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Dusty and Cam - 1.24.17 - Hour 3

Jan 24, 2017|

Matt Ryan is finally 'elite'...what does that mean? Also, is C.J. McCollum the best shooter in the NBA?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Base or listening to the dusty camp podcast brought you on the stand by your local less Schwab tire center doing the right thing since 1952. Is dusty and jam in the morning we're just Kara and ten Cleveland and that. I doubt we'll go about it. Limelight. Just didn't jam in the morning and uncheck any you know sale and. Hey Matt Ryan is the only bill react now. That is the conversation that we're dealing with and it was to be expected at this point in the year Matt Ryan leading his Hawkins. Two Super Bowl after any need season and people now saying hey wait a minute. Quarterbacks that would Super Bowls Jerry Lee. Right. Is Matt Ryan easily eat. What a dumb conversation to have about. Matt Bryant. YA right now is the is Matt Ryan nearly conversation happening. Well. I think it takes pity and everybody's mind he takes a Super Bowl championship to be commonly eaten. Right spreading your body's mine you have to win a championship of some kind someway somehow that the biggest pinnacle and be considered one of the top. Five in the league now in the spring. You guys or remember decisive watch out for Matt Ryan. I think he's the number one can we were ranked keen. Quarterbacks in the league guys you have to have one of those yours not this is an I told you so this is just. Did there is a storm of of how good Matt Ryan always was. The problem. Is it when you have multiple turnovers offensive coordinators. You have aging veterans around you and then finally you found something you've you've caught lightning in a bottle. Would Dan Quinn Julio Jones and young guys around him and an offensive line. That is the best offensive line why because of the healthy sign up offensive line effect there are so wealthy they started the same five guys the entire year Brett. So all those factors come into play and Matt Ryan has always been good. For what the war what breezed into elite status. Is having the pieces around him and making them all better. Ya anyway he's always had good. Pieces are there be Julio Jones Friday YA and Tony Gonzalez or. You know Julio Jones is losing to alone and my comments and you and Coleman they're Freeman in the backfield. But if you look at what Matt Ryan has done in the in the interest in part about this conversation happening right now as. The guys in the conversation for the MVP all season long. And it wasn't is Matt Ryan nearly it is hey disguise avenue and MVP caliber year. Nobody is paid attention to he has this on the Muslim god a passing numbers in the NFL over the last decade. Where he ranks seventh. Ahead of guys like Aaron Rodgers Tony Romo. In passing yards in the air over the last decade he is done stuff that area in this playoff run. He in going into his last playoff run. He is the only quarterback to win. To go for what three touchdowns and zero interceptions I think in was a four consecutive playoff games are over. He sees me throw for three touchdowns in four consecutive playoff games. That's an amazing number that that he is put up. And yet it is. Is he U Leet. In conducting you got to CD inside years ago with a three years ago yeah that to mean was a sign of how much Matt Ryan. Is a pro. You handle what he does inside and out and how he watches film. There's a lot of quarterbacks there's a lot of people you get to see the difference between now maybe Jerryd goth carries himself as a rookie. This this man Matt Ryan is a surgeon when it comes the way he watches he breaks down film. He's a massive competitor he works his butt off in he's a great leader all those things were pretty significant when you could see why he's elevated his game now. He's not he's not just the guy that's out there collecting the check some quarterbacks are like that but of your gonna be a leaked. There's a separate here cam Newton's a one and on his Cam Newton an elite you know he's not a leak yet to me. Yeah not you cannot because he hasn't reached the consistency level. Of being a leaks in it you know these people are like he's Joseph Flacco elite oh. He's in New Year's a ring but he's an eight that is a conversation that happens when Joseph Flacco makes runs in the playoffs like when he doesn't seem related news Joseph Flacco elite. Yeah that conversation does happen Matt Ryan. It is. Is kinda forgotten guy and I think it's because a lot of it has to deal. With the fact that there isn't history dominance in Atlanta the the fan base is in very good Sony buzz in the national tension isn't very high right you would get a really. I think you viewer and as casual football fans. Not people that are. Which group which is the better quarterback and I mean casual football fan what immediacy Tony Tony Roma yeah. Because Dallas gets covered chip Romo gets cut other Triton about look at me