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Dusty and Cam - 1.20.17 - Hour 1

Jan 20, 2017|

Russell Westbrook ASG snub and what rules can we change to speed up sporting events.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Thanks for listen to dusting camp podcast brought to you on the fanned by your local less Schwab tire center do the right things since 1952. This message philosophical structure would die. This is dusty and this is a football Friday addition of dust and camera in the morning. Dusty Kara and NFL veteran Ken Cleveland. What do you Busch Series cafe implies. Reverend award winning high from series for your football viewing party series cafe and pie express and local delicious does steal and jam on 1080 soon. We made at its weekend folks here we go one more work day in Dardenne and on your way into the weekend must work. Moments aren't you have accused of Friday's do you today and yesterday turned him I did he turned to crap on my Thursday I do I like is Thursday or Friday's. I case for and what is it among until depressed here that open may dueled press Graf. We had two more of these. Only three games sounded really good team football Friday as men. I'm sorry your glass half full and they'll play or not only that I don't need that on my Friday Noelle I'm half glass empty. I'm have to Gorilla Glass half full tank this weekend and he ran for a real treat last dabble in most combined Super Bowls of any. Commerce Jimmie your weekend ever most important Jeanne. You're welcome and Ben. And then been hands. Not right you know Matt Bryant either either way get your game right now Ryan's while. Do I have a funny ones and horrendous when at all that's why I liked them all up every great for the NFL be awesome. Be great for the city of Atlanta. Why. Let's have a lot of champ I don't know I think it's pretty time I love your ceiling was cities. Like that I looked at storyline has agreed spot. Mean I like Yelena. Have you been to Atlanta yeah Atlanta school look at it and like to live there. Atlanta you don't ask each street hot and a yeah alike did its Currie but here's the thing is that like Italy and then good to. City. Nice city don't feel bad you don't have championships. They don't have a lot of arriving in fact. 11. Dude and ray Reyes maybe six should've had a 95 should've had a billion had a crap ton yen 96 they won the division every year. There is tougher after that stretch. Yeah they were really sinking there and they have ever chipper that they were they had small C and mad aches and the pitcher that would hit bombs and Steve Avery. Is an Atlanta justice Kenya off their overtime they had Celadon. Driver whereas associate don't forget the crime dog crime dog don't you think Atlanta is that city where you're just going to okay most deserving city now offered championship. It was Cleveland. It was Cleveland. Most is this Cleveland's most deserve being for a championship a year ago Cincinnati on me at all now getting to please don't do they've had a big red rejoice and I'm damned if I have you Ohio and done Ohio you've had enough for viewers in Auburn and review reports Ohio's urban city is Atlanta because Atlanta has every big team. Mean out as a bit they got everybody. Today our hockey team they have hockey so the Atlanta Thrashers used to be there I knew that they have the victory that's all that matters that the city has. Deserves a championship their intent may spend money like it's gone out of style because they're beautiful new stadium. Is going to be off the chain. Did I think that aren't the thrashers in Winnipeg jets again. I think that's where they went into the Braves thought their stadium was so crappy they just. It is when sold it and said well it's only a few years old we're gonna go get a new ones. Well familiar next door. And are down this Joseph the Braves building and Nolan down the street a little bit. It's going to be sweet did you see that's Connecticut yeah patterns and disease like six stadiums within five square miles hand. On but who included George Allen bought the old one. I gotta be jealousy yeah but gill Turner Field you're gonna make it into like a campus in their football stadium. Of this is good text 553 or five bring in an early a vehicle seen Diego one month. Top. You know like the Padres. Where. The chart group announcement clip no no no no. LA doesn't deserve diddley hunkering down. Dilly punk yeah they do not you know it sees most deserving of a championship. Been forty years since Portland's had 180. About that about that in your face. Really on team. Well talking about cities have the Big Three. Watch I dismayed timber stand really isn't a talent Phil I don't now Philly have these Phillies skill is years ago I'm. But they deserve one in my gut. Football or indoor basketball you have the big very close AI Houston he's observe it. Well yeah the Astros only. The rockets you can go straight to you went right to that. I was gonna say the on going right to the Astros person and homer and I'll leap over the Texans. Yes not even put the rockets in the car this isn't there EE he's it is an edit in the nineties started ninety's they stole Clyde Drexler from us in tune. Us. They did know