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Dusty and Cam - 2.8.17 - Hour 1

Feb 8, 2017|

Blazers finally win a close game...who do you want taking the final shot, Dame or C.J.?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Thanks for listen to dusting camp podcast brought to you on the fanned by your local less Schwab tire center do the right thing since 1952. This is dusty in there I'm in the morning. You know there's one other tiny things to tell you before I get drug that you. Yusmeiro. And Champloo. Don't listen to prove dusty and to a minimum. Don't speak. Oh boy happy hump day everybody and aria. You're rush good when he. Josh Holmes trying to fix your car since Wednesday we're all jacked because of these things. When you days after I was off my rhythm this morning yes you got out of my routine and I changed my. We know what I changer in times when things change it's a good thing you got distracted do I got distracted easily distract the wall with a slowing or some changes positive no idea I never whose anti change you nodding and I changed my life and tell me a bit. I'm not anti change there can't be a difference is that there'd be no there can't be a tip of the three of us you're the most resistance has changed over this own country. Might throw stuff away constantly at my else okay I'm a bit of a pack rat so I don't constantly throw things away. I changed the foods I eat or rotate. I like your routine route routine does that mean you is change I mean I different foods still. I deserve some people are creatures ever they can't even deviate off their normal path those coast each end in normalize yellow and I don't know I don't know I don't know that show monk. I don't know these cam is not the monk of Sports Radio. OK now lacking. It's a great show though that was a good show I didn't like it when they changed sidekicks. Now yeah yeah I agree we both sides can change in that show hot month talk they'll like it when they replace. Good TV people with a new ones and try to sell you as the original and like where they replaced John and chips as kind of weird to not on three's company when they had who was first was a roper for early. Roper will first can I like both of them the other one was all right I guess here's the thing it did and fresh prince are there. Totally kill that's one of the worst ones ever think wait a minute you know what you sound like. You didn't even get you assuming that even looks like the old and live and you just went brain Newman I'm supposed to. So it here believe how that is still admit I was trying to figure out why they think they can do that. Don't do that well here's the thing. Breaking news they think were all dumb and we are to us to watch Fresh Prince of Bel Air show and three's company and you still watch chips right. I still what's chips and I'm still angry about chips are mega project has through their replaces duke boys at the other cousins I have exhibit it completely furious when that happened you have I still lamb that was dead -- and it all and down both limits you know the contract he wait so I never I never really wants Alex Dukes of Hazzard are probably should probably should but they just replaced the duke boys. I know that I don't know where it was terrible. And very angry and with cousins went with cousins didn't. But their last names still duke was selling before they are you okay got a really bad cell in didn't work well for me you know. Aren't they or won't change change is good there's that change is good and routine is also gets maybe. Bum back music for today she's revolve around intense tenant NN. As is selenium is that's not so I know is we're talking that Iraq. No I don't know that delete or did he forties you did on those I did you talk forties doing the changes. Things though ever change. Know him. Good to talk is the one that you pockets changes there's also any forty song yet he covered it in. Morgan now able to both Eric will do all there's Los suns about changes man. It's done doing is always in a wrapped box they're cheap to to change GSE. Every now. Texas I factory or five songs that changes. And I remember was just like yesterday. On this date in sports history eighteen at nine. But the long time ago. 1896. That's like under and 21 years ago. The Western Conference was formed by representatives of being mid western universities. This is how old. This conference's. And they called it the Western Conference. It's now known as the Big Ten. When they formed the big ten by fugitive there. That was considered west. West of the Mississippi it's all you had to do just on the west side. I don't. Nancy get it emerging theory Illinois and Wisconsin Minnesota and northwestern and Purdue. Three years later they changed the name of the converts to the big nine that we know now is the Big Ten which has sixteen schools. All very confusing. But east because the Western Conference. Yeah. Okay. All right today and we'll have WTF we see its statement. Wednesday