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Dusty and Cam - 2.3.27 - Hour 1

Feb 3, 2017|

Where will Tony Romo end up? Also, what are you looking forward to most about Super Bowl LI?

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Thanks for listen to dusting camp podcast brought to you on the fanned by your local less Schwab tire center when the right things since 1952. This message will solve the struggle and I. This is dusty and jam on football Friday. This is a football Friday additional just jam in the morning. Dusty narrow and NFL veteran Ken Cleveland. Brought to you Busch Series Katherine implies. Revenue award winning high from series for your football viewing party series cafe in pie express and local delicious does steal and jam on 1080 I through them. The sad day. Right in here man. You can now you can. Event. Happy Friday everybody that sucks. It is icy and treacherous. In some locations. And be careful. How is your community and will be year repeated what it. Let there be careful and be irritated all time in a hero that man hug you know distances. Distraction. Happens when you get out your routine every if everything come a routine all of that Julia is very rated creatures of habits. Is. Here's my other thing is there anyone else out there that might be creature of habit and Simon did it and I a am hi an anomaly. An unknown you or not. You're not do the same route you do the same things and when things change in that route. You lose all control. Speaking so yeah you like to have control you are at. They controlled for no here's my big hold on. I would control things that Alex control things I can control I can't control the people at a give and I can't control there's things I don't get worried about it. But if I can control my car going to and from. And yes I like control what happened this morning. Nothing they blocked I five and shut it down would. Just completely shut it down to San preemptive measure like shuts down a major artery must have been a major there's an accident yeah that's all I'm saying there was an accident so I understood that but it was a little babies made the drive in longer. Longer than normal. So we have our right for life you know I saw the replays all I have three routes I take to work your three ways and sometimes our history with. In the morning is in the more entitlement the only added the only three way idea is on my way to work. And I'd just take a random different one each time. Let's eliminate this one randomly I think that shows our personalities does Seward difference and I and wants a Gary cars are driving this that site as though. I proffered that way you descend right there there is the reason I came months to kill you sitting there at a that's why he can be in ten minutes early or forty minutes late and cam is the reason why I'm like whoa man we need to. Chill out. Yeah but hey it's the green on time is a bad thing I guess her own no I'm designing our I was just Jacqui I did I know say they wanted to know see there ago. I'm John Yang Yang man you are saying yeah. Here when in Rome in dusty is like the lady justice. I don't know what that mean like salad like the balancing the scales you know he had his balancing act with you too sometimes and you know that and that's what I love about you go. I love about you guys got our own charity call you in the yin and Yang in the union commitment issues that may. Always. Have commitment issues came on looking directing your eyes and on streets they're deep into those. Brown. At the and they're big they're black like my soul mostly mostly in what are your eyes camp prone red heads have brown eyes are now some do occasionally regulating greener green. He. They're canceling school no they're not. Wow this is not dead in Kuala. Don't do it we have a big event tonight in Cleo households we can't cancel it he had tonight's. We have a all fame inductees. If you live going to hit a holiday the whole thing there is. Since going in high school think how cool is that. Yet so they can't cancel because that means we'd have to move the ceremony you can't do that so Vancouver school district you're listening. Don't do it. That is great don't do. When it led to high school did she go to underwrite school of course on your every test on the ballot in the pig it's not that that's right. The river side of the other side. Turley the reverse that he had a sack to right that's when that's right here call that. We got big event ready can't be canceling school also and that's all my goal list is like to be in my eyes golf game yeah has little Jersey retired I said said that still awkward though the only one in the rafters Ysidro outside in the rafters it's I've said this for forts were you walk in the front doors of the school. Drizzle