that's us ever to run out of aren't Williams ended via and it began a deal went under because views then I'm gonna go ahead and start that rumor. Dallas no Dallas the mavericks don't come on Dallas doesn't Lincoln is bad for Dallas Rangers never won anything. Texas Rangers. Idea I don't like them either. Are hey how about this nobody deserves championships anymore everybody get everybody parts is out is intro please give them all the Boston and zones of bees I do agree with that took off. He and I remember was just like yesterday. Well let's see here eighteen and Ginny first actual. Basketball game was played at the YMCA in Springfield Massachusetts. Kind of big deal. They're peach dress involved. Yeah you're you're really wasn't peach basket in the first game doctor James Mason at the yeah yeah had been out he wasn't ready for the net and grim yet here. When was the basketball nets. Convention. Do you think they'll look like Russell Westbrook did the other night where they just carried the ball and ran around. He did dribbling wasn't at that point yet because it was just dirt we know each it would out of playground know. Dave Dave learned how to dribble he had to learn how to dribble was the day it's follows wood floor again it's all. I don't know in the bass on those was Hickory new. Yet Jimmy Chitwood was there and that scenery is trying to bounce the ball in the dirt. Makes everything. You know he's a good shooter he's a great shooter I would appreciate her owner how many take that tack on now. I want that name no Chitwood Jimmy Chitwood and you change and immediately saw Roman name my next child to it would whip who want. This just in breaking news came clearly no bun in the oven. We'll ever we can would you rather at 8 o'clock we'll talk a lot about the team covers seem to do we Indians. Whose ball. Because those games are very important. Mike Leach is bashing the SEC. Grazing. Yeah there youth. Camp but he's not wrong no. Well. He's got he's also not rice and Mike Leach is existing in the most Mike Leach realm possible. OK you know. He's just tonight. Leaps. And he did and pulling back I love that about him ready to. Headed to Fisher two trains and wish she'd feel like film's tone it down we'll know on another cube since they that they don't care. They want they want to give some attention to pull make any intelligent people are tiger about Washington State stop telling us that are cougar gold is the only thing that's good out of Coleman's. Stop written. That would be the cheeks. Went outside that stuff is great analogies between my remain brought some back after Christmas is. And I may have some labor ready. Nobody's she hasn't Graham I was in Moscow Idaho so we cheese yeah I mean Casey deals with dead all kinds of itself. Speakers eager to get out of town. You made case India's soundly cheese it was good it's cougar gold the answer nacho cheese. And all the not to eat at the end there he is one not show who that's a good. There because saving Silverman. I'm doing go wrong. Do you lemon drink to pouring in and ducks basketball team ran away in the second half to an 8663. Win over cal last night in Eugene to extend their win streak. He made school record he should. Teen in a row the home win streak. Is now 2372. Longest in the entire United States of America. The bad news though is all American guard Dylan Brooks went down the tail lower left leg injury probably just an ankle right. Wow I'm not saying right he had surgery on that level flat. And then held another first few weeks this season. This could be that his status is unknown and moving forward. He left at the end of the first half did not return to begin with the bench if you walk off death narcotic but he walked up to last until now. No way no no way no to Guantanamo. I know. That guy is the catalyst the only two losses of the season for the decks he did not play and he's pretty good. They got their fans. Tony assumes got to be happy that we're talking about that's fast we don't know how the way early for you Tony. As I need to look at Carolina. Hey wake up. I said wake up. Very it. To I thought. In March mar has some market it may be February maybe February depending on how the blazer says you Larry is maybe. Maybe we tomorrow. Last week the way it's Saturday two days after the Super Bowl yes death. So February 7 mending of Adrian Peterson could hit free agency. If the vikings opt against paying him seventeen point 75 million dollar and they won't do that. You don't think I know they wanna do that a thirty year old coming off a knee injury here for the second time in three years skoler restructure the day. It's not a question that they do deciding instead obviously despite him being Adrian and bring in Peterson. But the AP had told both Max Kellerman and Stephen A Smith a first take control. Those guys breaking news. That you would like to play for the giants. The Buccaneers didn't Wear the Texans and then said the Camden stopped sounds naming teams. We've got to have your free agent list Casey get released here veteran. That's gone on as Emmitt Smith tour has what he's doing. In yet he'll never playing Green Bay right. No scored its cold. Did people say that about Brett Favre can