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Dusty and Cam - 2.6.17 - Hour 2

Feb 6, 2017|

Super Bowl LI recap...stats and numbers from the game and where do the Patriots rank among NFL dynasties?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

They solicited to. 45 minutes of your life I've promised. Doing the right thing since 1952. Turning points man. There are a ton of them got sells so well 51. Commit the wall last yesterday let's soap opera whose son coming months at a turning point yeah that's like win. The like your grandfather is actually. Your brother. That's where you you've grown up thinking that it's your grandfather owned now. That's actually your brother it's not your grandfather but he thought it was all these years that's how last night's game. Ended up in what I mean if you take a look at bag game. When they say. Football games there in defined by three of four plays that dictate the outcome of the game. Yesterday. I think they you can sit there and you can massive momentum swings. And there was probably. Six or seven of them ranked starting with like the lead near a blunt fumble right that was probably does that first defining play of the game. Where IA he went own no inland it just puts up seven. They take a lead and then a durable it costs it up. In minus territory. And a couple plays later Matt Ryan. Or Austin Cooper's dancing in the end zone it's a fourteen up in football game down. But that was the first of what was it jumping off point of many twists and turns it back in saw. Her so many different things that that started to happen he could feel the wind fall to an in. He come with stats you go with a all different different types of plays what was the one the defining moment there were certain things were crossovers. Everything about the game had had had the pageantry of the emotional swing to the just watching the team come out of halftime and go we got this. They are you latter you claim to lose are you playing to win what are you doing will you know what you ran into. The greatest the greatest game in a finish and there Rick Fermi the point and I think everybody's gonna have their opinion on on what they think the turning point was. In the game the turning point exactly for me was was and I've said it now the third time is is the original on the very first play when it came down of that fumble. Because in now moment. You were waiting for Atlanta to make and his mistake and you were just waiting for. Them if they were going to make this mistake filled cart if I'm wrong Lenin the patriots were both one and two in turnover ratio the entire year in the NFL. I did hear that I think I I don't know who was one or who was to them when I was in line but yeah this in that was class games included obviously I felt at Atlanta protected the football better than any other team in all of the NFL this year you just never felt like you're gonna give you breath they always put it down the put the hammer down. He put the gas then you had earn it against them up. That stripped fumble by Itar. One mistake by Freeman change it. For me and that that was at a turning point where we we in the third quarter Isa in Atlanta score. And then to start what it was a start the four of her now. Also on the third quarter New England gotten they're down 28 to three Newman goes down a score. Missed the extra point. In your goal line and like does a little bit deflating and then New England gets the big defense Bos they're back. And then they get the ball idea like OK if they didn't touch and we got a game via and they don't having to settle for a field goal and you like. Then I'm with you right there but it still Ed that we needed to feel bullets 28 to twelve. But is still deflating like you needed to touch down their keys yes so when I was a coach who was coach Belichick gonna try to do dial it up a young man. Doubt it I gotta risk it's time to go risky and I love Hewitt Donta hightower said after the game where he said. I saw the ball and I wanted to. Fitzpatrick thank all love is that easy buys did earlier tighten but that strip sack right there and then what five plays later. Bone chip in zone and we got a one score game in that undoubtedly sell was the turning point but you also had. After that. There was that moment where this is why when we're talking about chill vs. Great comeback. In this in this suitable weather was Atlanta choking when this is great comeback. That very next drive is Julio jones'. Tight rope catch on the sideline and where Matt Ryan drops an absolute dime we're only his guy can get it. In somehow someway fully extended Julio Jones gets to down. In two firmly down like that. As a night like Denny even review it he got those down and you sit there go one. As a patriots and I went. You know Darren field goal range. I think the bigger play in that too was the very first played a Freeman. Monica's remember they kicked him deep they had him pinned inside the ten yard line. And then all of a sudden Freeman goes untouched. For forty yards and nobody had him out of the backfield you know that is amazing to me that you had. Dovonte Freeman backs he he had and I think was three touches of over thirty yards in the game it did thirty that is very first carry of the game goodness gracious. Kyra back welcome. But in New England in making this come