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Dusty and Cam - 1.25.17 - Hour 3

Jan 25, 2017|

WTF Wednesday, DUI arrest for Ducks coach, and John Kincade joins the show.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Thanks for listen to dusting camp podcast brought to you on the fanned by your local less Schwab tire center do the right thing since 1952. This is dusty and jam in the morning and those who really hate each other. Accuse us it's easy to pop up maybe even more than previous games. Which does Teixeira. And the man who acceptance permissible teriyaki benefits as a college all American gem Cleveland. Why doesn't anybody in the world ever read anything. Dusty exam in the morning on 1080 you don't say a month. Sorry I made our number three hate. Little programming note. And today showed junking gated succeeded fan in hot land in Georgia we're reaching out to both sides here patriots and falcons. Mara. The zoo that is a do go to does he have big Jewish treat judges Steven does GO. Talked to him Boston College head coach all try would it hurt now I never hurts to try even though he never coach Matt Ryan he can talk about is did this in your little a little engine a good man Robert do your job given the old college try I was at this. Falcons far more receptive. Then. Patriots at this moment why isn't. While I don't know south meant people are friendly or in the south of there being carried out. We're working on getting formula for state beavers neutron ward. He is on the falcons maybe Indy levee tree for Oregon State beaver. On the falcons' huge connection. Well maybe you're just target sick either learn from there. We have we're not sure on the date or time yet but former falcon great Steve Murkowski and you know. In either Jersey that Graham I have to Wear his Jersey or pro Saudi shortly doesn't do that hot or pro falcons are way. Yeah. No. No you do have a Michael Vick Jersey yes I do can be more perfect for you direct quote tear loose on the go trying to get. But so. Wow well. I mean did I love animals arousal forget about animals it's not in Bill Walsh Smith and other black seminoles I have a every Wednesday at this time Alex Crawford melts your face and blows your mind the local. Would this force stories that are a little too weird that we don't get T during the week. Let's get a WTF when faced melted I hey let's talk about getting drunk actually and dad. Sometimes all the white sports owners look like their faces are melting Robert Kraft saying in and then out he was definitely drunk. At the trophy ceremony of the AFC championship game where. So my question is register wrote what is left halfback if we did Alter our economy the line's gonna current yeah I like it which. Professionals both sports owner would you most want to get drunk quit school. I didn't just asking this is not a would you rather highness doesn't doesn't end this is it would you rather this is deluge of Wednesday's OK say no yeah open ended yeah open. Pick one anyone that's a lot you can also includes a retired ones like Donald Sterling if you want to know why. The Waxman BA. Melting it just spewed racist act. While OK okay get off that come article god proffered all right here we go use this lets see you cubicle and there is something about. The exotic nature of party next shot cons would bring to the team room my dad he is to be really popular with you you're shot lunch I Donnelly is mustaches powerful parent or he has a powerful mustache. If this morning bully and his stadium as soon as his first news his owner. I can get on board that. There's also. Jerry Jones he likes to put a few back he does. Un I caught him up close and personal drunken skunks young tiger about we analytic. Courtship of ladies are gonna say Yankee thieves. Who women around mean. Deb Meyer may not be his last now here's this is insider information we've heard mark Mark Davis. Parties it's rock stars. We have two parties markets. I saw I don't know if you guys saw this onto Erika weeks because someone. And I took a picture Marc Davis and a PF Chang's seating alone reading a raiders article with a flashlight and you know they he calls. PF Chang's is office right just yet. Yankee toward the pitcher on. He Robert Kraft he hangs out high and celebrities we know this is this a hard decision yeah I think it is is it. Feel real Mark Cuban Mark Cuban food though. That I learned some from him may begin to invest my business. I don't know like I have to I don't I have I don't know this this and it's it's really do difficult it is there's so many different personalities and stuff. I don't know if I wanna get drunk and just pick someone's brain because I wanted to get into their their smarts Lorraine I know that's that's the thing is or just hang out. Every beer Mark Cuban I think I would enjoy my time I really looks. You familiar with Virginia bus. Many guys they go in and you know it's imminent harm them. And