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Dusty and Cam - 1.23.17 - Hour 1

Jan 23, 2017|

The Super Bowl is set, the Falcons offense was on fire, Colts fire their GM, and Case of the Mondays.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Thanks for listen to dusting camp podcast brought to you on the fanned by your local less Schwab tire center do the right thing since 1952. This is dusty and jam in the morning at this who really hate each other. Accuse us need to pop up maybe even born free and feeling. Does Teixeira. Hi there things got off the lights off. And the man who are substance from sesame teriyaki benefits as a college all American gem we're looking to. Why does anybody in the world every than anything. Justin and Cameron the more million dollar and 1080 three. All I visited a great day to be alive you know just another year. And another six. All that involves the patriots off and how about that this morning good morning. Yeah a body DJ and waiting for your homer isn't just just flame out but no it started very quickly which is very deservedly so. I lied love the I do I think the the honesty. Of patriot way. Well you ever be more explained. That a game like that no yeah I was grade I'm I'm just the way the patriots moon men. The Steelers in the playoffs. Own not the kind of deal. The candidate but it you know but. Iowa's. Not Goliath as I was really worried heading in the bag and you remember what happened in 2001. Meaning if C championship game. The germs assured no no no oh no DNC TAU turn pro and he's not around. I'm turnaround yet Troy Brown. Yeah mirror Drew Brees or drew Drew Bledsoe coming in and he's saving the day in winning that game yeah he had DA's do you believe they have a starter. With the with the Steelers in that game and ended this year with the pinnacle. Quality not about any riding off into the sunset now not over yet take those words out of your mouth and when Tom turf is simply too he's a hundred. In fifty. Five. Guess who's undefeated father time filers times undefeated father time is undefeated. But boy oh is that. The lackluster weekend it's conference championship football forest well just to me it just showed how good those teams are now. Hard it is to win on the road to. Or how hard it is to win on the road the if anybody is watching on Comcast sports net means to you know get a clear shot of full our producer just did we'll CSN began. Alex Crawford mr. Mike Vick himself. Imitate did you when you were the Jersey the other day in sudden not a social example the world Michael Vick Jersey I don't know a whole foods and Portland. Socially acceptable for age you get some looks because of that you get some looks like guy campaign is that night and as time passed on. He paid his dues in the most like to build the way that our society is designed repeal the paid right we can't forgive in David David prison. Nobody does now Grossman watched his story as one of the peace advocates for animal wilting. It seems pretty genuine to viewers across country yes people can change it's okay you ride it out right. Now this is brings up an interesting point because I was talking about this earlier. I hated with the patriots in the Super Bowl 08 now 32 weeks feud with right to shame. Of caddies secure it and and Nike because he's the only true falcons fan that I know. Because most people that I know that and ever associated themselves with the falcons. Were. Like that tear run for the dirty birds are cool them and yet Mike Vick. And Jamal Anderson in and that was it OJ Santiago right. That's Sandler those are the guys that. Did think those are the only. I'll contend that I know or like Crawford. Into our Mike Vick fans and only moderator Matta in your readers can have an NFC and AFC team right look at you okay yeah this is inside here I don't know is that acceptable. I got two weeks in choosing sides okay. Two sides line in the sand that we are enemies the next two weeks. They're piracy and I remember was just like yesterday. For you Mike Leach and very good so I do stay. 'cause like we're enemies. Jury on this big sports history 1985 OJ Simpson becomes the first Heisman Trophy winner. Voted to be pro football hall event. It's still for today but he's a first accused murderer. In the pro football hall of good football or your mountain. Did you see that TLC grand there I think this weekend. Is OJ innocent. He counter argument right to everybody that believes OJ is guilty. Did they tell us what you don't hear you like yeah. The camera. Privileges over proper due watches. And you know those things yet their business thing today and is innocent. Yeah. Two day. Oh man we go out football talk about half. We have got ANC NFC championship weekend that we've got the colts firing of rain brings in which is interesting. We have got the ducks firing it deep into greens. We've got a lot to get to run for today's program L and of course the blazers one as well. In our case of the Mondays I five through five as they loaded 45 look did you send us. Any but it any problems a year having this Monday maybe maybe you wanna call