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Dusty and Cam - 1.31.17 - Hour 1

Jan 31, 2017|

Should the Blazers trade for Serge Ibaka? Also, why do QBs in college trans

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Base or listening to the dusty camp podcast brought you on the stand by your local less Schwab tire center doing the right thing since 1952. Super G news vulnerable to some suitable you have. Got to be out. Super commercial splash. Strippers Max. When developing and did it work. And it's super windy and dusty and jam in the morning in front you buy your team by. Open now that happy valley processor and happy valley doesn't jam on Jamie. VAR ride its views. First month of the year 2017. Done no more excuses for right nor wrong deep on you check. No more sixteen I don't know fits anyone else feels about this but this January can go to hell I think cost this January and behind this. I'm actually win any damn few really why are you kidding me from the snow we get things to this school closures. To the weather changes to the Q let's go already wary already 2017. Bad year for Kim Miller not a bad year I'm just thankful that were doing and all it was a herky jerky start for me you're herky jerky start with Turkey nothing felt. Felt I never gone to a rib them. Yes is all about rhythm even though I'm not as much of a routine guy like cam it's called continuity I like a little bit noisy continuity. Can I aids as word for today as we never had a show canceled in like two years in the they canceled two in two weeks I'm not gonna lie I have problem I've worked cheer forward. This view an idea working here. I have never had were canceled until this year so I'm saying good good riddance Jindal urged numb again and 08. CN legend broad flare. It got my car and stock from the ice because that big ice storm came and I and that's what I used to give battle my way down the roads. Armory worst month of the year no. Lol well I did. Worst month I consider you know this and then there really is the best in the area you throw that out by the U worst worst month of the year right up there it's in the top. In the top two totally. I'm gonna go home can't. Can't find it. I honestly don't like February very much I'm doing big fan of February I love their work because it short you know when you do overweight and here's what I hate about February. The anti Valentine's Day because you're gonna. Oh I hate now my wife knows that he downtime yes now I always have holidays I do do it all you know my life and I we have an agreement fake hallmark holidays Michael yeah. Poehler are called it's. I'll give to a card. That's about yet. That's all I do it until I do. And in did in the first. Well it's just like had dated shell the person you love you care about and I got idea that every other day of the year any. There should be no different right. Also pricey with flowers in June. And that's better than getting them when your expecting even February on the fourteenth for stupid holiday right. So you go to hell earlier holy today for care all this say Hewitt February okay. Every four years you say two short month leave his brain a lead role on an extra yeah. That's BS elect its little the no job with Kraft it's probably February he used to be march for me. But I anymore. Our saint Patrick's in Saint Patrick's Day is again drinking day. Mark mark is also like. You start to get a little spring March Madness yeah well march is all right let's relive anywhere is she us. April's kind of on autism or bowlers in January anymore dear new me but I don't optimism a birthday is in January so it's like you guys aren't buying it. Are right I was like all right let's go January 5 grade day dad is a great 888 ordinary did to be born. My kid in Crawford sir that you share the same birthday. Well in July we'll make sure your kid always has a great birthday. Are you kidding me you're gonna give a kid drunk ray was ever joint party aren't yeah. Ari join Arnold I don't know if the other joint in our friends in your friends are going to be getting on. Yeah and abetting your friends would behead me quite literal joint party one day. He be adopted crazy uncle because that's pretty much what he's going to be yeah. Jim your kids are calling me uncle Crawford where they yeah they told him to make fun you I'll I did I felt accepted an unknown and that tells them in the army. If visualize in didn't sighs yeah. Yeah I mean that's trio. Parent. We do these I remember was just like yesterday. I. Yeah by the way February may not start off on the regulatory. Well regardless Dexter at 553 of her crazy its closest don't know it's not yes it is no it's not a gimmick is are gonna do it. And is still sports history our resident of Broncos homer TV producer Alex Kirchner. She'd be thrilled about this 1990 now I Ain T Denver Broncos. Win super people. Dirty treatment. Beating the falcons. 