back. They did not have they play. Of over 28 yards in the entire game Tom Brady could not connect vertically with Chris Hogan. He can do with Danny Amendola or Julie net Julian Edelman. It is saved that. Unbelievable acrobatic catch which I don't know I still don't know how about her dad play we did it which. Could go down as the greatest catch it's admirable history up there with David Tyree on the helmets it's right there it's tough five Lynn Swann over the top. You know big it was one of the greatest catches we've ever seen him. I don't know how he did if he doesn't make that catch jewel and gentleman had a horrible game to give to get some drops he had a whole lot of drop a drag game critical moment drop in the U Brady could not connect downfield. That way that's amazing to me that you having 31. Point come back and you had zero explosive place. We do it yeah 1128. Yard two passing catch to Danny Amendola. Other than that they have long and sustained drives in the erased a 31 point deficit. How does that happen. How in the I mean the minute it again that's why you don't come back not joke. Right of course you. The the stat line you can look at the stellar and up and down you could look at the fact that the patriots had total place preacher to 93 total place. Falcons have 46. Yeah think about think about what Atlanta had to do what the patriots had to do to gain 93 to 46 total yards. First downs the patriots had 371. Downs went ahead seventeen. This this is this is one of those situations where an NI. I have to I have to do I will die on this sort at all times and say they'd. When you believe at all times. You're never out of the game the emotions the coffin it's the confident the patriots team had. To know that they were out of this situation and they just needed a spark and we're talking about turning points. It's just a small spark be it when you tried onside kick in your kicker touches him. Yet you. Had to keep that field goal team off the field you had to keep them out of fuel range yet to blow your back and so on a short field incredible the best offense in all the NFL. In you have to have it right there how does that happen that's pure belief duties scheme it all you want but you have to understand were gonna stop them right now that's confidence. Yeah it big in the you'd talk about dud that discrepancy in plays. New England wore out Atlanta they're in injury in by the way injuries started mounting up Alex Mack. He had an incredible game mam with a broken seat mile. I don't know how he did it but he played lights out but they had their right tackle went down. Then you had guys don't fallen aided tenant Coleman goes down. Yet linebacker get hurt in the game yet a defense climbing get banged up in that game you had guys start dropping like flies on a team that's been. Exceedingly healthy this year. That played a big role and it affect you were on the field for so dang much of that game again a possession forty to 23 well I think. That was another question make some of the view levels watch what they asked now what happened to the Atlanta's defensive line they couldn't get to Brady anymore. I guess you know you physically I mean is there there was greed Jerry it was have an unbelievable game he sacking him in the red zone. You could see the fatigue set in immediately you're still human being no matter what you want these guys been playing since July. There's going to be a time where you run out of gas and when Brady puts the hammer down on it and you're trying to catch up physically your big man your 280 pounds 300 rounds. You can't just pass dress like that Dwight Freeney he he had one great sacked after that it was kind of like you huge mistake even though Emma dole got in their own two point conversion. Aegis ran out of gas couple numbers. From this game. The Atlanta Falcons led for 41 minutes. Of the football game if they had the lead. New England to officially. Because the game ended with their touchdown the New England Patriots never led. For a single play of the game. Think about that they never ran a play with the lead. The entire football game. I don't know we'll I'd ever again that I that's an amazing. Really it's trailing for 41 minutes they never. At one point ran a play with the lead in the football game. And they end up winning 3428. In their largest margin of victory. In in their five Super Bowl wins also in that game in 24 Super Bowl records were broken. In the game in both like career like Tom Brady became the all time career. Touchdown leader you had. Build dollar check with the most who rules one by head coach with five. Bill Belichick must game's all time coached in the civil was seven. You've got like combined stats with the falcons in the patriots. Combining for 39 passing first downs CM 24 Super Bowl records broken. 31. Were either broken or tied in that game let me talk about a historic game. I mean 31. Super Bowl records were either tied or broken yesterday. Stagger. It's an amazing in that game was incredible to think about in I think this is the most impressive stat of mall. Four of the patriots five scoring drives tend to game. We're at 72 yards or more. Bat is. Mind boggling to think that you can run DD and have a single play over 28 yards in the game. In four of your five scoring drives went 72 yards or more heat in a big punt return you do now that kick off return you didn't have a guy breaking one downfield. You were able to do it. On long and sustained drives which. In a time where this isn't supposed to happen this conversation knees start being had is New England the greatest dynasty in sports. Is that in football. Steelers have some say about that. 49ers today anymore. 