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Dusty and Cam - 1.27.17 - Hour 3

Jan 27, 2017|

Weekend Would U Rather, Coach K takes Duke's nice things away, and entitled college athletes.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Thanks for listen to dusting camp podcast brought to you on the fanned by your local less Schwab tire center do the right thing since 1952. It's football Friday on the Australian. This is a football Friday addition of dusty and camera in the morning when dusty era and former all American Jim Leland to grab an award winning high from series for your football viewing party series Kathy and -- fresh local delicious football Friday with a dusty and jam on Jay Nady we have great expectations okay. It's second to last the ball Friday dear folks. In the. Tonight we'll survive that's sucks and make it. Make it through this sucks this. Race that's big meet slapping a little leeway. It's awkward way to start this hour if you miss starter easily Jeff Schwartz former back in NFL that. Or Chris price WE guys in Boston we talked whose ball lot last hour you can check those out at the less drug tires podcast at 1080 the fan. Dot com we generally get. Talk in the 6 o'clock hour about Damon siege against no did well not really snubbed for the all star game and what is going on with athletes in calling each other out it seems like athletes get along with. Their opposition more than they deal with each other now don't we don't have a break. Absolutely. And and that's a bit of an issue that won't cry talk about that again coming up a later in this hour where Ross talk about coach K taking away your fancy things but. Where we start Crawford. It's always awkward. Often since an exceedingly entertaining year we can would you rather let's go to our IE Ellis yeah. Underway and now as he inter broke his forearm last night punching a chair here's the play by play and it of the port share. So bizarre as this season. Moves before it is that he makes contact with it and to but probably move the wrist in the direction it was told that friendly looks like. It was indeed a four armed then he broke punching the chair a forearm. Typically Gilligan boxer fracture. Or something from punching things not that I know but let's see you give popped out and it. Caught him right on on the forum like yeah and that's what happens deepens folding chairs they sold its steel. Do you know they would continue to boxers fracture recently and thank you punch nothing. I knew a lady growing up. Who lost a finger in a folding chair accident. And a wedding. If you imagine of the whole finger full finger ring finger sliced deli finger and finger and a well I wedding my neighbor. Wow friends and I want her freshman guys were playing with fireworks. And she came up. And I yelled at us and said this is what happens when you include fireworks and she pulled off for fake finger it was a waving her nub. Blown out it was from a folding chair accidentally no lady it's from a freak accident while we're still an amplifier will look good on her though. For using her. Lopped off finger from a lending to teach valuable lessons teenagers for other. Things first time I was ever called a terrorist anyway. Ali I disputed maniac and Obama did you think all the cheers for three since nobody does that was the first time our number imagine this lady is pulling off her finger put her back on it the magic found hey winners another like. It was our new nickname from that point forward mrs. Stubbs and because it should have she had the nickname we are freer freshman teenage boys anyway my question. Would you rather break during and punching and share. For punching your assistant trainer in the face is a Blake Griffin did last year too much on his test she's no longer with the clippers but the wealth fund punching something it's got to be something that bad. I get some value out of should be another person. They're getting value out of hitting a locker era but they know they'll bag them little guys you know I don't care. A little guy. Doesn't mean little guys can't fight what do you sing and little guys can't fight no I'm not saying that then I'm little as a matter how big you are little. Deserved to be punched a guy and so can take in the human does he dig in the chair and let's talk about the Stamford marching band they have been reinstated after a suspension because I guess of rampant drinking and the party to Massoud who served under rules this. This since. It's different band is include plenty like American pie like him. You know this this time Montana being can't give apparently they are sexual deviancy yes Osi gonna do when you're a band. I was gonna see band geek but I loved bluster that I'd love instruments and I look in your seats I do this. What we're talking about have you ever met somebody in the bay in Crawford it yeah yeah made people it's college kids. They're still human right what are my good friend as a matter who's in the commercial we like to do some things and oh yeah. So my question is would you rather be in the Stanford Marching Band there are known as DB into both on and off the field I know. Once I'm at a USC game I was at they said and now a tribute to some famous USC alumni and they formed a nice. On the field. In March 2 rounds of the Stanford and yap and now they're they're German OJ. Or would you rather be and not it's funny the sonic boom of the south the Jackson State marching