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Dusty and Cam 1.6.17 Hour 3

Jan 6, 2017|

Weekend Would you Rather and Bob Condotta, from the Seattle Times comes in to talk some Seahwaks playoff action.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Thanks listen into the dusty in jam in the morning podcast writes about your local less Schwab tire senators were I get my wild country tires less Schwab doing the right things since 1950 TU. Welcome back to you and dusty and jam in the morning contrary to what you just heard. Hey man well I know how it is sitting on the other side the glass sometimes you make mistakes sometimes the people on this side. They wanna take down the hallway and you'd be way out what's that thing was the player called he likes to play with the stuff in the file. Play with the stuff you were you was a check your royal gala south Blair with some player called the god player got out of the closing guy. Anyway sometimes the people on this side of the glass wanna do that to the producer on the other side glass you're talking about how heavily the topic we did yesterday I know you're talking about I'm not checking any dudes oil you told me if I was late today you're gonna check mile oil. Years in were you late today. Yes and it's been a hard shell I hum noble well that's why your fingers or else it's this is does did gentlemen the morning will you bring the broomstick a hard. That's that's not cool man that you said it's gonna be awkward he's started and he did you get just giggle when we do it every week it is time it's the weekend would you rather usually hosted by me but since dusty had a baby will's gonna hosted by the linking grass dusty air knocking on your child's your firstborn son baby boy. Our name lives on. I mean a BBC unofficial godfather. But he likes it or not right. Israel have heard there are no irony recently to daddy's got fired two Killian Rex Ryan. Do we say that you're when he has an honest. Between eighth. You may. But these guys had pretty departure Herschel to ten years at C imprint in buffalo owners certainly didn't want them there and I don't think they really wanted to keep the round but it is something that made me think the question that I it was like to pose because I have some kind of Freudian complex here. They're doing would you rather have as your father. Particularly correction. I'll start go. I'd rather have Chip Kelly as my father really I think that. Play and and I know players these guys that I know players say they like playing for that may be that didn't get cool Rex Ryan gets a long time what the media Chip Kelly did lite dodge and its Chip Kelly. Until it could be an innovative parent who would seek the best for me as his son they would find innovative ways for meeting did ahead in life and encourage me and as much as I am a beavers stand and not a ducks' guy I do like to win the game on truck I enjoyed that I thought that was a good mark truck. I like to just tell he's innovative he's a once in at 25 years spent coaching talent and maybe he's been seen as a father. And yet I want daddy. Exe affect its UAE picked it up there now I'm not the best the most outgoing individual and I'm very good and very comfortable with saying that. I would hate to Achilles my dad I would love. If I had to pick I have agreed dad's side on a word about that followed by yeah every of course but if we were just brilliant Rex Ryan's my got here's what he's coming back. At all times he's the outgoing one he's won it's gonna take me to the party get me off the couch right he's won his camera going out for Beers. He's he's he's got amazing cool daddy don't it's not as cool that he's getting get me out of my comfort zone right. Chip Kelly's is gonna lock you in a room and put deals on it's they figure this out. Do better. He's going to be that dad now and about how meat I a little bit and I don't wanna be around me all the time I want guys that I'm around that are fun to get me out of my show that are fun. Just look better communicate we're gonna go eat food real wings were gonna beer. We're gonna have going to be you know visa style stories he might rub my feet. I don't know if they'll be things that I'll enjoy about Rex Ryan and Jim Kelly it's just. It sounds like military school this delicately you just said that's a little. President might think about did you some days I know you don't know Leslie daddies who do daily and how to build turnout. I'm lovable. On lovable perhaps but a winner he'll go down as the greatest coach of all time Israel has been resolute and everything right. Anyway all right page doesn't Golden Globes this weekend nope don't care how is another eight years a TV let's assess the TV and movies write great. Well they originally heard. It's an awards show that allows the stars in the US military loose parts before the Oscars though some good news movies were actually nominated this year that's wallow landed moonlight and don't. They can be used in that I wanna see