3419. And guess what color they were. Through pumpkins. No they were white bronco Broncos. Broncos' momentum theory is their blues he's. They won back to back championships. You know it's only been done eight times but when you say that that's actually I think sixteen of the chip to a Super Bowls there had been back to back championships. But John Elway rode off into the sunset. On his white stallion what do they call that dumb worse. But it vs then I don't know divorces him I forgot cursor on the mile high thunder thunder is sect under some like that right. Eric Christians nice orders yeah. I today we'll have Jordan Babineaux is being played bad says these con in Seattle. But he played in the Super Bowl. With the Seahawks did but a lot of people say ours is the worst of all time. From game play to officiating. Steelers Seahawks. Is very sloppy game very sloppy very poorly officiated scary for early appreciated. But it's a Super Bowl nonetheless on the side hill again now for the jealousy is permeating from deep well. How about this and he went to the Super Bowl in his second year in the NFL yet his older brother. Is starting defensive tackle for the UN conference. Jonathan Batman. So we're gonna take turns gray nuns. Kinda keep an insanely nice given his older brother John who's just now making it he made at the prime minister's Brothers make in the back given this it back in his career. So Jordan Babineaux and 715. Steve Barton cal ski. Former falcons quarterback cal golden bear golden bear I'm a baseball player to Gaza unbelievable athlete. Yeah I'm now ranked breaking all of his franchise records so we'll see how hard counts he feels about that in his team finally making it usable. A Lane Kiffin is fairly still to be in Boca Raton and anatomy out today show and then sir Charles verses that LeBron. Let's do it folks there's a few Bruins. I'm doing go. Midnight to worry in the debate and the people were talking about up to about a program talk about a school. I think. Everybody Grand Junction to bring up some very legitimate point. You know this year there's a lot of it was great I feel good they could you know anyone. Number. Mark. You. Didn't snag a head coach just talked Tony by the college hoops rip rest. Can Zagat is he shaped different number one team in the country wish we had that we had this conversation last year where there was a lot of jumping around. Promised and it. It is impressive. Over and over the gun zag is in the conversation right and now they are and number one team yet again and this I'm sorry for small school there is nothing more impressive field ranked number oh. Open after having three teams ranked in the top ten we can go be tackled when all high Lander on the he's back you know we'd be one. Hi pat. I guess I was sorry I know you are you guess what. Our guests can zag is being really good against the spread this year. My cram course you're scrambling to my friends start with a hundred bucks and he's been every second game. The exempt over foreground while nobody causes zag again nobody zags zigzag zigzag and I can say is Agha. I Arizona's fifth. Good zag is one. Dealers to you Kansas third. Defending teams Villanova fourth UCLA was eight they're now eleventh ducks were ten to their now thirteen and oh by the way. Northwestern in the pool for the first time since 2009. They've never made the tournament. Just wondering ever a. Used to that never. Think the cinema you wake him I said wake up. All right with the St. Louis Cardinals were handed one of these stiffest penalties in MLB history yesterday. For hacking into the Houston Astros and scouting department in their database. They well before getting their first two picks in this years draft how much. And give up two million dollars but here's the deal with MLB like an NFL invited happen. The big gauges gave up those picks and had to pay that money to the league. In Major League Baseball those picks go to the Astros in the money goes to the Astros. Good on the Astros but yeah right but. A lot of Major League Baseball insider saying this isn't nearly enough because you know let. Those first two picks don't include a first round draft choice oh because of the cardinals already gave up their first round draft choice this year to sign Dexter Fowler and there's like 58 rounds I don't know what Mort they want this so thirty. Well no they're just saying that it carried and make him give up their first two picks that you make them give up a first in the second not a second and a third who knew espionage Beverly yeah and by the way Chris curry as the guy who is it. The center of all listed scout who happen did it change your passcode. Well there's that there but he was. But he is found guilty of twelve counts. Of corporate espionage in this. But this exciting deals he gonna go to jail he is he's imprisoned OI though officially he is he's his prison 46 months in prison. Is that a federal prison where they have TV isn't easy yet it's none is there. Still it's Sox he's like shared a cell culture there. Yeah. And it does not test this is rock and roll play. Leaping out loud and do leg. 600 Lazio's ten or oh my god it's early wake up. Well. You know those Oakland Raiders are trying to become those Vegas traitors yeah we know that biggest they'd hit a live literally pick up here. In its their own doing I don't understand this. A pick last Thursday. The raiders submitted plans about the stadium proposal that would include like they're leaves seeing. Kind of all the details on it. And they didn't include. The main investors in the the stadiums and say one point nine billion dollar project that there happens in Vegas had to build any stadiums 750 million would come from hotel tax. On all of us going to Vegas and Marty who aren't like Crawford's gonna do this weekend. 