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Dusty and Cam - 2.9.17 - Hour 2

Feb 9, 2017|

Charles Oakley was booted from MSG...what happened? Also, sign stealing in sports, Throwback Thursday, and a big game for Ducks hoops.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Thanks for listen to dusting camp podcast brought to you on the fanned by your local less Schwab tire center do the right thing since 1952. This is dusty and jam in the morning at this who really knew each other. Accuse us it's easy to pop up maybe even born free GP. It's just an era. White farmer. And the man who looks up and permissible teriyaki benefits as a college all American can easily looking at. Why doesn't anybody in the world every than anything. Dusty and examine the more million dollar and 1080 USA on them. 55305. That is our text line. The attack Debian BAB in south what do you that is not so hot he's still down fight last night. Charles Oakley. Take over in the media tick over the back page of the New York Post and in social media. Win the former New York Knick great. Got ejected from Madison Square Garden last night. He said in a couple rows back from courtside. Enjoying the knicks and clippers game. Which is actually pretty good game. It got me to turn on the game defected Charles Oakley got ejected. I'm wanted to see what it was don't argue it happened it was a good game came down of the buzzer but what happened is we saw. All of a sudden like give big these fractious started Chris stops resume this is at the free throw line. And all the sudden you see this skirmish. In. The game stops parsing asserts that an hour Dioner Jordan search walking over to like the tunnel. In a dairy is Charles Oakley is being held back 545. Security guards. And he's screaming importing into the stands. And it appears he's. Yelling had James Dolan the owner of the team and starts pushing a security guard. Right in he gets harassed a gaping PJ hill poking him in the head with his big senior DC that. Did Charles Oakley was revoking the owner notice and now allows almost thirty yards pushing gas jabbing him right finger yet I mean is. You gave an aggressive there and it is like you saw that flash of Charles Oakley is not bagging it right you know in even that what he's got to be fifty. Early fifties probably fifty. I agreed five some either serve like that right. That guy was still go on and it. Why in the equity trying to fight James Dolan is another question the owner of the New York Knicks. I have no idea I've no idea I just did you know when I was I was amazed I saw this number one. I loved everything about it in a sense that it it it showed the fire what Charles Oakley was. I'd I didn't see him I mean okay William and now the violence when it comes down to punching in indicating a bunch of security guards I'm not non Bora that Wright who bought. Whatever happened whatever the reason was that instigated it what I wanna know I'm sure all sort of come out as we start to see it. What what pushed him over the edge what was the reason why bullish there was their frustration within owner is there a past history between the two was there heckling going on we don't know. There is there in there is a a lot of history between. Charles Oakley and James Dolan. He has not been happy with that and be ownership group for a few years now he had a a public group falling out when James Dolan he gained Oakley is he has his demons he's been to rehab. In Dolan kind of took a shot him a few years back to windows Fiat to its Charles Oakley and and I guess the New York Times. Had an article and he basically. Said yeah I have my issues that James Dolan and ownership of the next. Let's take him out to dinner in you know my. And so this is been like Iraqi relationship for a couple of years. Fast or did this year where they're at their seventieth anniversary. In James Dolan is excluded Charles Oakley from everything in that's a guy that ten years of the next ten years the next in some of their best years that they had as a franchise. And he's sitting there and he feels disrespected by James Dolan. Which leads us to last night where I'm assuming he paid for his tickets. Together and sailor he says he did yeah yeah because of the fact that many customers fan owners and let him get through the doors. He gives good seats they're pretty close to you. Where James Dolan is. And let's have Charles Oakley explained to you at ABC seven in New York. What happened after that. It happened needed for free is with the game that I was six in the coat boots. You do is sit down and have good. They feel the way as well as the leader bill that's lives. And to. That's what you believe you both. So what order you to leave them like. I've been euphoria minutes of a mixed day is. Played it continues. A little mix a little new you'll slow hard and always have all the look. This is says. On the best vocal. We'll go. Now welcome to the guard. And what happened next they say a move so big guy has. More more could come within me and I'm like why do not believe. And what reason they. Base happily. They get order. Bill with a look back into. Total disrespect you but. You don't think that new life and