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Dusty and Cam - 2.8.17 - Hour 2

Feb 8, 2017|

Pac-12 Network's ongoing issues and what it means for the conference. Also, what year matters most in CFB recruiting.

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They solicited to. 45 minutes of your life I've promised. Doing the right thing since 1952. This is Dustin jam in the morning and we've just Dinara. An NFL veteran Sam Cleveland and the vet have a on the local. Kevin they've never been didn't know. And 1080. But who is that person who is what person. You point you court used to pass the question I sit that's true who does that. All we're looking at nicknames oh yeah how we really can't name is TJ Ford Damian and Sedin Cindy Sid bikini team didn't play any method man but he likes black clippers who does. No you don't mind actually I'll blow my my nephew does NS. There's a certain kind of one that's that soft what did you say and this is the it is the official name of the black licorice flavor earned a its unique flavor right is it is it. Michael Hirsh is unique feeling you know what I mean it's neat is it artificial was it made artificial years it's no it comes out of natural if you finance his plan a wild new taste a little bit. Never pockets is at the scope eight and I SE and it's ya all heard emit no earthly curators say no the planet again it. But anger and insisted people pronouncing it I wouldn't leave her tightly now when you're a little key in the science teacher goes yearning is here I don't among artists is Raymond next up with. Anyway I'll and it sucks to be ended science teachers that agers like carry your. Nobody is that he's known yeah it's it's like when you get a little old older you sir good chuckle and laugh you know narrowed the once. Their mind you know Blackley grayish is the reason I don't like blacker linkers now is because Jaeger Meister and he's so. Lose so you know I like as he does big fat Greek wedding yet. But well hi Susan Russo. But I ice alike didn't plan because my dad might be in place as they bikini now's around. Then I went to college and was like Adam and I like GA here I like his cell like pass d.s which is a French. And a slow core. Worst effort and care well from the my eyebrows. He's out desktop reading she's obviously a reason. All right pac twelve may be falling behind their number veteran. In the south and in the midwest. Quite a few articles written yesterday. On about the revenues that are coming out for all of the major conferences now should be noted. Before we start talking about this at the pac told runs on a different fiscal year then the SEC in the Big Ten. In the ACC. In so bade their numbers won't be rolled out until this spring. But. What we do know for sure is that the SEC is distributed. Forty. Million. Dollars. Her school. In the 2016 fiscal year due to their television. Deals. Forty million dollars per school. While the Big Ten. Is distributed 35 million dollars per school. In due to their television deals. What this means that the pac twelve is that they are expected to dish out 27 million dollars. The gap has grown in the that gap is growing by every single year where the pac twelve is not. Falling behind as far as they're projections of growth because they are making steady increments of growth. But what EC in the SEC in in the Big Ten is that they're television networks the SEC network the Big Ten network they're deals of the ESP ended talks. Are going in CBS are going through. The roof while the pac twelve is just. Steady in slow growth. So in today's DNA is and how we measure success is based on your financial growth. Specially when it comes to sports from the NFL the NBA. From how you pay your players and since you don't pay your players we have to measure the growth of how you pay your universities right based on. What you're going to do and and and inject revenue into your universities and right now the pac twelve. Is is grossly behind the rest of the country. And not and should it be concerning in in a sense of you're looking at pure numbers if you're just the numbers individual in your going to invest in something. What are you looking that you're looking at basic. Falling in behind is that the ACC soon is going to be attaching to ESPN and it will LeapFrog the pac twelve. So what does that mean when you look at this is it concerning if you were watching this and looking for the growth of the pac twelve. Well we're we're not quite sure about the ACC is leapfrogging them it will happen. But where we don't and we don't know basic on pure numbers just there's more eyeballs. But again we don't know that mean that that. Deal hasn't been ironed out yet on how much of a cut they get because one thing that the SEC got from. ESPN. Was a bigger cut than what the ACC will because they know that the SEC will would. Generate more rise attached the SEC network in the ACC network welcomed so alien may not be. In the realm of forty million dollars per year that the ECC gets in their deal in the Big Ten. And they got a sweet deal for fox to run the Big Ten network. In that's why they air are growing so much but did the reality is is that the pac twelve. When Larry Scott. Rolled Al the pac twelve network we're gonna have seven networks it's going to be additional aspect it's gonna go on social media we're gonna drive content social media. Web sites