've said I think everybody understands is that. You build great continuity with teens and in organizations you the draft in if you acquire assets like this. It does feel like you're still believe in that philosophy but we're talking about packaging up for more movement in our traits I'm trying to figure out. Or the blazers stuck in this reality that it's hard to get free agents to come here we understand elite free agents. You have to build through the draft or some sort of maneuverability. With trades and that those assets of first round pixels are all these things so. Do you build through the draft here or do you acquire assets in trade. Well I mean it would miss what my philosophy here in Portland it regardless of what you do in the NBA you build the draft you have. Have to build through the dream you always it is like the Golden State Warriors yes Kevin drink came to them the way drafted like and you know bottle. It will but yeah they do they drafted staffed curry Klay Thompson dream on green to make that attractive enough like you drafting you build this at all three of those something sexy right. Like Cleveland. Drafted LeBron James yet they sucked. For decades the pick hurried decade and a half of them before they got that number one overall pick and they were able to bring in man. But LeBron James. Makes it attractive for other people to want to go there right there in cell every team does bill through the draft. And now your doing is you're gone but this is how we don't look at Boston Celtics are great example of this. Because Danny Ainge acquired a bunch of assets they would enter a couple lean years but they had it they had pieces that they believed in that they can build around. And it just took a few moves you guys are acquiring these assets in the dirt that second best team in the Eastern Conference trying to. Right in so if you have faith and in your talent evaluation you've got Damian Miller and CJ McCollum in place here. Now you have 31 round picks to where whether you wanna use those stress actions or you want to you'd trade. Out in trade for better Dublin are better player and he's an as enticing pieces along with other contracts say you are you have. You've got movement here's credibility. There's an event like about what would Neil she's doing here and I do I think it's important is there there's no complacency. Kate it's not working. What options do we have how do we move there's movement that that creates that seems to me is that not just not just somebody that same all right. The could dismiss might not work or not gonna sit on our hands and just say well that is what it is we have movement we have activity. There is a a full effort to try to get. Players in your that one went in and put wins on the board. Yeah. Via that it we not agree with it but at least there's at least there's activity. There's a lot of unknown man with your listener did you say is guy that he was discounted because East Point she's been only for two years hadn't played a lot. He wants the plaid. He wants it if hunger is what this team is missing maybe they got that. But no I mean there's a lot to be determined not on this in his career whereas Mason glumly it was it was just starting to emerge. I still like to deal you get a first round pick you got a first round pick and those are valuable. Doesn't matter where it is in the draft they are valuable because people want and the other thing out of this Mason Palmer had a terrible day yesterday. Not only did he get Panetta got traded but he showed up at the facility early. Because. And his car got broken. His checkbook in his wallet got stolen. The person to only your trip with more collar. Yeah I understand they've checked the book like a chance at book like sometimes you forget that you want people are probably going checkbook. Thank is that what puts this millennial doing with a check yet you seriously he balance that on. But he has car broke into C user and ready to cancel all this credit cards and try to figure that whole thing and you're my idol he. Yeah and he's sitting there figure that as a related let me and Neal wants to see a good thing you got here early. Think he's getting treated. This stuck. So like you not only did your identity may be stolen. But you also get dealt in the you have to leave town that's been impossible to try and cancels credit cards everybody calling and I think right now a few months the young man's gonna be very high paid senator. He says take the money now. This he's going to be OK with it is and have way more. Way more money coming in come news the last special sports business. You know. 55305. Was not a feel on this trade that Yousef never pitched in Portland TrailBlazer. If first round pick also come along with him from Denver via the Memphis Grizzlies being yes that should be reiterated it is not. The nuggets. First pick it is the Memphis Grizzlies first day. On which you'd be 21 right now. And the revelry in need that the NBA desperately wants and they wanna make it something. It was only good until tipoff. By the northwest is rejoicing here Crawford a sports. This news. Dusty and jam in the morning