somebody up on this Monday morning sure already go ahead send in ages 55305. We'll go ahead do it is 45. And I. It looks at my enemies thirty showed up on the air attacks 55305. He won it if you wanna go ahead patron here already start mustered the feud is Super Bowl let's go doesn't list. President that's all I gotta say is you don't like the patients who don't like America which you know very light blue you don't behave quite literally patriotism. These fans automatic winner America. I'm new windows ruse that no news and they need to mean Indian republic and royals pitchers and he earned on though been true died in a car accident over the weekend terrible in the Dominican US 2500. Years old. This. Driving fast. And that terrible roads are to blame. And I would say this silent CD. Scare the mic in for many and the roads are horrible. They were they build AA freeway so imagine like a five lane freeway any side. The building and find him. So like a lot of money the roads are having none do what they do right you you bad bad bad roads don't fast being drunk. These things sound good. And big tragedies in baseball again young men lose their lives too little. He was 25 years old royals pitcher he's the guy that's. Music the fiery guy and then thrown at people who have. Starting a lot. There are a lot of fights and stuff that's been gained good pitcher. In Ghana he'd be fine. Hey wake up I said wake up. I bomb packed a basketball and get a little bit more interstate. We have ducks guard Dylan Brooks he's got a couple of weeks they sprained foot too for weakening the ducks are winners of sixteen straight. And this makes it interesting because Arizona's back to full strength we are tip we've been talking about Alonso Trier they're start shooting guard he missed. Until this point. Because he failed a drug test PD test well he got his positive test and on Thursday you're out. Cleared to play and he came back and build fourteen drink wildcats upset number three UCLA went Trier back. So Hewitt for 127 and four. In there with their big win over UCLA and this is interesting because. Arizona nor do need in two weeks so this is up to you that that timeline where. We could have thunder down if Arizona beats or against the Dorgan has a win over UCLA. It could shape up to 83 team race. There's the number one seed couldn't turn at the end of the year and had his way for the actual tournament. Body then betting I mean about the beavers have a chance to. And break their seven game losing streak in conference play this weekend because they've played the other team with a seven game losing streak Colorado. On Thursday I believe this in boulder. Job. And it does not test this is rock and roll play. Certainly keeping them out and do legs. 600 bucks goes ten or oh my god it's early wake up. Very sore and tired tight end is. Coach and offensive coordinator co offensive coordinator Dave grieves last week amid Dennis. Officials this morning he is looking for her new employment. Well probably. Is looking for us. Legal representation. He's arrested for Eli reckless driving. Reckless endangerment among other things over the weekend on Saturday that he uses for I guess early Sunday morning has picked up like. 2 o'clock in the morning T 15 in the morning and booked on do we the university is seeking terminations with cause. Initial thoughts on this we'll we'll get into we will we'll get into this given initial thoughts on. Initial thoughts. Saturday. I am. The guys that yeah. This is not a good look I don't have I have zero tolerance and there you start. In this and we'll have a lot souls in a locked and loaded folks at the top of the hour we will have died in T David Reeves. His arrest. And what's going on. Down in Eugene. Because the things that will lead tag it's been region. Was preaching that in his introductory press conference. Don't seem to be following suit with the first few weeks I was nursing. That on the show a whole lot of football where we started in Atlanta the clock struck midnight for the Packers. The falcons made obtained Matty ice may begin a new nickname soon. Dusting came on the fan. This business Dustin and Kim in the morning on 1080 I love. For the latest round since then get out MS Jones flag stand. I'd stick around Atlanta. Joe Buck on the called holy diver might be time advanced highlight film son he'd ever. Yes I did so good that cold. Over holy diver this is. Now united DO. Not only my grandson is not my top and really tough for the Cox named his dog at a well I know I mean this is this is is that's why said can't accepted this feeling Joss owns this loans that song I'm really owns it. Julio Jones that it was a 72 yard touchdown catch he had a decent day I would say nine catches 180 yards a couple of tugs. And the native of poor mr. Libby areas Gunter. Look like gays small child out there throwing him around but this did farms and what nots to big man if Julio Jones you have anti I would take it very big man running down the field. I would definitely tend to agree with that. How old shocking was the 4421. And falcons went for you over the Green Bay Packers