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Dusty and Cam - 1.20.17 - Hour 3

Jan 20, 2017|

Weekend Would U Rather, Steelers flu bug, AFC/NFC Championship games, and Ducks basketball.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Thanks for listen to dusting camp podcast brought to you on the fanned by your local less Schwab tire center do the right thing since 1952. It's football Friday on the assailant. This is a football Friday addition of dusty and gem in the morning would dusty era and former all American gem Cleveland. Reverend award winning high from series for your football viewing party series cafe and pies fresh local delicious. Bowl Friday with a dusty and jam on ten navy we have great expectations okay. All right I'm five. Green zero. Move. That is Tex sign it's where you can play along as the always into staying exceedingly entertaining and often offensive weakened would you rather. Begins. Okay. Sartre our viewers on television and I had a fever and don't look very good so now than ever looked that good but today a pilot a little Grammy. Let's be treated very tricky this is a little less TV than normal are known as sales worse today. So I apologize when viewing on TV pilot Palin claiming I don't feel well all right. Let's start off Fiedler more offended by your clippers guard than anything else that whatever often offensive I think even warned three days and are now. Are there were a lot of numbers here on the switcher yet or washing any senior we don't know washing things but I we lost a limit to what you care I don't. God you're so little snippy defensive today is if you look. Yet here I also feel sorry for you little and I don't what you're sympathy than ever. When you bring isn't chicken noodle soup and she didn't know he's a top drama and shut bill up OK let's get started. Weiner OK okay all right. Whining can crack one after the children and o.s talk about the Baseball Hall of Fame. Here in rebel tweet out a story about how Jeff Bagwell made an appearance at his bar mitts off. Not because Darren and Els he's baseball fan blow on only in the details of it but apparently. Bagwell was his rookie year and dad you when did Derek Bell's varmints so my question is. Now I'm not any of us are gonna have a garments anytime soon by. If we were down a barn it's our birthday party or something who wish. Of these. Almost baseball hall of famers would you want to attend to these are some of the guys who were close but no cigar this year and hit your options are Vladimir Guerrero yes Roger Clemens on. Barry Bonds are Curt Schilling which what are you taking its time. I mean it's Vladimir Guerrero it is night and close or hot it is not even though there is being I've wanted to party Vlad Guerrero for I don't know my whole life. Like there everything is just cool about Vlad Guerrero from swinging at pitches that were literally on the ground and over his head that he's just his overall. Disheveled look that he had at any given time. And dominicans like to drink rounds from my honeymoon experience in the Dominican Republic and so I'll look like to Dreessen realm within. Not even close Vlad Guerrero. Phoenix party's been real sense kind of stale us and glad. I camp you Curt Schilling. We have a tweet off. And you they'll put me in that pigeon. Holed. Proof that she exuded an old through then you wrap. I've donated to hold it ruled through Amanda put me in that don't don't put that mess on me don't you put that eagle on the Ricky Bobby. Yeah I don't and he had no interest staying out with. Barry Bonds now that I wouldn't be entertained but I don't wanna go nicely and lift weights together only to cycles and then he loves cycling. Different kind of eased him but Roger Clemens Zulu Brutus. Actually we go hard neither do -- yeah yeah I was surprised you in clemency differences I think I probably go Roger OK I would doubt remind them ago Barry Bonds I want to see these guys mean it would do is everybody says he was no really he's not a mean dude. Says he's mean he believes is say that if you a lot of people used to say they're rising is in sign or autograph he had the team is cooler in the dugout. I used in the media feeding isn't using out of bed to actually get him employee desert Jeff can you have to assets. And you have got to tell what are both guys as teammates that you would say that. I'm moving on. We're almost to the Super Bowl here solid dog doesn't delicious and you might be able to snuggle with Willie Mays any number that weird further he all star game who will indeed Mays is taken and have been very take this occasion Barry Bonds. Is a great instead Gramm fallout I highly recommend it. And yet let's talk about Dow dipping sauces big dipping sauce guy and as we get up to the super multi dozen Super Bowl food options. Let's say at your Super Bowl party or your viewing party does Sunday for the conference championship games. You can only have one dipping sauce for your wings for your Fries for your chips for whatever we do these are you going with one dipping sauce for everything. Everything that ranch yeah. Blue cheese and nacho cheese and buffalo sauce that's it's easily making it's a decade you know or barbecue science. The branch will do is not Joseph buff but did you. Mrs. Leo what is it it's ranch. It is the brits took over from ketchup is yes it's more