in seven different networks rim and air over 850. Live events every single year not just football basketball you gonna go women's sports Olympic sports we're gonna put everything front and center. The grain division of the pac twelve network was we don't want to have a major partner. Because we can make this thing more lucrative and you can still point to the fact that 22 million homes are being reached because you're not on DirecTV to huge issue. That is a massive issue yet but one grumbling that is starting to grow in this is profiled in the sea of Cisco chronicle is the fact that. Half of the athletic directors. In the pac twelve weren't around when Larry Scott rolled out this vision. In those 800 in fifty events that they air can be 176. Full time employees at the pac twelve. Has the fact that it costs money to run the new social media filly to run the web of value in web contents. Is something that there are questioning now is it worth it right what would that that piece of that I'd be. If we were to pared down and we were just to join up with DC with the ESPN's or foxes of the world. Now let's say that other conferences are not competitive and other conferences is is to be way off base right because each conference is gonna measure number one how do you compete with coaches. Because of one conference doesn't have as nuts as much money to offer their staffs. That's that's a loss in one mind because if you're competing with other conferences you have to measure checkbooks also. How we gonna get the better coaches are you gonna recruit other other teams or other regions how can he recruit from Florida. If you're organ while you have nineteen your back pocket but some of the some of the conference as a whole is not gonna look is good because you don't have. You leak revenue to compete there. My being is is if you're. Larry Scott you agreed to broadcast 850. Contents let's just call it content like he said multiple sports you agreed to make the conference of champions about a collective right. These other conferences have chose to go after their moneymakers. Their money makers are football men's basketball. And that's really about it. And leverage with every major partner correct leverage with a major partner ESP incurred in the SEC. And fox the Big Ten has been huge because when ESPN goes to batten says all right DirecTV. And I either you give us the eighty cents per subscriber subscriber or. You can say bye to ESPN ESPN two ESP new ESPN news. And wool bill and will take it somewhere else that is a big chip that they're that Perry bacon bargain with. One thing that is also not. Larry Scott hype this up a little bit more right like. Does the social media the web running web sites for all the schools how mean. Mean everything kind of streamline back to the pac twelve network in having these Olympic sports. What does that do for you. You know like. Yes what the pac twelve network does. Is far superior. To a DCC network herd will be the SEC network in the Big Ten network do you in the longhorn our does right it is far superior front if production standpoint. From shows like the drive that are out there. Your studio shows and hosts are really stinking good I think Mikey and does a great job for the pack I agree work. None in their analysts are pretty dang did as well but you know what. Not being attached ESPN or box. Is like the iPod and zoom right member of the zoo the zoo Microsoft Zune was a superior product and then the iPod. But guess what exists and what doesn't. The iPod in apple took off in the Zune. Is golf. In that is what the pac twelve network is kind of form a big don't have any power behind it because they don't have that machine that is pushing it out there in making it available tab. Rebounds consumers what what do you want twenty consider regional coverage when we talk about why we consume it because it does come down. To eyeballs I mean I mean it's if it's always been accessibility like people everyone I talk to you either they live in an area where they can't Indiana they can't get it are there have drank TV and they can't get it to me that's been listen I'm not. And Larry Scott commissioned a packed full for a reason obviously knows he he's done something right like he's Smart dudes right yeah the fact that they have mail to figure this out is his mind boggling to me I just don't. Understand how they can't come to some kind of a compromised and signed that deal accessibility is number one. Well in the the big issue that they have is they have a line in the sand where they don't DirecTV doesn't wanna pay. What I and I think what there is saying is that twenty cents per subscriber I write and think that's the difference out there there rat. And he doesn't wanna pay that because then. Guess what happens at the ESPN. And every other contract that they've negotiated. All of a sudden everybody's got undercut them and year product isn't worth as much ending. Right I mean I've had my frustrations when I think about the pac twelve network if you just watch their. They're network if you're in the wrong region you can't consume other schools and other things I know they wanna be regional they have pac twelve north pac twelve south. Or where they're they're they're channels are typical pity doesn't feel like there's a flow to it feels very regional. If feels very selective Timmy. And I know if you wanna get it