I'm gonna have to go in this and Mark Cuban is is game change there and I am feeling year your team owner. Steve Ballmer. That's seems footballers like can we give you some weird stuff via iTunes. He's so energetic like how does that not blow but it's not the easiest if you wanna lose some of the harder stem Jimerson. Could be both. And that scare means you know I'm gonna go BC EO Lou I heard it has great parties and on yachts Paul Allen does. Fund there is not bad on their best I think final answer. I am going. To need it. Come on dude. Dude it's not rocket science X icons OK yeah right conference not a god guns they wouldn't. I jammed my exactly party that's out of Mark Cuban I'm gonna go Steve Ballmer. I sort of see out of your league really is. That's a homer take whatever homework they audio yet Jerry Jones mark Stephens commit Michael Jordan Michael old and then I forgot. Michael jordans yes. Michael do enough I'm not pose a Michael Jordan artistic Mark Cuban yap and get argument so you guys remember the managing challenged dance craze thing. Jams did you did you catch wind of that okay horse. Kind of dead here in the US but at the Korean basketball league all star game the DD managing challenging mid game here's the play by play. So they go to the. Who go to this new. All too easily noon. About a cup there isn't a display and he's. You still want to. You know let. Front from back all of the cream NASA don't like to have a lot of you know I created home run calls him based out there wonderful. You adapted their style calling museum. Are you like the so they did a north or South Korea is a guy shot and it's definitely self. He's got a free to grow and missed an everyone froze for about 152 did you say it's definitely South Korea. Oh yeah I'd definitely South Korean soccer. Certainly political I think North Korea's undefeated in every sport all time they are. Pumped my question is what would you like to see. During our NBA all star game this year you could see like a prank or dance or some kind of a fun. Do you make of what would you wanna see during the middle game the deal was our game yeah it's not on a regular game the all star game it's the all star game it doesn't matter anyway. Defense. I had no idea financial break that would be a prank. Somebody blocked shots at the well will what happens is what has happened here. I everybody stops and goes into the eighties swing dance missed the arm swing. In no Crawford and you don't do it you do it Jolene. I'm sitting down. He's a terrible answer the value enhanced conversation with our. He's terrible dancer. Yeah if he does like to Carlton name at home is now would you docket out of Carleton wind up having grace death. But at the moderate I know it's outdated and he's fun. You know and known known. If you could you. But he just stopping you do like the electric slide yeah. That's allowing that the new student million averaged lion dance. It's lying all are about an eight underlined in the cupid shuffle that Darren Darren yeah and earned your game now can't have wondered if our role of so. Is there an added that Miami did on the kick off that we showed that the they did that to what your own after they started doing on the kick off in 94 way started in the 20 so are you Miami did it again that's crazy I don't make. League golf is illegal in China. But it's kind of been like slipped under the rug like you can build new golf course is if you kind of circumvent the law I saw this we did they are it's illegal because that's two quotes. Communist leader lousy Dong it is. The sports of those millionaire sort of millionaires again capitalists they don't like it there. Even though they have like 600 golf courses vomit now they've decided when a crackdown out of so I'll be 683. Golf course is a 111 were just shut down 65 more will be shut down and the 47 courses being built constructions been halted some channels like. Thank you know what organ actually enforce this rule what's important would you wanna see discount and action taken against in the US. Enforce what rule that I just shut it downs are shutting it down banning it Oppenheim began making it light is still can kind of like secret leagues there's some but like for the most part it's illegal. Act Isa to. That's a good month outlaw act Isa garbage out here I didn't think the unity consider that a sport. Is that there's no ball involved as the says it's is how it's a sad sack and don't wanna see people circle lean up. Hack he's sacking. You got out of mind out of my sight I am I'm usually prone most boards. But you know it bothers me is thank. I know it takes great balance slack aligning. There's something about somebody slack lining that I just sit there and I go. What is wrong with you you guys ought to outlaw the granola sports yup. Navy or polo. Polo and a little else. Pull Oleg with the horses he had not water polo world polo on a horse with a mallet Ralph Lauren