Wednesday. And he wins decent check this picture. We'll also be talking and some college whose well how do you know when your new coach is going to be getter done. You can know. In about a year. For most of these coaching hires and whether or not you're coaches can begin Powell talked a lot of about the blazers. It is. This is getting crazy there. And then. What else do we have hope it's gonna talk and all that more on today's show. I'm doing co writers and bananas man Bernard. There's the youngster. Named Le mellow ball. He is the younger brother of the UCLA star could be number one overall pick lawns of all. Last night young love mellow. Did you think his parents just kind of massed together the names of LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony just. Just from what they did he scored 92. Employees. That's a high school game right and he's a sophomore. His high school Chino Hills. Beat Los also. 146. To 123. In high school basketball almost gonna tell you right now plum coaching of the other team and some kid is cute like gotten. They don't and triple team and Philippines. We really had exploits he made 37 of 61 from the field in the land he's just a sophomore went seven of twenty from three that's not a good percentage. What he had 41 points in the fourth quarter. This is your friendly reminder high school basketball. Eight minute recorders. In an eight minute quarter he scored 41 points. Since then. Hey wake up I said wake up. Oh by the way he's going to UCLA tube again no surprise there yeah those they'll back compared going on do. Or Alan care generally crap or only the best guesses news. Aren't. In the NBA. Outside of the blazers. Drilling of 114113. Win over the mavericks last night. Barely two other names in the NBA and bitterness of the time there's must be like him or NBA seizing the moment. The balls over NBA you're supposed to grab hold football is over spring football is a no it's not overs just in hiatus there what games coming up didn't he. And he would prefer pre season and didn't. And the rockets almost blew a huge lead the magic got whittled down to attend the Dana. Winning once when he 2104 behind at 25 points Brandon James Harden end. They improved to 38 and seventeen on the air but I do believe the blazers get 38 wins on the snow. Asking and they are currently 21. Well currently derives thirty in my in my first and 38 that's or asking fifteen more in teen more wins they have. 729. Games sixteen home games left. Yeah yeah I think they get 38 RI a meanwhile former blazer nicotine had seventeen points eight rebounds four assists or steals and two blocks of the hornets and a 111107. Wins. Only six players have had that. Kind of a stat line this year. Joining NIC Batum as good degree creaking Anthony Davis on the said James Harden Jimmy Butler and now nick bought them. Cops and it does not test this is rock and roll play. Really keeping them out and do leg. 600 Lazio's and or oh my god it's early wake up. That's just our future moving forward we love the way that we attack and it took a lot of work to put that system in place and so long with Thomas we have a real emphasis on the personnel and how we can teach you guys into that system so. It's very important that we stay consistent. Played the black. That Dan Quinn wants consistency. With Steve Cirque Asian. But he doesn't want consistency addresses coaching staff but apparently. Dusty Turkey's it is the sociedad and the only offseason move the tee announcing yesterday they're parting ways their defense of coordinator Richard Smith. Their defense to line coach Brian Cox. A global beer plays to. Kind of leads me to believe that offensive play calling wasn't the only issue that. Dean Quentin Thomas HR had right yes incident both of you on metal down to a 92 Glazer and 99 lately that these movies a year now. So 31 unanswered. Our relatives he also you so. Dared to shake it all up and they're going different ways man. Also. The guy that they thought was going to be the sure fire human replacement for. So. And Kyle Shanahan got Matt live here if you're asked him. We we speak he's French draft and I guess it's littler fifth. She is now the offense coordinator for the Los Angeles for instance. Soon go ran scared goth got to get off this quickly but. He just quarterbacks coach and and and six tickets on the staff yeah that's this part of turn over coaches every two years there's a rotations. And good luck in that lifestyle hard. He's well within USC a lot of different cities in a matter here if give them all out here big turnover in the Atlanta Falcons coaching staff. Are right to where do we start they show how about the wild finish in the big. 55305. The blazers finally. Get a close one dusting came on the Finn. This is dusty and jam in the morning on 1080. My users away. I see today. The Portland Trail Blazers beat the Dallas Mavericks won fourteen to 113 does call from Kevin Coe lab O on CSN. Boy the blisters in mavericks they're very similar and Dan. Mean from