now Ryan. Is head and shoulders above Tony Romo well I don't Vogel head and shoulders but I will say he is better. And shoulders is one of those things where there's a huge gap. I think their think there is I think there's a I think there's some professional gap between the two I mean Romo is an excellent football player and a biting Matt Ryan is better right. Okay same conversation different guys this on the says is Eli Lilly are sick. I think absolutely Eli Manning is the lead to Eli Manning almighty is goodness he's Super Bowls and is unconscious and super most insists he is. Diaz is ups and downs in an array of the season but you you get rewarded for your playoffs Brett Favre won one suitable. One and 11. Usually. Gaffe elite talent yes. But are also open up. Under regular season numbers because of the all time. Interceptions record that what I have would you have hazards for right after you know it's kind of like you and I were saying you know when you look at it. Yeah yeah you know when you see Eli Manning is really stinking dead in he's a great quarterback. So you sit there and you look at though Eli Manning in Matt Ryan like Matt Ryan. Has been just as good as he like he is not. Not one that Super Bowl yet. And you know bad is what it takes and it takes. Great post season runs like this for people to qualify him as he leaves certain although he should have been based on the merits of history to this point. Right and I know I hate DO Lloyd sort of Julio Jones is easy to beat you lead we have a guy like that. C'mon I mean who else Johnson had a great game rice. Right. Mean he was. He's pretty good and did Peyton Manning had that Reggie Wayne and Marvin Harrison sure I'm hall of Famer Marvin Harrison moved right. Mean your look everybody's got your your body yes you do your security boy and they don't Giuliani end. The only guy or Warner had Marshall Faulk and Torry holt and Isaac Bruce ceiling and it really is Kennedy exception is Brady but grew Brady has only best tight ends ever to play the game Rob Gronkowski. It says he's one width of a litany of of guys you know everybody has their receivers that they throw to you and grow. Now arrived and. It doesn't suck because this guy he he's he's Iraq he's arrived it's taken some time but he she's in the conversation he's arrived and if he does win this game in two weeks. He will be considered you'll be hall of Famer. Matt Ryan to be a hall of Famer absolutely. A market down right now argue against it all you want now Ryan will be a hall of Famer humans Super Bowl half absolutely. If Kurt Warner can be hall of Famer. K that's going to be the conversation he'll be in Drew Brees who certainly be a hall of Famer. Russell Wilson will be a whole affair. They're you you once you get to the pinnacle in you do that you become a league MVP you win a championship yes. You're one of the best in the world of all time. Russell Wilson won MVP no I sit if you. OK if you yeah seeping Russell Wilson a hall of Famer absolutely. By the time his career will be done most certainly. Really it. That's I didn't and he doesn't. Time to go for that it's I said by the time his Kurz over you know half. So in the matter of pride in other Super Bowl you're sending brand tar content and be all things you mean it's going to Russell Wilson can't be. No nothing no I've just that's what's the question I asked anybody argues against it. Maria. Mean that is in mcqueary I don't know but Matt Ryan he is fast track in an outlet for shirt towards alt thing if you look at. From two dozen HT doesn't sixteen so he has got in if you take the decade. Right 2006 to two dozen sixteen. He's only played from 2008. To this point in he's still seventh. In passing. You know aiming he is a two year head start on guys like Carson Palmer Aaron Rodgers Tony Romo. And he still is ahead of those guys passing record in Jay Cutler who's been a numbers guy right and he's ahead of all of those guys in passing yards that is. Think about that when you think about the dominance of Matt Ryan and it's therefore she's gonna have gained just this is the teasing consistently get through but in that will be. Right very healthy. And that'll be the data BD. And I kind of a bad part about this Super Bowl run up is that that is the only question that he and his team it's gonna get them is not really really. In a dumb they think that question is going to be in that block every news story line great. Finding good one please veteran impending you know. There's a metric to has siege in the column as the best in the NBA in shooting metric that stepped curry isn't even the top tendon. Dusting camel fan. This is the Palestinian jam in the morning on 1080 loves him. According to one metric. CJ McCollum. Is the best shooter. In the Indian yeah. NBA metrics 101 identifying the NBA's. Best ten cheaters who is on the lead to report they don't make you go through sideshow which is nice. About what. A deal is basically. They took. Shooters and they sit there shooting