stuff that's like one of the oldest games in the history of James I don't care I've never actually like seen it played in person. Polo you have a new either way I don't see still won't affect my life in general you are millionaires Ford and I was just on a little sure gloat over it. Paula nearly all of the hippies have slack lining up tick below last like lining is hard I tried it once. Myself. You know what sports do your thing a lot of people think ultimate. Ultimate frisbee Kirschner in here saying. Roller derby which is awesome how did you not say he sports. It's not a sports aired he had not us forward as read their EU exit for them they can keep it it's not a sport considering your butt. You're of that. Yes Jackson be active here to break a sweat you. Are really quick last one is what actually is a would you rather LeBron James said they need a quote anything playmaker in Cleveland. Looking at the list of available free agents for backcourt help him out isn't he a playmaker could do we paid and just don't get you JD DE a playmaker and he found a hole lead you have would you rather see the cavs sign Lance Stephenson or Delonte West. Delonte West not even a question down auriemma how that's even a quite flat all as a would you rather. Because NATO would you valued at one I know WT I have want as WTI and ID west olive Delonte West on that team because of the fact. Then he'd allegedly settled the bronze mom already. Then bring it back. And awkward locker room if the only thing that Juliet Stevenson did. Was below in his ear that was pretty funny though you know that was awesome it keeps coming up every time. Like joke and no air balled a free throw things. That was a that was really bad I let Stevenson's facing blowing on a cart Wright look like a fantastic shooter. You are ever built no I don't but at least you Andre Jordan look. All very important it also air balled yet he had happens it's me Andre Georges horrible last night they don't trend slide this in there and it my guys know of is the worst. They get. Okay sorry judge Alan welcome no irbil irbil our Bill Cartwright worst forms. You know. Now it's pretty close it is really close it's close but it it still lagged it up and around and over in yeah I don't know what that was used. I don't know it no I know is doing it's tough questions. But yet Delonte West would be more entertaining guys yeah Joakim Noah missed his to the left or there and last night you know Andre you guys are ball. It came up like four feet short and yet he really doesn't happen you really let the Philly fans in this option he barely made it into the charge circle. He actually shooting a career high this season I was assume from the Carolina you know deduct Sydney in the passenger in the car we dated very serious deal IRS now. Someone punishment for that person right around I 5305 dusting cam on the fan. On this list. ST in the gym in the morning. Ten AB. The winds yeah hey the only really man yeah great stuff she doesn't seventeen. Off to a bad start then its own Brothers and founding member snow and drummer. Butch trucks dead. At the age is 69. Don't let. We've been on this kick for awhile of great names. That is one that needs to come back TO. We do not have enough butch is anymore which you know. And you get in bella choose blogger it was a bad yes he's awesome and we need to have more guess what Israel nameless it. I think butch had an even more bad ass name then bush Claude. Claudia and trucks was his name and he went by Dutch. Great names he'd come back. Crawford stand Peter produce he's done I'm done. Ye it's on you now then yeah you you guys you guys think you pick corps leaves your kids. Are you know your names are going to be what. BG's. Bmg. Means he has always given name is why it's a seven DC so everything's gonna be wrapped around this how as a BG is the legged Disco babies can't act like it's all going to be a little Disco Crawford and kids going to be named V the other one's going to be named neck. This this is my name my neighbor's name is butch and he's an a hole. Well you butch is a bully named kinda okay not in an essay. I truth. These camps thank both of my best practices talking about I mean like they were going to stereotypical. Bully names what do we thought. You'll have glitches one of them are you talking about in those owed. Loyal rules slowed butch and rules other jewels you inaugural or of a loser terrible what Joseph Doyle got here so like a bully you know. Ed does put showed two hills probably Xena holding the name butch. Looks great names that show real psyche had 98 kids showed in his locker wants I think if I wore my three black sure it might be misinterpreted this finally help put anything on call a guy named butch you know if you aren't helped me and it showed me a track not yelling. I'm not calling from let's see. Grayson took her best not come on over to help. He may pay somebody to. Brent. I guess. Primoz