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Dusty and Cam - 1.25.17 - Hour 1

Jan 25, 2017|

NCAA releasing their top seeds for college basketball in February now. Also,

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Base or listening to the dusty camp podcast brought you on the stand by your local less Schwab tire center doing the right thing since 1952. Dusty and jam in the morning. Never about money for us it was about plus against system this system that kills the human. Stances on the dusty era and had the old bulls. Are now one. An NFL veteran jammed into them. And Tiffany Wilson. Any good morning to you. Find answers. And the women. Fans are on the big gap the middle of the week and you know glad. Here beer and it is common through yeah tremendously. Since it loads of fans to cast its own radio doesn't help. But does that goes on CS and those watching until 737 and HD you know year. Your nicknamed year old school little timing nickname that we gave you as juniors we grade. Third the big lead the big Swede. The league ginger sweep sweep my name from was the big the ginger hammer yes a year the big sweep by in that that beard is coming through yeah. Gay it's there's wanted to show carver what it's like to grow real beard in. Instead of laugh. Holidays. That is that there's into the show making fun of my Angel air are I know isn't. See you doing Andrew looker excellent at the under beards. Strong what that excited sailors and we're all within a difference between a real one was so popular is a country Shamir under beard yet the civil war exactly. Again now years is not comparable to Andrew Luck solid could be you're under beard is even pet she security you want lead he puts them you are making is going I think he should put a little bit I don't know what he would he put in there this is like. This is like hardly an attempted and under beard I think it's just that's just the beard noses are like it's just hang in. Can Agassi can and I think anyone think anything is is fair EU live in southeast Portland cheer trendy cat right areas some big beards. Can you go. Mullet beard forming. What's that I got morning at a beer now and UG shave everything up top don't know es I know the underwrote the underground like all Amish. Under similar I'm not not pocket under the could even not a started the job line no I'm not doing that I'm talking like you I don't hurt you will underneath. No I guarantee you Crawford now if we were to go to united sort of thrift shop did you lowland suit. Right well some glasses with no lenses Wilshire X. We dressy have been you have been pitch in the wool shorts who resign can buy yesterday merely good and restore resigned by NASA knickers if you love my closet as we looked hard enough right. In we'd just you have been saying you downtown. Clean shaven at the mullet beard and look at it right and I bet you within a week if we just kind of post you up on and on and on a corner and that. Coffee shop really need some Bucher maybe typing something on a typewriter. Big sisters who follows suit. The hamsters and policy could be a good social experiment that being said set the trend Crowley girl mall it's fears that her and the sounds gross. Well they did Desi if your Kurt facial hair isn't hello guys I AI love you while we got to come at me like there's. We were just started over the he started the beard thing and I mean politically and I realize that I don't know this in in fifteen years. Why did you decide I rode out. My wife used my raisers in it irritated me. I refuses mine and here's hated me so much because I do not like swapping razors at all needing his staph infection don't like it at all. And she uses them to savor legs and knees and on parts that we don't end I was he's yourself agitated that I didn't have a new ones and so I let it grow and then I went all right a some ago when he shipment yet. So so there's not so I thought oh let's give us a little bit better Muehlegg euros then yeah now is what it is now right. Are you pro if you wanna but ago. Both goalies. Near Pittston and legs not not not so much do you. I'll look like a guy he's lost it now who's given up all well and it stadium. And gone through puberty. No he doesn't like he's lost that maybe when you Wear the hat like that when you had the stocking cap but it's an NFL alumni Scott stocking cap so very comforting look like it turn knocked us out there. Barack cross he'll drive people to be that man and you know that so little kids on two weeks of no school after Christmas break I think that's the real reason it's very true thing that's a real reason why kids are sick marked shout out all the people have sick parent or sick kids for one right how sick to okay and the ones I had sick parents parents are sick and none will go eagle opportunity series dilemma who shout outs. I but. The way we wanted to start to shows your beard looks good. Tell. You my remember was a Muslim school student. I'm John in the interfered Crawford the mullet here and do it. But this day in sports history 1998 John Elway gets his Super Bowl victory beating the Green Bay Packers in Super Bowl thirty T 3124. Ball