moonlight I'm not a big musical guy wallow and as a musical I'm not a big musical acts are well here's a question to get you rather acts. In incredibly. Clean films some tuck and genial Day-Lewis status. But you only make media hundred green here. If that period. Or acting several terrible movies and make millions of dollars each you know so I need to be like Samuel L. Jackson. Horror. Glee. Now all been your reader Adam Sandler or Dana Lewis. You're there Dwayne the rock Johnson or her. I love the rock violate. I'm out of B actor we talk gonna be acted under or sorry about the guy they just did that. Action star who's in everything in you're never okay like for example and I know you're big Stephenson golf fan no no it was plotting Stephenson golfers acting chops. Your CDG exactly I'm a huge key honorees stand. I actually these and underrated actor people disagree character over and over again I love that character. Will versatility I wanna be the underpaid. Thespian then. I want to be great. Like Daniel Day-Lewis when he's in a movie like okay he's expected. I don't neither respect card I just wanna have found and all the movies that I act and to be fought in every movie anyway so really does it matter some taken them all you have hundreds if you are you all amid the cop Roby to balance her all BV. Biker gang leader out knowing that I could only see stereotyped and every rule that I would your character actor I want to go into a love story that's about checking the oil stress Cameron started and was not a hiker like that does some talk on a leather new lol sounds like not my kind of carefully can. Might be sound written during recent fans that. John hello I want the millions and on all that bad movies the B movies zeroed in ideal guy yeah I. I stick my answer but I do enjoy those actors better in every big bad action movie and they're not good at like alum Jon Claude van dam. Sudden death the hockey terrorists move into. Ridiculous all right let's there's is that so. I think can he gestured about the whole Chris Brown thing right with him and soldier boy they're mostly getting a new fight and they're gonna moxie and real there obviously everybody's Rihanna. Well here's my question to you. Would you rather. And you have to do you have to do this either one would you rather. Punch Tom Coughlin in the face or Caitlin Jenner in the face it half amounts. Either one line Tammy Joyner I don't have to punch one on the east some causing them military manually part and I'm Sheila Jenner. See I feel like I'm gonna say is internal and sensitive US mean this is no would you rather this is the problem here. I'm going to offend people as I say I want a punch Kelyn generally cares why but the problem may be offended Taylor okay Galen Jenner. Is anti is a reality. Was. We go to that I Hillary gonna go down. Was one of the great Jenner was an unbelievable athlete gala dinners and is a reality T shirt our Ku is yeah I'm sure. Furthering the transgender closet but also I hate the car nasty and I hate this reality T are you really are and that's jump on my throat yep it's. It's it's as though the worship of celebrity and so I would punch Caitlin Jenner in the face. As a five knuckle fist to what all the car -- and standpoint typically you do that seat no it's not. Are you this real event that somebody Yonder is trying to grow and grow a pair Crawford right on punching Caitlin dinner in the face ego thanks well yes leave new set of will you do the same thing to our potential name college why Tom Coughlin in the face life easy while it's easy path he would take you down like go to the seven year old that would warp your ass. Koplan a morally right or merely a very good you would even have a chance tomorrow coupled with like the winds of meadows would just put go over under on the news I know. Sorry. The mechanics during camp clearly areas Cinemax at three Indiana. Happy happy I would like Olivia but we your became clear that shows a would have us the right read you some photos jolly yes on showtime ordered. The lifetime channel. Bravo. You know up while god for you know why. We're so it's almost terrible reality shows which I tell you I I feel loved Queer Eye for the Straight Guy that was a great show. I was pretty damn funny I loved actually I love sex and I love being comfortable lists of the straight guy. I did it was slipping malaria which by the way like they always thought it was just so ridiculous that it was like. What cut my nails is the big guy you know I didn't. You're gonna treatment earlier this might millionaires injuries and yeah like I have problems got some great shows million dollar matchmaker. Quality show you a game. Dale go also the gal that comes in and fix is your hair salon when it's crappy she comes in takes it over and she's really she's cool she's told. What show is this she does she did you like rock I'd watch a problem okay this guy like to prove little. Nothing I just didn't take you as a stereotype me I was stereotyped usually