burger Rembrandt brown must burger rather they retiring hello iron. At the end of the month so is five this regulator also a rich frat boy name now Brent yes yes absolutely brilliant brilliant cramped. All right. Have we get and on this. Crawford. I'll butch Iraq's debt of 69 no I nothing in our days there. You are right now we get inappropriate text coming through an ominous and it turned net one machine at our office. So we dear were you Morgan released the name of the passenger in the vehicle. Former offensive coordinator. David Greece car can form at the time of his do you live reckless driving reckless endangerment arrest over the weekend. Their orders some salacious reports out there a message boards people saying uh oh uttered it was. You know a college girl I heard it was a mistress it was not. And I think this is the that this is the only reason why. The university's releasing this. Is that it was receivers coach Jimmy Doherty and it was in the car with David Greece at times his arrest it was not. Anybody else it was a one man so don't read message boards. In don't buy into that garbage. It was another coach but. With that comes V. Irresponsible nature of not just. Wild. Drunken not saying hey bud maybe we should take a cab home. Or something like that. And now there are in a growing. Growing number of organ fans boosters. That are saying net Jimmy Doherty should be punished or reprimanded in. In some ways well. This Texas interest in. If anyone asked the ducks football coaches how and why they were drinking on a recruiting weekend. When they had a tonic kids in town to either about the kids for us not emote that means that Anna. We do know that when athletes coming to town coaches Ergen taken out. Potentially I don't know if there's specific rules for things you can and cannot do with grappling different now up. Do we think the coaches were blown off a little steam like hey we just got here. Let's go out let's relax I got some guys in town let's show them a good and then hey let's stay out. The question comes down to. How how. What is it just guilty by association when you get the car here I have my philosophy and a there's things you do when colleges and there's things you do as adults and I'm not saying that as you become older you still make mistakes and yes of course you do. But there are certain things you have to put in your mind first of iris I'm supposed to be responsible coach and leader young man and I've said this over and over again and I think that. Not this guy is it working down at the thrift shop your key he's he's getting paid a lot of money to be leader here for men. Juror. That a state to be drunk in a car with another drunk and Jimmy is just as dumb yeah in my off base in my way off with that thought process. He didn't get behind the wheel I quit I'll say this. Kind of to that point those that wanted punishment for Jimmy dirty Dyson loses job he shouldn't. I'm not here to me he's just been you know an underdog they're not saying that either no does not here to make that judgment but. If this were to be a student athlete. Who got a deal lie in one of his teammates is in the car with him is not an employee by the way. There would be a punishment for the passengers well. There would be illegally illegally on the team not known passenger. Are legally well depends on how to now they did what I legally I mean with his scholarship in within there could be things that that are better built into the scholarships and how they have. Conduct EL and I don't think that. Darius today. And I don't think that bid. A scholarship would be pulled but you mean you noticed any punishment will some form would happen to the passenger we saw guys kicked off the teams hurt for lesser unharmed for service. And sell it there there will Peters there will likely be something there that happens when markets Peters do whatever he got out of begat. Our business and subordination exactly what I'm just saying is that in subordination or anything you wanna call it. There are certain things that that players cannot get away with so do we expect coaches. To have the same punishments do we expect the punishment of some sort here. That there are there likely will be some care and I think both sides of that will have. Points on on both is like they're even on dragon. You know he was. How stupid you have to be to get a car and other drug dude. Or worst team and as a matter who you are yeah have been that's nodded and demean you would hope in you would. Wish that maybe you would make that decision but I mean if indeed it freezes. Is playing it off like he's sober and is not. Acting inebriated. And you get in the car I mean. There have been times where I mean imported Jimmy Dougherty is not going to be perfect I mean people got in the car all I know and you've probably gotten a new car timer to where you'd like. The guys that drunk. They need the guy has now pulled over got