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Dusty and Cam - 1.16.17 - Hour 1

Jan 16, 2017|

Seahawks-Falcons, is the Seahawks championship window closing, and Case of the Mondays.

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They solicited to. 45 minutes of your life I've promised. Doing the right thing since 1952. This is dusty and jam in the morning and those who really need each other. Accuse us it's easy to pop up maybe even born free GP. We just Teixeira. And the man who acceptance permissible jury document itself is a college all American gem Cleveland. Why doesn't anybody in the world ever read anything. Dusty and M in the morning on 1080 loves. Good morning happy Monday see yes it is January 16 it is MLK day. A day where we remember of one of the greatest civil rights leaders and our country's history. And I say one of them because he was one of many that pave the way. Four men and women. And the African mean African American community. And down really on minority communities through tonight slow slowly well deserved no doubt about it no doubt about it into you. Other pressing matters that opened their. Have you contacted by the NCAA yet about the impermissible teriyaki benefit. Not I think the statue of limitations has run out OK okay so is that we are safe were to. We've got to seven years. You can seduce somebody Eddie gets off my credit report also a I think compliant. In anyway I did payback I didn't pay when they were just things were added in two what does that not free and be there must IRS thing to do you saw. Sitting here radio show you this claim that on your taxes in 1997. Cameron. Two and 95 C you're playing time at 22 year where in the two. Yeah times now you've you've doubled your age and then yes does that make you feel old now. Now yes. A little yes and no a little tiny bit. And it's like no it really makes wall feeling old is is exercising this weekend which by the way I think a lot of people try to exercise outside in and found. When you do walk and ice. It and how to explain it. You're just old it's slippery it's very slippery we just don't have the same balance reaction time yeah you should have when your younger. Yes and especially when you try to sled with young kids and you win again any I know I'm still recovering from the time I did OK I'm just saying is that I died tried walking give duel it out and exercise getting a lot of people are pent up that lot dependent children right. Well adults or a lot of people still off work today. Do you get the bank the creeks in the in in those joints that the joints and then the muscles that you've heard two. A bit yeah I think there's just this is the inevitability in the huge is anytime I because I got the hardware in my ankle. Anytime I get couldn in the cold. I can feel you think you can deal where the screws are ya as that there are like man I'm lucky I don't have a bunch of injuries are it's like my neck my back my shoulder. You know you've got double chilies that have been reconstruct. One thing though I'm very fortune as I don't have any replacements not gone and she died I'm talking to guys that Mario my hips done this week I got my knees are yeah. I got a fortune that I haven't had any of that so I can't imagine what it's like. When those. Apparatuses are inside your do you think they're gonna ever have to know and I don't want chips and knees replaced I hope not I really do I think a lot of its genetic but I think it's just. So you're just you is this the natural the other thing it really matters anymore you just some people you don't wanna have meaning get replaced brought in Johnny gigantic people like you. It indeed often is like hereditary it's genetic yuck so you're year old man is a giant person too ill. I'm writes he's he played basketball letter. Bigger edge as what happens you is you taller. I count votes needed to be eighty thing stinks. Why absolutely things change but like I thought into it yeah how tall let's see the western shrinking now so yet yet. But it is Nazis are looking at him gone. He's got his knees he's got his hips yeah among begin to go medics there are helpful you should be happy about that stole one hip replacements are you to I've seen hip replacements those looked terrible. Yeah they do. Yet they do means looks at all all of its and that's the thing is when you get the hip the knees come in an accident because it's all connected you know that song that they teach you. If everything is connect it's hot surreal via the right man sciences. We're gonna find a way. To grow new hips and a group here of what we just start with that's the prize for not. Lazy yeah scientists. With that humans are pretty vein you know like you think they would've figured Alan I'll buy now. Well they did I mean look at Brian Urlacher is successful at noon it's it's just got to put a topical thing on their just grow and my guess grow your pet. Right ticket Chia pet now. No I remember was just like yesterday. I. Okay this is a very important day and not just in. History history of sports history as well and it is 1920 on this date in history and I'll say sports history because detected sports alive. Prohibitions started in the United States of America. That'll eighteen of the eighteenth amendment. And C can get all be used up any more speed keys and whatnot started in trustees who 1985 in the state sports history Malcolm Glazer. Bought the Buccaneers for 100 in 1918 million dollars. To get value that is pretty good return on investment they're worth over a billion dollars twenty years later. 