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Dusty and Cam - 2.9.17 - Hour 3

Feb 9, 2017|

Jay Cutler to the Jets? Also, who should the Browns get to play QB and why sports goggles need to come back.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Base or listening to the dusty camp podcast brought you on the stand by your local less Schwab tire center doing the right thing since 1952. This is dusty and jam in the morning we'd just a hair and ten Cleveland and that. I doubt we'll until about a dozen plus is. Online. Just didn't jam in the morning until and if you love and. All right. How ornament tree dusty here came Cleveland with the U I've enjoyed heard our mr. Al Vick. Time today yeah really brought me back throwback Thursday after the kids Dolly now a lot of really good tax about what people did with their with their parents did at their music this guys is my dad to minor Bana nevermind CD then return it was short straw and on with the sharply covering may be in eighty. About this when our driver's Ed teacher. A ballistic if The Beatles came on the radio script they're the ones who brought duel into our country. Those Beatles dad is always imagined that Basil. One but it it can be pretty current too because I mean if like he had a teacher grew up in the seventies and was super. It's a web service tiny island is like in. Act. That's what brought it in that's what does the problem. My wife's grandmother used to call music she would tell me to call she call music yeah I got music anything that wasn't. Classical she does the idea you have music. And I don't know why don't you ought to mean my sign at all of the my dad would say the running Linux and how do you listen to that goalies. My guess the gospel singer also and he loved clap he group in the fifties so you ask me of that. He's still wears Levi's and teachers and that's okay that's one thing they'll never lousy hours old when you just need to sit odd fashion train 1956. And I got off. If I can go off and we'll circle back around that's the role of a pack of smokes and misty should try and of course and do that. Now in the high wasted built over slacks in the seventies those are still you know are but I'm just saying you know everybody gets on there. Yeah there's there's things the idea music everybody we're gonna be the parents eventually dusty and I will be the parents is OK I was listening to. You don't that's the thing that I sit there nine and I need I go with his. You know if did parents are always the Wednesday this music's garbage. Over LA. I'm is I I've heard some pretty pretty garbage songs from the seventies in sixties if these two down or. Really popular when I hear this kind of music like dogs Devin stuffed it doesn't do remain and then I start to feel like role. I know this is from this is the British Land it is yeah this is terrific. Good EDM hits electronic dance music scene is the drop right here you know. This is that this is bad team on FaceBook that old man when he starts dropping everything gets yanked the hazards and remind it comes on yeah. This is that yet he's this guy you this song. But you know laugh at it's to dial up modem I think to be. There was some pretty garbage music back then to donated to him as is natural is gonna happen yeah. You know just is like we ms. sun some fashion trends like Gene Kelly genes in the ninety's you member gene does. It genes so big kids it. Like slow yes like the largest number could even come close to fitting anybody not bull and now I have like elephant Titus in didn't like you have like. Limbs and a metal can medical condition he's clearly got a big crisscrossing people sort of put their stuff on backwards I think that's kind of cool like I don't wanna do with your jacket and good good good to at least twenty minutes to get this on we have and if you look like an idiot we have misses that are wildly popular you know right. And those things happen. I member of the Bugs Bunny trend. Why was everybody wanting to where Bugs Bunny and Carolina that's trend there's a lot of Ryder on the crisscrossed time look at admiral does he may mean dabble clearly. And never got that. And never got it and maybe it's a Hillsborough thing member of the Tasmanian doubled trends oh yeah my body got a Tasmanian devil tattoo and solid all all the all the work you've. Do we mediated dolphin on his lower back that I looked out on I went I scratch my head right. We can do green and when it. Was that do you get is did you get your belly button ring and he got his tells me no double had to answer is simple no to fur lined. Duchess is sold each other giving solidarity based Burma might guide you choose a minute until the tattoo yeah let's do that. As it was for a minute that it didn't whatever order Chinese adds character yes Chinese characters he. Your Tribal Council when a driver you from. You know that guy yet Syria Zeum barbed wire barbed barbed wire I try. It's like from nick and Jessica from what is he 6069. Degrees. Ninety degree degrees that upper 69 degrees the united surrendered to get the Democrats are gonna seed six degrees. That arbitrary nine degrees in there existed and so it doesn't matter rock. I met Jake Keller has a barbed wire Tatis in my. Smoking Jay Cutler yeah great website by Louis