move. Look I was no windows on their books. Get out. And having it escalate from when they ask you this. I mean he feels about all the W we got the detectives that no matter. I believe it was like before a big joke before the bomb no matter that they realize that you see simply that together walk the ball you have the brace itself. It be good for the Cilic than the thought they. And I flip and Luke was so what do you think of that well first of all yes when do is walk up on you you better be prepared. So that I know I I've had experiences were dudes have come comic thing. Like that and yet you protect yourself even if you're in one of those and areas now we know. Aid chart I don't know Charles background cannot could sit there and say that she's had those experiences you probably had a rough background and had multiple experience and this. See number one you need to know that. Anybody that comes he would do multiple group and anyone says you just sit there and cower well that's you eat your life is different in his life different so I can't sit there and say that. And would do his reaction is who he is as a man and what his experiences in life also and those of you that say how dare react that way who live his life and and you let me know you would have done. So let's say that. To see that he was kicked out of the game I'm assuming until I hear more. Dame Joan but her Indian wanna sit behind him into the bill only reason I can see this figured out. We should and he notes that. On all accounts where that before he is asked to leave. Charles Oakley wasn't disruptive. To a degree that should have gotten anybody kicked out the size coming from fans or people around the witnessed it yeah everyone siding with Oakley here I heard Perez. I saw on Twitter that there was a cop and NYPD cop. In the arena that was joining in on a three Charles Oakley jet later in the game if that's wonderful he got up and that is you sit there and you go. All right so did Charles Oakley do anything his reaction. Heat and he went over he went far beyond kind of The Who what he would've but I think most people would have done does that mean you sit their knees hit amnesty that's tiny. The security guard that's trying to look at what times on. He's Astride well that's because usually it's understandable when you put hands on somebody you know a whole different deal in vote Charles they're sitting there going hey man back up and then Oakley is getting irate in the initiative known better than to charge which I really not a put Internet security guard are gonna need German Charles Oakley yeah. Dammit Jim etc. well. This is the knicks statement which doesn't make and I'll say this is that you know Charles Oakley came to the game tonight and behaved in a highly inappropriate and completely the abusive manner he's been ejected and is currently being arrested by the new York city police department. Using great nick and we hope he gets them helps him. That's it and that is. That just as much is kicking him out for no reason is why the knicks are getting criticized sold. Much for this yeah I mean. First of all I love the fact that Charles Oakley is. Still just pissed off that everything I mean that was how he played that's how he was is who he is is a man. And yeah. Yeah in the know that the fact that James Dolan. T take criticism. For. How he's run the franchise into the ground and from players that built it up you always hear does so much for that franchise right you've always show heard. You always hear from players who built up a franchise that watching go into the tank like they are always the ones that are gonna speak out and say this isn't the franchise that I now right this is a wide eyed bill and it's sad to see ago. Having an owner of that team at realize and accept the fact that the knicks suck. In he's a large part of it you know whether he was one that forced Phil Jackson TU. Give Carmelo Anthony the massive contract or effect he hired Phil Jackson to run his team. It's been run into the ground recently. Or ship is a reflection and of your product. Indeed we did Phil Jackson is crazy right now but either way the reports are that Phil Jackson went into the tunnel asked Charles what was the problem. Mean since it is there's a whole fracas going on any try to calm the situation down also reported that Michael Jordan was was supposed to give McCall is they're good friends. And to calm him down because it was a serious situation uses the mad did you see the Doc Rivers quote go for a second I almost wonder run over their upper Canada. While there is. He has been charged with three. Counts of misdemeanor. Assault. And criminal trespassing. At one count of criminal trespassing the knicks had a good thing they drop all charges. Yet they probably won't. They probably won't. And you can Wear capital weeks' time. It's greatly Andrea James on good good greatly underrated in this. Is the fact that you can as John McEnroe was right there was right in the middle of it. John. Johnny Mac's was he's got happen if yup among get right in the middle of it and he was trying to call Moakley down in discount to put security guards round. It very by bit the only tennis