bands. Thank you on the need for online yeah it's actually them linemen now the fans Jackson State. So it's not like one anymore and like the the really good cool. Groovy band or you wanna get drunk can you find one that's easily I wanna be part of something that when. Everybody shows up to see the band more than the football game. That's when I mean honestly there's more people there to watch the band performed in the football games they do a good football team going yeah and yeah I Mia. Found this is more tougher because I like party yes you think about me and enjoying those guys party Jack's thing. I think they deal. Yes but this every day I'd like to Marty's like three yards like Barney. The stammer bands like notorious for their party frankly known more for their parting in their music. Or I don't know I have the rhythm to be in these sonic boom in the south. Nerds. Lou. The excitement of the band thirty. Well it's not like a normal thing and I know that I'm just telling me I'm stereotyping I'm sorry yeah I'm assuming that money goes Stanford just in just go against you on this guarantee money goes. Hampered even though Jackson State's a lot cooler. I think I'd fit in more Stanford like yeah Hewitt. Kind of like you deviancy yes you would. It's does doc about iron in and get in and like have ridiculously good education it's true it is the effort propaganda by the way those Stanford band people. They turn out to be all of our bosses noon afternoon. Among. Let's talk about what's it worth just on a lot of PM June. Let's talk about a one Aaliyah if we were in this industry. But we didn't talk sports. The other two big topics now. Political talk or celebrity tock I'm talking about you have to be like the host of like a Rush Limbaugh tied shelf. Or like I don't know TMZ really outer option is yet to be like AT MZ host you don't get to go Doug did you see stuff they just have to hear how nasty it's very easy for. Do wanna be a political talk show host dusty camp cross liar or does DJ am to sue the soup was done oh Indiana better which what do you YE. They property you know my answer I'm not that fact hate politics with a fire 2000 sons are gone taken TMZ signed me up for the Sioux ball covered people's. Dirty secrets all go after the cardiac since it. Trying all covered Justin Bieber didn't do it all do it but until I want to talk about all day long I would too. I don't want I don't wanna get in ever you know like those YouTube celebrity coverage they have all these all the slang you'd all be part of the paparazzi chase people around what would satisfy got a and he surely say Justin Bieber she is moron sleek on flake and or don't like the I would love to see you say deliver that and a real easy Justin Bieber she's run flee from G. Don't kimco failing hearsay and it's a million paid to do the does seem to AM zero GOP yeah Big Ten yard dash eons. These are just going yes we are women old people try to act Charlie's the war low damn good you're asking is can Kurdish she and dad her she's delusional Leopold and try to act. Tom Herman on Twitter right now he's he's in easy easy has tagged bad in duty on Twitter. You know like you having to call card like a cart bashing so extra. You know Imus can embrace the cold. You'll lose them. GM celebrities showed the following round like this Lebanese thank Clint Eastwood and oh yeah and grandparents George Charlton Heston is up tee today and every day dinner at 330. The gun toting psychopaths. Bastard okay well then and hey I like Charlton Heston all right Pete. Barry White guys all of after all NRA guy processed through what is he what is that what is that. Is that because I'm big in nights in now I'm gonna go after the NRA guys know I hit as many Sidney Rice many key is. He's dirty hairy and well you're known for a giant 44 is enough time. You kind of get a mile in her mother see now Thailand's. Wilfred friendly she's. Who was referred related diabetes can hook hook them. OK on every infomercial after eleven. All right Kim it's hard didn't find old celebrities that are still alive here that are fighting what are you talking about Tom Hanks is old. Okay we'll his fifties he's told. Bryant months and millions and is Opel and seeing you know. The event forget let's talk about super cool clear that it gets added. Didn't look good day. Earlier Freeman general chip a lead in worship there should be no advantage in there Akron Dan Aykroyd data records got winery. Bill Murray Bill Murray Neil Murray felt very there you go caused the office okay. The change the nobody gives him he didn't work was done by the Super Bowl food items. Because last week we had binoculars during Bill Cosby he vehicle and hit your book as being there at the end of I don't know man it's hard to be a celeb forever because eventually you'll find dirt on you'll ask a nods to Yeltsin I'm not defending the Gaza happened in the bill Cosby's stuff it feels go I don't deal food I want more food okay food would you rather for a whole year passes subsist eating off of potato skins. Paul Pena Popper exist eating yelling this is like your meat like this is your light main sustenance for a year and and and I'm trying to I thought 03 suitable food items aren't. All of which may give you gas drilling intestinal issues during hot potato skins for year. Pull Pena pop person though or Chile Chile. No greater Chile. It's Gallo cornyn and the kids Shealy I can tell accessories. Accessory