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Dusty and Cam - 2.2.17 - Hour 2

Feb 2, 2017|

What are the biggest weaknesses for both teams in the Super Bowl? Also, Super Bowl parties, Andrew Nemec, and National Signing Day.

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They solicited to. 45 minutes of your life I've promised. Doing the right thing since 1952. Super G news vulnerable to some suitable man. Got to be happening now super commercials the last. Consumers Max. When developing type it anywhere. And super league and dusty and jam in the morning and rock you by your team by. Open now that happy valley Dresser and happy valley. Does the jam on any. All right Super Bowl 51 techno music here ego. We'll get ready for this this lady dog off halftime show. Who boot tomorrow we need to go over profit. The excited about Lady Gaga. Jill she's got some catchy tunes and catchy tunes yeah. Mum mum mum mum a. But the Pope go LA is songs telephone. Ted Ted Ted Ted telephone street talented. She's pretty talented is she yes OK and her songs are catchy and possibly that. I disarm anybody that you do you can't do that's called talent. Now as a realist out of okay. I think yes I'm OK here we go now we have prop as soon tomorrow but this is C a the National Anthem. No idea do we now know nobody knows pregnant Sierra. Been down I don't. I mean she I don't she's done before you before I don't know I don't think so Super Bowl it's country music artist Luke Bryan a look Brian. Bryant Brad Bryant. No there's no C on this Brian you know Brian is Brian Brian he's got 21 names like that we're high and yes. Aren't well good luck with a great name of god sets. This convenient staying National Anthem we have here and why why don't we just out hologram in two buck. No when no Easton. Legal room Tunisian district client and just do it again let's think that I don't care what she it is also they say. It was a great National Anthem and go to hell you don't think if you think it was great. SS listeners are clearly lived Bryan. Let's give him a chance for gosh sakes the air it. That's early spells and creams and more Credo is kind of Pearl Jam he'd get up a little bit. All right here we go now Super Bowl to deal on though have not just halftime shows lady got out or Luke Bryan. Singing national anthems. Football game in between those things happening. And if you were to look a bull the falcons in the patriots. A lot of the conversation is about to end in rightfully so what do you take away from each of the teams right. What would you take away. From. Atlanta. Knew what would you take away from New England my question on all you who is what is the weakness that you would exploit. From each of these teams starting with Baghdad the Atlanta Falcons would you take away from the Atlanta falcons' first and foremost. And tomorrow night now what you take away what do you what do we can SI attacked them immediately inexperience. Inexperienced in these scenarios. Because pressure is the number one way to divulge weakness has somebody that. Well and here's the thing is is that you can even go through a whole entire season in the NFL he's going through the playoffs he go man. I really known we vast we talk to guys too we talked to Jordan Babineaux Lisa what's it like to run out of that Thomas and never thought anything like in my life. Until you've been there and actually had that experience. And what it's like to play with that kind of pressure youth remember the halftime is longer the pregame is longer. The practice weeks or more distracting. What are you going to do to deal with that that pressure. And understand that so to meet. What New England is going to do is going to actually take advantage of the fact that they have never been there the weakness to me is Atlanta's experience. In the big game. Mean and how do you take advantage of that. You squeeze it out of them during the game. You intimidate them like what can what Denver did to Carolina what I hear you create pressure in situations that I normally you wouldn't get pressure. How do you do that how I mean I like how how is that done to finally be sitting here playing that they give a bill to give me examples like what Denver did to Carolina that created that. Pressure. Well their players world word just. According to in two a lot of people think is where ended. Von Miller we're just massively good pass stretched. And so if you're gonna attack your weakness you have to find where is the weakness in the offensive line. Is there one. They're very successful their senators very good there tackles are quality. But where you gonna create pressure you're gonna changer pass rush scenario because Matt Ryan predominately likes to rolled his right doesn't throws good rolling to his left he's not as good as Aaron Rodgers moving to the left. So what you're gonna do a stack your pass rush. To the right hand side and create and close off one side you you know if your gonna take away wanting clothes off one side of the field to make him one dimensional. In the cited his ability to escape and moved you're gonna take away the tight end so what you're going to do is you're gonna take. I too low too and you're gonna lock him down on the line of scrimmage. And you're gonna take too tight ends you're gonna remove them so where unity was you're gonna pig man coverage to those tight ends beautifully zone over the top and everybody else yeah so now you've removed. One aspect of that those are ideas of creating pressure. Said trying to defend at all. In block want now and you make them. I don't know three dimensional