popular kids at the five tool player. You know and an honor in this program and honor that show no no don't do it. And certainly you would not do not go geez I you're sits at. Hear hear me out on this one yet on this tortilla chips he did you know you didn't you chips into or T. Future T Egyptian rich absolutely. In rich. Yeah that. You know you get one with one usage of not to cheese and you're done the rest of the night. Now you I hit it doesn't have the sustainability either instance I did in my chips in it and did tonight little snow peas in it oh yeah. Yeah yeah now on goal in negative go straighter he killed. He'll look here say broccoli now. The good to hear broccoli and broccoli broccoli and she's wrong brought on cheesy is is is they're not nacho cheese that we're talking about not. Zell did these not shattered it's much talk is not to know it's not sure it is you know it's that you eat crap that comes out of a processor. That's not. Tillamook nice so I know of him with Gypsies purist nun she's pierce we're talking not Joseph cheese. That's doc and sauces here you know I mean I'm defending ramps to the death wool ranch is the utility like ranch bowl. You put that it's Arlene job Gary is he's in the Swiss army and haven't. Although as far as they sometimes I think dipping sauce is better than the food itself. I'm going on the low enriched EU's second just he's miserable years not to geez you see you say just as Super Bowl party a timeout not to cheese through Monday because and the versatility and it. I'll get versatility cell lot what is a warm to a native what he gets colds even worse he's not ranch room temperature perfect. I'm just come kill you guys this gets no he's not in by the way. What kind of number then not to tees are you dealing with here it's called a crock pot keep it warm gift probably more stress more stuff to worry about it burns the edge is how he got to clean the croc bodies. We'll wait too much maintenance for nacho cheese way too much we get are aiming given anyone the blue cheese here blue cheeses significant for just weeks yeah wings and celery colored. Classic he'll talk about in the stadium promotions. There's a couple I want to start off with this one from the Miami Heat game yesterday. I'll play the audio now explain what happens. All right quickly quickly. Go ahead and figure the winner. When a guy right here. You flew at Eric congratulations. He's very secure Zambrano won't get lazy voters. What happened there is she had to go through this door out on the court and like Adori Schieffer key open issue one spot baggage. We'll hold door in the senate been saying all. In almost in almost not quite it was a lot of wood if you look at it it'll was knocked out mark that and dad and so she was okay. Terrible day wouldn't it would probably governor concussion. But old. Doctor but the more yeah well you know I'm not one but I know okay but more importantly does he send this to me during the Charlotte hornets game against the blazers someone. If they did jumping jacks for the entire third quarter they got a year's supply of wings. Sign me they not by the way bloody great YOK great on giveaway is. You're rewarding somebody's in your fat man emerged. Thank its wings for years but you're promoting physical fitness because you'd have to do jumping gesture an entire third quarter he when scientists found. I sit your inner factors. Windsor Judy competing on their very healthy but he year's supply of means it's like I'm blown to the wing stuff. Luis ally. That would be. There are some I will say an entire core it's not just twelve minutes because there's time outs and why there's not a lot of jumping your idea that's a lot of ads in the corridors of my question is. Which of these would you rather do for a year's supply of wings spread. One half court shot. One half or shot or how to make this yes you have to make it gives these specific Crawford sorry I my dad and or. In thirty seconds a layup and free throw. Elbow jumper and reporter. Our residents and I don't take in this is that that did that really does do you options I'm they were shot for a year of free wings or. The classic layups free throw elbow jumper three pointer yeah. That's me. Tagamet you go at those they're calling me his thirty seconds to get that done and you have to be in a row. Bernanke amid if I missed the layup or if I miss that reported to start back later to start back go to Eric. Yeah and on one half court shot one shot one shot. And then go and Eminem young one shall continue they did. Yet the whole place got you don't have anything your overall game of a lay up a free throw and a three pointer and an elbow jumper that's it's that's four shots and thirty secular sits. To me once shot. One opportunity and give Iraq now under if a rebound yeah I guess you do right they usually have those. And Brian Killen at thirty seconds one bad this year that really kill and it really right now. Yeah I do right now yes faith in racing trainer listening you gays and mean but that's at the tests are really don't want the video huddled to no do video the next basketball practice. On youth basketball practice. All right I want my mom my wings company to come on board. I am moving again we get a I don't know somebody you know the reaches out there are mountains yeah I love them again gratefully yeah. Yet they