500 million was gonna come from the raiders in the NFL there's. But at least like 650 million dollars. Now is gonna come from Sheldon adolescent NBC ends Las Vegas Sands corporation's. Billionaire casino guy. They left him out of their whole proposal in all police they said. Your lease is going to be. One dollar Bob. Do one dollar an adult sin and find out a thirty that now. Let them hang him and so shelter you that but you can do that when you have the kind of money well I shelled an analyst says. Said I thought I'd screw you he releases state the SEC and I'm out we're not supporting this stadium anymore. But apparently the raiders he's intake got a huge loan from Goldman Sachs and you'll find money elsewhere guess believed many people lining up throw money at. Here in Germany this is that bizarre story and although they do you have that loan now from Goldman Sachs. Mirrors they're planning on taking it may have a financing plan to bear alone would be upwards of a billion dollars or taking from Goldman sounds. Upwards of a billion interest rates on that the dollar is low this. Goodness gracious almighty give comedians though. Well is zipped. What they're saying that this may not a billion dollar line of credit this may this day's big they're saying that this may sit there and be like Goldman Sachs may even goal lead in the near this may be too much I think there's good call at a Little League and put some good collateral. To the stadium in the team Jihad if Omar davis' haircut get a loses team yes. Boy I will the blazers pulled the trigger on the trade one NBA rumor mill has the potential target that is raising some eyebrows here. 55305. That is Tex signed dusting cam on the fan. This is super worried gunned dusty and jam in the morning. Matthew thank Jersey night on Jay Nady both men. All right the NBA trade deadline is that coming up next at CN better middle of this month next month. Sorry it is still the 31 it first of January I'm excited for this trade deadline are you yeah I feel like there's gonna be a move somewhere big move. In the NBA relic recent shuffling. Okay. Now I can see that it'd involve our local team that I don't think. There's the rumors of like Jimmy Butler pressure on the marquee and Taylor and the like Boston. If it's a big name I don't want for yet come up to the Western Conference yet Crawford. Clippers fan clippers homer and always saying mr. Newport Beach and. Cigarettes like pit bull mr. worldwide. No I done mellowed TV. Clippers is like a real life thing. Yeah something people are actually talking about would you be happy with Carmelo Anthony coming to your team at first I thought it was garbage because I'd. I love to bash Carmelo yet this day when I saw the knicks are reportedly willing to do it without taking the Andre Jordan. Blake Griffin Chris Paul or maybe even JJ Redick. Unlike. What we I like it I guess sit down point you might as well give up Austin rivers though yeah I'll. Yeah scumbag who's actually playing really well this year and got back on their regardless battle that the clippers haven't had a starting a good three. Like a serviceable three like they'll hold time Doc Rivers has been there. The best in season. He would really the last this season and there Wesley Johnson ball you're talking about the clippers but we'll get because that's like the most likely yeah that's the most exciting to try a little all right gives you Shelby are you Aaron and I got it does it. 6 Tony in the morning that he's ready attacking jets and art morning I'll answer tiger Keith Smith says. Real GM. Is reporting that says. Sergey box guys on the market for the Orlando Matt Matt Jeep right here it's been magic in a shocking development in the sale mode yet again. They are apparently have everybody's on the table with the exception of Eric Gordon who they wanna build her own right and even though I really like Alfred Peyton. I I really like quality players on but that may be just because he liked kills the blazers all the time he's like his hair don't you. Now. Eight how can EC. I don't I don't know. Tom anyways stop distracting sorry produced by Evan for an game because you know Google G dot Google is the best meet David if ever bounced early this you know you're dying Google for yet you're not to but decent at the same team is known to have interest in Serge Ibaka are. As follows Toronto. The war she intends. Boston. Indiana. Houston. San Antonio and is the good the Portland trailblazers okay well. OK. With that being said that. If your Sergio rocket you're free agent. After this year I'm here this year so of trading him is not a guarantee LSU and get him to sign a contract. Where is there need to be a third team involved to make sure that he can have a contract prior to trade. Too little to lock it down because he's gonna get a big time offer. Well. I know you can you can just strayed straight after him because he does not have a pending contract on the books so he will be a free agent at the end of this year. And you who to your readers yeah seasoned player injured in. Is