all useless to stream but there's majority people out there that don't have time to log in or have an apple TV staffer. It is you have to make things effort listen when you have ESPN ESPN three is paean you and all that you have that partnership with fox or Big Ten and they make it easy. Right in front of you that's what it is it's making it accessible I think in the West Coast in the pac twelve. Is trying to be two main street are trying to be too technologically savvy when it comes to how you give us our content and by the way. 85850. Contest. Games live events. Over 300 more than the Big Ten. And Ian overthrew in a more than Big Ten network airs. And a and the war what does that do for you in the mouth okay eight now he's going for for swimming isn't good for polo is it is it working. Is it working. There's a lot of ladies that says they have spoken out about this and there's varying levels of of a satisfaction with pactel network. Will give ease some of the feedback from some athletic directors ever interviewed but talking about this in how big this number could be. Is pretty staggering because what this person says is what can you do with 35 million that you can't deal with 27 million geez. The answer. Is in jest that number right there. There's a lot more to dusting came on the field. So yeah. This is dusty and jam in the morning and are intimidating us. And I were talking back to a network via the taxi came in at 5530 size. And that is a push that a lot of people have the gap between the pac twelve. And the SEC in the Big Ten is growing. BSE CD distributed forty million dollars per school offered 2016 fiscal year. The Big Ten 35 million per school Deepak told is expected to dish out 27 million. On this Texas what can you do with 359 they can do a 27 million jeetz. While shut that in on the surface. You sit there you go it's valid point I guess that's a lot of money. In running outside parliament. Well first thing is that a lot of his athletic apartments cost upwards of a hundred million dollars for an free air and a that's a lot of money. Second thing is this isn't an issue of one single year. Because. Did television contract is another seven years 20/20 four. Is when it's up if you take that gap in where Zagat is expected to continue to grow. The pac twelve will be a in his seven year stretch 100 million dollars per school. Behind the Big Ten. In more than in the SEC basic math 100. Million dollars and here's the big is that. What can you do with a hundred million dollars all off tea. In with the power five conferences separating. Let's go pay for play a cost of attendance you can tell you recruiting it's every held a lot eat your coaches more. You were talking million dollar assistance. Million dollar assistants are gonna start becoming the norm union our unity that if you don't have the revenue to pay what they're gonna go somewhere else in great coaches. Brings great recruiting. Brings good athletes yeah. And here here's a big issue at pac twelve network has right now in eight it is to promise that Larry Scott made. Is that we're gonna air more than anybody else Triton in its 850 events so in order to do that. You have to do it with a bunch of networks right here while right now they got seven. They've got back to Washington ordered in northern California Southern California Arizona and then mountain with his Colorado and Utah. They have those six regional networks in the have pac twelve national. Which is your seventh. Finger on this. The issue that they have is. Who knows what channel is which in where it's going to be you know like. It here's here's a main east that they had a site yet that's great but if I live in Oregon and I'm an Arizona fan. Now it's. Put list because it's impossible I can't get pac twelve years old my tablet right now on my phone harassed haven't had some sort of streaming device and download it happened it's. Ridiculous it's way duke. My legend of the giant killers documentary. It was on tackle network which I was stoked I mean that's gonna be on national television I was honored to do that. It would debuted on pactel war again. And then also showed on the pac twelve network and it kind of switch golf. I had my Twitter and from former Oregon State players from fans etc. they wise and on Y zero my pac twelve network where do you live only living northern California. All you need to wait till this state all you live in Portland all you can watch it this state and so much confusion people. This is like we're living in a time where everybody wants simplified things again being just right and this is just over complicating I had to deal with that it was frustrating it was like. I don't know what to tell you can't watch it on this date but as you he said it was on pac twelve network or it is tough to orient to get that all due in socal. Well you here's a perfect example Imus out I'm on a Washington fan of course but I live in southwest Washington I can't. Get the Washington channel I I have to go on and stream it I have to find a way to get it opposite but I live in the state can imagine living in Redmond organ and getting. All Stanford and cal and going what what they'll have what the heck is going on here. Why does it have to be and I look I'm not program director and I'm also not a regional television director but I do understand there's ways to make things easier. The and if you