player in the world that would get involved with that is John McEnroe. Jimmy Connors Manning maybe but John macro yes yeah Jimmy Connors Jimmy Connors usher via. But McEnroe back getting in the middle of that I've got to tell of course it is and eight in New York the stars are gonna be there. I love the fact he uses like all right let's do this in need to got eight. Little known fact about this one he took his hat off to get in the middle of that even better so John McEnroe he meant business and and in there Mac comes off its all does give the people watching on and see is any seed John McEnroe is the silver fox in that. In that picture there he is wearing a hat later in the game he's going to elect a New York Rangers have anywhere and and accept. Later in the game so he tickets out because he's like let's do this summit and it is this a comparison between. Fan bases but just this is not never happening in LA at Staples Center this video this is Sony yours. And all the fans are siding with locally the core players are siding with locally or the media. Is sudden with Oakley frank as oil and diesel of the New York Daily News is has been read in the knicks and I saw LeBron posted a picture locally artisans to Graham last night yeah. Support that some players do. This breaking news two days after calling frank castle a trash. Frank castle LeBron James they get along Charles Oakley Charles Oakley bringing people together isn't it is and it just another. We need we need a little bit of toughness and sports right. Yeah and endorsement people actually support a little bit toughness. Yeah. Oh business. No I agree if you just what do you want to use it as a result would. The list are just such heartless position was no love on each other know this so great who's gonna do this or any other team now. He's gonna jump internal fight the owner well yeah I consider about white's New York like I don't want to shows you how dysfunctional the knicks aren't rather hey we need more of this tournament and now better than us about the knicks were talking about someone. That has passion. For what they believe in right if they're back. Yes I did an eye on I belonged sitting in this seat yeah I brought this is Oklahoma likes this game. Screw you right take me to jail give me a reason why are kicking me out right did. Did you that's right and he deserved to reason I assure you one thing get one a tribunal. Pissed off to you if I have a low anime and and good for sports that. I don't think this is of but nobody is calling it we don't poke in the bear here's the Deion Sanders. Hit a Sanders accused Tony Dungy team. Accuse Tony Dungy of cheating and Tony Dungy isn't denying it. By a factor of five this is testing came on the fan. This is a dusty into Eminem or million dollar and 1080. These. It's pretty funny things on the Charles and again don't situation. Even more funny text and not about class and yeah. Indeed James Dolan situation is also good to you because you know and this goes back to the spoiled kids conversation them as Lanka's Dolan. Comes from very successful family. And green ideas made a ton of money on his own and but this comes back to you. Hey this what happens man win people aren't equipped to run these franchises. Take them over and run them into the ground and they have thin skinned about it and they get their four players are charged a player arrested in James McEnroe. Or just teams actor John McEnroe has gone in fact people because it I love it. Let's go media butter cup done in other news EC Deion Sanders called the Indianapolis Colts and in doing so Tony Dungy Jeter's toss you know what I love about. They instance sports is just guys that are retired and on and and they're not part of the game anymore. They feeling begin to say whatever they want. What I do from from Charles Barkley to Deion Sanders to oak leaf. The this is a whole generational issue in this is (%expletive) this is fun to me because now we get to see you all your fans out there we get to really see. How the sausage is made because that whole era of guys that didn't have a chance to have social media club they have it now. And we get to hear about it and this is one of those this is one of those I think you either. It it's kind of like how either say tomato or tomorrow right user potato potato guy. Well heed the reason why Deion Sanders calls them cheaters. Is because of the fact that. He says. That the Indianapolis Colts used to steal signs. And in doing give they wanna began at a leg up on the competition they would steal signs so Peyton Manning would know what's coming. And it and that's why Peyton Manning was no he didn't say that black. But he said that they would steal their sides. In Gaza Jeter's Jeter's. Thirty Jun dungy responded with. We are wrong. We did steal the signs. But it's not cheating it's cheating because it'd. Spy gave them. Like the patriots in week two is they had a guy actually videotaping so they can archive it in keeping it on record. Day he says what we would do is we would just decipher your signs if you want them stolen beat better. Okay. Where you stand on earth. Well Crawford birdies stamp I wanna know I think that every single