2002 the Boston Red Sox were sold for record 660. Million dollars or they are now worth 2.3 billion. Dollars well. Yeah they've doubled their return and plus a fifteen years down. Good to be in sports ownership business again that if Bob yeah I hate and it's really easy idea to do is become a billionaire first oh. Work unless you like to hunt family. Or elected to mark a Marion to it yet born in Juarez where religious. And John Mark Davis yeah I even rock haircut. Okay he is single right we'd love Erica it's big reason that it yeah you're T use it hard to tell you you get the Oakland Raiders but. You have to have mark davis' haircut brought in that pool all day long I might just do that for the heck of it. Mary Mark Davis knows the secret. Very hard they've. His 2017. To two way street got to do what's marry me. You know there is a Booth school bill press content normally is kgo then he tells story about how. He's sending out to get out to Mark Davis is like gave her super boring. Like the by difference. Girardi was devices for and guess how many come easy Maurice has Mark Davis or replicas is marketed as a getaway here you go here's one for you mean we need get a haircut like that may just may have to do it. On today's show we'll have our case of the Mondays Texas 55 through by the splendid evening complain about today. Seeing as I don't know once the ice is gone. Apparently were also listed flood. I can needs to be brutal and I got one I've got a case of the Mondays trying to so that I think it's a who have. Will also attacked NFL playoffs. Today. Again there is he's the plug ins over the weekend that were pretty good a couple of months. Pablo now math and that's a good at all or talk about that a lot of best quarterbacks remaining. Yes for three Brian Rogers and Big Ben I don't I guess maybe easier question is which quarterback is worst. That's the tougher question did theater here or not. Who's the best that he is the worst rank of yeah that's gonna be at a good conversation is the officiating really that bad and in the NFL close season. Time do we go. But the raiders will really make the move to Vegas and I've seen reports that they have already filed paperwork. If you make the move I've seen reports that they will do it this week meaning today. And 83 even done since my league offices open. There is it that paperwork in. And they will. Be dealing Las Vegas traders and by the end of the week he may have. Three teams news. In what sixteen months Obama the money chase and there's a lot of it in Vegas. Yet and I'm also Devin Hester has likely played his only in the last downs as Seattle Seahawks. I'm in May just be the last downs of his career I don't know we look the Cuban Jews went. Boy you missed just for the small window that he is thanks so you almost expect to see our can't stop holding. And they were relieved that they weren't loans that made a difference in Devin Hester returned. You know this five returns a 194 yards and two had to go out. I would have been more toughest penalties to. On the. Wake up ice and okay. We talked about him briefly on Friday but. We really need to talk about him right now is 23 year old Justin Thomas. He is a man on fire in the PGA tour a go he won his third event of the year yesterday and pulling away from the field that Sony Open. Nam and theme most impressive part about his round it's not the fact that. Oh I don't know he finished what was it 27. Under par set the PGA tour record button and the average uelmen seven until it shut 253. In that seven AT you lament that is in rentable. Did think about he has four top ten finishes. And three wins in five events this year. And he's setting records shot a 59 state area opening running the club 59. And then. Yeah he's just big kids ridiculous right now he's vying unconscious from. And it's not like he's playing these tournaments where there's been slap these and and now. He held off well and didn't hold off with the heat rain away from Justin Rose who finished second in Jordan speed finished third. K Zach Johnson is also in the top ten I mean he's playing against peaceful feels really good deals but it's fun lights out yeah I love scene and. Young American it's it's really did step up on the big stage big tournament at start of the year. Who knows what's around the corner I don't know what will turn to cold. Masters yeah. Are you gonna go and in this he had just kind of know break ends now like one of those every day events earlier I EDT 5372. Hole scoring record. You broke Tommy. Armor Ers. Fourteen near record. We're yeah. And it does not test this is rock and roll play. Really keeping them out and do leg. 600 bucks goes ten or oh my god it's early wake up. S to send the Packers in the NFC championship. Okay. Aaron Rodgers is. No knock on the call. While plenty of this on today's jump Mason Crosby knocked in one and from what 51 is that these second field go not once could. Weiss. 