order. And the McCain and I'm climb as I have lots of culture and right and culture cultured cam walked the kids in the room. But Bravo on not your wants the district loves sex in the city is that Zambrano let's HBO. That's incipient. Alicia. That it they love it that's enough I have found myself think they do well. Back to sports yeah let's get back to sports let's talk about the NFL playoff specifically let's start of the game. Going down on Saturday that you can hear right on 1080 the fan a 515 cake. Detroit Lions Seattle Seahawks of course. To Portland home of the CIA Serna and we'll have that gable preview that game next and then we'll talk to Bob condone these Seattle times you're listening to does seem jam on 1080 the fans. 42 minutes last. Does he jam the morning Alex Crawford camp clearly and he airway if you dusty had a baby so whirring hair. Thanks will for that would you rather. Like we said it's a good thing we don't have. A hot Mike in here or Bill O'Reilly moment because. The off their stuff is is is is great let's talk Seattle Seahawks though they play. Saturday that game right here on the fan a 515. Chick. Or out of forty boards are to Bob can go to next but obviously no matter what the lions they're trying this is not this is not the Seattle team not years past you don't go. The last couple years going in the playoffs there was a vibe. About the Seattle team that you know we're gonna find ways to win our defense is gonna make some plays Russell Wilson's gonna make some place. This year you don't have that same motto I don't know since the injuries. Because there's been some big ones Russell Wilson banged up earlier in the season obviously on the defensive side things all kinds injuries you're of the same vibe they are playing the Detroit Lions who haven't won a playoff game since 1991. And they're coming in on the road to center really one of the truly still hard places to play in the NFL Seahawks are favored. If cam my question I guess first of all is. Wall or make a statement I ask question to me it's not so much what the lines have to do to win this game. It's like it's it's what did this the C is the Seahawks game to lose the lions can play a great game I still think the Seahawks who win but it's the Seahawks are making mistakes that we give this game. Choose the lines do you agree or disagree with that. I do. That this is tough for me because this is such a different Seahawks teams that we've been used to the past few few years specially different in the two Super Bowl teams and definitely. For sure different than last year I am concerned the beginning of this game because the last few games. Of the season I've noticed that the Seahawks are starting slower and slower the beginning of every game it feels like Timmy late. That the Seahawks have to be extra motivated or they need to have their backs against the wall certainly to start waking up their offense. It is the style but the Seahawks do they like to keeping close to the best the beginning. They don't wanna feel like last year to repair what happened when they beat Minnesota in the first from what happened in the first quarter. Vs Carolina Panthers. They scored 21 point summoned the first quarter in there was a this game's over now see battled back had a chance to win at the last three minutes. In that game but I don't believe the Seahawks thirteen that are gonna start fast this this MO. Is it this game's gonna be ugly early and if Detroit comes out in jumps like Arizona did early. Pick. Who's this game no laughs honestly could lose this game and they're not the Seahawks they are not a dominant offense. That is good enough to come from behind right now they're doctor Jacqueline mr. high right now at this point the season looking at the last few games. Let's start their game against the box with a one on the road they only scored five points call. And they held the box to fourteen they lost but they blow up the panthers' 47 and they only scored ten against the Packers and they on the rams to three then they lose to a very. Average mediocre below average Arizona Cardinals team the comeback to beat the 49ers 25 point three so it's like. You see and putting up big numbers even in their loss of the cardinals putting up 31 in their went law skis and winning of the panthers' opening up forty then their losses are putting up five. Points a game to bring a ten points a game so it's like what's Yuxi re a seat if you see the team that can't get anything going offensively and you see the team that tied. The Arizona Cardinals 66 under a full overtime can only score six points the list of the Detroit Lions. It's all predicated on how the Seahawks offense place. I I I do you agree with you little bit I think they're gonna have to finally see Jimmy Graham involved. But on defense you have this you have to hope that Matt Stafford if you're Seahawks senior open at that finger in his hand is really bottoms gonna be colder it's going to be wet. Double fact how they throw the