team. Tries to figure out the other team's doing parent why in the world if this wasn't common place. People need to look at when an offensive team is signaling plays. How many people are actually doing it now that I have the sidelines like you you have like three quarterback signed yet and hits. There's a G dumbest thing I've ever need organ with the scene with all words this guy did you they got two of those with four squadrons CF eight squadrons and then three people signaling in it. If if stealing signs was not commonplace. You just have one guy you think the whole tie yeah I hate when when coaches call on other coaches for stealing signs can you know everyone's doing it. You know like you just said dusty it would be. I think like into thing like stealing signs is the thing you would need signs if your gonna try to steal him. Went way way back in the day we just called the play call the zealots like then okay. Well he's doesn't do not trying to think of think about what just. Just a sideline how much it's changed now you have six guys we shirts on one guy as happy a sandwich boards. You come wind socks protecting each other an angle yeah it's an absolute circus on the sideline as long as there are signs to be stolen. Feeble attempt to steal so is it. Okay. Is it okay. It's teams and each Eileen just needs a yes or no it's okay yeah dusty yeah it's fine it's part of the game bringing the baseball coaches. The Berlin. Right while many may give went running ahead if you do that Crawford true yeah get a gap bill plucky furiously on so you come across the middlemen take on ready your so what's the deal anymore with the football equivalent of long can a guy in your own Needham bags out to play you get him. Yeah I can't really get away with that stuff anymore it's kind of lets the frustration with a lot of guys is there's no retaliation in football the best retaliation is just beating him. Current now. Multiple for multi experiences I've had teams call the play in front meanwhile we're getting ready to run the ball you know pro ball. But it linebackers in people's appear to go all right here every nose run an affirmation. K. And guess what we've still been able to do give an eight yard gain ten yard pass play. I don't keep her in a million years in when it comes down in the end is that. Is you know the play's most the time. It doesn't really matter but hey great teams in football. You've from high school all the way up when you run the wing T get how many plays you run appointees voter it about five. What you need to steal signals. No wonder does better in sedate the football thing I laugh about it drywall on me baseball's a little different because I know curve balls coming that's a big advantage final fastballs government. That's a big advantage. This isn't like we are you leaks yeah even member of the WikiLeaks where they would. Word literally giving game plans handing them over aware yeah this is what we think you're gonna deal on third down. And these are your tendencies of us is our gonna attack you weighed different who in this isn't even the same planet know. Of what it says in game strategy this is. There is windy defense is on the field the second or third string quarterback is on the sidelines easily. Looking at the other senate trying to figure out who's that big quell live guy down who's the live signal guy and it's getting the play in so they can try and figured out right. It's a whole team effort to trying get this thing down. And it's. It's not a big deal if I invite you visit IA do it IC sports on IC's coaches that level they're so worried about getting the call in and being. Too high analysts say trendy offense that they get distracted the point of just. All the play you know it's now we got to put a wrist band to got to make sure that they can't see this year we got to run temple but I need eighteen sandwich boards and Cusick. What happened to just call the play and run it. It doesn't matter I got a better athlete than you I understand what coaches are so caught up in a wanting to be trendy. And they need to miniature -- where every guy needs his own brief span because he needs to know what to do released but it does he need to risk Spanish public just call the play. Let them learn the play. This is a signal saying at the hot that the elite level though when you're talking NFL level. Signals and changes you keep reading in that article what do Steve Steve to berg tell you in that article. He was brought on that it is their fault they didn't change the hand signals. He's gonna stand there and say hey coach dungy they're re their run and go routes here the running pitches looked at the same signal you what do Payton man and do. He knew that to bird was over there so he changed in gave dummy calls death that's the elite level as you do that part of game. For many simple my man. But let's put wrist bands on everybody Sosa also everybody's all worried about what things and can't learn and he just it's changed it's changed so much. In in sports I think for Spain's third different in that its speed of the game. I think a lot of coaches do justice speeded up right they wanna run temple. Yeah yeah that's why they