56 and 51. Becomes receiving good gains in the NFL are set noon next Sunday in Atlanta the falcons will host the Packers. In the NFC title game. After Atlantic eliminated. Seattle in Green Bay with vacuum from Mason Crosby. Offended being number one seeds. Dallas Cowboys. At 345. In New England the patriots host the Steelers in the AFC JV team game has pulled away late. From Houston and Pittsburgh kicked their way out of Kansas City eighteen to sixteen so on. We'll have planning of these games coming up on today's show about where we start. Momentum was the word of the day in Atlanta on Saturday why the Seahawks could never get it. Back 55305. That is it's exciting as RD hot and heavy on the Tex signed. This is dusting Jim on the fan. Don't sit down the middle. I'm sorry Steve ramble on the car off our guest on Friday sea rim. As Ricardo Allen picked up Russell Wilson and the Atlanta Falcons. End up cruising. Late to be 3062 when he went. Over the Seattle Seahawks Russell Wilson with an uncharacteristic. Two interceptions in a playoff game why only after. Mean those are it is what it is I mean that's football man he's not going to be perfect in every single game Murano and that game was just that. In the playoffs momentum. Is so much more pronounced in right gifts like football is a game of momentum way coaches say that. If you football game will come down to between three to five plays that will dictate the outcome of the game. In the playoffs. Boy can you ever see that. You really can't and that first drive by Seattle out of the gate now. Was with a statement drive what they did know it scared Atlanta from the beginning unity you said it to you just. You felt that CL a had everything right there it was momentum and he could just feel. The shift it and they understood and I think the Seahawks and new that they had a star quickly had no opportunity to fall behind at all. Doubt offense for Atlanta is dynamic it's explosive and we put it inside it's 72 degrees. Good luck stopping it even when you think your one of the best offense or defense is in the league like Seattle was couldn't stop. You mentioned that first tried to Seattle hadn't didn't vet checked every single box would wanna check off establish the run game. Yet Russell Wilson showing his escape ability keeping a play alive scrambling for a first down. You had Jimmy Graham getting what two catches early in the game getting him comfortable. Yeah ate up what eight and a half minutes off the clock but the first quarter was 25 minutes that's how long have you and he was less than thirty minutes was that actual court was two drives one by the C fox won by Atlanta in you sat there and do it that is let's Seattle needed when this game and you've got that the defense is gonna have this like everything you said. Man it was a in offense in. Atlanta that is. Playing some of the best so that they you can dated fab come forward. Not just all regular season long but coming in the playoffs have now by we can then picking up right where you left off the way that they did. I mean Julio Jones winning his one on one battles kind of forced Seattle into doing something that they don't normally do which is. Pay more attention to. Receiver right well and you and I remember if you asked me to you during that interview I asked Steve dribble if Seattle's gonna do something in bucked the trend and take Richard Sherman and follow his normally what he does he plays the left cornerback if you're facing it's the right side if you're looking on the opposite view. But from the get go Seattle mated meat of choice with Chris Reshard their defense course and we're gonna take Richard Sherman and we're gonna fall. Any did any followed him throughout the entire game so they deviated it it hurt when the shark shed got hurt. Mean injuries has has thrown this Seattle team on defense into a tailspin. And he could see when you don't have your topple the talent out there. He can't match up verses of vs Atlanta can match Evers is anybody much less Atlanta. We talk about those momentum swings that happened and I think the one that is most. Announcer got that game and really is Seattle just can get back up off the mat because he gave Atlanta that separation. Was the penalty on Devin Hester return that back out of Seattle. And then you're right guard steps on the foot of Russell Wilson yet to take a safety I can remember was it peer Lewis who's the one that that had the how the foul our care remember specifically either way that was. It was a pretty blatant call yet need jumped on him and pulled him down falling backwards it was it was pretty brutal. Yeah out in that is those are the ones where that's that's football man that's what that's what happens. And what is it though about Seattle that was it and they've had been so good at it in I think we signed in the Dallas and Green Bay game where when those momentum stews. She just would happen. You've got you had both teams have the ability dissuade them right back in kind of bad that heavyweight fight where they dislike him back and forth. What was it about Seattle about the they couldn't do it this time that's been the hallmark of Pete Carroll's Seattle Seahawks team why couldn't they bucked that shift in this game well. It was mistakes but I I do believe that wouldn't doubt