are not on a major network like DirecTV your provider. In you don't have the ability to make it easy for people who enjoy contents. And let's be honest you have 850. Different programs that are on. 500 those are shouldn't be on. If they are on your trying to make everyone else happy and try to meet the pleased the masses when your revenue generator is not being taken care of so there's there's your major issues in my mind. Yeah up with all that said the pack to a network as far behind the SEC in the Big Ten if Larry Scott can never figure out a deal with DirecTV. That gap is gone. It's gone. The reason being with all of these issues that we've been talking about the 22. Million subscribers to DirecTV. Either races that gap. In Larry Scott has seven years to do this he's got seven years to figure it out because 20/20 four is in the ESPN and fox deals are up. And at that point. You're gonna sit there and they're gonna go they're gonna build low ball yeah. Because they know Yoon did did packed global neediest the end they'll need fox far more then. They need the pac twelve. And that will be in its massive issue for them. But there's three schools that are thrown at us right now. With there how everything is because they're seeing up takes a national championships. Cal Stanford UCL Latin. They're ultra look pac twelve network because while we're talking about. Like brewing beer and rugby in minutes and getting old like Olympic sports. Those being televised. Are actually a big deal for recruiting for them. So very geezer are happy with that because they get national championships great it makes no money for the conference here. But that's fine you're gonna do that's fun there when a national championships great. You know in for those kids it's it is a massive recruiting tool for the pac twelve to have. In for like women men's and women's soccer is that your games are gonna be on TV because. Unlike football. Where every games nationally televised now when I do you play for the worst Bergen country Kansas and you'll have like six games nationally televised on FS one. In hell. Unlike dad suckered you deal if you wanna be on TV you go to pactel school. Because that's your only guarantees in so it's working for them but. Financially doesn't Tony talk. Tropea exactly this is like throwing throwing money at in the ground you right now. Yeah I does it make money then what's it mean I understand it at the university is higher learning and did elevate develop athletes at every level. And I think that is wonderful. But when you're the numbers don't match up with the other conferences when you're trying to compete. You have to change your business model well you know what conference is really lagging behind all of them BCC is got a big uptick coming. The big twelve is way behind in in these conversations and in their revenue distribution this is breaking news right now. The big twelve. Is withholding 25%. Of Baylor is revenue distribution. In their television deals. Until there's verification by a third party that Baylor has made improvements. In its procedures and governments of good on them the big twelve Jerusalem hundred. That is it that is a massive. Massive knock to Baylor after all of the sexual assaults physical assaults cover ups. Coach is getting its busted in prostitution rings. That breaking news just coming across wanna see their rapist serial from underneath the hole and and hit him in the pocketbook. And exact oh yeah money talks that's exactly what should you grew goodness gracious. Right five factories GO five that is attacks on. How do you know if you're new coach is gonna be successful in college football a recent study says in some cases. It's just a full year of getting him on campus in you will know. How. His car from a sports that are. Does to examine the more you know until an eighty yard sale. How long do you think you know we'll stay until. You know would your college football team is tired did coach yeah. How does that take. While. That hasn't conventional wisdom kind of win until you gain year. You were whole recruiting class until four year cycle. Where you can get freshman and and all the way kind of developed and there hasn't been back kind of vendetta that's always been always fell into the three year window is kind of what I always said three in that fourth. Somewhere I think that was a legitimate amount of time that gave these guys. Chance to implement their systems and their styles. Yeah I and that's priorities on I thought that way and then you did that year you know you stay year after TU boom you're in you're done. While. That idea is changing. It actually is far shorter than that. Because. It can be about a year they say until Yunel. What kind of coach you've got. And SI dot com. Wrote an article it was in the staples wrote that said why a coach's second recruiting class may be the most important one a ball. And it's the kind of breaking point where you can see. Where your coach stacks up with everybody else because it's his second recruiting cycle which means. For a lot of these coaches they get hired in December. So they get a short ear recruiting. Write a short window. In ended their first signing day is in February so just two months. So in about a year you know what you're getting your second recruiting class just over a year is your second recruiting class on campus. You can know exactly