their coaching style roster construction. Teams that are just very. While being consistent massive holes in the rosters. But they can bulk pack a punch offense of all I was gonna say he was very enjoyable game to watch it start to finish that was fun. Did those two teams and they may have. A bunch of holes that was a fondness for basketball game. There really was I think both coaches have a ton of respect for each other to think they have a lot of familiarity with the each other. They both teams like you said are constructed similar there's there's players that have played with a each other I mean when it comes with Wesley Matthews morning have a little bit of cheer up and Damon now there's there's a lot of familiarity between two year old man river. The Dirk Nowitzki you know how does he get up and down the court still he just he wants to play another year you know to do the even twenty years. That was incredible to watch him especially in that the final stretch that game where he who he was like sounding not Dennis two victories he doesn't play defense that that's understandable he's on asked the lady that was the second of a back to back forehand down in the in his nineteenth season in the NBA. You see guys usually like guys that Kobe Bryant or Tim Duncan when they especially when you who would have made it road home back to back like that was. Where they get throttled in Denver the night before. Most of time those guys those old vets they're gonna take that night off but Dirk played thirty minutes. Had 25 points and was huge down the stretch a man oh my goodness in what was it back and forth game. Where the blazers. Finally. Winning one point game. You what they are one point insisting you're gonna surprise me here but go ahead something you'll be that much of this prize because of how many games they could have won yes it will be is Bryce. One in four yet now you know without win you know. They were to offer. Heading into the night. On games decided by one point this year in May finally. Get that cannot be honest in this situation of watching that game I. It was a slight bit pessimistic. Waiting for them to find a way to lose that game in the head and that is disturbing for me because I don't like that feeling of knowing. The trust of a team down the stretch is they. Is is their trust in their belief that they can find a way to close out that was that was huge but I was is watching going what are the immediate thirteen and no rhyme and I'm like car and then they give up a thirteen hour on knowing what is happening here now. So the league I what is happening here. I think he knew the answer to that it's what's been happening all season long but of their consistently with their. Consistency. Consistency in in consistently inconsistent you know that is in the story of the Portland trailblazers this year I thought it was fun to see though. The way that'd happen is kind of what everybody been hoping for in me in those games and their over four right. In one point games they're five and seven in one possession games of the 2.0 or three point losses. Just five and seven in those games but you know I was thinking about the Detroit game. In motor right. Where it was siege and call that the interim regulations he just called at the end of the first overtime and he still end up losing that game by to write 1221 point at a US. But my dad's going back to that game in you know that would have been a moment where you sit there you go. The blazers get over the hump because dame had a strong start CJ had a beaten had that clarion and finish right. Last night they actually finished it were able to pull out the wind because Damian Miller 22 points in the first half. He's fallen he checked the reason we're just Dreyer and and he was lights out yet. What did Dallas do a nag game day took him away late in when they too came away. We've been waiting force you know CJT you put the team on his back somebody else to come up big. And you've they did enough around CJ McCollum in that final stretch to you win the basketball game in that to me asset they're gone. Where has this ban. Right. Well you say where's this been well it's been against good teams they can't do it. Against teams that are equal match or below them more they can do that you have two shooters legitimate shooters I mean. Alan Grant proposal for four keys your second best shooter on the team can we not agree. And if you talk because I hold Damon CJ as a collective whole of guys that are going to be the ones you need to get the Baltic. After that they would year old were working against a team that's equal which you said it Dallas and I do believe that that's two similar teams do they can get away with having those guys be the ones that leads you down the stretch but obscurity as watching this game in Ann and waiting for that third option waiting for who's that guy. It's it's it's quite clear it's it's those two everybody else when it comes down to crunch time. It has to be down yet he had