do it live and I don't see a problem with for a spent on a kid I mean you know your problem with a kid looking at a wrist band same block down a set and knowing what his other teammates are doing. Are you learning football by just looking at a rid spanning going very Florida down I think very few coaches have that. Pins institute did you get her spending to play it and there's a lot of coaches that look at that go. Down block. Now well when you say wrist and I do you think of is conventionally you one guy needs a wrist spam is bad or wreck everybody else has no business carrying a respect well if you rent tempo you do. That's my point. What tempo. That's Eisenstein shouldn't run tempo no you can run tembo without risk grants you don't dearest fans. You know he respects ask anybody that's a that's a high level. Professional or anybody understands football you don't teach football wrist bands would date within that the went insane is I think a lot of coaches will go you could fit our protection too to make the game easier for them. Make the game easier for the coach beamer did at speeds up the play call it cuts out the quarterback looking at is or spend and Hammond a call up the play. If everybody commit to decide not just yet I understand it I'm giving you my opinion of him what's detrimental to teaching sports oh yeah. When players don't understand what you're doing it throughout the entire play. Then they don't understand the concept of why you're running that play they understand to be Connecticut and why I'm with you on that and I never disagreed with that I agree I'm just saying that. Yeah and though you're saying only the quarterback needs the wrist band. In insane if you wanna run tempo speeded up crank it up let's go get him and got ringer temples. Like this Texan came in let's say the three of you were sitting in the studio and every time Crawford puts a thumbs up. Dusty box cam on the head over and over again being Kim notices the thumb up. It's Max dusty before he box you to a guy like cheating that's not cheating at all not cheating no it's not cheating that's so all right Smart scene self aware yeah I spit it back up a again there's a hand slap coming I better change this yet dusty I'm going to step I got a longer armed than those who I can't reach or their end I had penciled that in. CD cases right to Deion Sanders accusing Tony gent dungy of cheating in Tony Dungy says. Yeah. But it's not cheating. You're tight you're totally wrong. And we should all get over it because how much do you think the pactel coaches you mentioned when we talk but the years in a statement it how everybody's bed sheets. Yeah when they have to bed sheets up. Like the coach is only only say that because airs on stage really good at it. It only becomes an issue when a media member asked the coach in the cuts as yet they have an elaborate system to steal years you signals. That's why we have the bed sheets. We haven't heard. Except for Mike Leach is the only guy who's really come on set I take. Extreme issue at this politicos is like yes of we just are taking a preventative steps so they can't do it well they all have an extreme issue with it but they're just not as outspoken as coach Leach. We. There their description of we have an issue with it is to put them would giant. Bed sheets all of the sidelines they don't need to say it like that she eats. How many would you think the thread count is not it's not a high and Egyptian cotton non it's more of lycra. And McCain are about that Egyptian economy are good things to do good things. Were flannel nowadays and it's cold enough. I can understand how people sleep in the final I like being warm and flannel sheets. Hey so wet bock yeah add to about wanna get gold silk sheets. And. And Big Ten is licking their chops at potential rule change in recruiting. Will help the northwest schools as well. Here's golden sheets trafford with the sports and our update. This is just didn't camp in the morning you know I intimidated yeah. It's still cool sheets non. I Solomon a movie they looked cool you know who Crawford reminds me of that I see him in the future I'm appalled. And I don't know KABC movie boogie nights yeah yeah K boogie nights creep into the character though when Brodie nights when they go to get the drugs fuels the drug and now in the house in the death lighting up the buddy lighting fireworks off no you're the guy that owns the house -- and again the bath robe yeah he along to sister Christian that's who you are a while well a they might not dead on spot back on. It's not the worst it's not the worst comparison but that's you walk in Iran. On behalf under average of the bath robe if you just wall to wall. That there won't walk her fifth yeah she'd cells in living room haggard drugs laid thousand ray isn't somebody shows up big body guard. Just tube that's you there's horse comparisons to that guy's been neck and little bill. I forget his name he's ball and out he's a Psycho he's on. But he's done some air mix between that guy and then that Don Siegel's care to the black cowboy like hey I'm kind of a mirror. Two area. Back here earlier kinda mix which he now does this area salesman. Yeah