comes. LA found again entering after three losses or whoever that he did the helicopter the original welcome benefit. He had seen under 38 years old when he did that man Vinny seems super old then just ancient old and now you're like yeah 38. You know I still think that's super. Old you know thank you Tom Brady tried that he died he's 39. He met or alienating the net couple years ago. LA Monica. And you see that they unveiled plans today didn't demolish Qualcomm the naked in an analyst him. No surprise there. Good news San Diego. All right today we are jockeying Qaeda succeeded in Manhattan and it jogged. To discuss these compounds. And there run nasty Super Bowl didn't want to. But look this. Is there eighteen Wheeler fitting to play inseparable lie then it's new England's. It's a global now live. Simple lives in the patriots could win it. I love best. Like that Google's they went the other apple sold the 77 blazers JPG in perspective. A possible Big Ten retirement in the NFL as Big Ben real about it. Debbie TF Wednesday were profitable though you face and blow your mind. Does the ground so I think as the team. I'm new window and well hopefully get some more fired up close shuttered news crews were just churches and then Saturday and I will say this will reduce console hardware. I'm thrilled. Because she's she channel. One of the hardest course in the country before his bench. Bob Huggins Eric Berry is full court press. Of these eighteen during West Virginia Mountaineers are coming here was the logo. Knocked off number two Kansas gave them headaches all night long. The mountaineers win 85. To 69. Days in the second ranked team in the country not to be outdone top bring Villanueva said not so fast my friend. They blew a seventeen point lead. TU faulty you mark Katz said before sending. Upset Tuesday yeah it is the 21 occurrence all time that's number one in T teams have lost on the same day. Inning Kentucky wanted to know all this losing the fourth ranked wildcats fell in Knoxville. Tennessee PDT you. Dating leave standing at number one. Wounds that are Gonzaga. And you state of Washington with. Are similar wake up I said no way up basketball magazine the Washington did and the number one high school team in the nation and NBA teams awesome. There you. OJ. We know the man in the car now quit being. Fired offensive coordinator for the university of organs David Reeves. It was Jimmy Dougherty who is he wide receivers coach. Daewoo they're worthy unfounded rumors. He knows someone at a bar all of these stupid things in this as vice fans shouldn't read message boards. Because he is with aids. Assisting coach in the car with and friends but now with that said and boy is it irresponsible. For word. David reads to drive. It is also are responsible for Jimmy Doherty is not G who get in the car and not to stop his co workers. From driving inebriated so you while I while I think that's such a college move for these this to happen. Not a college coaches move brands of new players move yeah right. Write your players move I did some Monday you have to. Grow up no word yet another Jordy it will be punished but some are saying he should. You know these absolutely I a lot of fans on this message boards and as a reporter Stephanie. Up and it does not test this is rock and roll waves barely keeping them out and do legs. 600 bucks goes ten or oh my god it's early wake up. He showed Watson isn't at the Senior Bowl that is go to Davos when he is. BC cannibal Glen yeah I love this set of data both he says passing on to Shawn Watson is like pass on Michael Jordan. Did jump the blazers. That is a shot at the blister shot say literally pop. Somebody else think confronted Jordan also. Had a shooting guard stretched. Pretty ahead in the meeting video. We sent her in Portland stuff that's why we tell Bowie. Dan Brown she's the suits us the equipment that's an irregular and don't pay to move. Hey. All right yeah but majority out there that Michael jordans John Watson is Michael Jordan. I loved I loved bold claims also look coaches that support their players. I think it's awesome that devil Sweeney is. Given a shout out to Hizbul because he's saying he does need to play in the Senior Bowl what does he need to show the Senior Bowl for answering honestly browns what you need to see if you don't draft him. Don't do affairs what do you need to do. You need to see him there look at bill known. Thank you down yeah get ready for the biggest job interview of his life 32 job inner. But the fact that the browns are just visiting go to the senior bush exactly so on the browser is Susie how dysfunctional they are. They don't trust their own process and he's now given him in the winter so you don't. You have a prep work out you get him in the come mind you don't need and we need underwear Olympics that's all you need to do. The general disarray. Tom Brady does that poor person Indians underwear Olympics that you know there's like the is that one person make from a from and she never heard of running in the hundred meters in that they're running again thank you seem bull tonight everybody else and they just enough and