everyday in order red soda running backs you don't you don't do that you don't bring aging running backs to the north Seattle. Nicole Richie mental. The great. No K never say never area. 49ers. And you include troops. Hey this is not a task that is rock and roll play is certainly keeping them out and do leg. 600 mosquitoes and or oh my god it's early wake up. This is seen this is wireless here's the best cast iron rans word design one year after Neeson appeared to gain an eighteen and three. So on the stance towards history too many Jews say did not have here and so was peach basket and nylon nets strategy in 1912. What was it before is that justice cast iron. What is showing us that no sense that there's net. How did you know that when he if you're been put an old school daisy when you play good this that was a switch now wait it's obviously that was an airline and doesn't care Knowles an air ball now yeah that's the hard part that valiantly brought that netted X denotes the winner and yes I wonder how many fights were started in those nine years in between. The game being played and then the next governor bitter trivia. Weighing limbs for NATO eighteen years. When was the first dunking zero Duncan on the MI 8 shooting this I am this close I'm gonna actually jump up and put it in the baskets. Name being in the dunk because of the green and college basketball games and fair so we developed the greatest shot in NBA history this guy. All right stirs renounced the all star game they will have nets at the all star game this year I have read that that is factually correct. And in the east and a vehicle or defense the brownie absolutely not a look brownie tiger being genes. Butler. DeMar DeRozan and beyond us and then get involved and think who pull the Greek freak getting a starting nod in the all star game back as a they we know we're argue the other day that no good nicknames degree creatures on. Degree creek is good. Great nickname. The degree creek. Also. Look controversy in the last though you have Kevin Durant choir Leonard. If Danny Davis James Harden in staff Currie the starters notably missing from that group is an in averaging eight for Powell dub Al. How big was never existed no Russell Westbrook in the starting lineup in this is supposed to be the year that this absolutely. 100%. It didn't happen. 553050. Yeah how big of a snub business. Dusty came on the fan. This is a football Friday addition of dusty and jam in the morning rob do you buy series pat fans eyes on 1080 program. But I think if we've learned something about Russell Westbrook it's that it tends to hold a grudge so don't. Yeah he definitely is going to file that one away in the memory bank and the warriors return they come to Oklahoma City February 11. I don't know what was Brooke's gonna do and you know even kind of alluded to it there he doesn't always get into the heart valve is just gonna try to dunk on them or what it might be. Ryan yeah that's Royce young fast and Russell Westbrook snubbed from being a starter in the all star game this is sociedad didn't happen. He had the fan vote used do you have like Kobe Bryant last year third starting in the all star game Yao Ming had played like a year and a half and he got a voting got the most votes to star in the all star game and anybody because the entire country of China voted or him exactly. In this year the Indy is like our infidel thinks he doodle to this. 50% as the fans. 25 is the players 25 is the media. We know the guy hey averaging a triple double will not be starting in the all star game and that's going to use staff Currie instead. Good on you fans and get on you voters because here's Regis did you just gave him more of a chip on his shoulders we can be anger and he's angry Russell Westbrook. Angered me so here's the issue though and I look at that starting group. I really hard time going to do I think he deserves it when you average a triple double for gosh sakes and he yeah. Who do you take out. Of that. Who do you take out of that starting group because this is where your heart right now every single one of those guys. Belongs in there one bit who do you take out. In. Most. I don't mean they aren't I don't understand why you can't start regards army from three yards rank right does that really matter I mean kinky start. Three yards in just say. Their ego period Nellis air eleven Lauren let's go. And tendon gloom though is gonna be your starting center. Who's essentially point guard did have a point forward. And you sit there and why not just play small ball and the guy who has tripled level and had a bunch of votes they should it be in there put Kevin Durant at senator forgot 671. I'm not 69. 