do they got a lot of good stuff Gary's grooves working get the last their last one here. Not any of the tree a formal or is it offensive line now on the falcons his wife sat through the entire falcons game. In labor I believe she was like in late us senator you know how it works but she was in labor so Michael I've never been. In labor plays down mainly not neither are many like since but I can but we have ideas as a as a YouTube. Having wives and had babies have ideas of what it's like to my question is would you rather sit through an entire NFL playoff game in the labor. Or holding in your piece. I don't know what labor is old game you whole game. Due to hold ninety and he doesn't know tonight you have no idea the only real clue LA days you'll get on really we don't either stopped stuff. You do not that's not as nine YI some how let go through it. Two weeks ago yes no no no no we really have to. Harvard you have zero idea okay to ask your mom okay. I hear how about this and through your other kids that failed it will help me out mitigate would you rather get them again. Or tap on the junk every single day you knew it was coming three year. Or go fearful pregnancy labor and whom. Every single year every single day and you didn't know yeah you DE Neal is gonna have to firm tap not agree it's a dike I'm talking we're gonna were talking every single day up here you DL Gwinnett was gonna happen Zach Duke has come and everything in the section. Right all day long C indeed that. It night that is. Like affirmed like paradox worthy said it really Julian in the west Saint Bernard through the cat door you don't want any part of that I would like to experiences so I can maybe feel some more empathy for my female counterparts yet in who we are sick because. I can't I mean I ask that question because I don't even think that's close I would take it in I know every every day three year felony gets close we men don't. Have the tenth. Women's ability to know I'm real close they shout out hey ladies out there she's who have babies who. Absolutely thanks guys for doing around us we this planet would be done. Yeah I know even know markets think viscerally ED fills the picture right if you need. I don't trust me. Is ccb Jim might be a blood bath it's only a matter of time until Roger Goodell opens up the next investigation on the patriots there may be a smoking gun this week. Gusting came on the fence. This is a football Friday addition of dusty and jam in the morning brought do you buy series kept an eye on 1080 I don't shrimp. You know and Roger Goodell he's got to invest that a couple million dollars on this month. Patriots have got to be involved in this. You see this happen and that's are gonna. Do tell. Share share within teen. Players coaches or staff members have got the flu this week. Leading up to the AC conference championship. I I think in this New England Patriots are now participating in bio warfare and as you say chemical warfare yeah syndrome a cloud over his ability now. Yet they did I think they can easily infiltrated bill Belichick's next in next move in skirting the rules. Was TU. Wiz to you give everybody. In Pittsburg the flow. I think it's karma I guess he Gifford or entries of life all a lie and I tell you brown I think they want alive is totally. At fault here. How much does Goodell spend on this. Investigation. Tune nature he did the patriots. Blamed for this flu outbreak in an amnesty there so I am minimum 25 million aideed to UIDG bud. All joking aside there actually is. A flu outbreak. In Pittsburgh's facility surprise and you've got. Right now like it's not Ben Roethlisberger. Or Antonio Brown relating ML but they give a significant amount of players coaches in kind of their support staff. That now are sick with the flu and you know that's some net. In an even if like no starters get it. Like UV or even if you do you any of those players that lingers with me especially the strain of flu that's been going around lately. Yeah I don't earn your mess around the flu really don't do do we think it's gonna affect them that bad. Yeah. I doubt it I don't I don't think so they get bigger fish pride in that but. You can dig a good shot of vitamin C ready for the game on. We'll something well -- through this you do Michael Jordan thing Regis and give and go right on through its so they had the Darius green and he missed practice with the flu Darrius Heyward day. And then four other players sat out on Wednesday interest. Of their practice but. There did not tell and saying you know luckily he hasn't gotten it. Nobody else had like them real serious players that like their back up quarterback. On their kicker had bet we'll knows as iron Pittsburgh's flu shots you don't send. Since and some women on the which I'm a great offensive lines in kind of undervalued offensive lines earlier who briefly talked about this one but. I'm do you think. Pittsburgh as second best O line and in the NFL behind. Dallas. We look at it you said that green days is under undervalued. I agreed in said that Atlanta does. But why is nobody. In the world talking about how steep concluded. These deeds in Pittsburgh they're good they're good to Castro bouncy. Villain of joy of who I think more most people know from the insurance your score says he's military man and a but Ramon Foster is in all pro level Marcus