case with my Jersey it's little cheesy picture of a redhead kid. He's quite embarrassing I like his dam every kid walks by that goes is that he's probably I had mine emerged item has go to you could go. It's not for me about it is retired now. The last version where it. So I take credit for it and who was who wore it. You know these era. The era I was the last one of Larry excellent ha how did he get retired and do you obviously you're the last underwear it's your retired usually tired because our coach. Coach for 22 years. And so knowing you're able to tie the number twenty TO. And so every time I seen make him a high five and in my. Thank you my number retired I think it's cool but it's good. Crawford we'll be getting your tired. I mean again I'm gonna be will be your dream well glee Julie high school wise we recently legally he recently had the Newport harbor high school hall of fame started up because there's a lot of famous alumni down and I'm Mike my goal is to gain America. Insane have the first class and some olympians. Some actors. You know. Proffered as a class every year you know Crawford look like in high school. He he posted a picture on face the yesterday of him in high school and in other Big Bang theory that show. Yes but see I don't watch throughout the year and or he looks like wallets. And then he looked like Howard wall lets it wasn't a great haircut. From Big Bang theory connect with Hillary don't let's just show sports. He and I remember was just like yesterday. Tide on this day in sports history 1912. A football as we know it changed forever the field was shortened from 120 to 100 yards touchdowns that word. Made 56 points instead of five. Four downs were allowed to get ten yards instead of three in the kickoff was moved from midfield to the forty yard line don't. So I think they'd like football as we know it right now started 1912. That's wonderful they are easy to get rid of that extra point go back to six points anyway he's also two point conversions on the also on this day in sports history 2001. The ex FL debut. Who they did you watch the thirty try to realize there's a lot to us I know I have a view our zone idea to. Josh Wilcox became. The nexus phone call their stamp. Dated be good though left Las Vegas outlaws. Beating the new York New Jersey hit in nineteen to zero. He hate me most famous thing about XFLPA me you know and Tommy not a today we'll have comedian big jail Pearson on the program. He is a comedian. QB helium comedy club that he is a huge sports fan but last time we had a huge sports girl last intensive had big sports fans in better comedians. They've been great guests experience are going to be great Craig gas yeah comedians the exit sent me a text message with a video where he said hey. Guess Tom Brady called the handsome. He's he's down the Super Bowl media day in Tom Brady called Craig gas a handsome man. Let's step up what a jerk like why would he do that. I'd blow he asked him refuse to answer unrestricted after the wrong with a call another man at some silly dead dad Craig gas and he's great and that we had DJ Lula. Look good luck big sports fan that's Le is seen fluid movies. Cameo movies that's right spots. Some of the movie the other day and as for what was. Much pitch perfect too. Remember what it was we'll also have we can would you rather. And guess whoever you talk a lot about the Super Bowl today. Lines that have been upset. I'm doing go. Judge Gail will make is not your turn to the sidelines Saturday against bad and the deep Blue Devils. Missing only a few games after back surgery and Rick being is. Duke players of the privilege of the locker room in their gear and guess what it worked. It did work there when games sandy pounded Wake Forest and nobody in new trend dangerous journey Trent Owens that's. That's right. The threat doesn't fight I'll ever do. Her oncologists last night intern Matt escape. I'm going to get a number fourteen organ state bass while you're. I was watching NE SP into briefly and they dropped this little nugget. That gallons are former intern. In true lock on fashion that leads the team in charges taken. Good for ill. But it's a hustle square to be is lost to number five Arizona 7154. Meanwhile the thirteen during docs suite two an out against the lowly Arizona State 71 T seventy. I ducks and wildcats got. Tomorrow. In Eugene who loop. Yeah. The day when he got I said wake up. I chiefs safety Eric Berry says he won't play into the franchise tag per second consecutive year which would lead you may need this then messy negotiations at an end. Is that man his mind anything new. On grass so anti producing. C'mon. Paid out Manning is money that's right. That's what is wrong as well there you really good it's close and that's one of the best safeties