71 yet in Russell Westbrook was number one in the player vote he is number one in the media vote but he was third in the fan vote. Which is 50% of the vote right. Staff Currie was first in the fan vote third in the player and third in the media vote and said they were all tied but did they here's the problem is that pardon. Westbrook curry. They were all. All tied so is like the fan vote was the tiebreaker. And Westbrook was the odd man out so. So here we go again just like we discussed yesterday in Major League Baseball. Fan opinion but emotions just plain ability Russell Westbrook is one of the top five players in this league right now. Yet another guy across the board and it's not close he deserves to be a starter on you the Easter the west. It is not no question but because his attitude how he carries himself what he does in the media. It is influenced everybody to be are you likable. Because it's about like ability do we not to say it's a popularity contest through the kids is popular school is to everybody likes not who's the best. But to everybody likes. Yeah that caught up in light Camilla out about it on what's interesting about this is it that you have Westbrook he's gonna be sitting there. He's still going to be an all star. He's still going to be in this game but EU concede that there is a the players. It anybody that watches game follows it closely knows that guy is numero you know as far as level player right now Harkin is probably second and because we mentioned this yesterday. Oh yeah he's he's. Here is clear he has scored or assisted on half. Of the Houston Rockets points this year I give in don't get here on Seth Curry really good he's still really good but. And those two guys are having truly. Special seasons in the NBA and that is where it's kind of run and people they should rub rustle us for the wrong way and that and doesn't need anymore which a partial that they are I have to skewed more right because he is he's getting Kim that this team I was back in just carried all the laugh. He's like a Marshall and said would you Marchand says so Marshawn Lynch comes into the conversation out of nowhere which I thought was great way to send out this week and get out on the NBA all star game on the NBA all star game so marshaled through Hooper I know he loves it. He says specifically goes. Quote Russell Westbrook had not started in the NBA has taken MBA all star game. Is almost as crazy is not running the ball on the one net and with the Super Bowl on the line. Mozy Mozy face scratching my chin. Geez you scratch you mentioned I love that that's very I like when Dolly when former athletes troll. Their own team wallet but they control their own deemed the best parts about this whole thing. Is built and first ball. Marshawn Lynch saying that. He's Bay Area guy moved east bay Gary and a warrior sand easy. Should be on on with office staff Currie. In given drain in the salt surrogate but now he's going gets their arch enemy right now Russell Westbrook he's enough this crane comment. Is that Flickr is because one thing that Crawford you brought up earlier and this would have been great is. Having Russell Westbrook beef forced to start the game with Kevin Durant would've been fantastic. Because all day tea don't get real it's awesome to see some bro hugs. No. What was after the game the Astros a Westbrook after the game against the warriors the other night NASA if they had talked set spoke in a sense the end they broke up he said. Knock not they were they were they were slightly talking during the game well I think rice on the as your reporter said yeah that's the most they've talked. During the game that's the most they've talked is that whoever thought that they were friends honestly term nobody undermanned and maybe he know him as delusional. I. How about this is well the fight between moral Westbrook in Zaza Pachulia. He that I did see donors give her marriage yet McCain came back DC Zaza has responded to a promiscuity he would he says it and so West Africa after the game mastered. Pachulia laid him out. Westbrook said after game login back was seen again onion bag and the Jew his. Responses on Leno on the city TO. I'm not gonna go anywhere. A sign me up this can be good fight I. I think Russell Westbrook is fake tough. Really you know anybody has that talk about it. We had this discussion the other day when I say who might take him Daimler Westbrook and certainty can deem yeah all day long. Because the guy that has to tell you I'm tough. 90% of the time is not so tough. Yet you're not gonna convinced me year's super tough guy when you're skinny jeans exactly. In fake set a fake glasses with no lenses and and anywhere dress. I was hardly know if you were dressed to get your yeah well and he or dress it's the new in fashioning guy that wears skinny jeans is in confusion. Anybody wondering where the Portland trailblazers backcourt duo landed and I'll start vetting Q2. I Dini Miller finished sixth overall he was eight in the fan vote. But T this fourth in the player vote and he was ahead. Overrated clippers player all. I'm not gonna dignified out of the response why Liz day where well today he is a head NA in the players' votes also. Klay Thompson. And on how about that and he ended up sixth in the media votes behind overeating clippers guard Chris Paul and Klay Thompson. But see Jim McCullough on how about this sixteenth in the fans' vote not even close. He was fifth in the player vote there in sixth in the media vote tied with lowered goes to show you that the media. And the players to realize when somebody's a ball or hunt in the fans usually rule will you do school from which trendy. That tells you a lot that the players absolutely are on board LaDainian