Gilbert is ridiculously get mean this is that. Awesome. Offensive line new slash for everybody out there. Teams left standing all really good offensive lines. News flash through the deployment. Think about that where you gonna put your investment in your team oh by the way. Probably offensive line. A day is no shots at at the Seahawks are sorry I'm not I'm not take a shot but it went what's even more amazing about that is that they still have three of the best skill does his players at their positions in the NFL I. How in the world that do they do it in Pittsburgh like. Is this is this say do we we talk about the you'd patriots in the Seahawks as. Great drafters and talent of violators mining diamonds in the rut Green Bay is another prime example of this fining guys who want a plain Green Bay for their -- you're never gonna get free agency degree base Heidi you have to build lull or Pittsburgh either I mean you're drafting you're not getting free agents to this day let's go to Green Bay. No so what is it that makes is so hard for I don't know. It that Cleveland's in formerly Oakland's of the world to just a value wait talent induced to have that be. You know. You know when you see it right how can it be that so many franchises whiff. Time and time again yet you have a core of freighters to or always at the bottom of the draft continually knocking out of our. Sold my friend of mine a former teammate Margaret played thirteen year fourteen years in the lead tight end played for Pittsburg. He also played for the Texans he's a regional scale up. Area scout for the Steelers is part of family and I asked him I talked dorms at the pac twelve championship game because we were just. In discussions you're on the same flight and I said mark what is it about the Steelers. He did he just says is he he works in the scouting department he says when he runs a series is. There's a criteria that we have just like any other team any other franchise. We have a criteria of player that we go after. In it we don't deviate off the path there are certain structured now heating go all into that can be great details of everything they're looking for but he said. I don't care how good you think you are as a player if you do not fit our style our system our mindset. In our valuation. We don't even have you on our board. Now what is that now they. You could be saying quote your eliminating so many different types of players know what you're doing is is your staining your lame. You know and other teams go out of their lane Cleveland just draft best player available or not doing this. The old old raiders re just grabbed free agents and any time we'd consider how the gonna fit in your locker room. Are you gonna figure continuity he says they're so specific. That how they evaluate their talent that is so easy on their draft day that they know where they're out. Do you think though that there may be a semblance of this does. Of over thinking. Who's the best players like. Do you think that if we received the bottom of the draft. So the best team in the just flop look at top. That they may have more wits because you sit there and that you over think who may be the best guy available because it's obvious to. Were announced when your when your if you work harder. When your at the balk at the top of all almost yeah when you're in the top ten picking your after going oh my gosh it's it's kind of like get in and in the what your at this supermarket. In all those apples or does beautifully Red Bryant right all the tomatoes are great but you better be better cut into one NC figured out right Stevens rotten. Yeah right if they they same taking you do an exotic car dealership Rangel pick one and they say you get one. It drive forever they'll get it. In you like I'd rodeo you know I'd rather go to the Chevy storm and give me that give you much rely on exactly I wanna know I wanna know where and what I'm good at. Also we are consistent ownership shift consisting coaches. You have a system stays the same. Mean the hunt camp not the hunt payments are the Rooney family that will tell you walk they're the first ones to say anytime you bring in a new coach or general manager anybody. You're starting over from scratch your screen a whole new franchise. You. If you have consistency consistency works. Well there may. The Who weird we're talking about kind of it should be simpler than it is in that over thinking. There may be one guy in the NFL do you think you'd think you'd be sent me an email us they said I don't get it. Why are they even overlooking this guy at all. He may not even be the first. Player at his position taken out of his own conference. Is one of the best in the entire draft. Our teams over thinking one of the top prospects that is extra now scratching his Fortson. This is a football Friday edition know dusty and JAM in the morning right here by Sarah. On 1080 okay. We're talking about how the Steelers. And am yeah casino is knocked out of the American. Same thing can be said for really all these teams that are in need. Yeah. Covers championship weekend. Also. You can look at. Seattle. Just great franchises from. They knocked out of the park almost because they're just easier because all of the all of the moon beam hits he's just been picked for it makes a lot easier to make you selections LA could you know what you're looking