football now. You have their best wide receiver golden teed up when he taped on Mecca. Yeah you know how he plays a former CRQ when you Super Bowl there he is 91 receptions that is the number one target. For Stafford you Jim bought computers to do is done fantastic without these schemes. Call was a great defensive guy they're gonna scheme this up Seattle is not scary on office. There's not a no name in this in this in the NFL that looks at Seattle goes we fear that profits there is nothing they're doing they don't have talent up front. They're running backs are average kid are all hurt. You have Russell Wilson yeah Doug Baldwin in Jimmy Graham. Those of the guys that have to get involved early this will be this will be one of those issues where is Pete Carroll got to put wanna play this game close. If you wanna wanna just beat up early and and hopefully get into the fourth quarter we take it over. There's got to be big plays I don't know where the big plays are. I don't I read from the Seahawks I don't see them going down the field the embryo stretch appealed big bombs I can't wait to ask Bob what he's noticing a practice to be seen this this mentality. What's the difference. As of this offense and how much it's changed this year I'm not trying to Debbie down on the Seahawks win this game because they just have more experience overall the better playmakers in the end. But I would not be surprised at Detroit comes out answers quick I. I think this yachts when this game to I don't. I really don't think they win another game in the playoffs obviously it's week to week lap to assess that next week after this week and yet you buy we want the lions are coming in the playoffs stumbling losing three or oh. I wanna play a game since 91 which which doesn't effect telling Matthew Stafford this team you know they're they're not they're not. But history's not bearing down upon nanny and I don't think they're feeling that does think that they their inexperience and they're stumbling in this game. In the sense really I don't wanna see the stage is too big but this data might be too big for the Detroit Lions to be the. He talks if it might be too but yup I think also is that here's the other thing. Is that the Seahawks have at least have a history of playing good in the playoffs Detroit this year this year alone Detroit is owned five vs teams that are in the current playoffs right now. They don't have to win vs a team. That is in the playoffs. The Seahawks you have a big win going back to the going back to fox prone winning a game on the road. They also beat the huge wed a signature when they also be the dolphins are in the playoffs. They also beat the falcons who were in the playoffs the sea hawks have won big games vs playoff teams. If your betting against that that that would Timmy is the number one thing going to for Detroit they haven't played up to the level of play awful. No and I agree with you Jim I I I honestly think Detroit could come around score some points this texture brings up a really good point it's destroyed Detroit's strength is the passing game. In Seattle has a weakness it's in pass defense so of your. You cities and I still believe you're one dimensional like Detroit you're gonna lose the game but I think that they can certainly score on Seattle and Mikey. Like we just talked about. We've seen Seattle beat playoff teams are big wins we seems yell put up five points. In the game we see still put up six points in game plus an overtime so they're they are very very inconsistent I think they went. I don't know how convincing them aware it is it's really predicated on their offense. OK answer me this question then if you if you're going into this game what's the number one factor do you have to have both you will well and Alex you answer this what if you're seahawk. What is the number one thing you're looking for office or defensively to get this game going who passed the house an unbelievable game I think Russell Wilson has to have an okay throw that one hour because clearly that's an easy one OK I'm Jimmy something because Russell Wilson's one man. Can he win the game probably but there's got to be help somewhere right. I think honestly the only way the you can guarantee is Seahawks when visiting get the running game going because every Pete Carroll offense is always predicated on the play action. Run run run run run power run power run throw over the top and that's where Russell Wilson has been so successful this year's win the running game. Has also caught up with him as well that also plays into the offensive line. I mean the office of president complete mess this year you're gonna go up against. A better defense of line in Detroit. The same now days ago at the croft I was gonna go out gonna go at the pass defense trying to stop Matthew Stafford who's got a finger issue but would what Jim Bob cooter is done there. I mean Matthew Stafford right now is playing out of his mind like he's playing the best. Dear I have. All of his