what you're getting less than half of the season you're getting a pro rated deal we have to pay the full yet to match his contract for the full season. On that bad boy I'd surge bachus 27 years old he's in his ninth year in the NBA. He has not had a Goodyear and my what seemed to reasons is he's our busiest of these points and seven rebounds yeah he has not been hit big this surge of Bakken that you know about who like you know the the shot blocking rebounding machine he is. Alternate tee this thing they've asked him to be Connolly Chris Bosh and that's just not him you don't mean. It is his roles are three reason an excellent three point shooter too but you're right I I agree he's. His role is definitely it's bizarre to to meet a watching guy that big metaphysical be on the outs I. Yup he is a better power for than the blazers have you right now. Agree on but the question is. Why in all of this in when you talk about these rumors popping up. You got a guy and expiring contract what are you gonna have to give up to get it right what do you have to give in order to get. Sergey bucket to Portland and that to me is the one re sit there in ego. Man. I don't know why one in the world is worth the gay guy with an expiring contract. You don't know he's gonna be here for another year and would he make this team. Any immediate. Contender. In the Western Conference is it gonna say contender I mean I'm talking to you. Make it out of the second round of the conference finals right. Now. Well the here's the other reality of that and what you said of the teams that are interested Portland might be weighed down the list of where he would actually be sitting going. Now does it does end up being more about how do you sweeten the deal. Because it comes down to he does a really get a pick you know where he goes if you really depends on who's gonna throw the best offers out of but your telling me Toronto's interest in. Ballclub Boston's interest did you know San Antonio's interest didn't do your surgeon Bob you're going guys that's fine you can trade me. You better send me to be a real contender and this is a slap in Portland but those teams are much better situation than Portland this. And doubly so hot they are better situations led if he doesn't have any say in the deal the other China's. Adios amigo and I will see who's got who's gonna throw the best. Deal. Well there's a lot of guys out there right now there's where's brook Lopez's being shopped also there's going to be some some big time names Jimmy Butler like you said. Nick can be shocked but is it would be willing to pay for ya. And you know this is here here's a problem is that what you would have in this situation is. Would you have to give up like. Say a Meyers. Leonard I think undoubtedly sell because they're looking for guys that complement ya Eric Gordon yes right. And would dim needed the Meyers Leonard project is that done here in Portland the rich city project actually had a a write up on this for fame sided and they kind of brought up Meyers Leonard in this conversation then you'd have to give up like. Eight in any. If there's one thing that we we talked about with the Neil Shea in the the construction on this roster. He had guys with long deals. At a lot of money short deals with a lot of money sure deals with low. You help he staggered these contracts. And he made it very feasible. To make a move. Like Vance. At adding any given point in the season now. Is he willing to add to pull the trigger in give up assets. Whether BA if Orlando is looking to build maybe they want draft picks right here. Because why would Orlando. Trade for a guy who dissent for your deal Meyers Leonard right against these are the questions that that people wanna know because it moved like Orlando's game into the long haul with a guy like that that's why don't think that that you really works very well. In their favor. How many times have we talked about or heard a rumor of an up. I I wanna say just a potential deal or trade in an anything's come to fruition in the last three years realistically that's like I don't wanna say no these first. Speculations. In the east top players deal let's. Let's be honest to me what are what are the chances on a scale of one to ten at her Jabbar easy mean considering or depending on what the bullies and mean he isn't new and it. I understand apple when it comes in the magic I mean let's be realistic. I I don't believe the blazers are gonna trade for anybody. You have even really I don't believe there's any movement. Gonna be done because there's not enough out there are two new agrees well and I don't think you'll see is gonna sit there and say I just signed every one of these guys in the off season. And six months later is ready to jump ship I just I don't buy it. What is interesting to me though is that there are these rumors in need do you know if they are sniffing around their popping out. Do you have any trees see where there's smoke there's fire here know that year yours they are sniffing around may be kicking the tires until I hear it from him in a move an extreme credible source. The go whoa Joseph or something that says this team is actually thrown out offers. Then I don't buy it because right now that's a lot of money