what you have in this is really it seemed as they profile Georgia and how Georgie came out with Kirby Smart. In May -- very good recruiter a top fifteen top when he recruiter. But they landed the number three class in the entire country according to use the 24/7 sports composite rankings only behind Alabama and Ohio State. And this is Kirby Smart second recruiting class and they say. You know if you look at how things have panned out for coaches in the past. The second recruiting class is the one that when you TP. You know on the call us again. My knuckles from off act. I really am because really Yelp in and let's be let's be realistic with this because. He did something in San Francisco that was unprecedented turnaround so quickly and there's few coaches can do it. But it puts so much pressure on other coaches around the country would he jumped in did it at Stanford and then pitted at the university and UCSD. I think now is done it at Michigan when you take one year you flip it in one year and you could take the same players is it coaching is that how you implement your system. Is it how you injected quickly because I think that. For me I've noticed the change in how how much more. I don't wanna say mentally mature players are but physically mature and ready to play players are playing younger there plain as freshman their plane is redshirt freshman they're contributing. Tremendously. And coaches are starting to see down and if they don't implemented quickly the old sit for two year thing does not work very well and you can do what it a couple places Alabama mean one because guys is wanna be part of that. Other than that. You have to react quickly this is a mindset to of people nowadays we want things faster we want success faster and we don't get it. We give up on it so while I agree with how you should be able deceit. Growth. For towards winning so quickly I think this is that effective just who we ours people now wanting it faster. Well here's the thing about it is that it they say a year to you is the most important. Because year won the coaching usually gets a pass. Because there's guys that owns. An inferior school or. You come over as a coordinator near an unknown as a head coach year chi they say. It doesn't your job does is not any easier than it is in year to your choose the easiest year you'll ever have. As they head coaching your second recruiting cycle. It did because the expectations are always lower year one in UTU is really where you hit the ground running. Four or comparison sake. This article could you look at a bunch of a bunch of coaches. Urban Meyer and Nick Saban are two of them and we're talking about you'll note your coach is he leader not in how big of a jump you make it never occurred. And LSU nick Simmons second class and end up winning a national championship in 2003. So this is in 2001 his recruiting class Joseph Addai. Injure whitworth Marcus Spears Michael Clayton marquee sold Travis Daniels and Wilkerson. All NFL guys are guys that played a long time years later they won a national championship. His 2008 class which is the second one at Alabama. Julio Jones Barry Jones Courtney upshot. Mark Barron Marcel Darius marking ground. Damion square. Donta hightower Terrence Cody Robert Lester. Two years later. When a national championship created a monster there at the uterus in Alabama and Urban Meyer. Is exactly the same one Tim Tebow Percy Harmon's Brandon Spikes Jermaine Cunningham Riley Cooper Bradie James Marcus Gilbert. His second recruiting class we just think of that. In name when he does Ohio State Zeke Elliott GT Barrett dear only Eli apple fondled Joey boasts. A Jalen Marshall Billy price type on the list. I mean those are the guys who won then the national championship. Shortly after that you are doing what a year after that Yahoo! would know when you list those things like Google had these are those are guys where. Immediately when when you go in and you go to you their big school as you sit there you go. That uptick in recruiting. Those are the best classes at those guys. Now can argue doubles have to give point gap say that those are schools that don't have the same balance when it comes to notoriety these other schools because. Connecticut is not going to be that. What do you need California or is Cal's not gonna do ya what I see about well there's this reality of of that. Anybody can recruit at the same levels other schools. And now if you argue that that's going to be the number one argument that someone's gonna say is that while we're sitting here at. At Minnesota how how how you gonna compare. Two Ohio State why aren't we might get one recruit that is as good B you have seven. You gonna taught how about Davos when he at Clemson ten K Clemson was not a power by any means. Nationally when he took over then one asked him tips in 1981 right aren't. His 2010 class. Bone. You know he built legal talent there he built talent. On that eye on that class that in that program mind you in good program but not a great one. You know indeed have the notoriety that they do you now or the cash did they have now wasn't an Alabama wasn't it. Ohio State. His second recruiting class it had an uptake almost immediately. That's a tough act we can look locally. Looking locally to Chris Peterson's second class that you've done. Had booed a baker Sidney Jones gray gains Donte' tennis and Kalin