career he's playing up there was any of the top quarterbacks in the NFL he's playing up there. With an Aaron Rodgers or Tom Brady I'm not gonna say he's as good as that I'm saying that's the kind of season he's having tea it's you know over 4300. Yards through the air and all that. So I think if he can be stopped him. The lions have a decent running attack it's you know it's a little better those Seahawks which isn't saying much now but I think if you can stop Matthew Stafford at some dudes in the secondary can make plays like a Richard Sherman. Obviously stepping up he's where I talked to Bob can go to about him. I think if you can step up you can stop Matthew Stafford you can rattle him a little bit to take him off early maybe kind of do you obviously. Penn State came back and you know if this totally different pairs in the US he starred in the Rose Bowl right off the bat. Two interceptions you know shake things up get a hot start I think defensively stopping Matthew Stafford would be huge Seahawks. I agree with that secondary for a mean this is going to be very important is. The Seahawks two players have to have have to play out of their mind this game I think when you go on strike for two straight. Detroit has Matthew Stafford there wanna throw the football they're on a throw to Golden Tate. You have to get pressure it has three cliff payroll frank Clark and of course Michael Bennett Michael Bennett needs to have three sacks this game he needs to create fear in pressure. Up front because that changes the whole game plan if you're Detroit to you now have to leave it tied in into the F tab back Steen and to get help to chip. It changes your protection. It goes from three man routes to two man routes. If you can get a semblance of pressure in there it's gonna change the game bad defense is gonna win you this game offense I don't believe anything right now that the Seahawks are consistent on offense. Now I guess I guess that if dolphins could get going to let you sell well boom you're gonna win now I think the defense he shut down Stafford when you get pressure on and what do you take them off. Going to it's great and global is a very good receiver Marvin Jones is a very good receiver their avenue Goodyear the Detroit Lions I just don't think. They're quite up to the level to beat Seattle in century weak right now. And I don't think Seattle's at the level to win more than one game in this post season but I think in this game. Did dead edges they go to this they go to a Seahawks were and were asked Bob condone or more about that Seattle times beat writer. Covers the Seahawks he will join us next the first. Here's will darken the sports center update. Forming a new dusty jam the morning on any of the fan Alex Crawford cam a clear landing gear when he Dawkins Seahawks of course. They are at stake on the Detroit Lions Saturday up at San trailing you can hear that game. Right here on nothing and 8515. To take off left. Full coverage of that for you here pregame beginning at 3 o'clock malice go to the phones Bob can doughnut. CL CIA to beat writer for the Seattle times joins us now Obama I do in this morning. I Guerrier color gray about thank you for coming on here first of all being a media member the first thing on has he was about Richard Sherman. How are you and the other media members reacting to his. Quote boycott of the media Singh is only gonna talk to Ed werder is that as big of a deal as as people are making it. Sort of this is what it is I mean I don't do about it at each candle forcibly ocular. Or anything like that I think everybody sort of opened. Around the can. To this over opus was over at some point because resistance to it it at a course a lot eat. You know that's an amenity got series and in but it very entertaining yet. I have followed a very intelligent and insightful. Eddie talked about going to go to bury our past and and you know very well it docked in any had a you know did you just put the putting obsessions that he's done three years in here as he's you know he doesn't trust to bring it become a little extra to it just uttered. Back and you know it's sort of thinking about it haven't gone to a certain and they are not to go to the most and so some guys do what they. When they're forced to do that stop her or you know sort of required to do so. You know it it has been a lot quality Richard this year obviously a lot of well. A lot of sort of incidents and and bloated and airing on the sidelines and bass and collect data so. You know I. I think everybody in the organization sort of opened back yeah he's been making the sort of maybe figure our Richard China's. Figure. Yeah that's correct back on their way. And Bob I know coach Carroll's always about fit writing he naming compete he wants guys that fit Isa. Seahawks signed Devin Hester wide Devin Hester was the concern to the fact that I don't wanna put archer chairman back there. I don't want guys back there that don't have experience so I put Doug Baldwin and