actually you know what I said that this added I'm not gonna to deported to our new. I just. There was there were too many things that Atlanta does well and first thing comes to the point where. You're gonna hair every excuse me there's gonna be Green Bay was injured Green Bay ran into a buzz saw that in that's exactly what Mike McCarthy said in his press conference. That Atlanta team is as good as an offensive I've seen and I tweet this instance the greatest show on turf. They do not give you a breath. And any space when it comes to the intensity they come off the ball new here's the other thing too they're doing something that's absolutely remarkable. And wider so good they're offensive line is the state same starting group that started in week one injuries. Health. Youth. And a quarterback. That could be playing the best I've seen in quite some time it should be noted that that's the only eighteen you have that. All season long is the only game five starting all season long. And that is. I can't get their undoing undervalued. Now. Talking point of of offense a true I think it could be under value for the ones that understand it and see it and on go wait why is this team so good then there. That team is excellent because upfront they are sharp there and that he goes to tell you. Member last week Michael Bennett. He was not wrong when he said they did their job because this is the CR Seattle Seahawks offense or defense of line did a great job. Yup it's getting to Matt Ryan you're seeing an offensive line who's playing very well both in the passing in run game because. They didn't need. Freemen are Coleman but. They still got a hundred yards out of the running game and that's all that's all they're gonna need EM is at this point this season because Matt Ryan. Is playing at such a high level. That I don't care who year defense align and are you are going to be in for a long day if you back seven can't can't do their jobs. I asked this question you know what you think about Green Bay and the rash of injuries that they've had. And to see them and as you can just see it to start to Melton from when you see a team like. Like what Atlanta was able to do eat you kind of had OK when they deep. Green Bay misses a field goal Crosby misses he ever misses a field goal and then it was the fumble by it ripped out scheme. And that stripped fumble that game could have been 1010 right areas all they move the ball have the chance and in when you give up plays like that vs team in Atlanta age is is it. Where all right you're jugular menu cannot do that now. The injuries are they were playing with house money hi I get Green Bay was able to do that but you cannot overcome. The amount of just devastating entry into his head injuries are huge. But I think the bigger part is exactly what you sent is that we we discuss this after the divisional round. Momentum in in the playoffs are something that become a mother bear and it's almost impossible overcome. When you lose the turnover battle right is a loss at your eternal battle a tune in to zero well. I sit there and I look in this field goals. That is just as big is as a turnover because you're sucks the momentum out here yes your offense because you everything in new classes of grind you grind the ball down he'll make it look like Atlanta was grinding the ball down the field but they were. In any time you leave without getting any points whatsoever. Is devastating T it's just as bad as terms of that miss. Those turnovers those are killers and those are just as bad. As all of the injuries but you can you combine them together. In you get a 4421. Game in Butte and later was winning that game regardless deserve the better football team in that with the injuries but we sigh lopsided game. Because of the fact that you had turnovers and a missed field goals. Well they were just so many things Atlanta does well. There really do mean they just they're so efficient they're so fast they're explosive and it just eat the more you watch that team and he just go there's no way the Green Bay was gonna win this game from the start of the game just how they took over. From the start from upfront. I don't know how to put it in Q perspective of of this offense doing that so efficiently. It there was never a moment night game at. Where you felt now remembered this Atlanta offense has now had eight straight games where they've scored on the opening drive you don't want to emitting that is. We have a team do that now most teams like the deferred great defense of teams like to do deferred other teams that are successful on offense they were gonna put our strength now because we believe. We can dominate from the get go they had to third downs on the drive where they were like they could stop this could get a three not know. They they got the third down conversion and write down the throats of Green Bay and then you could see Aaron Rodgers on the side thing going. Man I'm gonna have to play perfect. And you can you can't make a mistake. You cannot play perfect. Before this amount of time like every quarterback makes mistakes in our in the clouds