there was a there was a big game worry amongst jets fans this morning. When reports started surfacing that the jets who work. To improve Gergen betrayed. For Jay Cutler because not only do they have Matt Forte and Brandon Marshall to get together but the New York Jets hired. Jay Cutler's long time and favorite quarterback. Coach. It's okay jet fans take a deep breath because. Bridge some media of ESPN New York is saying. Let's pump the brakes it's not Jay Cutler. It's more along lines Tyrod Taylor. And nor. Mike Leavitt. Mike Glenn at the back of in Tampa you know who might Glendon besides professor Keith. He doesn't like science professor. He was actually pretty good in Tampa or speaker. And then he does look like both in the guy that every play he's also together place Russell Wilson had in sea sick true. Very good Derek underrated and in his I think yeah but he just says Janus Winston the number one pick in front of him them by the way you have price pitting Christian hacker Burke still on the roster. Yet they do anything to be I don't know I don't they should why price Betty. Christian not every they've even been given a chance it is the jets but. You have to evaluate your talent you drafted them a reason right if you're giving them a garbage radiant and you pretty much giving your whole. Scouting department and garbage greeting job to. Well what have they done to you deserve anything X separate garbage rating. Thought I like troubles I think he's a very good coach now take about their scouting oh I'm sorry I don't know the scouting department. I think the jets and you know what if you're in the is the NFC or the arms or the AFC east. Your point second fiddle to the greatest franchise in collection of all time everyone else is second fiddle. And so no matter what you try to do it try to figure out everything it looks that does not match up to the patriots are gonna be viewed as garbage and that's unfortunate. Because you're just you're in a buzz saw. Yes you are and they make horrible decisions as a franchise and you know gentry and should be reassured that you know you know I can mortgage your future because you have to give up some that again. I think he would Carmelo Anthony in the NFL and while he'd that while in new York and has dysfunctional and stretch as a New York love. As they come all at the retread yeah Jay Cutler retread. K well how about this so they're great arm Tino how much is Jeff George three booted and do you know how much. Salary cap space the five win. New York Jets have this year government by and try to do you remember correctly. Not very much if seven million dollars over the cap that. Zero they they're in the red and free agency any other entity that that's his crap management their man right guaranteed money locked up contracts. Free agents they're asking did Darrelle Revis you have to take a pay cut and oh by the way. We're gonna move you to safety. And oh by the way that seven million dollars or over the cap. Is just with their top 51 or contracts there and so and this storm there's seven million dollars of the cap and they don't even have 53 man roster and their seven million over the cap. That Tim need to sit there and you're like yeah with a 170 million dollars coming this year for for spend ability in your payroll that's what the salary cap will be. That's his that's inefficient they are 85 win team with no cap room to work with they are a little less over the captain Dallas Cowboys. Who are. And ten and a half million over the cap but guess what the Dallas Cowboys are dude that's right they are good and they probably should be at. A tenant have to ask Jesse do you have a problem when teams are over the cap and are good. They believe in beyond them know why would you be if you wouldn't be but when you're over the capping your bad. Did you just not Smart yet stupid decisions time and time again and I did you know let called stating the obvious Jay Cutler would have been the worst. Day you would've gotten that he and going that route. And you know there's going to be a lot of teams that. Is people wanna make fun of the Cleveland Browns. You know they have 108 million dollars to spend this year and thirteen draft choices. Well. Bradley. Thirteen. We need to do with fat or about assets. The U Cleveland Browns. Are this is this reminder that. I'm a mom throws shelter. This reminds me of the early Dallas Cowboys and they made two made the Herschel Walker trade in just acquired so much stuff the next thing you know. He'd just he'd feel if I'm giving you Jack's a little bit of credit here and what their true what he's trying to do he has assets he's got money to spend and he's got draft picks. This. This could be changed Cleveland. Yeah but at some point you have to hit on year. A new draft picks in I don't think anybody is convinced that they're hitting on any of their draft picks right. I mean. Last year did they take. Gainey Shelton any Shelton called a player this year was healthy all year out of Washington isn't nose tackle coming insist. Over a run stopper plug her right. Don't blow your socks off please call it player he had at a town he's one of their highest paid players. At the region million dollars. Did this is nesting look at Joseph Thomas service where we go. And