55305 dusting cam on the fate of her removal. There. I. This news dusty and jam in the morning and non tech lady love. I don't think there will be any house that will be able to do that. So it's. He's not only the greatest right now I think the figures are down. Julian elements Tom Brady on the greatest ever. The greatest of all times. He now holds the record most Super Bowls won by a starting quarterback or by the quarterback ties Charles Haley from a Super Bowl rings. Of all time bill ballot check also win in some rule fifty ones win. Now most game ones by head coach inseparable history with five. Does this conversation though being New England Patriots are they the greatest dynasty in NFL history. You don't summary told Robert Kraft the very first time he shook his hand and met him. To an average of Robert Kraft sand and it's and said I mr. Kraft I'm Tom Brady and and Bob Kraft says I know you are your sixth round pick any looked him in the guy tipped his hand and said. No mr. Kraft I'm the greatest decision this franchise ever made. The very first comment I think he really say that in. Early. No I'm making it up as the I mean that's a bulls the move. But here we are. Close to seventeen years later now you understand every every reason why when you show come by a picture of the guys that slow. On athletic. No muscle tone. Everyone set on a sixth round pick dancing college who's just not very good he's been questioned. He's been said guy AJ you know I got tagged I just he does have an anymore then suddenly continues to have a new needs 39. There's no question in my mind that in my lifetime if I'm lucky to live any longer that I will never see. Anything like this a quarterback in my lifetime and I don't know. We get a rare we get a rarity I think it's like a thirty year gap sometimes you see things. In sports that you just have to sit back like LeBron James Michael Jordan okay. Tom Brady be Joseph Montana I had this to mean. Is the greatest franchise the greatest quarterback in the greatest coach to ever step foot on a football field yeah. He'd date I am what we're looking at in this is the reason why this conversation is when you talk about dynasties I mean is still the Pittsburgh Steelers won six. NFL titles right. Undoubtedly they are. Beat winningest franchise season in NFL history given consumables right. They won 74757879. That was the Chuck Noll and ran dry air steel curtain days. Franco Harris. The patriots have been in that conversation. Because of the four titles and now the same Cisco 49ers also in that conversation because Bradshaw and Joseph Montana as such both those guys who have 40 in their super doubles where. You had 818489. Or 88 in 89 word secret Cisco. They had their tighter windows yet they still had their force of rebels what we're seeing with the New England Patriots and an air where you're not supposed to have it. They have won five. And they'd been to seven. And if you look at that. Do we sit there and we count the losses in the Super Bowl do. Because done absolutely that is a question that if I has always been a knock against Tom Brady and Bill Belichick is the fact they lost two of them. But you've been to seven. And you've won five. You just have to look if you take time to look on social media if you take time to look on on the national perspectives from the greatest pun dents and in all sports the people that we knew we look to. Across the board. Or our hands down giving Tom Brady's greatest quarterback ever. Mean this is in franchise in Bill Belichick you know and talk about how we long same change the trophy to the bella checked trophy were talking about. It's a bar. To somebody that that goes down is the most famous person all of Ol all football. Changing it this is this is it in this Timmy. Was just watching so much greatness and I know we we asked for sports to be fair right we asked for sports with salary caps. Who weakened. Completely agree on a big maybe you and I both agree are often would be author listening that unifil has the best salary cap system and all sports are undoubtedly try to make it fair. The try to see guys go somewhere else. Parity is numero uno but guess who takes big cuts you and goes to a place about winning it really does. You know you can take all that money go spend it. Can look really good within you can buy those beautiful cars in the NFL I'm talking about. But in the end these guys. The bit they wanna be part of greatness. There is days in Tom Brady averages beset over the course of his career he is the seventeenth highest paid quarterback. In an average salary and that's or he averages seventeen in the NFL that it's not about eagle right. How many times and in NBA do we need I mean everybody's announced on the highest paid player I gotta be nice big guy. I got to be baseball I don't know baseball's more did you I'd just got to get mine. It's about it's the ultimate team and that that's why football to mean as biased as I can be is the ultimate team