and football horses. Why in the world would they not pay him to run some. I don't know. And you know I was thirteenth boot. Good buildings and sheep who knew. And and so that's the latest in negotiations that they Eric Berry is back as ged and let it in now and it's very. I don't once it's rare but I'm not. Too often you have a guy have you. Yeah is as good of a player's hair fairies and he's as good for the community. And has great story is they're very does beating non hodgkin's lymphoma. He's an awesome guy and Kansas City community to stand up guy and he's a great player. That's a no brainer today guy what he wants. We're yeah. And it does not test this is rock and roll play. Really keeping them out and do leg. 600 bucks goes ten or oh my god it's early wake up. Susan and if so who knows you can get news. No say it has been tough and hard it's not just turn away from it and a lot of seasons as an. Though how has been going I think we've taken until it's turned around. Gaming all lit led the blazers look for their fifth win in the last six games. Thursday take on the eve Dallas Mavericks tonight's revenue of five game homestand. 7 o'clock on CSN. And bliss playing the best all right now. But yeah. I dare I say. The mavericks'. Plane and a better. They went from being in the worst teams in the NBA. To all of the sudden. They've won three or seven of the last ten in the air knock on the door can be its spot as well should begin in the next to those mavericks turned it around and and also from the NBA. And that ago. The clippers. Fell to the warriors at home and thirty feet when twenties and I'm not sure it's gone state played with anybody. They started Seth Curry Kevin Durant to know McGee. On the car and Klay Thompson didn't have dream on green they didn't have anybody on their bench in the still wants to be them. You know if the Kevin Durant step curry yeah that's all I mean they're really get O'Leary and include Townsend right they're really out gasoline you know staple and that's all I need you know clippers really could use a guide to close like Carmelo Anthony close on the defense that weighed super team maybe on meanwhile. A team that. Is no stranger to classes is the Houston Rockets they got their doors blown off then in the fourth quarter by the UN hawks they were up huge. In the fourth quarter. But there were outscored forty to 22 in the final stanza and they lose 113 wanna wait for new Tim Hardaway junior. I know Tim artery JR. Now personally I don't personally I know that no love him in Glen Robinson the third all you Nadia picks he's going to be in the dunk contest lineage there yeah. I scary because I remember watching their dads. Yet you make me feel I owe it to Tim Hardaway basketball camp to ease pain in Anthony's. A guy that is never played in the Super Bowl he wants in on. The list of contenders that Tony Olmert brown though wants to get TU dusty came on the fans. This is super orient gunned dusty and jam in the morning Matthew right Jersey night on 1080 both Israel and. Tony Romo his Gatti wishlists. He and Cleveland. If he's not gonna be the start of the Dallas Cowboys he wanna go somewhere else on. Andy wish list is a whole bunch. I contenders this according to just lock in for a CBS sports. Who's pretty well connected. And he says by the way did you know do you know what Tony Romo Israel name is a peaceful birth name. Well Anthony know. Really come. Not really how good enough B Anthony. Because it's Antonio. Oh. A Antonio. Ramiro. Romo. And Antonio Ramiro. Yeah he's Italian. And Gruntal and there. Safe assumption safe assumption things like that act like that I I do not Hollywood version is what he did with a Hollywood version Tony Romo. It is good sports and it sure is you should always go with the Hollywood version you're gonna Alter your name a little bit. Right yeah yeah I mean it's got good weren't there either that or I would like it if he went middle name removed. Ramiro Romero. Ramiro and then you go home. Rim morale Romeo Romo. Not on on on I can't give up you know on target about right claim Cleveland. And it. The thing claim Cleveland clam ought correct. Tony Romo is a wish list of winning the easiest and I wish list mind you it is right a team's you'd like to don't play for. Are as follows. The keystone Texans. The Arizona Cardinals. Denver Broncos. In Kansas City Chiefs you'll see get a contender. He wants to go to you a contender. He doesn't wanna go to buffalo. Or Cleveland and a or. Any of those insert middle of the road team bad teams here oh yeah. Do you think that Jerry Jones in the cowboys grant Tony Romo. He is wishlists yeah this is gonna be the biggest question becomes a crossed. For Jerry Jones in Il wants is are you going to do. A quarterback. That has brought you back to