why won't my starters. Has he fit how's he messed well this quickly in the block Germany's Z gonna be much of a factor going into this game. Hello pre was just got here yesterday who I don't know well you know I have. The message to the locker room and stuff so I mean I ain't gonna do not simply just kick and punt return so. You know hung together ghetto box format I don't know how it got to sort out to. It's up. You know when they lost a lot in the it's it. That he's part of of those special teams and really is sort of reinventing now the last couple years. They've they've really worked very gated 2000 working in the drops to. Return to. The last couple years it and that. I think they wanted you know it's a biopsy you guys you know you've got a double in China where a group also sort of a you know all bets are off and abduct a bat so. They want to. Wanted to get a guy got your servant. There's not that at a lot he's always sort of been a back up back in. Every bit big trucks so he's back there and catch the ball but he never really done returning the end you know I think Syria. If they wanted to someone you could at least look Serbia try to actually turned the ball. You know with atrocity of the we have Paul Richardson as well and it could allotted to out or achieve that. If you don't would block it out which essentially does become a really big Carter Opsound summer receivers sampling it and that. And some you know it hasn't helped issues and then without so I'm not sure how much they wanted to let all out on him physically. Sponsor's exemption there then because if you start off sort of in the receiving or somewhere rapper now so. I uniting to sort of bubbled in together and want to get a guy you to get. You will threaten and you know by protesters 34 goes public as well at all yuck units are double to left and bite that look. In going to be back next year meant you know as long as you can get it's sometime patting them you know get in a couple of weeks at a community get out just get one return well in the turned in or out all the work that. You mentioned a guy like Tyler Lockett there Bob can go to of this Seattle times joining this year. How how is that held the Seahawks that aside the obvious injuries and the guys who won't be playing on Saturday how the hell of the point you dudes they're going to be out there on the field overall how are they feeling. Bloody. Murders not you know that I mean it but they're not certain guys who were urged not on the I'm certain that lock in Earl Thomas and and you know both bouts to due process and then and it seeded Croat side issues. Out. You know of everybody else. It's pretty it totally it'll suck it up on that's a sort of a subtle they are. There were a key part of our. There and essentially getting into play terrible Argentine man in a miss by each game great or you're a defense tackles. Pretty material generated two Rubin are out there as much as they might be in a normal what you call it. Or outsource such are out there anyway. Let but there or have what it at all other than that it that they. So erratic healthy. You know policy roles as well Biloxi cuts and that's issues just sat shoulder area that was about it or to eat it. You know I think he's you know he's he's just sort of struggle he. No so the comparison to and then Russell Wilson argued that. Well. You know bottle the narrative all year has been the that this at least for medium and I think a lot of people said this the jackal hide this of this team where you can go on the road to put up five points you come home and score thirty. Can you I I felt like it's just eat the consistency the office of I put it on whatever you want. Usually we've seen a development with Tom Cable or just with the offensive line get better but you don't have Marshawn Lynch like you said pro sites is out even the injuries what Thomas Rawls. You better at a stable of running back can you. Figure out have you been able to pinpoint a little bit of what you think the reason why this team has been so inconsistent not only just starting games. But feels like they have to get a jump start or some extra motivation to get back into the game late what is it that you felt has been the number one thing you noticed. Well because I mean I think it's two things as an adult. Bustle and the backs so that's really. That's sort of hurt. About part of it in on the up until just and I think the bit more. Taking a bit more time to mature than they certainly hoped and thought paper towel you know. When you're told that many young guys together I don't know what to normal dirty tricks close to beat by a I think it's been blogger it's been a oh a bigger one that they hoped it would and another tactic of around the just take a lot logger would like to come together. That they had to pedal to the utility intrusion into their biggest ever been able to establish. Set up such entity Syria it's sort of bit. Every single week Annika kind of sort of ticket she's based on two LP unhealthy