for. Now. You look at the excuse me. The draft in the way that its bid. Projecting milk hyper had his knocked form Pluto as mixture is key for north Carolina's number one quarterback gal. Could be a number one overall pick. In. Is project to go tenth. I'm shaking my head and in the reason why I'm shaking my head as I'm looking at this this. This is as DJ flu say most Confucian Forbes Confucian. And I get the fact that we've seen. We've seen these types of players before in quarterback play. Of guys that are done it I would call an unproven or were there are super talented. And they they grade out with a all of all the intangibles arm strength present speed when everyone to call it pocket presence. But they've never been in the war. Evan Benn in the games they haven't been in those situations that. Do Shawn Watson he's been in every difficult situation and come out with flying colors beating the best teams in the country. Beat Ohio State Alabama. Beat on the big stage in big moments. What does mister risky done. NN this is the thing is is that what is what is it about sometimes a certain player that every top crap team. Over and over. The browns. Sorry the 49ers. The bears. The jaguars. The titans the jets the chargers. And oh by the way the Panthers. All wares to some wants impacting. The Buffalo Bills. What in the world tells me that Du'Shon Watson does not deserve to be considered the best player in the draft. And because last time I checked the defense of line when will not when you what title. An offensive linemen will not win you a title a linebacker will not when you're a title a running back. Will not win you a title you know will when he would title somebody named Aaron Rodgers who by the way was so overlooked. Dropped to the two when he was either 23 pick 27 yeah. If he's in the conversation. Because of one individual and you mean to tell me you're gonna pass up a guy in so I need to know and I'm not in there and these evaluations I would like to know. That what are what are some of these teams evaluating and word they hold dear in someone because it comes on your plane ability. Right and he's been I mean to show Watson is that say he has not been streaky in his career. Because we he's disappeared her game stretches your boss clubs and the last two years the guy's been in significant big time games. Aha he's been to two national champs of games 11 ray beat the three biggest programs in all of college football. OK but and then I think it in what a lot of people say is who did Tom Brady being college he'd been office or burger Gore's knowledge you need here's Rodgers being college. You know I mean the only guide yield Tennessee won a national championship the team are not Peyton Manning. You know. And a lot of it is the parts around you and I but we knew watch I've actually got a chance to watch Mitch trivia ski. In the confusing part about him is. You put I say what does mixture this key do you that is better than to Shawn Watson I'm sorry I don't know. I'm sorry. I watched that game and El Paso. I'm no longer nothing for me I I watched it quite a few games this year of mixture risk in dot. Last Stanford walked him I do I side B Ed Georgia game at beginning of the year which they got trounced. Did the Virginia Tech game. Combat. And the Stanford symbol where do you set they knew it I don't get it man but. Hey somebody's gonna love with him in. Eight. NFL can deal. Is that not send to Shawn Watson to Cleveland. Pitcher does he know they're just be another notch on their quarterback belts. He can become what the 23. It's it's it's did not staggering one victory over 23 quarterbacks since 99 since Tim Couch. It I am with TI don't understand what. But what the low fare which Robiskie is and why these guys fault except for bill one they know we are talking about before. And teams that are crappy violators will continue to be crappy violators to. And Naia makes real tough but led to get news is that aid tranche has it isn't that that's gonna get a good quarterback what we all. Do have to take in consideration this is a milk hyper draft. But he does get all I don't know where he gets his information if he's if he's digging in every player personnel and scouting department in the NFL I'm assuming he's tied in after years of I am for Sarin met Mel cameras at the east west all star game he came up to me use you click your. 250 pounds you're in great shape and I was not I was close to 75. He goes all the talent he would tell me all the value yours means to spilled out everything what they thought about me across the board. He ended in that was for gosh sakes almost twenty years ago. Beaten and so the guys tied in so I do think he's he's well a good it was job but it it's hard for me to believe. That Cleveland means it cornerback San Francisco needs court arrest Chicago needs a quarterback Jacksonville needs a quarterback Tennessee does not New York needs a court racked. Did LA chargers ansari. They're gonna anyone soon. Carolina does not mean one Cincinnati near buffalo. Yeah I. Mean that's there's some mean there you know and you're willing to pass it up. OK okay. Whatever I don't know we'll see how do you feel about. DC docs potentially losing his second round pick according to Chris mortenson. That second Broder. It's pretty rough man. As it brutal this is say in that Adam Chester