set a four. You know one of the things that. You know in New England if they when the costs about they're gonna get they're gonna want the ball there. Because of the one of the things that you can do that in these big game situations the opening drive success of Atlanta. This season eastern astronomical. Eight straight games eight straight games they've scored on their opening drive. They don't really know how to play from behind to. And that has been the one thing if you can get up on him early call the moment them use what. Momentum have Mo mama mumbled. But that is one thing that you can't control is whether you get the ball or not to start to get because it's a it's a flip of the coin. By the way the patriots red team so they get to pick him big cheese heads closely. They actually had to pull that bop prop bet off. One board because in Vegas ahead in the like law will be available. All day dizzying gene didn't choose heads or tails in its like they teach it's always choose heads so everybody is like that Don whose cell Stu doing their heads you always pick heads because his missed chance for tales every dollar heads you know let. Tails never fails. That was the that was the mantra. Of my high school was tails never fails to our coach forced us for youth dictators due to be different in an almost went. So that in spite but I didn't. But yet the most people EZ ED has details head's OK I gave you what I believe is Atlanta as you tell me from the outside from the from the map Patricia point of view which your beautiful switcher yet what do you think. What does your gut tell you that the weakness of the patriotism that can attack I'll also say one thing about Atlanta team. Going a mile and a weakness as well not just getting up on armor earlier point. I think it's going out and on the middle of the field. Because they got a rookie save Big Apple they got or rookie starting on the defense linebackers through yet but they got a rookie safety he's their shock collar. And you need to go after him if you're very ranked in the mean that's what Tom Brady has done is he's gone after. You don't go down bad vertical that that seam route that is drawn with here would be that was his the morale. But does little cross serves the over route by Hogan and gets you go with their biggest weakness you know try to get the safeties confused. For New England. If I look at their biggest weakness. On. I would said they're offensive line is really sinking in right now. But it's you gotta get you have to get the middle of their offensive line and get to give Tom Brady. In an ugly pocket that is how you beat new England and always always good luck. But it is one of the toughest things to deal. And if you're looking at at Atlanta they may have for rookie starting. But where is your twelve year vet. He's your defense tackle Babineaux right you've got you enjoy free on the ask is yes and dance song in there right you need. She muddy up the middle because that is one place for you can get to them in their offensive line play begin because it he dole. It bring you have all day to check down a deal on the. Underrated point of view that a lot of people don't understand is that a rule on way to create fear. In as a quarterback is pressure of the middle everyone always thinks this could be an address they get no none none of them. Edge rushers are are are wonderful because they look good and get to the sack numbers but. Over a long term game with 75 plays if you can create who. A and B gap pressure in the senator it takes the feet and the confidence away from up from recorder because guess we can't do. Can step up right against Obama and Brady is one of the best of all time his ability to shuffle in the pocket. Stepan slides like in Roger Newton and Rogers might have better feet debris is better awareness of where to be and Dante Scarnecchia is is proven at age 69 to be still. Only when it comes to coaching offensive line and he understands that we will security in being gaps up front. At all costs need wolf quarterbacks we'll have a bare block chipped to one side we will not allow the team to create front pressure. You have to try Wright so truck. Yeah I will also say this defense Italy processors. The Taliban man Beers shallow cross or San. Have killed in New England this year but spent I mean they kill everybody by aid take take this AA it is it is worked so effectively. Against new England's defense is would Denver. How they pick them apart in the AC GB agent game a year ago. Is what every team doesn't I don't know why more teams don't do it is take a page out of their own playbook new England's playbook which is. You run shallow crosses across middle and they got too tight ends in in Hooper and into Lola. And you have Mohammed Sununu in baby you have to respect. Julio Jones. I don't know what I I'd that is to me if I am. In Atlanta that is the biggest weakness is New England. Covering crosses across and potentially one underlying. Weakness I might. Throw I don't wanna call it conspiracy these but I will tell you that this might have a little bit of effect it's called distraction right when I talk about the experience in the distraction. Of what Atlanta's dealing with what they're dealing with with arguably their best coach Kyle Shanahan has been more. He's dealing with the future of his job which is moving on to San Francisco did that happen to anybody else in college football this year to. Offensive coordinator distraction I'm not trying to put two together wrong what I'm trying to let you know is is Atlanta's deal with a lot of things it's first time there. Their