Russell first. Yeah but basic Yucca to bind to do against their client had has been a little bit did you know that they're sort of being dictated to or by the defense they play bad you don't Wear out in outspent. But they're via Michael K here's what we could do you gotta stop us it's our right. We got to figure out what we can to get to go to Carly can't you act so this week we got to try to do lie. I'm sure not to sort of that you know Russell's. I think it's always been really underestimated. Well for Russell's are. Russell's ability you don't mobility is out into the top and they built an awful lot of every stick around and that's part of what it doubles the F a lot. You know this sort of went. It is sort of cut corners on gossip so violent it what was sort of hoped the Russell can always bailed out you know upset by other out in this each got offensive line and it's yet when you got the quarterback it's sort of get out of get out of harm's way all the time anyway yeah you know that it sort of in their eyes and it was a luxury that they could does spend money in other places but this year Russell hurt they don't abide fired out of a little bit and ducks. You know of and you sort of ready back in there they were really count on top salt you know get get healthy and sort of viewed and our shot of stuff like that at -- opposite the and then some of the other running backs adjusted pro science you know got hurt now called the Cologne country of the developed. And and things like that so I hate you don't Apostle Peter as one thing it's sort of been everything together and every week I think to stop such a little bit different. Bob do you feel this is an ugly game I mean we talked about it earlier right before you came on I sit I think it's pass rush that's gonna have to. Step up biting Michael Bennett's got a Saxony gay roles gonna have a game. I think that frank Clarke's gonna get to the back do you think this is an ugly game that. Pete Carroll tries to enforce it pass rush let's go strength on strength through using this game is a scoring game. I would I would call a or lower scoring you know he's. So much heat seeking and that's just sort of looked at the Seahawks while they have been other winning games that she would I would probably go a little bit more about out. I would totally about process I think that's a huge huge part of you know the socket area this is not going to be. What it's better apps that are albeit back there soaks. I'll meet you definitely the more traditional before big about battle about to step for tiny bit trying to make plays and all that you know Detroit. Does a lot of ink and adopted anyway so. Not a lot of time to get an all real quick about her because of silent on the linebackers safeties and make a tackle and everything and that's about a picture they get that also but it it is well. Was lateral he would back there but. I I think the pass rush is huge and the other yet he upsets that what is really started slowly or Seattle have a lot of these it's. Nothing you do anything early to it to get a lead you know it sort of clinical by quite a bit. The last the last bunch six weeks and and I think that it's a little more dangerous to do read it in a playoff. Sort of gimmicky. A routine this huge underdog you know also some hope and stuff like that that's what you don't wanna do. Bob can don't know why is a veteran of the router for the Seattle times joining us to break down the Seahawks game against the alliance thinks Bob we always preach leadership thanks folks are much. You can hear that game right here on Cheney to the fans I think DJ got pregame 3 o'clock will wrap up this show. TV or NFL picks that we don't know we did that yesterday and Archie realty temple challenge but we wanna send you to the betting window with some good. Or bad advice and we'll explain why the heck I'm sitting in dusty shared today this is dusty camp on 1080 the fan of. I yeah this song it gives me knowing the did you put this in Willard did just go up naturally it's just came up Sarah did this is fake non. My naturally let's put a bow on the Seahawks. Top here. Dusty camp by the way Alex property for nasty LTY in a minute came Cleveland as a way is the mechanic can clearly is the mechanic coming three and a Cinemax guy because put a blow. On the Seahawks talked with them a text that you found insightful. Can't did we just finished with Bob we talked about Seahawks are smaller Reid is going into the break is this is interesting Seattle is coming from the tech sign a 55305 Seattle's overall. Is mediocre with the Detroit defense that is on the rise IC Detroit winning this one I don't see a Detroit win the as an upset that it could see that it dumbest thing I've ever heard the brain of that person actually say that the good for you the you can tech set in and say that as a 150 guys. Blowing on each other Iraq. The last one wouldn't apply. Nobody just took some top Romany and shut the hell is that one guys Iowa and REIT. Maybe