he's their third Chrysler there has picked Hillary there. This being listing look at at the Cleveland Browns because you mentioned thirteen draft picks in a 108 million dollars to spend. You're not gonna have enough roster spots to have all of these guys in. What do you do if you're the Cleveland Browns trade which OK I would would you as a free agent. Go to the Cleveland Browns with that much money on line. 55 these Arafat testing came on the fence. This is. Esteem jam in the morning you know it's an eighty yard sale and we had stumbled on to something yeah. Would you go play for the Cleveland Browns. You have to understand. In the NFL what's your lifespan for years. Right yeah I do if you're lucky if if you're very lucky the browns. You've got a hundred and. 8766900. In 1987 dollars to spend. This offseason. Okay Powell and I crap gonna pay X thirteen draft picks invading your eve first and twelfth selection there. They how would see first like you said person twelfth in the sec around in the 33 the twentieth I'm sorry the two. Is sick around the twentieth the 33 in the 52. Third round 65. Fourth round no pick they'll have four trumpet the fifth round ticket they are mixed. It thirteen altogether at. You're not going to be able to bring thirteen guys and that's a huge rookie class. It's not happen I believe they had fourteen picks last year. As well and and they're just kind of treating the drill away some of them. Dude. Are ya I think they are. I think they are. Yeah in this team is they were to read full last year. You have you're through to best players are aging. Joseph Thomas is one and then you have Joseph hey news corner. He is 27 years old seven years for a corner he might as well be to crypt keeper and on the edge but he still really good. And Dan outside of those two guys I mean you've got Jamie currency traded for from New England. In Robert Griffin the third that's in the end Mario Davis inside linebacker. Those are your top five. Players. In salary lies on the a Cleveland Browns to Mario Davis your fifth ties played take paid player will make four point eight million dollars this year. They have. So many spots to fill. A ton of draft picks in more salary cap space and they know it to deal with do you think they become players in free agency this year. In a free agency class that doesn't have much because they control. If they wanna gotta get there as much money as they want to ask him because when you think about Joseph Thomas he think about Joseph Joseph Hayden your two highest paid players. All of those guys are going to be coming off the books soon because. They're sold. And their contracts are expiring as well here's the difference between the NFL in the MBA in and doubt Doug the ceiling floor when we talk about cell remaining member we talked about how the blazers had to get to this and get to there. When he was called their baseline and her bottom floor level they have to spend it right you have a lot of money now to spend his Cleveland you have to be able to get to a certain level. In their salary cap so. When you have hold over like this you you're gonna have to put it out there he could be the browns and hoarded all but really at some point you have to put it all the product out there are so many say. What are you going to do with those picks and to re gonna target now this. Of all the the prognosticators in the NFL they say that this free agent class is dreadful and the worst free agent class in NFL history. There's just not a lot of high end elite talent that's out there but the big names are old. And the names that are out there that are young they're just not that there's not that good. I mean in the and the guys that are good in young Kirk cousins is going to franchise tag again using my dogs are doing or he's gonna go in inside a long term deal with Washington but. Like next year. Washington can't franchise that Kirk cousins again. So in that situation if the other guy's been franchise tries Cleveland. Can come in and just come over the top there's a quarterback out there rubio they have the ability to go out and do it but this year isn't that you're so what do you deal. What do you deal in what broad do you go down well when you have so many holes I. Mike may ox from ESPN's said he would be EU these frightened. Frightened if you pick quarterback in the first Olympics said he wouldn't do. So the talent isn't there the the proof isn't there so if you're going to do that now remember what doubles doubles Sweeney said. He said that he had the Michael Jordan would be like passing on Michael Jordan John Watson. Passing on Michael Jordan at a huge claim the monster claim. So you have the quarterback from North Carolina. Today. You have managed Robiskie is m.s are emits too risky camp and then if you who's the other Corey Notre Dame or I'm sorry Florida State. Notre Dame's ignored a data recorder chunk has yet to show on Kaiser's the only other the three that they're considering. Judge brown model and Kaiser. Robiskie do any of those guys light the fire underneath you as the future you have to be what do you do William the first of the twelfth pick them. In my opinion I would trade to get a court wreck somewhere some way somehow if a quarterback was available okay. So I mean venue to