prominence a little bit let's be honest to me Tony romo's got a lot for their franchise. This this could be did you do him a solid year you're too warm teams Texas and cardinals by the way. Texans in a completely other division and other conference that's a good choice for the cardinals. Although in another division. Also in the NFC that's not that big a deal and an eagle two AFC teams with the Broncos and she's both cold weather teams. But meaning that of quarterbacks and are definitely the Broncos more than chiefs hold though I'll tell you what. And you read with Tony Romo. With that defense and that group that would be very dangerous. Be very good and you could keep keep keep. He's not going to another back up scenario let's just call pass right in there's no way he's doing that I think of all those that gets muted most excited the cardinals. You think cell hung cardinals gets me the most excited Larry FitzGerald. I mean that defense. In that division. Against the Seahawks yes they gets excited. Yeah out kids city does have remained. I don't know if they are. If they want to get rid the taller order Activision very tough corner regulars would mean. I gauges because there there are all dead girl good well you have rivers in car. Nobody scares me in Denver right now well. This is in their pastor says but you're right yeah yeah yeah I'd that though they are so they're very talented team on. Alex Smith is a good quarterback in and that's why don't think about would be. Some Nazis on the you know you would got a guy and Alex and accuses mr. reliable right. I mean he is he's not gonna go down to he's not gonna make those critical mistakes. But dizzying volleyed a wide enough to Harlem is kept in check down Desi analyzer and a farm to you when you gains in. Then you bring in a guy if you were to bring in a Tony Romo you're going with. Hey this is the guy that is almost the complete opposite of the safety dance in Alex Smith a a guy who and may make that critical mistake. But you know what he's got the play making abilities if he stays healthy to make all those throws Alex that king. I think the bigger question is going to be re gonna see in NFL owner actually put somebody else before himself Lou you. Our idea that's got to me is the bigger question is stressing with somebody is arrogant as publicist as. We you have Jerry Jones as your leader. I mean he's old man river but you got maybe there's never been a decision that doesn't benefit Jerry Jones first fifth. Because you're gonna have to trade for something more need to grant him is out outright release Greg what are you going to do for somebody we could see. There there's been bad break ups before an NFL with a owners you have seen the Carson Palmer break up. Where it was is ominous and you intuit a garbage pile up with the raiders and they sent him into a garbage pile and Asus said this is what we're gonna do that was. Paul Brown has been absolutely. A I don't believe that this relationship has this. I think that maybe Jerry Jones and the rest of that family will do him assault. Well that's on them we have did you consider too because I mean remembered those five years between. Troy Aikman retiring in a Tony Romo came in and it took over as a starter off they went through eight quarterbacks in five years. It was that revolving door your Ryan leaf Quincy Carter Bledsoe yet Drew Bledsoe. I was Chad Hutchinson was in there Jon Kitna. They went through a whole lot of guys in that in that short spanned. Recent Damon Mae and wonder the cowboys doing and Jerry Jones remembers that in he values in has a great relationship with Tony Romo. I think what this all comes down to you is does Stephen Jones really have his dad's ear because. You're gonna get good value for a guy and Tony Romo is specially if you're talking about a team that is one of these. Contenders that is almost ready ready to win right now in all they need is that quarterback peace. I just see the cardinals' very similar to when Kurt Warner stepped in and took them to the Super Bowl. Late in his career just got off the giants know we gave the chance. Took degree show on turf farm had tremendous ability Kurt Warner just stepped right in to Arizona and made it work. Yet the Texans also is interesting it's an excuse me you can't ya. I'd I think the Texans is entry every one of these team Texans is very interest every one of these teams into it is you can't I don't believe he can go wrong with either choice here and my here's a promise to Texans now. Is that. Do you have a seventy million dollar cornerback on the bench and yet. You know you only have to hold him for one more year he's guaranteed his next year after that. Your cap number drops way off can use this first to be Emerson he really your pain for two year rental