some big performances last night I mean it wasn't just David C did that. Foul trouble was it was a big one down the stretch in Mason plumb lane ends up with twelve points and fifteen rebounds. And he was playing in foul trouble for most that second half and down the stretch with five fouls. And use had him staying in the game he had Allen Crabbe playing in October dame was in foul trouble as well. Invade just found a way. To win and you can't underestimate that for this team because. It's okay to talk about it incidents a year you finally speak to an out because. They haven't all season long in one thing that I think that we can sit here and trusted this laser team. Is that we don't know what's gonna happen to Long Island when Boston comes. Right because. They can play great big even debts which gets flipped. In the next game they come out in your scratchy had gone lower anywhere they ask who is this. But African meaning hits big shots late night game which was great defense chief get that steal too. A couple of games now you have Alfred comedian knocking down shots that are wide open because that. Has been a struggle this year. Obviously. But if you shot starts coming around with Evan Turner going out that broken hand him. You know AEU may EU need to find that consistency as you said with a third scorer. They thought it would be him heading into the year that's why Neil O'Shea said what we projects. Over fifty what 54 wins or whatever was then. And you hope that you can. Maybe get some of that but again the one thing that we do and we know about displays are Tina display near you don't know what's gonna happen tomorrow now. We don't know who's gonna start I mean is is going to be the rest of time getting over on line now is it going to be more with moving back in is. You mean now that Evan Turner's Hurd is it back to the normal rotation where Aminu is back in the starting line who knows but what this future into what this team's gonna do the rest of the future. Can we and then Obama experiment I have. I'll again. I'm trying to figure out what it is coach stocks and his staff CI CF what is schism I see tough tons of talent I see hustle I see work ethic. The production is I don't know. Is it defense is it that he's in there because he's a stopper he can guard three positions I mean Q is that why he's in there. And I EM and Alfred comedian can do that can do that to you any more electric up on the break you fruit can finish better. I mean they they didn't guard him and it it hurt it hurt the pleasant hurts yeah you hit it there it hurts the blazers. And this isn't like it in an indictment on his his career. But or what he may be able to do in the NB AB's sit there and you look at their threes straight possessions you know in the first four minutes of the game out. Where you know there's missed dunk blocked at the ran and then I missed that little bunny and you sit there you go. Okay and then he gets polled as expected rate and then comes back in and Indians is significant minutes in the second half as well. So in the NBA right now there's only couple teams were when you five guys on the floor everybody can be a threat raiders new to nursery. Right you are we asking the blazers to have five credible players. They can score anytime I know I'm asking too much. And then you say let's end the experiment do all right now the blazers when you put out five guys that somebody's gotta be I don't call weak link Clinton due to the one that's gonna get left on island and right now it's no Vaughn play or it's whoever they decide to put in there yet the blazers needed that spark so yeah Terry Stotts. And no bomb lane to the starting lineup and India it is it's telling that we Heuer is the closing line up last night and Evan Turner went out. It was the original starting five this year if with Dane CJ plum lake Aminu and heartless. Where we had seen the only change in the closing line up. Over the last painfully games and they made a lot of change was that Evan Turner was in place of heartless right yes. One thing that we can say about that original starting lineup the numbers bear it out it was one of the more effective starting fives and in the entire league it was. This move was made to get a spark in some semblance of a spark off the bench with Evan Turner out I don't think they you can afford to do that. Anymore with this team yet that's a tear sucks it's a big bucks man yeah Alison could be that guy he could be but I'll I'll be honest I I like the way chief is and it's starting lineup I he would Timmy is a better basketball player all. All around him than Obama and that he made obvious strong down on the post and then maybe that is one of the things that. The causes that he met could be is group good as a rebounder but overall game. Mean I think is chief. Them yeah this is a there's an interest in time for the blazers right now because we are to getting you know move there's still 29 games left in the season ranked but there at fifty. They're fifteen different 53 games so we get through 120 injuring thirty. 