last. I was braiding the underwear Olympics they got for boxer briefs. Not clear that this. Cracked beam pay the NCAA wants you care more about college basketball and they think they figured out a way to do it. Will you care that is the question 55305 is tech sign on this Wednesday after her morning not afternoon testing came on the fan. Are. Yeah. This is dusty and jam in the morning on clay you need you know and this song I've never heard before it and indeed he. And it is I need to wrap your amigos and tonight there is something went viral and yesterday or two years ago from that as saying. As a father of two U I read this book a million times to my kids but they dogs go no perfect and llama llama red pajamas. They only did the media is again as you sing the song. To this beat him read the book llama llama red pajamas in it sounds like a rap song. Like it sounds like a legitimate rap song when they did a certain and they did on a radio station and in New York I think New York school. I never I've never heard the actual song though I just think it's the Lama lumber at the John song now you should listen to it non get. And the NCAA is rolling out a plan. That will get cheated love college basketball. They want Putin to pay attention. Tend to care more about colleges because let's be honest. Nobody cares about college basketball until the brackets are out right maybe a little bit before that you start watching on nine was a bracket buster week. The week before that two weeks before conference championship week in any of the conference tournament for some people be like all right. I'm a degenerate gambler need to see when I'm betting on moving forward movement and then. The majority of people only care when that means turning it starts right. Well in order T. Generate a little bit of of the of the interest in college basketball the NCAA division one men's selection committee will reveal a sneak peek of the tournament. A daily beat top sixteen seeds next month. Which I think is Dade were rate. Move by the NCA ATC. Kind of where teams are in the end who's on the inside he's on the outside. Yeah I don't I don't think it's a bad idea I think it's fine where did they get this idea and renewal periods mean. College so there could have been there could have been a little help. Yeah from college football playoff announcing what they do and in November ballot selections Sundays until March 12 I get it they everybody wants to know. How do we make college basketball. More interest in via while you have to try to market in. How do you marketed create buzz is exactly what they're trying to do they're calling this a glimpse inside the seeding process. That was actually said by mark Hollis who you athletic director Michigan State game he really give a glimpse he's the chair. Now this is what I love about this is they're seeing a college football does that their playoff frank in. You know I think dead because small class committee and it really see it top 25 is meaningless. Because I think that you can actually price generate more buzz if he just stuck to that ten. Did it you know from the very beginning and you can see who is who's on the outside looking in you can make that argument of why isn't this team have a chance to come up and and storm out to make a shot you don't know kind of who's not 111213 range yeah I'm with you there are but I he goes back to the Ohio State when they were fifteen and came all the way up seat in I think that that is the exact reason why they're being more drama and there's every we've had one of those teams of county neighbors that well. You know where they come from. Right and sneaks fairway in. In backs their way into this I think that just happened just unveiling the top sixteen seeds. In this tournament I his brilliant by the NCAA because then all of those bubble teams after that. It is the underdog nobody has us as a clue now where they stand in the in the selection committee's side. So they're 68 teams getting and we do do that via and it's all you were to do was sixteen it does put some interest. On her I don't know two thirds of the rest of the of the country yep looking at how to we get him what are we got to do you know in in for a lot of those people that are veteran wondering. You know the national champion. Usually comes from the top sixteen seeds right you mean that is after a year rarely find anybody. That is you know he had Villanova and 85. You had Kansas and 88. But usually done in by the laid the top sixteen seeds. Are one through four seed right in each region that you see you know they work in ninety Tyson now they they were outside and then the outside the sixteen Connecticut yeah they were outside are no they were inside guys the the only seat. I believe there were I believe they were raised borer and her but yet Connecticut who is seven seed NT doesn't fourteenth. Seem only had three instances. Since they expanded T 64 teams in 1985. Where a winner has come out of that top sixteen so this is say is give great indicator on who did such committee believes will be. There were there one through four seeds yeah and which ones had to scratch and