look at situations like. Big guy we just talked about yet Jay Cutler. Might Glendon and in Tampa. Tyrod Taylor in buffalo from. Tony Romo. In Dallas right and then you would have Jimmy grapple of in New England. Does seem to be be probably like a five guys that you would most likely here we would target on the move. Un and with those five guys you have a variety of ways say they can go around in go about this right. Because if you keep your trading. If you trading down you trading assets. You've price of the meet fairly high in the draft in you're gonna want TU. Stockpile picks for next year so there's a quarterback you can move up. And you can get a misty go for an aging veteran like Tony Romo. You're needing youngest soon sooner rather than rather than later right. Yeah so you have to trade vaccine you have the ability to you move up its next year or the year after that that guy's sitting there and waiting. Which might need of route that I prime wanna do if I'm Cleveland just don't find a guy like that but who's to say because you have assets that. Dallas to be like yeah heck yeah we'll do that that might be the one way that they get them up united private bona Denver man well all all reports lean into the there's not a might not be a love fest there but then there's Houston. Could be Houston could stay close and going to red numbers yet Doherty of seats not worried about it wouldn't trade him to care to the cardinals or anybody that's not only in Europe. Division but it's in your conference you're not doing that DC jury Gypsy is Jerry Jones. They said they're in. Do you write by Tony Romo. He's being in the mean good setting in Cleveland is like a death are today which has some company. Do you do you think at the press is right he desk. The jeers of businessmen still I can MS Jarrett Jersey businessmen. You want decent business you are giving that number twelve pick in the 33 overall pick I'll give you Tony realms right when she did. Would be terrific if you if you're Jerry Jones and they say we'll give you the number twelve in 330. Now in the big slap in the face. To meet you sir Tim hill. To to Tony Romo that's good value though for I know hey you're not you're not say anything that I wouldn't put past him who. And you can't value quarterback enough in this league he can't value it enough there's no you're not gonna convince me that a a first round a second round. Those two picks for gosh sakes 21 round picks are not worth all the quarterback that is already proven. Is that guy out there the only one out there that everyone seems to be chanting now. You know is Jimmy grapple the drop through. Jamie not only is he's not only is he had some quality play he pretty much disparity. Uplift your franchise into the cool this check this out. Hot guys states I don't know that you dream frankly he's not married so I mean already you make people want his Jersey the sell button. I think they're dead Cleveland fans know better than to buy a Jersey according rash. Her I think. Q mess in the closet full time when he don't want a berth since 1999. Started and I had a got to be a great you know what. Bad be impressive if it's somebody in Cleveland has insurers from every quarterback that's played since the re inception I'm sure there's this there's a bar that has that around there you know it's like the wall of shame again they teaser bar name every. Couple weeks stint I forget what they have RG three on the roster we just throwing him to the wayside yeah life yeah please cast aside you're done yeah former rookie year. I'll tell you but with thirteen draft picks. What we've seen member Richard Seymour was in his prime see you later they sent him to Oakland. Because there like this can be high first round draft pick and that's a teacher traffic they need to get at that year. A year tell me New England. Is in the Cleveland Browns are willing to you deal. They're gonna make them pay for it but New England would. Send Jimmy grapple somewhere if the price is right and that's the way they've always operated via blood cell. But lawyer Malloy. Richard Seymour sure they will trade guys in Jimmy Collins is great example it this year they'll send you out of town. And say Al we'll find somebody else you're replaceable. And even though people say Jimmy grapple might not be. Baghdad Nate they wanna hang on them. I would trade Versa twelve I would immediately trade trade for Jimmy grapple for if you if you're asking me weight wise yes. You're asking me for Cleveland I would trade my first and twelve pick immediately you first round picks the media with the number one pick out in the number twelve and no problems with a that's not hot take there's funny people out there that have said that that is all that's two starters in in. In that you saw you were a quarterback is that's how important valuable quarterback is you continue to drop below mean Tony Romo could garner first round pick if he goes to Houston. That's how important it is that's what Jerry Jones will say well yeah he may first round pick he's 37 years old doesn't matter who. Yeah I mean those are those are things that that's how valuable is its core directly goodness gracious that would be. So last year that's jeered golf in Sheldon Reagan's. 2015. Would be market her excuse