that play went on special teams was very critical. But I mean the deciding factor is when your team at. Putts. It puts Atlanta backed up I mean they had to go and then with coded is 99 and three quarters they had to do they did it in 53. Seconds. And they go to. Seven points in just went right down your throat and everybody just went there's no way were stopping this team would you put somebody in 99 yards in fact it was them. Longest drive ever given up at seahawk history in playoffs and he was ever. 99 yard touchdown drive that's never happened before and here you're looking at a team going. What are we gonna do when they go on 99 on. It's nine plays 99 yards in a valid drivers to and the half and that was. Met some special when you think about in offense and their ability to do that so you're saying that that one was more. Was a back breaker because you knew you scored a touchdown I'm sorry they take. 53 said they scored with 53 seconds left in in the half but they did in two minutes and 55 seconds yes but then they went and got the ball out of halftime again. Put together thirteen plays. It took a five minutes of forty scored against so he was just a double edged hammer that you just got hit with is they went touched down on you and they get the ball coming out and they went touchdown again. What is it about. And if we look at this and that that 99 yard drive is one. But that first drive when 75 yards per day in the Dan the curse start the first half with this another 75 yard touchdown. Drive I mean that is kind of what Seattle's always M and then they had drives of sixty. And 65 I think of ended the inning infield goals. That's what Seattle's always been able to deal is. Teams can't sustain long guts out they may be able to get a big player TO. And then boom that's how they score but those along sustained drives is some that I mean. It's becoming we sell more money this year but having the way that Atlanta was able to do it this year. Are heard of this weekend with something that I don't know if we've seen in years past is that many long sustained. Grind you out drive. Sliding if you look at that despite the lack of personnel it really is a comes down to the Seattle didn't have their personnel that they wanted her houses huge loss. They don't have the same secondary Kim chancellor was struggling covering tight ends. Mean there there were all sorts of things the pass rush was. He talked to Michael Bennet he thought he had a great pass first. The balls is out that offense that Atlanta runs with Kyle Shanahan is a West Coast offense with zone running games the ball is meant to get out quickly. From the goal line the way the news that they don't hold the ball for long periods of time she marketing of the kind of pass first the Seattle team. All year was a doctor Jacqueline mr. Hyde and a football team and they came into this playoffs in the played excellent at home. Purses a downtrodden Detroit team they faced a real team on the road. What you had Coleman and Freeman but Coleman I was averaging over five yards a carry Freeman is right around that four yards per carry. That if they didn't need to run the ball lot because what they had was effectiveness at Matt Ryan because he is ball is getting out so quickly but. They could keep them off balance when need be because there they're running backs we were getting big Olson and getting good running lines. Yeah it real world what it did is is a game like that when he faced that kind of talent because Seattle beat Atlanta earlier in your it was a great game yeah was in week 62. In Atlanta was just trying to catch it strike you knew they were given and Matt Ryan is a viable MBP candidate. Viable. It really show the deficiencies of but the Seahawks really need to get to and how bad they are in certain spots and how good they are certain spots. They're excellent at linebacker they're really good at quarterback they're good at wide receiver it plays. And then all of a sudden Jimmy Graham makes one. Show up in the first drive and then it's completely dead silent the rest of the game. That is the biggest thing you really are concerned about the ability to run the game so it's not about all the bad things the Seahawks haven't just that they're just not up to par and a team they used to be. Jimmy here and three catches and three targets twenty yards and touchdown and he said discount was gone after. Really the first couple of drives. We agree that. On Saturday. Bill Bennett the better team won Matt Ryan the falcons certainly better team certainly. You said that there are holes in their car and there are needs that need to be fit with Seattle in C docs ended up unraveling at the end. Is it has the salary cap product to them as father time with some of these guys and a short shelf life being so short in the NFL. Is the window closing for the Seahawks can they keep their run of dominance going. 55305. That is our textual relations right now is Crawford with sports that are. Widespread texting. That's the message of what number. Two or. Niner five. Six it. I can't hear you trailing off and I can unite here and there we have all of my life I mean. Oh cordless text just know it's five fives real sly message and data rates may apply just play my number. Anyway you can go we're desperate. This is sexual relations on the shoulder obliged to leave. Overtaxed. Bosnian jam in the morning on ten may be the brain of that person actually say that Bo today. 