period. You just got to swallow that and if you're the Texans in Munich so we just made a mistake and you don't well yeah. Was Carson Palmer the problem in Arizona this year he's older. I think Seoul or his numbers. Because I mean like it's not like Carson Palmer is bad and Arizona well what is the issue what was the issue there this year. When the patriots came in and beat him off the gate in the opener and withdraw below that was that that through some holes in right away they thought they were better what they were in that was a slap in the face when you lose to a backup quarterback. Like drop below the first part of the season. After fourteen next. To politics 26 tests since fourteen interceptions you're 4200 yards completed 61% of his passes it's not it's not awful. Now fourteen picks is a lot. That's a lot I would say so when he 26 between touchdowns on twenty supporting 100 yards he hurts yeah. Yeah. But Romo. In and that's the other thing too is you know Carson Palmer's coming off of back to back seasons or he played fifteen more games. You know you Romo who do you trust him say healthy again I mean the point yesterday and we'll talk to us more about this today about the value the quarterback what are you willing to pay give up to have experience even edit the age of 36. I think being 37 we said a year honestly he's a year off. He's he's had a year off of no hits so think about he's had a year where you discuss obliterated would multiple. It collar bone fractures and yet a year off. What would you pay would be willing to do to make a run we sought work in Denver why would another teen not try to do that you know it Tony Romo Carson Palmer's image. In 37 wow then wow. Nin so who's in better shape I guess you'll look at it. Lou. If you could pick right now we've taken for a who hands Elmer I'm taking Palmer are you really predict Moreno and a he's goat. Romo can't say healthy he if he can't be healthy you can't play quarterback. And EU and you're behind a bad one multi best offensive line in the NFL and you can stay healthy and Tony Romo needs to learn to be more and more pocket. It should not get outside the pocket is that something that you can learn to do things you have to do that a that the better. The legal guys so good lately their careers they learn how to be efficient inside the pocket in. And I don't know furious. Is that a learned our new economy that word yeah no that's during did Edwards lately I like that I like that Huckabee were to go in handy pocket he. Pocket he with less but her goodness. Bingo you know what is a is a key factor in both these Super Bowl teams. They've got a very pocketing quarterbacks Matt Ryan and Tom Brady outside of the game itself receivable 51 there's a plethora of story lines big word. A stretch in this game in the message is this admirable traditions the time honored traditions that we all know and love. What are you looking forward to you the most outset of the game itself. Halftime show pregame may be tradition you have I know what mine is it's super awkward discomfort of sorts that are. Widespread texting. That's a message of what number to call them to horror. Niners yeah. Five. Six I can't hear you trailing off and I should unite here and there we have all of my life I mean. The most cordless Dexter is now it's 5530. Sly message and generates may apply to just play my number. You can go into. We're desperate. This is sexual relations on the show good likes to read. Overtaxed. Does stand jam in the morning on 1082 brain of that person actually stayed out so it's. Aside 5305 that is exciting when you look at towards the most. First super ball 51 outside of the game itself. He got a lot of things he can go for party. Maybe some traditions say you have him on for the super duper big game. Or maybe it's halftime show you know maybe gets Selig for too little Lady Gaga. A poker face. When she sings she give any new songs. That are out new Paramount news songs but how was of the Jimmy SA listening to some of her older disk dog repeat one man. Her stuff is catchy and he you know she's very talented and if you're the uber talented I would just say every song I'm like damn now stuck in my head now that's stuck in my head right. Now that's a demand on that sign of good musician and a sign of your musician if your course is catchy just stand still it'll be okay. That that that that that stance stance against the what do you look for two during the period to the Super Bowl this. Quiet. What's in fact I thought I'd. Them that well food is a number one of them their food in number one and actually my outside thing is is. This is not gonna come as any surprise people it is the commercial. Merrick you know what we need this year because in commercial more than any other year now wean need. A