that is also one makes Matt Ryan's and run so impressive is that yesterday. Dude was flawless he just when he seven of 38392. Yards for test sends your picks not sacked. A single time in a single type and that's not to say that. Green dating get pressure on and either. Because he had that run yet that no important fourteen yard touchdown run bear when they win on that after these fumble where'd you. That was supposed to be a safety by the lack. When he rolled into the end zone be talking about one retires he fumbled and retire Steve Tom I think the guy yeah I think that those Rollins didn't. Say he had full possession until he got into the end zone yeah. But and I understand the momentum carrying him in the Fed didn't look like his momentum carrying him in new look like he had it. In any kind of rolled and did Lester Smart by him president of working out a better to get on the twentieth in the one EM I did say so there. But he was on that drive where Matt Ryan and that's the other thing too that was a momentum changer Nate then paying. Win Nate when a screw up. But that fourteen yard tests Enron from him to that was because there's pressure from Green Bay but he was did not Ryan. Maybe Matt indeed Matty in BP Matty ice medio Domtar. You that that whatever is there doing in the Georgia dollar or just the energy they had there that place it was electric. And it just was he could just fuel and see that team from the start for the the way they ended the season. I I don't know I don't know there's a better team in the NFL that was plain as good as is the falcons I don't mean this is a this is the way too early prediction I just don't know. I'm not gonna throw the patriots up with this Atlanta football team unfortunately they are an underdog right away a hole it's really. Okay well Ed to at some point you gotta say this this football team. Some special about it. Yeah they're built so young. Mean they're free agents young players on offense and a veteran cornerback the band this team looks really good looks like Seattle 2.0. They did their coach is a big reason there are so a Dan Quinn who is their second year head coach. I was former defense coordinator at its Seattle under Pete Carroll. He came from the University of Florida. And he is he kind of has its it's that blueprint where. How many of those guys did you see yesterday were re jacks from other teams. Right guys that big day you'd kind of pull off the scrap heap didn't come down maybe for cheap. Because you got a good donor he stays out of the way but cares about his guys you've got a head coach and that is is more or less a players got. Interesting part about Dan Quinn to that note. Do you see him like when guys who when Julio Jones I came out he landed hard on the turf. He came on me he was the guy over there talking and how we coach is do we see just cite as you say they it's like your old alarm leper island and a guy gets hurt. And you just kind of ignored it's I doubt game goes on. It's a little Pete Carroll now. Regard gathers her son now thinks there's certain certain coaches are different everybody is. Has their philosophy. Guys wanna be a part of the group and other coaches wanna be close to everybody they wanna have that. Feeling of being apart of family that's really kind of what everyone tries emulate family what everybody's family structures different write the patriots family is completely different than. Probably all other 31 of the teams. Yes they are but you know you talk about a team last year that went eight Nate. And Vietnam was the beacon of mediocrity in this is kind of what the NFL is built for. Is that you can have a team go late may one year in what they want is those teams to be able to pop and be able to turn the corner. The very next season. And I think that there reactionary move that we may have seen in Indianapolis over the weekend. Is kind of of them looking at these marriages between general managers and coaches because Ryan Griggs and is out as the general manager. Of the Indianapolis Colts. No holding together. Finding a way to make it work. That's what the falcons czar. It is not what the colts are the mess in Indy comes due ahead. Ryan Giggs sent out how did it come to this point how dysfunctional us that the reports are pretty salacious dusting cam on the finish Crawford sports that are. Widespread text easier. That's a message of what number. Two or. Niner five. Six I can't hear you drilling off the reason I'm here and there we have all of my whole life I think. The most cordless text does now it's 5530. Sly message and data rates may apply to just play my number. You can go weird that. This is sexual relations on the show did likes to read. Overtaxed. Does stand jam in the morning on 1082 brain of that person actually say that it's. 55305. That is Tex signed. Frank Ericsson is mired in Indianapolis they Jimerson over the weekend. On the surface and that's something that you said this but. Make I think it was a wild card weekend. I think the heading into that we can you said are now is our first weekend back whatever that was at the regular season. You