me Jeanne this Winston. And. Dini Shelton and then. There's some good players in the as they can get there. That debt for first in twelve you can get two starters. To pro bowlers is what you're supposed to get out of that those two elections are able. You're supposed to do eventual pro bowlers yet topped twelve hicks may know how many out of those 32 every year week is quality. Less than ten yeah so when you say I could but you have something proven in front of you you need to get two starters you'd be a good quarterback. Always if you have proven film winning culture. Immediately seem we know but culture that doesn't travel do you meager a couple of necessarily nobody said that I said winning culture because where he's at. Where he's where he's played under he has a different set of yeah Potomac he's learned. Now with a winning culture travel when you say will it be taken from new England and immediately implemented into Cleveland you can't predict that you know you can say that he's got a proven ability to win a football game. Under those lights mixture riske has. KB beat Clemson now none zero run so that has nothing for me. Yeah I just wonder how much is Jim did you McGraw apple approved in two starts. You know. Well that's gonna happen it's the Matt Flynn air it's exactly the same conversation. Eight after six touchdowns in backup. Yeah Aaron Rodgers will look what happened IU. He eight he won two games. But. Indeed it was bad enough. To do to improve that he's worth a first and a twelfth. And if you if you believe so then I guess you pull the trigger on of that is a that's a big haul in that right there. That would get obviously New England would jump at that because they got a ton of money to spend in free agency is well and they can. Date made a matter then they can go ahead make those moves while. Now in addition to see how Mets. They're gonna be offering up for guys like. Jeanine Garofalo if that is the case or you could do you just have to give up 88. You're twelve. For Mike Glenn and would you do it. Instead of giving up the number one in twelve to get drop below would you give up just the 124. Mike Glenn OK here's the difference though in Cleveland I needed dynamic player I don't know if Mike Glenn in a dynamic. Player. But we dude Jim grapple I feel like an ever bigger as the okay I've ever bigger sample size with him yet but no we don't. You gotta understand drafting and guess scene it's part of guessing it's carted lane yourself out there there's no sure things. In the NFL I might get one or two and in a twenty years it's that it is Andrew Luck. You're asking and I assure you they don't roll of the dice for sure everything is suggests the role you know you have to but who's got the big ball who's willing to do it I need to lose Cleveland. He won in fifteen. We got to lose. Yeah Michael Jordan apparently. You can be gone for San Billy said Michael Turner if you listen to Davos when he. Two points and Shawn Watson is Michael Jordan but he'll sell some cleats they join. Jo Ellen B wants to bring back one of the most iconic pieces of sports fashion. It could solidify and resonate next great big men as well in my opinion NASCAR to a sports. This is a dusty and stamina more million dollars to Canadian say I'm. Joseph well indeed is a great follow on Twitter. He tweeted out. A picture of him with. Frank Princeton is that its name that said. Let's earned trust the process. Let's cook. And they had like hash tag Eisenberg. And did the breaking bad guy now was his most recent let's cook let's cut was did this. And he wants to bring back on social media he's hinting at bringing back. What I believe is being. D.'s single signal fire that I will know you will be 88 big men of my liking. He's gonna bring back the goggles. He same people what do you think. She'd I'd bring him back. The Kurt Rambis job. Correll goggles not on the Rambis and president will Odom was the black framed yet. Now the same ones but neither was it Korean dream James Worthy teams were the porous. Greer. Harvey grant Harvey grant. I like is again a plea for the mavericks. The debt Warrick. Big guy a good player. Learn room. Got a blank they're gonna come but you know let. I think he should he should bring back the goggles because the goggles are at a fashion statement in basketball team that. Dayton. Anytime eagle goggles thumb on this a year junkyard dog you'll Andy you went to mix it up in get Doolittle. Rockets. You know let's do this so the face mask and goggles guy. That's what's at face mask but more goggles goggles face mask guys kind of it wasn't for vision right it was more of protection for mean for being poked in the high. Are you remembered some guys but my my my middle son terrible things he's got to Wear goggles expects. Rex tracks oh yeah I met what I make isn't he was wearing the goggles yes you'll look at he wears goggles Buck Williams who Wear them for a short time Orlando war edges that you thinking out. Knowing you Wear them land awards. But I am pro. I'm pro Joseph well indeed wearing goggles in the NBA. And I for one thing that more guys should because it's not for everybody but it is for the guy. Who wants to mix up with you and maybe take your head off. If jewel and he becomes that guy more power to them and