coaches are being pillaged it actually blocked Kyle Shanahan already in the news. From allowing him to take a bunch of Atlanta staff members because he's the last coach hired all these other coaches got jobs. So these distractions that are starting to mount up a little bit for Atlanta dang and here the patriots sitting back but there cigar and cognac going. We've been there were all mine yet map that you should Jocelyn Daniels saying we've been new we've been there. You urges you got the got a guy sitting on it on a couch having a beer. Taken smoking of the other guys bounce around drinking red double those of the two differences and in programs right now. That's a really good point and go with the damn fine point sir there ago finds her you know I have a theory go. I have a theory that. Jimmer says gonna wait until super balls over fire chucked the gone on and rode the Brinks truck and Josh McDaniels. And. It's an outside Colorado law I have zero I zero authority to the deals are here but we did that just seems I like. When a big need did like why is chuck Madonna going to be the coach there. I like your theories. General Phil Knight was going by the 49ers input here dice haven't yet you did he's an element studios give. I never said that I admitted no I never I would never in a million years say till I would buy the 49ers. He was sniffing around on the sideline and you know what in the world news here until world would I ever say that Phil Knight command religion around them or you said that. You know all. I don't always sniffing around. Memory said the raiders were locked to come to Portland. I didn't know that's the February I never see that politics this. Where did that come from him that sounded good to me but but but. They're like your fake news they're telling you pay Super Bowl weekend. Where do we find some real news out. Ray Lewis. Com was arrested the Super Bowl week. Because of the party scene right. In connection well this is several years ago. We got multiple players arrested. Over the years in celebrity's dress that Warren Sapp anybody last year. That do anything for anybody. Whoops. What is this Super Bowl party seemed like because tonight. Is the night what happens and see mode takes over your town testing came on the. This is super Oregon dusty and jam in the morning and brought here by Jersey light on generated both fair and hi Super Bowl week is a big party with. Like everybody just gets after. Right. And it kind of starts tonight Thursday this isn't celebs role in this town. And we're getting ready to talk about this in new party look like you have a hangover you know like just talking about it. I do remember. I do remember distinctly saw I've been a couple Sorrell has been a New Orleans super woman who Alanna. So verbal that was a patriots first Super Bowl win over the rams and I've been to the Atlanta which is the infamous Ray Lewis. That was the again the rams win over Tennessee I've also been cuter steady ISO. I've been to the tax was a Super Bowl. Tampa as win over Oakland now are you seeing Diego do you go to these games yet I don't go to the games I go to the festivities up until the meat and uptown Saturday. Are you leave Saturday I don't know the game doesn't do anything form so do you party Thursday Friday and then go Thursday Friday Saturday in the head out Saturday and altering take a month to recover. You can you aren't yeah. Okay so what you say. These parties yes. How many are there like there is what it is like what. Are the functions about like what kind of parties are we talking so let me give you less so tonight tonight is Thursday and and there's a huge amount of parties that happened in Thursday's kind of the kick off tonight. So tonight just what's going on on Thursday night. Is that you gotta get a lot of invites you gotta have special invite. But tonight is the E. A. SPORTS bowl party also we have Ditka and just cigars party which is great for gridiron greats huge. Cast of people having to be there then there's the legends party and then there is a couple other there's the pastoral Houston Super Bowl party which is local legend I guess. In the sense and that's Thursday's kind of kick off there's a few. Big ones that really happen on Thursday and then when Friday it's it's just it it it it goes. Without saying that. You better have what's called a plan. Okay where you're gonna go all in how how your gonna attend these because there is. You can get caught up in a big in a big shuffle because there really goes assertion we we need to had to this party in this one's going in this one's big in this rotation. From the maxim party to the Playboy party to the bar stool sports party. To the players only tailgate party and to the NFL players to the Rolling Stone live party. Always stones are playing now the Rolling Stone magazine light off. The years how did he was having a hall of fame players party. Only in these all have to be invites a you have to look at this and using your agent sets you up with all the invites and then you have what's called the riff Raff that stand outside in big. And go how can get Meehan can you get me in. And you have them in you have some cleaners you have the Klinger owners that wanna get it. Really so how do it now they are these all parties that are readily available people can find out about Italian you paid to get in then there are some the can pay it does help if you were a female. You can get in. Most guys will struggle somewhat struggled to get in but if you do you are our lady you have a higher chance of getting in which I'm not saying anything that