year funny commercials. This Super Bowl commercials have gone away from is funny ad after funny and after funny ad was it last year or the year before that they were like they were sat. Well last year yeah I would really generous in nationwide. His sixth sense they kid yanked talking about his own death yeah yeah yeah super morbid in weird in was a complete flop. In nine hole in the but like there is a budget just like serious and like. We after this whole election cycle in what's going on our country we need. Funny ads man we need wag Zach. Exactly and I love that you are exactly we need a brilliant. Advertising company to come up with something good well right we have one of the best in in the world in mining Kennedy gray here in Portland and may. Have been the heart of a lot of those really funny ads for the Super Bowl in one thing that I will say I'm happy about this year. I have not seen. It really any spoilers have you seen any of these Super Bowl spoilers because the last few years. It seems like they were everywhere. The Super Bowl ad split there seemed to be like tapering back little Caesars a little bit yes. I was Sid the discouraging part though is that the it's not a funny one. Why is everybody so serious right now and they need to lighten up let's go over bullets lighten up entertain me clown with the that inner Temi clown what did you say prettier Super Bowl commercial ever. Hall. That is extremely tough you need to give me a minute for that isn't it that's extremely tough. You know in Dolan had to you know what I I haven't in this is only because I'm a huge hot sauce guy. It is the Tabasco. With the guy sitting in the south and easy this piece of pizza and he's put a Tabasco on in the mosquito comes on. Lands on his arm starts drinking his blood and he flies away and his. And mosquito blows Lebanese to an honest about ESCO. Room. For me rink there's an attachment with Tabasco sauce just because you'd be. I love and being and of course the frogs the frog rather those lives and I'm Bonnie yeah. And now there's but. Own houses teen Harriman the godaddy Owens' team like mu what's that. Via finding out it was a website domain you know not those the one now boys stick out to me is the Larry vs Michael. Plus McDonald's ad off the dollar really wasn't funny. But Dauman is always stuck out to me and then nothing but net a little bit of an upset here outside of the frogs. Member of the E*Trade monkey commercials that had been dancing chimpanzee. If you dress says chimpanzee is the human. And make them dance. Sign me I was the one that's it we just wasted six million dollars on this commercial what are you doing your money exactly yeah that was generally get a runner and I thought that was a really get on wall and EC is still six and moved in to Aaron you Allen always stuck with me we are in Asia. Really had to go wow it's happening right now. And I like those ones make me laugh in your team declined you don't even the only does need to be. Super over the top to scheming some simple some simple it can be. Simple the jury is on a pregnant lady. That is still to this day ever comes and grabbed is that where he licks his fingers yeah and we will easily you Canadians are all at the Davey Johnson baby in big kicks across. My wife we watched that like when my wife is about to pop like a month ago. And she was I was like oh my gosh it was sickness is a guy would kill you. In she was serious. Did the commercials really are though what everybody looks forward to you and I will say I'll add this fellow. I had for this Super Bowl commercials are taking a backseat to something that everybody is talking about in that. I'll I cannot wait to see. If the New England Patriots win that bet. Trophy presentation at the end of the game. That Tim knee is being number one thing and that's the reason why I want I want the PG sent. David actually have like friends that have mocked and ridiculed me for being a KG sand for years that are saying. They want to see the patriots win. Because they wanna see that trophy presentation with Robert Kraft and Tom Brady up on that stage. And like is that your number one reason that is the number one on one thing I'm looking forward to. And potentially. It's too bad grunt isn't playing in this game because he would beat again I would say at. But in on this to be the fifth Super Bowl ring in I want my drawn to said the songs for the middle finger in mountain like that that would be. I hope Tom Brady says that does not take iris going to be the first one to put that ring on if it happens and post it. Tom Brady of course you yeah really he's not opposed to guy now. All. EA is to be seen him do his four rings shuffle. He still poses a middle finger have you seen the FaceBook posts I guess now I guess after after