Millard only behind Russell Westbrook James Harden end. Staff Currie in many goes little hurt my column you that also tells you the players are going. That blazers team is Damian Willard at the CJ McCollum. And everybody everybody else and and as our fans and our lovely cities we seek Drury get rid of not very good. You do not realize how good those go guys are they just need something around him know something more another piece no. He jumped on CJ McCollum. Did I mention this Crawford a year messiness. CJ McCollum also in the player vote ahead of overeating clippers guard Chris Paul did you say that did say that donors are you guys can keep Damon C deltic Chris Paul Barrett. And oldest Chris ball. Made like 3230 or you are excellent turning on. Now on in Tony Parker you can have those two yeah I'll take a mess but now he should play defense overs fall hazard and I don't disagree I can very defensive or you are clippers really you're very defensive the basket a little bit taking shots at me no I'm not so you're not a dusty aside so then I know no I am helping me. I do think that poultry Chris Paul is the best all around linger in the NBA. Offense defense. I you put those two together I do you believe that. I like you believe on both ends of the floor he is I think he's the best floor general in the hey great now. Yeah but. Staff Harden Westbrook all have. Far superior offense is cassettes and and oh yeah right now this I'm not saying you should announce interest possibly a starter in the all star in this generation. But. Ray cook clippers guard Chris Paul. Fifth overall meal yes as far as another hand injury the arrest has from play defense branch. He very kansans but again how this all breaks and not even in our game that sucked pregame warmups he added Mormeck immature year old husky. Who is John Amory yeah I saw that. You forget and this of course the spurs have another emerging rookie score isn't it weird learns or Omar can win with one because yet another lottery big that they can't even break 500 with Yahoo! ads that that's our public dole show on Huskies bask on our standard he commuted to life. Maybe we'll get there someday soon will look you don't want college Basque laughter footballer in the they had the incident and in bid at Kennedy tried that yeah 32 month the NCAA trying to figure out a way to shorten football games let's do it for them half. How about wait it's our textual relations how do you make football games shorter. That is a big problem for the NCAA 55305. Is Tex signed we come proxies in results Crawford and yes sports center for your right. Now. Widespread text either. That's the message of what number it's two or. Niners yeah. 56. I can't hear you trailing off and I should unite here and there we have all of my life I mean. Oh cordless text just know it's five fives real sly message and data rates may apply to just play my number. You can go we're desperate. This is sexual relations on the shouldered likes to be. Overtaxed. Does stand jam in the morning on 1080 delivery of that person actually say that boasts. Snead four and a half hour. National championship game between the clintons then they end their Raymer mammary yellow hammer. Alabama. Has sparked the NCAA to try feral the year underway to shorten their football games. And the average seat and time of college football game in crept up yet again we are now over three and a half hours. For college football games. On mind you. I can tell you this year. Multiple times. I saw ESPN. At the bottom of their banner scroll this came if you were tuning into such and such came pleased you know already used in news you stream to the streaming nappy is paean three because. Our coverage can handle it is happened. Across the board more than I've ever seen it. In history of college football. Yeah and every single week. This is starting to become an issue with and their viewership too because I mean that course it is huge chunk of time who just lays out four and a half hours all the time and says well nobody. It's Norton no excuse millennial specially don't more towards. And and a day and age where everything is instantaneous everything he's beat quake everything everything needs to be right. Wrapped up in a hurry in you need to get it done we are watching the most popular gaming in the world. Being dragged out longer and longer the NFL's trying to fix it had Adam silver the NBA. He says they're gains two hours to lock. We get those things going in moving even faster than they already are right so they're trying to figure out ways to do it and the football needs to adapt or that will be. That will be one that turn is starts turning people away because. And there's a litany of reasons why. What it TU is it that. Needs to speed the game for Paula well at. Here here's two things I remember where I was and exactly where I was. When we were in the huddle. And distinctly. Collegiate league. I didn't experience a lot of that there were some couple TV games and we had TV games but the majority of times there were times we played army or something and we have a two and half hour football game. Because he played college football 12 o'clock 123080. Did their TV coverage. Told to reverse dunk