out your guy did go to the valley could be a film's RO ID. It started to Buick and I just don't wanna work here and industry saw pot of gold silk sheets I deceived that. And see you yeah now OK that's fair I guess I Simon a movie anyway what Bo blogging idol is an incredible film yeah. Yeah excellent I love that movie. OK I did exactly how you don't know you know I just for the lead I know Mark Wahlberg John C. Reilly is great cats it's a good content for movie tulip bulbs on or off minorities are the true story also the first loosely based Fiat which I'm sure is a lot of true stories and a lot of drugs and imovie. Yeah. Yes everyone McConnell loses it anyway put nights not family friendly no not I can remember I rented that senior year high school. In my parents found me try to watch it like I put it in the dvd player and they're like no. We're not gonna let you look at states. Big the big to get away hate it ain't so Kelenna I should know launched to where they could I was dumb okay what parents think oh my mom took my eight. Some excellent take away. Your shopping she she talk like some excellent how Hillary you will win win did you like big butts come out was it ninety U 92. She took it to people way. As notice how is that tape or for bad performance moments there. It was. I had the flu outline in my shedding 78 so. Oh I know you're old enough to drive in she took it as he says and handed golf lyrics and yes and patted. You're top on it lured we will ask Ford I'm glad seven title over Max was yellow either Don Cheadle. Your mom is that a way for I have a similar situation in imagine man London that I'm only. It was sixteen and sixteen at the time was 92 right as right on sixteen brutal man in sixth grade I went to Tower Records are trying to buy Nevada's nevermind. You know with the naked babies mental classic. Tower Records clerk told my dad. It was inappropriate or you can you gotta be kidding me I'm serious and act that could change the course some allies perhaps you never bene. You could have been a good run ZE yeah like I don't know what I ended up with but it wasn't Nirvana. Answering. That's true gusty did you eat in it you ended up with sky off. Thank you for I think I did an like an -- that's album yeah opera bats are really big fish yeah you probably did what makes your info that's what I'm saying there's always a moment in time marina go back and this is what changed me forever I was gangster rap you Death Row Records each geez I was needy charity dirt band fission in the dark. You know idea what I just I know later did he did needing your property dozens he's over there massage eat a passing league always clean it out of there are moments that. Tonight I musical life via its. I think it was for me I was watching VH one you know he's in the count down all the time on the VH one like top 100 like sure and I did he was doubled under music videos. And TiVo's winter it. And I was like that's cool and away it antibody Devo album and they're still my favorite dances that. This guys says my mom to my public enemy tape for the wounded grades says probably good parenting fifth grade beckoning from Ian and I remember my mom kicked down the door. My dad drill a hole and she broke the lock if she heard now. Like she just came in night got the blaze and when she heard that bone thugs and harmony though we G the ouija board's I don't know I don't know them on in. If she kicked down the door and they're sitting there missing in. The song and she does. Oh you just listening to music. That's fine if that you're doing dark arts in here that you had a ouija board out dark are it has like. Now and then night for F bombs get drop he's like okay this is closes door locked up. Don't worry about they lyrics of the song I'm sorry I'm not on the Wii U board every fire lot of things are kind of this guy this guy in my mom burned all my kids stuff and 78. These are real bad Powell sat. Nights in Satan service strategy at this stage right now word that the music is in the key it my all my boys love. They love. Mac or more. It's good now yeah that's it man is there's on that edge wary. And. So no one to stifle the creativity of what they listened to. But it man burning your mom your kid stuff the I'm not a hair legendary like in medical more radical more like it's a little edgy there's some cuss words and get some some adult topics but as overall as a message is dead. You know overall is a positive guy. Need out. So I think that's now that's good pros Mac money's great in his worst. Far worse rappers know early afternoon on burn a mix tape for your kids burn a mix tape. Now remember when we had to sit there and wait for the song on the radio to come and hit record but you guys had to make real take it easy cash July and peaceably in there with the smallest little transistor and I would wait for ghostbusters the country. In Colorado rotation. I'd wait for some and then really condos go off and Def Leppard and some depth and make him. Rihanna then occasional Phil Collins would come mine in the united I call all the dean dean Campbell is OJ went hospitals already intro of the song yes. And then I my I would look for Rick dees in the weekly top forty I would absolutely live I guess my mom's car made in a deep values. We bad I don't know what it was it was an awful. 