do you live is that I draw are well I'm guilty of doing missing college right there with a third. Simple minded guys because we're just not yet become had the experiences. I'm not doing that when I'm a high paid coach at a major universe what what I'm not doing that yeah would David Reeves did was illegal. Why Jamie dirty did was a mistake yeah. Right people make mistakes into that there's trying to be some but deeds not gonna beat him I think that those claims should be going out because. He's just new and he's not facing anything legal. It's just another thing where. You know. Indeed there's national headlines about it now the university president came on he was talking about it. On to you are going into long eater grass you're gone in like look and team this is something that I had a hand in bolt the suspension in the firing. Of the coach for the do you live there it is suspensions strength coach in the firing coach the DUI because it knew where not gonna be made to look bat. You know and this is kind of how it's gonna go it's not just the athletic department's call anymore. It is our call because it is a line those mistakes and it happened in that pro. If you're the university president of organ in your hired a new coach along with your athletic director and misses the representation that you're seeing from your football program. Are you going to make a standard very quickly are you letting this lie are you doing anything. Because there that you were in this were in this day and age where everybody's got to make a snap judgment and I gotta make you change. I have to have. A set a precedent right yeah I do believe there needs to be precedent set here. Met Ed V receivers coach getting suspended or fire her no I just think there needs to be some sort of repercussions. In this instance. Okay because he got in the car down with I think there needs to me either it's a public apology or anything that he asked to do. Some are we away Nat double probably happen now I mean the extent of you know then move on will we move on yeah and we'll see kind of where this goes from here. And so that is the latest day for those that I read message boards it wasn't he it wasn't a woman that wasn't his wife that was in the car would Dave batteries. Ranked. 553 or five that is Tex signed. And lot of good feedback coming down there and all right. The falcons and the Super Bowl for the first time since 1998. Let's head alana daunting Jed from 680 the fan joins us next for treaty get a pulse of what the city's thinking dusting cam on the fan. This is Justine and Kim in the morning. It's the Palestinians. Need depth. Next we have done and if you want in Houston. John Kincade. Close but thinking kid on succeeded fanned it. In Atlanta Georgia and he joins us now card carrying member of the bodies neutrino fan club. Is this right John Arthur. They're the worst human being that's ever come across in the coaching profession ever. Guests at that same Bobby Petrino yeah it's right around the time let's remember this is writer and the time that Bobby. Would probably be outlook parking lot knocking himself up against rocks we could shed its skin breaks with the block out that that that's coming that's coming very very soon. You know what that is a an interest sings the place to kind of start with the Atlanta falcon because since 1998. Visit personable second Super Bowl ever that they've been and there have these ups and downs in the falcons franchise where they have not been void of talent we've gone through the field Bobby the tree knows and Mike Smith. It Erez there what is it now it's kind of push it and win every night Michael. I think we have pat we've had Morse we have had Morse storyline. With the Atlanta Falcons last eighteen years than they do what my favorite television church. I it is it has been up and I don't mean every and every creepy things. Which you wouldn't expect to see happen. Star quarterback to coordinate international dog fighting. You know gag you're getting sent the federal prison. Bobby Petrino quitting fourteen what thirteen games into what seizure at that we we saw ops we sort down we saw crate nest. And now were this town eighteen years later to see this team and an organization that looks like it has some stability. It's been one while right guys really crazy it's been fun to talk about three years could never had a shortage of things to talk about what usually it's been negative drama. And I can do that too. A it's been that it's been a lot of fun talking about a really good team well a borderline great change on the super ball. John he thinks this this team has done something so be it for me it's unique because it is not only keep in the same five offensive lineman healthily I don't know if I've heard that in. He wants and how good they are up front. What is it about this team have they hit the middle a streak I'm not gonna say it luck but if they found a way. To stay