percentages from ten to sixteen feet. The midrange game. Sixteen T 23 to 23 feet which is the deep midrange game and then beyond the three point arc. And then basically they gave each one of those a value. On how all how much they are weighted. And they multiply ties and divide it subtract. The doctors to averages whatever and a seven by Yasir attended ten to sixteen feet has a value sixteen to 23 feet hasn't been a greater value in the three point arc has a even better value even more valued. Nominating their percentages. Important thing does take their their percentages are with you when you and they go from there and being number one shooter in the entire. National Basketball Association accord is this natural. Christian James McCullough. See Jim McCullough. Numero. You know. Gave another poke good I think he's right I'm OK with the same Israeli's best shooter in the blazers right now. McKay was saying not I think he's the one that I would give the ball in and in the situation. Right now right now where we're sitting right now I think he's shooting the best I think he's over all the best player on the team know Damon Huard is the best player on the team in my opinion. But do you think there's metrics out there to listen I think any other. You can just make any metric you want to meet you seem like you're number one good thing could just make something up and yet find something let me point time and in state. That's the number one bunker in the league. I I don't think that Adam from all of bleacher bar was trying to may see cynical that the number one shooter in the NBA. But it is it weird thing that sixteen to 23 feet has a greater value than ten to sixteen feet because usually. In all the basketball coaches I heard is you're taking shots just inside the three point line that's a bad shot you know winner and it will wind its footage has to do with what makes you greet each prayers but what this does highlight is what I think a lot of blazer fans feel. When you watch him is that the best part of C Jim Collins game is that pull up jumper. Right now it is he's now been pop getting to the Iraq. Is. NBA that there's not a three. And then there's a lot of get to the rim guys frightened and that's why guys like Seth Curry Seth Curry may be honorable mention. In this best shooters list because bad deeds either taken at three or he's getting green right right he's there's no mid range and their threat right. Thirty feeder foot he wasn't even in the top ten in the top ten though EE in staff curry should be noted. Not having as good of a year and as he normally does OK but with this metric doce chemical is tops. In a list that includes number TU is Kyle Lowry the raptors. Who's the man many believe a sure fire all star. Otto Porter who I think kids too casual fan would be surprised and Otto Porter the wizards is that three. But he's in mid range guy yet JJ Redick sharpshooter for the clippers this fourth. On coli Leonard the spurs his fifth list is getting pretty good he's cute real clay Thompson six. Kevin Durant seventh. Nick Young it's somehow made the list today. And then Chris Paul is nine in carrier ring is ten so you look at that matching you how many shooters are being left out there you know part of it. The out but you look at those are probably the guys a lot of those guys mean you think of Thompson to rant. Kyle Lowry you know Chris Paul mid range game is pull a guy you know those are guys and knock down shots and score on carrier ring to. This is a metrics or shooters and he is one of them CJ McCollum that is that is number one in this list in. That shouldn't be surprised as why CJ. In dame came in fourth and fifth in the media and player vote. We are guys it's averaging just over point three and half points for games he's having a great year is not twenty point guys is thrown out there you just don't have those floating in the India right. Scheme does help to. Because the blazers are perimeter basketball team. Needed lends him to his strengths. He's an excellent he's got a high release shot it's hard to block. He's got a different release point. He every every he's he's live there he's got a great crossover I mean all those factors go into usability to make shots new image big time shots. Yes he but well yeah. He made some big time shot eight even into overtime loss. British some of the shots he made down the stretch and that was at home that was the last game the overtime loss to Detroit Detroit in he made some huge shots and a man came back to back champion regulation in the back and of that over time that is just that's. It's fantastic. Yeah he and CJ McCollum is the kind of growing. His role and growing he is I get breadth of the as a player. Which is Damian Millard for the first time in his career at all. If you wanna call it regressed because his three point percentage is dropping by these ankle still bother him either get I think there's a lot of things yet I need to I think that there are calling it a regression. Is. A