is on I saw him on NFL live yesterday he's talking about. The fact that this is he'd clear. Repeat violator. Punishment older say these days said he grounder and it is in hey we know which had been dealing listen here cheats. EU she talks you. You guys need to tone it down there because we slap generous enough. Now and now we're gonna do Maradona yes second rounder. Seems like a little bit too much for not reporting Richard Sherman Scientology in play right. It is played every game and every player every snap ever practice. They'd but even that doesn't seem like they're confident. They can win and Helio sucks too. At that hurts that's big value that's a starter at that until bonafide starting a tree Jimmy Graham has ten million dollar cap number against second rounder back. He think he got as many takers now as you would have last year looming for Jimmy Graham you know. I've price ten Dugard that you know. Pride to new group that a lot that that's today's report for all the tools out there is that. Is second round pick on. And that would. Suck because that's in their money around him. They're really good rounds of I doubt we will put a bow on the show and it's set for the rest of the day on the stand in the most alarming tweet of the entire Portland trailblazers season just came across Twitter. Right now. Does he came on the fence. This is a football Friday addition of dusty and Jim in the morning grabs you by saying cafe and I'm on 1080 both trend. Joining me the most alarming tweet. And the blazers season. Give it Jimmie. Matt Moore and CBS sports. Treated this this morning and blew my mind Portland net Philly. Some. Who would this be a bad loss for. That sucks. A it's just it's a blazers visited bad loss. If Philly loses is it a bad loss. Which means one thing. They're unequal footing. Makes you feel good carver doesn't. Know noticeably we feel good field. Like what's the word apathetic is what it was a good word talent what that. Imus and create what how every single day I genuinely spend at least a few minutes trying to think about what's wrong with the blazers in. In a low a few minutes Floyd's ever single that I'm not a blazers fan and every single Leo's like what line it's like can't figure out. He had a man. In that seat it's always selling different you know what I mean I read that I went. Well if you did fact you have to question that to a new EA got to know poll is solid young shoots yeah your right. Like you know it's. And that's our folks and a friend from so cal takes me at their day just said the blazers as bad as they seem. I was like she's I'd I guess they are like I don't you know edit it but at the Centennial yes and no I just said yes and now we just don't know what to think this team we don't. The rollercoaster and it's tough it's really tough to kind of put your finger on it does not one thing and it's a little thing he'd be in easy to be neat yeah yeah exactly turnaround is a little hand on Strachan which in emerging. Yeah Marshawn Lynch and didn't implement a moody. Soto are so do you what are your plans for conference championship weekend. Planned evening young basketball kid's basketball. New activities to weekends when your reviews weekends. I think we would over this yesterday I don't want huge crew don't want a big big big crew people and I keep it simple. The focus to kiss rules the best rule I think so to make somebody wanna be around families and friends that's fine. Maria your big crowd that's fine. I don't I don't wanna big crowd and on me silly for me on Sunday you know like to watch in peace movement. Watching these that'll do allied allied to keep the wind is kind of fringe sports fan around. Asks good questions so I can explain so I feel smarter. Not in this texture just had to figure out when text their two best scores or defense of liabilities. That's not that's not big old problem man with the blazers there's so much more slippage more. I was losing will do that to you lose guys is losing brings out a lot of bar herbs are right against the spread. New England minus 66 point favorites over the Steelers and take a Steelers. Go pats. I'm minutes in this against the spread the million is regular comedy the Steelers to cover the spread. Diego I'm taking the passed away and vomiting the Steelers to cover the spread and okay six point seekers. Six points yes I'll take that KI RA and then you have. Atlanta five and a half point favorites over the Green Bay Packers dig in Atlanta. Stay in the. Injuries if it as such said this'll be. One of the greatest wins ever. If if Aaron Rodgers again I just see Erin rushers in Green Bay can do this and when this came down. Yeah out IA picked a big Green Day kind of like this I think yesterday does everybody does give them a chance. Oh I got a chance no I know but in the you know what I'm saying you know and I mean that's hyperbole we remember what Aaron Rodgers did to Atlanta in 2010 point it out slaughtered them and it's also it's it's this. Classic conversation we've had all season play out experience verses you know hot young team and pressure of it but in my heart of hearts and I knew legal and personal in this game there offense is so multi fascinated with their running game. Yeah boomer talented. There's so many weapons I think that dated their defense is like the offense is there more in the NFL their