agree Joseph Joseph a Macintosh there. I mean you know 31 round picks in the group yeah IE. And then blew Mike Leach at Washington State. Lou Fall River trade craft. Riley Sorenson patent lower. As Girardeau wicks and Vince mailing very good class in that fit for him you know in you saw an immediate uptick. In what they did. Year to you now and if you wanna know fur. Those are guys that have had success in greater success. At the university organ. Royce Freeman. Tony Burks James and Charles Nelson. Tyrell Crosby where mark Alpert is number TO the other highly touted her the other most highly touted recruit his area on springs that corner. Who's had his ups and downs there. And it was a down tick in recruiting from what had been previously there in the years prior. So Ian mean this is why they say year to you you know which way your program is gonna go. Because that coach will not have it any better than in that second year in that second recruiting class. Do you think if you continue to see this trend where everybody needs needs to have the success so quickly you'll ruin it for the smaller for the smaller masses for the for the programs that. Feel the pressure of the squeeze to recruit so quickly and get so much talent so quickly could we do know it's it's going to be easier to better school and a can't we just I mean that's. It's gonna always been that way but it's such. It's such a germanic. Change of when fans see in the go if they're doing into why can't we do it on her you know and a I mean that a indeed you'll autos and because now we're trying to promote. We're trying to promote promote quickness and and an elite league this so fast. Yet patients as the number one thing you sometimes say was it just be patient let them have it but are we being patient. Are we promoting that nowadays down from kids with their hats and taking off their jerseys and and and it can meeting gears and advance I mean are we patient. And no we're not no we absolutely are obsolete or not this testify affect your five you can record at a school in a conference like that nineteen you know I mean we'll neverland records in microns in camp. And that this is the point of the article is that. It's in we're talking. Up ticks in knowing what kind of coach you have because UNLV. Urban Meyer is a Utah. They had an uptick in recruiting they became our Chris Petersen of Boise State he had an uptick your hurting Geary pat Patterson at TCU. In in your second year that is the building blocks of your program because you get the guys to your point that you shouldn't get get in you haven't gotten in years past your point you can measure success and how good your team as you can do it on wins or you do on the fact if you're seeing production yeah because like you said. You're gets seventy every one at a major university you can still fall in your face at a major university with a bad record on data believes he'll do it it would that you don't have easy you don't have the luxury like other teams of knowing I needed it on to when you can hit on ten and other schools and if you if I mean in universe of organ market offers is prime example and of that in what we're having in this conversation. And if you. If organ state wants to you'd take solace in one thing. Gary Anderson what Crawford we looked at this. There were six guys. From last year recruiting class that either started or we're getting significant playing tennis true fresh. Yeah a lot of those guys are getting playing time some got hurt trim on Bradford came on at the end of the year catching touchdowns so light. Who knows we don't know yet how good those guys are going to be and I ask is I don't know assaults on his Ryan all year to recruit enough now Q 01 and right yeah okay now but it. They guys and we don't know yet read because they're there's still did there in year tutored did you start playing last year. A lot of them got playing time side deal like that's a good sign that's a Yankee said well as you mentioned consoles not. That take was up exactly intake was up in year to you whereas team's level off or you don't see arise. That's the thing in even in even to the forwards like. If if you question is even at the big brands of Ohio State in Alabama. And Jim both fissures that at Florida State his class. Jumped up from where watts but that coach will elevate you know a year to you and you look at the uptake in the recruiting year T you not the year one. It's all about a year to you it's really inching read from Andy staples and when he sees an image you scope on Mike Koch. And it all you know kind of makes sense and you may be a prime example of this. Moving forward to. LSU. Don't rock the boat and now that might be just what he's doing testing Kim the fan. It's. Ten. This and tell your bag you know you can again you're doing your head coach. Andy Bergeron just said his first recruiting class and. Every he had a rough time as head coach said only a strength he's an LSU now. Couldn't say Louisiana pretty important and it's a pretty important especially Nestle city either. Knowledge and that's that he now wants them yet I'm recruiting net city is it's a hot Bedford. High school full. Ball. And apparently you've seen. And know ruffle some feathers. Because. There was a meeting is scheduled. Amongst the local high school football coaches. That they were gonna discuss a boycott. Other LSU football