sport. Because it brings everything about meeting all those guys out there but then when you get a signal caller like number twelve. And the calmness of the hoodie. And watching how they just dismantled the best offense. In a team last night I begin a we can start. Putting to bed though the Joseph Montana comparison how many people world. But. Is it is its own clothes and body is now ready rank you in if there's somebody opposite it's not close it's close it is very extremely close but it's Brady. Yes it's very. In that is the in the there's nothing wrong with a really. Now that's impressive part about what we saw inseparable 51 to use that use. A it had to be in a comeback fashion. And this is the member three years go we're talking in the break Donovan McNabb was honored TV spouting off. He is one of the well he is one of the strongest on need Tom Brady is done the New England Patriots dynasty is done it's time to move on there and who we shall see eat crow. This is it bill last night was a prime example of you can take these system quarterback and I don't care if you not Jimmy grapple on Matt Cassel are winning that game. Last night in what we sell his greatness on display in that is that's fun watchman and now don't care for your I think that that is why people tune in. TC probe here's the other thing too on point out is that what what makes the NFL this was so good for the info from the from what we've seen about the the entire year in watching the finish with Goodell and the hatred ending just to watch a watch shooter remember to about quarterback play in what. I take away hearing in year out. This it in ammerman was being the athletic. Mean the guy with the most speed watching net ending you'd just see. These stoic. Statues like Matt Ryan the slow on athletic guys. Pick apart teams in east mean he could deceive would still wins at the highest level yeah. Kate what wins. A guy that's a traditional. Get it down the field I don't need to be fair to raise a fancy Matt Ryan isn't fancy but they're just so efficient. That will win was last night the closest that we will see to like a spread offense when he hits the NFL. That was a date through the ball. Sixteen. C times and they dried Tom Brady dropped back 67. And is that the closer we're gonna see was very rarely Ender senator. In the mean I've been under senator humor revealed run and shoot was off shotgun also be Warren Moon made a really famous when they came in the Oilers made it famous. The spread is kind of an weird everybody has different philosophies of spread spread majority of spread is try to be more of a running football team again talking to each human but today he's did you in space and pick you apart juror. Absolutely because they mean it wasn't West Coast where you're under center Aaron indeed big dates the run game after earlier blunt fumbled in every and the ball 25 times Dundee here on the red 93 plays like let's be honest they govern their run game that. Baker the ball in Atlanta new. In knew it was coming yeah well let's see here's actually. Brady. That's scramble wasn't by design so they dropped back actually 68 times a night game. He was sacked five times. Attempted 62 passes and had one run for fifteen yards and so he dropped back to pass 68 times in that game. We sell I mean if you wanna go TV. Kate gun. That got to Super Bowls obviously the Buffalo Bills and Jim Kelly never won. I mean that way I think live what we what we saw as probably the closest thing they you'll CTU. The spread guys saying we got one for each week how the super Paul. Pick his debut the biggest Camilo revival offense ever the can just June decide it well you know are running games how many teams can just say. You know better running game's done we're just gonna go to this and bump harmony we may see in the greatest on display I don't question now. Can you can you answer me this because a lot of people are wondering Tom Brady sets the Super Bowl record. With sixty T pass attempts 466. Yards passing. Was even the best player in the game. Last night by five threes your fighters Crawford sports that are. Doesn't examine the morning on 1080 sale around. We'll send behind great. I'm so G. On the pledge that plays Scott result lack they don't call him the color analyst easy action analysts think you can see why all this is set up. I don't know where else. And caps off that 3420. Win on the patriots radio network over the Atlanta falcons' Super Bowl. 51. Tom Brady takes on the MVP honors of 4360 T for 66. A two touchdowns and interception was sacked five times soon. Word. Meanwhile. James why he scampered in for that touchdown. He had two rushing touchdowns on six carries. A 29 yards on the ground but he also had fourteen catches. Again these Super Bowl record of port teen catches for 100 in ten yards into touchdown. He had a day in his own right. As he is done. Also added two point conversion as well preclinical which makes him the only player in some rule. History according to look Elias Sports Bureau to have a rushing. Receiving. In two point conversion scores some degree political insurance now. Weekly call wasn't that a great hall so you mentioned earlier and they're being in the show you talked about how little and a decided to shut down the patriots and let them go deeper right I can't hear their ability Alanna