healthy better than any other team or find ways just to be adaptive of how good they are just by keeping the same continuity of guys together. No I think what happens is as with any champion with eighteen liquids championship gets Super Bowl is always some modicum. And that lucky usually does center around good helps. The falcons for pretty much the end of the year our month of December into January need to playoff games. Had a injury report that pretty much was Julio Jones limited in practice. I'm not Kenya everybody else healthy ready ago this week they're setting center Alex Mack is sitting out practice. Just arrest you know himself up there to get a little banged up on Sunday but this has been an incredibly cult preteen. But they're incredibly young team. Which are really young team you talked about four. Four rookies on the defensive side of the ball making huge contributions three always starting. That it's an odd story this has been it seemed that it stays healthy. This has been a team that listens to its master and that game Quinn follows his direction cheered his enthusiasm. And I Tony guys it's one of the most fun team to watch. That I've ever seen. And so that's I think going to be treat for a lot of people and maybe in the Pacific northwest now a lot of people see a lot of falcons football. So this will be etched into watched. Judging kid 680 the fan in Atlanta is our guest now you know you mention those young bucks on the defense aside the football. We were talking about this earlier defense wins championships right we've we've seen number one offenses go in. But there has been a growth is that number of dead 27 best scoring defense and 25 overall in total yards. Is that miss leading at this point in the year or is that the major concern heading in for the falcons in the Super Bowl 51. Like that which you gotta do is you got to break it in the first off if you believe that did you take a foreign language and school yeah. And and and how were you in September and how where you and that if you're ready kind of student. You know that makes you in the beginning of the year. You don't judge how well somebody knows their their Spanish or French U Georgia in April and judges at the end of the school year and you see how far they've come. The defense is playing so much better in October that what September. December that was October and January it's put its two best games together back to back. So you believe in momentum. And and Geist coming together and learning their lessons this is a perfect example that is a change. The one thing I would say is this is that if you view the common opponents. Between the patriots in the falcons. You'll see a story that told you we glaring difference. The falcons polluting Val and that beat patriots let hang around. Whether that means anything or not I don't know what part of the falcons defensive numbers been 27 scoring not that. Our defense excuse me was the fact that they got out front in around ten of their games this year they open up three score leads. More than any team any NFL. So a lot of times you're playing salt on your and you keep everything in balcony just one run clock in the fourth quarter a lot of garbage points. Put up on this defense so I think there's defensive numbers are bit skewed I am not telling you it's a great defense by any stretch of the imagination. But they are certainly not 27 I polishing that they're more like middle of the pack. Let's put that. You know I perceive to give the best right receiver in the game on the Atlanta Falcons roster is he is he is something special. We talked during the show about divas in how the wide receiver position Antonio Brown O'Dell Beckham and how well the diva style of a wide receiver. There is something about Julio Jones though I watched and I just feel like it's a a man going to work. Out there and he just he's just that much better than everybody and then and then I look at Matt Ryan and I look at this consistency and I see something on offense. That I haven't seen a long time I compared to the greatest show on turf the efficiency that was in 2001 but I see something that they have this collective. Is it Julio Jones is that something how is this team able to keep that mentality and not let me get to their heads. Well first off it's the DNA of the gentlemen that are that you just talked about I mean Matt Ryan there's no diva in him. There's not a celebrity in him. There's no. Bigger than the room Julio Jones is the most anonymous superstar that I've ever covered. And in and I've been due to weave into our show. This is seventeen football seat in the bucket out the door shot. And I've never seen a star athlete in this town be more anonymous. He comes to work brings his lunch pale. Kick backside on Sunday afternoons when you need it most and then he's working hard during the week total class sacked but you never hear from him. Exactly if you want to Julio Jones