said I don't know why they keep we're not talking about the colts be set I don't know why they keep and Donell and Ingrid sin together because it's like. Dysfunction. Like that is the way it was. Reports that Jim mercy can come out and offer the job no wonder Peyton Manning and ask for Jon Gruden and now the reports too that there's potential trade. With the saints which Sean Pate there's so much things going on in that dysfunction. Because they realize they have a great quarterback can he be go ahead and he just get rid of your general manager who is considered well maybe he was this considered the modern day Matt Millen of today's general managers. Oh. Ryan great. OK if wheat first that's a reset here real quick you mention the chone painting and there was a report that came out on Friday. That the colts because this is on the heels of and their reports in mid week last week that. Jimmer say had a meeting with Peyton Manning. About a potential front office job and at and Ed brine Greeks and then general manager and head coach chuck Madonna maybe fired. Then after that on Friday there is a report that the colts in need saints were engaged in talks about a potential trade for head coach Sean Payton. And then they would fire chuck but gone now well over the on Saturday Jimmer say release sustainment saying look. Wrangler X and gone and we are firing him moving on but we're gonna keep chuck Modano moving forward so the data and then. Kind of the DM broke in everything started coming out including a report that you've got a marriage counselor essentially. Made their admirable it's multiple psychologists. Right dad dead the colts had hired after both of those guys signed contract extensions last year Griggs and in the gone out. They bring in the psychologist to essentially do what marriage counselors do which is talk about the relationship and see how they can coexist as as a partnership. And dish it but these psychologists came up with is yet this isn't gonna work. And they tandem. And that is where the colts stand right now in you say he is the modern day Matt Millen which is. A busts. Well each share. Always be great right there's they're sometimes there's going to be guys are there's going to be relationships that don't get along I mean how many people out there and working relationships with people they just can't stand. Well put that under the microscope of an NFL franchise from your. Sitting there running an organization and your leader. Not Jim Irsay the one that's gonna make all your personnel decisions. Does not get along with your head coach who is more important in today's day and age I we've talked about it before we heard everybody say. That's a general managers league now it's not so much as a head coach will don't you don't tell don't tell everybody I don't tell Bill Belichick apple by the way he is the general manager so. There's nobody answers to put that test is not how it works. If you're gonna not how healthier relationship between the two. And you mean to tell me that that's gonna. And have been exactly how you run a franchise. I don't understand. Why this got to fester for so long what is the dysfunction. That between two men. That is always always gonna happen at the NFL level what is it that's number one. On the docket at all times it is massive ego and I know more than you. It's the hardest thing to overcome ideal that it's part of who you large part of this game is part of the mocks you walk around with and Ryan Greece and have fell on his face would draft picks in the near you go chuck O'Connell. It's like look this is the crap you've given me what are why did the right. And even mention him as he Monday Matt Millen who is known for being a horrible. Guy through the draft or more personnel guy. Just a flop in every sense. Heading into last year's draft OK so this is the fifth season as the general manager soak his heard wrangling since first draft was in 2012. Can't. From 201213. And 2014. Can't. Of their drafts only seven draft picks remain on the roster. That's kind of in that is if you look at it that is way out of TU 46. And twelve. That's a roughly. Eighteen selections. Nineteen selections. There's only seven remain in the fairway on on their roster and when you look at it it's not colleges like six it seventh round guys. There's a lot of sector around guys there's our first round pick in 2013 Bjorn Warner. Who is a defense of vendetta Florida or linebacker in Florida State gun. Now I mean he was drafted in 2013. In by the 2000. Sixteen offseason was no longer with the with the team. And there is a history of just poured drafts and not being able to evaluate talent and find guys several stick on your roster in any sense we'll. Mean it is hard to beat the personnel director were general manner king can't we just. Sit here guy I'm not Chris Sanders I could do a better job that's all we're trying to evaluate but there's 32 teams out there. In to be able to find quality talent if you miss on first and second round picks and third round picks over and over again. There is a problem with what you're trying to do there's a