little premature but. His growth has finally stagnated. I think it's highlighting CJ mccombs died in the Portland trailblazers who just kind of goes to show. What he's doing on the defense of NT is is better than what he had done previously as well his growth as as. Has been noticeable on that end of the floor though it isn't as easy season. There's been steps in his game I remember the breakout game in the playoffs vs. The grizzlies the last game of the playoffs that he was 2014 when you just had his coming out party of 33 points. That was one of those things where you could see all and then it was the next year and then every year he's gotten better there's the steps. And what does it take politics a partner in crime to yup. Let me in his death. Working hand in hand I mean we this is that this growth this kind of been a work in progress and according to Bleacher Report. CJ McCollum. Best shooter. In the entire NBA. I did not think a we would be saying that this year but you know let. I think a lot of more people start taking notices sees Michael a siege in the Golan site as the players in the media issue did and that indeed he's voting earned an MVP. In an all star game voting the fan vote. Did not he was what sixteen and that. Yet he doesn't have that it factor yes and I can't say that national it factor working everybody thinks that the blazers are Damon and everyone else. Nationally that we players in the media don't but obviously that'd be. The fans deal and they think is a onetime job. Yet did you see was speaker set about. The MVP voting no. And in a camera at eight he'd we got a lot of system to get TO. And kind of revisit a couple things but I wanted to bounce this off view Steve Kerr had some pretty telling. Comments about. The very first round of player voting for the all star game here's proper sports that are. This is toast and jam in the morning on 1080. Again. Couple Newsnight it's tough enough during the break but we said. Pace as TPC with Steve Kerr said. About the players though because I do in the column but by the players in the media. As what for number 555. Or six in their finishing five or six in their voting in the fans finished. He finished sixteenth but the players got to vote this time for quarter. Visited the bands we aired fans got 50% players got a quarter and and media got a quarter of the all star starting votes. And yes they're two days goes seeker said I'm very disappointed in the players out though. I mean Dave asked for a vote in a lot of them just made a mockery of it. Going on tad dad of 324 players 100 in 28 of them did not vote for LeBron James. Because he's a good 150. Ford did not vote for Kevin Durant go. Whom. I don't know about you that those are two of the best players in the world. And they didn't get votes and then there was about. Fifty guys. Who are role players are backups I got a single vote. Leanings speakers say it I saw the list I saw the guys got to vote in Annan now are you loud and vote for yourself. Side and our guys voting for themselves I mean there were fifty guys on the list they had no business getting votes sold though. A lot of people wrote in their buddies for the presidential vote is also maybe there's just their own way of making a statement that. I just I think that if you're gonna give players the vote they should take it seriously. That's my own thought. And boom that Tim need ninety Steve cursing a mockery was made up that. Yet the respect around the leave a for Damon CJ. As were talking about Dan getting their all star vote to him. Are still fourth and fifth on the list you know. I think if you're gonna fight for something to than you make a mockery of it like Steve Kerr says is some like high schools is voting for yourself or so down. In in that what they're tight about his Russell Westbrook not a starter yeah that and he's averaging a triple double for goodness sakes. Amazing to me a little embarrassing if it should be it should be. So that was ST occurs not which I appreciate from Steve career. Let's talk about college football half usage whom mentioned this to me any staples. Of Sports Illustrated moon with a little and and none ski there four or is staples with fox sports. I forget where these guys moved to Annan. But any staples with a little nugget about the future of college record and he's still that side. Yet he's still with SI while he's coming others some meetings NCAA division one council is set to you have meetings April 13 and fourteenth. And his quote is. Get this could be the last time we see. The true signing day that changes are common when it comes to signing days and had the fax machines all those things. Will potentially be going out the window is the NCAA and chooses to vote. And have some sort of reform to what they call. Recruiting and signing. Good because we're talking about this with Marlon Tupelo to the five star defensive tackle out of central high school here and independence. And he flip from U dub to. There's two USC