decided rock and allow you to get over the top of us with. Oh dinner element and Amendola and specially not. Martellus Bennett were knocked I'll allow that so what are we going to do you were gonna try to keep everything underneath when they look like Seattle. Like did that and that is exactly what day exactly what he does I mean that's that's the identity of what Dan Quinn and it worked. Do you work to efficiency and I like that defense. However. What you did in that game is you played zone a little bit a man underneath but you left. You left somebody open. And how does that happen how does James why give fourteen catches. You have to have a void right remember how you said we talked about the show on Friday about who's gonna be that one guy that stands out no I picked a guy didn't really happen you picked guy. Gabriel had a decent game indecent hit a decent game are. But James why. You came out of nowhere if he had a game of his life. Now in my opinion he's not the MVP because you still need somebody to give it Tia. The James why did everything he could to learn about opportunities the MB. Eight in and there's a lot of people loving James like should've been the MVP because it's too good to me like Tom Brady was ridiculous and he was amazing. But you look at the plays that James light made. I mean. Goodness there was one play where he came out of the backfield linebacker was on and right. And he and Brady are just so in tune and I don't know how many offenses have this bit. He geek turned it up even went to the flat turn it up linebackers right there. And also he just kind of reversed it it's it was like back shoulder a bullet there Regis hit them immediately looked like he was just to sit route. But that was an incredible. Pitching cats he was just always Johnny on the spot there. Churning his legs to didn't Indians on on as to your classic creatures we're renting Kevin Falk yes he is Kevin fall Kevin Faulk. Everybody has an has an identity on the offense in the patriots have this this these guys they like to put in these molds and you say boy it's like this guy this guy. Teachers do better than anybody because they just. They they just create these players that that fit. A certain style meaty for gosh sakes I think he wears number 33 right is what white era through three. Indeed James why now yeah I think we you are thinking look Kevin Baltimore 33 Kevin I don't think there almost the same guy yeah. Tony when he. There's. There something amazing about when a guy's has his number called in you get to watch. Brady. Absolutely pick apart when you give him something. Because every at every play every scenario every defense there is a complete and utter weakness no matter how many times do you think there is. There's always gonna be a weakness to every defense you play there's not one person or one team that will exploit that weakness better than any other team like the preachers and exploited. The fact you were gonna cover the back you're gonna cover the back that's fine you're gonna take wheels long Russia's. Or those long passes over the top that's fine give us five yards and give a 67 yards is James White is an enemy cannabis if. Teen yard loved. Bill Belichick after the game where he said midway through the first quarter we knew is going to be a man free game and night. They knew that there wasn't going to be an adjustment. Because it was just it was it was what Dan Quinn did he stays in the lanes it it was a good Dan Quinn didn't and Super Bowl what 49 of and it is exactly what he did throughout the course of that game and it is wildly effective. Unless she got a guy like James like right because it wasn't there in the patriots didn't have James White. You know in nets rule they beat Seattle. And you saw the difference in that game because he is so personally he's he's Kevin Faulk but he can line and line about moral. Receiver but don't you remember that Super Bowl with the Seahawks on the beat him he did the exact same thing Tony when in their spread in the pick you apart underneath. They pick you apart underneath they ran element across there and Hammond cola. They had wronged they all these guys are going crisscrossing. And they were getting those chunks and chunks and chunks in the pass rush was trying to get there was a carbon copy and I know that Dan Quayle I tweeted out early in the game I said. And Dan Quinn didn't do this to another goat was the Peyton Manning earlier in his in a suitable yes but the difference between Brady and Manning. Are immeasurable. It's just the heart you know the Tom Brady has is is just a key immunity he minds would just be one giant. Blood pumping heart. A giant blood pumping this all I see is just that we just something that is this I've never heard anybody call that before. Like that. Tom Brady went dynamited sucked but no it's okay. It's OK you know why there are like this to me now I know we've got everybody's trying to call on the go to global block. He just as easy it's immeasurable. The more in the belief in the confidence is it you can't measure. He played Nike is little pissed off that's fresher now. My goodness that that game now I don't care begin the MBP two. Both pretty deserving of it beat James a light or Tom Brady we get a lot of texts coming and contrast your five and I guess we can and address this here. Oh