dunk culpable dunce. But I do see corner where I was when I got in the huddle we all looked around we got ready to go the referee came as a. I remember that time and that's when it hit me and I realize it ever sense is that sport's changed forever when we stopped the game. For the television and the television viewership. Was wrapped around. Wade you. Fit into my schedule or not you fitting into what the game is doing we made the game the actual well let's stop. And let's use it for us what she's for the marking lets users for the for the arm of what it is to drive revenue. That is a in that is an interest in when that's when they keeps popping up time and time again like this text of five factor I've cut the number of bats in games. I I will tell you this. I have a way to do it without cutting the number that. That are played and again due to. Because EU what we have is now TV timeouts or what team amid an haft sin a song in a long time in between gains and what fans hate is the score a touchdown. Go to a break. Kick a field goal break her kick off break right yeah that is annoying and that is in it's a minute and then a minute and yet two minutes air and nothing is happening separate kick off that goes in Indians on now in his hatchback and that's it or how about you did this. Instead of that you can do every change it like after those touchdowns you can do with 32 commercial right where you go to break you do a full break right. And you go to run the full commercial all that stuff but every change of possession you do the Golf Channel NASCAR but split screen. Every change of possession a 32 ad is running as the teams are just coming out on the field. Heck a play may even Iran right in his big guys can still did accommodating. But you get it on the replay of the big player and attached out. Very ego no lads are lost. In the game is still moving along much faster and in it. Guy who I like that we've seen that before we saw during golf when you don't need the common patient. I think you still understand that you could still watch the game we don't need somebody telling you don't need Joe Buck and Detroit been telling you that was a handoff to the right yes that was a play action pass you can see it when you come back they can shooting it's a replay they can fitted in in between the timeouts. I think too when college football stopped with the 32 ends huddle up and move thirty seconds huddle up and move. College football changed it because they went to tempo and they went to tempo and that meant oh crap. We can get your three downs in a minute there we can score in two minutes in and that's when they went. Well. The there's too much space now we need to fill this in their planes so fast we need to slow it down I will say as a player. It is very if it's constantly unsafe. When your body goes from hot cold hot cold hot cold is your muscles it's dirty hard enough as a football player when you're going you can have times when you sit for fifteen minutes. There's times. We legalize it Stanford and and Alabama those 98 yard death march drive after the gulf fifteen plays in the pounded down your throat it's hard on the defense it's justice are to be a big hearted is to get your body back. In moving. Because you get eat your sweats gone. Get your stick your you all of a sudden you're your muscles there again you're not ready you're not Reese when you go out there here and ready so it takes time to year old wide these defense playing good while they're not in rhythm. He also don't get rhythm when you're having breaks. What game was it lasts two years ago. Where it was in real time. It was an hour and fifteen minutes. Before and the offense is back on the field because it was Stanford yes Steve Grunow on those long drives where they ate up like nine and a half minutes at the end of the first half. Of game clock. And they end up scoring and they went to halftime. In then after halftime Stanford got the ball back again yeah went on another really long drive and then deny the offense got to take over again I cannot for the life mere member who was. A wanna say it was UCLA navy could event and it be offense had been on the field for an hour in fifteen minutes of real time. Oh it's embarrassing he knows one of the worst things I saw this year is watching. The cougars in their bowl game down in San Diego and Holiday Bowl the last two minutes took forty minutes and it was on time it was. Awful to watch it was so painful to see the timeouts the change over the back up the penalty default start that this the bat. It was. Awful football in the end is is there a distinct answer number one it starts with stock stop with the stopping the clock on first down I think that one. Is your immediate change that will help will immediately help culpable doesn't anymore time guys. Kate EU if you wanna take two touchdowns off off the board fine caiso games are gonna be 4542. Italy 3532. Yeah backed out one off in urea and your designed to with having the ability to watch a game while commercials are running. Also yes but the efficiency of review has to be faster. Well okay well walled we'll take a break and that is one that is a big one because it doesn't need to take is long and