72. Blues station wagon whatever and I would turn that on and Rick dees we just make my life great Casey case and Casey Jason. And on that I doll I know Rick dees when he took over for Casey gets and we had Kay's case now's when I'll I listened to you. The voice of jag yes Casey case of indoor rock depending on. Which can be dear. Subscribing worried about what tape in my gonna sleep with what. How will it take you away critically diagonal. Can't really hit I don't know what I that is an area my gonna delete telling you to take it away that's truce and I quote if you get the Spotify app O. Yeah it's too hard wow. Wow my dad barb my card heard slip knot blazing in Tacoma CDs and hints with a hammer broke them could look at a and he really. She yes that's funny. America title after about all of all the people with all of their stories about their parents you know more please it's more. The daily key personnel allowed a hit that they were gonna bunt yeah Thursday its best day of the week. Yeah what music. If ciskei insist my dad is that this was a high school principal growing up I can only listen in 97.1. All these. All my guys share remembered. Banging my head against the seat in front of me can I mom listened oldies on top that all daughter road trip to Montana and listen to crystal Gayle. And Willie Nelson the entire road trip Willie Nelson I can get on board list. On the road again did kill here's somebody who wrote again in crystal Gail oh here though. Solar member Indiana who loves. The mob took a different tape. My and yeah with my dad read this and the traveling traveling will varies over and over and over get good band convinced great band. But after. Twelve hours you're done. With the traveling traveling wilders. What my monthly country in the car my dad would take the CD out throughout the window. As a passion here from one little country to the top until we get a deeply country song backwards. And they get their get our car back you to girlfriend Maggie to dog back backpack as did ever. Whomever you're girl married a long time ago but it I don't know the country jokes like you do yeah they don't tell country jokes in Orange County you know says there's nobody no listens he's dressed like it you try to be hippie you pastors she's. You know in public culture big in Germany. I heard about that I hit there yacht off the bizarre we allowed a cowboy because. As toxin that's your opinion in the college you've is that more than first place on line. In the pac twelve at Pauley Pavilion out of time we don't have to see cam on the. Only ruled again. This is Dustin camp in the morning on 1080. No this isn't good for yeah. He deals was. You know it is a great read your column. Top gun soundtrack. Oh anything Kenny blog at you may gate came August knocks it out of the park you may did they take it every ninety minutes. And they actually being gums and I do think there is and I don't I 95 analysts say you're going to and weaving it. And out of traffic button. On the other that it's it's got a good mix of Kenny login gets noticed reading in the air and it makes it you know that's. Take my breath away. You know you think about all those ex girlfriends is rolling down there in the highway and listen to take my breath away. It's a good that's a good little road trip album there. In a lot blog we had some great Tex coming in by the way I think before they're really has made my day. We some wonderful Texas people one guy takes in that I. You left it to like Currie tape is dead sports are gonna thirty minute lecture and grounding V word. I mean two live crew I feel as if as me. 33 year old if I left aid to live crew CD in the car alike of my parents' car I would still get a lecture in my thirties. About what are you listening to you on the gas that is in boulder full word. Vulgar people and you put that on a party some girls indict him in. Which that off let's say. And at the way but let Iraq. A top ten that's at the college hoops tonight. About that. We get the number five ducks taking on. UCLA. And down and Pauley Pavilion this a big match up not just in the pac twelve. But this is the last. Top ten match. Before the selection committee does their little unveiling its remember there's right I do Rivera their gonna have the early rankings on Saturday he. They will be unveiling their top sixteen seeds. A little college football playoff committee yes. And right now the ducks sitting fifth. They worked themselves up into a number one seed potentially with a win. Tonight at Pauley Pavilion alpha do you correct me if I'm wrong this was about kicking not too long ago right not I'm sorry they beat up there organ meat of Arizona. So this is the matchup that everybody's been waiting for this is Dylan brooks' game winner at the buzzer you know we UCLA who is ranked second job they came up to Matthew North Korean. Yeah I just a couple of weeks ago and you know. Dana Altman has been even really funny about this because UCLA. Do we talked about love mellow ball bikini scored 92 points in his high school game. Garden