what are you thinking the the rest bailed out New England Kazan got a theory on this would you like to hear your. My theory on this and know Shane Vereen was not James White and Super Bowl 49 is seen during isn't nearly as good as receiver. The referees bailed out New England. That'd be penalties if you look at the final penalty tally in this game. Denying that penalties nineteen times. First 65 yards for Atlanta warrior of penalties for 23 yards against New England Patriots it was pretty lopsided in that regard. But I think the one drug that people are focusing on is three defense holdings around. I've got a theory on this. A lot of man to man coverage but guys on islands. And those TVs are gassed because they played the replay. I dot buck and Aikman did a good job they were like wasn't too much sect ET handfuls of Jersey. That's what happens when you when you face an eighty plus plays at that point in the game on that drives. Remember this was the super team for a freeze that came into this game same Beirut the most. Relaxed referees and calling holding down the field so I do believe they are pass interference I believe that the referees might read that article or CNET. And they wanted to make sure that they this game was not going to get. Out of control do I think some of the calls neither being dean to me made this up for me to judge right I always say that shouldn't come down to referees in that game I didn't feel like I was at all. All terrible call. Yeah I didn't either didn't didn't feel like I don't know but I know a lot of people led g.s on the gamer baby talk and stansted. You know you just don't wanna schedule there's a ref freeze decide games or we didn't see that we did not see it kicker dictate the outcome of the gave him gods are even when mean it's a great Stephen Gostkowski clank and one off the upright is very close to doing that but eight Danny Amendola two point conversion where did you think it Chris having committed often to pass interference on that. He's close. The yard and a half you know I mean. Easy inning he can't engaging guy and are now half would America's Dwight Freeney was it was thirty offside salute and a free play anyway after that so when even a matter yeah. These are no offsetting that official would have had to throw his hat at that point because as -- judge on the outside say yes it would have been. It would have been off surgery disease but Indiana Dolan in the James White directs out which had brain call you said that earlier Branko. Right hey let's take a break from the C rule here really great hall of fame inductees are announced over the weekend and it's a big snub might be highlighted by one of the guys you've got in. And can open the door for a lot of people dusting game on the fan. This is dusty you know jam in the morning on 1080 Sam the. Pro Football Hall of Fame announced their inductees over the weekend. Yeah among those getting into the you have LaDainian Tomlinson. For Bernie back San Diego Chargers are. A knee is it then maybe a tip of the hat t.'s San Diego losing your team and we'll give you would be your own thing going in this year. Missy Diaz can have something to cheer Alan just time you've given that one kind of sendoff yeah. Kirk Warner. You were in their own Kurt Warner is there in Saint Louis area and you worker you do it at my first year adultery. He was your corner act started the first two games and a gain concussion and that's when bugger to go over Marc Bulger Mark Bolger and incurred in going to giants the next year as the freeagent. Or he was released Kurt Warner yeah. And then two time M bit NFL MVP. And Super Bowl champ is really guy and he's deserves to him yes he's a hall of Famer Terrel Davis going in running back Denver Broncos team good high salute yeah. Good. Flash in the pan guy. Getting in Bryant like a very short tour productive career troop T doesn't yard rusher considerable. Achieving Subaru one DP area right. Winning the MVP diner NFL MVP for sure he was arrested for 2000 yards in the NFL and you belong in this. Normal thing he asked received first team all pro and then you had one of my favorites. Martin Anderson yes the junior love double bar not my favorite but beyond good and Jerry Jones got then. Owner in. And then here we go Seattle Seahawks yes. Can easily can easily. You feel about that a long time coming for him he's been wait around a long. Time Khazei was that he was defensive player of the year he was one of the most. Intimidating. Safeties to ever play this game I think that a lot of people really big man back there and Tuesday. Right I think a lot of people like that outside the northwest obviously via. Will go who exactly. Who like who's that guy and he's it was a unbelievable player. But the one guy that has people scratching their heads it got into the hall of fame this year him. Miami Dolphins defense and Jason Taylor. A guy that did I he had a few years where he is a sack monster. A 139. In his career some balls on. He led the NFL with eighteen and a half sacks in 2000 TU. You could record at least eleven sacks in six different seasons. But use of pro bowler. Defense of player of the year 2006. Bryant's time pro bowler 31 team all pros second team all pros NFL sack leader. All decade team. In Miami Dolphins. On a rule in my wrong for thinking that you played it