on 1080 of sale and. You know let the cynicism of blazer fans never ceases to amaze me you know I mean. Please hire might be in what way the blazers like there's a blazer fans that are upset they'd traded Mason glumly who wouldn't be coming back next year anyways to you can afford him. For a first round taken a young senator who's a true senator like risen from his power forward playing center does he asked him right. Can we agree with that yes you heard the Perseus the power for playing senator and did DM did the job that as being a power forward playing center. They traded him and they could not afford him next year. They traded him for a senator. Who is senator. Ended first round pick you got good guy and great. Great value and people still like crop or early and do it the pick in the twenties to NASA man. So NASA can't commit to anymore right. A there's always gonna be that cater to the the one that says it's never good enough yeah Western Conference finals that's or striving for Newton. Not not just OK guys. Netease in not saying that Mason Bowman was that would do you think the anti about this team was on the William patience of players in the MBAs is is out of control. Now you know in today's game. There's no time for development if you don't get within two years everyone's like guys get rid of the nugget we need a lottery pick take. Him no time that I ever development bank. We are more on the blazers dealing Mason glumly for use a thinner kitsch. And coming up later in the show. We had the long awaited return of Kevin Durant. To Oklahoma City no over the weekend that he did you watch a game that was that must see TV for Rio. You must see TV I caught glimpses of it I wasn't glued to it. Okay it was it was good having it was Russell Westbrook and everybody else well I was hoping that we were finally gonna get the this is the rivalry the NBA wanted so bad they write him and these super teams like. Win everybody went out and joined forces in Miami you're like yeah get it. I hate when the cavaliers did they did trade to get Kevin Love. In LeBron came home feel like I did it. But this sort of like yeah we can finally get one of these super teams is joining up in people didn't weaken a little robbery gone. And this Oklahoma City. Did it out all the stops man. It was created the cupcake. Themed party that date her for Kevin Durant return. Because sag apparently being nickname for Kevin Durant. Was cupcake really from his teammates that you soft. Car interesting so when it goes all the way back to the was ESPN analyst Carrie champion when she called him extremely soft player. Last year. Prior to them leaving. You know this happened this was a little houses along time ago that they call them soft. Enter to win he all right when he signed with the warriors. The picture that Russell Westbrook. Posted on reasons Graham account was of a tower of cupcakes and like I'm not gonna let. Gonna let this ruin mine loved Hayworth Agile liar whatever bring it. Well we do have a problem. With fit in that and all of the teen teen the fact that there was a ninety in name and mascot costume and actual cupcake with Kevin Durant number chasing him down. The little walk up entry way and everybody wearing cupcake shirts is fact that. Oh and then Russell Westbrook with his snake shirt I don't deal with snakes. Sheer. I guess felt great yet. And then the game tipped off in the warriors absolutely pounded the Oklahoma City Thunder in the game wasn't even close. And Kevin Durant ended up setting a screen on Russell Westbrook that. In it was tough screen on him. They are talk and smacked back and forth but the only thing that mattered was Kevin grant Steen absolutely Ronald looked under and this is a rivalry any is it. No it's no it's not a rivalry it's one guy. One guy. Game wasn't even fun to actually these and be close thirties to be a heated exchange between teams that make it go into the fourth corner you all. These guys are battle and where is written horn where somebody to sit and talk skirt no there's nothing. Everything you need to know about this is that the pregame hype videos and everything that ESPN and ABC were doing was better than anything can happen during the game so. Right it does a match like I was so disappointed and by the time the game started. There'd been so much hype on social media and on TV yet that I like we just play the basketball game too easily hear about. Like what these guys maybe said to each other a year ago. Yeah in bed at that point like that is why the 43 points in the second quarter and it was just Psycho. Why dismantled them like this is this is even fun anymore and then I got to the point where the thunder players were just passed. Like that they were getting their asses kicked in what was supposed to meet is their biggest game of the entire year. In I for one. I love that I love the fact. That beefed under DC Enes Kanter. I hate the Oklahoma City Thunder he was coming off of the downside no problems and he was talking smack yeah teed Kevin Durant early near your home. No are you likely it won't. You talk smack about bad eggs you getting. Pounded right now you're in your