29 games remaining in the season. And there's people saying shut it down that's shouted down and get the draft pick what are they doing winning these games shut it what it that's silly to me. First ball. That's ridiculous O eight and pocketed. Lose game we're asking fans to be intelligent ping pong balls Sunday not gonna get it and I think that's worse for culture than in free teen they culture. You have that mentality. Does quit let's go to our savior. Okay we'll see how you go there they're over the dress deep down it doesn't matter. Because really this draft is only deep with carts. I think you set. I think you're okay. But this is an inch in time for the blazers because. Right now you have more questions in just Evan Turner how long is he out which is by the way six elites. It is who's your closer. Did CJ McCollum. Three state straight possessions. He had the ball and he and his hands late. Who do you wanna have the ball late. Right now Dane procedure. By 5305. Testing came on the fan. Widespread text either. That's the message of what number. Two or. Niners yeah. Five six. I can't hear you drilling off and it isn't here I'm here and there we have gone from a lot packing. The most cordless text just now it's 5530. Sly message and data rates may apply to just play my number. You can go we're desperate. This is sexual relations on the show good likes to read. Overtaxed. Does stand jam in the morning on 1082 brain of that person actually say that well today. Dane or CJ. We wanna have the ball. I haven't lost in the game. Last night CD game this season. See Taylor. In the jewel alert to. Damien. Courtroom nick Lowe or Greek current crush. Dame columned Kurdish did Damian who are right. Assisting this couple's sex up Judah who combined needs to stop no ICG IC Damien. CJB's opinion Dillard game Jane Jane resound in Jamestown general gentler juniors and Edward. Dillard's is a department store it is isn't. Went bankrupt last night we had three straight possessions where siege in the called had the ball in the stands at three straight buckets. All of them of the two point variety. In the Portland trailblazers come out what they won fourteen to 113 win. Over the Dallas Mavericks last night could have been drawn up any better for Terry Stotts though. Where you have Damien Lloyd with the hot hand early. With a 22 of his 29 points in the first half Christian James McCollum had 23 of his 32 you in the second half. You had an opener which he desperately needed you had a closer which he desperately needed and they were different people. And that is huge bomb all so it doesn't get much better then. The fact that the Dallas Mavericks didn't wanna be beat by Damian Miller. You drill plays to go to Dane. Ended ended up in CJ's hand in it still worked out Korea right just as well but it raises the question. Who do you wanna have the ball because you got two guys and this isn't a question of which one is in LE is one worse than the other it you have two guys that you can trust to have the ball in their hands at the in the games. And I think that we're seat and did strike it. The history Damian Miller. And what he's done to rip teams' hearts out. Who do you wanna have the ball right now for this team. I don't know if it's fair for me right now and this is this is really difficult. In this rule the fair fair for me to point who I think is finishing better or who I think is the one I want the ball all times. I don't wanna get to the point weren't picking sides in this team because it is a team game. And you understand you can take away multiple players at any time that's what makes great teammates is when one guy shut down the other one steps up when the other one is examine his night. The other one steps up. This argument of who we want in the ball in the hands in the Finnish time. The two best finishers on the team are Damon sees no where it's quite clear in and when one gets the opportunity. He makes it when the others gets his opportunity he makes a right now. It is a hot hand with CJ finishing late not he's finishing late the dame can do it in anytime is is right now CJ better finisher at the rim. I don't I can't make that judgment. Yes eighty kilo is that you what was great about watching last night is Dirk Nowitzki comes bed down in Knox and two big threes right in those three possessions. You know I so many times in the NBA we see guys wanna match shot for shot right and you go for the three in but CJ McCollum. Three street two point intense knocking him down. That is why you sit there and ego are right you know how many times have we seen. Wind CJ is it hot in the indeed is a hot hand at any games that it is a pull up three. You know that normally in the middle of the game would be he checked text three where you just get any separation you get that daylight he pulls up. What he did that it was you that he shot with I think it was what was it like 38 seconds left he had to do the step