you invested in players you drafted. Is that is real shape and now with this roster I just don't think there's anybody out there he's just gonna throw to this. I'd you know I I am on the side here is that. There's no players. Being named it in any of these windows start happening dip. That's when you start be worrying about your ears perk up a little bit Serge Ibaka would be good importantly he is kind of that god they need. In it's a one year it did but it's a one year rental that guy's gonna hit the free agent market junior could go for him. No. No well. You might be able to use Macs don't you think he's going to be close to a Max deal. At ten deer in the NBA he's only 27. And the. Probably not me would they do but be he'll give a lot of money here. The gill who should shoot a ton of money fear I let me ask these deals are as a big it's big that's going to be upwards of thirty million dollars. For a guy and attend to your guy by early years if these guys like Tristan Thompson to get these big money deals and I think Serge Ibaka I just I don't I don't wanna guess anymore. Yeah guys are gonna get boatloads yup but ED here's the deal. Real GM is reporting that the blazers are one of seven teams that are showing interest in Serge Ibaka. I sit there in in I'm with you nothing really tells me that the blazers will. Pull the sugar on a deal because I feel mile she won't do it unless it's absolutely the right move. In with six other competitors there will be a better offer. Put on the table. Then what the blazers will offer up 'cause I if you don't. Right his right eye your lottery team but there's no guarantees like she's this was a point in the season where the blazers were sitting sixth or seventh. And there's an opportunity to move up to fourth or you know make that jump and make a charging get into a top four seed. Dan I think that they would be more. Aggressive in a move like this. I sit there and you're in ninety right now and you're gonna be scraping and scratching clawing to get to seventy. I don't think you mortgage your future on the right. Agree so blaze out of your turn anybody. Alex up it'll be your big surprise of it happened lease for me NBC shocked if you see Ibaka go to a team like. Boston or even Houston San Antonio. Gosh that would be fair when that. You know they drag and give up like a ham sandwich and patty mills' current against Serge Ibaka here when a championship in. Laughter newest action I would like that I would too with somebody and I'm so I guess Western Conference you don't let these take on Golden State let's go make it San Antonio. National signing day is tomorrow in college football wire top tier quarterbacks transferring an alarming rates. Five factories your five that is Tex signed dusty here in Cleveland are fearless producer. Alex we called tragic Crawford with sports center. Widespread text either. That's the message of what number. Two or. Niners yeah five. Six. I can't hear you trailing off and I should unite here and there we have all of my life I mean. Oh cordless text just know it's 5530. Fly messaging data rates may apply to just play my number. There he goes we're desperate. This is sexual relations on the show good likes to read. Overtaxed. Does stand jam in the morning on 1080 delivery of that person actually say that also asked. National signing day is tomorrow morning. The fax machine will be fired up. You said fax machines. They did she is that is that funny that in today's needs as you do in digital. You know usually do what to digital facts though and I think there's going to be some manual usage. Why no but it's called additional facts is what is the official term port is a digital faxes that the call you do it all like on black with your pin number I. On the oil town Heidi I mean how one of the time and I had to go to the principal's office to send true. You facts now we as though and everybody that's I think Assam and the middle. Think. On done so southern does that mean the men well I mean what's the point like it's I can't signed it by yeah. You know he'd take a picture overlay you need to fax him. So does the reality is so doesn't it intercepted. Atalanta the hot tech people as it goes your email that's dumb and again he's Sen years security of over the fax line right. FactSet bad boy and other well as all of these commitments facts there. Commitments in deer favored school. Here is one little nugget that you should probably now heading into tomorrow that star quarterback you have. The 5050 TNT gonna be there in two years. This is an amazing number. In it comes to us for mr. Mandela fox sports who went back and he looked. From 2011 through 2014. At the top fifty quarterback recruits. In that span. And he went. Any broken down do four and five star guys. In three star guys. And the he Brack who broke down after two years how many of those guys transfer. In the numbers are ridiculous. Before and five star guys 46%. Of 46 point nines almost 47% of those guys. Transferred. Within their first two years of being on campus. Of these three star quarterback's. 52 point 9%. Transferred. Within their first two years that would be an average of 50%. 100. Of the 200. Quarterbacks that lowering in the top fifty in the span from 201113. 