anybody doesn't know right. It in guys don't go to parties for sausage fest they're all invite only yes they are and I don't. So thirty year invites come from if you are a player did your agent nine SI guess your agent lines it up even mature registered as a former player or. Active NFL player. You immediately or in the system. And so your agent or you can you can register through. Your players association NFL alumni base in CD an email from van exactly and you say okay were in town you get a discount and hotel rooms he could actually get on down. And go be part of it. You'd discount hotel rooms and they Jack up all the prices close to us now yeah. You guys get these. Not just from my being huge individuals. You have an NFL PA cards right in Olympia alumni cards there. Is that the identification a union is he showing you just flash that you don't actually have passed with you you can get in anything. And that's one of the things that significant easy that's one of those cards where it's the it's begin get what you want card yes I would call it. Getting what you need card okay bills of those this is kind of why they give those away those are freebies the yet. I'm a shipped pay for us. You'd it's. In Chrysler the F actually play to get one policy and and one for free just replied yes we sought to pay your alumni dues switchers you know I think it's like. For me it's hundred bucks a year forward to be NFL alumni member ensemble and gas in the be cool beans again January or later you some gear. An element to being your mean all right what is the best party that you went to a party. Hands down not even close and then it was the maxim party after that. Like Maxim Magazine now this is now things have changed right there there are things that have that it evolves since I've been signed into us who were born in ten years twelve years. But some of these parties he's new companies these companies get big time people to be part of but it's actually it's it's the fun part of being a part of these parties is actually trying to get in Neman watching the people trying to get in the jury in. It's like you know it's big you're just kind of mingle and it's just like people wanna rub shoulders of the few people and I will say this underrated party the E. A. SPORTS party because it's really cool. They have tables and they have screens and have console set up all across the parties you'll have competitions at the other celebrities they'll be someone like. I don't know it. I seem to I've seen former players fighting at each other and then they'll be people Benin in front of bumps and call this play and everybody's a coordinator that's an underrated fun party. Really a sad says that any sports party totally. Not in say that these guys I'd use it yeah I've baiting you into that blind athletes are actually take participants. Follow. You know there's this story about Lil Wayne in bird man in the rappers. How will low lane. And when they worked together. They will put on. Matting game today randomly select teams. In the event like upwards of 101000 dollars a game. But they don't play. They simulate the game. And they back on the video games simulations. For every ski ten grand game. Where Leo X running on. And do that. People of the celebrities take their E. A. SPORTS are Madden seriously you know. In Maddon did that it to me it would be fun to watch like an athlete play a celebrity in in Madden football because. They're both really got like apparently low lane is is released thinking that that and that in itself. So I'm looking at all the list of of the parties that are just. Amazing if you kind Disco through all these different parties and things are ones that. Now I would say will be underrated this year forgive me ranking number one underrated party will be les Steinberg's. Thirtieth annual Super Bowl party. Formally Leigh Steinberg combined with Playboy and that was what it was always the least I'm Bergen Playboy combination does laundering Leigh Steinberg first ever super agent super super agent. Huge very underrated party that's going to be done so that would be one and and then you have Michael vick's retirement Super Bowl Houston. Parties is true celebrity party. That will be cast that will be there. Excuse me what is Michael that he might only using his fireman he didn't officially announcing his retirement so it's Michael vick's celebrity date Super Bowl party that will be on Saturday night. Along with the maxim party so Saturday. Is your pinnacle. That's that's there's gonna be some monster's gone on in Houston. Saturday night Saturday night is is where you get it done is that wind somebody will likely get arrested I don't potentially. Potentially if there and there are things student is is this is not an inside story but you do know if you are. How to like call that a lady of the night. To a sit out that a good way to call let you. This is. Well in in in all so you Lance I think going down the Warren's separate note this is the only Denver prostitute this is a huge huge. Huge week against him they are flown from all over the world coming just for this time in this party in fact. It is part of the business side. What everybody understands is that it is the number one. Mecca of where you go to generate revenue for your entire year. While interest is that the underlying in my say anything good note that I wanna pretend it's not real cause every year there's a Super Bowl they always say that's a good that's a big weekend for human trafficking is done diamonds in. It Warren Sapp mean it's just just is its its incessant. I'd death. Interesting well. At