for Mike Davis did address her eyes are continuing to get that Tiger Woods and green onions and tomatoes and I sour cream are some things. And I have buddy and then I can put my corporate denied Chile right. You're going to be free gas he no matter what your PS program that pounds this material this is a Dino and waiting to happen. Yeah I'm going. And go enough nobody's gonna wanna be around us the ever seen as a I'm sorry mister potato skins do you're gonna fog up the entire ruling and why there are much that's ever been are unique view and is just a giant. I don't know feeling delusional and first of all I like manipulating gas producer second of all I think a year solitude begins forming. Problems there I thought I think actually we can go green and find a way to power the earth off of the Mets are methane many scientists working on that global learning anything. Oh yeah hopes lags listening has no. A hell once a year slang makes his famous slide Chile. OK that's it smells like per month it's actually really got a little holes the whole building stinks because everyone's. I never had it's good ever out all of chilly day what happens when you make coach came that he takes away what brought you there testing came on the fan. This is a football Friday edition of dusty and JAM in the morning. And brought to you by saying cafe and highs on Jay Nady drove trim. What happens. When you make. Coach came man. He takes well you fancy things that's what coach K does that you should do. Might you suggest is recovering from back surgery and that is kept them away from his team first couple weeks down. And done. You know a lot of people said that coach K he's done this before and he did in the ninety's after the Grant Hill run in Christian later on I'll. He had a surgery Horry stepped away from the team after they lost a couple games it reset button and it would be got a surgery. And they ended up not having a great year. Well this year he cuts feel the loss and he's a carrier you have not been on since then the the Blue Devils have lost three of their last organs. And including a loss at home to North Carolina State. Which has not happened since 1995. Which I believe is the last time that coach K did this come. Did the back surgery thing you'll reboot. So what does coach K do. He called a team meeting. At his home you know where he is recovering from back surgery. And said. Listen he'll spoiled brats you little Grayson is. That's what I would call please if you don't want no win that if you wanna listen if you don't want TU. Live up to the standards of the duke program Messi said. I would take a few things away from you so he is bay and his team from going into the locker room. Which is an interest to move my cleats to that what's in the locker room your clothes I know that. I know that. He. Bathrooms what do you think's in the locker lockers. Its locker room. Or what are the things that are in the locker room. Shoes. Your personal belongings he fancy things OK so what LC take on. Well he says he can't Wear any viewer duke gear anymore on campus to commit to a shopping you are barred from wearing in the duke blue double team issued the air. Which is likened the biggest badge of honor that athletes Wear on their campuses is okay group all the other students know what's teen issue and what's not. And I'm guilty of a two back in the day it was only was one gray sweatsuit but dang it they was of bad ass sweatsuit yeah this is great cotton said ICA intercollegiate athletics on and nobody can get it unless you're an athlete. Britain may hold on Indian name doesn't like you don't football thing it's an IC AR I mean you're actually. And they were gray who oversees the cheapest Russell things you could ever get. Think it does some very prison looking new blood and Alan let them and tell you that was your badge of honor that you wore around we did you didn't hear they have now now these guys just. If an outfit for every day of the week they do and so do players aren't are gonna be able to where any of that. And this is become this gun big deal now because this happened because apparently this is happen. A lot in the past he does this. To his teams that. Are playing well historically he say apparently this is done several times and boy the reasons why that this is happening. In not living up to the stages of duke program is because all the dirty laundry start to get out. And what happens. This gets out. Might suggest he didn't tell anybody about it. Just cable the as interim coach he would time by about it who's trigger an is that these are the players are better releasing the stuff that it only happens inside is apparently the in the instructions were were laid out. Very cleanly. You don't talk about this no win you guys leave your younger and your locker me don't worry Steffi don't tell anybody alive and apparently he got out. And now all. Touch gives you more. I think those case setting a trap. For some of those guys. I think a lot of Smart coaches set traps me tell things the players. Because they do you know who who are the loose lips sink ships whose theme hole you wanna call member of the mole show on ABC governments show. Anyway sorry I remember that I don't remember that show the mall and we guess who the more well yeah what a great show that was said nobody anyway. I think coach K and Smart coach is set traps for situations like this and he could have fake outrage because he's trying