do you brilliantly all things quite a bit Alia. In my wrong for saying that I thought he was even the best player on his defense. Zach Thomas. Well. I can't I'm not gonna discredited all would Jason Taylor did he Lionel phenomenal player do I think that he was a better player than Zach Thomas. I mean personally yes. Eating and I thought it was more active on defense I think you had a game plan. He never really had a game plan Zach Thomas you mean because he was a look he was he was an effective linebacker knew you had to worry. Where Jason Taylor Willis in the past stress scenario he was the greatest guy on the run and you could run at him. That that's kind of wasn't his MO is not a guy that's gonna be run stopper but you had to understand where he was in protection and and knowing that he can be efficient like that yeah and it's set those numbers and be respected for and play the longevity he he had. I think. He deserves. A Pro Bowl. I mean I'm sorry he deserves a hall of fame induction. But it wasn't one of those names three when it won't just stone cold lock in sometimes that's kind of what you'd the pro or the hall of fame is about it's it's something we locked into. Was he good enough low level yet but it sure opens a whole lot of other players. Right now. It and mean that is 87 all time in sacks which is SF that's only bin Laden recorded since 1982. Should be noted. But he's one of those guys where I think that Jason Taylor getting in this year. In most notably left office Terrell Owens couldn't be more of a snub I think that people are going wait a minute here now like. And Jason Taylor seems like he would DA. Can easily type yeah right yeah I got there has to wait his turn to get in. Meanwhile TO sitting there second all time joke in receiving yards joke he won the best of play the game. Is his personality holding him out of Altman well it does help that. And Taylor was 2007 Walter Payton man of the year. Which I think that he he never really he didn't ruffle the feathers he was a great guy he is a great guy and well deserve player yeah. Carol owns is just. He's polarizing because of the things he did off the field the things he did during the game the popcorn dance the palm palm the spike the ball in the middle did star. The sit ups in the drive way at all about me aiming. In the end though when it comes down to the hall of fame. It it it's about your play on the field. What you do with your stature numbers. Are loans. If not what do Mosul the receivers ever that step foot used to freak a hub of talent. And then they him playing in ninety talked about moments how many moments did Terrell Owens have in his career. And you sit there and all of those are young tennis hall of fame yet wolf playing in the super woman broken leg busted up ankle hand and having a great game doing it. I mean that is. I sit there and I look at Terrell Owens bill. Do you probably should have been a first ballot hall of Famer in ego okayed the day care actor is she is the need be meek. Outcry kept him off the first ballot second ballot no brainer right yeah I. Agassi it is disappointing but it's unfortunate human nature's we're gonna judge guys on your word. On who they are as people sometimes and I think that gets caught up and a you deserve to be what does Laurence Taylor deserved to be in the in the hall of fame for gosh sakes he had dude what he does off the field there's so many. There's just the dividing line between how do we engage if you're hall of fame it's up hold goodness ate up a hall of nice guy and yes. It's the hall of football fame cam don't you understand now. That. You can do Coke. And you can and you can do all the drugs you want. But if you don't make it about yourself now. We get about yourself don't make it about yourself don't be a free agent don't have a big voice and those is that there there's plus and minuses but I always I always look for your ability to play football. In between those lines and that's always would engaged me on what was. A great player or not all fame worthy and clearly our loans this is a mistake they don't get in eventually there's very field. Yeah that ever did a better then Terrell Owens at the university Tennessee Chattanooga you. You know if and that's in one of the other and out of nowhere incredible parts about his career to. And that the way that he and that receiving corps Jerry Rice Terrell Owens and JJ stokes JJ stokes good gracious here the biggest men I've ever seen on the field. The wide receivers armored DB's for the saints going. We don't change it. Oh don't forget that you had Ron Amadon in Naia Brit Jones bridge home yeah add tight end of he's great. Old gangly needed element this. And that's good and Eric Johnson was on that team Jones and Eric Johnson in Santa Clara during Jessica Simpson Jessica Simpson's as it aired Johnson. Jessica Simpson says. She married another quarterback you know air cover tightly tight end and another football player not not she try to get Romo. Romo said no. Well good on Romo. Burbank. He climbed that. Mountain of Jessica. Yes he did it. Yes you did. The eight TO isn't a commercial loans to rule did you know dissent and did did you catch Elena I'm item like that commercial. But we had Lady Gaga Mike dropping commercials. And what is the body your party like 55305. Gusting came on the thing.