back. Where could have been a three and you looked and I know when he release I would call this a hole there. And you know if that's his deal to buy shocked in situationally. Last night Dallas play in this suspects that conversation we had where Dallas is not a good team. And I think that right now if you look at them in the blazers where they are in the standings where they are record rise and they're pretty equal if but they took away the guy. That in Damian Miller where did on that inbound is a prime example of this beat triple teamed him. In Sedin McCall heated seat in the backcourt he does barrels is way to the ramp. I frightening Dade they tried everything they could to get the ball out of Damian Miller's hands in it opened up the perfect opportunity. For CJ McCollum. The second that dame had the ball I think it was lead there was what there was. It was an error range of around thirty some seconds. If he's bringing the ball the court and win Wesley jumped him and Damian that that first turn over you don't talk about where he tried where you are also hot William bond buyback it and lost were Wesley Matthews. In Weston mass easily defender and a dude is physical. And he is good that you forget how strong he is in just in the first shooting guard how all begin imposing when he was standing next to CJ news is pushing them around and push you said they're gone motion. Al farouq Aminu around the bush and everybody around him unit down that dirt three where he saw screen on a medium. Check and every goes out at a place power forward now through demean you yeah. And now an undersized power forward albeit. But he bragged all him on a screen where you just kind of chopped him to decide with an armed with an illegal screen being knocked and it is on it is mean those those situations were game had to make a play right and he's seen a couple of critical turnovers and then turns the ball when they come down and that's the that was the very first Dirk three. If you saw that in AG whose who'd who'd want the ball in the hands of that time awards it's of course it's a little urge in me would he makes a turn over we're like all right. House is gonna happen right now. I mean you were just sitting there golly got to do is bring it up let them foul you what was that in but in that time it was CDs time he had to get the ball on the end. Andy in that situation to last night. In need this you're talking situationally. Last night Damian Miller was aggressive. And you are aggressive early in that game and he had 221 half points and he was creating a lot at the rim ranked. Well. He showed zero free throws. So early in the game you know dame is again those calls that the ran in sometimes in the NBA you're guide using gonna get calls at Durham. That was one of those nights when Damian Miller takes 22 shot attempts and has zero free throws. In in the way that he was getting to the ran in the way that the blazers work as a whole. The fact that he had zero free throw attempts you need you've got to go to CJ McCollum and it just all right and blazers fans outside the Dallas said noted then yeah I think it's whoever comes on and whoever situationally. Is open and whoever Terry Stotts feel should get the ball see you on the ball lands like look at. Would get really good teams the NBA the Golden State Warriors if you had this conversation who put you on the ball in the hands of stepped Corey or Klay Thompson did you say who's ever opened who's ever having a better game at that point oh of course manufacturing Kevin Durant. The blazers don't have that ability but. Damon CJR one of the best back courts in the entire MBA so I think to say either of them in a situation is finally I don't think you have to take one look at any good team. The broader Tyreke who's who's. I Liu whose hands you the ball and battling a Mac. It was dame or bust how retirees see how many times did we see him. It was dame or Bostick anymore there are times they could they had to call time burn timeouts because it wouldn't get the ball in because it was exactly dame or bust in long long term that's not like. How you're gonna win. Championship switched nano is our long ways from that the business -- the blazers are one more offensive legitimate threat away from being a very good team and that's an understandable that's what makes those elite team so good is that even a defense for guys and Honolulu defense too yeah I know that but you don't need everybody is one those are two elite scorers that you have on your team right I have textile factories or tried CJ is as decent either shooting machine creates space more easily and I think that that. That he would beg goes into the situation about love dame shot I'll tell you a man that is fast it is quick it is an affront to view his rotation is gorgeous in. Both if he used in don't think Damian Miller can't create space dame can create space he can do it in an instant a blink of an odd but dean but CJ does. Is CJ world he's Slattery dame is just an