to create an edge with some of these guys and he can find out. Who the quote unquote mole is the second it's great finale. This sounds very mob feel so you think it's great oh. And got to be grace and Allen. I guy is the ultimate super huge. Come on really it really can't do he did a pompous in this thanks game marked the air against the of its. I love every second with two. I'm thinking that it's one of these high profile recruits. Because it didn't happen last year with his grace and Allen right. You can did this is part of his imager Foreman is is getting on the getting the territorial the other coaches under the basket he's taken all he he's critical to their fault they're telling me to do that's. Yeah I and that you know what's interesting though about this is at this biggest thing is coming to ahead remember when coach K. Used to say about the John Calipari is and Roy Williams run programs. And I'll take one and done so I'd do it for your guys. I do with guys that are going to be here for at least two years right here. Nice to be his whole Montrae initial attitude towards the umi to all right well that and I sure did change win he so. Al Arian in no way. How great successes he's set I need to join them in now all the guy who's had his finger on everything in its been kind of that was the way usury in his program. The leaks start to come out. Well it's just an age thing too was a change I mean eventually there's always an era and she's crown forever the older coaches have been around forever. These things are gonna catch up I like discipline. I think these guys have too much for me c'mon you looked in the organ locker room you looked at Washington's locker room if you look at some of the things these players have they have no idea. No idea. For the more weight rooms. To the barber chairs to the I don't know Xbox and then and then Nintendo's right there your fingertips TVs in your locker for God's sakes I had actually remember a combination to be able to get an in my locker. Federer combo. And this is an old man choice you have so much now who you move this young I don't I'd tell you is not. You'd have so much now as an athlete when you get to that level like at duke at a high level that you think you do lose the fact that what it's like. Earn it OK well then why is it about programs like Alabama. Who they have every single bell and whistle Clemson won national title they have every single bone whistle. Rank their facilities are apparently the south the version of Morgan we've had this crash on his before. What is the defining factor that makes those unsuccessful and in Dino duke under coach K is losing that control. What I he's not losing victories won a national title two years ago. Well then tight everybody here on the Sunnis in here in years this year in this case. He's not he's feels that he's lost control enough team and restrict those things away from them certain. I mean what what those guys are doing is specific in what it goes staggered to committee with those numbers one through ten. And ripped him why he wrote the more I heard of these guys needed figure out how to earn a right ranches get a single digit number. In fact who was at the coach you're talking about the says you don't get any numbers that would be Bronco Mendenhall at Virginia down I love that idea to you do earn every number you don't get a number. You have to earn a number used to earn that locker I would make those guys sit out front on howls. And see Sunnis you earn your spot in the locker room all let you go in your locker room and sit your locker. I wish there's no way I would just don't have you just walking in an earned that but that doesn't fly into these you know day and age because. I have to be blessed and I have to tell myself have been recruited by eighteen different teams. And it's all about how good I look on its Ingraham. You know there is days there's less there's a lot. To do that that's way easier to do in basketball and isn't football but GQ would you kit take your locker room away in the U haul unless I like have Mike Leach and have them all locker room across the way when does Mike Leach did that with this team we visited Alex Brink to the set over the football season that when they moved in their brain new facility. They played like crap in after the first week he goes league had garbage bags late for the guys and move on back you'll get earn it back but it gets so hard to do because. A lot of times you don't have that old placing their way. Think mark our baseball coach today Kinchen instantly we are first time they invested in your who watched in baseball when baseball we'd crap locker room. For football on the they built this beautiful baseball locker room. We threw crap all over the grammys and pick it up rowdy here we had to go out in the visitor's locker room until we learned what it was like you earn that stuff. So I don't know call what it is you give your kid a phone 86 he's gonna want. Eighteen different phones but the timing it's aged twelve side note on that. Can commutes and great baseball man and that's sounds like it is oh and I payments. One it snake. Yes. That is its name was called snake that's an awesome snake baseball we don't call coach coach. No never sent Kenny first name in everybody is an. You're kidding me no your last name at a certain he was. You do you just added a little. Cleveland the Noah added had a Maxwell. Now when I can't know when I