every dollar in ID Gisele I'm talking about that on put it on them the middle one the burden yeah I hope Brazil loves you what he'll do is a class about where he'll have a mall on all five fingers and that's kind of send you ally in the mural on the newest one will be in the meant to show it off can I do that can I can do the middle of your idea you know how to do that. Not absolutely. I'm not is re talking about gesturing hey. Cam. You know it other civil commercials really good way hence. To seek to attribute supports. Where does. Terry Tate office linebacker. We read about his everybody needs office linebacker if you are our our office on better than a little history about to send the stereotypes some people thought we were crazy. But I'm a firm believer in paradigm breaking outside the box thinking if that if. X. I like or even million rich rich. Terry Tate office linebacker. What are you looking forward to you in the Super Bowl commercials may be some of your favorites. What if they were too creepy commercials. Like did bring back some of the ones from super bulls and I love the classic right. I didn't classic Folgers commercial Christmas the love it. In you don't do it all the time be you bring it back you just say hey. You know. The good old days let's do this. 55 after a five what are you looking forward to. Super Bowl 51 dusting came on the fan. This is a football Friday addition of dusty and JM in the morning brought you by series cafe and I was on ten navy those friends. Is TI this is Atlanta. Atlanta rapper. Does seem marine is the mayor of Atlanta. I bet you didn't know that I didn't know that no idea about that and until about five minutes ago on. Thank Kassim Reid just win on the The Today Show. And he made an announcement that he signed in order in the city of Atlanta. That bars will stay open until 230. AM. On Sunday night what went on normally closes might like on him thirty ish. In Atlanta I think so yeah you were just there I was there they shut us down at I think David last call was somewhere around the 115 markers out and he said that ELA it is an hour news extended done. Deal let in time were bars conserve an extra hour in the state city of Atlanta now. I think that guy just got reelected. Just that alone I think I think he's good enough funds at the Kubiak is seen marine. That's a dude. We're talking about your favorite Super Bowl traditions time are honored traditions and we've got. People just now taxing in Super Bowl commercials because that's what it evolves into yeah. I throwing something that I had a few years ago that I really enjoyed is something known as anybody else doesn't wanted to test this but. We did something during a game we'll talk about we'll talk about prop bets and things during but during the game up. We had that I was at a party where everybody was given eat you put in twenty dollars you when he poker chips have you done this before. In net assured nobody has heard of it everybody sits around the game and at any time you can throw on a bet. In everybody can matches so I would bet something like. This kick off will. Return outside the twenty yard line in the summer goes match and then you start betting on things that happened before prior receipt say this next play will be a run at Seoul say no bet against it. I really enjoyed that they're really catch you in the game it was joy you can OK so it's like. He's still alive Betty and you set that you say your brand on at least he had twenty juice for Tony box when he chips for twenty bucks and you cash out at the net cash out at the end I relied more time to see combined more during the if you get down now gone by Mori and highlights that you sit there and say OK OOK. Out rout at tight end catch the ball in this next next possession and you could say okay throw the bad and get a multiple side bets going at the time damn tired those great. Now I don't elastic material that. No great idea I've heard of that but I have no I've never done it sounds amazing in her. But Crawford you can't play because you get to drone like GM like three side bets going and you forget what it is us. That is a law that sounds like a lot cognitive. Problem. Function yet you have to you have to tell you anywhere and yet to be pretty you can even go to the commercial side you say the next commercial bee boo a guy who liked. Multiple betting that's a rape that's a great way to keep people here and engaged in the game. In name. Inherently well law happen is like the March Madness tournament bracket where. You know somebody has no idea what football is like zero now and they start winning on the bench elected yet. Ha. Right stop profit. And there's also the squares. Of course the source queries worse you have wary you get to score by by your swears. Even there's