I've got some on stopping the clock to you after first downs in Wyatt has become such an issue is balancing is becoming in a lot on the tax on a five factor of five key Klugman and at first downs keep the clock move and at first down time and time again. This is testing came on the fan. This is a football Friday addition of dusty and Jim in the morning rob do you like scary cafe and putt on 1080 program. Stopping the clock on first down at the way that you can speed of the game of football tremendously. Though. It should be noted that. The length of NFL games are still three hours. But we're talking about every half hour so a half hour or why would what do you think the biggest differences I think we both regarded WTU laid out in college football and here's the thing that it that. Makes so much longer in college football is that spread in tempo offenses are built on. We speed the game up we we keep our offense on the field gets go go go go go right. Well every Eads bid predicated on. Chumps yards so eight to ten yard place right. Every time we do that this clock stops completely CU may be running temple but the clock is stopping in the game is actually getting longer. And then oh by the way you scored touchdowns. And when you scored touchdowns you're going did two more commercials near right. So the more touchdowns you scored the longer the game is in every time you pick up that first down. But the clock stopping. Obviously. That is going to you make a game inherently longer. Especially when you have spreads at throw the ball so much. In completions in college football there's so many of them right mean. You're looking guys that you know fifty. Percent is you're getting base in the NFL I mean 55% as Pryor are right in the meaty part of completion percentage is in college. Those quite obvious too because most tempo offenses wanna get three plays in in forty seconds then that's what they wanna do with the old averages one play every 45. Puddle forty puddle. Forty. See your ritual more time writes that choose a more time but three plays. In 22 third in 42 serie a couple throws in the air clock is stopped. The temple's not changing but the clock is stopped. So there's so many different things that you could you can do no one's asking the to change the way you play college football you just you have to make the immediate change of finding ways to combine advertising do we do you want it. We do need is the lifeblood of generating revenue for the sport it's part of what we do and it's so important also because it's only thing people watch live anymore so that's why it's important. But you got to figure out. You've got to make the first move someway somehow to change the way college football moves. You mentioned it reviews. And instant replies. In I don't know why in all sports it is this way. But I think one of the biggest waste of time. Is the head official going putting on a headset. And going in looking at the play himself. You can have this all happen at a at a location. Off site location. Or even if you wanna do it on say they have review officials in the biz seven college football games. Big don't need beneficial doesn't need to be a part of it. A lot of these reviews that happened can be done so much quicker than they had been there XQ did. Because it's not that hard to figure out. And I think they get too many minds and or give just one rules person sitting there and going. Wool wool. We need to take a look at this it shouldn't take two and a half three minutes he should take about thirty seconds for must these replays to get done. If you just happen in one location. Off site it could rapidly speed the game up we need do is give the official cause serious and needs to be reviewed. Right. Every play getting your beating instantaneously. You can get these things done so much quicker in just a matter of making the decision right not asking for eighteen different people's opinion you're one repels replay official his job bank it's not. The relay down look no further then you know all scoring plays are reviewed in the NFL. Well how quickly it they're still kicking extra points relatively quickly even on some of those on threes that need to be joined on the sideline if they get sent. You can have leisure he's done re like yes done gone up next play Emma let's move saying that woods. Beginning just after two except the fact that mistakes are being gonna be made also and I think that the human factor in sports is. Is gone to the wayside everybody wants perfect asked to be perfectly. Officiate SP perfectly called it has to be zoomed in with HD cameras and pile on cams and everything we we want as fans we've asked for it. Do you think there are people out there hurting everyone just says well you know what it is what it is I like it. But it is somebody I don't think anybody's taxes any I don't know I don't think anybody likes it either. I think if you if you do you like it if there's a reason why you like this give me real reason the U wanna spend six hours on average if you wanna go to a tailgate. Get there early now tailgate. And then sit through at a stadium or at home sit through a game who just gives couples come our smallest guy says I like the way