last night in the fact that. You know people get upset because a guy can change his mind nothing resonate. And there should be that option for kids your committed that should be no verbal commitments those should be done. Here you know. One thing that I'm glad that they remember when I remember when I was in high school I don't and they tried in have a term for when you're in high school but he's called oral commitments yet. Yeah I'm glad they changed it to verbal alleges the end it's the same. Saying that simple and that no it here's the other thing that irritates me I don't get it it's it's just verbiage change right I know you did at the other day. You did it. Giving all these writers do it too. I pinned. My statement the erode your statement I penned something I don't and I can tell you used it before like you the other day you were all they ever talk about. She penned this in yes the same thing of saint oral commitment verbal commitment yet know what you say I wrote this article said he penned this art and no no no no no he didn't even penned Jack diddly you just wrote Sosa's Russell Byrd it's change people fine. No ISL and untie him out I'm tagging about our new world is like the word moist for a lot of people that's an oral and they did that's the world Orlando same thing where you're you're orally speaking just aren't talking about is the word gives me the dvds they ga Disco week. Know people changed things that I hope so. Does and gives you. Oral easier than EB GB's quote yeah I mean. It's I think that this psyche you sit there I get your mind out of the gutter guys. You know only coach Sidney near living room Sany lots you're oral commitment you know that's all. I remember I carry a beaver. River mercker recruiter near us via C declared the U ready to give your commitment. Noll and I idea. Know his name was declared and it. We're going down her rabbit causes only know where Richard emcee Richard. No you uncomfortable with they all how long would you guys know what goes by Dick anymore and yes they do you know what my age. Yeah. No what are you talking about I don't know any Tony five year old Earl Tony actually six now Logan all I don't know he twice extra Richards they're like call we did. I think it's. It's it's we got to bring him back vintage I think we got a friend Dick back ya I am parole Dick and Jane books on pro asked cells school names and get think we need to could bring them back around. I'd like to see some morning Kurtz around and you know me Burt is Robert right. Sure just he is a Nomar Robert Bob go by Burton adding. Richards agree named to go by rich Dick regionally energy. And a Rashard church knew and everything. In the nobody wants to push hard and no we must go by Rashard. Also of note today Ben Roethlisberger this morning telling 93 point seven the fan in bop not mosques and in Pittsburgh. That he won't commit that he's gonna play next season implying he's opening he's opened your retirement. I'm sure it's her chance of taking that really well and Garnett. Darn it. You're gore look that the guys older he's 34 years old he's been beat up you know he's probably he probably it's called negotiations and it's probably also called leveraged. It's more guaranteed money here's the thing now with Roethlisberger. You sit there and you look at. He has been through the ringer in his career. I mean. He's 34 but he's going on like. Fifteen with the beating that his body takes you aged. How many more years skin he'd take the Big Three I think you could probably give a 37 number right in their right in that range it's I feel like on the starting a thirty for thirty. Here but. When it's hard to tell you Ben Roethlisberger. Just finished his what twelfth season in the NF Madden 2004. Is when he came into the league. It's it thank you think of these guys in. The backdrop the youngest Super Bowl winner ever Napa is trickier and a you sit there and you go Ben Roethlisberger no way he's thinking about it but at this point in his career with the beatings that he's taken the fact that he. Can't stay healthy just the style Eddie plays in he's a Super Bowls he's admitted that hall of fame. He can't play any other way there. That's a reality Pittsburgh fans there are a denim shirt let's start thinking about numbers are thinking about it. Because his body must be breaking. Must be drinking will be there hasn't been a game where you watched in Ben Roethlisberger is not had something some ailment wrong with him right that's I said and that that they were locked and loaded for playoff run and then Alison. It's her playoffs you know sprains ankle and with the divisional round or you know that is. And that's just the life of having a cornerback Michael big then. Maybe that's why they didn't. Quarterback sneak with him on the six inch line in New England over the weekend in frail to hard to believe to be 662 or 55 pounds B frail. How upset do you think steeler fans or that they then go QB sneak in. He 66040. And I'll. Just reach