to not want to live in the public. Julio Jones is not all over every single actually. He is he's passed. Or millions and millions of dollars in marketing opportunities because he just doesn't wanna do it. This is a guy who's all about football all about it private life. He merely. Absolutely amazing. John Dean kids succeeded fan in Atlanta our guest you know Atlanta has been bashed by Dayton nationally for. There fan base and you know not selling a World Series games. How does this resonating because it seems like there's a ground sole supporter of the last couple years. Behind this Atlanta Falcons team wasn't in his city of Atlanta that's kind of been championship deprive. Well it is it is about what one thing I would say to people and it's great that. It's a tired old routine by the way you the last four playoff games held at Yankee Stadium. In baseball did not sell. So I guess they should the media loves to pick and choose their start that they would like to point to about oh they didn't sell out. The it is totally debt that's where it starts here but I I would get it. I think I am 62 years goal. Came here to Atlanta 23 years ago and when I arrived in Atlanta think this way what did get I was born. Atlanta did not have professional sports. There was no professional sports here so you're a guy like me. I search year old daughter wife and live in Atlanta. There there the guy that grew up here. When he was born there was a professional sports so unlike me and I'm from Philly I grew up where I had this season tickets to the Eagles. That my father had. Got my grandfather had. And that my daughter wore have in my well it's already in the air and I've already set aside money to protect. It's it's is it that battle we can't stand what sport generation Eagles fans this is the second generation sports count for pro sports. And that's something that people have to realize what they try to compare what you're not really not lost that Chicago will of course not. It that would that we started playing in Philly is actually a re a great start playing in Atlanta in 1966. You cannot compare. The books for me illegal ties and things like that Atlanta is big and spectacular I would say this. What people always want to do when it's not a good sports town they leave college sport cabinet. Spectacular. College sports town. I mean we won't have gotten there yet 93000. People this year straight spring football game scrimmage at George. I'm because member college sports. Why is this out pro sports. That's why SEC football is so important because that is what they grew up. That was what the families united around what grandma and grand pop and mom dad kids it was passed down the legacy it's college. Now hopefully the falcons will build something where the legacy of pro sports can be can be passed. You know I was just down for the peach bowl being a former husky and I got this experience Atlanta and I get seeded Georgia Dome and I got to see the new stadium being built next door in a week earlier oath it's gorgeous it's absolutely beautiful and then I seat. An owner taking 500 employees can you tell it from my from just former players playing around the league and I asked guys I go how do you like Arthur Blank and they go we'd love him. Can you tell me a little bit about him and why there's so much love for him as an owner or or maybe there isn't just from the outside looking in I think you'd be one of the greatest owners. To be a part of. Well you know the dark or black cat fur free audits may or may not know Arthur Blank is one of these founders OP. So that's where he built his fortune. He was one of the he was the guy who handled. All the financing all the all the finances in the accounting. And the building of that corporation. From the ground up our hearts are with the money guy he's handled all that stuff and everything. Short period legendary in Atlanta want to land legendary this community. When he bought the falcons top were joke of franchised. Smith's family that owned it everyone used to call them here at the clamp. They were hurt not culture they didn't do things the right way it'd be extinct first class. Arthur Blank does everything first class and Atlanta which is now the home. And it's a very proud city for it we house more professional athletes. Active professional athletes call Atlanta home in our off season than any other city people calm flock here. It is big it's a great place to live it's great at recline at its 72 degrees outside sunny today. I in January 2 beautiful place to live low cost of living real state great taxes are low it's a lot of people flock here Arthur Blank is amazing true this community. Because he's a guy who not only has given culturally to the arts and things like that. But he's an owner that from day one has said every single movie makes. Is to help. The stand of this town C championship it's been his goal. And he hasn't done everything right got