program. Because of the mistreatment. Of the. Right so I think this came down to. Coach that was potentially seen as being used. To gain recruits and gain the growth of of getting the best athletes in a city which is New Orleans was just. Display Rios no he's been a New Orleans it is a buried very small big city. It is it is trapped between the Lake Pontchartrain. And river and you you get you get this this hotbed of recruiting and it really is there's a lot of kids there's a lot of schools are private schools are public schools. And it is in LSU for years has won that in all of a sudden you're gonna have their door drawn. No dismiss one of the coaches that is so well liked and are gonna sit well high school coaches there. No. Excuse me. And when you look at the recruiting class. On good you cough thorough look at them they're recruiting class that LSU had. It was not made up of New Orleans kids Louisiana kids. Like he used to be. We should be noted that they signed 24 kids a five star and then for earth fifteen Forestar kids but. They went to you their top recruits. Tennessee Texas Florida Texas. Louisiana and then you see out Alabama so one of their top six recruits. In their signing class. We're from the state Louisiana in that has been their bread and butter. And so now the coaches are are even just the thought of them talking about that is crazy talk in the state of Louisiana right yeah. I mean how dare QGD whose death eight yeah. I mean that is amazing to think about like mid people boycotting. Then and for those that think though that this and isn't real. On. Just go ahead and look at the university Kansas. KU football. They have already three commitments not a powerhouse of football. It laughingstock of football they have to four start kids in a three star kid from. Are no excuse me. They currently have their top four commitments and it's when he eighteen class New Orleans or surrounding area. And then they just got the defense to tackle commit 614 lady. Who is from. Like a month. Department I don't know what deed all right that's a good look at it creole and a pronunciation that I don't know okay. But another kid that is from that from that area as well. Other schools are going in including Kansas and pluck it out that's how they used to be LSU territory and through. Anything to that sitting with the PU you're from New Orleans you know how important now from but I saw an excuse me sorry if you've lived there were. Be the last four years here. What is that program mean to ignore all told me how ridiculous Yale. Use everything as anybody that's ever been to a tigers gamer. Seeing that it is that it that is that you before the saints were any gooder won a super boy it was LSU and everybody else. Honestly there was a really wasn't that that love so when you do when George Ryan had to do something really brutal even get this get to the point where. You have this meeting were coaches are circling the wagons saying your. We don't allow you to coming here to think about the whole low below that would be the coach is in Portland. Are right now beating coaches in Portland gone. Gary Anderson Willie tiger yeah. Don't like them we don't want you in here we're out Seattle doing that he'd done or Washington State you know like that is the most. It just think of the most talent rich Jerry just going. Pat having to that point where they're gonna have a meeting to discuss whether or not they will send any kids your way that's amazing is not just gallons coaches multiple. Schools and coaches and apparently the coach that he did demote. Is a former high school coach. In the New Orleans area who is loved by everybody. And now kids are gonna be sent down a different pipeline. You look LSU I open OK and can change that I thought he was well look he's a southern guy. They use all my you can sit around and have a good crawfish boil and let bygones be bygones and make this right. It's exact rans in there'll be good ago. Did eight does that friends down there and of course that is mixed in all the jambalaya but the way I got to ban passed animal virus be. I found this one won the hole nor nor you New Orleans region. You and oil habit I would like to taste it yes. We make it for special special events. It's the ball. I really want it very difficult to get the proper ingredients appeared shifted ship it and if dividend in the proper sausage the things you have to admin. Studies proper sausage yeah negatives. Yet Heather I mean men threat to ordering and there's a crop this place and open up in southeast Portland I wanna attract a really got my Brothers crawfish I don't know of anybody listeners have been doing it. But it looks good in its committees meet there and Steve Graham countless truly delicious to speech or you suck the heads. Of the proper sausage now of the profits at its true. Crawfish aficionados I would call and see your name is covered I would like ability I would like to be one yeah yeah all. I'll do that stadium turns making me feel uncomfortable so that is what we do your. Tension drops and I've heard in this last. Few minutes of cameras set I gotta suck the heads of the crawfish and sometimes you just gotta say Debbie had TF. Folks. That's our next segment not a recap of this one Crawford Dresden Null your face and blow your mind with the stories in sports. That we haven't gotten to quite yet dusting came on the fan.