least embers party that's for some reason would you go though carver would you be first when we head down if you could what do you go to a civil parties are you kidding me. Anybody that wouldn't. Wanna go down I mean that's like adult Disneyland I would love to go down and then I'd love to go come home and watch the game at home. I'm so you yeah exactly what you do because I don't I really don't care if I ever attend the super boy I love watching it on television yeah it's made for TV. He prepared dog fixed party who yes he's an advocate now yeah he's a changed man. The ducks and beavers closed hard but a lot of the top talent let the state are recruiting roundup with Internet to the Oregonian is next right now the scratch of sports and. This is super weak gun dusty and jam in the morning brought to you by Jersey life on generated sales and our writers signing day in the rear view of Mir again that is. Hurting poor. Oregon in organ live. The best in the area is in drew never make and he Liz couldn't all of this idea sake is used doing it live show. No make this is the time where you guys like unwind. Is it finally time to breathe a little bit yeah. Today is a lot of reflection of what happened so I'm doing a lot of national rankings twelfth rankings. Several radio interviews today so borrowed actually the first day that I can. Kind of unplugged for about seven to ten days and regroup trillion mr. Domenici called chart. Well perfect aren't let's talk about the ducks in the b.s than doubled them close and very hard. Did beavers have the best class and they've had in debt and over a decade. Meanwhile the ducks in Willie Taggart screw come in and on the day make a go according to scout a top sixteen recruiting class on short notice. Which one stands out TU as as the more impressive. Well Oregon State class actually woods would have been the top rated class about a week ago. But because they only added one more guy speaks little little bit now a lot but they get trampled little bit on signing day so it's just. Below the past class they've ever had in the last Saturday that they had in the last decade so I gotta give it to Oregon just because they they went from them beat forty. Seven weeks ago he met in the class rankings sixteen it's an incredible job it speaks to Willie Taggart ability to recruit speech creator. His staff's ability to recruit they had even less time. You do assemble a clap. Coaching staff and then they went out were able to pull some really big names the day before signing date and ran to the nation. Number one junior college offered to lighten George more. They whipped Cody Scherer from Arizona another nice addition from current interior lineman. And then they landed the commodore little work. He's arguably the number two or three quarter in the entire country. It kind of dated the icing on the cake. You really nice job by Willie Taggart to put together a top twenty class which is by no means beginning yet or against. You know very very short time. I Oregon State then I mean we look at we look at back class we kind of you knew what was gonna happen heading enemy George Moore they have received miss on him going to the docks instead of to be using it cumin and master to what other guys did did they miss sun but at the same time David Morris may be at a short high school may be the crowning jewel of that class. Yet David Morse an exceptional football player and exceptional human being exactly the kind of tactic can you wanna build around and not only that you didn't speak yet. Atalanta 660 player of the year the Oregonian sic basically here the year is a nice you're for or against each he had offers from Morgan. As he talked about yesterday you know he got a late call for Morgan to keep secret what can I or want that happening Ecuadorian state and I get. I think for Oregon State be key to their classes. They had he needs. And they fill them with their very best players in the clasping you do that he quarterback kicker coming in and keep it landed chic blue TARP. The nation's number three junior college quarterback do you get a big time talent. We needed a defensive tackle the plug all the up front so they were given up ground right from the job and they landed Craig Evans or star kid who played. Twelve gains for Michigan State when Michigan State made it to the college football playoffs so he's experienced real. Intense. We didn't put on the big panic. He knows what it takes you gonna come ignoring its stake. I beat or if both those guys can compete for the starting job or just flat out he wins starting jobs. When you start talking about your nose tackle in their defense. And your quarterback are two guys you just recruited and they are immediately upgrade you gotta be happy with what you're director Gary Anderson did a really nice job. You know I under the that you mentioned Cody sheer flipped Jackson kirwan Kirkland another flip and then of course Marlon Tupelo to. Flips a wash in the USC tell me about this local guys that are top talents that are flipping late. Why isolate why is it was this was this more about the emotions were where their hearts pulled another directions right it righted that right at the end. Well I can get a really unique you're with legacy can't be honestly you Cody shears uncle played for organ. Jackson at the co captain of the 1990 pac ten. Pac ten championship team on in both those. Guys got here to read off Kirk Washington and Colorado in the last 23 days before signing gain and when that happens. It's just really how traditionally organ kids commit early and I don't see a lot of guys