your finding something to talk smack about ridiculous. I think the thunder look silly in this whole thing I don't know. Maybe they know there's you jilted lover maybe there are being jilted lover and I am so happy for a pilot and I know how he inherited. That organization you inherited. He can Kevin Durant and he left you there there's no. For that city to be so bitter about somebody that you don't even own from the get go so grow loyalty stole a team that you stole the team was there. And your bitter the whole cities it's comical to me. It is not a gentleman yeah it is it's the look we had. That's fantastic India is the city of Seattle's so proud of both they're loving every second of it if your some exam that's led to mean so let's that was me. He know that earth that game no reminded me of the beaver had that. Like that ex girlfriend. Where years in the iPad this give me ma'am you know you're gonna see here at some point you're like. I'm doing bid for myself I can things are going well for me and I this is this going law and then you actually see here. You're like oh my god she's in way better than I am like her boyfriend knew she married outputs and supermodel she's super rich now in Hudson they're gone they're. Him and I thought my life was great right to your that is what the Oklahoma City done. Randy do I live in Oklahoma City like they're sitting there going. We're doing just fine without Kevin Durant yeah you know what. He we have Russell Westbrook by the way I'd probably be MVP but alone he may have upgraded yeah we've but we get the NDP. And then on to send you semen is that oh. Damn we are slim that we miss him and Cheney is there like she was signing kids under jerseys and they had like a 1980s like. Which is somebody burns that now oh desire liberated birdies I case like c'mon man like I played really well for you guys I'm signing with Seattle insulin there was no. Men of his day today had the cameras on him during the walk out and he is almost trying to act like nothing was wrong. To a point where I got uncomfortable like he's given. Like dead there bro hug even with the security guards given him eggs in her you know in May looked really uncomfortable like what are you doing here. You know like stop any of these animals that he's going over the top you know make things. Not awkward assist his personality he's not he's not a vindictive and it's can't see Kevin Durant is a vindictive. Guy doesn't have that ice in his veins is somebody wants to be hated and he just wants to play bassoon and he just wants to win a play basketball was wrong without either one or necessarily be a leader that he's a scorer I don't know I was to be that angry men you know line lie. He's servant to the game amazes me is the servants. He's not the slim reaper is now than reaper and also lower than your ranch allow their ego he's the servant. Why daily be OK with that like OK okay. Are you OK are you OK with the attacks though can't I can't be OK with that I cannot be OK with him being served because he can't give yourself your own nickname OJ yeah all right I'm that is why have a problem. Does really is general vibe I get general vibe and like I know you say yeah what I have a problem with. Going after mom. Our moms off limits. Our moms off limits that is in a great storyline out of this game 55305. If you don't know. What was said during the game. It's not that bad Hulu is said to you is nesting cam on the fence. This is just an attempt in the morning on ten Canadian us in the. Kindred mom got heckled at feet under warriors game. Apparently got pretty vicious have a problem is calm and their murder. Threats. Of violence mostly though it was just. Coming at your son. Because here his mom we know you look like he's came to games here for nine years record. And you said niece seats for nine years in so your back in I'm NN. Come axial. Moms off limits and they got games like this. Yes Hillary would she said in her quote is coming from Kevin grant's mother Wanda. Wonder it's the people who make it's so personal and attack his character so viciously. Like they know him all. All because he decided to play somewhere else but then the bald thing is that they're standing in my face there bold enough to call him a snake. And a coward one guy even called him well I can't even say it the key word in my faith no. Then. If prince. I just think that moms are off limits I see you go after dads go Latin moms and kids only be really specific. Moms and kids they go after dad's. Go after the lives. Thousands of families are alas the wives to go after the dad's going to just leave them. Leading the kids in leave the moms out of it. I just kind of that's just me I think there's. We illegal wives out of it no we know president carries a life she can do is yes she made her bed without one now says same with that Nico are there any oh yeah and my same era and I should say should Currie she made she you know what you open appeared trapping you say that you deserve that. I've never heard Kevin Durant mom just yakking. Over and over about it I just how I have maybe it's out there but I still think moms and kids is leave