Seattle is a mediocre. Maybe they are but they're not great this year there and wow ya penalizes mediocre in the NFL now that sucks even even the chances of punters Seattle mediocre. Detroit going in a century link. As the Vegas underdogs and winning would be an upset. It would be catastrophic upset in NFL history now and now would we be surprised yes we would be so we rise again let me and let me just let you know. Detroit has not beaten a team. This year that is in the playoffs Seattle has beaten three of them. I. Three of is that it is it just say that would really be the dolphins. They beat the patriots and is all also have beat the falcons. And they have ten wins if you don't think it could be coming into the Seattle winning Audrey game losing streak announce that the you're an idiot. Here's a text. Different person betting 500 on the lines to win both if I lose then I'm meeting top Rahman's for a month. But he just took some top Romany and shut the hell. Or. You will be bitter because you just through your money down the during yamana Detroit wins of the way. I'd like Detroit does it even fun to watch Matthew Stafford going as good as anybody in the NFL. But stumbling into the playoffs are coming in you don't wanna go in the plows and a collapse they have the division what they collapse yolks you don't wanna go away elapsed. Yeah actually this sea hawks are you the suspect this yachts. Here's the problem with the newest island expectations right yeah these are not the Seahawks a bolt known there's still a good football team with ten wins within. There is it coach in a very good quarterback yeah. Almond board of game. Yeah I mean without Newsweek I am more and more all these games I know we made our picks yesterday on the G drilled to NFL challenged how wander around throw one more time here before we wrap. Things up. Real quick go AM oh Houston Oakland I'm dating or here's a dig into Oakland Seattle. Pittsburgh. And the pack K I have the Texans are the Seahawks have Pittsburgh and I have the the giants. Seed out one. That's hard and that's I can totally see the giants winning and what an air Rogers say he said he's never ice and we're gonna finish on the season on a win streak or whatever gonna closing out to Ernie said that he said. That doesn't apply the flight relatives came unglued if I go to the lot of you know there were the only way I mean they are he knows that recede I saw a stat yesterday and I wish I had in front and make it summing. I don't know Mike McCarthy all time playoff record in. Odd Green Bay but I wanna say something like four of his losses or 85 have come on the final play of the game. In the post season. Critical like I mean that's. Mike McCarthy in the packers'. Our a very good team and there are a re they're not not a patriot dynasty but there recently a playoff died may be consistent so consistent lately. So why am I here. While my ceiling last year you cross with a gorgeous Cheney ever after and year. Beautiful I wouldn't call that MOX essential smoke could make it yeah I'd call this and ash. I'd call this winter ash in the shade match that winter ass no weaker and I wish him all ash that's why is doing to let me know that's living with the EU. We had to do interacts. Assets or you're being right now renal. A metal. I'm all seasons now today we had no. He's got to give a congratulations. Yes you are most of our our our Monday through Friday quarterback dusty era. A now two time father first time father of the son. At a baby yesterday the new regular families here Bennett. Anders hair congratulations of that. There are fairly Lindsay did a great job does he just supervised yeah he coach Jesus says oh she's still had a friend ask me a set call man does he dissent as baby a friend said. All you gonna go to the hospital and congratulate the no posts novel which you do to level Children's Hospital. You do I guess I could do I wouldn't know like you would if you were a couple or who otherwise he would watch yet if you do go yesterday signal they mean. I feel like just you know like you more of the family yeah that's I think the family by short of the Alitalia dusty and Lindsay would probably ask middle you bring food and giving gifts later I don't mislead anyway I've done that with my girlfriend I've done that is for all maybe then I'm in the wrong here. You're not around your okay. Define that bullet doubles and somebody just took some top prominent shut big as Strang and how those will awesome job producing appreciate it per share is put us on TV looks great stay tuned. Colin Howard is on nine in new dirt spreading to three in prime time which I think in suit and of course 3 PM Saturday pregame Seahawks lions right here on the fan. Thank you for listening is Alex Crawford saying from the lamb at the river to the saint Johns bridge on a beautiful day. And enjoy yourself on attaining the fans. It was a hundred yeah guys. Why blowing. Then you'll blow. Because you can't stay off though lawyer. Okay. Spooked.