absolute Jack rabbit you know studio style game all night few guest deejay world. Snake bite you right 5530. For Abu. Cranium Dillard or don't want. With a decent run for Cranium film Cranium de sounds like up. Like K yeah we call a periodic elements we need a nickname for these two. Yeah like get this last throws or ever down what are we gonna do let's work on that. Yeah we do need a navy needs some there is ordering. Like I'm talking about a serving of a backcourt they were talking about the best teams in the NBA or train of the cows the warriors in the spurs and knows how they have multiple guys they'll get the ball there has the end of the game. Damon CJ are certainly deserving of that distinction they're one of the best backcourt duo isn't limited we got some going here. We need and we need we needed stirred doings are working on that. Aren't let's do that let's do this we're gonna do that here is a tax that. I think will be. And I did to carry this conversation over to you. Wait hope both players are willing to let the other clothes and get the spotlight. There was a comment that was made after the game by Damien Weller. That explains just that test. 553 or five detects I'm dusting camel fan. This is dusty and jam in the morning on ten lady love saying. Really wrong amounts. Changes are okay man David always SL Reston news. Or a team. You know you're having for your impromptu changes your team then changes junior team they're all right distractions. Life's about distractions dealing with distractions for you should just seen as as during the break. No Kim struggle with the changes. And so Crawford came in give him a hug and he had thrown through the glass. Had a dream last an extra CD case that you've been. Meet you learn a GM that. The where dreams very V then then. You get your neck is snapped by him knowing the dream. It almost got snapped when I was in her seat I would never hurt you Robert if I throw a CD case a year and I we deserving and also retribution home. Did do that a group gritty cue you to death but that's about it did Austin Powers pop out of nowhere near Jimmy goes. A CD I thought duke showed he's a CE VD. Problem criminalize re occurring dream violence against cam was CD debt by CD that they see us and others cassettes sometimes they break a record in mixing you know your re throwing beta tapes yeah hate. Death by obsolete. Mean admittedly Max yeah. All right here we go way you wanted nicknames yelling go CJ. A fire and ice and game as Iceland's main CJ's tire Wear the desperate because of both clutched at some bad about it all bad and meet Damien. Meet him telling him. So of the fast food restaurant. Know that sounds later. Some think something from McDonald's menu that'll tell wildly thrown I mean Damien like it's a you know coming to America defense gals let's get out of the of the big mic. Click on really love it for three days what battle amid a medium. You have to be walking with a cane for awhile. On strike in a system like that that's on the go video game and she can bake. The legendary. That's in ought to rip off for two body Talladega is a year it's got to be unique here. At. I think they're on a thing with the rose bros if we can get a little more like now at the rose city maybe I'm the newest city theme can't just be unique on its own I guess so because this blast Brothers has nothing to do with the need all those great things not to BC. In your hand is in the pay slashed in the best blast means and the he's got shot that goes splat the east of the bass pros though for days remember mountains there go and Mark Maguire right and there's another splash last brother yeah but splashes bombing can shop yeah we need shots called splash this annoying passengers fairness is one disappointments. I think that they've not been disappointing at all. And take that. Jerk texture the rain rose. The re railroad line he had tried that many of the LaMarcus Aldridge tried that but thousands Wesley Matthews to now. Now lesson that these issue in his bone marrow IPC when plums came up with the basic cable see that's what it takes it takes and with a little bit I have one that I'm thinking of but I don't know if it's gonna stick so it's just. But as it's difficult call Mike and Ike's. Multiple flavors at all times you never know which you can get OK okay. But neither earning my words and I know that's my boy did you think it is confusing but today that. You know says one of those six words so obscure that it might make sense signed on go hot tamales yes seat or are you going candies now red hots up under dot spread odds. I like 50 tray bros now live those traits. Are area code 50 threes. I have a Trace there's a Wii shop cause I know trees OK let's look at just there is that I've seen those clever around here in club or. The three amigos. Dusty ask the bronco wife pursue her talk rather earlier thank you to bronco weigh in whether mergers are yelling and then for the syndrome those egos or TV producer Alex cursor isn't the