555305. That is. Tex signs I see here game Cleveland with you on this Monday morning thank you for letting us be part of your day is Seahawks run. Of dominance. Over has the window closed or is it closing for the Seattle Seahawks. On your starting TP all of your players not just Russell Wilson and Richard chairman general Thomas Michael Bennett just triage your salary cap. I'm in the questions and concerns over the salary cap and that people had when this started are now starting to become a reality in you're losing a little bit of death. Is the window closing for the Seattle Seahawks. Let's start since Pete Carroll's taken over now you have to. We have to be released. Specific when it comes to their there're everyone thinks that there's this there's theory that dominance is. Is that you're not successful or how how do you making the playoffs are being in the playoffs arena in the conversation since 2000. Which is 2010 when Pete Carroll took over they went to the playoffs at seven and I call what it is you make it to the playoffs you win your division. Although crappy division winner in the next year 2010 you do not make it or 2011. But since then you've been in the playoffs. Every year. You have to NFC title one division one Super Bowl championship in your in the conversation every year's one of the best teams. That is called dominant asks LA rams. What they feel about being in the conversation at the Cleveland Browns get asked the cowboys who suddenly are now back in the conversation. You would kill for Iran like the Seahawks have had. Baird and they're doing something that is only done by the patriots and from the Steelers just in the Green Bay Packers. I Berrian that rare there and that rarefied air since 2010. When Pete Carroll took over at the top five franchise it's a top five organization. Pete Carroll's one of the best coaches in NFL history he will go down as out because of the success he's had his reboot. With these are with with these guys in this core this core that you have together. Remember two phenomena compare the core of the patriots when they have in their early two thousands when they started to make their run their base score on defense who was Mike are very both. Who's Willie McGinest if it was guys at Troy Brown do if it was. Guys it across the board there were some players Ty Law lawyer Malloy was there. All these players you have this core do you build around well eventually your shelf life is gonna move in you now see that this. Seahawks are thomas' hurt camp chancellor's aging. These players Michael Bennet did get a new extension but he is now having into issues in the Seahawks are gonna get to this point where. What do you do if your window closed who are you willing to keep an issue were you willing to move on. And they've moved on from their entire offensive line and they had faith and that trust that Tom Cable could grow and develop all of those guys and know you look at where the Seahawks were in week one and where they finish this year. That turnover from their Super Bowl team just a handful years ago to having everybody is brand new on in that starting lineup is hurt it is certain. You've had a lot of guys. Leave this team. Was it Chris Clemons that he's gone Red Bryant is gone from the defense and those few guys that word ends acres yeah. You put in jail players is still bent yeah in in here's the thing. Is that. Ever of everybody says oh John Saturday Carrollton dated dynamite job of value it in town in the draft and absolutely 100% they have but look. Lets people forget. Cliff April came on the cheap and Michael Bennet came on the cheap Brad Bryant on the cheap in the and they were able TU. Build something that was special there and they they've been able to hold on those guys for longer than what people thought they were going to be able to do right I really like one in one deal. It's true. In the concern is and I think if you're watching as a fan you like and how much time do we have left with these players. Can the Seahawks upgrade will obviously they're gonna have to upgrade their offensive line I Dotson mean George Fay it was a massive liability in the playoffs. He almost he missed multiple blocks. But I don't expect. A former. Basketball player that never played at the professional level to be able to put on fifty pounds and suddenly be able to play at the highest level. In the world and it's one of the best pass rushes and players. In the world I don't expect that but that's what the Seahawks built. The other issue is cap space. They don't have any money that they have plenty of money going into next year. They have played in fact that we were 35 million dollars in next year's cap space to be able to work with. And function are you how you upgrade are you saying heading into the soft 2017. Moving in right now the current cap moving into next year will be 171. 