I also believe that he should bring back. Knee indoor elbow pads. If you really wanna say I'm a gritty player he's gonna scrap you atomic Patrick Ewing's knee pads. Hey guess Apache getting you're trying to play volleyball guess what he did. He got after the hall of Famer he I know he got after it tried to make those cooled and anybody else make those cool. No bigot because guys don't need you anymore because you shorts cover your knees so when you dive for ballroom floor burns aren't an issue any and every wears leggings and that needs to go away leggings. I fell into the trap because I bottom this year because he said. Three kid in a city wanted to cold kids who know you're not you don't run harder right in but I drew the line at or mislead by said no. Not happen it would Darcy in the school and Allen Iverson did it but now every single person. And I think there's literally mothers in the stands that Wear our sleeves in turn out and for some reason camouflage is needed are mostly no yeah I die I die from somebody intern Matt where's the shooting sleeve. On the shooting hand here intern med does. What is that for the here's the thing about fashion examiner tells Matt gallon by the way is our. Former intern who plays for organ state. In turn match. Yeah in turn map. The funny thing about in turn mad wearing the shooting sleeve. Is that the ball is literally allergic from intern matter. On the opposite end of the floor we use and he never shoots like even when he does a good look at thanks. Past the passer no big Yasser he'll and you get the offensive rebound tip back distributor. And they even set on the game on the game cause us the other night he leads the team in charges taken that's mats value gas. But he made eagle for the deception route. Because I'm wearing this are asleep you think I am issue. I'm not Nana. I'm not gonna we need to get rid of the arm sleeves more guys that got us you know be injured Matt or goggles that would fit his playing style far better than the shooting sleeve one point six points two and a half boards in game. Leads the team in charges taken. How many points per game one point six. I'd venture to guess he may averaged just as many charges taken as he does I think he does man and that's the way you are police doing particularly Roy tar plea yet as the search it myself and Roy tart with you know the guy EE everybody that goggles that that is that is texting in at 55305. People that war. Goggles. All of them bad ass players. Right yet worthy goggles cream Abdul Jabbar goggles. He can join the Sealy less with Buck Williams and Roy guitar lead and the great Brothers. Why wouldn't she Wear goggles to oil and beat that's the question. That's a question summoning these that give me the inside and how you stop goggles from Augen up. And how do you do it. I'm I'm searching. Is treanor have problems that go trainer he does. They fog up okay maybe this little wiped that's supposed to be this fog up think somebody's a snow skier out there. Or somebody has a scuba divers somebody has trick while they what is the what is the best way to deal they told me in scuba class. That you don't you just dump your goggles in the water that was exhibited members don't you create a steal yeah yet don't spin and I don't spit in that's unsanitary. But yield boom day was always watering it down and then down. I don't fill with water on that. But if you do that they won't fog out. Texas 55 clear cut us to be accepted him fan. And though. What's coming up on our show tomorrow we have special guest this is testing camp. And jam in the morning on 1080. Who knew there were so many ways to anti dog sports fan I have no idea think you're ready for that insight to some of the try everything. Except for the WD-40 that doesn't sound say that's. A seventeen burn your eyes you can give me a good. A deal with it works to do you worry your goggles afterwards. Just could thing you know. Can't talk about the third out on your myriad ideas shampoo shaving cream to phase two study isn't. Mean there's a us I didn't know there's so many different ways if there is a bugaboo is that we have is my Summers goggles for sports while there is a a lot of people coming in with. Apparently there's a product called cat crap how to solve that are you guys who knew. I it is it that is a brand must be special for all the all the skiers is obviously if your skin you you're Slaton and yeah I went had to Google because those that work. And it is a it's a product for anti fog treatment for you ski glasses goggles or the process of go ahead turn out that cat crap came. Interest. Lou yet be careful make she followed directions and get it. 