a ball up gorgeous Tom Brady best QB sneaker in the league they say. They say beauty fumble now. Yes. That was a formal it's not as agrees is the top ruled well and fumble. But everybody you know it isn't easy and see the clear recovery yet in Phil Simms said it was a clear recovery Phil Simms was confused. Yeah he was confused with the conceit Disney was down get it on the replay it and so this was not clear I mean okay. We wanna get the perfect call that but Franco Harris in the immaculate reception. None of cameras man none of camera shot you have pile on can birdie this just go back to then elected gonna days. I really set the damn thing and what's coming up by here on the station and what's gone on thus the show as we get set for the Super Bowl. Coming up in just in what. Almost ten days from tomorrow the Super Bowl their. Eleven days and does he came on the fence. This news. There are a lot of things in itself. It'll it'll let. I think our shows the patriot way right. He went overdose (%expletive) you right jock straps if you miss jock straps and Sox. The patriot way if you missed it check it out on the lesser of tires podcast attending defend dot com came Cleveland told us that he got. Using jock straps from Jermaine Wiggins. When he will got to be patriots and not Jermaine didn't leave them for you they gave them TO is there like you where 85. Here's the latter number 85 stuff it's it was it was awful when I put it onto it is they Washington yet. Maybe. It's dunk maybe dude sweat sweat gear and what is funny that's on your an untenable see you guys. Ovals that I do you know I week. As we are talking to the picture where I wanted to give ideal that all time is an argument channel told I'm some of the deal that. I feel that by the people that wanna comment all the time but one that is important I mean most time is my wife so. She made a great point Tony giver this shot out K real quickly. About being a patriot way and I I will say this too this is unique to only. A certain amount of places is that not only was the players. Onboard. But the family means it is a place where. And the wives. Got together more than any other place I've been from family support Hasselbeck who lived there. Who were never part of the organization where voter from Boston used to host Bible studies and everything was so unique to how not only just the patriot way it was just within the build lean. But it permeated out to families and how the coaches interacted with and how everybody was just a part of this uniqueness and she may reports that were still close to tons of people that were part of that I was only there a year. And in that that is something to that that you go to a lot of different teams and some of the union does the interactions of how how everybody just sticks together. Brands really neat no matter if you're free agent firm from who you are you're drafted their year adopted right into the family. So the good point because I didn't really think about that but how how close that team really was guys such good dudes. And you get through the last year you know you guys are one of those were 979 and seven winning year med where a thousand of those years it didn't I think that would Miami on the division. Then Miami. Sari the jets and Chad Pennington ha. We beat Miami in the last game to knock them out of the playoffs they would've won. We beat them and then the jets had the tiebreaker with a us and they went to the playoffs year. That they had no shouldered Pennington. Chad Pennington. Was Chad Pennington. Nice done. Best. Worst quarterback our worst best quarterback. In the NFL Marshall during that time I don't know what does that mean I have a whole lot of good players came from Marshall Byron Leftwich Randy Moss Randy Moss yeah marshals underrated Matthew McConaughey coach that program. Chanting who's your guy. Yeah by CNET video of him getting pumped up to lose yourself by Eminem. Do I wanna know oh yes I could feel really solve tweet that out right now that 1080 the fan. I think I'll go if he is the worst best quarterback of that of those few years use in New York. Guess if you would've stayed healthy. Yeah he would've been really didn't stink in. Good he just didn't how he when he had his shoulder it didn't do it really derailed him in meet his arm so it's just a noodle in over and over and over and over again due to make the throws yet he was still gun. Still committed on worst best quarterback Chad Pennington. Are at this week on this program we will have John Kincade 680 the fan in Atlanta heartland enjoy Jeff. He would join us tomorrow at 8:30 in the morning also we'll have our WTF. And 830. We'll be previewing the skills challenge. And maybe you'll have our own skills challenge some our own skills tell rolling things into the ring glamour ever. We just a moving target blue chalk on and I'm gonna do the blue chalk clue will throw Mac Crawford in the river. Who Crawford he will begin to look river. He got to dive for them tonight