problem with what you're trying to establish. I don't know when you have a quarterback like this heat. Can we not agree that Indianapolis Colts fell into the last what twenty years of unbelievable cornerbacks yes they have. It doesn't get any better than their one down year in the they find the next franchise in a hole you can't screw that up but they found a way to screw it up. Well in you look at that you mentioned the kind of that kind of and in finding a way to mess things up like that the only way the you do it is if you don't have. A relationship that is. Even good with the York to mean you have an average very average relationship between your head coaching your general manager. And find a way to work what that screams that is. From a personal standpoint. They had no idea. What they needed from a coaching and on the field stamped. Do you do you find that in a we've mentioned it before and we've said that it's quite obvious that bad franchises have bad leadership. And I know there are times to that it is it is better when things go bad when you lose and win and win guys don't pan out. There's that sense in that feeling around that organization I've seen it firsthand where buddies cheering for you to lose. We're cheering for you to fail and you circuit you start to become more. More satisfied with failure you wanna see somebody fall on their face you wanna see them have turmoil. It's so much it's almost like there's there's this a motion where you go. See I told you so I told you so that somehow that makes you feel better because when we get to see unbelievable franchises like the falcons rise. But the Seahawks have wrote is about the how the patriots continued to do a year in year out. Everybody wants a knock them down but when you see this garbage like this that happens at this such a level from San Francisco to San Diego to Cleveland. Everybody just loves the fact when teams this fall on their face. Yeah this is the way it what's interesting in a dead point that you make there is a build on checked is the head coach and GM he only has to get on with himself there but. Look it Thomas to me trough. In Atlanta and right and you look at he has been in Atlanta since 2008. So he you Mike Smith you know writes that heading good start to a good working relationship that obviously fell apart right. So what did our Arthur Blank the owner of the falcons do is they went out Thomas to meet truck and they found a guy. Who had been came from a place in Seattle in which the GM and the coach had a good working relationship he saw how Pete Carroll and John Snyder worked. And they found a guy who mentally. The aid Dayton saw I Diane how you scout how you develop what kind of communication needs to happen between the front office and the coaching staff and look at how quickly it's been able to turn around for Atlanta in that vision. In kind of melding them together I mean it can happen in an tested in the NFL. Sure we've seen Jim Harbaugh do it and we've seen other teams and other people do it it does take though. It takes it takes a little bit of patience but it takes trust. But let's be honest so you have to get a little bit lucky too with who do you pick and how you evaluate the I don't know what Ryan agree since a valuation in philosophy I know tucked in Milano is a defense have minded. Coach and then you have. Arguably as we say it every time one of the best quarterbacks wave deluxe and excellent quarterback he's excellent bright but he hasn't gotten over the hump yet. There's other quarterbacks in the league that. Look better than him right now because they have better players around him this is like a chicken and the egg conversation of which do you value more your coach your general manager I'm telling you I'm Tony right now you takes a quarterback to win in this league absolutely a number one but it does not matter how good that quarterback is. If you do not have a supporting cast around you from players. To general managers to coaches. It it's not it was iCloud to skits and coaches get to retreads. He. Majority of time why is that a wise at the same garbage at the bottom. Exact as you say you did see exact same conversation about about why teams are always at the bottom why do we continually have this conversation. About Cleveland in Jacksonville. A buffalo will be down there I mean we we know that like 500. That's probably where buffalo zapped because they've got dysfunction and that franchise. In varied they always still continually trying to look for. You get Chicago's kind of training and attractions yeah obviously the forty niners in the rams are are trending in that direction but it's dysfunction at the bottom and they won't ever get out of there until they team get out their own way well I think it. Them the multiple thing is consistency and ownership and from top and consisting of coaching but. It's a really hard to get up there and it when you have expectations and you get up there you don't realize that once you've reached that pinnacle. It is so if it's so hard to maintain it shouldn't. Jimerson have just scripted all in restarted from