730 million dollars that leaves. Cap space of 35. Million dollars in the if you wanna look at how the Seahawks build their roster if 55 million dollars on offensive 72 million dollars on defense. If your knocked you going to invest. In your offensive line next year. I don't know how they are gonna invest in it either if you're talking about getting a veteran group. But that offensive line needs to improve in the reason why the Seahawks were so successful. Is number one then Marshawn Lynch but number two then an offensive line that could protect Russell Wilson and give him time. Yes. And that is going to be an issue I mean. And to put that in perspective that 37 million and they did that is that is a lot of money right and it is twentieth in the NFL there I mean it they're still not even in the top half of money to spend and that kind of does put you behind the ball but. You're in a far better place than what I think a lot of people who think they are. A loses it and we got to think and remember kind of who are coming up on those contracts and he's going to be free agent and all that stuff. And that's an important thing to to kind of diagnose because if you're gonna have to pay a lot of guys that are going to be going out. In hitting their free agent market that are significant players the good news and about what they've been able to do is that they've locked all these guys up for a long time that are your key pieces. What are your hat die hard part to do is use 37 million dollars. Not TU. On so are you starting twenty of the tell fifty. Threes off 53 your top free agents for Seattle this is a great year for free agents for them of current guys they have on the roster I would say your biggest concern might be. If you go down the list maybe it's Tony McDaniel he might be your number one Stephen house. And then it's then it's Marcel Reese who's older will to go off who. And then Luke Wilson those are your key concerns of guys that are either restricted or three going into the soft senior corps. Is together. Yep your guys that are is you mentioned the guys that are coming up on their deal Stephen house to Luke Wilson. Garry Gilliam you're right tackle. Kelsey McRae which is doubts EO EC Chelsea McCray had do they had to play a role. This year and Tony McDaniel as you said Marcel Reece who played a big rolled down the stretch of becoming. A big role player and to show on shed in his injury may be a huge one. For Seattle because he went down with a non contact injury and that is another depth guy Stephen Sharell who played a huge source he's up on and this and this is not top and you're talking about everybody our tiny dot is all your depth. And and that becomes a tough one in the case of Williams well. Yeah I think this this to mean this era of Pete Carroll. And John Schneider and what Tom Cable is trying to be with the offensive line and this is an hot take everybody I do believe that is affected the not only just the opportunities the Seahawks have had moving forward. But their chances to really be successful is where do you scrimp and save because now I've said this before ever every team in the offseason he keeps getting bigger and bigger. It's a two ordering 3240 million dollar check from the leak. Rights you have to decide. Where you're gonna spend your money you look at a Cleveland Browns their caps based. There there there are numbers almost 212 million dollars that they can spend next year into what they spent 96 million. Really that's it. There's and there's amount that you wanna invest now remember they're trying to make business decisions and a lot of at all no because you're trying to spend money but you're also trying to make money right. So some of these teams need to understand is that you're not cap strapped it's your choice is a business where you invest in what you do invest in. They didn't invest in the offensive line and it has been catastrophic for them. Well and that is something that. For people that have been a look at New England as the beacon of stability right. Think of it this way the Seahawks are going through this exit the patriots haven't won a Super Bowl every year right. But they've made the playoffs and you have ten win season after ten win season after ten win season. That doesn't mean that they haven't gone through these issues and really remember when the when they beat the Seahawks in the Super Bowl a couple of years ago they had this issue with offensive line. And they traded. If it ended the member Tom Brady was washed up he was done after week for. And then they they make a trade in Logan Mankins down to Tampa Bay enough. They retool their offensive line in all the sun dome they're back in a suitable it it is. Razor thin your margin for error in the NFL is can your GM in your head coach and then that marriage works you. Find those pieces into it so quickly. That EE doesn't hamstring you long term. In the NFL you mentioned earlier in this segment about how. He Gerald are down as one of the greatest coaches of of all time right I think a lot of people just on the surface will probably scoff at that index is only been what 66 year run now ray since he's come back to the NFL. The NFL has bin built with the salary cap. She not make it so you can have six year rounds like this ever to make it so Bill Belichick cannot happen. And do the things the way he desk as you look at teams like Pittsburgh they have had been their down years. Indeed Green Bay it is is no different either