it alone. Well on a mile base you're on moms and kids. I don't know yo momma jokes had been the product is every child in of the ninety's I agree I know that's why it's a sensitive you know a little nuts. Until you're from relationship thing go after your mother in law cl well your relationship last as agony is very well. It's not gonna end well. Love Delonte West jokes coming in and text than if I had I think in some reason it does that's a different kind of going at your mom that's a hole that's it means keep that really client. Yeah I think that it's. There's two parts of this for me one thing is yeah that you don't go after somebody's mom BK is. Verbally abuse issue at the game. This you better watch out TO Kazaa mom may come at you at the age mom person Mumford a little more enlightened bricks. In then. So old. Debt that's one part the other party is. Did one that kind of have to see this coming by sitting in those seats knowing. Knowing how bad it was knowing the fervor knowing how hard Oklahoma City had taken it. To go there and be like. I was shocked at what happened like. Yeah what was said his was pre was off limits but. Yeah you're at a sporting event you sat in those seats educate so many times they're right like. You know what is said to opposing players because is there you think you're gonna be immune to. No. Like I'm not Ron Paul takes all kinds there's holes there's idiots everywhere and every fan base so. Like I said I'm not surprising what your saying is she should assign a luxury box instead. US is in the back row no doubt about came in and out no reason is seen here but she went down and created the attention on her ass BCCI. Asked for this no well she didn't NASA were no nobody asks from that but. You should see it coming set herself up for failure. If you go to like a protest in year on the other side of it in years it year. You're counter protest stink like a guy where in the I don't know Michael Vick Jersey in the middle of the of the Covert. Crawford or native that would be yesterday like right year if you're a pro enrollment in your counter protest saying do you deserve to get hit in the face. No. But will you see who's seen it coming in not act surprised via. You can also should not be surprised if that happened take. Is that like is that like when I'm at the MacBook to every zip between Colorado Washington. Eight and a family of five all wearing their organs stuff walking down the middle of a Washington. Sideline now as you're wondering why the little kids are getting heckled and yell that which I didn't like yeah I didn't know like to do like that you're asking for it right yeah as you're setting yourself up for failure. Two seasons ago I was sitting in the 300 level the blazers clippers game wearing a lot of clippers gear. And that night maybe as being a little noxious and easier citizen in the row behind me shoved me. And I put hands on one hand is always do that civil differ across analyst I was like seven you know I don't Q so what I'm eyes closed don't care so I said hey man you put hands on me man in Cleveland fighting yelled I wanna fight all clear is suiting you put hands on mail carrier eighty. Good night I I didn't I didn't happen that's how. No man can be put on me without seeing. Good night. You hit it you know I'd that I put have been a sleeper hold and said knock him out put. And I don't care did you put hands on me it's over anyway I told the shell. And insecurity came over and asked if I want to press charges for assault seeks battered my reason I said that no reason Paula Danny Murphy and now. In Beverly Hills copper is where I come from Costa pressed charges against other kinds of lies fans don't need like I I you know maybe I deserved it but I. Torn and clippers Jersey and 300 level you're saying he does some people deserve it deserve to know he deserves is every unit knew if I can happen you wish you shoot and I said yeah I I had I had bought right he was with his like daughter and her fiance. And they were beat red so embarrassed are they should be he was crazy a little thin yeah. You put old man in his place. Payback sent down and he grabbed him by shirt he sit him right back down to say don't ever do that again. Instead knock amounted to send us makes sure he never did that he's he's a good night no whatever that means you didn't take that for interpretation. Is I. I have I don't care about age do put Taylor Kanye I. You have a rule. Yeah I have a black and white rule you put hands on first it's good night Charlie crashes no options here and conduct. Who is not at the old people I like it I'll have a live just that's my role I don't play first I don't do that not investigator. Noticed this year. Where they got to hear the taunts or died as a lawyer and he joins yeah. Well. This guess it just says I got hit in the head with a battery a noticeable for who you kidding me what it's worth you've got to be kidding me the Mexico City soccer game she. Was at this he was the OK I don't know. About it is a gamble Tripoli that Rodriguez shot against the rocket shot who what do you say you're wearing out clippers here you deserved it. I mean if