claw and fight their way in. Throughout. In the rest of the season. This will be unveiled on February 11 that's amok almost a month to the day that the aid they will do their big unveil for the whole tournament. This gets you excited though does this create more interest for your first I know we're talking about it. Do you wanna see 1234 earth and you wanna see one through sixteen and know where your school ranks or measures up to everybody here's a really matter because you know once there's. Conference tournaments start there's going to be more chaos that that that throws up because those automatic bids that come from a conference champs so old. Well I think that that is it dead in to that point right there I bet that's I this is it Ed and brilliant move. Is because if you have a team that is a you know a big in this top sixteen. You know the date may may Barton likely don't have to win their conference championship tournament. Right so either they're gonna sit there and we may have more teams kind of come up in in pulled an upset because the teams and they're looking and it lead me to kids a pay attention to this right. In this is a bigger thing than a fourteen college football left where you can't take a week off or take today off. They may be that. I had a sense of complacency that you have with young kids playing an attorney or how wherein anyways and you may see then stub their toe on the conference tournament and see other teams kind of fall their way up I I think that this is going to be fun for. For the NCAA. Four NCAA basketball because. I've been following it closely the last two years because last year how how much fun was that when do we really didn't know until conference tournament time. That the following the beads in the docks right. In seeing them kind of bull for those programs. Played their way into the tournament it got me wrote in a little bit more to college bask on got me back engaged. In I think that this is going to be. Away I mean I'm not gonna become a cause bass club I hard. But all followed a little bit closer and. We know. I don't know if it's gonna change and I'll I might look at it because we're in the business will have to fall little more it'll it'll perk up my interest of really worded teams sit I just I still don't have the belief that it will. Makes such a dramatic change but it does create a little bit more buzz on I'm OK without its marketing added there's other wrong with putting teams out there and say. What happens though if you're a top ten team also knew just fall off the map and everyone goes oh no look at him sliding dude that's exactly that's who you're gonna say yeah but there are blue bloods that doesn't matter where you rank. At any point in time. You scan again because of the brandy. Well in nano we'd be in that to me is going to be fun to watch is like a team like duke is a perfect example of this this year. Where there are now what fifteen and five. They're not playing well they don't have their coach. Way what are vegan and what in the world are they going to be when this when the seeding in the seedings come out. I 08 and on top of that will know a lot more about one thing you never know is how they value conferences. In this election committee we will have a better idea. Of what. What they value in conferences or what they trigger is the strength of that that conference how deep the conference you know undoubtedly sell because if you look at it. The AP right now has got three pac twelve teams in the top ten. Right they've got Arizona seven UCLA eight organ is ten ranked. The selection committee has taken instances like that and they throw those out the window. Where they'll be eight new sitting U Beck well wait a minute a DAP had three in top ten lawyer what do wise selection committee has. You know the ducks are ten in the gay people wire they foresee you know I mean nurse and you know with sixteen. Or 151413. Right it will show you kind of how they stack up with the rest of the conferences and that's kind of the more more intriguing part to me. Is you know how many teams a lot of these costs is gonna get in. Do we remember when the NC 28 tried to change and tried to bump back to college basketball season using this is their first step to try to truly really Galloway a football little bit. And try to really separate themselves. In trying to create more instance of more interest. Earlier they need to. They need to think college basketball more Aminu is the only thing you think about in college basketball funny and you could you can changes its. Not how you feel though one and done not what I think of and then I also think of March Madness that's it. Those are the two things it's really really hard your all of this sport. Earlier prior to December direct or January yeah nonetheless in that and that's I think that they know their lot in life in February 11 is a great day for it because guess what weekend that is after that after the super. The Super Bowl. Rank officially the. Cut off point they don't football season in that in in May lose a yes that is why they're doing it in our football is officially over. And they say if we