defense pretty dang did to you for especially. A near the end of the year some bone Atlanta born Atlanta our minds side and half he wants are about weapons by the way I heard the some Mike and Mike. Driving in this morning and you realize this Taylor Gabriel is more touchdowns and Julio Jones is here you know that. Pretty good second second fiddle on yeah. And sometimes he's not is as an as Mamas and is their second Reynolds like you don't sleep on the tight in studio land he had to Lola Lola Lola. Hooper of course of course titans. Course no they're good dude they're gonna Shanahan is don't run an offense without tie events yes EI and sorry if they deal is that Hawkins do this cow Shanahan will be taking over after the San Cisco 49ers allegedly. Not fully reported but yes it's been offered this stop stop with a fake and he even did the this is going to be I mean he's excited for the opportunity. To take over franchises if extended to union united hoops Yankee go meet coach there. He's definitely going to be the coach there okay what's more likely. Adrian Peterson is back with the vikings. Or Kyle Shanahan is at the coach of the Atlanta Falcons are 49 Randall's house Shanahan a meter Peterson we go. You think that that's more likely than nursing going back. Q do you know Bridgewater will be healthy enough time you and start training camps wages remain that whole that whole team is searching you say you say we stuck at this brief clearly in the show. You said that. Peterson is go to a team where he wore in number one warm winter warm city. In the three teams that he mentioned to you first take word Tampa warm. Houston warm I think he's going to Houston and then number three. Was the giants he can easily go to Houston and they can walk in that division in the division is just ripe for the taking. Yes and is he nobody wants when there is this is savage back there savaged Peterson let the defense role you'd JJ watt back then. That's asks men that's that's all you still that Hopkins on the outside yet here you wide receivers are good enough to reach take shots being need to removed relying a lot to run game you can have a team back. System with Lamar Miller to him on heavy bet in would that mean they go from being a horrible running back division to actually decent equally ged and with the DeMarco Murray. Adrian Peterson. Lamar Miller and then let TJ Eldon her TD Elden dare we say water entering Tennessee I know marks his leg heals up over its final is no. No issues of that if another thing they're granted if nothing industry said Jake Locker and do well. And out of retirement. I was quite the was no way they react there this sucks. The doctor Graf. Also. One other news now get that lead didn't get to you that much. But it's worth noting. Dutch fans on edge this morning. In by next couple of days waiting to be birdies on Dylan Brooks. I hope it's not too serious a year in all American shooting guard forward or gain with downwind left just before halftime. And yesterday's 22 point or 23 point win over cal with a lower left leg injuries that they're calling it. It's probably seen. Injury that he had surgery what was the surgery and user input like a book like it was on the night Ursula wasn't that bad Liz frank fracture I'm sorry that that's man. I don't know it's the same thing like joy indeed had great idea I don't know I do not know but. Easier when you walked off under his own power and didn't even come back and sit on the bench after. Not in new users for the dikes you've won fifteen in a row and are actually playing. Broom did mean they're playing the best. Passed ball of you got anyone reroute all over troubled teams are now Arizona UCLA organ. Yeah really good teams it is salons that your every gets healthy herb could not healthy cleared for Arizona. But he's he's been on result is good every year man there factory basketball big day may take a nosedive. Greg bring their AD not Alabama. He's good yeah he's really Arizona is always there though is it. They just give John Miller is a really good coach yeah they Sean Miller and gray burned because thieves. Oh I see we're doing here on main players on as a brand re gonna go it's got to go to the SEC for basketball right. To win Florida highway in order to boot Avery Johnson is the pits and he's pretty good. Since me throw some Shai Agassi one team and everybody else right well tell me Florida Texas CNN is pretty good idea right and Florida or try to again. He basketball right now whatever. One mean Jon Miller leaves Arizona were you real loud at Dan. It's heiress I think he'll be fine. The wildcats and and find things like that eighties. Because they went from legal soon. They had their down year in the Wilson wasn't there in the against Jon Miller from Xavier and I've fully back Monday 69 AM pop up next is the herd with Colin Cowherd he will have. Chris Carter SS one NFL analyst and hall of fame wide receiver in peered ourselves. Of the Washington Redskins on as guest. That is from. Nine and you need to three speeds durden spray hay net happy birthday Dartmouth Derek. They go to Vegas this weekend so their heads are going to be in Los. And then prime time with eyes can see immediately after that have a great weekend we'll CEO with the Super Bowl preview Monday fascinated fans. Yeah I'd marry a beaver you don't need to be banging 24/7.