it is because it allows me more time to spend my family and friends won't. You millions over to you also do that on a presence wasn't there is none. Really you meet I understand it's a social event to get me wrong I have any problems without. But it sure nice when he can turn on an NFL game like last week when the first quarter of the Seahawks a winning games to drugs now 25 minutes perfect. You know marketed in mean 25 minutes is was really short in this two drives I can go like three drives and so have a short you can mean you can make games in a short. There's nothing worse than three down punt I think down pot I think I have made a legitimate one. With the games being as long as they are and they don't. You know sell booze in the fourth quarters. You can sober up. Just everybody and walk around with coffee you celebre free ride home. Yeah about that. That's a broad and far enough to get out to the parking lot. Mean he never gave him to get more youth to give more at halftime I 55305. Is the Tex signed jury could discuss is that record at all games is that three he had to do it. I can do because I get a text Earl I among Twitter and it's and I can't do it. My wife. Will go through and if I'm recording and watching yet. She is checks the play the game of going in looking at the play by play box score. And then going. Internet irritates me I. I can't do it first 10 DVR so getting off she beats me the other times or she is. What is just one hour here what's his it was a good play I can't I stop watching delayed. I can't there's too much sports earns live. Sports are alive. Again don't always tell is that nothing's worse than the text like. Did you see that league all that's off really know even like some like that when I was watching the divisional round playoffs last weekend and I guess my feed was like just three or four seconds behind someone else is Michael. Amerigroup chats and all my gosh did you see that. Shot out like the high side you don't turn your phone off we ads can look at until at least expenses that are your friends text really fat no lol yeah I guess nobody knows really was like yeah. You do what I'm saying bang bang. Then I'll you know Minnesota instrument on their laptop that's like attends I didn't. They're screwed. Yeah Ron germs and that's it that's bad that some one need. Big down falls as streaming is that they haven't figured out a way to make it would keep no time I mean it's pretty dang close though I pretty tent were well on or complain or tell. We're spoiled it's against a new one now on it instantly we are spoiled. And I wanted to steal it from my neighbors Internet so can make an analog and is brown is what happens when all your ass female and X female roommates are female extras it's and you're next in any login and I go to watch summing up makes any the last three things washed our. Sisterhood of the traveling pants PSI love you real housewives of doing things your password. I don't mind you'll. Yeah bonded it's against the law volleys I'm in well they're criminals on changing it change it I doubted you you're an enabler I am not a crook. OK I don't think it's against the law that you're an enabler now but it was good this team we Millen is it worse is over there for a little bit and I am I breaking a lot of laws and that one and put it on a way to Crawford. I would you say that this is the biggest thing plaguing sports right now. Is length of time length of games yeah absolutely of waffled on games I don't wants. Five hours of cultural and no I'm not denouncing the concussion issue. I'm talking about like the business side of other games all of course from scholarships being cold to coach is making six million dollars yet telling me kid that he needs to be committed. It jumping ship from team to team the money the revenue that the hypocrisy is a limited were this is about the boy is in the athletes your rights. There's a lot of them and the length of games. Mean about selling ad space. Just wait till every football uniform from college to the NFL looks like NASCAR that. On its way. I don't think it Aaron think I don't think so. I don't think so don't look like and still like to MLS back where you want to have a number on the front will be civil sake Xbox Sony union number a year and a more talks. This text which is dipped 11 on this technology more cameras required to eager to use sensors in the bought dramatically detect first downs in goal line situations. I'm no more measurements required idol of that. And I think that they should do that in a measurements knows there's enough technology where you don't need to change game no knees still haven't out there to be like hey this is rougher yield roughly where you need to be yeah are you even need it easy down markers human need to change game plans on sent like jolly and oh I don't you market there's remark I did here but we don't need a guy that's eighty did. Doctors spot him into the top of the chaining go don't go passes bought who may die at any minute round sevenths. Our Ed e-commerce chief did you weaken in the NFL apple all four of these teams have opportunistic defenses. Which offense will cost their team this weekend. This is dusty camp on 1080 the fan.