I knew I was getting through outer level clippers gear close game. Yeah I don't know what you say end. And is saying no you're just couldn't don't mean your cell now let everybody does the beat the crap out on his time as what you're saying you know I'm as Angel get a beat the crap I'm saying I understood why the old ambush me I don't. It's crazy old you're a pusher kids some day no sign on Euro offer in your nuts it may you and your eighty Mitt never in my life and I've no never. Never touch in another tutored Goldman. Andre in sales at the I admit I'm with Cammie doesn't excuse you from him she didn't NASA open. Yeah I don't caves there's no discrimination with age if you're brave enough to push somebody. Especially somebody my size given night but here's my thing is I've long said I can't wait to get teenager I can do whatever the hell I want. Right wages that hit well it sounds like he delivered which Crawford senior citizens 55 OK to select you know Malia IA ARP crosses over that's not an old man at 55 a lot of fifty Arnold I handled themselves I think is like 65 plus he 65 plus he's all he was the last point. And I could be a mop by the way techsters Zach enough. I couldn't keep up the guy. Well let's get if that's lets you organize and exceed their reason for this reason why seven year old is like I can take this that'll be exactly on our I was scrappy out and taken a seven year old. Crawford is scrappy. How cheap would you fight an eighty year old like glad. Like would you buy it any easier last is obvious facing locked door hey guys you've seen the LC the YouTube clip of the old man gets in the boxing ring with a dude just knocks there who have already out of his strength Israel man strength is a real don't underestimate old man strength. But so is osteoporosis. Hilliard has dragged into this. Atlanta there would be on my old man strength of the blazers game than you might have a little bit I don't know whole crazy union. Dementia. Guess inhabit the RRJ's says the end of the old man's daughter in the other seat would have worked Crawford know there are nights there aren't as Kabul from the suburbs they were very. They were very simply be to him shocked you he's Jewish I mean I turned around you is like you said out. Ireland should adjusts brightness snot locker I don't feel good up punching old people there is the reason though why he targeted you right well as the only. You are a push over well I know I don't look for let me ask section if TM is wearing okay yeah he's not doing that no and I pushed him he's going to suggest people was the only time do you got to understand it happens all the time oh really yes and what turns analyst Steven Seagal movie no you have to imagine how do you if I'm walking down an aisle or refinement walking out of blazers gamer and he can't imagine them who don't move. It's our little that I move all the time I'm remover I don't try and I'm like I'm move and I'm shift in. I did the straight guy walk I would have so many shoulders dislocated be ridiculously mean ministry can lock straight guy walkman tight jeans. That could. Well again there are tight and you've put out is the type of guys that look for flights dinner while they want us to go I don't know why I guy you. Zach you have to be some big is scanned the room exactly and I've learned to deviate. Yeah my path to avoid I had no men push mean to me to sit down and organ ducks are national championship game in Arizona he almost would sleep too. Absolutely seemed almost. But he didn't put in the sleeper hold but he Denver quickly cured in the did usually would have been if I pressed assault charge it's. Yes is that who's and there are some people do I know I maybe I'll do that. Also keep in mind youngsters old men don't necessarily fight fair and pride is on the line true. The garage for the knees then I'd give money to see the seven euros via Crawford and seek him document it took us outside our team. Well we're not threatening him it's OK guys if that ever happens rest assured I'd be going videotaping the entire. It would put our star came in I just the other. The gaggle viral that's all I'm saying. This I don't wanna be vital link you make it quick before they get their phones out yeah. They equate good night old man but. Actually if thirty videotape became would then. Turn his rage on me for videotaping it because human want that to be out and none bid visualize I'd collect all the phones its massive scale yet Ewan. You knew would do that. I'm parent. Kim. Would beat appealed man that Crawford didn't rule that's so we learn tool here to and it's not Acadia let Kevin Durant mom but she shouldn't have problem with the right. Should fans be able to tell other fans sit down that's a question. That's actually did him a question. If you pay for your ticket you for your C should you be able to tell somebody else to sit down like old man did to Crawford. And in did you read did you in kind. Responded. To him by sitting down. I know I kept I kept taunting end. Did the blazers get the better end of trading Mason the only Texas 55305. When only sees a nerve Dirk it's in uniform. Testing camel thing.