a listening united paying attention to instantly get that are we doing a show here covered what does so I was watching the Chad Pennington DD it's as good as I remembered okay calm. The mean the mean to say yes you know yes yes it's sick yet all right Aaron we'll take care that Crawford getting in the river marina here a little real little jog on the end well you are not listening to the program guys if you sell this Chad Pennington the only Dahlia. Maybe you'll have that Korea. Well I got to deal was swimming via. You are it's partly indeed the NFL I don't killings of old pickle partly cloudy IC partly sunny and that's in the forecast for tomorrow to it SA. Shorts weather in an organ right now is going to be 55 wall shorts. That's a must snicker seeing that you can say is bullish or maker blocker an easy gold shorts you need to go to southeast Portland some time you'll see some blue shorts are down there. I mean that's like the most tipster thing ever like wool shorts is what's been hilarious shorts I don't even know law was just. All of your little one wears wool shall I say that seat is and how it all sure that their wall trying to Wear shorts and that's when he's. Nobody maker blocker is he called them sure paints back then kids and I this is what we needed to bring back names like. Dick Ralph berg. In short pants. Well we are talking -- -- watching at Christmas or after you left yesterday cam we are talking so we always done well all nicknames used to be a lot cooler air and my friend was Tony's cramp up had a weird names name was a mayoral pinky paint this and that's not a real name his grandpa I want to argue that trend that's not his last Indy yapping keep thank. Did you Merrill. I love the beggar went that's it no longer buy bad dagger pinky tank. And he got that nickname in World War II can you imagine how many people we have to killed World War II you get the nickname Bagger filed Bagger anti tank. That's all. That is a forties name. Yes that's existed only that's what wire our name so lame nowadays now it's like. I don't see god. Now know with the nickname part we just need to we seem to bring back their names are fine we just Timor nick names like big read event. The nicknames but I don't Swedish what was it and in but that is generated the big sweet ginger hammer but we have heard it's time. I'm clam clan rusty mere proxy claim cresting crafty right or Alter egos so it's. Some like so. I mean do we need to know this sounds like when east and then and it cheap motel in Newport Oregon who gross. Why throw Newport under the bus in new court gives you Salem for him was that was good says okay what's her plan a falls mean but all gold cook has like clams he gets some clams. Getting crunchy continuing double crossed EST what's these sleazy East Coast town. But the sleazy soaring cost don't throw any of these coastal towns and it Abbas seaside. Don't come on no that's the big case unless the Tony I'll let him beat Oregon don't do deluge and it was such that Dan's blue G -- would you need we have which you need is it you need to find some coastal towns or you don't even know the names of that's when you're talking about. Is it's not a story is seaside Cano each those are jam or Lincoln city now now now in teenage drive down the coast he'll go up oh. We're here if it's okay you go to clerk Debbie does all the little. Places Ayman Al motels. In tents in. Com it's not depot baker here. And a flattened penny from their worlds smallest harbor. Yeah c'mon so my grandparents live but what a all right I don't know where this conversation is going or where I we were heading with that. But is. Just learn the wool shorts are required winter weather for the hipster mandolin wearing fake flannel shirts sporting duke fists. Excellent that was wonderful to see that this guy Ralph and Gresham I'm named after my dad and grandfather wanted to name arson Ralf in the white vetoed it no. No. For shame. In now the coastal town stern to come men. Might be throwing him a buzz because I know people from all of them that there may Kitna into what I thought it all right OK go the resonate greet friends and I started hello coastal homes. Only we irritated Salem. Yeah that's right that's right. This and a multiple votes for reads fort. Reads for half Yahoo!. Yeah what is one of the greatest people I am I notice from Reid's court though. What's the difference is Hillary don't worry wall port because a lot. If you know but not a lot. All right. Into Ralph. Maybe she'd maybe strive for another. And gave him name Ralph. I gave my son BA initials so I can column BA bracket yes of course he did that's. I was see tomorrow's 69. AM. We'll have junking data 680. And a fan in Atlanta Georgia up next is the herd with Colin Keller Greg Jennings for Packers wide receiver pre Peter Schrager fox NFL insider. We'll be on the show and then it's dirt Sprague need to 337 prime time doesn't he have a great day we'll see tomorrow. I don't hear the middle school. Well it.