a lot of ways he can they get action on the Super Bowl. Conference go to Vegas did you know that young Italy's CD's today yeah upper randomly all these wanna go yeah a goal with some friends some old friends TU. Samoa weekend is really fun although I'm coming I'm gonna watch the game import I'm coming back Sunday if I stayed to watch in Vegas and only then make our show. My own I don't and his colleagues in the back to. I know I'll be back you know I don't think you're gonna make our club fly until I had had to muscle some leeway there. If he's leaving on Sunday. Police Sunday Sunday morning no I don't think he's gonna make a back because he's gonna end up like. Every other guy does. Easing marrying other hang over routes Yemeni get hits something's gonna happen. And I think it possible to hide what is the over under that that or what is the odds that Crawford misses his flight. Alone. That he misses slightly we always say I was betting it's an eleven did to you and I mean this is like gods are in favor of me missing yeah oh yeah I mean to five yarder early there for what. Tonight's. And one week into Haiti in May it's not to do one in May be one to tee is not sleeping in your going to be Iraq. I'm coming over the I was totally my rejuvenation I would give better odds that. Crawford ends up getting his organs harvested then he gets married though troop. In detestable tattoos are gonna come home with I'd throw organ harvest number one on that list you know I think that even even blacked out. UN get married. There's a higher likelihood you make friends with somebody that is the eighty shady individual family chalet and that's to me it and you end up in a bath wake up and bats have packed with size is too friendly when I drink yes you are. Thank you are committing a fellow them so you did you know you know I get married. I discounted EO Donnie said about going the Vegas we'll talk about this later is that I can actually place all these bags. In real life how do you cash out email. Whatever. Whatever. Deals are on now later need to do you should check your argued earlier that lettering and blast your vote absentee bucks on Von Miller went to bowl MVP and I made. You know couple hundred bucks. That's script which evened out my others big bad on the Panthers. 55305. That is the tax and I can't wait for all the entry isn't bound by commercials on the commercials are the last couple symbols have been lacking a lot. Agreed we talked about that that is true. There's two companies that really dull all in on funny commercials and it has been. Injury doesn't bubble like lately now Bud Light. They cut it has been much serious is that company actually InBev loans and all Budweiser has got serious bug life has been true. Like a true if you Y users are a little bit more traditional. Lights are the lighter side of drinking. All right I need to know is that this past year Budweiser changes name to you America. And Bud Light to state wildlife tuna you know a few different got to know your lane right yeah and stay in command in that day in a I love all of these. And I forgot about this on this guy's commercial and U member of the Super Bowl commercial with the who would depend C. Now is the car commercial where the guy was it had the birds fighter pilot oh yeah I attitude that was his heart on yeah I was a Nissan and it and then he was trying to get in. It is get to his grudge ever emerge as the crowd on him yeah and they were like fighter pilots that was wonderful that is a good seat. Yeah those ads are great and they stick with DO you remember Nissan I had no idea who was there I don't care I remember thinking that commercial was great. How about ER BI thinks though I I think back to that member of the I wanna say it was kind of court me from wrong it was Fiat. Where the guy had the blue pill that fell out if it landed around the gas tank I'll now is the locker room into it. That was actually highlighted. My pillow and car came alive I. See who. He emerged. Yes it emerged as soon as she did there. Exit row emerging now was he gave commercials and here's the other finally I should only needed. How many and this will be what this'll be one of those things too that's very unique how many. Patriot babies. Or Atlanta falcon babies will be made okay. I have that is the bigger question I have a wall. Okay I may have a problem here well. Okay nominal. Is there is a view we did something you already well Vince you are wasting time this year could start a trend that may give me in a lot of trouble. Oh in yeah I know I'll tell you about it next also we have a statistical analysis that's being completed. Evaluating the all star officiating crew for Super Bowl fifty want the penalty numbers benefit one team. More than the other dusting came on the fan.