now if you had already cherry picked the entire game well yes he does but here's the thing is that his brother Alonzo ball. Place for UCLA. In bitter. They don't play a lick of defense they UCLA either. In lesbian a ball family deal where they just don't defend any I don't think anybody that's under the and he replaced the I think there is in Iger did Altman saying we felt lucky that we only eleven score 87 points and they came up to our house. Right this is a high scoring. UCLA team that but they rank I think a 117. In team defense in the country. Right now in this is top ten team. The ducks can really kind of made their statement evade continue to play the defense that they've played really since that. Game against UCLA where they've held. What five. Five opponents under. It's 61 points in their last nine games mean that is that's in Basilan status they get when you are. Playing tackle Basque Lauren. You know it's amazing though too if you look at where the pactel standing start and he silly is sitting at fourth position at eight and three. 21 in three overall the conference is tight at the top yes some good teams organ calving. Knew cal would be in there they don't have the good overall record but it is Arizona organ and in commodity ceiling that's really ever. That's it well. Look at cal and they did stub their -- early in they've got that big got a bunch of young guys are just are. Can't figure out how to play they have one of the biggest riddles in all sports Crawford you and I saw. This kid at the Nike hoop summit. I've been rad. Before the end of cal oh yeah that's right. This kid is a monster. In its DJ ID he just can't figure out if it's gonna we'll he has Intel's really cooking right now. But if this game this is also marks. What is the start of a brutal stretch for organ because you mentioned you UCLA and towel in Arizona. They all play of the couple of their games at home you know in organ is on the road for five of their final seven games. Tough stretch going and tournament forum it is a Kobe battle tested though I mean if if they get through this panel and we do know though. Is it Lou we we mentioned it I think it was at last we're talking about how. When you win your conference outright. He really doesn't really does it matters much more can solve I'll get in that tournament right yes it is seen these games now you'll be able to match up but these but. These teams are gonna sort themselves out wheat there's three or four. Guaranteed. Top I mean these three for teams that are given to March Madness they did their make in the tournament we win the pac 120 yeah because all three of those teams are getting in yeah no matter what. But in mania organ is beyond that right now so as UCLA and Arizona where when you have three top ten teams in in the conference yeah. We're talking about these teams are playing not adjusting to get in in in being on the bubble. We're talking one seeds now in this final push. In with a that's played five of their last seven on the road UCLA's got five of their last seven at home. On their road trip is to airs on state and Arizona is where zona has that they get a bulk of their games. They're big games. Are at home like digging USC. They did UCLA at home their road trips against some of the worst teams in the conference which are. Arizona State Washington State and you doubt. So this is gonna be. Flurry of a finish where right now the top dog is organ. And it they have the toughest run. And AT teams that are nipping on their heels especially Arizona. They have easy schedules behind them is is worked over jockeying for position and looking for you know. Top four seeds you know being when those top on on those two or three lines because you knew would get turn a member it's. The teams that. Better in the final four. They're the ones that are usually on the 12 entry line. We'll do it for me this is on call dress will start. The Osmond it's time to watch signed a pay attention now the interest level start to rise as we get into and I think the end C two a's doing an excellent job opening these rankings out. Paul what is called false rankings whatever you want. It'll garner some interest on his unique on the game to dive. It's gimme bill long resident. Nice and easy we go on the night in them and have put on mute 7 o'clock doesn't wanna dogs are in the fight institute good game I don't know if I wanna hear him. No you don't. They don't. Tough night match at number five Oregon number ten UCLA 7 o'clock NE SPN at a Polly pavilion. And I do believe it is bill wall moment call. I think he's funny man bent when games matter bullets he's due to marquis. Keeps it. In between the lines. Now he won't because what he'll do is still start telling stories about him about him and I'm. While I need that his time UCLA river resort for these old cold from certain. In their conference champions. Lot of sports and not or do you care about him. You know it cured jets fan or you know a jets fan. And you need to reach out either prop them up a bit. Because today is a rough day for them. The latest sign of dysfunction in the meadowlands. It could be worse though. They can be knicks fans testing came on the.