Denver this Colorado buffalo. Denver bronco fan from Beaverton Oregon. Big on the eve how Iraqis in to you via Rockies authors Rockies Colorado array its growth. All right wheels are mentioned retirement who won is who do you wanna have the ball in his hands at the end of the game. And we had a text that said. I just hope that they're okay. With a good being either of them go to you in there is little piece audio delight Jane's a CSN was in the locker room after the game and he asks dame just. About that. You're comfortable all the way with Syngenta in that China's. If I'm OK we've squeezed we want to process will win. You know regardless how come you you've got to you have do to win. I think that that answer I loved because if you were able to see is based we did he go to this isn't let's say like yeah yeah I in his leg last. Oh I'm not comfortable B yeah. But don't request he is the dumb question. There's causes these questions you'll remember going. No one. It's not a dumb question because remember what we're talking now with NBA players here what would what would they are slowing Anthony Singh right there so selfish yet there. There are still about mean. In what we see what we've seen over the course of this year is that it's not being new mode anymore at the end of the games it's not. Just Damian Miller. There is another option in a lot of NBA players won't be OK with that. In acting that there is like that answer right there he's like yeah I mean cap. You know I guess work of these I don't know apology when did apologize when they get it dame is sitting there he's going. Is going well I would've won the game TO like. Okay they won the basketball game he's happy with that and that is it that is a bright spot because. Also Terry Stotts was drowned plays Notre Dame not just see dead dean of a game. To lay out there you go through. Another nickname mid major madness. Moves a little wordy zoom into Bieber stayed Lehigh and you can you explain the clutch there to clutch. Knoll known that sounds like a high school doctoral team named us. The drain bros. Where that's valuable and most voters didn't get enough. It's pretty bad read a reader Brendan Vera none of the dream grows. Three Autry they're selling what owes 3503. Either Jersey number 03 years ago cool on it could be something there I go tray bros that's I mean that's about his club that's human of that I'm liking so far with you gather some there because they are aware dreary history. The city of little. And her what we need is packed comets and there emerges a third scoring option to then you can have 503. That would be great evening to five a three boys love me some tack on its and by the way pitcher did you see you saw him giving coach and make sure later yeah villagers gave stop again then when CJ got his Alley oop. He still put behind him on the bench and was like flexing. Held back on its in a he can fly. Yes you can throw down I don't know you jump out of Virginia. Still and that's really need is maybe get a third option in there or me being to have pat maybe that's why Terry Stotts is being giving tack on its in summits brown insignificant times. And he's gonna have his chance of Evan Turner out a little bit more maybe you know. We just need number five to be the third option and you got 503 they go Damon CJ nickname in our reach and we still a dollar and cents dollar and cents. In baseball sense like SE NS CJ's. Yeah or incidents like he's a slice and dice. Rip writers receive trees and no. We're gonna call the rip city treaties. It. What is going on you guys no one cares about on a crappy team that's not true yet. Oh putting hader and Barrett and 55 series a five and that is the text of the bridge city Mala is assembling them Australians. Took it easy. The brings enable all eyes all Ron. I don't feel any Australian our action. I was like hey man heck is this going Dodgers again this is not inane ex boyfriend of my roommate in house inviting him to come to a screening are giant killers movie awhile ago. Eric and I know man got tickets to the symphony. Men are Kurdish Ara called another time when he was like the lake is a dog got. Got ways to lust and headache cocktails the Mike DD actually go to the symphony. Or easily go to a concert reaction ME cocktails and his semi random drinks and that's like the Australian. Wendy really go to the symphony you know what I mean. Presents a pretty calls acronym was show but they add these Sidney opera house there he wasn't in the hunt he wasn't in Sydney felony needs is a bigger deal than it is here maybe. In Eugene. And this story come from sorry I oh I like that one. Point but he's doing really bong city bombers though. C three deals. Like on Star Wars so three or number in. Fugitive there that's pretty. Well I'm not a golf clap right there. Liz that they did that that's wonderful I like that. Using in. There can we permanent right that one by the pac twelve is in jeopardy of fallen out of the conversation dusting him on the fence.