can make some room there's room at the table for us. Because that is that dead zone. Where the NBA's ten to the all star break. People know me here's the MBA now because what it's after the all star Larry the all star break in the all star break is that following week right there and said they're getting in ahead of the all star break. Get people wrote in a little bit more. And then you also have your bracket busters time start where they did cross over conference matchups so I think it's good move. But great scheme of things. I think get ropes in their base a little bit more. Big people better basketball fans now will always be that college basketball fans so the heartland and and then I think what it'll do it'll it'll rope in a couple more a few more people here in the right in that's all you want that's all they're looking for right now. And as you can kind of grow that I aided their hope is and a few years. It will be a thing they're they're unveiling in February after the Super Bowl. But I don't think it's going to be big slam dunk. Better it is good in the old adage that defense wins championships how real is it 55305. NASCAR for a sports and. Let's read text easy. That's a message of what number. Two or. Niner five. Six. I can't hear you drilling off and I can unite here and there we have Colin Powell like packing. Oh cordless text there's no it's 5530. Sly message and data rates may apply to just play my number and they'll you can go we're desperate. This is sexual relations on the shouldered likes to read. Overtaxed. Bosnian jam in the morning on ten may be the brain of that person actually say that also have. Defense. Wins championships whenever I cam is now what they say it that is what they say. Offense. Is for show defense is third down kind of like a driving in cutting and drive for show putt for dough that's right. What this is a Super Bowl 51 puts on the line for us. Is being number one scoring offense in the NFL the Atlanta Falcons at 33. Point eight points per game. Did against the number one scoring defense in the NFL he New England Patriots and fifteen point six points per game. Does defense wins championships and why should I trust the Atlanta Falcons. In this game. I don't know if you should now. I I want want now history does repeat itself in football football goes through the ebbs and flows. But one thing that never changes in it will always always be consistent is that if you stop the other team from scoring. You will win. Is that pretty I mean as dumb as that sounds and is completely obvious is that sounds saying that again if you stop the other team from scoring. You will win that is their own innocent program the whole concept now think about the way football shifted though in times it's as if we put more points than the other team. We will win. There's two philosophies right thing about those two philosophies and he I have a philosophy that I am gonna score more points in the other team ranked and then there's philosophies and no I'm actually gonna try to stop the team. Actually not let them score. Which velocity are you they're too they're your two people those are two types of people those are two types of those coaches who are two types of teams. In my opinion humble opinion I'll always take a team that believes. In fighting for defense and scraping and building around defense and having offense. As you work subset. As what makes you quality team is defense is what. Stands in the end. Well in to it to your point into that fact. The number one scoring offense in the NFL. Is one in five NC rubles. That is since 2000 I should say since 2000 since the year 2000. They are one in five. In Super Bowl games that is they say being the only one to win a super rule. Was the 20092010. New Orleans Saints then. Who'd they have the no one's going off and in the NFL they went in and they beat the Indianapolis Colts and dude that year I would I would disability defense I bullied and did not they were eight and scoring in the NFL all as I said quality the other day and they had a quality defense but. If you would it take a closer look and you look at top five top three top two top one defense is. They don't lose in these games you remember how the saints won that Super Bowl. Yeah they're huge interception late night game on defense. I thought it was Downey's doing it now there was that interception on defense. I'll win that game so yes. Par defense okay so why. Why should I believe that the Atlanta Falcons. Are gonna be different. This year shouldn't. Daylight is like a sore you just counting out Atlanta right now. Not counting them out but you know the history does repeat itself and and I know I'm repeating myself once I just can't does that. There is a lot of talent on the Atlanta offense in Kyle Shanahan is should get tons of praise along with. What they are doing and what Matt Ryan is doing along with Julio Jones is doing along with all the players Freeman everybody that is part of that offense from the offensive line. To the tight ends to the versatility they have it we haven't seen this in quite sometime in. However. If we do you remember in this is Dominick