the Dallas for example they won four games just last year the league is built for parity in trying to keep as many teams is eight natus possible like so the Tom Landry Chuck Noll Bill Walsh days. Those are gone in the NFL has is actively tried to make itself. Those are gone that is why what Pete Carroll it it is doing right now it when it truly is remarkable is not a lot of coaches will ever be able to say that moving fall. What to you don't get players to stick around right emea that they know much money to be given at certain spots and you look at other teams. Going into the next you're not mention the browns was off by a little bit but their cal salary cap we 217 million dollars last this year. Active spending this year as a 101 million dollars so they how. I crap load of space to be able to spend if they would like it could remember your cap carries over if you don't use it. K so you're the 49ers also. Have 207 million dollars dispensing you just said it best teams will pay and they will pay elite talent they also paid to take your guys away from you. How do you keep that core together how are you able to do that that's why it's so amazing with the patriots but if you sell your in Europe. With that said. Does Seattle. Did it I mean is it is it possible to keep this Ron. Going. With they've retooling your offensive line a wholesale and neat twentieth most salary cap space in the NFL to work with. Keeney retool years your tabs actually I will tell you this and I think everyone feels this way man I'm the only one you have three years. That's at your three years left of this window. You kind of the current core you half and that's really reaching with someone like general Thomas in camp Chancery even Richard Sherman realize you're on the downside. Three years means you better pay some offensive line to make a run. Because everybody's common for a. You know it's funny about that. You see get three years and that's a ten year round and as a ten year I think about that and that's why. Seahawk fans and as I was watching Bob condone his Twitter last night did you see any of us. It was during the cheese and Steelers game. Fans are coming at him like. Is saying all this is why Seattle will won't ever be. You know continually Iran dominating in become a diocese because people are okay. With just ten win seasons and all this and that. And they were coming at him like. His season they're going what they've done in what they did you precedent and give up there it's president of but. It's ridiculously hard to do only fourteens are doing it New England Pittsburgh Green Bay in Seattle like. Did a 32 teens there's 28 other teams that wish in fan base is wish that they could sniff your jock. In what you're able to do it as the Seattle Seahawks. And the fact that bearer is sitting there and they're kind of like there's fans part of a fan base saying this is not good enough what they're doing is incredible. Everybody wants to be in a Super Bowl. Every single year what happens with the organ everybody wants to be the national championship your expectations. Well what you can achieve a certain levels even harder yet at the NFL level so yeah it is impressive in my eyes feel to be in the conversation here in year out. The ice is leading sins but floods may follow your kids apparently don't go to school anymore it could be your Rossi could be your spouse. Or when in doubt we can all blame Tony Romo Caylee. Jason the Monday sent into his what's dreading your gears 55305. This is dusting jam on the fan. This everyone's favorite decade. Exactly an easy case it's good you have to complain about. Ultimately. Picturesque. Zuma. A case of the Mondays and part of Dustin jam in the morning sounds like somebody's not at peace in the mood. 11080 Beltran. We're. All right 55305. What is bothering you. On this Monday sound off 55. 305. The ending bothering you today. No I just have the standard and the standard did just. Envoys in no religious is what it is wearing it that is bothering me just the standard usual things that I don't is it just was a lot of pent up energy and couldn't do anything over the weekend because everybody cancel the fear. I agents know there. Just everything was canceled. We just. Sit around and watch grateful ball that was fine. You don't know how of the things that I have in my life that caused other distractions. Children's about it I hate hate I'm thankful I it is what it is I just. Snow shouldn't be this much of a shut down of your life. I shouldn't shut down like this because of a little bit away. That's true that's all I'm saying it's a lot on our exists for a long time until it's a lot of bill whether we have a lot of a limb and there's a lot of ice out there but it's just wise it's still there Caylee. Cold the we get rid of it at some point. Is this gonna turn into a science lesson if you bowl and you know when things re not all coming ice. So anybody that has refrigerator in their garage. You know realizes that a few easier for during your guards when he gets cold everything stops freezing. For drew stops working you. Did you know that yeah. Because I know that because cold I knew that I certain temperature it shuts down the third all my you know we're just started defrost economic panic stricken. That's