what they eat and if I go back. And look at past years not a lot of drama surrounding organ cute comment later one point organ which you feel label for sticking with organic. And then call like airline obviously in debit or it would be considered UST for a long time. But generally speaking to kids are pretty loyal marlin had a unique situation and I believe his brother was hired on staff arms somewhere down there and it made it so you could be close with his brother being able to a close to the family is that you. Interesting injured Annika the Oregonian. Is our guest covers recruiting for DO and they can follow him on Twitter at injured naymick are right now if you look at. Kind of VD make out of the state of Morgan moving forward I mean. The borders. Have been blown off over the last couple of years guys Alito left and right whether its Kirkland a T dub. You bring in you Lee in now Marlon going down the USC guys are jerks kind of scattering all over. Is there a sense that says dean next crop is coming out that the borders are closing down and organs in organ sales Gary Anderson Willie Taggart. Are doing a better job of recruiting in state. Well I think first and foremost Oregon State union capsule they're actually doing a better job recruiting and the date. She gave woods has this region does a phenomenal job. He goes to Allen knows the coach is like the back of his hand. It comes down to wait for them you know when you go for a seat yet even a civil war win is nice but in turn east army can bowl games into the right back. Becomes really hard to keep the very best players in your home state organ kind of ignored the end stage it would talked about that over the past year. I can Willie tiger it's not gonna do that quite as much. That said it will cool and it's good talent from around the country Florida California. On this quickly. It wouldn't shock me if given a full year you don't organ the school's seven force our guys in the state next year you wouldn't shock me if only two or three of those guys really fit what he wanted to do. You know if he's able point 45 guys like he -- Portland or over the course of a year certainly you know it is that is greatly yet phenomenal talent. He's a force our corner wide receiver. Probably a top 200 kit in the country if he's able to get port five top hundred hit really hard to all in one guy I would really like. But I don't think you can have aren't very many places. Forestar center Travis screen. He started for Jesuits and he was a freshman and I know centers like the sexiest pick in terms of position. But he's started project to listen to that restaurant usually get the number one parity at higher country by twenty course severance or lack let's stop our. I'd I had your way up to the pac twelve target. A potential national target is the first time I saw him between his freshman and sophomore year it's hard declines centers that are that's. Mark you like a pure offensive lineman in the waiting you know he jokes around that is attitude is that he is kind of off beat old like me kitten and I hope ordinary people perceive to mark the other one that it would in the state. Is how Lola thank you need to crescent valley icon of the eight creator and can't he wouldn't necessarily like supposed to be there icicle camp. I had I wrote it down it like a bully got our work. It turned out he would still want crater that was obviously or four years ago you're going to be special to me because I start special already had offers from USC. Michigan heavy interest from the big point. He's gonna end up with Alabama LSU. Everybody keeping him in this state will be huge for both ordinary things well. Uniter we are talking earlier our show about it each school having their own identity that there are offering these players you're talking to these players talk with families. What a coach Anderson includes tiger. House in that house when there were talking with those guys what did you hear from the players of the selling points that they were trying to do everybody's got facilities. One ideas were solid brand from Morgan the other one your cell and family organ state forty hear from the players are what they're saying. Lately it all boils down to relationships and yet but but organ skates were a lunch help I could be helped. Rebuild this spring how we can not only do that. The two early come here and play and compete one of the things that really impresses me how hands on Gary Anderson it during recruiting process. You hear from other schools and I would say 85 to 90% of the prospects I talked duke saying that the coach we've bonded which is an assistant coach. And then head coach on the continent and seal the deal a bit bitter. Makes a phone call wants some arms that are visit the school once during the you know during the entire fall. Gary Anderson was a primary recruiter for about. Outcome more than apple war against each class he knows he needs guys. He does not mess around with the truth he'll tell you ask you can come in play right away or you don't have to sit a couple of years. We really think if you put in the work that you got twenty sound that we work on here. Are your back penalty you're going to be one heck what physical order whatever the case may be gearing Anderson really into recruiting and take shall work. That he is personally he personally had a hand. In making things better I don't know what's gonna work I don't know if they're gonna in Debian and eaten or item three team every year. But I really got to admire and I see is the guy who understands he gets sick and he wants to win it knows