1014. Were dawn. Within their first two years. Meanwhile. 33%. Of them. Started early of the four and five star guys. And twelve and a half percent started early of the three star guys have started within their first two years. That's 22% started early while 50% transfer. So do you believe this is a shift in how college football is is all about these quarterbacks in these young men. Warning to start in morning deploy one not only wanting to play but wanted to play. Right out of high school you know and play very quickly now remember there 128 FCS I'm sorry FBS schools. Division one schools that means they're 128 jobs available let's call what it is I'm not gonna say to student athlete right now you can ask me to do about. Quote unquote student athletes last job so there's a 120 jobs NFL worst 32 jobs in the world yeah. That's a lot of high school kids trying to fight for a 128 credible were gonna called. If you don't get a job within two years they are going to jump to another job just like any other person would in business. 120 jobs is a limited number. Well it's saying they should say that is this a new trend because German Dell went banking he looked you back fifteen years. And he looked at Mina the numbers from nearly 2000. There is a 173%. Increase. In the transfer of quarterback sedar of that high calorie the top fifty quarterbacks. In a fifteen years it. 173%. To the question is. Why. Why. Well there's a lot of reasons why can't I I mean. Why are these players. Ian Levy what is being number what what what is your top reason. Well I think a lot of it is. If for me. I I do you think that it is a lot of these kids have been hyped up they have been coddled. They've been told that they're Grassley corner there it is special orders especially court they've been told is it your top fifty in the country in. It these days and these quarterbacks now. You've been a top fifty quarterback in the country since you were in. Sixth grade. For a lot of these guys right you've been yet ubiquitous and anointed you know be the late bloomers are. The late bloomers are Johnny man sell and markets Mario and a who are the kids that it's one Heisman trophies. But they're kids that they were late bloomers they came late to the party doesn't mean they're any less of a quarterback. In these days is grew up late and guess what they were top fifty quarterback. The prospects so it's hard to get into that top fifty. Would you give you tell me Mario demand Zell were supposed to be those guys coming at a high school like they were any better. Or any worse then Gunner Kiel who's in the same class that don't actually got those guys are just as good. It's a fact that better Kiel was God's gifted it's twelve years old. In the end zone marionette 1617 years old and they came embassy itself. Since these kids have been told that they get on campus and quote the coaches go if I don't care who you are. I got you and I got somebody better. Well do you also think that with the graduate transfer rule on a lot of these guys are Smart when they realize that I can. And take summer school take full credits during the year I can be done in three years you could be out of college and now that Greg transfer rule. Your call three years there legitimately these guys can get done with their degrees out also is affecting more because we're seeing received organ to a back to back years. He multiple teams do this and guys are willing to do from Notre Dame ever gold and to be able to just jumping to leave a big time program relieved or another want to. Just for the sake of losing your job is it a losing thing that's right ten to. I tend to lean on is that these guys have been given given everything from the starting job. To the number one ranking to the gold stars and then all of a sudden when push comes to shove in competition actually starts. In the feeling of losing a you instead of fighting for the spotting going man and you go well. I'm gonna go on is gonna go find another team there I can be that guy again because that's really what everybody does this ease their way onto another spot. Yeah if there is an aspect of this too which I think is. Why we see the 173%. Jump. Is that recruiting has also become a national thing right Mikey written mostly Indian who was back when you're being retreated as well probably in this. Who recruiting was very regional. Right right result but if you're if you're going yes yeah I that your kids in the last gonna let you easily sometimes in the USC is a letter there in that was probably about I usual phone call pure in their top group. Write it but. Pac twelve kids West Coast kids got a pretty bad pac twelve schools is very rare that you got. You know coach is coming out to your house. The I can tell you like there'll be a bye week and here we are in Oregon which is a middle of the road and the SB nation should distant they're researching on this. Where Washington and organ ranked 24 to 25 Arctic per capita awful of four and five star recruits compared to what you get you just don't have the athletes appear this is a middle of the road state. By that metric crichton. On a bye week you'll see coaches from like you know like there'll be. A big twelve schools like NC Kansas State for example at high school games on