scratch and Donell Ingrid said. You know I think he tried. And the key tried. He tried to get Jon Gruden he tried to get on the eighty UN I'm not I'm not gonna get any better variety right now Manning. I've Turkey's done everything he can deter. Couldn. He's just got to settle and that's a really hard feeling when you have to settle it's like it's like you're going after the hot girls right and eventually. You're just gonna have to settle. That's that's. So since some people trafford that's like when you go to the bars half. And you know he start you start making the rounds in just turn right through each I'd get the number gives you an earnings keg if you drink what they call yesterday drink is the number that says that's you know. Yet he does a permanent member of the reject lines that'll give out but you know. Let me eject line here's yet Zimmer got I. I never gone and I always heard about it I think it was a little laughter might tell our before my time and it's again number girls can give guys the you'd call it just be a prerecorded message saying you've been rejected. Oh that's evil yeah the same number over and over again I think so citing people I saw it on the yeah. Here's our number in your ego. I don't know I think again it isn't wildly goes around and starts asking for numbers at the bar I don't think she's the type that Maria. You realize that it's the same number over and over again. You know I'm not a number cruncher and no neck guy. In an act and this Texas five factor prime what is the Ghana done to keep his job there in the AFC championship game do it is. DR. On him keep his job. But as this you know this text your right the other one right exit those might Smith is Terrell head coach and injuries and had health had more to do with it and landed with milk and minister Sergey xmas was not a terrible head coach he just didn't get them over the top he went to the NFC champion after he had a great. Organization at times can get over the top. Any at a very young quarterback when he got mated to the NFC championship you'll be you're not a bad terror what coach when you make two NFC championship games no no you don't you winning seasons NATO but. During the Super Bowl right now. And that's a big like maybe it's bothered some packer fans now steeler fans got a gripe as well. What's bothering you this Monday kids why boss Alan it's really grinds my gears this morning in there's no way. That I can possibly fix that 55305. That is decks like case of the Mondays is next on 1080 the fan. And everyone's favorite decade. Exactly an easy case it's good you have to complain about. Ultimately. Picturesque and Zuma. A case of the Mondays and part of Dustin jam in the morning sounds like somebody's gotta consider the mood. 11080 love and. Yeah. All right 55 for your five kids Mondays it's bothering you during your years on this Monday you can tell excessive then let letter written nadir packer fan. How did you get anything to be upset about though. You've got. His injuries just kinda. Didn't go your way. See your fans maybe a little bit more to sit dot and they can make that run. And then I thought they definitely play better good to shoot aegis. Leave it to better. Yes there are this text at 55305. On youth basketball coaches. Oh and I that's just badges goes in tax Levy that as it is that's all it is. And I think that we can all agree that that's probably an issue for a lot of people out there no more explanation needed. I had one this weekend by the opposing coach and every time his team was up by 25 you deal buckets. For his young four attackers. I would just chuckle myself on the inside that sucks. So this late in the lap of myself so excited out this guy was up and down jumping around. Be like. Gates. I would tell them in the face of your immediate. Did anybody yell anything when they messed. No well. No contact guy that argues every call everything for fourth grade basketball and they need with the stream up buckets. When and if we're wrong with I don't know I do I do I HIV enjoy the chuckling of the well we all know it's the dad that was in high school or in in you've sports it was. An awkward awkward hat on and the foam hat. And it was sitting on the bench in now is kids eat I don't know what did I the only court that. I don't know I don't know what is I can't put a finger on it. I've only carry you but every one good. The yelling buckets during fourth grade I started I was chuckling inside. The spokeswoman that's incredible. I didn't see it makes you happy right that's one thing though scientists. I am hearing ended down not looking forward to oh I can't 88 paradise kids play sports really but idiot parents are are the one that register and my goodness. My gate assignment I'm if I'm guilty look I am kielty a Guinea over exuberant. And during sports that's in part because that's just my personality and sometimes like that I can get a little bit but most of time. I try to keep it under control your rider did I get out of I can get out of lines sometimes I'm not immune to an hour our audiences fiery as your hair yes we're red heads I'm expected