that takes a twelve month effort. As far as org. Oregon got some dynamic recruiters and nobody more so than Mario crystal ball we heard about how good recruiter she west. Forty seem too worried liberated when nation's number one recruiter last year. The number two recruit three years ago two out of the last three years in the pot to recruit in the country. He. He's the guy that came in the red right away had success that George or the nation want cheer call adopt a blanket. He landed Cody sheer three start up at the white collecting skinny that being a relief physical really athletic center. Orange is gonna get down and dirty with all year build relationships and protect our country. Internet make up the Oregonian thanks to the inside man really appreciate it. Thank you. Check him out on Twitter at injury you know Mac recruiting. And give it. People love it let's talk about it a little bit more though. You have the ducks and beavers closing but none of them. Compared to what USC did let's take a look at the pac twelve the good the bad and the ugly because chow. They had a rough day. It really roughed this is testing came on him. Oh okay. This is super we've gone dusty and jam in the morning Matthew thank you very polite on Jay Nady both fail and it's all right it is 7:48 on either Thursday morning I've got hugs everybody and you still there and watch the I don't understand few days. And get a good chuckle out life you know. It's a good movie it's a great movie. Billy I want my favorite scenes is when the groundhog named get in the truck. In they don't try to add don't drive crazy regulatory you have a good record you know. It's okay. I've theory in you make going crazy for this theory Karen. Clunkers anyway because it Bill Murray. Is what Rob Schneider desperately tried to view in failed that. QB Rob Schneider yeah. Think that there pass. SNL. Can. And then you your more of the secondary or tertiary. Cast member. K but you are with a guy that's supposed to make the scenes better you can steal them. As a second or third. A lot Carlson Bakalar Adam Sandler who can't do that Adam Sandler is not a sin there's more of these guys because he had Happy Gilmore. Really can you name. Thank Bill Murray one about Bob Kerrey's OK that was his movie Groundhog Day that was his movie but even ghostbusters. Stripes. His movie right but ghost busters he's in me in a big cast caddie shack. He priced to best movies he wasn't so the only golf I do your saying that. Rob Schneider tried to do that. But he was just failed miserably at politics failed miserably failed miserably funny to millionaires been and a ton a movie that's like true feel old but failed. When you try to be Bill Murray and in you get to what he has casino he's supposed to be like oh no he's our guy. And don't know honorable way and he's that began. On the outside what a nice old you. Russian matter succeeded. In Intel much much much smaller way like completely agree laggard Alia as a water boys like one line you know I can't l.s day memorable boy you give them more than like you want her to lie easy it is just it is in Miami unnecessary roughness like Carolina a really nice guy he's raised as a secondary right I can't believe what's yet what's the you know no clear lane writes Dana Laine. Tertiary yankees beat Hearst. Bill Murray good secondary Russian matter. Tertiary fields or goes is only full lead role right no logic of why me why no watch the end animals movies are doctors Bigelow as best he. Com deuce Bigelow hopes a deuce Bigelow deuce. Ed and. This I. Anyways it's gonna Wednesday associate Marreese US involvement. Assume SNL cast members are you people. The only school consider movie's memorable OK you know I love Eddie Murphy's stand freezing any murder is the best comedian of all time. A series the best for me for not from my group I'll get out of there. Are in a segment to get the bad the ugly from. It's signing day 2017. Let's start with. The good how about USC in the way that they were able to close the trojans yesterday. On endowed with a massive call that included 24 recruits. A seventeen of them force stars or better. In yesterday's record in Glasgow hey guys seventeen. Yeah but total a 24. By the way. They didn't have any ninety starred as it was called them three or you are guys. Muni June yet 24 retreats four stars are better Ferrari's and how hard is seventeen for stern better via a day at the number one of recruiting class in the pac twelve. As well as the rest. Now known and notre. Is that should that be a warning sign for people in the fact often. They've been doing it for. Thirty years but here's it being thirty years. I know but if not longer. They have a quarterback who's young and we'll get that he's only going to be in they're warriors are all of the sanctions. Or frightening but they're off the sanction that we got to be the man first right yet to be the top there there on their way they're trending up yes there are they early behind Alabama Ohio State Georgia Michigan and Florida State according to rivals if ski out in 24/7 have them all up there and in that top fives while. That is the good. The bad it would be. Did you see what happened. At cal. Yeah what do we make of what happened with the California Golden Bears. Cal did didn't just have the worst recruiting class in the pac twelve. Signing only fourteen players. Many are saying. It is the worst in by many I'm saying all of the recruiting rankings are saying it is the worst of any power five school. We're talking Kansas. Had better. Recruiting class then. The California golden buyers. On daybreak 