goes could take a step back to 2001. And in the 2002 Super Bowl. This is exactly the same set up that the St. Louis Rams came into the Super Bowl game against an upstart team. But nobody gave me a chance that had a very good defense a young fledgling guy that took over from a perennial pro bowler. And hall of Famer and they went in and shut down the greatest show on turf in New Orleans against a team and nobody gave him a chance. If you give a team and a and an organization like Bill Belichick and like the patriots to game plan against an offense. I find it hard to believe. That anybody would consistently count them out or not favor with the patriots do. So significantly better than any other team in all the NFL's should be noted that and that. Indianapolis in the last noticeable to New Orleans and that was eighteen had Peyton Manning Joseph Addai Reggie Wayne. Care Earth's own Dallas Clark was the first team all pro now a year this is Ike. There are teams that have been loaded in. Ridiculously talented very kind of lost in the Super Bowl games that. I mean don't get me wrong. Atlanta supremely talented on the offensive side of the football but there have been teams that have had just as much talent that do. Is in these did you knowing that 2002 super wal set the precedent for the future of how you play defense. Because of what the patriots had to chuck rule in the big change is a tally at the line of scrimmage that team and that defense is scheme by Bill Belichick changed the way we understand and watch football now consistently because about one game in that game plan. I've never seen a team. Take down an offense not only you wanna call it cheating it's not it was excellent game planning from holding Marshall Faulk on the line then attacking Torry holt and Isaac Bruce. To not letting Kurt Warner even shuffle is the that. Whole thing took for Mike Martz now green on the competition committee and complaining and bitching the rest of his career about how they cheated and what they did it change football forever. Don't count out the Bill Belichick will do to this Atlanta Falcons team okay. Now you know the stacks of 55 threes terrified that says I'm not Atlanta fan but their defense has been no slouch no over the past few games either in this is something and then now this is the hard part that I have. We have with the Atlanta Falcons because I look at damning you look at the body of work right everybody says the body of work. They air defense was 25 in total defense 27 and scored her note 27 in total defense 25 in scoring this past season ranked. They have not been great. Inner tube post season games. They have not just been great they've been. You lead to this defense they held the pat and they held the Seahawks. TU 300 yards total offense. And if you look at eighty it was but nineteen to ten at halftime they pull away at the end they win 36 between air and then in. In meg Green Bay game they re even better pitching a shutout in the first half in the instant some scrappy points at the end. What do you make of eighteen that is. Peaking on the defense of side of the football right now can their defense match. I don't know in the me and I don't disagree with you but I will compare. To it local team known as your index during their time. The reason why in my opinion that Green Bay didn't have a chance in Seattle end up getting beat is because of the pressure. And the XEQ shin not of the excellent defense. But the pressure in the XEQ shin that Atlanta's offense put on the opposing squad and he. When you made a mistake vs Atlanta on offense. Like an interception missing a field goal fumble in the red zone. What it Atlanta do it bounced back on you on offense and went right down the field when 99 yards vs the Seahawks longest drive ever given up by the Seahawks. Bounce right back in got a touchdown vs Green Bay. It made them. On offense becomes singular focused we need points and we need to throw the football. We need to deviate from our game plan against the opposing team so what did that do for Atlanta's defense. Mean easier Garrett had been made them thrive drag right it did you get into it as a true battle between two teams where your bouncing back and forth that's what I wanna see Atlanta in and I wanna see that vs the pictures I think you'll see that. You can't get away. With mistakes if there's any team that's not gonna give you tons of mistakes that is exactly with a preachers do. And knew was sharp when it lay NA is in this post season you mentioned that they are plus four in the turnover battle right. They have not turn the ball over in their team post season games they have forced to against a Green Bay and they force to against Seattle we saw that Tom Brady in that in game against Houston. He believes that the football but I don't think you sign more perfect game there when he was able to do against leader from mindset. Right yeah. I mean barely remember let us put the ball on the turf immune they've bid but they've been fortunate to knock it caught lucky they've been fortunate to be on the right side of the recovery process the bulls have been on the turf. It's just the the