hardly know what our good friends is tall guy he's famous Vander gravity is sandy. All right that's good Nomar names there Arcandor was his last they are calling Carty. And what do you Tammy. Not Camry that's not cool Khalili notes the last the last name player right away and illicitly the you know this is work your name has the word hero hairy I was camp yeah we all are back property that's we're a bad bad try you cross knows of biblical across the crafty. Miracle me Harry. Harry crop being cleanly home. But clearly and the clam crusty in hidden. End. Karachi crotchety gallery I and that's right that's what happens and it a bad weekend the coast to see this guy. I was used to in baseball UST feats of UST SAI know that in baseball guys understand that I know two same we just have bad show for that to remember points we including names like a dagger in snake. What was the name of the coast to second for the jets. Well guess we'd we believe me we'd Israel name was Wilbur we do you think you mean we no one's name is Wilbur anymore. Again. Bring great things baggage I don't worry guys I got it yet to do it depends on you know this whole duke. I think now it goes to larger conversation and that. We're seeing a lot of that with the comments from Dwyane Wade Jimmy Butler basketball in the genre on you know it'll work well basketball's the worst. We have this conversation a little bit earlier why what breeds that in basketball. Here's coffers were tenor. This is a football Friday edition of dusty and JAM in the morning. He brought you by scary cat fan highs on Jay Nady drove through. You know we're talking about great names. Before integrate. The Mariners acquired a great name. Today. You guys don't know this for a long hold on. They have claimed. Catcher. Tough fee I did see this. No switch. Tough fee is his name he's from. Really from. I mean you know he's got to be that you might dig it and that's how you enriched let's take a guess on what's eighties from time in northeast. I'm going win if I'm away at. Either George. Or are South Carolina go on the good. I'm not I'm rich linguistics. Here at demolish yes avert total guessing. Reform. Oh we will where. He is from California is Nokia's from. Illinois. Amid well wait a mini me to high school and Arizona ray he's one of these baseball kids travel over it traveling team kid. His dad named him because he wanted him to BA team from long term blue ice. Now brown hair brown eyes earned. But yeah have. Names Goodell calling him. Excellent in its Twitter handle is Santiago. Switch. I don't know why earn an idea they laser talk about this earlier we're with it coach K taking away. Annul the finer things in the duke players like their gear and oh I don't know their locker room there. On this brings up the question of and how you can related to you what is going on in the Indiana. Because in the NBA. We got in fighting in Chicago we've got infighting in Cleveland now Cleveland's little different because LeBron apparently hates the owner again. He gained Gilbert don't like each other as the price. He won the team be given now LeBron. Despite the fact that Cleveland's over the luxury tax is upset with the spending of the owner next week. Glued. It's over the luxury tax done can't win. Yeah and they need another playmaker. But he Chicago. Does fingers are pointing right at each other yet Dwyane Wade in. Jimmy Butler come out and Jimmy Butler went a step further Dwyane Wade said hey man we did these guys don't care we need get a young guys care about the game. And then Jimmy dollar Cindy's NF first needing care more. About winning Laura Rajon Rondo went to instead grandin said. Real leaders don't call out people in the media went on this along. Maria that we talked about early says my vets don't blame teammates. My vets didn't. Care about their numbers my events played for the team. Went on thing about the coaches and how his bats and didn't. Manipulate coaching staffs and have control over them. Sag about Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce at the very end of his industry imposed. He says. My goal is to pass on what I learned the young guys work they show up they don't deserve blame if anything it's questionable. It's. The leadership. So what's different now was differ with these players. What is changed is a basketball is that the money is it the sport is that how it's coached is it. But can't we can win with one guy and all you need is one but then suddenly need more than one need certain guys need to be motivated is or less motivated sport is because the season's too long the doldrums. Of the mid January is of of NBA basketball or they're so many factors. What is it that would get huge to throw your teammates. Under the bus like that I in basketball so weird in that I don't think it's weird I think it's just I think it's his style is a god. I wasn't done sorry it's so weird in that the opposition. You treat more friendly than your teammates. You know what I'm saying no I agree. Like how aids hugs and handshakes and in hand pounds of both pure game everybody's fine NATO should clap and its own right they don't criticize. Yes. It's competition time in my shaking your hand for the game Paganini was not having a love him. Your might your mind. Ultimate. Enemy. After the game. Well burrowed up that drives me crazy. You need now undo that. Yeah I'll give you the bella check courtesy handshake the their that all goes currencies