75. In the nation behind national powerhouses such as South Florida. Southern miss east Carolina Texas San Antonio. New. What do we make of this. I'd tried to be fair. Coast Wilcox only had a a couple weeks Terry let's be honest if you had in been fired if Sonny dykes or been fired let's say I'll only be December 1. Were were having a different conversation. You who were you going to get stable. Or in your stable with two weeks of recruiting when there everybody is already ahead of the game made s.'s late to the party that's number one number two it's cal. You know automated it lets us be honest with this year recruiting to California so you. Our recruiting to a school that's very difficult to get into academically. And you have to go after a certain type the kid and you have an aura about that school that's just not a tough school hard to recruit there and it is it's not easy to recruit. Yeah but also to remember the scouting services and everybody's using the rank themselves scouting services use numbers and the equivalency of if I have a 25 class and I sank 25 you're always gonna be ranked higher than the team that might have more stars than you but it's fifteen guys because. While the numbers game you know ten more guys. More value right so those with a all the factors it's going into but it comes down to it two weeks is not enough time to recruit you can't do when he. Two weeks now and that is I think that a lot of people look at and go well. But you do you think South Florida where early tiger came from a lot of those kids came to yeah Eugene right. Coming Tennessee. They signed ET. These South Florida sent eighteen kids to their class you know we have more it will look at as usual between 20/20 five got strapped up so it's usually will you bring it. Cal's four team in that is a very tough thing in one of the problems that. The golden bears had was Sonny dykes is recruiting Texas far too hard so Wilcox even said Biden. Hey I had to be on the road far more than I I wanted to probably should have been. Because the furthest thing you need to go. Elite in which we're talking and being realistic care if your cal. You should dominate the Bay Area you go down to Southern California. And then Vegas and Phoenix right. That should be recruiting days right. You may deep in the Texas every now and then right you should know way in any any stretch of the Mitt imagination beat the Texas heavy know at all. In that's kind of that's for Sonny dykes cut his teeth coach and that's where his roots are right now we're where he recruited now and that could be. And dead that has a lot to do with why did the golden bears weren't able to Ted to recruit a lot better sell. A few that Deepak told rankings. And as it stands USC obviously number one with the fifth. Number five class in the country according to rivals. And dot com. They were also on in the top five according to U. Ski out Kansas in the top five recruiting class four then the Oregon Ducks. Come in number to you we talk about a strong finish for. A deducts. Number two in the pac 1218 overall nationally according to rivals are in I believe they worked or went to sixth. Indeed. Scout dot com or 616. In the scout dot com rankings as also that is. For deductions you who and said hey we got all these recruiters. What the heck is going on here. Dated out. Top sixteen in the country on on short notice steeper came in third in pactel rankings they were nineteenth overall in the country that is. Not should be surprising to anybody anymore right now. That according to rebels their 24. According to scout. On UCLA 21 in the rivals and and they were 21 in scout as well in Washington. 23 in both those. Scouting. The departments on. Still. You'd dubbed in this and we had fans that were saying what's going on you'd have right now. Don't worry about that current vogue Mikey you shouldn't really be like Chris Peterson. He doesn't recruit bad way right if you have a tough when he five class. I think you're OK with Christiane I'd I don't know honestly in my in my opinion is is I like to see performance on the field and again I've used this multiple times. These ranking services than these things if you're basing your logic off that look to the top five only police and after that you are honestly spinning the in magic jackpot we'll is what you're doing. Just like USC. Michigan Ohio State LSU. Those types is that Miami do you those types of programs now have a lockdown when it comes of those elite type players after that. You are indeed it is it just just look at the numbers the numbers based off that after that it really comes you'll see the pop ups you know watch a show up every five or six years. You know those those things happen and I did I personally don't look at I just. This is one of those things it's it's difficult to always say that you have to base your logic on a number ranking system. Get to what these players develop and that's what Washington does they do that that way that's a wash in state does and certainly you're not gonna hit area to get five stars like you can't or. Or at at USC stuff to happen the rest of the pack toga as you talked and they word sixth in the conference and 25 by. Its rivals in a top thirty Daisuke out. Colorado Arizona Oregon State ninth they're 45 overall in the country Washington State tenth invade. Were 850. In the country than Arizona State and count. So that as a recruiting roundup for the impact of not a bad not a bad class were anybody except for the wilders. The biggest. Glaring weaknesses we talked about now we take game it's jade realty NFL chose next on the fan.