Friday nights here and there on the bus. It there is aid Dayton these coaches can get out in making goal around the country more so than ever before. And that is kind of changed gave huddle. The video has changed gate so now these kids they're like well. If I'm going to you that you don't or again in the only other school recruiting me was cal Washington State. Bad that used to be what it was back in today. I can't really go to you need those schools are now since recruiting is totally national they gazette. I went organ I don't like it wanted to go to Texas Tech well because they recruited me. I can go to Michigan State because they recruit to meet its head different game where it. Bad avenue that door is wide open nationally so. Honestly though do you think that there's. Kind of a little bit of a trend of schools continuing to keep their networks once kids actually commit also knowing potentially. It's almost like practice squad players you could pick them off to the NFL. It is true. The players if they don't get their way right away they'll be that phone call hey you know fight transfer can I sit out can I get in ending did we make sure we got a spot Korea. Don't think that's starting to trend up and happening more and more and more. Lou some good day. Feedback at 553 or five what is going into this because it can't just beat. All I'm not getting my way I wanna sit down. Our I'm gonna take my ball leaves. It AT and be a little bit of man I just made the wrong decision in I wanna go somewhere else. But. There's great feedback you will get to that how social media has really changed game. Testing came on the fifth. This is super weak gun dusty and jam in the morning nothing. But just the night volunteer navy both Israel and the only thing that we're talking about it later. College quarterbacks transferring 50%. Of the top fifty quarterbacks from 201113. Doesn't fourteenth. Were gone. By two years. And that according mr. Mandell. Fox sports wise is happening. A lot of it has the silver spoon you're the greatest lot of it is I'm in a wrong choice. Groups the world is getting smaller with the Internet as people are saying and in that has helped returning. Darryl also is a little bit of the social media world with your brand. Meaning so much now via in your brain hurts. Win you don't start Yahoo!. That's a pig right with a legitimate thing because how many guys ride the hype treated the NFL. TU a high draft it. In Seoul. All those busts. The all ECB storm on the scene as a freshman helps him win the Heisman with you but I understand now. Well yeah but I mean you look at Dayton that that was a heightened when she was a was in the army called the owner pretext the owner. The idea mate pick me pick me pick me. There is also this element of you with the social media around the Internet. The world being such a small place. That. If you are aid fights are quarterback. From Virginian sent in on the five star quarterback from Idaho. I can follow your entire career in every move that you make in that comparison. Week by week day by day. On Twitter on FaceBook on blogs on the Internet. I know they use started. Before I did not know the year were getting its first team reps when I was sitting there are struggling to get the second team reps and bite in that third stream battle. Right you know that thing has come in there in so you see that pressure from guys around YouTube you know with this. How much also do you think in this is a little bit in my theory. Is that through the revenue was so big with sports and collegiate we also. That coaches. And their ability to be gone because. Coached existing coach in here is we've gone past in. The last twenty years position coaches stayed for 56 years they recruited you they said I can't wait to have you here now it's. You get recruited by guy indexing you know. He's gone a year later in taking a head job taken a different job somewhere else and you're going. And you said you were gonna be here with me and now all of a sudden you're gone I tend to think too that there is this. The boy we've had this discussion before the loyalty in college football is is even further from the truth. I'll when it comes from coaches you know he indeed the fact is you say we really want your commitment and we talked about that earlier but the word commitment. I think this is a trickle down from this from the very top from coaches who got to revenue. Two athletic directors to fan bases colleges with tons of money trickles all the way down to these young players. When they start to see. All they care about is how good their facilities look and I'm here I am trying to make this decision. I think it's it's it's it's collective it's not just one fingered three point that yes she eighty retreating as big deal here well. Selling you selling kids Billy Owens bill of goods is what it is and then you get there you go what the heck did I give myself that. I truly appreciate honesty from coaches and I know certain coaches are that way other staffs and other colleges are on this team and we want you to compete. Gonna be here there's no guarantees please tell me that if you're recruiting era. Police if you don't if you sell me got in your apparent that will buy into it and there's a lot out there