a lot of dumb things he hired Bobby Petrino without faced a space in it yet so just think about that he made mistakes along the way. But he didn't make a mistake when he hired by ex met Mike Schmidt gave them five back to back winning seasons without content ever at. I'd never got back to back winning ceased to election that was fired the year that Matt Ryan stressed that. That's why that's looked at special and Arthur Blank has done everything to put this organization and position to succeed. And and I really want them to get it I I really wanted to get it. John Kincade 680 the fan in LA and I think that's I'm in earlier Janet. And they are united net that you're gonna win. Williams had gotten delayed a guy we were asked to go see significant revenue and political. You've got to understand it in Atlanta I'm still considered sort of the anti originally. Yeah. Mean I am but I guess because I'd never I never hit my allegiance to my teens I changed it like you repeatedly audience. When the Eagles in the and the stock. Play about a lady Eagles had the falcons the worst loss of the year. Like where that little match on XY and still look that'd be undertake this right now I I do think the stock what's. How I'm I'm not thinking it's gonna be as high scoring as everybody else is talking about but I would think like thirty to 27. Something along those lines Atlantic each one out and I I called a double digit win the worst loss of Russell Wilson career. I told everybody they beat the Packers and Tony I really do you think they're gonna when mr. all and I'm usually the guy because it is your baby's ugly. People here these people here very concerned why I've been so pot but I really believe this group. All right in then you TNT finally I Johnson's coordinator man you are now please stop with the committee and you erupted in September. And it's apart regardless suburbia as this and I really do that they got to admit I haven't driven. Junkie did 680. The fans in Atlanta. All right that good stuff for men. And really and unbiased opinion on Martha's demons if I will put Obama showed he said that in the sand dusting can't. This is just jam in the morning on 10 it's I am a friend most burger retiring and he did 77 nearly done at the end of the month. You know interesting note about Brett monster. This news comes on the night that the trailblazers lawn of the 77 championship team Brett must burger on the call. For the 77 Jay Buhner had a long top percent they read tonight now's like bats on now for 77 GB to take partners burger. But. For us burger although 77 years oh what a shock he still is not a guess glove. Well there alone yet he is moving to Vegas to become a sporty handicap her. Weird and bull and a guy who has been accused of having money and all of the games and he's called because he always brings up the lines is innocent helpless Finley started sports book. I alone right off into the sunset somehow that's right that's right. And so Brent mustard. Gone well from the broadcast Booth. Do you think it had everything to do with the yelling at everybody mighty men about grants Joseph mix in some. Punching a woman and then coming back in yelling even more about it he could have been the rant in the audio that Crawford. Remember this from Oklahoma's bowl game. You know just apparently. Some people are very upset. When I wish this young man well but the next levels and make something perfectly clear. And what he did it was that young lady was brutal. Uncalled for and he's apologized. He was tearful. He got a second chance to got a second chance from Bob Stoops I happened to pull for people with second chances OK and I absolutely clear. I hope we had a wonderful career and he teaches people what that brutal. Violent video put out day second down and nine good. At that may have been the point reset on down there. Home Donna go. Home and I say need to be Siegel forgot me. Oh I don't know he did yell at the American public because he lifted we Jesse Palmer told them about Twitter as. All Palmer's faults that bachelor now who's going to be the one to use these super creepy Graham pot in the broadcast its we need to take our bets on that Drake. Because he's the one that started June Sturgis career and you're referring out of Zack and get down really ought to look for. Hollandsworth has an opportunity to do it. Agassi called on donor room there. All right tomorrow we have Thursday program Cannes favorite day of the week so you know he'll be any good news we'll tell you about this thing called the Pacific pro league. That's a whole deal is start. Join a 69 AM tomorrow morning and up next is there herd with Colin Garrett now and a new new industry experienced great three to seven. For Ryan attacks without I think. In that suit on today's edition of the herd with Colin Cowherd. You'll get Roger Goodell NFL commissioner right up top dusting him on the fan every dead. I'm macro. Message zoom.