bounces have gone their way. That's a good thing when them than those things are happening in if you look at both of these teams right now be in the playoffs. We discusses. Heading in the last week on new England and Atlanta. Our bowl let's see inland as plus fifteen so there are third in the NFL. In. They're plus minus giveaways takeaways. In New England I believe now is plus thirteen so they are fourth in the NFL. Only behind Kansas City in Oakland like they are at these two defenses. Fur is so if you wanna go tit for tat in this they kind of go the same. In a they are both up there and you know strength. Against weakness weakness against strength the big thing is that Elaine and a reminds me of the of eighteen. In the New England Patriots. That we have seen before. In the Super Bowl it's not 2000. I think what you know which wired that 200218. I do think you know exactly what team I'm talking about will discuss the bend but don't break. Is that more of what Atlanta is. 553 or five is tax on dusty came on the fan. Could it be Atlanta Falcons. Reminds you love that bend but don't break. New England Patriots defense that. Plus Super Bowl team David tyra ease helmet catch. And that crushing defeat and was in the 2007. Alluded to does seventy designate the reason was that long here Tom Brady. Now was long hair Tom ray long haired how's Brady. Does hippie Saddam in as he did Tom Brady and tipster ha ha. It objected that it that team kind of reminds me. All of this Atlanta Falcons see now Lan over the course of the season has given up more yards right but they have been. Progressively getting better in they had they have far your veterans in that New England team had on it and made that Super Bowl run. But there's just something that. DN Quinn's defense they'll let you move the ball inside the twenties but they're gonna make you dig him wanna make kick a field goal. In their defeat made their offense to go down to get seventh is that seven's not threes mentality. In if you look at that two years where the giants got the patriots in the symbols. That was their mentality on defense ended up breaking down at the worst possible time. Yeah it's true it is true mean that team it was epic I mean it was eighteen and one woman the first team ever its offensive production I'm talking about the patriots and a year. Was second and the talent they had so what do they do they understood in this is even the greatest coaches at the time. Was it Belichick and his staff they understood that there office was so good. But they just had to play the style. A defense that kept him in the game because our offense could score any time so dynamic and it took for granted going against the giants at the time. Of course took an unbelievable catch but he took for granted how good that offense and how good that defense was for the giant that is what happens when you bank your livelihood on just office. While Andy if you if you remember that you ignite the David how every helmet catch would be neat if that's. My comments and your I didn't mean that that's a guy who try go across milk but everybody neo. Daddy neck crunch time in that moment that last play. Everybody watching that game everybody in that stadium knew they were throwing the ball Plaxico Burress who is at the time that's like they're really agency is not nearly as gifted as Leo joneses but. Rivers still are so big he's 66 to forty before Plaxico Burress shot himself there and we did prison. I was really stink in good there is big man in everybody in the stadium knew that that's when the ball's going deep in the patriots couldn't stop. In Ned that Timmy is sit there and I'll look at that Lego. Man that kinda looks like that it Atlanta defense as a young secondary right and it they're really talented and they'll be here Furl Lyle thinking keep those contracts in check in des Quinn. Can keep camera has a great quarterback an elite quarterback in Julio Jones has is you know has a great receiving corps can have that balance. In their offense. Some like does patriots teams did. But. You just trust the better defense at the end. Here's the bigger question dusting it for everybody does great offense. Be great defense does great defense beat great office. Great defense beats great always. I agree yeah is there anyone is anyone really thinks that George great offense. Will be a great defense. In the end it. I mean it is a lot of coaches out there there's a ton of coaches that sit there and say. And I'd be let's let's be super let's kick temple. Let's get working on this in yet they spend an hour and a half on offense and they throw in a couple defense of schemes to go well we'll just react here well it will just react that way. Build understand see the stats realize that when it comes down to Atlanta's super nerd Indian Quinn's defense and coach. This Atlanta team is is fantastic they're extremely hot right now. But how can you throughout the fact that every offense can be stopped with a very good defense it can be you know. But they did to the point though. Do we know how good new England's defense is because they haven't played a lot of great a great offenses