to be oh he's little. That's part of it will. Is part of the deal that is it is and so everybody out there who are dealing with Keith coaches right now but hey. Just take solace in this. Baseball seasons to get around the corner and being should get easier then rank it's even better than that but the my case of the Mondays. My age old daughter really wanted to make cut chocolate yesterday. So my life and remain hot chocolate can they gave me some. It was the hottest so hot chocolate and it burned my tongue in as has taken dream I think oh by the way it's really hot. My tongue feels like sandpaper right now. Is it worst attorney Captain Crunch and grit in sandpaper still worse especially worse IA but I don't think I've ever burnt my tong did you not to sit this slow sip. I thought I need I aches neck it's a level of steam you are out of hot beverage. Our hot you kinda got to -- test it you got to meet I did at the tone in its not like I went now is chugging it I don't feel that is real hot mind tired and tongue was just scorched. And I know it's nobody else's fault but my round I mean we've all burn our Mal and I'm never news. I this is the worst that I've ever had it like it my tongue to this morning overnight. You're damn daughter and yeah. Was in boiling as the water boiling now known that not my recollection and not. It's close though there's warning sign on badges sucks when you burn your tongue now Crawford I wanna know what happened to use it the whole foods though. Are you know this it's not people don't. People Portland don't like it. Michael Vick due to the law. The as the Portland thing I didn't know I don't think it's there's something about this city that makes people want us to be out of things tell you I don't think that there are more. Being what's the word I'm looking for. Keep all that. Socially can't content I guess I usually gone this is the word. I I says are politically I consider myself a socially conscious person I also believe in forgiveness. Michael Vick. An exciting football talents are you Mike Vick Jersey gun knowing you were to move through who made some mistakes. With threw you in the begin section while you were out there they blend together a whole attitudes need seasons any of those places. By the way. It's I don't know I don't know else's ideas makes me laugh. Do not want to play with your relates dog win now my ask my roommates boyfriends dog was over and house playing with day in and I looked in the Mir now is like a this kind of funny 'cause a thorn in my pictures and still. This sex at 55305. My case of the Mondays in this is again one because you're getting a lot of political ones licences. I hate all the political talk I don't like to drum bashers I don't like the bashers of the term bashers I'm just sick of at all you know there's no wins here but there is no win there I want to explode my FaceBook feed. I'm exhausted of. Everybody in their own. Can you look like and for those youth are watching on TV cams grown out of beer ads not just trying to hide that's what I'm trying to do look like he does daddy really lost it I do I don't they get out of law. And and you gotta look like yeah like. Doomsday Bremer dad. Everybody is this is this Sinaloa long a grave did but I honestly you know it's hard enough to be complainer I had a built in to me I just don't wanna be around complainer. Tarnoff. This is brutal I can imagine this was second nine our first new house. So trying to find everything consult stone boxes and have to leave earlier than usual with a two year old and an eight month old it to get ready. First of all you get double when you're in the two year old prime wants everything that's in the boxes yet you don't know what's in the boxes or where the boxes are. And then trying to leave anywhere early with kids at that age is dang near impossible residents. But the first day in my life traded take my daughter to use her preschool. A with the with the second kid so she supposed to get there at seven under got there at 830. A little different. Two of you will not get anywhere on time just to let you know. You'll try to prepare to get somewhere and it will has not happened oh what's gonna happen to you I don't chrome I Dawkins didn't produce edit. You might lose never leave in here at at at what times Crawford getting here. Thursday he Houston. Traveler like covered wagon and Jason Monday's ducks assistant coaches is she so far. In minutes and go beads and I don't think that's a case of the Mondays at all so I think easier it's a clear shot across the bow if he if you're a beast and you should be thrilled about that again here we go everybody having. What do we call that enjoyment and other. People all misery yes yeah. All right well that's a that's a cold kind of souls with that is and he Willie Taggart era is off to a rocky start to say the least though and they have even practice yet. The coaches getting fired before even unpacked his bags. What haggard preached is an introductory press conference. Is incumbent true early in his ten year that is next 55305. Is the text sign dusting came on the fence.