you'll see you'll see in a couple minutes aren't ready after the game. I don't get that either I don't get the love fest with everybody. Any in that to me that's the most confusing part is and that's what doesn't resonating doesn't click is that. You know indeed Chicago's presumed that locker himself fractured but as they go to Cleveland tomorrow and they play the cavaliers. Do everybody's. Given dab in hiding those other you know exactly and it is like that baby in the media leading up it is like that during the game before the gain tuck at the free throw line Joseph good to tell you see it in the NBA. We need more games like the blazers in the clippers'. The last game. We need that we need that the league has become soft will call what it is. The MBA is soft he can't touch anybody right. Can't be too physical there's clear pass there's flagrant foul thirst for your ones and two for god sakes flagrant 12 and three how many more grades do we need. K he's just Billy just that I I get what the league wanted to do they wanted to clean up the suppose it image but you've created this NBA you've created. A a salary driven look at mean leak. Well however. This is what you get. Andy did that trickle down effect goes to U college. Where it goes all the way to the bottom and then in a you mean that there were over talking about his growing up in Nike's sports U member hate me kids that lived cross town. Right absolutely. The kids that password Mount Vernon looks like mortal. Enemies. EIU hated him hated him. In it that has changed for the kill which. I mean really figured. Getting along really isn't that necessarily bad thing but that that passion that I want to you. Root your faceoff when we play against each other and now want to use no pressure sole right that is god that is a lot left our sports down. And they're gonna tackle anymore there is actually spotted that for sports it's my belief. I believe that there is a war there on that we're serious we're Colombian team yeah but without but then again this is we sit there we we look at. Unfair. Or trails of the media and all this stuff and people wanna jump on board. There are so many see British is out there that take it for way too far and that kind of ruins it for everybody and it's. We live in this society where we we freak out over the extremes. And we lose sight of what's in the middle right hmm that's totally happen. I just wanna know is it indeed does everybody has fans is this deterring new. Is the NBA product watching knees entitled rich men bitching complain about what's not good enough for them. That things aren't the way they want the monies not spent enough. That some there's obviously a disconnection between house and have nots I've always said doubt I get that. Not playing the fair game but as consumers when you're watching this is this a tired type of point of view are you exhausted to hear a man. That makes 44 million dollars a year complain that this team isn't trying hard enough and that is owners not spending enough. Does that sit well with you didn't Hans does that sound awful you know I had doesn't sound bad doesn't sound good at all. And then Wayne where he's at holding 25 million dollars a year is gonna throw other teammates under the bus while their ball a fight players. I I don't. Understand that the have a talk with each other in the locker got no problems without I wish there was. A huge part I condemn an answer for you. I don't. Well known for gosh sakes no reading communiques and Mormon texts that each other sins in a mode G to send your motion. You'd these guys even talk now they just complain to somebody else you know now this tech's worst and here that's my dream on green that's a dream on dream brings everybody hits and I do like that. I do like that. That's what the blazers are missing blazers need a villain. May need yeah yeah you know I hope that they can become somebody like. Like just an a for like somebody just comes in just. He's not dirty but he just gets under everybody skin not Meyers Leonard was heading that direction and then he calls that he didn't. He did it but he has not been are not anymore get a little bit of it I think he's when he I would do when you shoot many three guys when he took the fight Andrew Bogut a few years ago I was if I set they're not like our I may do this and maybe that's his role he will open a good villain and it's not yeah. It's just you know what he kept the man none. The primal Villanova needed. And loaded into some awesome you know for people to yes this Dexter we do need the bad boys back. We do need. Vinnie Johnson what was it might instead about Donn Janes that for a legendary. Huskies coach on how he constructed Norah how we constructed is rob you have like 5%. Crazy but yeah 5% crazy. Now we have this we had the dorm rooms. And and their was ads at the crew house and there was every everything there was what does that the crowds is where everybody stayed during training camp football. And it was separated by different areas. One was one was. The suburbs prison gangs know they were certain areas that either one was the suburbs and coach K the other was the country the clicks and then there was the hood. Yeah that was how it was in but those those guys but we all fit in. To the same goal and that's kind of how coach bill to his his system you need guys have different demos. To all billed for a styling care to guess how much country guy's room he can't