right. And if we doubt it was a conversation leading up to Pittsburgh last week and they just put the hammer down. On the Pittsburgh Steelers have the patriot Aaron how did you seen anything like what Atlanta and it passed. This season not in the AC nine know now they have played the Seahawks a half. And the Seahawks came into Foxborough on and they did and they ran it up on him and they have an aide took advantage of what. The patriots had a few deficiencies at the time the Seahawks were a championship team like Atlanta. On offense they were very good offense and at the time but Russell Wilson was hurt and that was one of those games where New England got caught sleeping. One that's where New England that I mean. Bill Belichick had this Turkey comment this week at the podium saying. In others their ass and what is the biggest growth the senior defense this year. And he just said experienced man because it doesn't puppies and that secondary here in that could be the concerned those kids and have grown up and they've gotten healthy now line backing core Donta hightower finally healthy. Their defense a line has grown over the course the year and they're just claimed. Editor human they don't have a leak guy I mean come on I know we know. Aim name the just named the defense into wing letting you go well pro bowler leap out Muller. You know him from the Super Bowl but he is even deemed good corner it's a very good corner he's come into his own and he's gonna be the walk and that is all over Julio Jones. We do know that you out you just go right through it Rob Ninkovich. He's your best pass rusher. If you remember your pass rushing in that 34 style that is not what. The style of defense that. The patriots have always been known for they're not into the style of I want a leak past pressures in a 43 now they will play different like you've used the term before amoeba defense now really change and adjust but they're not into getting tons of pressure they're into what's called. Keeping guys in a certain spot they don't want the play action and you remember this. Atlanta will run the crap out of moved. And play action. And boots and naked everything will be built off of that and how you run the zone. That's exactly what it what Lan wants to do if your New England they're gonna try to funnel at all and keep it in that pocket. You know way Atlanta has the ability to do things that big knowingly Texas teams their pants down with a right. When you mean you have a tight end is big physical and can move as well Levine to allow you to write down yet. And meeting you can you can essentially bring out what is your twelve personnel we have one back tee tight ends and inherently what is defense gonna do. They're gonna bring in a bigger package defensively. But you can spread them out as New England often does went there guys and you can have zero tied invited traditionally. And you can still beat them right easier tied and says as wide receivers this chess match is gonna be fun. To watch with Kyle Shanahan. And build uncheck Matt Patricia. On that in that. Setting because as you say I don't think you go cross. A new England's defense and you go yes that's the deal I think Donta hightower. And Devin McCord he probably T guys the use say. Those of their best players. But Uga as third eagle Malcolm Butler Chris Long Chris Long washed up hero apparently heading into this year the branch. I you know year you're looking at a team of relative known it give typically collectively down that's all it really matters especially on defense you just played collectively good. Really well together in this text to try factor try Super Bowl 48 number one off answers number one defense 43 date Seattle you know. Denver first play of the game doom and lets you know dunes zoo and the twelve really come NN pod having mail ordering now wanna open. I would you. You know bad because that kind of showed yet right away what you have and you know that I love this conversation. But can we not forget. The other offense. Has to match up with Atlanta's defense do yeah. You know that other offense don't sleep on what Tom Brady's punitive is to it and they're really get. Which. Do you think the NFL fears that they may have they've blot on their hands. Because the rest of glass who'd been hoping for big games are. How many good games we see in the playoffs one cremate Dallas. One and out one and a half yet he was your ass for Kansas City and you may consider that when that was an ugly gives an ugly and wasn't a game losing all you. And that's or looking now her drug about a rally which draws secured the score was close but the game wasn't good afternoon to make sense Lotta field goals anytime I said the malice Sears the two things are ruin a football game what it I've always officials including an additional yeah what happened in that game. The kicker. And it beneath you all know arts and that's what does it make it a great first thing I thought about awful cycle team's upset now. You know exactly. A big retirement could become in the NFL has the clock struck midnight for a hall of fame worthy career. Those are both puns. Dusting camel fan.