that will. All this on out there as well. Because of the fact that everything is out there. In its everything is so public now in players have a voice. I think coaches are more willing to allow kids to transfer because you know this from when you play. You know in and I don't know if this is like this a UW rated the guys who wanted out. In they were told. Allen you transferred. Year to year whether you like it or not. You are wasn't an option and that's the thing is is you didn't beat it did and never entered your brain dead right that I'm going to leave to another school because once you were part of a school it was family. Yeah you don't you just you were part of it it's sewed it so different. What did they in that is that's the difference there is that when you sit there and you look at it that that option is in people's brands of course it is when it went back in the day. It wasn't like that like you you have cuts are like. The hell with you know when you transfer out here and Rick I'm not going to help you know you'll leave in my whole era yeah it tells a story about this. About his he was his one in the lead BYU. Is this is it coach said the idea you're not leave and sorry I won't I already released good luck yet and did you tell the bug on the snow junior college or Dixie state. There I in my whole entire time five years and called him one transfer one. Relative that was a it was a quarter rack. I came in with me is as a freshman in at leaving and they let him go because it they just knew just he didn't pan out may have better better players ahead of them into one any ill will but. Doug brought tons of recruits and different players coming in at 11 transfer and when one player leave the program and gold down to a level. But when it comes apples to apples from he wanna be 11. Now now I I would tend to say geez it's probably in in someone's five your career that my T ten to fifteen. Well I absolutely. Absolutely. In this is one of the things he does tech sector is college football was the upon on the stove. The fire's been turned out so things are taken faster nowadays in that lead Zetterberg right are in now. We yesterday you know. There's one thing that people should take note of in I I hope that. Did win this wave happened that people realized it. You had. She redshirt freshman went Heisman trophies back to back years. T miss Winston. John immense. The third guy who's in a row to win was a redshirt junior. In Marcus Arianna. Before that. There was Kim Newton. Who is a registered to one and nothing but there Richard a junior college there. Had to take his lumps grew up as a player as a person in as a quarterback. And won the Heisman Trophy like today even if people sit there and you look at that and young healthy young quarterbacks a look at that. It wasn't the Christian hacked in bird who came in started right away. Was thrown into the fire and he did win the Heisman Trophy it's these guys that have taken their lumps and in waited their turn and it grew in their skin. As football players in as people really does it. If you don't win as a freshman expectations the play that's all locked up. Always amazed that there's that these freshmen come in and say I can compete at the highest level. You may be able to compete a little bit you are so far off. Physically and eighteen compared to a guy that's going 122 not even a same not a bit I mean I've told the str my body changed from I mean I put on twenty pounds. My freshman year despite getting in the way Herman being taught how to lift weights. You no idea how much you gonna change in three years. All ball in oh there's a lot a lot to that point is. You know mom and dad did little Johnny his personal trainer. So his body is ready. And I say that it with close air quotes around that you can ready. Ready to go I told this to you're not in the spring when I watched the opening out at nineteen I saw those high school kids yeah. Compared went high school these kids are in unbelievable shape yet they look. Like twenty and 21 year old some of them really do but still you're not physically and mentally ready to compete at that level well he may here's the problem. You'll also have the other kids who were doing the same thing and eighteen and nineteen. That they're 21 now you know and they're better. In name Dave. And these hone their skills into waiting your turn and patience isn't that they've honed their skills and they still have that body it's patient my friend patience is gone in sports oh by the way kids. For those that are signing letter for intense tomorrow. A richer here. That. But not bad. Community college student in what you can you can party your little rear off quit being in her and preaches to choir there pointless at this point. And it. All right 55305. Go ahead have a party here right croft. Crawford called that five years conference call for seven years that's laser doctor. I wish I wish he'd not thought I was a doctor I wish I had an extra year college you wish with the calls for seven years. I don't know maybe everybody that did the victory laps seemed to enjoy it you know. I didn't love my victory lap all three of them. Super Bowl has changed the monster the NFL created has changed its greatest game this is testing camp.