not yet so I had to go on Amazon and order special heater and I installed it's I may as I got really productive all really as special feature easy little little coil inside there and heats it up and pulls it. Into thinking it's still warm so now. There's my case of the Mondays sees snow isn't south bananas on from shut really frosting my food my bread. There's a basketball coach and he had he had parents because obviously when school is closed. You cannot have. Now high school practices like he's so his parents complained to like take in can we. Can we get in the Jan you know can you know you have practiced a basically begging him to get their kids off give up anyways kids out of my house right and he's like. Like literally. We can't go like what he just make it optional and he's like can still can't do that because we have these icy sidewalks because noticing here in the school right your kids let's breaks his arm. I get fired school get seated and really what it disappeared then sued that's all this panic is about his fear of lawsuits claim the lawyers. It is a scum bags. Please I for one appreciate my lawyers. Not look good guys that are ambulance cheat I don't haven't I should all I know I don't value you I don't have a lawyer. Maybe you need to get one I think that being good for the few you use should have went on retainer MIA. My relief when that doesn't dress or look like you. I thought OK it is. Have my case of the Mondays. Pass to do what the weather but it's over zealous pedestrians. Cousin I'm driving on the ice right like I'm with you here the celebrated slide a little bit Camelot I appreciate you gave me a little lesson on how to drive in the Isaac came in handy this weekend. The fact of the matter is I'm go I'm approaching a stop sign right implying my brakes start to slide pedestrian. Doesn't even stopped is gonna keep is gonna not. Stop for the car I'm I'm stopping in front of the guard is going broadcasters as they get like obviously pedestrians in laws have the right away. When there's snow and ice split. Take some caution until we so aggressive testing mutual respect is don't be stupid ages of people jumping out it's ignited sulphide dollar impound vehicles sliding out meat yet can't stop yes it mutt I am one article along those same lines. Pedestrians walking in the middle of the street all yes. You I mean Jay walking. Nick we're talking EDS what it is I Jay walking. Random little lame like usually I think Jay walking is like not easy crosswalk across street but yes. Yes it is Jay walking. There are bright in the middle of the lane and then my biggest seed they don't turnaround they'll look at you and they don't move. Men. Did all the way like I understand the sidewalk isn't cloud like. All go over and I'll let you had your space dip out of the middle of the lane though he's beat its. It's IC thank you know that my car will sort of do things that I can't stop them from doing. The play got insurance right. So we got lawyers may get all have before you let America pulls a Laura is just take care of everything I say. Think that that's advice that we should take you. I think you can run people lurches that's why you hit somebody can cancel your card everyone else he gonna do I will say it's kind of feel like I'm like oh nice on ice and ice with specific on hikes are no rules kind of feels everything like lanes don't apply planes don't apply. Winds in people who would like it gives you are and yeah it is alive drugs etc. bathroom. And kind of I don't know open containers don't apply it seems like based on what have seen parents out there here's said your case of the Mondays on. Though the snow know Marcel is in the forecast the roads are all drivable in school looks like it should be go to a go for tomorrow. The analyst at the most recent weather forecasts freezing rain expected tomorrow. Tomorrow morning but it was it's gonna rain and Milt not know freezing rain in the morning tomorrow so your kids in May not go to school yet that's a dollar has right now while freezing Rain Man that we're just send them. Nothing in restaurants that sucks here you could endeavor home schooled children I have milk. As the best. For help Wilcox sent me a text message the other day on our souls. Will cut semi tech's misses the other day that said do homes go to school kids get to tee off because the snow TO. As they cast. Wessels like deep thoughts then Jack can be a good point. That's and comply right here know my friend has now have a school my friend works outside doesn't soil testing. So he's had six days in a row of work off but they just tell him the night before so he he had like he's like if I had known. They've gone on sixty vacation here in the right Ellie gets the notification the night before a mistake Haitian yeah. There's like god man six days you know. That's the one where and on 93 year like Paramount here in the employee dues you just say does sorry I'm in Kosovo as he is seated. He canceled serie. Didn't sounds awesome Brower right. All right down let's get back on track here send us your case of the Mondays with bothering you 55305. Annan. Packers cowboys they play an all timer in the big. Rogers worked his magic in where's the blame in Jerry's world testing came on the van.