have much in demo guys he can have a bunch of the the good guys. Yeah I think that. That is he beat every roster needs a little bit of a little bit crazy and it's absolutely and it comes in so many different forms. Because. The best part about his like when you get that redneck crazy. Yeah and we knew we more you get that good crazy we need some Chris Kaman and they become the bass Brothers and made their crazy just works together and a bright. Legged. Gosh dude for the 49ers. Smith's defense event former defense then. Oh Justin Smith just there's this is death he was great country crazy yes right country stronger on the world's strongest who's ever hit the app and then you had. Patrick Willis also country crazy thing Auld and Smith yeah this crazy yes they were a great day we work together so well it was very many characters and ablaze needs and craziness. It gets as you go and do not mean Steve was a crazy now. Like borderline. Field. Like I might be in danger on speakers. Absolutely that's always good for team. Right 553 or five that is tech 77 the day on the fan and what's watch for this week in May lead to a problem that comparable. Testing camp. This is a football Friday addition of dusty and jam in the morning brought steal my series cafe pop is on ten maybe Australia and the right. Conversation we're having in the break. Smith. Are the Mariners at the Cleveland Browns a baseball and yes. Now. Okay or Whitney here if you're the only franchise left in Major League Baseball has not to bend to the World Series. Now by the way owned that the regular season. Well I guess we winningest team in the regular season ever. Most regular season and didn't go to the World Series did you make it out you mean beat the Yankees. You are considered the browns a Major League Baseball mariners sought. I have and that's unfair and unfair. Now it's totally unfair the Brian I'm Brian and 4 championships I am fan of the Mariners. Shut up. But a fan of the Mariners my optimism is is is geared to photos can bring something to us this year unless the merits. You may eat as John. Well there's no way you go wrong with the last move as a tough the tough it means him are going to be there. Now I think that there's mortar there's more semblance of function. In Seattle Mariners in Walt Weiss. Oh because they don't think people look at Seattle Mariners and laugh. There are gonna retire Edgar's U of C number limit it to hold on in the Raton just the number the number you. That's cool they should do that school maybe got a in the hall of fame you know hoops like they'll be okay is usually charge got a government office. Know that I I think that people don't laugh that Seattle when you look at Major League Baseball people laugh that Pittsburgh right for a long time. As a beacon of dysfunction I don't think so I think I think they laugh at Dallas eight people say it's just been so long. I think lap at the Mariners I think people laugh at the Padres play for the owners because the Padres going name overpaid people in the worst record in in Major League Baseball lighten. There are bad the marriage or bad. I just because him being new World Series the last you know 186 game and I know I know. And engaged in. Now. Know and trust me. Go into the World Series if you get swept isn't all it's cracked up to yes it is speaking is an Astros fan I know it's heartbreaking because then in baseball policies aren't you get so invested in it. And then you get to the royalties like we should know. And done White Sox really had a chance reality is that it you can actually put on a shirt that says World Series. No you see this text this is why they're not like the browns they forget about the mariners' Dunlap got them exactly see you don't get a so. That's even worse that's worse than being the browns to be forget double click at all yet I team up in the northwest. So. So. In the jaguars. And yes that's an excellence of the Mariners the Mariners are the jags of the NFL thru are in hoops Major League Baseball. Second. That is good for get a bowl I've a question though before relief and we can get through during the show and I've I've seen some people ask about it and I sought on Twitter I saw earlier. It was at the worst club Peter Senior fellow Dylan Brooke's clothes lies gosh he should be embarrassed amazing. You should be ashamed of yourself yeah Dylan broke sit on the clippers' draft him told him if he laureate. They needed to oh by the way Jacksonville Jaguars and never the new championship. Thank you mariners Jack durable Mary jags not grossly forgettable nothing perhaps the not the browns and onion that was horrible awful. Dylan Rex. Bad flopped buzz. They want and I guess that that was in the worst part was ducking and trying to you feel defended on Twitter is good is she got stuck now getting wild doesn't that fly. But he's damn good thing if he didn't tell us that they don't win that game. Dale needed bailing come close teams kept them alive early in the game. But it was a terrific. Her wrist against Kentucky haven't seen it I don't know just turn on sports entering a seat on the not top ten today if guaranteed. We'll see you Monday 69 AM up next is heard calling Cara now and needing to three during a straight face evidence France and the guys in sixth. We have got Super Bowl week next week folks. Enjoy the pro bull in the Senior Bowl this. Watch them because football is going away. I'm really get everybody. Speed.