'cause apparently may have some grip to it oh. Was it like litter. But say he had hence the name it's as a scratch it is is probably eleven scratch your goggles over the reviews and looking at the reviews of all yeah. Who people saying that these differ motorcycles for snorkeling. And for others for a other things like just their glasses could sell it works. The other by your trash you thank you also we forgot one goggle wearing player. Amare Stoudemire. We've forgotten that people forget how good Amare Stoudemire was he wore goggles remind a Fiat one of the best ones though. Moses Moses Malone. Recipes arm the biblical Moses snow. And angles and think now. Moses Malone okay Moses Malone wore them met Moses Malone few years ago it caddies for cure. One of the fun is conversations that I've ever had in my life why it was he was hysterical he's got a great story of his life media. REP. They get great guy. Funded talked to just was engaging user is great. All. But yet an excellent dog aware I wish I would have been able to talk to them. Now he died two years ago already yeah. All right well agility bring back to god wills let's do this we have big reporter it is BC in this. Do you share loads is losing. What will he's aging wars and now Steve OG followed the ball well here's a blend art of the vertical where's he going. ESPN. That got him and he knows he is beginners you know according to dead spin. Well just close to an agreement to leave Yahoo! do enjoin ESPN I bet he's gonna give it paid a cost yes. There's no way. That they can now. And it there's no way that the people of ESPN liked having a duty Yahoo!'s sports. Just come all brown pulled the rug from under on nearly all the time here's the thing now. Is that ESPN here's the draft eight forestall their reporters to stop. Do in the picks early. Does well coached his boat to get it out like three minutes before the pick was even made a B I get it taken this guy you're like right when they went on the clock you need to count any. All minority here do you de force loads to hold on in sit on his picks. The great question I'm not. I think if you wedge. You put that in your deal man. I'm kind of bummed about this because I really like the vertical well I'm sure he'll carry it over is I think he owns the rights to the vertical. I think it's part of the negotiation we started it so who wouldn't say that that's they have their tab on the ESPN profits website crop is gone down the road a sellout he's gonna change two years now these hideous I don't know I guess I haven't. I don't like a lot of the moves ESPN's Mitt may lately. Just in general I just don't think it's as good as it used to be yup and so I kind of enjoyed having the vertical or like him. Alternative news source so to speak for the NBA you don't I have seen. In that this is something that I don't know how many people also notice or maybe I'm the only one that feels this way. I think that ESPN it would in the last six months or so Dave seemed fox sports goes so opinionated in over the top. That day let's skip Bayless lock them right in go over to SS one. Dade have moved first take TU. ESP in their main channel but. It seems is that they're getting back to you more of their reporting roots. You might actually learn right which I like a lot just stayed low sports is all about opinions now but you're right I do arguably maybe they're going on at that roots style. Streamlining everything kind of loss. But yet you don't seem like they're going all opinions anymore they're changing it up to where Stephen A Smith is not enough for everybody we add in that's on Cindy moved her kids over there but they've stopped trying to create these new shows that. What do they did two biggest change is that they've done is they've made. They the sixth in his personal it to Janelle hill and Michael city opinion based. And that is not it's your sport senator. It is my lifestyle Baghdad's biggest thing you throw pop culture style into it and in the midnight sport senator whiff. Scott van pelt. Right which is. It's not late night sports yes kind of like George Michael do sports machine exactly new version of it right which is and it's not opinion it's entertainment based but they're going entertainment value net in there saying artifice one Oxford you guys can be. More opinion we still have first Stephen A Smith. Who's gonna be outrageous but. Their knees stuff doesn't seem to be going that route right there that's just my opinion. Man what do we know. Man I hope that's the case I'd prefer. News. I have it's a one opinions are does come in in the cure your own right and as Dallas is just he's just three hours. You know we're all the other wonderful voices on our station absolutely not and you call Italians are important to me that's why sports makes it interesting right. All of us have certain opinions we don't have to agrees. I like opinions. Bring in were urged him. Bring in what coach. Don't miss that writes Marla Kevin Helm on from ESP NE. Is a Portland based NBA or better. We'll talk about trade deadline but he thinks the Portland trailblazers as the blazers get the benefited schedule once again tonight. They've got a 730 tip on TNT against Boston. Cancel next two days right NASA TV next two games yes but here's the deal. For the second time in a row the blazers get a team on the back the second of back to back. In this one also East Coast team playing at 1030 at night their time. They manage their. Which has the blazers the biggest favorites could have spread and Faber report. I we'll see you tomorrow from 69 AM up next is the herd with Colin Cowherd that shows tonight and you need to reed's third straight threes seven. Prime time but Isaak Everett rob. In Jason. Stevens' seat here. Have a great day receiver. Big league club when I'm not a doctor the brain of that person actually I didn't that is dumbest thing I've ever heard.